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Personal Image Attributes Disciplines
  • Name:Kerani Kostelic
  • Species: Human
  • Rank: Cadet
  • Department: Medicine
  • Stress: 15
  • Damage Bonus: 4
Kerani Kostelic sm.PNG Control: 9 Command: 3
Daring: 9 Conn: 3
Fitness: 11 Security: 4
Insight: 8 Engineering: 1
Presence: 9 Science: 1
Reason: 10 Medicine: 4


  • Name:Kerani Kostelic
  • Species: Human
  • Rank: Cadet
  • Department: Medicine
  • Stress: 16
  • Damage Bonus: 4


  • "Times change, people don't."
  • "Strong Mind, Strong Body"
  • "I don't give a damn what others think of me."
  • "Know the procedure but trust your gut"


  • Control 9
  • Daring 9
  • Fitness 11
  • Insight 8
  • Presence 9
  • Reason 10


  • Command 3
  • Conn 3
  • Security 4
  • Engin 1
  • Science 1
  • Medicine 4


  • Athletics
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Frontier Survival
  • Team Dynamics
  • Uniform Code of Justice


  • Tough:
  • Untapped Potential
  • First Response
  • Quick Study



  • Frontier Colony: Times Change, People Don’t”

Kerani's family are ranchers on Colony Alpha 5, one of the oldest colony worlds in the Federation. In fact, it was colonized several decades before the birth of the Federation, and is one of the smallest of the (still-extant) colony worlds from that time period, with under 2 million people. Colony Alpha 5's rich soil makes it well-suited for agriculture, but it has no mineral wealth to speak, little strategic value, and is on no significant trade routes.

Colony Alpha 5 has a small tourism industry, mostly catering to "adventure tourists" drawn to the planet's plentiful still-untamed wilderness regions. Despite considerable natural beauty, Colony Alpha 5 never took off as a mainstream tourist destination - and most of the people there like it that way.

Many consider Colony Alpha 5 to be "behind the times," and this is not inaccurate. Kerani, like most "Fivers," is by no means a Luddite or anti-technology, but she is skeptical of the utopian attitudes that seem to have become dominant in the Federation over the past century.


  • Rural/Agricultural

A hardy "space cowgirl," Kerani grew to be a natural athlete, mostly in individual and/or combat sports, unquestionably the most talented athlete on the planet... but she knew she was just a big fish in a small pond, and wanted more challenges, so responded positively to recruitment from the...

Starfleet Academy[edit]

  • Major Sciences, Minors Command/Security
  • “Sound Body, Sound Mind”

Kerani had never been an especially good student, but to her own surprise found that she took naturally to the intellectual demands of an Academy education, and that intellectual stimulation enhanced her athletic efforts, and vice versa.

She also discovered that growing up on a ranch and working with animals gave her a lot of practical experience that was directly applicable to the Medical discipline.

Career Events[edit]

  • Mentor/ Called out a Superior
  • “I don’t give a damn what others think of me”

During her final year at the academy, Lieutenant Commander Nicole Jansrud joined the Academy athletic department as [team sport] coach. Already legendary as the best Parrises Squares player Starfleet Academy had ever produced, she had already established a name for herself as a coach as well, managing a professional Squares team during a sabbatical from Starfleet.

LTCMD Jansrud convinced Kerani to join the team despite the fact that she'd never really participated in team sports at a high level. (Ishrelia, of course, wound up on the team as well.) Jansrud's mentorship taught Kerani valuable lessons about both sport and leadership - the sort of teamwork necessary in Starfleet... as well as lessons from this unconventional maverick officer about how one sometimes has to bend the rules to succeed.

All was going well until one day, when Kerani's mentor approached her about participating in a match-fixing scheme originated by a Ferengi gambling syndicate. If she and Ishrelia, the team's two stars, just "let up" a little in the next match, it could be lucrative for all of them.

Though she didn't want to go against her mentor, and knew that the ensuing scandal would tarnish the reputation of a great sports hero, Kerani nevertheless went to the authorities. The investigation that resulted uncovered even more crimes, implicating several powerful Federation and Starfleet officials. During that trying time, to Kerani's surprise, Ishrelia (who Kerani thought of as somewhat unscrupulous and prone to doing anything to gain an advantage) had her teammate's back all the way.

It should be noted that the Jansrud case (not unlike the Pete Rose case in the 20th century) was covered heavily in the media, and nearly everyone has an opinion on it. The majority opinion is that justice was served appropriately, but a significant minority believe that Jansrud essentially did nothing wrong (she was betting on her own team to win) or that as a relatively minor player in a larger conspiracy, she only deserved a light punishment as opposed to being given a court martial and lifetime ban from her sport.

Success at the Academy and the experience of the scandal led Kerani to embrace her differences and non-conformity. She does what she likes, and isn't easily influenced by others, traits that can also come off as stubbornness and abrasiveness.

Finishing Touches[edit]

*“Our relationship is… well, it’s complicated” (Value superseded by "Know the procedure but trust your gut" 
Ishrelia confuses the hell out of Kerani, and their relationship seems to defy analysis.  They have nothing in common, right?  Besides that intense physical attraction?  (And what was up with THAT, Kerani asked herself.  For one thing, she still thought of herself as straight, and had never been physically attracted to any other girl....)

Even stranger was the notion that they might have more in common than either thought, and might even... like each other?

Changed Value[edit]

  • "Know the procedure but trust your gut"

Kerani is in the process of melding the ways of her frontier background with her Starfleet training, and finding that synergy is possible.



Kerani Kostelic sm.PNG

Kerani's family background has bits from just about every corner of the human gene pool, but if any part of that is dominant, it would be the medium-brown skin color and black hair and facial features of her South Asian heritage, from which her first name also is derived.

Kerani is very tall, about 6'3", and has the physique of a fitness model. While not conventionally "beautiful," she has very striking features that, combined with her physicality and poise, many find attractive.

Her striking appearance is amplified by her penchant for wearing exotic "updo" hairstyles of the sort that were most popular for women in the mid-23rd century. Off duty, she also likes to wear clothing similar to that era's, that shows off her body to the fullest, and is often considered immodest by modern standards.


An oversimplified high-concept take would be that she's a "Firefly character in a Star Trek world." Unsophisticated, unsubtle and sometimes abrasive, but with a sardonic wit.


Cadet Ishrelia zh'amkiq (NPC)[edit]

Ishrelia1 sm.PNG

"Our Relationship is ...Complicated" Andorian Security Specialist from the same Starfleet Academy starting year.

Also a gifted athlete, she and Kerani took an instant dislike to each other and became rivals - not only in sports, but seemingly in all other aspects of life, whether they sought it out or not, like when both independently decided to try out for a play as a lark, and ended up competing for the same part. Or when both were romantically pursuing the same male classmate. Being intensely competitive and sharing certain types of young-and-stupid, the two decided to "duel for him," with the winner earning a clear field for their "target." (Not the Ushaan, as they weren't quite THAT stupid, but one of those fakey 24th century sports that involve hitting each other with sticks and wrestling.) After fighting for a while, they went to the ground, one pinned the other, and... they started making out with each other.

Afterwards, the "target" being forgotten, their rivalry continued, but so did an intense physical attraction, and every couple of weeks they would hook up again, usually after some athletic competition. They kept their relationship "secret" for various reasons (Ishrellia claimed that while relations with the same sex are normal and indeed virtually mandatory for an Andorian, and relations with aliens of the opposite sex are somewhat acceptable, relations with aliens of the same sex are still taboo in her clan. "I can't explain in a way you pink-skins would understand.") "Secret" is in quotes because both are almost comically lacking in subtlety and deception skills, so their relationship was known to pretty much the entire Academy.

No matter how much the two want to stay away from each other, the universe seems to keep trying to push them together.

Professionally, Ishrelia has a lot in common with Kerani (making them, yet again, natural rivals in several disciplines), but her primary focus is Security.

LT CMD Nicole Jansrud (NPC)[edit]

Jansrud sm.PNG

Mentor of Kerani at the Academy and served as the coach for Kerani's team. Kerani turned her into the authorities on a betting scandal.


Species Attributes: +1 Daring, +1 Fitness, +1 Presence. Trait: Human Talent: Tough

Home Frontier colony. Value: "Times change, people don't." Attribute: +1 Fitness Disciplines: +1 Medicine

Upbringing Agricultural/Rural Attributes: +1 Control, +2 Fitness Disciplines: +1 Security Focus: Athletics Talent: Mean Right Hook

Starfleet Academy Sciences Track, Minors in Command and Security Value: "Sound Body, Sound Mind" Attributes: +1 Fitness, +2 Reason Disciplines: +2 Medicine, +1 Command, +1 Security Focuses: Emergency Medicine, Hand to Hand Combat, Veterinary Medicine Talent: Quick Study

Career Stage Talent: First Response (Medicine) Value: "I don't give a damn what others might think of me."

Events 9 - "Mentored" 13 - "Called out a superior"

Attribute: +1 Daring Discipline: +1 Conn Focus: Team Dynamics

Attribute: +1 Reason Discipline: +1 Conn Focus: Uniform Code of Justice

Finishing Touches Value: "Our relationship is... well, it's complicated." Attributes: +2 Presence Disciplines: +1 Command, +1 Security

Final Correction due to "Cadet" limitations: -1 Fitness, +1 Insight Removed "Mean Right Hook," added "Untapped Potential"

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