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Even of Hale

Even of hale.jpg








Total: = 77 Stats+ 43 Powers+30 Skills+ {40(22)} Items +0/0 allies/Enemies +0 Stuff+10 Storage



  • Psyche: Amber
  • Strength: 13
  • Endurance:29
  • Warfare:35

Powers {43}[edit]

  • 20 Power Words
  • 6 Thievish Skills
  • 2 Can trips
  • 5 Pocai
  • 10 Limited Shape Change

Skills {30}[edit]

  • 3 Horsemanship, -Racing, Joust
    • 2 Horsemanship-Dressage
    • 2 Horsemanship-Military Horsemanship
    • 2 Horsemanship
  • 2 Camping
    • 1 War Camp
  • 1 Hospitality
  • 3 Instructor
    • 2
    • 2
    • 2
  • 1 Art-Painting, Drawing
  • 1 Fabric Arts- General Sewing, Embroidery, Cross Stitch, quilting
  • 1 Knitting, Crochet
  • 1
  • 1Leatherwork
  • 2 Metalwork-Weapons
    • 1 Metalwork-Horses
    • 1 metalwork are repairing cookware
  • 2 Stringed Instruments- Harp, Guitar
    • 1 Piano, ukele, Banjo
  • 2 Parkour
    • 1 Pip Skill-Gymnastics
  • 2 Card Play
    • 1 Card Cheats
  • 2 Cooking
      • 1 Pip Skill-Cooking. Butchering. General gardening. Preparation. Cast Iron. Open Fire.
  • 2 Gardening-Small Box
    • 1 Large Scale
  • 1

Rasak Skills[edit]

  • 1 Pip Skill-Military Technology
  • 1 Pip Skill-Military Command and Communications.
  • 1 Pip Skill-Medical Training

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}[edit]


  • various


  • various


Items {40(22)}[edit]

  • Signature piece

Brightedge Billet {O}[edit]

  • Even of Hale won the [[[CCC]] Overall in 5239. The prize is a lifetime billet in one of the CCC properties. He chose Brightedge. Soon after he arranged to purchase an neighboring billet and remodel the two into one apartment with a training space.

Evenofhale-brighedge billet.jpg


  • 0 zero Stuff

Storage {10}[edit]


Elite Listing[edit]

A weapons instructor for hire to the nonmilitary general public. Retired Elite Sergeant.

Not a mercenary, and he hates the accusation. While he retired under honorable conditions he is mostly ignored by members of the royalty and the nobility and high ranking members of the military. He claims his discharge occurred for rank insubordination during the battles after the Battle of Patternfall. While the war was won there were many residual battles across shadow where Amber units ended chaosian control of certain shadows. He claims he assumed command from a noble, who will remain unnamed, who was failing miserably in the heat of battle. Since Benedict and Gerard are cordial with him at CCC events the general membership of the CCC assume he is telling the truth.

Still, there is something of a disputable stink lingering over him that he believes is completely unjustified and he may be correct.

His services as Arms Instructor are highly sought after and he has a reputation as a fine swordsman and a patient instructor. He has retired as a participant at CCC events after a series of victories over several years.

Court Listing[edit]

Even of Hale is a weapons instructor for hire to the nonmilitary general public.

Alright. Amber is a military place with a military presence and nearly everyone has some concern that being well armed and well trained is a good thing. Not everyone can join the Amber Military but nearly everyone is armed. Fights in the street, self-defense, Sword Dancers, military Arts competitors, fencing tournaments of all levels. Dilettantes, wannabes, mercenaries, caravan guards, protective services, boasters and braggers, cutthroats, brigands, tourists and travelers from shadow, and every sort of person brandishing the blade.

Even of Hale is famous among these sorts as the very best one can hire to teach proficiency of arms to the nonmilitary general public. His personal credentials are incredible for people willing to train such people.

  • Even served 200 years in the Military of Amber, raising to the rank of legion Sub-commander. He spent 20 years in the Amber Elite, serving as RPS for members of the Royal Family including Bleys, Flora and Random.
  • He is a four time Grand Champion of the Sword of Arms Tournament.
  • He is a knight of the Royal Order, 3rd Class (Meant for non-nobles of great achievement but not bestowing a title). It ranks as one of the lesser peerages but still accords all the benefits a peerage does.
  • Granted a Court Baronage. His highest accolade. he was awarded the coronet for his actions at the Battle of Patternfall leading the Civilian City Cohorts. The Civilian City Cohorts are an irregular body of civilians with martial experience but not part of the Amber Guard.

At some point there was a deep and effective falling out with the royal family during the Reign of Eric I. The details were private enough that he was not banished from royal service but enough for him to leave the inner circles of the military and the court. He does not speak about it. He is listed on the Honorably Retired Rolls though many active military try to ignore him.