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You use the starship's computers, scanners, and other systems to identify threats, target foes, and navigate hazards. A starship can have any number of science officers. A science officer acts during the helm days of combat.


As science officer, you can take any of the following actions, depending on your ranks and the computer skill. These actions can be taken during the helm phase.

Balance (Helm Phase): You can balance the shields, redirecting power from one quadrant to protect another. With a successful Computers check (DC = 15 + 2 x your Starship's tier), you can shift shield points (SP) from the shield in one quadrant to the shield in another quadrant, including to depleted shields (after rebalancing, every shield must have at least 10% of the total current SP). Alternatively, you can add up the SP from all the remaining shields and evenly distribute them to all four quadrants, putting any extra SP in the forward quadrant.

Scan (Helm Phase): You scan a starship with your sensors to learn information about it. This action requires your starship's to have sensors. You must attempt a Computers check, applying any modifiers from the starship's sensors. You can attempt this check untrained. The DC for this check is equal to 10 + the tier of the starship being scanned + it's bonus from defensive countermeasures. If you succeed at this check, you learn the first unknown piece of information on the following list. For every 5 by which you exceed the check, you learn another unknown piece of information. Subsequent checks reveal new pieces of information, continuing down this list.

1. Basic Information: Living crew complement and ship classification, size, speed, and maneuverability.

2. Defenses: AC, TL, total and current Hull Points, total and current Shield Points in each quadrant, and core PCU value.

3. Weapon: Information about one weapon, including its firing arc and the damage it deals, starting with the weapon that uses the most PCU. Repeat this entry until all weapons are revealed.

4. Load: Information about how the starship's expansion bays are allocated and any cargo the starship might be carrying.

5. Other: Any remaining ship statistics.

Target System (Helm Phase, Push): You can you use your starship's sensors to target a specific system on an enemy starship. This action requires your starship to have sensors. You must attempt a Computers check, applying any modifiers from the starship sensors. The DC equals 15 + the tier of the enemy starship + its bonus from defensive countermeasures. If you succeed, choose one system (core, engines, life support, sensors, or weapons). The next attack made by your starship that hits the enemy ship scores a critical hit on a natural roll of 19 or 20. If that attack deals critical damage, its affects the chosen system. For any further critical damage resulting from the attack, determine which system is affected randomly as normal. Your starship's sensors can target only one systems on a specific enemy starship at a time, though this action can be used to concurrently target systems on multiple starships.