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Ariana Koras.jpg

  • Name: Ariana Koras
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Role: Ops Manager
  • Assignment: USS Phobos (NCC-80115)
  • Stress: 10
  • Damage Bonus: 1


  • Betazoid: All Betazoids are telepathic to varying degrees, and even when not actively using their abilities, they are highly perceptive of others around them, but also highly sensitive to telepathic disturbances and mental assaults. They have little familiarity with lies and deception, due to their open culture and ability to read the thoughts and emotions of others. As they are sensitive to the minds of other living beings, they tend not to be comfortable around animals, for fear of losing themselves in the minds of wild creatures.

"No, I will not adopt your cat."


  • When people listen to each other, everyone benefits.
  • If you have the time, be perfect. If not, be good enough.
  • Happier working on technology than with people.
  • I trust in the gods, all others must provide data.


  • Control 10
  • Daring 9
  • Fitness 9
  • Insight 9
  • Presence 9
  • Reason 10


  • Command 3
  • Conn 3
  • Security 1
  • Engin 4
  • Science 4
  • Medicine 1


  • Diagnostics: TBD
  • Electro-Plasma Systems: TBD
  • Emergency Repairs: TBD
  • Team Dynamics: The character has a deep understanding of how groups interact and how best to gain the best results through cooperation. This applies to small teams, rather than a starship’s entire crew, as not all team dynamics scale easily. This Focus can activate when laying out a plan for a group working on a complex project (which could be a Challenge or Extended Task), or when assisting or providing a bonus on Tasks towards a group effort.
  • Mental Discipline: The character has learned to control their thoughts, emotions and even parts of their subconscious. Mental discipline is rare and needs considerable effort to learn, but it offers an invaluable defense against telepathic intrusion. It is a bulwark against fear, panic, and despair, aids the recall of details, and allows tasks to be done despite distractions like pain. Vulcans, particularly those who have undergone the ritual of Kolinahr, are likely to have this Focus, but they are not the only ones. Cardassians are often trained in childhood giving them eidetic memories, and allowing them to attempt protection from telepaths.
  • Empathy: The character is sensitive to others’ emotions and perspectives, and gains valuable insights into others reactions. Spotting and understanding emotional and personal issues can help them overcome problems. This is a vital part of a Counsellor’s responsibilities, but it is also useful for command officers, as leadership requires an understanding of people.


  • Telepathy: You can sense the surface thoughts and emotions of most living beings nearby, and can communicate telepathically with other empaths and telepaths, as well as those with whom you are extremely familiar. Surface thoughts are whatever a creature is thinking about at that precise moment. The character cannot choose not to sense the emotions or read the surface thoughts of those nearby, except for those who are resistant to telepathy. It will require effort and a Task to pick out the emotions or thoughts of a specific individual in a crowd, to search a creature’s mind for specific thoughts or memories, or to block out the minds of those nearby. Unwilling targets may resist with an Opposed Task.
  • Technical Expertise: Whenever you attempt a Task assisted by the ship’s Computers or Sensors, you may re-roll one d20 (which may be the ship’s die).
  • Maintenance Specialist: You are an expert in conducting and directing normal, day-to-day, maintenance and repairs on Starfleet equipment. Whenever they are required to perform maintenance, reduce the Difficulty by 1, to a minimum of 1, and halve the time required to complete the Task.
  • Repair Team Leader: You are trained to direct and lead damage repair parties during emergencies, giving them guidance and expert knowledge of the ships systems. If you succeed at the Damage Control Task you may spend 3 Momentum (Repeatable) to also repair one Breach.


Home & Upbringing[edit]

Species Betazoid

  • Attributes = Insight/Presence/Reason +1
  • Talent = Telepath


  • Value = When people listen to each other, everyone benefits.
  • Attribute = Presence +1
  • Discipline = Science +1

Rebelled against Artistic and Creative Upbringing

  • Attributes = Fitness +2, Daring +1
  • Discipline = Engineering +1
  • Focus = Diagnostics
  • Talent = Technical Expertise

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Ops Track

  • Major: Engineering
  • Minors: Command/Science
  • Value: If you have the time, be perfect. If not, be good enough.
  • Attributes: +2 Control, +1 Reason
  • Disciplines: +2 Engineering, +1 Command/Science
  • Focus: Electro-Plasma Systems, Emergency Repair, Team Dynamics
  • Talent: Maintenance Specialist

Career & Events[edit]

Experienced Officer

  • Talent: Repair Team Leader
  • Value: Happier working on technology than with people.


  • Attribute: +1 Control
  • Discipline: +1 Conn
  • Focus: Mental Discipline

Encounter with a Truly Alien Being

  • Attribute: +1 Reason
  • Discipline: +1 Science
  • Focus: Empathy

Finishing Touches[edit]

  • Attribute: +1 Daring, Insight
  • Discipline: +1 Command, Conn
  • Value: I trust in the gods, all others must provide data.




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