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Hero Points 1, Luck 3

Movement Primary: Flight 3 (250' per action, ~55 MPH noncombat) Secondary:: Run 0

Current Conditions


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Personal Info[edit]

Physical Description

About 5'6", slender, with long, flowing black hair. Appears to be quite young; is very beautiful. Wears a variety of flowing dresses, usually in green or white, and a golden crown.


Beloved and Beautiful Princess

Career / Daytime Activities

Ozma, being a Princess, doesn't have a job. She does charity work and provides the occasional photo op, but she's very press-shy and doesn't talk to journalists much. (She had a very brief interview early on; she walked away from it after only a few minutes, when she was asked about her past.)


-1 Str (-2 Pts)

2 Agl (4 Pts)

-1 Fgt (-2 Pts)

2 Sta (4 Pts)

5 Awe (10 Pts)

0 Int (0 Pts)

2 Pre (4 Pts)

Characteristics Total: 18


Attack Name Attack Bonus Attack DC Notes

The Princess's Champion Attack +6 Damage 10/Save DC 25 (Light-Element), Ranged, Improved Critical 4, Affects Insubstantial 2, Homing 1

The Royal Guard Area Attack/Dodge DC 18 Damage 8/Save DC 23 (Light-Element), Close, Area (Burst), Selective, Affects Insubstantial 2


+3/13 Dodge Base +2 + Purchase +1 (1 Pts)

+3/13 Parry Base -1 + Purchase +4 (4 Pts)

+5 Fortitude Base +2 + Purchase +3 (3 Pts)

+13 Toughness Base +2 + Powers/Adv/Equip +11

+11 Will Base +5 + Purchase +6 (6 Pts)

Defenses Total: 14


(Please list all advantages, and at least a quick description of the Advantage Benefit. One Advantage per line, please, and if the Advantage is Ranked, please include Rank.)

Advantages Total: 7

Attractive 2

Luck 3


Equipment 1


+11 Insight Base +5 Ranks 6

+11 Perception Base +5 Ranks 6

+10 Persuasion Base +2 Ranks 8

+6 Ranged Combat (Followers) Base 0 + Ranks 6

Skills Total: 13


Really good smartphone: Phone, Computer, Video Camera, Audio Recorder (5 points)

Total Equip points: 5


(Please list all powers in the following format)

3 Winged Unicorn Flight (6 points)

Royal Attendants

11 Protection (11 points)

1 Environment Creates Bright Light (2 points)

3 Immunity Starvation, Cold, Heat (3 points)

2 Feature Quick Change (Any clothes) (2 points)

Royal Courtiers

6 Enhanced Advantages Benefit 5: Wealth, Well-Connected (6 points)

2 Enhanced Skill Persuasion +8 For use with Well-Informed Only -1 (2 points)

2 Senses Radius (Basic Sight), Danger Sense (Sight) (2 points)

10 The Princess's Champion Damage Ranged +1, Improved Critical 4 +4F, Affects Insubstantial 2 +2F, Homing 1 +1F (27 points)

8A The Royal Guard Damage Area (Burst) +1, Selective +1, Affects Insubstantial 2 +2F (1 Point)

8A Building Castles Create Precise +1F, Impervious +1 Permanent -0 (1 Point)

The Princess's Mighty Servants (1 Point Compound Alternate Effect)

10A Move Object Affects Substantial 2 +2F, Precise +1F)

4A Quickness

Powers Total: 65


Motivation: Responsiblity. Ozma has power; a true princess would use this to help people!

Secret: Ozma does not exist, as far as official records go. No prints, no ssn, no ID, nothing. (She never talks about her previous life; she rarely even admits that she had a previous life.)

Quirk: The whole "Fairy Princess" thing, which Ozma carries over into everything.

Honor: Ozma's ideals won't let her lie, break her word, harm surrendered enemies, attack from surprise, anything like that.


Starting PL: 8

Earned PPs:

Spent PPS:

Character Math

Characteristics Total 18

+ Defenses Total 14

+ Advantages Total 7

+ Skills Total 13

+ Powers Total 65

= Total Points 120