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  • Donovan Duir Barimen


Father: Julian

Mother: Cyrene of the Arden Fey Court

Children: None


Hobbies:Jewelry artisan.


  • Lord of Amber
  • Ranger of Arden


Total:130= 58 Stats+ 36(60) Powers+ 6 Skills+{c}+ Items +0/0 allies/Enemies + 3 good Stuff+ 27 Storage

  • in Stats
  • x (x) in Powers
  • in Skills
  • (x) in creatures/Items
  • 0 in Allies (0/0)
  • Stuff


3 Good stuff and 27 in storage represents his youth and undeveloped potential that will be allocated as game play progresses/


  • Psyche: 14
  • Strength:10
  • Endurance:10
  • Warfare:24

Powers {36}[edit]

  • (50) Pattern
  • (10) Limited Shape Change
  • 10 Power Words:
  • 1 Cantrips: Clean up, Blind, Finger Fire, Float, Zap, Chains, Shield, Migraine, Slip, Blend into shadows, Sober, Speed, Map, Stumble, Hot, Cold, Warm, Chill
  • 15 sorcery-Fey trained
  • 10 Fey Powers

Skills {6}[edit]

  • 2 Horsemanship
  • 1 Tracking
  • 1 Hunting related Skills.
  • 1 Wilderness Craft
  • 1 stringed Instruments

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}[edit]


  • 1 Fey
  • 1 Ranger
  • 2 Duncan


  • 1 Fey
  • 1 ranger
  • 2


Scythe the Owl[edit]

  • hunting owl (Fea Bird)
    • Amber Vitality 4
    • Movement Double 2
    • Stamina Double 1
    • Combat trained 1
    • armor Vs guns 2
    • damage Double 2
    • Speak( responds to commands expertly) 1
    • rapid Heal 2
    • N/N Form 2
    • Ability 1
    • Ability 1
    • Ability 2
    • Ability 4
      • subtotal 14

Trained with the Hawks of Arden that serve the rangers.

Arden Horse "Calliope"[edit]

Prince Julian has personally developed the Arden Horse and its the pinnacle of his horsemanship skill. While he has developed individual horses of greater prowess the basic breed of Arden horse has a minimum of these skills.

    • Vitality Chaos 2(Hardy-Can go long periods without food and water, Nearly tireless)
    • Movement double 2( race horse speeds for long periods of time
    • Combat mastery 4(Comabt mount)
    • Armor vs Guns 2
    • Speak & Sing 2 (extremely well trained with a high animal intelligence.)
    • Danger Sense 2
    • Resistance 2 (Risistance to the tampering of outside magical elements)
    • Follow Shadow Trail 1( Bonds with its owner well enough to find them nearly anywhere including following them an recent shadowtrails.)
    • Regen 4
    • limited shape change 1(Horse can change the coloring of its fur including creating camoflage pattern or brightly colorful
    • Bonds to Owner
  • Subtotal 22
    • Hordex3(Julian)
  • Total-66(Julian)

Hound of Arden-"Temper"[edit]

    • Double Vitality [2 points]
    • Engine Speed [4 points]
    • Amber Stamina [2 points]
    • Combat Training [1 Point]
    • Double Damage Teeth [2 points]
    • psyche Sensitive 1
    • Shadow Path [2 Points]
    • Regenerate 2
  • Subtotal-16
    • Hordex3 (rangers)
  • 48 (Rangers)

Items {}[edit]

Queen Titania's Harp[edit]

  • Donovanharp.jpg
  • Vitality Chaos 2
  • Movement Confers 1 (flies)
  • Stamina Endless 4 Transfer 5
  • Invulnerable 4
  • Damage Double 2
  • Intelligence Tongues 4 (emphatic communication but mostly it remembers any song its ever played and any song sung while it was played and may play them at will or when asked. asked nicely.)
  • Psyche 2 danger sense
  • Psyche Neutral 2
  • Follow Path 2
  • Mold stuff 1
  • Regeneration 4 transfer 10
  • N/N Forms-Harp(2 forms-Original & Personal), Guitar, quarterstaff(maypole), longbow, mandolin, wire bound cudgel.
  • N/N Spells 2 Transfer 10( 4 mounted spell gems each of which holds 3 minor spell or 1 major spell

The harp is one of a number of ancient harps of unknown origin that was once Queen Titania's. Over the years she has gifted a few to treasured friends. The harp has a true form which it reverts to at times but it comes to fit its user, in curve, color, trimmings and such.

Ranger's Equipment[edit]

  • Warden's Armor
    • Invulnerable 4
    • N/N Forms-Bracer, Silent Chain, Soft light clothes, heavy warm clothes, Dueling Plate
  • Warden's Blade
    • Deadly Damage 4
    • Alt Form 1-Skinning knife/Throwing knife
    • Call To Hand. 1
  • Fea Bow Yew longbow
    • Double Speed 2 (Ease of use, not magic)
    • Extra Hard- Usable as a weapon like a quarterstaff as wll as many utilitarian uses
  • Fea Arrows
    • Deadly Damage 4
    • Return to hand 1
  • subtotal 5
    • N/N-(Quiver of 12) 2
  • Total 10

Nasty Place Graduate Blade[edit]

(20 pips-Benedict)

Those who completed the training were given a blade made there during their training and permission to wear the blade on all military attire. The blade is forged mithril with a blade 5" long and a handle 4" long. Ceremonial and honorary in intent, the blades have their own history as deadly weapons.


  • Deadly Damage 4
  • Rack Spell-1 Return to Hand/Return to Forge on death
  • Shadow Wide *4



The pipe and case are carved from wood given freely by the entwillows of Arden and carved by the gnomes of green Willow River. Given as a gift to Donovan on reaching his majority. 2 Piece. Shift shapes together.

  • Pipe
    • Vs guns 2
    • Extra Hard 1
    • Alt Form 1 (Small & Long)
    • Ability 1-Fire and Chill
  • Total 4
  • Case
    • Vs Guns 2
    • Extra Hard 1
    • N/N Forms(Small Case & Large Case)(Large and Small Stand)(
    • Ability 1-Transfer Tobacco from Storage area
    • Ability 1-owner only opening
  • 7


3 Good Stuff

27 pips stored.


Age 30

Donovan is the son of Julian and a high lady of the Fae Court, Cyrene*. The court approached Julian to hold midsummer night festivities in one of the glades of Arden, a courtesy enacted every year and Julian attended. Cyrene’s wild feral warrior nature caught his attention. A passionate huntress, the two had a brief but rare relationship for either, based on a mutual love the forest, animals and the hunt. When she found out she was pregnant, Julian and Cyrene made an arrangement that Donovan would be raised in Amber during the winter months and in the fae high court in the summer months once Donovan was five mortal years. He split time in Arden and among the fea, learning the ways of both.

As he approached his teen years, he came to live with rangers and has been there for a short while refining his tracking, hunting and fighting skills. Skills that he started learning well in his mother’s court.

Julian not much of the paternal sort, left the raising of Donovan to those of the Arden rangers and any cousins’ parents who might have been the same age. He was something of a mascot when he was young. His brother Duncan fairly doted on him as a kindred spirit, raised in Arden, not often in Amber.

He is generally fond of the family in sort of an amused way from afar way. I imagine he and his cousins may have had a few nights out wenching, gambling and drinking together.

He approaches whatever he sets his mind to with a focused passion. Whether it is his role in the Rangers, partying and flirting or the machinations of his mother’s court.


  • According to the internet, Cyrene, the daughter of Hypseus, was a fierce huntress. Nonnus referred to her as a “deer-chasing second Artemis, the girl lion killer.” She didn’t fear to wrestle the lion when it attacked her father’s sheep. It’s said that she was a nymph, not a mortal. The name Cyrene is extremely usable and is sure to stand the test of time.