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This is a conversion of the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. game idea. This conversion is not complete or covers everything but to get a 'feel' of the setting to SWADE. I took a lot of ideas and notes from the recent Hellboy RPG d20 game to use here in loving trubite. But against not a total conversion.

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The rules setting for this game are the Savage World Adventure Edition (SWADE) and the Super Powers Companion (SPC). All Hindrances and Edges found in the SPC are allowed.

Setting Rules (SWAE pg. 136-141 and SPC pg. 29-36)

Born a Hero - ignore Rank requirements for Edges at character creation.
Comic Book Combat (SPC pg. 29-33) - a number of rule idea about combat (including Combination Attacks, Knockback, Power Stunts, Large Improvised weapons and Synergy) that we will be using in this setting.
Convictions: Gain conviction for heroic deads. When spent they grant a +1d6 to any Trait roll total; which can also Ace.
Death & Defeat (SPC pg. 34) - In comic books, heroes and villains are often defeated but seldom perish. This option reflects a more narrative fate for those superpowered individuals who fall in battle.
High Adventure - the heroes can spend a Benny to gain the one-time use of a Combat Edge. They must meet the Rank and any Edge requirements as usual but can ignore Trait requirements.
Mega Destruction (SPC pg. 34) - means combat between supers wreaks terrible havoc on the landscape. Mostly used when encountering giant kaiju elder things.
More Skill Points - heroes start with 15 points for Skills.
Multiple Languages - start with native in a d8 and start with ½ Smarts dice in additional languages at d6. These languages can include ancient languages and some weird alien tounges.
Never Surrender (SPC pg. 34) - incapacitated Wild Cards are dealt Action Initiative Cards as usual during a fight. If dealt a Joker, the fallen hero immediately regains consciousness and returns to the fight Shaken. Wounds and Injuries remain in full effect, but he stabilizes if he was Bleeding Out.
Throwdown (SPC pg. 34)- Ignore the Unarmed Defender rule that normally gives an attacker armed with a melee weapon +2 to hit an unarmed foe.
Villainous Convictions (SPC pg. 36) - the player characters have Bennies and Conviction to help them in their epic struggles—and the ability to earn more through great roleplaying. Villains can alos have Benny and Convictions to aid them in their goals.
Wound Cap - heroes suffer a maximum of 4 Wounds in s single hit; apply this limit before making Soak rolls.

House Rules[edit]

Not using any of the Arcane Backgrounds nor any Powers from the SWADE. Note however that Arcane Reistance is allowed and protects against all forms of Supernatural Powers etc.
However, while not using the Arcane Backgrounds, I am using the Arcane Skills for the activation and controlling of various Super Powers, depending on how they are defined. They include Faith (Spirits), Focus (Spirits), Psionics (Smarts), Spellcasting (Smarts) and Weird Science (Smarts). See Limited Awakening and Supernaturals.
Most Edges listed under POWER EDGES are not allowed except for the following (must still meet the Requirements, except Arcane Background, too take these Edges) -- Artificer, Extra Effect, Gadgeteer, Mentalist and Wizard. For the Extra Effect, Gadgeteer and Wizard Edges all use Power Points. So instad be used but then after that it cannot be used again for a number of hours eqyal to Power Points required.

New Combat Edges

Charger [Seasoned, Fighting d10+]: The warrior is experienced at moving across a large distance and getting the most effect out of rushing his foe. He may ignore the standard multi-action penalty for Running when making a Fighting attack roll at the end of your movement.
Heavy Melee Weapon [Novice, Strength d10+, Fighting d6+]: you training allows you to wield a two-handed weapon in one hand. You must still have the weapon's Strength Minimum.
Spring Attack [Seasoned, Extraction, Fighting d8+]: You can move both before and after your attack, and as long as you end your movement not adjacent to any opponents, you do not suffering a free attack from any attacker. You may not move more than your Pace (cannot Run as part of this maneuver) in this round. You also cannot ignore First Strike or someone on ‘Hold’.

New Leadership Edges

Born Leader [Veteran, Command]: If you spend a Full Round Action, one ally within your presence area is granted a free and immediate attack of their choice against an enemy of your choosing.
Move It Mister! [Seasoned, Command]: You can use a Standard Action to give one ally within your presence area a free and immediate movement of Pace (no Running die). This ally cannot pass through threatened enemy’s space without drawing an attack (unless they have Extraction, then roll normal)

New Professional Edge

Trailblazer [Novice, Survival d6+]: You have learned to watch the signs and trust your instincts when it comes to navigating the vast wilderness. Anything the GM draws a face card while traveling (indicating a random encounter) the trailblazer can make a Notice -2 check. If successful the trailblazer detects the hazard, creature or situation at the earliest opportunity, giving the party time to likely avoid it or at least attack it on their own terms. The trailblazer also gains +2 to Notice rolls to avoid being surprised.

In the Hellboy comics and stories the Agents often run into a ritual being preformed or they themselves need to perform one to prevent something bad from happening.
Rituals are a pervasive force of nature that can be called upon by any creature with sufficient willpower or training. That being said, being born into the world of witches and curses certainly makes it easier on all concerned. The archive is inconclusive, but there are recorded instances of agents being able to utilise the rituals and magic that the creatures and cultists usually use to further their goals to reverse the damage.
Rituals can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours of painstaking work. Agents mostly encounter rituals being performed when in their final stages or post resolution, when they must then reverse a ritual’s damage or contain a creature it has unleashed.
To perform a ritual, the practitioner, ritualist, or agent will require all of the items listed under called components. Some of these components are consumed as part of the ritual and will need replacing before the ritual can be attempted again. Components may include how many people are required to conduct the ritual. In addition, if the ritualist will require the Grimore tome or artefact that contains the ritual to be at hand during the casting. Many of these tomes are written in long dead or alien languages and must be translated or understood to perform.
When everything is ready and the tome understood the ritualist will make a series of task rolls per the Dramatic Task rules (SWADE pg. 122). The standard Skills used for these skill rolls is Occultism or Spellcasting. Anyone with the Occultism skill can attempt or aid in these task. Each Ritual is unique and will require different steps and could have different Complications and Time Required. As such there are no Rituals listed here but instead are included in individual Missions.


This is a game setting where the heroes are Agents of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (or the B.P.R.D.) an organization charged with protecting of America and the world from the occult, paranormal and supernatural. It retains the services of several supernatural persons, including Hellboy.

Professor Bruttenholm served as director until the late 1950s when he stepped down to return to field work. The current Director is Dr. Thomas Manning. Since the 1970s, additional paranormal agents have joined the ranks, such as Liz Sherman, Abraham Sapien, Johann Kraus, and Ben Daimio. This has become necessary to maintain the high profile of the Bureau, especially in light of the departure of their flagship agent, Hellboy, in 2001. Most of these have also retired or left the agency by now and a new bunch of agents are needed.

The B.P.R.D. is a well known and respected organization that has excellent relations with most international governments and United States government agencies, with the exceptions of China and the CIA. They also partnered with multiple foreign whom also have thier own agencies and organizations that deal with the superntural in their own countries.

For your own characters Origin are you a B.P.R.D. Agent who is a highly trained human or have you been partially touched by the supernatural or are you a supernatural creature like a Vampire or a Ghost? Are you a research inventor with a breakthrough fringe science device you want to test in the field? What role do you play in the B.P.R.D.?

Too better help guide you think about the 'Role' you character will have in the agency and your 'Background' or 'Origin'. These will help you create and build your character.


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  • Pick your Agent's Role within the B.P.R.D. This can help you know where you will want to invest your base Attributes, Skills and Edges.
  • Apply 5 points for Attribute Traits
  • Apply 15 points for Skills and base Starting Skills
  • Pick a starting Edge. Standard for Humans and for this game just easier if everyone, even the non-humans start with the basics and build from that. Also gain the Super Powered Edge (SPC pg) for free. See Themes for how you can spend these points.
  • Pick one Major and two Minor Hindrances. Spend these points as described on SWADE pg. 9
  • Pick your Native Languages at d8 and then ½ your Smarts die in additional Languages starting at a d6 each.
  • Character start with $500 in cash to purchase any personal items that they want. Most automatic, explosive and heavy weapons are illegal to purchase an own. Characters wishing to buy such items will need either the Edge Connected (Criminal, etc.) or must spend time doing extensive Networking to try and fine and illegal seller. The B.P.R.D. generally will turn a blinds eye to such good so long as they are not abused by the agent, etc.
But in this setting most Agents will also be assign gear and equiment for each mission, many of it illegal or really odd. Spending their own money on these things means they also have to maintain and supply it, not the Agency.
  • Spend your 30 points in Super Powers (from the SPC) based on your Background or Origin. Remember the Power Limit is 10pts and that many Backgrounds limit where and how you can spend these points.


What is your Role within the B.P.R.D.? Are you a field agent who works to protect the team and provides a lot of training on who to solve the mysteries that are assigned them, or are you Concscultant, assigned to the team because of some special expertise?
These roles are only for the suggestion of how to built an agent to meeting the needs of the B.P.R.D. in its investigations of the supernatural but also in defending the rest of humanity from the danagers that many such entities poss.

Field Agent has to be well rounds in order to deal with direct threats and unconvering the truth. FIeld Agents need good scores in all stats, and important skills and abilpes that reflect that. They do have some what specialization through depending on their 'team roles' as a group. For example the Team Leader also have Battle d4+ and Intimidate d4+ and should focus on Leadership and Social Edges, a Combat Specialist should have Athletics, Fighting and Shooting of d6+ along with a focus on Combat Edges, the Team's Negotiator wants Persuasion at least of a d6+ and the Charisma and any other Social Edges, a Field Medic should have Healing d6+ along with maybe the Healer's Edge, Communication and Electronics Expert might want Electronics and/or Hacking along with Repair all at d6+, a Investigator should have Notice d6+ and Research d6+ and the Investigator Edge, a Scout/Point Man rquires an excellent Notice and maybe Survival d8+ and might want the Alertness, Danger Sense and/or Woodsman Edges, etc.

Base Attributes: most agents should be well rounded and have at least a d6 in all five Attribute Traits. All of these traits at higher levels will help them with their jobs.
Skill Requirements: Acedemia d4+, Common Knowledge d6+, Fighting d4+, Occultism d4+, Persuasion d6+, Research d4+, Shooting d4+
Common Edges: any Combat, Leadership and Social Edges are important. Some Background and Weird Edges can also be important depending on the speciality.
Common Hindrances: Field Agents tend to have an Obligation (Major) to the B.P.R.D. Upi are after all working for them pretty much 24/7/365.
Forbidden Hindrances: The B.P.R.D. tends to have a rigged Phsysical and Mental qualification for its field agents. As should they should not have the following --and Arrogant (Major), Bad Eyes (Major), Blind (Major), Delusions (Major), Doubting Thomas (Minor), Eldery (Major), Hard of Hearing (Major), Obligation (someone else), Wanted (Minor or Major) or Young (Major).

Research and Development: generally confind back in the safety of the B.P.R.D. Headquarters base, none the less these scientist and arcane builders of the weird and fantastic. Their focus is far more on the mental then their physical aspects.

Base Attributes: Smarts d8+.
Common Skills: Any combination of Acedemia, Common Knowledge, Electronics, Hacking, Occultism, Research and Science at high levels depends on expertise (d8 or higher). Other skills as Field Agents might be helpful for their survivability in the field.
Common Edges: Jack-Of-All-Trades, McGyver, Mr. Fix It and Scholar are all important.
Forbidden Hindrances: as Field Agents athough excepts can (and will be made). A Genius teenage hacker might be able to get into the B.P.R.D. with the Young Hindrance, etc.

Consultant: the Consultant is generally not a full time member of the B.P.R.D. instead hired on as a case by case basics when their expertise might be useful for the mission.

Base Attributes: none or any combination. A local guild is going to have a good Strength and Vigor while a expert on Meteor Alchemy might be more focused on her Smarts, etc.
Common Skills: none. Instead make sure you focus on those skills that you 'specialize' in. Are you a Lingustic in the field of dead languages and Acedemia d8+, a Cryptozoologist in the prosuit of the Yeti might want high Acedemia, Notice and Occultism of d6+, a Guild will want Athletics, Notice and Survival of d8+, and a profession safe cracker should have an Thievery of a d8+ etc.
Common Edges: none but instead as always depending on your field of expertise should help define what Edges are going to be important to you.
Forbidden Hindrances: as Field Agents athough excepts can (and will be made). A Genius Eldery expect scholar in obscure lore and languege etc.


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Super Power Companion Powers

Campagain Power Level II.
Super Power Points: 30
Power Limit: 10


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Despite the presence of demons, ghosts, werewolves, witches, elder gods, giant gorillas, necromancers, and undying Nazis, humanity is still on top — for the moment. The majority of the B.P.R.D. and the overwhelming population of the world at large are human, though to many creatures to be simply human again would be worth anything and everything. Though they may be more fragile than some of their more notorious colleagues, the remarkable Human agents that make up the bulk of the Bureau are no less impressive. With unmatched focus and unwavering commitment, they are the best and brightest humanity has to offer to stand against the darkness.

Power Point Spends: You can can Super-Attribute & Skills but genearlly a maximum level of a d12+1. You are not allowed to later raise them above this maximum except through Legendary Edges. You can also purchase up to 10pts on Super Edges. Other powers that cannot be explained easily as 'Training' (for example Deadeye) must be defined as a device and could include Weird Science experiments or Magic item, etc. Generally no more then one without GM approval.


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During your time with the B.P.R.D., or even before you joined, things became somewhat… complicated. Maybe you discovered your grandmother was a witch, perhaps you touched a cursed idol, or possibly you started to hear the voices of dead people. Regardless, something in your humanity has been substituted along the way, granting you certain abilities that you still do not fully comprehend. You’re certain that trying to understand them will unlock more of these powers, but none of this answers why you keep getting randomly selected for testing in one of the live-in labs. Are you the only one not on that mailing list?
For a Limited Awakening you can spend their points as 'Remarkable Human' but can also spend up to 10 points in other Powers based on theit type of 'Awakening'. But no matter the types cannot spend more the 10 points on these listed limited power.

LIMITED PSYCHIC: You have a single limited or multiple minor psychic powers that are beyond scientific understanding. Power Point Spends - You can purchase up to 10 points (total) in Power(s) that you can define as Psychic. For Example a Medium might be able to talk to ghost. This power could be purchases as Mind Control and/or Mind Reading (Limited - only with Ghosts and Spirits -2). Others much include Boost/Lower Traits, Genius, Object Reading, Scan (ghosts etc), Telekinesis and/or Telepathy. These powers use the Psionics (Smarts) skill to activate and control them.
PARTICAL CURSED: One of the more unique occupational hazards while working for the B.P.R.D. is that a curse of legend will turn out to be all too real. These curses might be via a werewolf bite (but the curse did not fully transform you) or being born a Dhampir (half vampires), or maybe you are under a Mummy Curse, etc. Power Point Spends- You can purchase up to 10 points of powers from - Heightened Senses, Melee Weapon (generally Natural weapons like Bite and/ir Claws), Regeneration (2 or 5 points) and Super Skills -Athletics, Fighting and/or Notice (max generally d12+1 maybe 2). You could also take an Environmental Weakness Transformation and/or Vulnerability to reflect your cursed nature, but as normal Hindrances. Any powers that require a skill check to activate and control or if you took Transformation Hindrance, should use Faith (Spirits).
CONVICTION: Your faith is so strong that it grants you special abilities. This could mean you are an ordained priest within an Establish religion but does not have to. Your faith is strong if you follow one religion or not. Power Point Spends - You can purchase up to 10 points any powers that you can define as Holy and assign that 'trapping' to all these powers. These powers use the Faith (Spirits) skill to activate and control them.
MYSTICAL BLOODLINE: Arcane magical rituals are considered dangerous, fueld by the dark gods of old. But there are some individuals who can handle the dark energies and turn them against them. Power Point Spends- You can purchase up to 10 points (total) in Power(s) that you can define as Arcane Magic and assign that 'trapping' to all these powers. You could also take Super Sorcery. These powers use the Spellcasting (Smarts) skill to activate and control them.
FAE INFLUENCED: You have had an encounter with the fae court or others that went favorably and the fae work in your favor now. Power Point Spends - You can spend up to 10 points on the following powers - Armor (magical armor), Awareness, Blind, Boost/Lower Traits, Chameleon, Dodge, Genius, Healing, Heightened Senses, Illusions, Invisiability, Jinx, Malfunction, Melee Weapons (magical/special weapons), Mind Control, Obscure, Pace, Parry, Shape Change and/or Uncanny Reflexes.. These powers use the Focus (Spirits) skil to activate and control them.
FRINGE SCIENCE: You are a weird scientist expert, able to craft and create devices that defy physics and should not work. Power Point Spends - You can purchase up to 10 points (total) in any powers that can be defined as Fringe or Weird Science. Many of your powers should have the Device modifier, except Super Science if you take that power (its already built into the power itself). These powers use the Weird Science (Smarts) skill to active and control them.


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There are full on psychics, mystics and warlocks, werewolves, vampires, demons and fae creatures in the world. Most are hostile but not all. You are one that has chosen to ally yourself with humanity against these dark forces. Supernatural count as a wide range of Types and hench tend to have many Sub-Types. For this reasone
You can spend all of your points on Super Powers so long as they are defined are part of your 'nature' or origin of your supernatural gift (or curse).
Many supernatural types can include Universial Powers that all memebers of the type of origin have (for example, all Fae Born are Ageless, etc.). Many also include a list of Common Powers and powers that all of that Supernatral Origin type have automatically for many origins sub-type. These Supernatural Origin Powers generally have to be purhcased by that Origin and the Common Powers are similar common for them. The player is not limited to taking these powers and can take some other so long as they can 'explain' it as part of the Origin types.
Many supernatural creatures have Common Banes among their orgins and/or sub-types that allows the character to purchase some to gain additional Super Points. See individual types of supernatural. Finally, the supernatirel do not interact the same with other supernatural whom work for the B.P.R.D. You may find that both mortal and supernatural creatures will react differently based upon your supernatural origin. Psychics, for example, may find they are of great interest to ghosts and spirits. Power always comes with a price.

The Cursed[edit]

The cursed are a wide and varied group. There are those who are granted abilities to ensure they may better serve their new masters, individuals that find themselves under the skin-crawling Wendigo curse, and those who find themselves with a blood thirst or acting as a vessel for demonic forces. Often, those who are cursed find that the only resolution available to them is oblivion. Those cursed with demonic influence may simply find that they were part of a long-dead demon’s forgotten plan. All too often, however, both the demon and their plan still live.
NOTE that for all Curses you should take some level of either Outsider or Secret as part of your nature to the outside world. The B.P.R.D. is rather forgiving and open to the weird and legendary evil monsters in their ranks but does except that they are willing to help defend humanity against the other dark forces out there.

HALLOWED: Perhaps your curse was via a cursed object that you did not notice when you stepped on it, or maybe when you stared into the abyss, something stared back into you or you were killed and raised from the dead by a necrotic ritual. Your curse has led to you surviving more than you care to mention, though even you have noticed that the experience has left you increasingly hollow. While you corpse may not be rotting it is becoming harder to care as much as it once was. The world increasingly feels like the colour is being drained out of it. There are no universial powers for the Hallowed as it can include so many sub-sub-types.
Harrowed Powers: Undead [8].
Common Banes: The Hallowed can take up to 4 points of Banes from the following list - Bad Luck (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Cannot Speak/Mute (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Elemental Weakness (Holy items; as Minor Hindrance) [-1], Grimm (as Minor Hindrance [-1], Mean (as Minor Hindrance) [-1], Vow (as Minor or Major Hindrance; often placed on them at the time of their creation to reflect a ancient commond to follow) [-1 or -2], Ugly (as Minor or Major Hindrance) [-1 or -2]. Note that the Ugly here more reflect a unnatural look about them that makes people uncomforatable around them.
Other Common Harrowed Powers: The Harrowed can spend their remaining Super Power points on the following powers - Ageless, Doesn't Sleep, Environmental Resistance, Fear, Fearless, Hardy, Leaping, Melee Attack, Regeneration, Super Attributes and Skills (generally limited to a max of d12+3), Super Edges, Undead with the Spark of Life modifier.
VAMPIRE: To many, the demonic nature of a curse is more a balance of trading one life for another. The power granted by the creature that turned you to this new unending existence, however, remains deeply embedded in your psyche. Though it might be buried deep, it can never be forgotten. Fortunately, due to the nature of the B.P.R.D.’s work, often the creature that turned you rarely continues to exist long enough to gloat. Note that Vampire (and Demon) Weaknesses are supernatural Hindrances that effect their behavior. Each has their own discreption.
Vampire Powers: Heightened Senses: Low-Light Vision [1], Melee Attack: Bite (Str+d6) [2], Regeneration (once an hour; Limitation -must have drank one pint of blood in the last hour -2. Cannot regenerate damage from Holy trappings) [3]
Common Vampire Banes: The Vampires can take up to 4 points of Banes from the following list - Bloodthristy (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Dependency (Blood; as Negative Racial Abilities) [-2], Elemental Weakness (Silver and/or Wooden Weaps; as Minor Hindrance) [-1 or -2], Vulnerability (Holy Sights/Gound; as Major Hindrances) [-2], Weakness (Holy Water) [-2]: A vampire sprinkled with holy water suffers a level of Fatigued. If immersed, he combusts as if it were direct sunlight (see below), Weakness (Invitation Only) [-1]: Vampires cannot enter a private dwelling without being invited. They may enter public domains as they please, Weakness (Sunlight) [-2]: Vampires burn in sunlight. They take 2d4 damage per round until they are ash. Armor protects normally.
Other Common Vampire Powers: Additional Actions, Ageless, Doesn’t Breathe, Doesn't Eat, Heightened Senses, Infection (common mod Lethat and Requires Touch) (at GM's call can also be used to transform a victim into a new Vampire), Intangibility, Leaping, Melee Attack, Mind Control (common mods Leashed, Limited-Requires Eye Contact), Pace or Speed, Regeneration (higher), Super-Attributes and Super Skill (max starting d12+3), Super Edges, Toughness, Undead, Wall Walking.
LYCAN: When a full moon emerges, humans infected with lycanthropy lose control and become snarling creatures bent on murder. Some embrace their cursed state and revel in the destruction they cause. Others may never embrace their curse but learn to live with it, even control it. They can transform even when the moon is not full. Of course the B.P.R.D. is welcoming so long as the lycan strive to overcomes their darker natures and not spread their curse to others. NOTE that your Transformation Bane requires you to make a Focus skill check so you might want to invest points into that skill.
Lycan Powers: Growth 1 (permanent -2) [1], Heightened Senses: Smell [1], Melee Weapon - Claws (Str+d4, +2 Athletics when climbing) [2], Regeneration (cannot regenerate damage cause by silver trappings) [2].
Lycan Banes: Transformation (as Minor Hindrance) [-1]
Other Common Lycan Banes: the Lycan can take an additional 3 points on Bane from the following list - Bloodthristy (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Discintive Appearance (as Minor Hindrance) ("its a Werewolf!") [-1], Elemental Weakness (Silver as Minor Hindrance) [-1], Mean (as Minor Hindrance [-1], Reckless (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Vulnerability (Wolf's Bane, as Minor or Major Hindrance) [-1 or -2].
Other Common Lycan Powers: The lycan can spend their remaining Power points on the following - Fear, Hardy, Heightened Sense, Infection (common mod Lethat and Requires Touch) (at GM's call can also be used to transform a victim into a new Werewolf), , Melee AttaCK, Pace, Regeneration (higher levels), Super-Attributes and Super Skill (max starting d12+3), Super Edges, Toughness.
DEMON: Though much of the metaphysics of the different worlds is up for discussion, one thing is true: there is a place called Hell populated by various malevolent spirits that have earned their place as demons. Though "spirit" is a technical classification, they can materialise as solid and universally powerful. Fortunately, they can only enter the physical world when summoned via magic. They are creatures that exist within a hierarchy where the strong bully and rule the weak. Their one bane seems to be that they are bound by ancient laws and rarely harm humans that have not signed themselves over to the demons' whims.
Summoned by magical rite and bound by prophecy and ancient laws, you have become empowered by demonic energies and physically altered as part of your new power. Alternatively, your family may have entered into a contract or agreement with the forces of Hell or you were discovered at the site of a ritual.
Demon Powers: Ageless [1], Environmental Resistant (Fire; Immunity +2) [3], Heightened Senses: Infravion [1]
Common Demon Banes: Elemental Weakness (Holy trapping, as Minor Hindrance) [-1], Small (as Negative Racial Quality; or Really Small. Being one a half feet tall and -2 to Toughness) [-1 or -2], Vulnerability (Holy Sights/Gound; as Major Hindrances) [-2], Weakness (Holy Symbol) [-1]: A character may keep a demon at bay by displaying a holy symbol. A demon who wants to directly attack the victim must beat her in an opposed Spirit roll, Weakness (Holy Water) [-2]: A demon sprinkled with holy water is Fatigued. If immersed, he combusts (as if it were a Vampire in direct sunlight; see above), Weakness ('The Laws of Hell') [-1]: You suffer a -4 to all Resistant rolls made against you with the 'Holy' or 'Arcane' trappiints (such as spells, magical abilities, holy commands, etc.
Other Common Demon Powers: Demons can spend their remaining points on the following Powers - Additional Actions, Awareness, Doesn't Breath, Doesn't Eat, Doesn't Sleep, Extra Limbs, Fear, Fearless, Flight (limitation -Wings -1), Genius, Growth (with the Permanent Modifier), Illusion, Immuniny to Disease/Poisons, Infection, Jinx, Malfunction, Melee Weapon (Bite, Claws or Horns or maybe a Magical Sword/Weapon), No Vital Organs, Pace, Poison, Ranged Attack (Fire breath or attack), Regeneration, Speak Language, Super Abilities, Edges and Skills, and Toughness.

The exact nature of an individual’s psychic ability is as unique as the individuals who manifest them. Throughout history, organisations, nations, and creatures have tried to use the powers of these individuals for their own means. Many a calamity has been spared with a psychic image warning, and many a trap relied on the abilities of the psychic involved. Most psychics are humans who at some stage have begun to exhibit their abilities.
Often this occurs early in their life, and it forever shapes it. Some manage to live largely normal lives, whether it be learning to control their gifts or through the limited nature of their abilities.
All Psychic Powers atomatically default to an alternate skill - Psionics (Smarts) without any increase cost.
Full blown Psychics have the fewest problems interacting with normal humans but all have a standrad Pychic Bane of Weakness (Open Channel) [-1]. This bane is a penalty of -4 to any resistant rolls against powers use to control, process or read their minds, etc. by ghosts and spirits. Many also suffer some form of the Hindrances of Outsider and/or Secret but they don't count as Banes and are not universial.

MEDIUM: Mediums can channel ectoplasm to open their mind to the spirits and echoes of their surroundings. Though this is never without risk, the powers it grants and the information gained is often priceless.
Mediums Powers: Mind Control (Spirits and Ghosts only -2) [3], Mind Reading (Spirits and Ghosts only -2) [1], Possession (Spirits and Ghosts only -2) [3], Object Reading [2], Scan (Ghost, Spirits and Ectoplasm) [2]
Other Common Medium Powers: Mediums can spend their remaining points on the following powers - Animal Companion, Animal Control, Awareness, Fear, Fearless, Genius, Healing, Illusions, Jinx, Malfunction, Mind Shield, Obscure, Super-Skills (especially Psionics), Stun, Telapathy, Uncanny Reflexes, and/or Whirlwind.
PSYCHOKINETIC: The B.P.R.D. is home to a number of individuals that can use their psychic abilities to manipulate the physical world, the most famous being Liz Sherman and her ability to manipulate fire.
Sub-Types (only a few)
* ESPers - Extrasensory perception or ESP, also called sixth sense, includes claimed reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses, but sensed with the mind.
ESPER Powers: Awareness [4], Mind Reading [3], Mind Shield [1], Scan (psychic powers or beings) [2] and Telepathy [2]
Other Common ESPER Powers: ESPERs can spend their remaining points on the following powers - Animal Companion, Animal Control, Fear, Fearless, Genius, Healing, Illusions, Jinx, Malfunction, Mind Conceal, Obscure, Super-Skills (especially Psionics), Stun, Uncanny Reflexes, and/or Whirlwind.
* Cryokinesis - Psychic ability to control freezing temperature to create snow and ice.
Cryokinesis Powers: Environmental Resistant (Cold; Immunity +2) [3], Energy Control (cold) [5], Heightened Senses: Infravion [1]
Additional Bane: Environmental Weakness (Heat/Fire, as Minor Hindrance) [-1]: suffer a -4 to resist powers' affects or +4 to damage from heat or fire trapping powers.
Other Common Cryokinesis Powers: You can spend their remaining points on the following powers - Absorption (fire), Altered Form (cold/ice or snow being), Damage Field (cold), Force Field (cold), Melee Attack (cold), Ranged Attacks (cold) and/or Toughness. You could also increase the Energy Control (cold) with additional Modifiers.
* Pyrokinesis - Psychic ability allowing a person to create and control fire with the mind.
Pyrokinesis Powers: Environmental Resistant (Fire; Immunity +2) [3], Heightened Senses: Infravion [1], Ranged Attack - Fire in any combination up to [10] points.
Additional Bane: Environmental Weakness (Cold, as Minor Hindrance) [-1]: suffer a -4 to resist powers' affects or +4 to damage from cold trapping powers.
Other Common Pyrokinesis Powers: You can spend their remaining points on the following powers - Absorption (fire), Altered Form (fire), Damage Field (fire), Doesn’t Breathe, Energy Control (fire), Fear, Force Field (fire), Intangibility (through Altered Form), Melee Attack (fire) and/or Toughness. Also if the character wishes they can take the 'The Best There Is' you can spend up to 15 points on Ranged Attack (fire).
* Telekinetic - Unlike psychokinetics, whose powers range from healing to materialisation, telekinetics specialise in levitation and movement.
Telekinetic Powers: Telekinesis: base range of 12" and TK strength of a d10 (Fine Control +3; Power +4) [10]
Other Common Telekinetic Powers: The telekintic can spend an their remaining power points on the follow - Awareness, Fearless, Force Field, Genius, Mind Shield, Push, Toughness and/or Whirlwind. The TK could also purchase 'The Best There Is' edge to be able to spend up to 6 additional super power points on Power (each 2 points increase the TK Strength by +1 step). GMs note I will allow a character with The Best There Is edge spend up 16 points in this instants.

In hindsight, death should always be in the top five of the worst things that could happen, at least twice, preferably. Regardless of how much you feared it or how careful you were, the fact remains that you are particularly deceased or dead. Oddly however, this was not the normal ending that you had come to believe would be the natural progression that came with life ending. You remain in a spectral form. A ghost.
All powers used by Ghosts use the Focus (Spirits) skill to activate and control them with.
All Ghosts share these common Universial Ghost Powers automatically - Environmental Resistance - Cold and Heat [2], Intanibility (Permanent -2) [3], Invisibility (Permanent -2) [6], Possession (Requires Touch -2) [3], Undead (Spark of Life) [10]. They also share the following Ghost Banes - Distinctive Appears [-1] (Its a Ghost!!), and Vulnerability (Holy Sights/Gound orUnholy Sights/Grounds; as Major Hindrances) [-2] (player's choice).

BOUND: Whether through a containment suit, being bound via ritual to an object, or any other method, you are still able to manifest in the mundane world and move about relatively freely. Bound ghosts are able to directly interact with the physical world but only through this item. And as the item is damaged they suffer Wounds and can be Incapacitaded. If they leave that 'vessel' they are no longer effected by them as if they were 'healed' instantly. However they cannot inhabit another vessel (non-living construct vessels) for one Hour per Wound they have suffered afterwards.
Additional Bane: Transformation (In order to inhabit or 'possess' a vessel that cannot resist the Possession power requires a Focus skill check and an Action; as Minow Hindrance) [-1]
Bound Ghost Powers: Construct [8], and their Possession adds the modier - can inhabit dead bodies, simple contructs, itmes etc [+2]
WANDERING: You are not physically bound to the mundane world and are instead bound by your will and the business that keeps you from moving on. As they are less connected to this world they gain greater access to powers that spirits world that can affect the real world.
Additional Bane: Weakness (Etheric) [-1]: When possessing a creature you suffer any conditions the vessel is currently suffering from including Wound penalties, etc. These only last while you possess them.
Other Common Wandering Ghost Powers: The wandering ghost can spend their remaining points on the following powers - Animal Control*, Awareness, Decay*, Fear*, Fearless, Jinx, Malfunction, Mind Control*, Mind Reading*, Object Reading, Obscure*, Slow*, Speak Language, Telekinesis*, Telepathy* and/or Whirlwind.
* There powers are Contingent (+0) on the Ghost possessing a 'vessel' (a living creature) in order to use them.
Fae Born[edit]

It's theorised that the Fae have been inhabiting parts of our world for long enough to have witnessed its beginning. The legends surrounding them speak of a last refuge of the old world hidden from humanity behind the pathways and gates that the Fae creatures use to travel the mortal world. The history of the Fae creatures and the legendary history of the world are heavily interwoven. The one fact that agents can embrace is that these creatures will hold themselves to the letter, if not the spirit, of an agreement or promise that they make.
All Fae have the following Universial Fae Powers - Ageless [1], Awareness [4], Doesn't Sleep (Tireless +1) [2], Immunity to Disease [1].
They also all suffer the following Fae Banes - Distinctive Appearance (as Minor Hindrance) [-1]: a fae unnatural features makes them stand out if they don't hide their nature. Environmental Weakness (as Minor Hindrance; Iron. Suffering +4 damage from iron cast weapons) [-1]. Vow (as Major Hindrance; 'Bound by Words') [-2]: the fea are obsessed with keeping their oaths and 'word' in all manners. They can't easily break their promises or words without suffering curses, something they do not tolerate.

CHANGELINGS: There was a time when the Fae would leave behind changelings in place of the human children they stole, though the creature would eventually be discovered and forced to flee. Perhaps they would let part of their appearance slip, give into their “unique” sense of humour, whisper words in the dark, or else the family would somehow sense that something was not right. Regardless, the results were often traumatic. Changelings that join the B.P.R.D. typically use a humanoid appearance to fit in with their new family, but still are able to shift their appearances. As a nomal Hindrance many Changelings take Secret as even amoung their friends they are obsessed with them.
Changeling Powers: Chameleon [3].
Other Common Changeling Powers: Changelings can spend their remaining points on the following powers: Aquatic, Armor (magical item), Awareness, Blind, Boost/Lower Traits, Dodge, Fear, Genius, Healing, Heightened Senses, Illusions, Invisiability, Jinx, Malfunction, Melee Weapons (magical/special weapons or natural weapons like bite and/or claws), Mind Control, Mind Shield, Obscure, Pace, Parry, Shape Change, Shrinking, Super Attributes and Skills (max arouond d12+3), Super Edges, Teleport and Uncanny Reflexes.
THE NOBLES: There are documented cases of nobles within the Fae courts appearing largely human and possessing extraordinary powers, such as shapeshifting and an ease of channelling magical energies. Nobility of the Fae may join the B.P.R.D. out of a deal struck with an agent decades ago or simply to see the decline of their kind staved off. After all, if this world ends, there will be no human children to steal to replace their dwindling number. Many Noble Fae will normally take the Hindrance - Code of Honor.
Noble Fae Powers: Super Edges: Aristocrat, Attractive [4]
Other Common Noble Fae Powers: A Noble Fae may spend their remaining points on any of those listed under the Changeling's power list plus Chameleon , Mind Shield and Super Sorcery.
PRANKSTERS: Fae creatures have a universally odd sense of humour. They delight in pranks and outwitting other creatures and each other. Despite this, there is very rarely any malicious intent behind the pranks, not directly at least. An agent may find their shoelaces replaced with strawberry lace candy, or their keys hanging from the branches of the third tallest branch of the nearest tree. Though these pranks are ultimately harmless, they often set in motion a series of events that either lead to great calamity or avoid it; in retrieving the car keys, the agent discovers a glyph only visible from a heigth. Pranskers often have the Hindrance -Driven depending on the level on how often they must play a 'prank' on another.
Common Prankster Powers: The prankster fae can spend their remaining 25 points on any of those listed under the Changeling's power list plus Chameleon , Mind Shield, Shirking and Super Sorcery.

This is sort of a catch-all for anything even more unusual and strange, such as Constructs (magical like Golems and Elementals), Experiments (magical alchemist experiments, gene-threapy or cybernetics to create a more perfect human or soldiers) or Throw-backs (sub-species of legend like Big Foot or Fish Men).

CONSTRUCTS: You were created, either like the legendary hebrew Flesh or Clay Golem or perhaps Arcane Stone or Metal Golem or maybe a super tech robot or android, etc. Maybe you are a free spirited Elemental, who was summoned rather then created. No matter your creator (or summoner) they are long lost and/or gone and you find yourself struggling for propuse in the world. You have found a place within the B.P.R.D. recently and seem content to work for them and the better of humanity.
All Contructs have the following Universal Construct Power of Construct [8] although note that for some created or summoned beings with a more magical origin can substitue the Repair skill for Occultism
Construct Banes can take up with -4 points of the following set to reflect the weakness(es) of their origins - Alien Appearance (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Clueless (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Distrinctive Appearance (as Minor Hindrance) [-1], Enemy (as Minor or Major Hindrance) (some minions of your creator, etc.) [-1 or -2], EnvironmentalWeakness (+4 damage and -4 to resist powers from an elemental like fire/heat, water/cold, lightning, etc. trapping) [-1], Grim (as Minor Hindrance) [-1], Outside (as Minor or Major Hindrance; can reflect unconscion fears and hatred also) [-1 or -2], Tongue-Tied (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Ugly (as Minor or Major Hindrance; can reflect uneasy or unconscious fear or hatred) [-1 or -2]
Other Common Construct Powers: Depending on how many, if any, Banes the character took they can spend their addition power points on - Absorption, Additional Actions, Ageless, Aquatic, Armor, Awareness, Boost/Lower Traits, Broadcast, Burrowing, Dodge, Doesn't Breath, Doesn't Eat, Doesn't Sleep, Earthquake, Energy Control, Entangle, Environmental Resistance, Extra Limbs, Fear, Fearless, Flight, Genius, Growth (with permanent mod), Hardy, Heightened Senses, Interface, Machine Control, Melee Attack, No Vital Organs, Pace, Parry, Poison, Range Attack, Reach, Scan, Skill Bonus, Stun, Super Attribute and Skills (max around d12+3), Super Edges, Uncanny Reflexes, Vehicle and/or Wall Walker.
EXPERIMENT or THROWBACK: Maybe you are the result of some genetic or cybernetic experiment to create a more perfect human soldier. Maybe your genes were splised with an animal's or fish's or insect's that grant you strange and unusal gifts. Or they were changed due to an alchemist elixir that granted you super powers! Or you are where are class as a Throw-Back, a creature from the a hidden past such as what might be called a Big Foot or Yeti from the deep ancient forest or artic mountains or Fish/Frog Man from the lost lagoon.
As they are so wide ranging and board they don't have any universial powers.
Experimental or Thorw-Back Banes can chose up with -4 points of the following set to reflect the weakness(es) of their origins - Alien Appearance (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Big (as Racial Negative Quality) [-2], Dependence (as Racial Negative Quality) [-2], Distrinctive Appearance (as Minor Hindrance) [-1], Environmental Weakness (+4 damage and -4 to resist powers from an elemental like acid, electricity, fire/heat, water/cold, etc. trapping) [-1], Grim (as Minor Hindrance) [-1], Outside (as Minor or Major Hindrance; can reflect unconscion fears and hatred also) [-1 or -2], Tongue-Tied (as Major Hindrance) [-2], Ugly (as Minor or Major Hindrance) [-1 or -2]
Other Common Experiment and Throw Back Powers: Depending on how many, if any, Banes the character took they can spend their addition power points on Any power in the SPC but try to fit your overall background theme. A Cyber Warrior might be very different then a Sasquatch or Fish Man, etc.


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Characters start with a basic $500 in standard (legal!!!) Gear that the can purchases items with. These are their personal 'adventuring gear'. They need no special clearance or make request to use them. Many of the items listed below can be purchased by the characters from the SWADE pg. 67-85 (including heavy weapons which can be illegal is not available on the open market requiring a Contact or Netwooking check to find it and vehcifor money instead of requisting it.

CLEARANCE LEVEL {CL}: is dependent on how specialize, unusual, 'legal', costly and/or unique an item can make it harder to gain access to on any particual mission. For Game propuses your player's Clearance level is equal to 1. Agents of Veteran Rank or higher gain +1 CL (2) and Legendary Ranked Agents gain another +1 to the base CL (3).
In general terms CL 0 or 1 are legal and common every days off-the-shealf gear. CL 2 generally require a license or permit to own and/or use but are not to difficult to obtain. CL 3 are heavily lincesed and/or resisted. Things like light automatic weapons etc. CL 4 are generally illegal for the public to own and maybe resisted to the police if at all. Level 5 is the highest classification and restricted to military and Federal agancies only if not outright illegal.
As a final note that the highest CL is 5.

MISSION TREAT LEVEL (TL): When the B.P.R.D. Assigns a mission, they also assign the mission a basic Threat Level. The idea here is how dangerous does the Agency believe this case will be. This is generally rated from 0-3; 0 (Gamma) is low priority, low threat level, 1 (Delta) is moderate or unkwnown threat level, 2 (Beta) is high risk or suspected threats and 3 (Alpha) is a known high danager threat. A missions threat level adds directly to the Agent's Clearance Level (i.e. a Novice Agent on a 'standard' mission of TL 1 would have a clearance level of 2).

REQUISITION POINTS (RP): Agents that are assigned to a Mission also are assigned an 'Requisition Points'. These points are used to gain mission gear from the BPRD weapons lockers and equipment stores. You agents Team gain a number of these points equal to the (CL +TL +1) for each Agent added together (i.e, a Team of 4 Novice agents on a 'standard' TL 1 mission would have a total of 12 RP).

Note that gear and equipment requested by the Agents is supposed to be returned at the end of the mission. Lost and stolen gear requires some paperwork to be filled out. Honest characters will make sure that if possible this gear is returned.

Standard Gear[edit]

Agents also will generally be assigned some basic gear. For a standard investigation mission the following are provided to all agents in the field regardless of clearance.
Some items are ranked in SIZE as this can be important as to where it might be carried on your character. GM has final say but using the items below as a base one can get a general idea on what the size on any item might be. The items that are used to carry such gear are not given a size (Backpacks and Tac Vest are worn and where these items maybe stored).

B.P.R.D. HEAVY DUTY BACKPACK: These versatile military backpacks come in a variety of sizes based on individual agent preference. Consisting of one large compartment, several smaller compartments, and enough straps to carry all but the largest items of equipment, this backpack is ideal for storing items that won’t be needed immediately.
Taking an item from the backpack takes an Action.
Wt. 2lb and can hold up to 40lbs (but only counts as 20lbs or half carried weight for Encumbrance due to load bearing design). Generally the maximum size of any item place into the pack will be LARGE. You might be able to fit more the one such item into the pack, depending on what it is.
B.P.R.D. SIDEARM (SMALL): The standard-issue 9mm sidearm of the B.P.R.D. The agents must register these weapons with local authorities when operating outside the US. In some regions or countries, the agents may not have access to these or similar firearms, and the GM has final say over when this occurs. Each agent can begin a Case File with up to 3 magazines of ammunition for their sidearms.
Treat as Glock (9mm) from SWADE pg. 73 with the 3 extra clips totaling an extra 1lb. each. Each clip is also TINY
B.P.R.D. TACTICAL VEST: The iconic B.P.R.D. tactical vest (or TacVest). B.P.R.D. proudly printed on the back, this sleeveless tactical vest has a number of pockets that allow agents in the field to operate with their equipment close to hand. While backpacks are standard issue for all agents, most find that the vest is able to carry all the equipment they need. Within the vest are reinforced panels to provide agents with additional protection.
The tactical vest has 4 pockets and one Pistol Holster. Each pocket can hold 2 Tiny items or 1 Small item for a total capacity of 8. The holster can hold one Small firearm and 3 Tiny clips.
POCKETS: The agent is able to access equipment in their TacVest’s pockets as it were at hand. As part of an agents turn, they can produce 1 item from the vest’s pockets. They could instead as a limited action stow 1 item and replace it with another item from their tactical vest. Any items not in the tactical vest but in an agent’s inventory are in their backpack, which requires an Action to open and retrieve an item. The tactical vest does not have a size as it is a means of organising an agent’s inventory.
TACVEST (torso) grants AP 2 with a ST Min of d4 and Wt. 5lbs. Can add advanced matierial ceramic inserts (torso) that will increase the AP to 4 but also ST Min of d6+ and Wt. 12lbs. Also serve as acts as either a 'Stab' or 'Ballistic' Vest (choice one of the following)...

  • STAB VEST: Multiple layers of material to defend against stab attacks. No help against bullets, sadly. The agent wearing it subtracts 2 damage from stabbing or slashing weapon (not blunt melee weapons) include bows, crossbows, swords, daggers, claws and bite attacks, etc.
  • BALLISTIC VEST: Experimental lightweight graphite lining of the vest provides protection from traditional projectile weapons, while spreading the impact of other attacks across a wider area. Still very painful, regrettably . The agent wearing it subtracts 4 from ballistic damage before it applies to her Toughness.

HIGH-POWERED FLASHLIGHT (SMALL): A sturdy one-handed flashlight with a fresh set of batteries installed before you left base. While activated, it casts bright light out in a beam to 10" (20 yards) and dim light out for another 5" (15" total or 30 yards). Wt. 1lb
B.P.R.D. TRACKER (TINY): Using a B.P.R.D. laptop, agents can determine where these trackers are located almost anywhere on the planet's surface to within 2" (4 yards). Each agent usually wears their tracker on a belt. The range on a tracker is substantial but can be blocked by physical obstacles. An agent can use an Action to attach a tracker to a hostile creature that is being grappled. Wt. 1lb
FIRST AID KIT (SMALL): Each agent is issued a basic First Aid Kit for field use. Wt. 1lb, three uses for Healing (see SWADE pg. 96)

Additional Standard Gear[edit]

While each agent will have their own specific list of “must have” items, those listed here are commonly used by all agents and are available without spending Requisition points.
BINOCULARS (SMALL): Provides a magnification factor of up to ten times normal vision. Grants a +2 Notice checks to focus on a location/area. Wt. 2lbs.
BOXES OF MATCHES OR LIGHTER (TINY): When ignited, cast bright light for 2" (1 yard) and dim light for 2" (2 yards) for 6 second per use. Each has 10 uses. Wt. 0.5lbs.
CANTEEN (MEDIUM): Plastic canteen hold two pints of water when full. Wt. 0.5lb empty, 4lbs full.
FLARE (SMALL) Commercially available chemical flares burn red in both water and ominous corners. Flares cast light in a circle for 1 minute, bright light for 2" (4 yards), dim light for 4" (8 yards). Wt. 0.5lbs.
MOBILE PHONE (SMALL): Heavily dependent on local reception and limited to domestic calls. Includes functions of internet access, PDF, GPS, camera, etc. It is bulky enough to withstand most of the damage that the agent carrying it can dish out. Wt. 0.5lbs.
MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) (MEDIUM): Enought food or a day. Still requires water. Wt. 1lbs.
PEN AND NOTEBOOK (TINY): A small notebook with water-resistant paper and a pen. Wt. 0.5lbs.
RADIO (SMALL) Handheld VHF radios that allow for communication between agents within several miles that are able to receive, depending on terrain. The radio includes an earpiece for ease of use. Wt. 1lb.
ROPE, NYLON 20 YARDS (10") (MEDIUM): light weight climbing or securing rope. Wt. 3lbs.

Specialist Gear[edit]

The following equipment require CL and spending of RP for them.

B.P.R.D. LAPTOP (LARGE): CL 0, RP 2 points if the only laptop in a team, i.e. not part of a kit, otherwise 4 points per additional laptop. B.P.R.D. laptops are heavily reliant on local signals but could provide additional computing power to confirm tests from a field kit. They also allow for historical record searches, granting +2 skill bonus to Academia, Electronics, Science. B.P.R.D. trackers can be viewed/displayed their location via this piece of equipment. Wt. 5lbs.
CONTAINMENT SUIT: CL 0, RP 0, Issued free if needed. Only available to agents with the bound ghost origin. This containment suit allows creatures without physical bodies to manifest via ectoplasm and interact with the physical world. Etheric creatures can enter a containment suit if vacant. Damage to the suit couts against the ghost character as if it is taking the wounds, etc. but only while in the suit. Once the ghost leaves a damage suit he is fine (see BOUND GHOST). Wt. 5lbs.
Armored Version are available for special mission and these due require request. ARMOR POINTS +2; CL 2, RP 2. ARMOR POINTS +4; CL 3, RP 4. A Stab or Ballastic Vest upgrade costs RP +2.
GAS MASK (MEDIUM): CL 1, RP 2 point per mask. Provides the wearer +4 to Vigor checks verses the airborn toxins and poisons and their ill effects (see Hazards SWADE). However you field of vision is somewhat obscured and as such you suffer a -1 to any ranged attack (Athletics throwing or Shooting) and with Notice checks. with immunity from airborne poison damage or similar airborne effects, including the poisoned condition. To don or doff the mask takes an action. Wt. 1lb.
NIGHT VISION GOGGLES (MEDIUM): CL 2, RP 3 points per set. (as found in SWADE pg. 68 but with some added effects/rules). Acts as Low-Light Vision (ignoring Dim and Dark illumination penalties; for double the RP (6) the goggles are “active” and ignore all Illumination penalties). However sudden burst of lights (like turning on the lights in a darkened room) requires a Vigor -2 check. Failure cause the character to be blind (as Major Hindrances) for one full round. Afterwards the character is Distracted and Vulnerable. Each round the character can attempt a new Vigor -2 check. Success ends these conditions at the end of the round, a raise instantly negates them. To don or doff the goggles takes an action. Wt. 3lbs.
SATELLITE PHONE (SMALL): CL 1, RP 2 points. A sat phone grants occasional reliable communication with base from almost anywhere in the world. Just remember to keep it charged. Wt. 3lbs.
WINTER CLOTHING AND BOOTS: CL 1, RP 1 per outfit. For treks out into winter conditions. See Cold Hazzards SWADE pg. 125. Wt. 5lbs.
ARTIC CLOTHING AND BOOTS: CL 1, RP 2 per outfit. Heated advantage winter clothing for artic conditions. See SWADE pg. 125. Wt. 10lbs.

Any other of the standard ADVANTURING GEAR listed in SWADE pg. 67 along with PERSONAL DEFENSE and SURVEILLANCE gear found on SWADE pg. 68 is available. The CL of the item is generally 0 or 1 but if semi-legal (like lockpicking tools) and most Surveillance gear increses this to 2. For RP most items are 1 points each, but any item with a costs of $10 or less costs no points, while items over $50 require 2 points, anything over $100 costs 3 points and anything over $500 increase the RP to 4 points each. For semi-legal or licend items add +1 to the RP and for police only issued items add +2 RP. For military only or illegal items add +4 to the RP.

As for SIZE it will have to be GMs call. A Lighter and Lockpicking set are TINY, a Digital Camera and Candles would be SMALL while 20 yards (10") of Hemp Rope and a Tools Kit would be MEDIUM, etc. A First Aid kit is SMALL while the Medical Kit is MEDIUM. Use your best judgement. Could this item be reasonable carried in the pocket of a tacvest? If so its TINY or SMALL, if not its MEDIUM or larger.

Most CLOTHING and FOOD does not require CL or RP, issues to the agents as needed.

Ritual and Divine Components[edit]

These are magical and blessed items that could have a use in field on most/many missions.
GHOST BOX (MEDIUM): CL 1, RP 3 points. Basically a handheld EMP Radio scanner with a frequency scan mode that some ghost hunters claim allows communication with spirits. This grants the user an Electronics or Occultism skill check to determine if there is a spirit nearby (within 4" or 8 yards). Wt. 3lbs.
HOLY WATER (SMALL per vial): CL 0, RP 1 point per vial. Against some creatures, the sanctified water causes their supernatural abilities to short circuit. In others, it physically burns as if it were acid. Sometimes, it just causes them to be slightly wet and rather annoyed. If the creature has a bane associated with Holy or Radiant damage, the creature suffers associated to their individual bane from each splash, spill, or pour of holy water.
Characters with the Conviction Limited Awakening Theme can bless a number of vial of Holy Water equal to half their Spirits or Faith dice (whichever is higher) after an hour long ritual. Wt. 0.5lbs a vial.
PRAYER BEADS AND HOLY SYMBOL (TINY): CL 1, RP 2 points. By expending an Action against creatures with the bane against holy symbles allows a Contest of Spirits check. Failure by the creature of the bane it cannot approach the barer. This can be repeart each round. Comes in all faiths but requires the individual is a believer in that faith for it to work. Wt. 0.5lbs.
RITUAL OF EXORCISM (SMALL): CL 2, RP 4 points. This is a small book of religious texts that allows a agent to perform an Exprcism Ritual that can expel a ghost, spirit, demon or other entity that is possession a unwilling victim or item (or even cursed or unholy sites). As with other Rituals this is a Dramatic Task (SWADE pg. 122). A basic task is a Chanelling Test (requiring 4 tokens in 3 'rounds). Each round is 10 minutes long and requires an Occultism or Faith skill checks (using the Faith skill adds +2 to the caster's checks). There can be penalties to these tasks depending on how strong the spirit is. Complications can cause the spirit to attempt to possesse the exorcist with the caster of the ritual suffering an additional -2. The ritual requires Prayer Beads or Holy Symbols and other components (as from a Ritual Deployment Kit). Wt. 1lb.
RITUAL DEPLPYMENT KIT (MEDIUM): CL 2, RP 6 points. This is a case full of chalk, candles, matches, aradia and cernunnos charms, a chalice, various herbs, a few grams of Censer and incense, etc. This kit carries common ritual components required to preform such a task (see Rituals under House Rules). Wt. 5lbs.
SPIRIT BOARD (MEDIUM): CL 1, RP 4 points. A spirit board allows a non-psychic to communicate with spirits that are not manifest by spending 10 minutes Ritual with an Occultism check and waiting for the spirit to respond. Success means the spirit will respond either yes or no, or spell out the answer using up to five words for one question. The spirit can answer up to 1d4+2 questions. Generally requires at least a full 24 hours for the board to 'rest' before it can communicate with spirits again in this way. Wt. 4lbs.
TAROT CARDS (SMALL): CL 1, RP 3 points. The user can read the cards as part of a hour long ritual with a Occultism. Success allows the Agents can ask 1d4 questions, and the GM can answer with yes, no, doom, insight, or unclear. If the answer is doom, the proposed course of action or line of investigation will be dangerous or problematic for the agents. A Spirits check will lead to a positive resolution. Each additional question asked invites Doom. It requires at least a week of 'rest' for the cards to be used again safely. Wt. 0.5lbs.

Specialist Technical Kits[edit]

These are specialized and advanced kits used by Agents in the field for specialized fields of study and survival and medical care.
SURVEILLANCE PACKAGE (LARGE): CL 2, RP 3 points. A parabolic microphone and thermal imaging camera grants +2 to the operators Notice checks to overhear or see creatures within 20" (40 yards). Wt. 8lbs
TACTICAL ENTRY KIT (LARGE): CL 1, RP 2 points for each kit. Includes a mini-sledge hammer, crowbar, and utility knife, the TEK is capable of getting through any resistance and most security-hardened boxes, doors, or windows. GMs call but depending on the materials/toughness maybe require multiple actions and/or an Athletics skill check. Wt. 5lbs
WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT (LARGE): CL 1, RP 2 points per kit. This kit contains fire starters, 5 field rations, a tent large enough for 1 agent, bed roll, and a compass. Wt. 15lbs.

Other Weapons and Firearms[edit]

Includes weapons and firearms from the B.P.R.D.'s weapon lockets. These are generally keep locked up of course but are offen requested for dangerous or specialied missions.

For most I am just using the Medieval and Modern Melee Weapon along with Medieval and Modern Ranged Weapons and Modern Firearms from the SWADE pg. 72-75. Each weapons Weight is listed in the game stats there.
MEDIEVAL and MODERN MELEE WEAPONS (MEDIUM) (except for Great Axe, Great Sword and Katana): CL 1, RP 2 points for each weapon. For Great Axe, Great Sword and Katana increase the RP to 4 for each weapon requests and their size is LARGE.
MEDIEVAL and MODERN RANGED WEAPONS (LARGE): CL1, RP 2. Increads bows and crossbows. A sling reduces the RP to 1 and is sized SMALL.
MODERN REVOLVERS and AUTO-PISTOLS (SMALL) (except the Desert Eagle): CL 1, RP 3 points. The Desert Eagle increase the CL 2, RP 5 points.
SMG (MEDIUM): CL 3, RP 4 points for each weapon.
SHOTGUNS (LARGE): CL 1, RP 3 points each weapon. Note a Saw-Off Barrel shotgun is considered MEDIUM.
LEVEL or BOLT-ACTION RIFLES (LARGE) (except the Barrett .50), CL 2, RP 4 points for each weapon. The Barrett (.50) has a CL 4, RP 8 points and a size of HUGE
ASSAULT RIFLES (LARGE): CL 3, RP 6 points for each weapon.
MACHINE GUNS (HUGE): CL 4, RP 8 points for the Borrowing Automatic Rifle (BAR) and the MG42 (7.92mm) each.
MACHINE GUNS (HUGE): CL 5, RP 10 for each of the M60 (7.62mm) and SAW (5.56mm)
FLAMETHROWERS (HUGE) (SWADE pg. 78): CL 4, RP 6 points.

S&W HAND CANNON (MEDIUM): CL 3, RP 6 poits. Also called the Hellboy Special as he made it popular in the field. This enormous high caliber five cynder revolver was built specially for the B.P.R.D. who has to develop specialize rounds full of exotic chems and exiler to affect various supernaturals that they have enoutered over the years.
RANGE 15/30/60, DAMAGE 2d10, AP 3, ROF 1, SHOTS 5, MIN STR d12. WEIGHT 6lbs COST $750

All Medieval Ranged Weapons come with a quiver or bag of 20 arrows, bolts or sling stones. All Firearms come with 3 full magazine of speed-loaders or clips of ammo for them. For internal magazines (like shotguns and many bolt and leveler action firearms) a should slung ammo bandoleer is provided to all easy access to the individual rounds (Size MEDIUM, ammo counts as being stored in a pocket on the tecvest, Wt. 2lbs empty 4lbs full)

Firearm Accessories & Ammo[edit]

BIPOD/TRIDOP (LARGE): CL 2, RP 2 points. T As SWADE pg. 68. Wt. 4lbs.
LASER/RED DOT SIGHTS (SMALL): CL 2, RP 3 points each. As SWADE pg. 68. Wt. 1lb.
RIFLE SCOPE (SMALL): CL 2, RP 3 points each. As SWADE pg. 68. Wt. 4lbs.
EXTENDED MAGAZINE (SMALL or MEDIUM): CL 2, RP 2 points per magazine. Longer magazines or a drum keep you in the fight. For any non-revolver or interanal mag (like pump shotguns) firearm can be requested. Pistols gain 7 addition ammunition shots, for SMG and Assault riles gain and additional 15 shots. The Tompson SMG can fit a 50 round drum for 3RP, a size of MEDIUM and 4lbs. Wt. 1lb. per full pistol clip and 2+lbs for rifles.
SPEED LOADER (TINY or SMALL for S&W Hand Cannon): CL 2, RP 2 points per speed loader. For any revolver firearm. Allows full reload of weapon as a Clip Magazine. Speed loaders must be reloaded between uses. Wt. 1lb. per full speed-loader (2lbs for each of the S&W Hand Cannon)
SILENCER (SMALL): CL 3, RP 2 points per weapon. Reduces the noise of a firearm so that only creatures in the immediate area can hear it fire. Requires a Hearing Notice check at -4. Not available for revolvers, shotguns or machine guns (or flamethrowers). Wt. 1lb.

Ammo Requests
ARMOUR PIERCING ROUNDS: CL 2, RP 2 points per magazine. A Tungsten core that penetrates armour. Firearms using Armor piercing rounds increase the AP of the firearm by 2 but also deal -2 to damage.
FULL METAL JACKET ROUNDS: Standard Equipment Ammo, RP 1 point for every 2 additional magazines.
INCENDIARY ROUNDS: CL 3, RP 5 points per magazine. Deal an additional +1d4 fire damage to the target.
RUBBER ROUNDS: CL 1, RP 1 point per magazine. Deal half damage against targets but they must also make a Vigor check (-2 if you got a raise to hit them) or be Distracted and Vulnerable for one round. Also will not Bleed Out (see SWADE pg.)
SILVER ROUNDS: CL 3, RP 3 points per magazine. Though a poor metal for a projectile, the Bureau have found them effective against many creatures. The firearms AP drops to 0.

Additional Ammo types for the S&W HAND CANNON
ACID ROUNDS: CL 3, RP 5 per five rounds.
EXPLODING ROUNDS: CL 3, RP 5 per five rounds.
HOLY ROUNDS: CL 1, RP 2 per five rounds.


HAND GRENADES (SMALL): see SWADE pg. 78; Smoke and Stun Grenades are CL 2, RP 3 points each. The Mk67 (Modern) Grenades are CL 4, RP 4 each. Weight is listed in their game stats.
TEAR GAS GRENADE (SMALL): CL 2, RP 3 points each canister grenade. Within a LBT must make a Vigor -2 check or become Distracted and Vulnerable and lowers their Pace by half. The tear gas lingers in the LBT for 3d6 rounds and any creature who enters must make the Vigor -2 check or suffers as above. It also creates a Obscure in the LBT (-2 to Vision Novice and Shooting or Ranged Attacks) Creatures that move out of the area can make a Vigor -2 check on the round, a success removes the adverse affects at the end of your round, a raise removes them instantly. As an Action can try a Healing skill check when the target is out of the burst area to remove these conditions also. Wt. 2lbs.
C4 BREACHING CHARGE (SMALL): CL 3, RP 3 points per charge. The breaching charge requires a tiny wireless or wired detonator, which is issued with the charge and requires an action to detonate. When detonated, a C4 breaching charge will open a locked wooden or metal door. If detonated while attached to a creature, the charge deals 3d6 damage to the creature. Wt. 3lbs.
TIMED CHARGE (MEDIUM): CL 4, RP 6 points per charge. An action can be used to set the timer for either 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 10 minutes. Once activated, the timer can only be stopped by succeeding Repair check. With the charge detonates it deals 4d6 damage with AP4 in a LBT. Wt. 6lbs.


Relics in Hellboy's world are never generic or mundane. They always have an origin that is steeped in local culture — and occasionally the story of how the B.P.R.D. acquired it. Although the one item may be similar to another in effect, they are still one-of-a-kind artefacts in terms of design and historical significance.

These items can include things like magical artificits created in ancient days, blessed weapons of some long dead Saints, strange esoteric items created by modern scientists that defy what should exist or work in this reality! The list is near endless in what is possible, but what the Agency has in storages and can be given as requests to agents in the field? Thats a whole different story.

Instead of listed out a huge shopping list of items for the Agents to pick from I am going to provide a few examples. On certian mission the agency might suggest a few others or the players can come up with there crazy ideas. Note that I am going to use some (many) of the ideas found in the Savage Pathfinders and Fantasy Companion lists of Magical Items along with the SPC lists of "Itens of Power" for idea and the players can ask for many of these specifically. Not saying I will grant them even access to such but keep them in mind.

ANKH (SMALL): CL 1, RP 4 points. Dating back to the First Dynasty, the Research Department is unsure of the ankh's original function. Those available for use are from the Old Kingdom and are infused with the power of life. While carrying one on your person the first time a character is Incapacitated by Wounds (see SWADE pg. 95) treat her Vigor test as gaining a Raise automatically without need to a check. The Ankh must be returned to the Research Department for 'rechanging' before it can be used in this way again. Wt. 1lb.
BLESSED or MAGICAL WEAPON (Size Varies by weapon): CL 2, RP 8 points. Ancient weapons include all manner of swords, spears, daggers, knives, and axes from historic lost cultures. A few can be requisitioned, but agents could also run across one of these blades in the field. These weapons at their base grant a +1 Fighting checks and deal +2 damage that either counts as Radiant/Holy damage or Arcane/Magical damage. This can matter against certain supernatural's banes.
LUCKY CHARMS (SMALL): CL 1, RP 4 points. Many agent carry lucky charms but to be granted one of these relics has real effects (beyond what a individual might believe). Carrying one on your person grants the character one addition Benny for this mission. Wt. 0.5lbs.
MYSTIC SIGIL (SMALL): CL 2, RP 8 points. The B.P.R.D. has an entire selection of mystic sigils in a variety of portable articles from necklaces to notebook covers. When carried on one's person these allow the character to re-roll any one trait, ability or skill check so long as the test was not a Critical Failure. They must however accept the new roll. After they have used this ability it requires a hour of 'rest' before the sigil can be used again. You could also break the sigil as part of a successful melee attack (armed or unarmed). This destroys the sigil but the creature you attacked deals an addition +2d6 Radiant or Holy damage to the target in addition to the best attacks damage. Wt. 0.5lbs.
SCHUFFTEIN GLASSES (MEDIUM): CL 1, RP 8 points. Created by Emil Schufftein in 1878, three pairs of these glasses have been recovered so far. Though bulky with a leather harness, the glasses use four crystal dioptres to penetrate through glamour and magic illusions. While wearing these google like glasses you can ignore or see through the following powers to see a creatures "true" form and see Ghosts - Chameleon, Illusion and Invisibility. However wearing them for too long can be disorienting. After one minute (10 rounds) of use the wearing is Distracted and Vulnerable. Removing them removes these condition after one hour or rest. Wt. 4lbs.
WARDING TALISMAN (SMALL): CL 1, RL 6 points. Symbols of the various faiths or saints and even stones and crystals can protect the wearer when imbued. They grant Resistance (as Elemental Resistance) against psionic and magical mental abilities such as Mind Control, Mind Reading and Possession. They can also be broken (destroyed) to end any effects of a magical or divine 'curse' on the character. What a curse might be can be determined by the GM. Wt. 0.5lbs.

Examples of Character Creation[edit]

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Hellboy Agent Walker.jpg

Agent Olivia Walker
Remarkable Human, Field Agent

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirts d8, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Pace 6, Parry 7, Toughness 10 (4)
SKILLS: Athletics d8, Common Knowledge d8, Drive d4, Fighting d10, Intimidate d6, Notice d8, Occultism d6, Persuasion d8, Shooting d10, Stealth d8
EDGES: Alertness, Brave, Command, Command Presence, Hold the Line, Martial Arts, Natural Leader, Rapid Fire
HINDRANCE: Loyal (Minor), Obligation (the BPRD) (Major), Superstitious (Minor)
Gear: Glock 9mm Pistol (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, AP1, ROF1, Ammo 17, Wt. 3lbs) with 3 full clips (3lbs); BPRD Ballistic TacVest with inserts (Torso; AP4, -4 to ballistic damage; Wt. 12lbs); BPRD Heavy Duty Backpack (can carry up to 40lbs, Wt. 2lbs); High Powered Flashlight (Wt. 1lb); BPRD Tracer (Wt. 1lb); First Aid Kit (Wt. 1lb), Binoculars (Wt. 2lbs), 20 yards Nylone Rope (Wt. 3lbs), Two sets of Handcuffs (Wt. 2lbs)
Standard Request of RP 2 on most missions.
Encumbrance: 30lbs


  • Deadeye: +1d6 damage to mundany firearms, bows, etc. [2]
  • Super Attributes: +1 step to Agility, Snarts, Spirits, Stealth and Vigor [10]
  • Super Edge: Command, Command Presence, Martial Arts, Natural Leader, Rapid Fire [10]
  • Super Skills: +1 step to Athletics, Common Knowldge, Notice and Stealth; +2 steps to Fighting and Shooting [8]

Hellboy Field Analyst Parks.jpg2.jpg

Field Analyst, Professor Melvin Parks
Limited Awakening Human, Field Agent

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Smarts d10, Spirts d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Pace 6, Parry 4, Toughness 7 (2)
SKILLS: Academics d4, Athletics d4, Common Knowledge d8, Fighting d4, Notice d6, Occultism d8+2, Persuasion d6, Psionics d10, Research d4, Science d8, Shooting d6, Stealth d4, Weird Science d6
EDGES: Arcane Reistance, Elan, Jack-of-all-Trades, Luck, Scholar (Occultism)
HINDRANCE: Curiousity (Major), Obligation (the BPRD, Major)
Gear: Glock 9mm Pistol (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, AP1, ROF1, Ammo 17, Wt. 3lbs) with 3 full clips (3lbs); BPRD Ballistic TacVest (Torso; AP2, -4 to ballistic damage; Wt. 6lbs); BPRD Heavy Duty Backpack (can carry up to 40lbs, Wt. 2lbs); High Powered Flashlight (Wt. 1lb); BPRD Tracer (Wt. 1lb); First Aid Kit (Wt. 1lb), Healing Bowl (7lbs), generally request a BPRD Laptop (Wt. 5lbs)
Standard Request of RP 2 on most missions.
Encumbrance: 29lbs


  • Mind Reading (Stronger +2) [4]
  • Object Reading [2]
  • Scan (psychic powers and users) [2]
  • Telepathy [2]
  • Healing (Cure +2, Requires Touch -2, Restoration +2; Device -2 Easily grabbed) [5] "Healing Rod" - an Weird Science devie requiring that skill (Wt. 7lbs)
  • Super Attributes: +2 steps to Smarts and +1 step to Spirits [6]
  • Super Edge: Jack-of-all-Trades, Scholar -Occultism [4]
  • Super Skills: +2 steps to Psionics, Sciences, and Occultism, +1 step to Academics [7]

Hellboy Agent Holmes.jpg

Agent Frederick Holmes
Supernatural (Vampire), Field Agent

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirits d6, Strength d12, Vigor d8
Pace 8 (d6+2), Parry 6, Toughness 12 (4)
SKILLS: Ahletics d8, Common Knowledge d6, Fighting d8, Intimidate d6, Notice d6, Persuasion d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d10
EDGE: Marksman, Two Gun Kid
HINDRANCES: Code of Honor (Major), Heroic (Major)
GEAR: Glock 9mm Pistol (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, AP1, ROF1, Ammo 17, Wt. 3lbs) with 3 full clips (3lbs); Requests normally a Second Glock 9mm Pistol (and mods to his TacVest to have two holsters) (+6lbs); BPRD Ballistic TacVest with inserts (Torso; AP4, -4 to ballistic damage; Wt. 12lbs); BPRD Heavy Duty Backpack (can carry up to 40lbs, Wt. 2lbs); High Powered Flashlight (Wt. 1lb); BPRD Tracer (Wt. 1lb); First Aid Kit (Wt. 1lb); 5 pints of blood in hardened carrying case (Wt. 5lbs), Crowbar (Wt. 2lbs), 20 yards Nylone Rope (Wt. 3lbs), Sholve (Wt. 2lbs)
He has a Standard RP 2 points for each mission.
Total Encumbrance: 41lbs


  • Hardy [2]
  • Heightened Senses: Infravion and Low-Light Vision [2]
  • Melee Attack - Claws (Str+d6, AP2), Switchable -Bite (Str+2d6) [5]
  • Leaping [2]: Horizontal 4", Long 8" base.
  • Mind Control (Leashed -2, Limited-Requires Eye Contact -1) [2]
  • Pace [2]: +2 to Pace and Running
  • Regeneration (Every Hour; Limited- Requires to have drank a pint of blood in the last hour -2) [3]
  • Super Attributes: Agility +1 step, Strength +3 steps [8]
  • Undead [8]
  • Wall Walking [1]

Vampire Banes

  • Dependency (Blood) [-2]: Vampires are required to drink at least one pint of blood every day. Without the required blood, the vampire becomes Fatigued each day until Incapacitated. A day after that, they perish. Each pint of blood drank will instantly restores a level of Fatigue
  • Weakness (Sunlight) [-2]: Vampires burn in sunlight. They take 2d4 damage per round until they are ash. Armor protects normally.