Sacrificing some tomatoes

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Michael James Watson
In the morning a Tixa comes in with a plater of fruits and cornbread, a pot of honey.
She says, "The House Mate bids me tell you Lady Chialas would have you and your companion celebrate the rising sun on the East Terrace as soon as you are risen. The Lord Aztilios is there now as are several of her friends. Shall I bring a messege?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Tixa and smiles taking a piece of fruit she hops up out of bed.
"Thank you Tixa, "
Grabbing her clothing she starts to put on her shirt and pants. She nods to the door to the room of Vek
"Could you please have him wake up as well. Then you can who us to where the East Terrace is, no need for a message. Think Lady Cihalas would like to see us as soon as possible instead of hearing we will be arriving soon. "
She winks at Tixa and nods againt o Vek his door.

Michael James Watson
Vek is floating in a orb of hurling lights, a ward of colored racing string.. His chaos form naked save a wide belt with a green gem. In a far corner A small squat man crouches. Tama, Tixa's brother with his glowing logrus symbol stands with a fruit platter., eyes wide.
Alvah watches vek stand out of the orb, nod to her.
The squat man walks up to and into Tama. Tama inhales heavily.
Vek looks over, "Tama was questioned by Cihalas this morning. The logrus symbol scared her. I decided to back the symbol up. That was a Masoja of Guard. It will protect Tama, come what may. Are we going to go meet the mistress of the house now?"
She notes he is remaining comfortably in his chaos form though it grows dark brown trousers
Dufiro Tama.jpg

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah watches the doing with Tama and the Masoja of Guard she nods slowly
"smart really. and yes, lets meet up with the mistress of the house. She and some friends and Aztilios are there. Tixa just asked if she should send a message, i told her to guide us towards the east terrace now rather then first send a message and then arriving shorlty after. "
She tucks her belt in the right place making everything comfortable and snuck again making sure everything is placed in its proper place. Last putting her jacket on willing it to look like a smaller leather vest without sleeves.
She gestures to Vek his complete selve.
"you stay like that? At least thank you for putting on some trousers."

Michael James Watson
"I don't want to give her any ideas. There are rumors. " he turns his head, "You know, She saw my Chaos form... My human form is in the deck...Maybe, "
Shifting to a human sized siamese cat of some colorful breed, he says, "Lets meet the Lady of the house..."
Following Tixa the 4 go through a series of stairs to a large roof patio. it is well situated to see the sun danw on the horizon and set in the mountains..
Seated are Lady Cihalas and Aztilios, With them are a healthy well fed looking woman that looks like a very fine farmer, a man who might well lift weights for a living, and a lithe woman with hair like straw, unkept, and pale
Cihalas stands, "Good Morning.. The sun will be rising in a moment. Glad you could join us for services. Avaxala, Vek Hendrake, these are dear friends, Chicomecoatl, Centeotl, and their daughter
Xilonen, they are from Untola."
Chicome smiles, "Look how you have grown! So straong, and I hear headstrong! Good...As you were at your birth; loud and early..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah not to pleased with Vek being now a cat since... Cats... but she knows it is Vek so just walks along.
Arriving at the terrace she breaths in deep before stepping fully onto it. She puts up a warm smile to her mother trying not to give a bad impression right away.
"Good morning, yes happy we could make it. "
Turning to the friends she bows her head respectfully
"pleasure to meet you, and well, not grown that much it stopped earlier then i had hoped. "
she then looks at her mother for just a moment a neutral look on her face. Just trying to figure out what she wants.
"It is quite special to meet people that have been there in my early youth. except for my mother ofcourse. Who obviously was there." She says with a slight smile

Michael James Watson
As she looks at the woman the taste of corn comes to her mouth. A memory of this matronly woman comes strongly to her mind. Being a talkative toddle and this woman giving her a chocolate corn milk as a treat. A vision of her arguing with Cihalas in another room....
Taking seats, she gestures to Tixa and she goes and brings over a bowl. From it Cihalas pulls a tomatoa. Putting it on a cutting board, as the sun breaks the horizon she cuts it, raising both haves. Afterwards she cuts it into wedges and places them on plates with cheeses and cornbread and marinated meats.
Cihalas asks, "Now where whould you like to go? Zictla has a great many natural wonders but their enthusiasm for the knife would probably upset you. I brought my old friends incase you wanted to see Untola, where you were born"

Amber Bronkhorst
A genuine smile warm of the memories come to her. Feeling that sad pang of losing such a home comes to her. She shakes it off as quick as she can.
Silent she watches the small ritual happen.
Then taking a seat where she figures she should seat Alvah is siletn for a moment. Looking up she nods
"Well yes after the talk Aztilios and i had last night the idea did rise that perhaps seeing Untola would be nice, since yes i have been born there. perhaps more memories would come up. "
Saying that she looks at Chicomecoatl smiling as she tries to keep to that feeling the returning memory gave her just now.
And neutrally she add
"and i heard a friend of mine should be there as well. "

Michael James Watson
Cihalas, looks to Alvah and rolls her eyes. Chico looks and asks, "A freind? Who? Perhaps I know them?"
Cihalas, "She means a Jagri"
Centeotl, the large man says, "I remember him. A tiny bit smarter then the average Jagri.. My Caxtro liked him a lot. Wasn't there a problem with him?"
Azti says, "He slashed mother across the face, claws and all, defending Alvah.. "
Chico says, "Yes Azti, we all remember...that was right when..Cihals says, "PLEASE. Can we not... ah....Avaxala, I'm sorry. In truth, Chico, Centeotl, and I have not seen each other since Delxi took you from us all. And I admit much of the hard feelings were my doing. I blamed them for helping Delxi flee.
Centeotl says, "And she does not accept that while he escaped through our temple he did it without our permission or aide. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah seeing her mothers reaction can't help but have a playful twinkle in her eyes and smile on her face.
Letting out a soft chuckle
"Right. Defending me. and if i vaguely remember right i defended Tlatlayeni myself as well from you, mother."
She then holds still for a moment she inclines her head
"i understand. was not in the intention to bring up hurtfull things. "
Looking at Centeotl she frowns.
"So Delwin did not have permission to leave through your temple. but i fhe would have asked. would you have let him go with me?"
she then shakes her head
"Don't answer ofcourse if you do not wish to, just trying to straighten things out for myself. Have only a few memories that have been recently came back to me from here. Or well, that would have been Untola. "
Silent for a moment she looks of to the sun tilting her head as she thinks.
Then her eyes move to Aztilios. To see how he is sitting here at the moment, as a pure momma's boy or as the guy she spoke to last night.

Michael James Watson
Chico and Cihalas look at each other. Its clear they are not friends but are behaving friendly.
"Would we have let him leave through our temple. Probably because we understand. But we would have tried very hard to convince him not to go."
Cihal says, "So, YEs, is the answer?"
Chico looks to Alvah, "We practice a variation of the faith, and are called heretics for it. But we are allowed our heresy because even the orthodox need to eat. You mother honors us by performing the rite in our manner this morning, rather then she might in hers."
Cihalas say, "I disagree! I sacrifice symbolically the rising and the setting. Anything other is wasteful. Though I am tempted. I am not Zictalas or Zentalas or Xoloxl who sacrifice daily. "
The Lord of Chaos who was a Cat shifts to his chaos form. "That means you are only occasionally ripping open chests of the innocent?"
She turns to Vek, "Your tale is known, Lord. Is it not ironic that you of all people object to the cutting and preparation of sentient flesh for the table? "
Vek scowls, showing his teeth. "It is ironic. My only defense is that in the hell I grew up in, there was little knowledge of the difference between sentient and not sentient life. In truth, its only a matter of perception. However, sometime things are said that remind me what the taste of fear was like and i crave it a little"

Amber Bronkhorst
Looking between Chico and Cihalas Alvah is silent for a while. When her mother jumps in on the answer she sighs.
"Oh come on, mother, do not take only half the answer and use that to keep a feud going. " She gestures.
"Was not said that there would be trying to convince for my father to stay. "
Seeing Vek turn to his Chaos form she smiles up to him, still liking it way better then his cat form. Her eyes then slowly move away from him to her mother again.
"Alright... so what is wrong with mostly sacrificing symbolically? isn't faith... sacrifice, devotion all symbolical?"
She says that last carefully. Then hopefully before any would jump up angry she holds up her hand to continue.
"And yes i know it is not all because of the symbolical things it is also a matter of power. And lets keep in mind before getting angry at the little young heretic here. I have not been raised with the faith and the customs. And i can say these things. in a non ironic matter.. "
She grins wide.

Michael James Watson
Cihalas and Chico rise, raise their hands to the air. Across Zictla the sick recover, the wounded heal, the hungry are nourished, the cold are warmed, the barren are fertile, the sad rejoice, the frightened sleep soundly. These too, and many thing come to pass.
Vek sighs, "ah...Impressive. "

Amber Bronkhorst
In silence Alvah watches as her mother and Chico rise.
An impressed look on her face.
Slowly she moves her gaze to Vek looking at him for a bit as he said his words.
Leaning her forearms then on her legs she looks down to her hands. Deep in thought she is silent and stares at her hands.
For a the first time in a while she is lost for words. Thoughts racing. She is just being her awkward but silent self for the moment.

Michael James Watson
In time they lower their hands, take their seats again, looking to Alvah Cihalas says, "That is the power of devotion. Their faith in us allows us to grant those things to them"
Vek says, "I had not heard that the gods of Azcala could take on aspects and raise attributes. I would have to research it but in the Chaos realms, and realms like Tosa& York, those are High Order powers directly channeling a particular source, such as the Logrus, the Pattern or artifacts like the World Stone or the Illearth stone, or the Rainbow Crystal. They are not connected to faith or godhead"
Cihals says, "Those powers come to us but the life forces of the slain in service of the living."
Vek shrugs, shifting to his human form, pants shifting into a blackish purple suit, "That's not what I felt...I felt power coming from a central location, into each of you, flowing out as a high order sending...But I am not an expert in such things."
Chico says, "What you suggest may be simly different words for what we do then what we use among ourseleves for them"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up to her mother, she is looking genuinely contemplating things.
She looks from one another when they speak and discuss the things that happened.
After a moment she looks at Vek again.
"so what do you say, there is something like a pattern here? or the logrus?"
She then turns to her mother and Chico asking this not directly to either of them. But to either would want to answer.
"So how do you manage? how do you reach such power to help the land and the people? Since you both can do it. Like Vek says within my limited knowledge it does sound like high order power. "
Alvah is sounding curious and cautious. Still leaning with her arms on her knees and now and then looking at her hands.

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "ive seen the sigil of Azcala and it didn't seem to have that kind of response. Its more like the World Stone and items like it. A powerful initiation of some kind."
Cihalas says, "You speak of the Faith, Lord Vek. As you say, you are not an expert."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks confused to Vek
"wait so this isn't the sigil you say? What is the Word Stone?"
Turning to her mother she tilts her head
"the Faith. you speak of it as if it is almost something tangible. "
She holds still for a moment. Thinking, playing with her fingers.
"What is it? can you explain it further? I am actually trying to understand, form my own opinion about it all."

Michael James Watson
She says, "I could explain it for years, dear. The basic tenant is the heart is sacrificed and the life force goes to Tonacat who allows the power to spread across all Azcala keeing the land whole, the rains coming, the fires of the earth flowing. The dead goes to Mictilan to live eternally. The body is nourishment to the faithful. And before you ask Lord Vek, rest assured, You will not be served sanctified fare even at Tonacat's table. Understanding doesn't come from explanation. It comes from experience, Avaxala . You can experience it in 2 days. 2 days for me performing the ritual. You could see it in a couple hours if you wish, Zictalas and Zentalas perform it several times daily. In 2 days, I'll perform the rite of the sun, stand the alter with me. You need not participate further the observation. "
SHe looks at Chico, her husband and daughter,
"But, you have been initiated to the rite. You will feel the life force spreading across the land. In time you could learn to channel it as well. Once you learn how to perform the rite yourself."

Amber Bronkhorst
She looks at her hands again, thinking for a moment. From her downward look she looks up to Vek, biting her lip she then nods. Slowly she turns to her mother again.
"okey, i told myself that if i would be here i would give things a chance and i want to learn. Form my own ideas."
a long exhale.
"so if you want to show me mother. I want to learn. I will not participate, like you said, but i'll observe. "
After a bit.
"But mother. You and i are going to lay down clear agreements of expectations of eachother. I want to learn, and it is clear you want me more involved.
Since we can both be..... stubborn and hot headed..... i think it to be wise so we can keep seeing eye to eye."

Michael James Watson
she smiles, her hair falling loosely .
"You make a fair point. Expectations....You are not used to our ways. Obedience is expected but you are totally blood so it isn't slavery. You will not go on the alter against your will. I want you to observe the rites. You were prepared from birth with the ability to take the heart, sanctify it, channel power to Tonacat, me, and to yourself with each life taken. If when the heart is raised a stone is made, the celebrant will be he azad led and live a life of honor as a blessed servant. If not, power is still gained, and the soul goes to Mictlan. The body..goes to the cooks. I expect you to learn all the rites, even if you rarely perform them. "
Chico says,"Therites done symbolically harvest far less power but the do not take lives. Let me teach her, Ciha. You are too close and there is too much tension between. If you rush her the the great sacrifice she will grow to hate you.

Amber Bronkhorst
Looking at her mother she just stares in her eyes for a moment. Trying to measure her up. Having one parent lying to her at a regular rate she feels more cautious.
Inhaling deep she speaks soft but her words thought through.
"Yes, i see what is expected from the side of customs here. One thing i wanted to make very clear, you know that setting up the meeting, calling you over, then deciding to follow you and Aztilios. That was all me. Noone else. I had Vance and Vek help me yes. But know that this is no ploy no plans, i did this... because i wanted to get to know you and the others. And i know you want me to learn and be able to protect myself, you were very clear in that. I want to learn, but.... if i dno't want to be here. i won't be here, i'll leave again."
She then breaks eye contact and holds up Cicero nuzzling her nose against his nose smiling contently to him. She then continues in a less serious tone.
"Maybe Chicomecoatl is right, i should start with the symbolically harvest. Ease my fragile being into it... " She says half jokingly
"And i'm sure Zentalas would still not be happy with me after that little thing at the tower so staying near her might not be smart. "
Looking at her mother again she adds looking up
"oh... and as i heard here and there you like to match people... not happening either. Already dating someone and curious where that goes eventually."
She smiles sweetly to her mother

Michael James Watson
CIhalas laughs, a musical sound in perfect pitch. "Dating? How quaint. Why don't you invite him to join you? And you Lord Vek? And Hellmaidens you want to invite? More the merrier!!!"
Vek says, "Since you mention it, yes. Since it seems like you are intending to woo your daughter rather then rend her for parts, and since I spoke to the Ambassador of Chaos, I have the intention and the permission, to establish a traveling embassy. I have been granted the title of Deputy Ambassador of Chaos and Minister Without Portfolio. . So, I shall be inviting a small cadre of staff. Now, do I talk to Tonacat about that? Or Zictalas? Or Xozla? Or are you going to recognized my credentials?"
⁠ Cihalas looks at Vek like he suddenly was a demon dragon, and not one of the friendly ones. "Embassy? To Zictalas? You and your staff are welcome in my home, my estate, my kingdom. But I won't put my foot into the trap you lay for me, Lord of Chaos."
⁠ Vek nods, "Lady Alvah has expressed an interest to travel. Maybe even open a business somewhere in the 9 tiers to learn about the people of her birth realm. Lady Chicomecoatl, is there a suitably technological realm where such a business and such a lifestyle might be arranged, and where a suitable dwelling for an Embassy of Chaos to Untola might be established?"
⁠ She smiles, turns to Cihalas, seeing her dark look. "Lord Vek, I will put my foot in the trap. I recognize your credentials. I think the city of Maxatlan would serve well. It is a port city on a cool ocean. Something of a resort town. It is an hour's drive by motorized vehicles to Nixtalalan, a commercial hub and precinct of my capital of Texacoklan. There I will see to it that my government speaks with your staff frequently. Will that suit your needs, Lord Vek? Lady Alvah?”
Cihalas narrows her eyes at her frenemy.

Amber Bronkhorst
When Cihalas laughs at Alvah her remark about dating someone she actually feels, shame, anger. Mostly ridiculed. Trying to speak she then closes her mouth. Hearing Vek speak up.
Amazed she looks at him that he had arranged that. A slight smile on her face. With even more appreciation she looks at Vek. She conciders herself to be very lucky to have him here, and that he was willing to step up for her so.
She then inclines her head to Chicomecoatl
“Thank you, that actually sounds very nice. Something I did have in mind. One small request though. Could I go to Untola to find Tlatlayeni? I figured seeing him again would help me learn more to and perhaps help me remember small things of my past.”
With new found confidence she looks back at her mother. Her head held high and a proud smile.
“Well seems things are working out, mother. At a point you have to stop thinking things are a trap. “
She takes a step closer to Cihalas and looks her in the eyes,
“When at the Big Tree, you said multiple times that they had poisoned me to you. That you were afraid I am beyond help.
And still here I am. I followed you, not Vance, not Random. You and Aztilios. When will you see that I am here without tricks without big nasty schemes. “
Alvah lets out a long sigh while she looks at her mother seeing a paranoid woman who is not seeing anything else then potential traps.
“Just think of it. If I can forgive and talk with Delwin, time after time after time that he lies to me straight in my face. Trapped me in a, okey pretty golden cage, but still, kept me small hidden and like you said vulnerable to the outside. I still talk to him. And even if I am furious with him and would really pummel his face in… I know I wil see him again, talk with him and forgive him.”
Looking at Cicero nuzzling him with her cheek she smiles.
“and what did you do to me… most things first of all I can’t remember anyway as I was way to young. But you tried to protect me. Ready me, with the whole thingymajig with the hearts and the power and stuff.”
She waves her hand about as she just doesn’t know how to describe it.
“Didn’t you do that also just because you knew that as the only way to protect and prepare me, as my mother?”
Rubbing her neck she starts to feel awkward and sighs
“okey since I am already being freaking overly sappy here and I don’t like it…. Cihalas… mom… relax… if it was a trap it would have sprung.. if it was a trap.. Delwin, Vance… anyone would be here… they are not… Delwin does not know I am here actually… I think his head would explode if he heard, as a matter of fact. Just try and see the good side… of a lost daughter returning? Seeking out this side of herself and the family?”
The last she says a bit more cautious.
"Oh and Vek congratulations on your new position. " she adds with a wink.
"When i set up my place first round on me."

Michael James Watson
vek nods, "I'll establish a tab."
Cihalas says, Will you witness the rite? Before travelling to Maxatlan?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Standing still close to her mother she looks at her with a serious look. Straight in the eyes.
Then a warm smile appears on her lips.
"Yes mom, yes i will witness the rite. Will that help you trust the situation more?"

Michael James Watson
She stands, "Good. I'll see you morning after tomorrow. I have business in the south that will take a couple days. I'm glad you were bold enough to defy King Random and to come visit us for yourself."

Amber Bronkhorst
Smiling she takes a step back.
"Very well morning after tomorrow, "
She goes back to where Vek is.
"Well i was lucky enough to have friends helping me, to come here."

Michael James Watson
Cihalas leaves, and Aztilios goes with her. Chico says taht after the rite she will be waiting to take her to to Untola. They then also take there leave.
Vek motions with a Rasak sign to keep quiet.
Leading back to the quarters. He raises the sign of the Logrus to make sure they are not being spied on.
"I was concerned Cihal might decide to go to the knives anyway.. SO I upped the danger with the Ambassador to Zictala business. I do think Untala sounds like a better place though.. Technological, urban, a sea side resort...And plently of connection to the reast of the shadow realms. I hope you don't think i was forcing something on you. We can still change our plans"

Amber Bronkhorst
Recognizing the signs she calmly waits.. playing with Cicero and walking calmly back as from breakfast.
In the quarters she leans against her now favorite spot at the window. When Vek signals it is clear she nods
"Oh yes i was weary about that to.... she seems erratic, like someone sho sees enemies everywhere. "
Shaking her head she smiles
"Oh no, i actually very much like the idea. I can stay closeby enough but also give myself enough time to keep growing."
Laughing she says
"Do not know if Spatchi still wants to come after the whole thing, and Wendel is in Randal, and this still being Azcalan realms."
Shrugging she looks out the window softly continues.
"Still have to make sure the brother and sister don't get sacrified day after tomorrow. Heard something about feathers as well."
Rubbing her neck she sighs
"Might put a strain again on my relationship with Cihalas... but some yhings are to important."
Looking back at Vek she smiles wide.
"I owe you so much, Vek. If it weren't for you this would not have been arranged like this."
Taking a step closer she looks up smiling
"Seriously, thank you! And with you here i am sure Vance feels less worried."

Michael James Watson
"Vance knows enough about me to know im good protection but can get in enough trouble for everyone. I have to makes some calls. Spatchi is your Elite. She'll come. Hell, bring Rede with us. I'm going to call a couple of companions. My cat, and my bartender. Going to bring my drummer too. "
He pulls out trumps and sorts through them.
"The business of feathers is straight forward. A person gains a dozen feathers in a year they get one token. A token is a free pass to not get one's heart ripped out. Or someone's heart. THe feathers are specially prepared. You'll see some by the doors for us. 6 of them each. If you want to save the kids without dealing with that, put them through to Amber. Coat too. Talk to Random, send the three of them to Amber. Let Margot sort them out."
He picks up a card, "Now, I have to call the Duke of Hendrake. He has the authority to make me an under ambassador to some small place in Azcala. Cihalas probably won't call the current Ambassador to confirm that I actually am an undersecretary. If she does she'll catch me in a lie. So... If you don't mind, i'll be in my room."

Amber Bronkhorst
Nodding she lets Vek leave.
Leaning against the window. She just thinks in silent for a moment. Then a small nod.
Calling Tixa she smiles
"Could you get your brother and Coat for me? There is something i need to discuss with you."
After Tixa leaves she looks at Cicero and smiles.
"At least the climate is way better for you here."

Michael James Watson
In a short time Coat arrives with Tixa, her brother is still with Vek.
Tixa said you wanted to speak with me, maam? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up from the staring out of the window she nods.
"Yes, i need you to be ready with Tixa and her brother. If you want, i can ask for a favor to get the three of you out of here. There might be someone who i know who would be willing to give you a safe place and if you want something to do."

Michael James Watson
"Me? Leave Azcala?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs.
"Lets be honest, i can bring the kids to safety but having someone who helped raise them with them there to adjust would be alot better.
And what will happen to you if Tixa and Raxti are suddenly gone? I know a lovely person who would be more then willing to help out."
She adds at a point.
"You see Cihalas is gone now till the morning after tomorrow. She is doing something in the south she said.... if i can arrange this now at least you three will be safe. "

Michael James Watson
"leave? ". She walks to look out the window.
" I've been serving root and stalk for 80 years. Since I was half Tixa's age. Who is it that would help?What would I do? I am too old to work the streets. But I would go to the alter happily if it meant they were safe and that I would see my children, my husband again in Mictlan. I know only the blessed remember their names there, but its a chance..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands next to Coat. leaning against the wall she looks her over, remembering something Vance had told Alvah in the beginning with the family trip, 'If i die without hope of grace clause'.
She lays a hand on Coat her hand and smiles
"If you go to Amber, i am afraid, you will not see your children or husband in Mictla. When you would go to the altar. the chance would be there. I would not dare to take that chance away from you."
A deep sigh escapes her she smiels warmly to Coat and nods.
"What if i make sure Tixa and Raxti will be safe. THere is a lovely woman, she reminds me of you actually. I was planning to ask her to help these children find a safe and good position within the castle staff. You stay here then. It is just. Aztilios asked me to take you away as well. But he can stuff it i will not take you away from your husband and children if you do not want to."
She smiles wide and winks to Coat.

Michael James Watson
"They have little in the way of personal possessions. A few trinkets. They spent their last feathers. The young never think of the future. I'll gather their things up. When would you do this?"
Vek comes into the room with Raxti. He smiles and nods, "All official now. Didn't even cost that much."

Amber Bronkhorst
NOdding to Coat she smiles
"As soon as possible. So when their things are here i'll make contact. Mom said she would be to the south.. no clue where so don't know how long she will take to do her... dealings? "
Alvah looks a bit quesitoning about it
"So preferable today."
Seeing Vek enter with the good news she lets out a deep sigh fo relief.
"Jeesh.... great... okey... tha tis a worry less so if mom is checking she will not hurry back to go all apeshit on us. Seriously Vek we need a sign or signal for that.. when you have a great plan but it still needs some.... doing..."
She rolls her eyes with a big smile on her face. actually enjoying the excitement.
"I was just arranging that Tixa and Raxti can go to Margot. I'm sure if i ask nicely they will safe two kids from the knife. And it will show i have not lost my... humanity so to say. If they are worried about that."

Michael James Watson
Vek nods, "Coat, You will like Dame Margot. She runs a fine kitchen and a fine universe. Don't let anyone in Amber tell you King Random is in charge. He may be king, but she runs the place"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vek and shakes her head
"Vek, Coat is not going, it is just Tixa and Raxti. Coat expressed the wish that she wants not lose the chance of seeing her husband and children in Mictla. "
When looking at Vek he can clearly see Alvah has difficulty with it but hides if as best she can for Coat and the two kids.
"Coat was jsut going to get the belongings of Tixa and Raxti so i can contact the castle... guess i'll go straight ask King Random i think. "

Michael James Watson
Vek nods, "Coat, go their stuff now. I may have stirred a hornet's next and Cihals may be back soon. Get there stuff now and hurry"
She nods and leaves quick waddling..
Vek goes and pours a couple glasses of Tequila.."So, what will you name the Cantina?"

Amber Bronkhorst
ALvah looks at Vek with that look of slight worry and excitement.
NOdding to Coat leaving.
She then leans back against the wlal with the window and picks up a glass of tequilla.
"i was thinking Cantina Atenuado, It is a type of agave with a beautiful flower which resembles a foxtail. "
Alvah shrugs and smiles wide
"figured it would be fitting. and i like foxes... they are not cats"
She says teasingly with a wink

Michael James Watson
"Then you would like Fortunadus... He is a Thrice Crown Bard with a fox complex. And his wife is the Primal Fox with something of a Fortunadus complex..."
"Call Random."

Amber Bronkhorst
"I always wanted a Kit Fox as a pet, they are actually native, well in the shadow i'm from, in mexico... which would resemble."
She gestures around
"Yeah still have to go to school as well."
Grinning wide. She then takes her trump deck flicks through it and grabs the trump of Random...
A slight moment of hesitation is seen as she recalls the last time she trumped. Breathing in deep she then focusses on the image of Random. Readying her story in her mind what to say.

Michael James Watson
Random answers, Vance is beside him as is Benedict. They are clearly in Amber, a place called the Sea View Salon, a less popular space on the level below the Gardens that is usually only used when its raining. Occupancy is usually about 10% of the Garden.
"Well, took you long enough. So is your fealty still in tact or have you gone native?"
Puts his hand on her shoulder and comes into view of them.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah can't help but laugh she shakes her head.
"ah yes i am very skilled in ripping hearts out now.."
She rolls her eyes with a smile
"Am just following Vance his advice. Learn of the other sides there are but don't forget who you are. And if i ever go native i hope he keeps his promise."
She says with a wink. Then eyeing Benedict with Random she shrugs
"And honestly it would only be in advancement of Benedict his plan for the far future. "
Glancing quick at the door and then back she speaks a bit softer
"I have a favor to ask though. To you king Random and to Dame Margot. There are two children here in the service of hte household of my mother. Due to my mother being a slightly erratic and a bit touchy and quick to anger, they are planned to go for the knife in two days. "
Exhaling she then nods
"I can't let that happen. Could you please take them through and ask Dame Margot for me to keep them safe?"

Michael James Watson
Coat watches the Amberites, a hand around both children protectively, unable to hear both sides.
Random, "A bit Erratic? Untara calls her a bit of a blood soaked homicidal demigoddess of evil but then.. mothers and daughters you know..."
Vek says, "I've arranged to by an under ambassador to the realm of Untola. We have made arrangements to be there for awhile. ITs not one of the blood soaked regions. "
Random nods, looks to Ben then Vance, "Alright. Send the children through and I'll tak care of it."
Coat & the two kids maneuver to the gate and Coat releases them to random's accepting hand.
She says, "Your king is smaller then i expected. He is said to be a giant in our legends and tales."
Vek grabs Coat shoulder and belt and steps up, throwing her with all his strength through the portal. She is caught by benedict in surprise, thinking somehow Vek is attacking him with a maid.
Vek steps back, raises the sign of the logrus and lightly taps Alvah's trump contact. The difference in Psyches is in Veks favor and the trump closes.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up surprised as her trump contact ends she then turns to Vek and stomps her fist on his chest... Which probably does absolutely nothing but she shows clearly that she is not pleased.
With a snarl she says
"VEK! The FUCK... Coat did not want to go. You cannot force her. She does follow the religion what will that do to her? "
Letting out another snarling sigh she holds her head a bit lower but looks sideways up to him fists balled.
"And great.. now they think probably i AM going hostile or whatever... Jeesh Vek.. What is your plan here? See in how much trouble i can get before they send someone to lock me up? Remember i am NOT as strong as you... I cannot stand against any of those back in Amber... "
She turns and just for good measure bumps another fist at Vek his chest she then just crosses her arms looks up (way up) at him and stands her ground.

Michael James Watson
"She had to go. The kids need here there. If Cihalas complains it was all me, which it was. Besides, she isn't dead, just in Amber. If she wants to come back someday she can. But Ive spoken to servents here about Cihalas's rages and what Coat asked us to do wasn't just going to butting her under the knife. There are worse ways to die and Chaos has nothing on the people here when it comes to rending life. Blame it all on me."
"Now, shall we get some sight seeing in for the next day or so? I want to see their ritual space. CHeck it out magicall. Then, maybe some lunch in town?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Sighing she does a facepalm with her head against his torso and then looks up shaking her head chuckling.
"Hell yeah i am blaming you. But you are right. I was not happy with her staying either and i fear what they might have done to her. But i am also worried what Benedict, Vance and Random think of me. I kind of like Amber and would want to be able to return as free person..."
Standing up straight again she takes a step back from Vek and nods
"Sounds good. Sight seeing scouting and lunch... "
Turning and then looking back.
"Hmm and alcohol... plenty of alcohol.. cause i am sure they won't have a place here like Thin Whips to get frustrations out."
She laughs and gathers her trumps again. Getting ready to go.