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VANDER KOENIGSON good man king’s son

  • aka Vander Barimen,
  • aka 'Corvallis',
  • aka 'Koenig'

Vander42.jpgShatterbound.jpg Vander-Shield.jpg

Active since December 15, 2018

  • Father: King Eric of Amber
  • Mother: Summer, a Hippie of Earth
  • Age: 100+ years (looks 30)
  • Hair: Black, almost blue
  • Eyes: Flat Gray
  • Build: Athletic, lean muscled
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 180#


  • Lord of Amber
  • Soldier of Amber
  • Captain of The Cerberus-Amber Star Fleet
  • Fleet Admiral-Amber Star Fleet


Total: 378 - (171) = 207 = 100 Base + 107 Advancement = +151(3) Stats +96(95) Powers +35(5) Skills +4 Shadows +0 12/12 Allies/Enemies +11 Creatures +76(68) Items +5 Good Stuff



  • 5-Ride to Amber with Gerard and Carissa
  • 2-GM Assistance
  • 2-Velri Hunt and associated conflicts.
  • 2-Recovery of Vek
  • 1 to Surgery (granted)
  • 3 Recovery of Brand
  • 8 Recovery of Soulcutter, Recovery of Deirdre, Reuniting Corwin with Family and paving the way to Avalon opening its gates
  • 2 Questioning of Brand, Recovery of Sightblinder
  • 1 Quiz
  • 2 Pips-Star Fleet 5yr mission/ Experiments in Shadow Shaving
  • 5 Up to date as of 1/30/2024.

---Now Allocated---

  • 30 pips-Star Fleet experience
  • 2019 Advancement
    • 10 Pips: Spent
  • 2020 Advancement
    • 10 Pips: Spent
  • 2021 Anniversary Advancement.
    • 10 Pips- Advancement:Spent
    • 3 Pips to Endurance: added
  • 2022 Anniversary Advancement.
    • 10 Pips- Advancement: spent
      • 2 Pips to Psyche: added
      • 2 Pips to Skills:
      • 1 Pip to Allies/Enemies
      • 5 pips Spent on Psyche
  • 2023 Anniversary Advancement
    • +10 Pips: Storage
    • +3 to New Skills: Storage
  • 2024 Advancement: Updated 1/30/2024
    • 15 pips: Storage

---Applied as follows---

  • +10 Psyche
  • +10 Strength
  • +5 Endurance
  • +10 Warfare
  • +1 Cantrips
  • +11 Skills
  • +2 N/N Forms: Zatoichi Sword
  • +2 N/N Forms: NP Dagger
  • +4 Mold Reality: Amber SF Borg Implants
  • +10 Warfare

Statistics {173(5)}[edit]

  • PSYCHE 27[+5 as of 1/30/2024. With the help and training of Celecat]
  • WARFARE 100 [+10 2023 Anniversary NEW]

Stuff {5}[edit]

  • 5 Good Stuff

Powers {96(95)}[edit]

  • (75) ADVANCED PATTERN IMPRINT [Basic Amber Imprint: Granted-Random].
    • Vulsara "Wild" Imprint; Upgrade to Advanced Pattern [Granted-Vance]
  • (20) Partial SHAPE SHIFTING
    • (10) [Racial] Alter facial features, skin color and texture, fingerprints, hair color, eye color.
    • (10) Shapeshift advanced in conjunction with Shadow Shaving and Vulsara Imprint.
  • 1 Cantrips: (36)
    • Firefinger, Zap, Speed, Blend, Catfall, Catfeet, Chill, Heat, Sharpen, Shield, Gun, Clean, Mend, Tie, Knot, Map, Know Direction,

Skills {40(7)} [+3 NEW][edit]

  • 3 Surgeon (Amber Royal Family Medicine, Cyber Implants, Borg / Star Fleet Medical)
  • 3(1) Military Command and Communications
  • 3 Computer Ops/Program/Hack
  • 3 Shadow Shaving
  • 3 Piloting Space Vehicles
  • 2 Piloting Ground Vehicles
  • 2 Piloting Air Vehicles
  • 2 Amber Starfleet Borg Implant Technology
  • 2 Amber Starfleet Technology
  • 2 Thrown Weapons; incl. juggling, trick throws, etc.
  • 2(1) Military Technology
  • 2(1) Gymnastics / Parkour
  • 1 Dancing
  • 1 Gunsmithing
  • 1 Psychiatry
  • 1 Pool / Billiards
  • (1) Cooking. Butchering. General gardening. Preparation. Cast Iron. Open Fire
  • (1) Military Horsemanship
  • (1) Diplomacy
  • (1) Piloting Water Vehicles
  • 1 Poker
  • 1 Musical Instrument: Guitar
  • 1 Weaponsmithing

Shadows {4}[edit]

  • 4 “Zelazhaagen”; An Irregular Galaxy w/millions of star systems
    • 1 Personal Shadow; High Tech Level; FTL Space Travel (ASF compatible), High Order Magic Only (little magic use present)
    • 2 Restricted Access/Communications; restrictions apply to entry & incoming comms; most outgoing comms and all exits are unrestricted.
    • 1 Control of Contents; Vander practiced his Shadow Shaving skills by making subtle changes to some of the worlds in this Shadow, specifically in the Zelazny Star System.

Allies & Enemies {0 +13/-13}[edit]


  • 6 pips (unknown)
  • 2 Pip Arloxedra
  • 1 pip Rede Feldane; Soldier, Engineer, Artillerist, Sorcerer. Assigned Protective Elite 1 Pip Ally
  • 1 Pip Demon Friend Quelethast
  • 1 pip Agrom
  • 1 pip Zachery
  • 1 Pip Cymnea; friend of Flitt


  • 13 pips - Various


Quelethast.jpg Rede feldane.jpg odo Flitt.jpg


  • Quelethast; Daemon of House Sawall (1 Amber Year Renewable Contract)


  • Rede Feldane; Soldier, Engineer, Artillerist, Sorcerer. Assigned Protective Elite 1 Pip Ally
    • Recently reassigned.

Creatures {11}[edit]

  • 10 ‘Odo’ the Gloop; Vander’s Familiar/Friend/Scout/Spy (Signature)
  • 1 “Flitt”, a Bonding Bird of Calrabon and Friend of Clymnea. Calrabon Bonding Bird
    • Chaos Vitality 2 / Double Stamina 1 / Invulnerable 4 / Speak & Sing 1 / Danger Sense 2 / Rapid Heal 2. Rack & Use 1-Bonding. 13 pips.
    • x4 Shadow Wide. (48) pips.
    • Rack & Use 1-Lucky

Items {76(68)}[edit]

Armor {(58)}[edit]

Weapons {14(10)}[edit]

  • 6(4) Hattori Hanzo Zatoichi Sword;
    • (4) Deadly Damage (Granted-Amber Tempering/Sharpening Techniques; was already x2 Damage)
    • 2 N/N Forms (12):
      • Zatoichi Sword, War Axe, War Hammer, Bat'leth, Kau Sin Ki, Weaponized Gauntlet(RH)
      • Fancy Walking Cane, 3-piece Pool Cue, Silk Neck Tie, Military-style Canvas Belt, Heavy Wide Metallic Wrist Band, Riding Glove(RH)
  • 8(6) NP Graduate Blade: (Granted: Benedict)
    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 1 Rack a Spell-Return to Wielder
    • 1 Attuned-slips from the hands of anyone but an NP graduate
    • 2 N/N Forms (12):
      • NP Dagger, Javelin, Telescopic Baton, Mak'leth, Lg. 3-pointed Throwing Star, Chinese Dart & Cord, Weaponized Gauntlet(LH)
      • Expensive Wrist Watch, Cheap Wrist Watch, Expensive Sunglasses, Metalhead Ring; Cerberus Heads, Riding Glove(LH)
  • 12 Amber Clockwork Rifle
    • 4 Deadly Damage
    • 1 Self Healing
    • 1 Ability: Call to Hand
    • 2 Summon Endless Ammo & Change Ammo
    • 4 Limited Shape Shift
      • Common Alt Forms: ASF Phaser Pistol, ASF Phaser Rifle, Romulan Disruptor, .45 Hand Gun, P90 Assault Rifle, Particle Beam Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Crossbow, EMP/Flechette Rifle, Plasma Ejector Rifle, Pressurized Liquid Sprayer (Flamer Thrower, Acid Sprayer, Holy Water Sprayer, etc.), Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Other Equipment {4}[edit]

  • 4 Amber Star Fleet Borg Implants
    • The Implants provide a Link to the Amborg Collective
      • Vast Source of Information about Amber, Chaos, and all in between.
      • Remote Connection and Access to any and all Amber Star Fleet Tech
      • Remote or Direct Connection and Access to many Shadow Techs
    • 4 Mold Shadow Reality
      • Allows the Implants to function nearly everywhere.
      • Can alter any non-magical clothing or gear worn or carried to appear as desired.
      • Can influence those viewing or nearby to be friendly, apathetic, hostile, fearful, etc.

Trumps & Decks[edit]

  • Amber Family Trump Deck; King Random Edition (Granted - Random)
  • Trumps of Bleys and Eric (Granted - Bleys)
  • Trumps of 3 Places on Shadow Earth (Granted - Arloxedra)

Personal Details[edit]

  • PERSONAL COLORS: Olive, Tan, Black. PERSONAL SIGIL: A Knight's Shield with Tribal motif in black, a Chief design in personal colors, with a Rampant Cerberus facing Sinister, in black, bearing a Special Forces brand on it flank in white relief.
  • AMBER YEAR 5261: Vander was brought to Amber, via Shadow Walk, by his uncle Gerard.
    • Gerard had come to Shadow Earth to get his daughter and Vander; his daughter turned out to be Carissa, confirming Vander’s hunch. They encountered a little trouble on the way, but nothing the three of them could not handle; someone from Regor announcing a hatred of Amber’s King, Random. Later, Gerard noticed the connection between his daughter and Vander and when a private moment presented itself, Gerard warned Vander about Amber’s Consanguinity Laws but didn’t say anything else on the matter nor give Vander a chance to comment.
    • Graduate of Nasty Place: Shortly after arriving in Amber, Vander attended Benedict’s Personal Military Course; a 10 year intensive training program in a fast time Shadow known as the Nasty Place. The 10 year course ends up equaling about three weeks by Amber Time. Cari was not happy about him leaving, but did not try to stop him. While attending the course, Vander also improved his Surgical Skills and his Dancing skills, as well as honing his body and military skill sets. He was assigned as a Pattern Guard by Benedict at Graduation, but also stabbed in the gut, close to the heart, with a twisted bladed knife; Benedict reminded him that any attempts to take the throne of Amber will not be tolerated and will end in death. Vander kept the knife Benedict used as a reminder.
  • AMBER YEAR 5262: Vander was assigned to attend the Royal Studies Course at Fantalin
    • Vander was accompanied by one of his cousins, Zachery, the son of Florimel. Flora personally asked Vander to watch over her son while at Fantalin and especially in the presence of Bleys who enjoyed teasing and bullying the young man. They were escorted by Bleys and introduced to the head of the school, Aries Colbriesi; Dean of Fantalin.
    • There was talk of ‘visions’ involving Vander and Carissa and Zachery; Dean Aries shared his drawings of the Visions he had with Vander and Zachery; they were grim and depicted bad omens for Zachery.
    • Completed a one year course at Fantalin learning all the basics a member of the Royal Family of Amber needs to know.
  • AMBER YEAR 5263 - 5265: Return to Amber, meet more family, walk Pattern, explore Shadow, return to Amber.
    • Vander started spending lots of time with Arloxedra, his older brother, in the Library in Castle Amber. Vander learns much about Amber (history, family, people, places, current events and perhaps classified research for the Crown) from Arlo based upon whatever he is researching at the moment. Vander learns about his other brother, Derek and briefly meets him. Vander also learns about his father, Eric, and of Arlo's past with their father.
    • After Walking the Pattern, Vander explored Shadow some with Cari and they secretly got married while in Shadow. Those closest to Cari, her friend Nala and her Elite Guard, are obviously in on the secret.
  • AMBER YEAR 5266: Vander was summoned to his father’s tomb on Mount Kolvir.
    • Vander met with King Random and a Pattern Ghost of his father, Eric; Vander was asked about his ambition towards the Throne of Amber, Vander said he had to such ambitions... this is when he received his father’s armor; Shatter Bound.
    • A short time after Vander's visit to his father's tomb, he met Rede Feldane and helped him render a catapult to wood chips at the order of Prince Caine. Caine showed up during the rendering process and talked with Vander; when he learned that Rede had not asked for help and that Vander had given it freely, Caine offered Vander one of his sliver flasks filled with gin... Vander developed a taste for Caine’s Gin from that day on.
  • AMBER YEAR 5267: A Velri Hunt, new and old friends and a pet.
    • Vander went on a Velri Hunt with his brother Arlo, Darcy and Zachery; they met up with Vance, another cousin, who is an Admiral in Amber’s Star Fleet and got a quick ride and transport to the Hunting Grounds.
    • The hunt was successful and Vander learned a lot about hunting prehistoric beasts.
    • Vander also acquired a pet, a Bonding Bird; small, grey and blue feathers.
  • AMBER YEAR 5268: An Eventful Year
    • Vander petitioned for Rede Feldane to be permanently assigned to Vander as his personal Man at Arms. They took a ‘road trip’ to the Fane of Zilla on the Rim of the Abyss near the Courts of Chaos; there they met Lasha Hendrake (female) and visited the Shrine of Eric. While at that shrine, an alcove within created an image of Vander, thus creating a sub-shrine within his father’s. They visited Benedict’s Shrine next; Rede participated in a gladiatorial fight while Vander hired an Abyssal Daemon named Quelethast to be his bodyguard.
    • When they left the Fane, they found a bar a few Shadows away and met an outcast Lord of Chaos named Vek of House Hendrake; he had a gift for the King of Amber and he asked Vander to deliver it. It turns out that Vek had made his Personal Shadow ‘easily accessible and accommodating’ to any Amberite, Avalonian or Mandalayan. Vander accepted the gift and promised to deliver it to the King of Amber upon his return there.
    • Vander spent many weeks returning to Amber via Shadow Shifting his way there; he spent the time getting to know Quelethast and Rede better… and he studied the Tome. When he reached Shadow Earth level tech Shadows he made two copies of the Tome; one for himself and one for Arlo. He discussed the contents with Rede and Quel during his return to Amber.
    • Once back in Amber, Vander sent word to the King of his need for an audience, then he went to speak with Arlo in the Library. There he had an encounter with Jurt, who brought up the Sigil of the Logrus at the sight of Quel; Fiona arrived soon after then Random. Vander explained what happened with Vek and presented the gift to the King; a tome containing the lineage of Oberon with many offspring the King and others were unaware of.
    • Random seemed pleased; Vander drank and played cards with Random, Arlo and Benedict later that night, then he setup a meet up in one of Vander’s Safe Places on Shadow Earth for the King and Vek. Benedict insisted on accompanying Vander and meeting Vek first; Vek is a descendant of Benedict’s via the Hendrake Breeding Program. Vander helped bring Vek into the fold of Amber with the King and many other notables of Amber (and two Chaos Lords loyal to Amber) present.
    • Vander and Fiona went to Vek’s Shadow so he could wrap up his loose ends before returning to Amber for some training. While there, they helped fight off an attack by several great Kraken-like beasts.
    • About halfway through Quel’s year long contract, Vander decided to reward him for the good service he had rendered thus far by getting him admitted to the Nasty Place for the Ten Year Program; Benedict invited Vander and Arlo to attend again, but as Instructors; they both accepted.
  • AMBER YEAR 5269 - Present: Amber Star Fleet
    • Vander went to Vulsar Base, the home of Amber’s Star Fleet for some upgraded training in Medicine and some other tech related skill sets. He took Rede and Quel (who stayed past his contract date, willingly) and made sure they also received some training in Medicine and Tech. After a talk with his cousin, Star Fleet Admiral Vance, he was convinced by Vance, Quel and Rede to join Star Fleet. Quel returned to the Fane of Zilla but said he would be happy to return when Vander has more need of an Abyssal War Demon.
    • Vander served in Star Fleet for One Amber Year, which equated to a few decades in Shadow time for Vander. A year after he completed Star Fleet Academy, he met with Admiral Vance and learned of a Borg Technology that would allow for Shadow Shifting at Warp speeds; Vander was cautious but curious, just like he was when he was faced with a similar choice when he first met Odo. So, of course, Vander jumped in after weighing the options and deciding it was worth the risks. Odo joined with a local Pool of Shapechangers on the Admiral’s Ship; the Shapechanger race is a part of Amber’s Star Fleet.
    • Some weeks/months after entering the Warp-Shifting Program, Vander met and sparred with Agrom, Vance’s son, a Commander in Star Fleet and a Klingon; Vander accompanied Agrom on his Star Ship through the Shadows of the Regor Sway. Vander used his training and Borg Implant to Shift their way through Shadow deeper into the Sway than most could accomplish, especially on their first attempt using only half the required Borg Implants.
    • Due to the success of the Warp-Shifting test, Agrom invited Vander on a secret away mission to Regor using a Trump given to him by Fiona, a Trump that had belonged to her mother, Clarissa, who currently resides in Regor. With the help and advice of Arlo, Vander and Agrom Trump into Regor and while Agrom gets Tricorder readings, Vander meets a beggar that turns out to be Brand. Arlo, who was watching via Vander’s Trump, suggested Vander bring him through or bring Brand back, so he brought Brand back to Agrom’s Ship. Vander Trumped in Benedict moments before Arlo Trumped in Random, which was a good thing because Benedict tried to behead Brand, but Random stopped him with the Jewel of Judgment. King Random ordered Vander to take Brand to the dungeons of Amber and put him in the cell with his name on it, he then ordered Arlo to take Benedict to the cell in the dungeons with all the romance novels in it. Vander and Arlo met later in the Library in Castle Amber to talk of the circumstances surrounding Vander’s ‘bagging’ of Brand in Regor…
    • After Vander’s very successful first Warp Shift, Admiral Vance offers Vander command of a new Defiant Class Star Ship, but Vander must undergo the full Borg Implant process, which he agrees to do. Vance suggests that Vander walk the Pattern before installing the Implant, so there is a fresh Imprint on Vander and a fresh ‘Pattern Record’ of Vander; he agrees. Due to a circumstance of timing, Tir’na Nogth was up and Vander chose to Trump to the Patten Guard there; he had always wanted to visit Tir’na Nogth and since he had already walked the Pattern in the dungeons he thought to walk a different one to see if the experience was different and if the Imprint would be different as well. Bleys was the Guard on duty at the time so he brought Vander through, Bleys warned Vander that his time was limited due to sunrise approaching; Vander did not waste any time and immediately walked to the beginning of the Pattern to begin, but he did notice a Ghost on the far side of the Pattern near the alcoves; it was a woman and he heard her ghostly voice whisper in his head for him to ‘come to her’. Vander ignored the ghostly plea and began his Pattern Walk; at the end, after he caught his breath, he was about to have the Pattern transport him back to Admiral Vance, but at the last second Vander changed his mind and told the Pattern to transport him to the Ghostly Woman that bade him ‘come to me’… Vander was expecting to be transported somewhere within Tir-na Nog’th, so he already had a Trump Card for Vance ready, if needed. Instead, Vander found himself in the real world in a lovely garden looking at the same face he had seen in the city in the sky, but it was in full color and not ghostly at all; he stood before once Queen of Amber, the First Queen of Amber; Cymnea, first wife of Oberon and mother of Osric, Finndo and Benedict. During their brief conversation, Vander learned that the Pattern was trying to get Cymnea to return to Amber, that he was not the first to be sent or influenced to visit her. Vander also learned that his pet, Flitt, was actually one of the Cymnea’s birds, and that the blue feathers were her mark; he watched her pet a bird and blue feathers appeared where she touched the bird. Cymnea bade me leave, but sent Flitt back with him and said it would be ok for Vander to visit again.
    • Vander trumped back to Vance, told him what had happened once he arrived at Tir-na Nog’th until he returned, over a few drinks. Then Vander put the more permanent Borg Implant behind his left ear and let the process begin; his Designation 5 of 12. His ability to use the Borg Link grew quickly and access to new areas was granted. Vander did try to hack a secure file, just to see if he could; he blacked out… Vander and Vance laughed about it afterwards. Upon Vander’s return, he learned that both Odo and Rede had been ‘drafted’ into Star Fleet and were currently in training, but Vance reassured Vander that they would be ready for the maiden voyage as the ship was not quite ready yet. Vander was informed that Rede was not happy about being conscripted into Star Fleet and was led to believe that Odo had made his decision to join Star Fleet willingly.
    • Vander spend a couple of weeks getting the Cerberus ready; interviewing and crewing his ship with qualified personnel (all from long lived races), familiarizing himself with his new ship, crew and Borg Link access and abilities, painting the exterior (personal colors in camo pattern), stocking supplies and final tests. Reunited with Rede and Odo on the day the Cerberus is ready for its first voyage (not including short test runs).
    • Rede is upset about being conscripted into Star Fleet and he want the ability to leave when he wants; not just Star Fleet, but the how Family Obligation too; Vander grants it. Rede also wants to learn Magic; Vander assigns him to learn Magic from his Head of Magics; Selkitt, a Vulcan currently Agrom’s love interest.
    • Vander’s reunion with Odo needed to be more private so they left the ship and went to the Far Isles so they could speak without any chance of being overheard; especially via the Borg Link. Odo tells Vander that his upgrade via the Great Link was not totally voluntary and he was not told what they were going to do to him. Odo was told it was done specifically for Vander, to help him and to show him of their friendly intent; Odo did say he would not give back the upgrades, now that he is getting used to them. Odo tells Vander of a great tension and distrust between the Shapeshifters and the Borg of Amber’s Star Fleet and warns there could be trouble. Odo suggested he might be able to remove the Borg Implant but would need to explore it to know for sure; Vander agrees and gives the green light; Vander blacks out.
    • Vander awakens in the Conclave of the Unicorn under the care of nuns, he meets the Abbess Casina Venway; she wanted to contact King Random, Odo insisted otherwise. Abbess Casina insisted someone be contacted, suggested one of the three Barons of Far Isle; Vander chose Caine. Both got roped into some Royal Family Duties; dinner with the once Queen of Amber, Rilga the mother of Caine, Julian and Gerard. After dinner as they were departing, Rilga secretly gifted Vander with a ring when he kissed her hand. (A Token of Gratitude: Mithril with a very pure emerald; Rilga’s coat of arms engraved on the interior; of sufficient value and craftsmanship that it would take magic well)
    • Warp Shadow Shift test of the Cerberus and Vander's abilities and Implants is successful; ship and crew are ready @ Vulsar Base. Admiral Vance 'Green Lights' Vander’s roadtrip to learn to Shave Shadow; his team is selected and briefed but the trip is postponed...
  • Vander and Vance areesummoned by King Random, they Trump to Random in the dungeons of Castle Amber where they learn of the 12 Swords of Power; Pattern Blades, Inscribed with the Jewel of Judgement by Brand. Vander and Vance are tasked with retrieving Soulcutter, currently drawn and active in a known Shadow. Vander meets Relmopator at this meeting and swears he saw a beholder in the shadows above them.
    • The Cerberus and Lollipop head into Space and Shadow to the place where Soulcutter can be found, but both ships have to eject their Warp Cores at or near the Shadow where Soulcutter is located to keep from being destroyed. Vander takes a shuttle to a nearby planet and scouts the Shadows up to the Sword, then he 'Trump Links' with Vance as a safety precaution as he prepares for what is to come. Vander meets a Bear then the Trump link breaks. The Bear takes Vander to the Sword but there is no scabbard, the Bear grabs sword in its mouth, gestures for Vander to bring woman and then goes to where the scabbard is located. Vander sheaths the Sword; the Bear Shapeshifts into 12’ human; his name is ‘Bear’ and he is family... sort of.
    • Vander Trumps to Vance, bringing Bear and the woman, who is still somehow alive, then they Trump to Vulsar Base bringing Vance and Bleys along as well. The woman is Deidre, one of them anyway; she is put in a healing tank. Vander contacts Random and bring him to Vulsar Base, shortly afterwards Corwin arrives. Bear gives Vander one of his claws, by embedding it in his chest (a token of gratitude). Corwin opens Vander’s Trumps for Corwin and Corwin's Paris. The way to Avalon is now open.
    • Vander charged with Soulcutter; he visits Arlo who swaps swords with him for research purposes. Both visit Brand in the dungeons, Brand is lucid and unwilling to help. Arlo draws Soulcutter and forces Brand to comply; Vander is very upset about this. Brand locates several Swords and summons Sightblinder; wants to bargain for it; Vander tries to negotiate further, Arlo leaves then returns with a Nailgun; Arlo shoots Brand repeatedly until he gives up Sightblinder. Vander rips Soulcutter from Arlo’s hip and tells him he is upset about his actions; Vander calls Random and fills him in, gives Soulcutter to Random, keeps Dragonslicer.
  • Vander takes a Road Trip with Agrom, Rede, Odo and Selkitt to learn how to Shave Shadow; several months Amber time.
    • Vander receives Trump Call from Random; his presence is required, he goes through to a Bar with jazz music, Random is very drunk. Vander must witness a Golden Circle Trade Agreement document signing; Random gets Coinspinner for the Golden Circle status. Random trades Swords with Vander. Random shows Vander a letter from Arlo; he has renounce fealty to Amber and taken Sightblinder. There are sdd references in his letter, Bill Roth helps figure out the clues. Random tasks Vander with finding Arlo if possible before a Death Warrant is issued. Vander looks for Arlo in Café Americana, Arlo finds him. Arlo wants to attack Borlak for Shieldbreaker with a Nebraska of Hampsters, Vander cautions Arlo that he is still associated with Amber and may not be able to help. Arlo suggests trying out the idea on Hagalta for Farslayer as a test, Vander suggests Arlo contact Relmopator since he seemed to know Hagalta..........