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Felix Wyse








Lord of Mandalay.


Total: = Stats+ Powers{c}+ Skills+{c}+ Items +0/0 allies/Enemies + Stuff+Storage

  • in Stats
  • x (x) in Powers
  • in Skills
  • (x) in creatures/Items
  • 0 in Allies (0/0)
  • Stuff



  • Psyche: 12
  • Strength:5
  • Endurance:12
  • Warfare:8

Powers {}[edit]

  • Basic Mandalay Imprint
  • Mesobian Powers

Skills {40}[edit]

  • 4 Language Comprehension.
  • 4 Mathematics
  • 3 Bookbinding and mending.
  • 3 Leather-work
  • 3 Calligraphy
  • 3 Vehicle Driving
  • 3 Parkour.
  • 2 Painting
  • 2 Drawing.
  • 2 Guitar and stringed instruments.
  • 2 Wind Instruments

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}[edit]


  • various


  • various


Items {}[edit]

  • Bookmobile.
  • Hummer Ev3
  • Lemon Barrel

32 Gallon barrel that fills to the brim with lemons every day at noon. The lemons vary in quality but tend to be fairly good.

  • Sugar Box.

Items left in the box are sugared and dried. The process takes two days. Wyse keeps it full with lemon rinds. Lemons put in it are sweetened and make excellent natural lemonade.

  • Decanter of Endless Gin.

Shadows {12}[edit]

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E


  • 5 Good Stuff

Mesobian Powers[edit]

  • Shadowwalking: The power to shadowwalk in all the levels of the Shadowlands
  • Immortality: Istari Immortality
  • Improved physical attributes: Raises a human to chaos rank stats
  • Immunity to illness: Complete immunity to sickness
  • Immunity to magic used by the undead.
  • Immunity to lycanthropy
  • Regeneration
  • Immunity to poison.
  • Sorcery Powers. Needed to be instructed to use.
  • Conjuration and Reverse Conjuration:The ability to return an item that has been conjured to its place and time of origin.
  • Clean Body:The Power to clean a body of dirt and grime. To remove all bodily refuse emptying bladders, digestive systems and stomachs. It causes all pores to empty of retained oils.
    • This power can be used in two ways. Causing all material to disappear or causing all material to eject violently from the body. If used as an attack it reacts with the target's psyche and if they lose it distracts them for at least a minute.


Felix Wyse's Bookmobile Reading Room.



Felix Wyse[edit]

Felix Wyse is a librarian adventurer. Born in a world of the Antheris Sway. During his life he served in the military, gained doctorates in history, languages, anthropology, folklore, political science, Library sciences and botany as well as graduate degrees in many other fields. He was a perpetual student. His life path was remarkable for the world he was born in but not remarkable on the shadowwide scale until two incidents changed everything.

The first incident occurred when he was at the age of 112. The Black Road War came crushing through his shadow. His nursing home was destroyed and the elderly, decrepit, and deeply senile Felix wandered through the ruble wounded and delirious. In his crawling and staggering he fell on a Medallion of Mesob. The medallion melted into him and began the processes of healing him. He crawled first and the medallion's power of shadowshifting followed the command to find someplace safe that the man's mind was able to manage.

Soon after he awoke from a deep peaceful sleep. The medallion had healed him and was in the process of making him young. His strength and endurance improved. In time the man's brilliant mind recovered and he began his new adventures.

The second occurrence was a meeting with a Chaosian wizard who was badly damaged in the war. Felix took the time to tend the man and in gratitude he saw Felix through a Woven Logrus. He then instructed him in Sorcery, Conjuration, and the basics of several low order magic systems.

Commentaries of Felix Wyse[edit]

  • Upon learning conjuration I realized with practice I could have every book and bauble I wanted. But it was the books and baubles I knew nothing of that I treasured the most. Those I must travel, find, and put my hands on myself.
  • When I was a small child I found I had an aptitude for languages and mathematics. They were the same thing to me. When I was fifty a fellow professor quizzed me on the languages I knew and afterwards said if I wanted to learn new languages I would have to find new worlds. So I did.
  • Kill a fish quickly. No sense dragging it out. Same thing with combat.