Ruric,Ariella and the twins

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The Valley of Cradles

  • Ruric: Mid 20's.(not an official take by any means)

Light Lord and Acolyte of the Pavis Yelmali temple, lay member Issaries, Pavis. Currently on extended leave.

Ruric is the son of lowly workers in the sun dome area of Pavis, who rose past station, ridicule and some early career blunders to be one of the most canny runelords the Temple has seen. His official title is 'Lord of city affairs' - in practice he is a liason with the Pavis council, the Lunars and even Prax barbarians.

Ruric joined the Sun dome early, but his years as a street urchin gave him friends in later life that were odd to the stuffy temple authorities. His gifts and geases upon earning a (hard won) initiatehood immediately marked him as an 'irregular', one of the few that Yelmalio puts aside for odd tasks. Despite this, his years of risk taking and wild adventures paid off, and the god himself granted him lord status in the rubble.

Ruric is considered an informal 'manager' of the irregulars. He calls them his 'people'.

  • Ariella [The Actress]

Initiate of Pavis and Donander, Acolyte of Ernalda.

A small, quick woman in light armour. She carries a staff and darts, but has a dozen pouches and pockets.

Ariella is the daughter of an impoverished noble house from Pavis. She is Ruric's only surviving companion from his early days of adventuring, and is semi retired, practicing plays with the local theatre troops and doing soliloquies at up market functions.

Deep in her heart, though, she hungers for the thrill of adventuring and has honed her spellcasting to an art. she has a very active cult based social circle, and is well liked around town.

  • The twins
  • Sinister. Female early 20's. Initiate of Yelmalio, Pavis lay member.

Left handed, carries a Short spear and Large shield, light armour. Composite bow.

Str:14 Con: 15 Siz: 12 Int:14 Dex: 16 Pow: 14 Cha: 12

Red haired and with skin that always seems red rather than tanned, with many freckles. Cintri Bellorn is the oldest [by four minutes] of twins born to a mixed marraige, a Pavic citizen married to a sun dome wife. she is one of the 'Irregulars' - those gifted by Yelmalio with unusual abilities that dont suit traditional fighting styles. In her case, she was made master of the short, stabbing spear. Her status as a left handed, female Yelmalion with such an odd gift pretty much guaranteed she'd end up working for Ruric.

  • Dexter. Male early 20's. Initiate of Pavis, Yelmalio lay member.

Right handed. Full Helm, Breastplate, Greaves and Vambraces. Pole axe, Warpick, Medium shield.

Str: 15 Con:13 Siz:17 Int:13 Dex: 13 Pow: 14 Cha: 14

Dark skinned and brown haired and eyed, Andexter Bellorn is the younger of the twins. More genial and friendly than his sister, he has taken city vows more seriously and is buying his first house.