Sarasa Cheman

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A character in the Force and Destiny: Blinded By the Light campaign.

Sarasa Cheman[edit]

  • Career: Ace
  • Description: A tall human woman with red hair and a perfectly insincere smile
  • Background: Pirate/bandit/bounty hunter/thief/mercenary/whatever you'd call that job on Corellia with the Countess/confidence woman
  • Duty: Support
  • Morality: 50 (Bravery/Obsession)
  • Motivation: Keep My Promises
  • Force Rating: 1


  • Brawn: 2
  • Agility: 5
  • Intellect: 2
  • Cunning: 4
  • Willpower: 1
  • Presence: 2


  • Heavy Blaster Rifle, Damage 10, Crit 3, Range: Long, Autofire, Dice Pool: YYGGG
  • Blaster Pistol, Damage 6, Crit 3, Range: Medium, Dice Pool: GGGGG


Career Skills[edit]

  • General Skills
    • Astrogation: 0
    • Cool: 1
    • Discipline: 0
    • Mechanics: 0
    • Perception: 1
    • Piloting (Planetary): 0
    • Piloting (Space): 1
    • Resilience: 0
  • Social Skills
  • Knowledge Skills
  • Combat Skills
    • Gunnery: 2
    • Ranged (Heavy): 2
    • Ranged (Light): 0

Non-Career Skills[edit]

  • General Skills
  • Social Skills
    • Deception: 1
  • Knowledge Skills
  • Combat Skills


  • Credits: 340


  • Encumbrance: 7/11
    • Heavy Blaster Rifle (Dam 10, Crit 3, HP 3/4, Encum 6, Range: Long, Autofire, Cumbersome 3, Weapon Sling (quick draw mod))
    • Blaster Pistol (Dam 6, Crit 3, Range Medium, Encum 1)
    • Heavy Clothing (Soak 1, Encum 1 (0))
    • Backpack (+4 Encum)
    • 5 Stimpacks


  • On the Ship
  • Somewhere Else:



  • Debilitating Shot - Spend 2A when attacking vehicle to reduce max speed by 1 for 1 round
  • True Aim x 2 - As Aim maneuver, but also upgrades pool once per rank
  • Overwhelm Defences - Spend 2A when attacking vehicle to reduce defence in that zone for rest of encounter (up to rank times)
  • Exhaust Port - Before attacking vehicle, spend 1 Destiny to ignore Massive rule
  • Dedication (Agility)


  • Toughened

Banked XP[edit]


History and Notes[edit]

Sarasa lies a lot! But not to her comrades - since joining the Rebellion at least. These things about her are true:

  • Comes from Corellia. The upper class accent is her real one, she often fakes others.
  • Attended the prestigious Shan Academy on Corellia, a womens' university (that somehow manages to take human and near-human students exclusively, despite any species discrimination laws of the time). Was a member of the yacht club and frequently took interstellar joy rides with her less responsible fellow students.
  • Graduated with a degree of some kind (probably just graduate) in Ancient Miralukan Literature. This field is exactly as disreputable as Sarasa makes it out to be, and her personal effort even less academically worthy. She did watch all the holovids based on those works, for what it's worth.
  • Appears to have had an extensive career in crime/murder/paramilitary actions between graduation and now, despite her relative youth.
  • Worked for the Imperials before they turned against her in a battle against the Rebellion, at which point she switched sides. Oddly she appears to be completely sincere about this.