Running Sheet Uzhgata

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Uzgata-Dufiro of Rage and War




Total: = Stats+ Powers{c}+ Skills+{c}+ Items +0/0 allies/Enemies + Stuff+Storage

  • in Stats
  • x (x) in Powers
  • in Skills
  • (x) in creatures/Items
  • 0 in Allies (0/0)
  • Stuff


  • Psyche:16
  • Strength: 15
  • Endurance:12
  • Warfare:35

Powers {}[edit]

  • Dufiro
    • Path:Elemental of Fire,Spirit of Combat , Spirit of Fire , Spirit of Rot, Avasa Dufiro of Rage, Avasa Dufiro of Conflict, Avasa Dufiro of Fire:, Masoja of War, Masaja of Rage
    • Special Abilities by race
Elemental of Fire
Spirit of Combat Spirit of Fire Spirit of Rot
Avasa Dufiro of Rage Avasa Dufiro of Conflict Avasa Dufiro of Fire:
Masoja of War Masaja of Rage:


Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}[edit]







Elementals of Fire: Thousands Elementals of Earth: hundreds Elementals of Air: 12 Elementals of Water: None


Combat: Thousands Defense: 12 Speed: 3
Guard:12 Rust or Rot: 1 Trebildox Earth: 100.
Fire:3000 Illusion 2 Kyasa & Shudas

Avasa Dufirosim[edit]

Conflict: 300 Speed: 3 Rage: 30
Colors: 1 Fire: 500

Masoja Dufirosim[edit]

Fire2 Earth 3 Knowledge 1 Straxxrix-Unwilling Knowledge: 1 Jatakil-Willing
Combat 2 Binding 1 Rage 2 Warfare 2

Items {}[edit]

  • Arc of Fire-A weapon of living fire combining molten metal in a flexible whip like weapon that attacks without the wielder touching it. It is created by ritually sacrificing 100 fire elementals and 100 earth elementals in unison under the direction of a Dufiro of Death.



  • Straxxrix- Unwilling Ally-Masoja of Knowledge : Fire Elemental, Change Elemental, Spirit of Combat, Rust, Paper, Change, Avasa of Fire, Shifter, and Knowledge. Masoja of Knowledge. Aspires to Death, Change, and Shifter. Unwilling but unbound. feels he might defeat Ugzata some day
  • Gretril-Ally-Masoja of War: Fire Elemental, Spirits of Combat, Speed, & Fire. Avasa of Conflict & Fire. Masoja of Warfare. Aspires to Combat & Strength
  • Unkanat-Ally-Child of Uzgata: Fire elemental. Spirit of Combat & Rot. Avasa of Conflict, Rage, and Fire. Masoja of Combat. Aspires to Warfare & Death
  • Vatra-Summoned and bound: Fire elemental. Spirit of Fire & Defense.. Avasa of Fire. Aspires to Masoja of Fire. Currently bound to Arnold the Freemason from North Dakota.
  • Jatakil-willing-Masoja of Knowledge:Fire Elemental, Spirits of Fire, Spirit of Rust, Combat, Spirit of Rust. Avasa of Conflict, Fire, Rage and Knowledge. Masoja of Binding & Knowledge. Aspires to be Warfare or Death
  • Yanalis-unwilling: Fire Elemental. Spirits of Fire, Paper, Illusion. Avasa of Fire, Shifter. Spirit of Rot. Avasa of Knowledge. Masoja of Binding.