Sapphire Girl

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Abilities [42][edit]

Str 0
Sta 4
Fgt 0
Dex 0
Agl 4
Int 3
Awa 10
Pre 0

Defenses [22][edit]

Parry: 8/+8
Dodge 4/+8
Tou * /+16
Fort 5/+9
Will 5/+15

Skills [14][edit]

Perception 6/+16
Insight 2/+12
Persuasion 6/+6
Stealth 2/+6
Sleight of Hand 2/+2
Technology 2/+5
Treatment 2/+5
Expertise: Streetwise 6/+9

Advantages [8][edit]

Luck 3
Languages 1 (Spanish)
Ultimate Effort: Aim
Benefit: Wealth 3

Powers [92][edit]

Lemaran Genetic Editing: Senses 2 (Darkvision), Enhanced Advantage 1 (Languages 1 (Lemaran)), Regeneration 2), Movement 1 (Environmental Adaptation (Zero-G)), Immunity 2 (Mind Reading) [8]

Personal Gravity Field: Flight 2 (Continuous), Immunity 10: Life Support, Protection 12 [28]

The Eyes of Lemara

Suitable Attire: Feature 2 (Quick Change 2) [2]
Gravity Lenses: Senses 6 (Extended Sight 4, Radius Sight) [6]
Gravity Beam: Ranged Damage 14, Precise, Increased Range 4, Improved Critical 4, Affects Insubstantial 2, Accurate 5 [44]
AP: Force Field Structures: Create 12, Precise, Selective, Stationary, Affects Insubstantial 2 [1]
AP: Crowd Control Mode: Damage 12, Area (Burst), Selective, Affects Insubstantial 2 [1]
AP: Precision Force Waves: Move Object 12, Perception, Precise, Affects Insubstantial 2 [1]
AP: High Speed Mode: Movement 6 (Space Travel 3, Permeate 3), Flight +30 (Distracting) [1]
AP: Spacewarp: Teleport 11, Portal, Extended Only [1]

Equipment: Smart Phone (Cell Phone/Computer/Video Camera/Audio Recorder/Flashlight)


Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Power Loss: The Eyes are technically external and could, in theory, be targeted by a powerful enough force to temporarily neutralize them, or some kind of mental interference might meddle with SG's link to them.
Enemy: There is a new Royal Heir of Lemara! SG doesn't know it, but her assumption of the Eye has caused certain signals to flare in Lemaran systems, and forces are moving, searching for the new Heir... Sapphire Sorceress was exiled, after all. She had enemies...

Sapphire Girl[edit]

Back in the 1940s, the mysterious heroine Sapphire Sorceress appeared on the scene! A mysterious woman with blue skin and exotic clothes, she claimed to have come from the lost city of Lemuria, and to use mighty Lemurian magics to fight for the forces of good. The manifestation of her power was a pair of large blue floating "eyes" from which her magical energies emerged. She remained aloof from other heroes as a rule-- she'd fight with allies, but never revealed anything about herself, never socialized, and eventually seemed to vanish as mysteriously as she appeared. (It is noteworthy that the nature of her magic baffled the occasional supernatural creature she encountered, and she seemed to make a point of never working alongside a wizard.)

Of course, she was lying about almost everything about herself.

The Sapphire Sorceress did not possess magic at all. She was an extraterrestrial using advanced technology, bound to her royal genetic code and brainwaves, to channel Orgone energy into various useful shapes and effects. Her complex code of honor prevented her from revealing her origins to the natives of this primitive planet, and while it mandated that she help the needy, it likewise insisted that she accept no aid beyond the mutual aid of battle, lest she be bound by chains of repayment with a mere barbaric peasant.

Needless to say, the Sapphire Sorceress lead a proud, lonely life in her involuntary exile on Earth, and she eventually retired, alone. Sadly, she developed a serious illness that left her helpless in her own residence, and she would have died in that condition if not for Kaitlyn Evers.

Kaitlyn, it must be said, wasn't on a good trajectory in her life. Her family wasn't doing very well, and she'd turned to petty theft to get money for the things she wanted or needed, moving from shoplifting to burglary. But when, in the course of breaking into a luxury condo, she discovered a strange, blue old woman, deathly ill and helpless in her bathtub, she wasn't going to ignore her. She wound up staying and helping nurse the woman back to health-- and this put the now-retired Sapphire Sorceress in a difficult situation. She owed Kaitlyn her life, the life of the Queen-in-Exile of the Lemaran Court. That was a debt that was very nearly impossible to repay, and Kaitlyn's insistence on continuing to help her was not making things any easier.

Ultimately, she had only one option, under the circumstances. Using the incredible technology she still had access to, she gave Kaitlyn retrogene therapy that infused her with the Royal Genes of the Lemaran Court, and the special brainwave pattern associated with it. This transferred ownership of the Eyes of Lemara to Kaitlyn, giving her access to the tremendous power of the Sapphire Sorceress. Without the protection of the Eyes, the Sorceress soon perished, but she'd succeeded at two duties at once-- she'd given a worthy gift to the one who had saved her, and she'd likewise ensured that someone continued the Royal Lineage of Lemara.

And now Kaitlyn had been given tremendous power, if not the skill to use it well.

The realization of who had helped her was shocking, and Kaitlyn realized that the power of the Eyes came with a responsibility to use them to help people, regardless of what her past had been. She's still learning how to best use them, but Sapphire Girl is now on the scene, fighting the forces of evil!