Running Sheet Chance Vandalia

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Chance Vandalia

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  • Knight of Amber-Knighted by Prince Bleys


Total:125= 65 Stats+45 Powers+ Skills+12 Items +3 allies

Statistics {65}[edit]

  • Psyche:10
  • Strength:20
  • Endurance:20
  • Warfare:15

Powers {45}[edit]

  • 15 Power Words (10 Words)
  • 15 Logrus
    • [05]Logrus Tendrils – Searching
    • [05]Logrus Tendrils – Fetching
    • [05]Logrus Tendrils – Travel
  • 15 Trump
    • [05] Sensing Trump
    • [05] Trump Sketches
    • [05] Creating Trump
  • Shapeshift
    • Primal Form & Automatic Shape Shift
    • Shape Shift Body Parts
    • Shape Shift Wounds
    • Chaos Form - Minotaur
    • Avatar Form- ?

Skills {}[edit]

  • Sleight of Hand
  • Prestidigitation
  • Poker and Card Games
  • Dice games
  • Running
  • Woodcraft
  • Camp Craft
  • Car Pilot
  • Motorcycle
  • Medical Training.

Allies & Enemies {1}[edit]


  • 1 Bleys
  • 1
  • 1


Items {12}[edit]

  • 6 Blade
    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 2 N/N Form. Walking Stick/longsword/Maul/ Stiletto boot knife
  • 6 Blue Boots
    • 2 Armor vs Guns. Protects feet.
    • 2 Double Damage. Kick boots.
    • 2 N/N Forms Tall Boots/Low Boots/



Sir Chance Vandalia

Son of Glaxin Vandalia & an unknown father. Rumors are rife of his parentage. House Vandalia is a minor house with some ancient connections to House Jesby

A soldier of note and skill, raised to captain a skilled regiment in the Amber army. Accused on several occasions of brigandage by kingdoms surrounding Amber but not members of the golden circle. Cleared on all charges it still tarnished his service. Despite this he received a low order of knighthood.

A man of medium height and build with the movement of an acrobat, his obsession with slight of hand and prestidigitation does not help his reputation. A well-known card player known for running a "Cheater's Poker" game as well as a “No Cheating” game with a enforcing a no tolerance policy for cheater. He once whipped a fellow captain he caught cheating and barely survived a court marshal over it.

He is not happy about returning to a chaos he barely remembers.


  • Place: Amber Barrack's cell.
  • Place: Apartment hear UC Davis.
  • Place: Grove of the Unicorn
  • Place: Cathedral of the Unicorn in Diaga
  • Place: Keep of the Four Winds
  • Person: Bleys
  • Person: Maja
  • Person: Serena
  • Person: ? Suggestion?