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[Begin Transcription; Entry: Eugene "E.L.I." Linus Ingman a.k.a. Argee Mal'Kai Rro; Alias: Reality Glitch]

Instructor: Please talk a little bit about yourself, your past, your powers, etc.

E.L.I.: Saying that I used to be your average human is an overstatement: most of what I did (community college, fast food job, volunteer work) was so-so in quality. I'd been a dreamer, an idea guy, not much talent for actually making those ideas reality. Fitting then, for me to become a living hologram projector when I accidentally walk through one of those arches.

Instructor: Accidently?

E.L.I.: I was distracted with my phone! O.K.? Anyway; noticing what had happened, I thought, “Cool. Maybe I could become useful for once.” So I took amoment to think about what I actually wanted and walked through.

Instructor: And the wish you obtained?

E.L.I: Anything I can see in my minds eye, I can create in real life. At first only shapes and colors, but eventually I got to making more complex objects; though, I still can't make something with moving parts without first imagining each individual part and then assembling it manually. But, for whatever reason, that doesn't seem to apply to living creatures. I have several characters that I use most often, but anything from my imagination is far game, though my abilities are limited: the constructs are only so powerful themselves.

Instructor: Can you demonstrate this for us?

E.L.I.: Sure.

E.L.I. proceeds to close his eyes in concentration, a small dark shape forming at his feet. A couple more colors appear, mostly white before coalescing into an arctic hare, dressed up like some pet owners tend to do.

Instructor: That is .... interesting to say the least. What is it?

Construct stands upright. The clothing is a black robe with red trim and a high collar. It's has human like hair combed over the left eye, it displays a bit of attitude as it speaks: Well, what do I look like? And I prefer feminine pronouns, thank you very much.

Instructor, recovering from speechlessness, closes her mouth: Why I neve--

Construct: Never what? Thought that some people don't like how stuffy you're being.


Construct: Don't give them my name!

E.L.I.: That's enough!

Construct crosses arms and huffs: Fine. At least give me time to re-dye my hair before you bring back here O.K.?

E.L.I.: Sure

The construct blurs-out of existence.

E.L.I.: Sorry, should have picked someone better behaved.

Instructor: How about we move on to why you're applying.

E.L.I.: Gladly. I've been superhero'ing for about six months now and I've had one too many close calls to think I can still do this on my own.

Instructor: Can't you just make-believe that you have better protection?

E.L.I.: Possibly, but I'd rather be able to socialize with real people and not just my imaginary friends.

Instructor: Well, we can't do anything officially, but might be able to pull some strings and set you up with a team. Though, I can't guaranty exactly how well you'll get along with them, but you should be fine.

E.L.I.: I'm pretty reasonable. I like it we teammates understand and get along. I've been known to actively mediate disputes between my friends.

Instructor: Well; you do seem to have potential. Though, knowing what you do while not saving the world , would be important.

E.L.I: You're Practically a benevolent Illuminati-group; I'm sure you already have that information.

Instructor: True, but we'd like to hear your side of things.

E.L.I.: Not much. I'm a part-time community college student; which is why I have so much free time to be a hero, but other than that, I just stay home an goof-around on the internet.

Instructor, after scribling down the response: Alright; as a final piece, though, we'll need information of any other official identities you have.

E.L.I.: I have one. My abilities got to the point were I could alter myself to appear as anything I wanted. Though, it's the most strenuous application. Altering reality is different from adding to it.

E.L.I.: My identity as Mal'Kai came about because, I eventually wanted to help in the fight myself, rather than hide out and let my summons handle everything. If I was to do that, I needed separate secrete and heroic identities as per standard superhero logic. The alias's history is that the side-effect of his arch-charging wiped huge swaths of his memory. He could remember his name, but didn't truly know who he was; he remembered bits and piece of experience, enough to still fit into society, but not much beyond that. Since he doesn't have any preset skill-set, I thought that might allow better anonymity, and it's been working .... to an extent. I'm mostly glad I can now pay forward all the kindness the 'verse has shown me; despite my lack of mundane skills.

Instructor: What was the actual side effect, though?

E.L.I.: Heh; yeah. Well, sometimes my power goes off automatically. A character summons themself, I find a random-useful-object laying around. I just hope nothing dangerous slips out.

Instructor: As do I. They don't cal you Cloud Cuckooland's Herald for nothing.

E.L.I.: That name seriously stuck? Wow.

Instructor: Well, I think we have everything we need. We'll call you within two days with our decision.

[End of Transcript]

Eugene Linus Ingman / Argee Mal'Kai Rro[edit]

Hero Points X

Movement Primary: Standard Secondary:: None

Current Conditions


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Personal Info[edit]

Physical Description

Cloud Cuckooland's Herald

Part-Time Student


0/3 Str (00 Pts)

0/3 Agl (00 Pts)

0/3 Fgt (00 Pts)

0/3 Sta (00 Pts)

0/3 Awe (00 Pts)

0/3 Int (00 Pts)

0/3 Pre (00 Pts)

Characteristics Total: 00


0/6 Dodge Base 00 + Purchase 00 (00 Pts)

0/6 Parry Base 00 + Purchase 00 (00 Pts)

0/6 Fortitude Base 00 + Purchase 00 (00 Pts)

06 Toughness Base 00 + Powers/Adv/Equip 00

0/6 Will Base 00 + Purchase 00 (00 Pts)

Defenses Total: 00


Animal Empathy Teamwork

Advantages Total: 02


0/3 All Skills 0/3 + 0

Skills Total: 00


(If your character has Equipment, please list here. One item to a line, with Equipment Cost for each Item, and Equipment Total)


Rank Power Name Base Power Extras, including per rank or flat cost Flaws, Including Per Rank or Flat modifier

42 I Think, Therefore, I Am (Dreams, Ideas, Memes, Mental, Mind, Psionic, Psychic, and Thought descriptors) Enhanced Trait 30 + Protection 3 All Abilities +3 (3cp), All Defenses +3 (9cp), Alternate Identity (Mal'Kai Rro) (1cp), Beginner's Luck (1cp), Eidetic Memory (1cp), Evadion 2 (2cp), Jack-of-all-trades (1cp)

4 Mutable Self-Image (Dreams, Ideas, Memes, Mental, Mind, Psionic, Psychic, and Thought descriptors) Morph 4 Distracting (-1/r), Standard to activate (-2/r), Tiring (-1/r)

16 World of Pure Imagination (Dreams, Ideas, Memes, Mental, Mind, Psionic, Psychic, and Thought descriptors) Create 8 + Summon 8 Innate (the powers themselves, not the objects or minons) (both; Flat +1), Heroic (Summon; +2/r), Variable Type (Any) (Summon; +3/r) Move action to activate (Create; Flat -1), Close Range (Create; -1/r), Distracting (both; -1/r)

Powers Total: 118


Accident (Summons can summon themselves/subconscious use of create objects) Motivation (Doing Good)


Starting PL: 8

Earned PPs: 0

Spent PPS: 120

Character Math

Characteristics Total 00

+ Defenses Total 0

+ Advantages Total 02

+ Skills Total 00

+ Powers Total 118

= Total Points 120