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Hero Points 1

Movement Primary:Motorcycle (speed 6, 120 mph, 1800 ft/round) Secondary::Flight (Gliding 8 mph, 120 ft per round)

Current Conditions


File:Template.jpg (Comment: As set up, this requires that the picture be uploaded to the Wiki. Replace Template with the name of the picture)

Personal Info[edit]

Physical Description5’6”, Black hair, Brown eyes, physical age-21, actual age-60 Attractive in a wholesome, Sandra Bullock way.


Career / Daytime Activities Actress: Lynn had a long and unremarkable career as an actress. Now that she is young again, she is trying to change that and become a STAR!


0 Str (0 Pts)

1 Agl (2 Pts)

3 Dex (6 Pts)

0 Fgt (0 Pts)

3 Sta (6 Pts)

0 Awe (0 Pts)

1 Int (2 Pts)

2 Pre (4 Pts)

Characteristics Total: 20


Attack Name Attack Bonus Attack DC Notes Initiative +1 Disintegrate Clothing: Weaken 8, +8 (DC Fort 18) Grab, +3 (DC Spec 16) Scarf Whip: Damage 8, +6 (DC 23) Scarf Snare: Progressive Affliction 8, +8 (DC Fort/Will 18) Throw, +8 (DC 15) Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)


8 Dodge Base 1 + Purchase 7 (7 Pts)

8 Parry Base 0 + Purchase 8 (8 Pts)

8 Fortitude Base 3 + Purchase 5 (5 Pts)

8 Toughness Base 3 + Powers/Adv/Equip 5

7 Will Base 0 + Purchase 7 (7 Pts)

Defenses Total: 27


(Please list all advantages, and at least a quick description of the Advantage Benefit. One Advantage per line, please, and if the Advantage is Ranked, please include Rank.)

Benefit 1, Wealth (well-off) Connected (You know people that can help you out from time to time. Need to make a Persuasion check) Equipment 3 (Cell Phone (Smartphone), Flashlight, GPS Receiver, Motorcycle, Restraints) Evasion 1 (+2 to Dodge vs area effects) Grabbing Finesse (Use Dex bonus rather than Str bonus to make grab attacks) Languages 1 (Spanish) Ranged Attack 5

Advantages Total: 13


(Please list all skills in the following format)

Total Skill Base + Ranks

6 Close Combat: Scarf Whip 0+6 8 Close Combat: Scarf Snare 0+8 8 Deception 2+6 10 Expertise: Acting 2+8 5 Expertise: Popular Culture 1+4 2 Intimidation 2+0 4 Perception 0+4 10 Persuasion 2+8 1 Stealth 0+1 5 Vehicles 3+2

Skills Total: 22


(If your character has Equipment, please list here. One item to a line, with Equipment Cost for each Item, and Equipment Total)

Smartphone 2 GPS 1 Restraints 1 Flashlight 1 Motorcycle 10

Total: 3


(Please list all powers in the following format)

Rank Power Name Base Power Extras, including per rank or flat cost Flaws, Including Per Rank or Flat modifier

If a power is an Alternate, please show as Rank 9A (9DA for Dynamic Alternates). If a compound Power, place Power name by itself on the first line, then show each power within the compound power on a line below it.)

5 Enhanced Protection Costume (Protection 5) 2 Cape/Cloak Gliding (Flight 2, Flaw: Gliding -2) 1 Forever Young (Immunity to Aging) 1 Quick Change (Feature 1) 8 Scarf Snare (Ranged, Cumulative Affliction, Extra Condition, Resisted by Dodge, Limited Degree, Progressive 8 (2 per rank), Reach: Melee 3 (1 per rank, 15 feet), Flaw: Quirk-Must have a scarf (-2) DC 18, 1st degree: Hindered and Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless and Immobilized, Overcome by Damage or Sleight of Hand 8A Disintegrate Clothing (Weaken 8, Affects Objects only 8 (0 per), Precise 1 (flat), Increased Range 8 (1 per), Diminished Range 2 (1 per) Range: 40/80/200 8A Scarf Whip (Damage 8, Reach: Melee 4 (flat), Range 20 feet, DC 23) 3 Tendrils (Elongation 3, Grab +3, Quirk -1 (must have loose clothing such as a shirt/blouse, cape, cloak, scarf)

Powers Total: 38


Fame: Lynn is semi famous as an actress. She has appeared in so many movies, TV shows, and commercials that people see her and say- Hey! I’ve seen you on TV. Even though she now looks nearly 40 years younger, some people may still recognize her.

Motivation: (Recognition) Lynn wants to be known world-wide. Since her acting career didn’t accomplish that, she thinks being a costumed hero could do the trick. She envisions her picture on magazines, being interviewed on the national news and on all the talk shows, and being invited to private parties by celebrities of all types.

Family: Lynn has 2 ex-husbands, a daughter, and a son. She is now younger than all of them. She hasn’t told them about her transformation or about her new life. It is inevitable they will discover it, or at least will want to know who this woman is that looks like a much younger Lynn Fields.


Starting PL: 8

Earned PPs:

Spent PPS:

Character Math

Characteristics Total 20

+ Defenses Total 27

+ Advantages Total 13

+ Skills Total 22

+ Powers Total 38

= Total Points 120