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Do The Funky Gibbon[edit]

  • Okay this is my little view of a small part of Glorantha, as people like to say your game may vary. No quoting canon please. But with regards to your cult and view of who your pc's how ever you want it. You've not had much contact with other peoples/cults so far.....

Great lines[edit]

  • "We need big, big, fire to cook you all: 'Ot Po'tato hungry and his god likes burning hoomans. You lie down and die now okey dokey?" 'Ot Po'tato to sable riders.

The Goodies[edit]

  • Snikka FlikkaPlayed by rstites. Alpha male of the Goodies Troop. His claws can physicaly damage ghosts.Exsisting in both worlds,they flicker constantly with a pale light. Brother of Boo Waa.
  • Boo Waa Played by Meriss The troops main hunter. Mistress of the Sneak and winner of last years Great Hunt. Owner of the 'Shade'.Sister of Snikka.
  • Zsa Zsa Gaboon Played by NexusI the troops newly appointed shamaness and Troop leader. Owner of the Funky Gibbon drums. Aunt to Snikka And Boo
    • Rippa Tabla new apprentice and member of the Spirt Smashers/Stone Breakers troop. Male.
    • Aye Aye Npc ally, apprentice shaman , female

And starting off slightly separate to begin with ..

  • 'Ot Po'tato Played by johanngottliebfichte Oakfed male shaman from the Singefur troop, custodial troop of the Oakfed temple at monkey shrine. Permanently singed, crackles like a fire when he talks and blows smoke rings. Master of all things fire...well almost.
    • T'Sssss Npc ally, male apprentice shaman,missing rather a lot of fur.


  • Baba Ganough. The Funky Gibbon clan's Matriach. Mother of Zsa Zsa and Grandmother to Boo and Snikka. 'Ot Po'tato is remotely related to you all.
    • Yum Potato old baboon matron. Collector of mushrooms
  • Dok Ankman leader of the Spirit Smasher troop
    • Da Na his hunter sidekick
    • Ee Gon their shaman
    • Rippa young spirit smasher Baboon
    • Rhino Broo

    • Two Thumb Tom

Stuff + treasure[edit]

    • Snikka TTT mace+thumbs, Bonnet, crystal
    • Kash TTT spear+shield, crystal
    • Boo The shade, seeds, whistle, crystal spearhead, Zebra skin hat
    • Chik vial of blue liquid
    • Zsa Zsa Bolo lizard claw, waha statuette, Red feather cloak,
    • Rippa rhino club, lead ball
    • Ot Sable bone breastplate
    • T'Sss
  • morokanth tomb
    • Lead ball
    • Stone statue of waha
    • Crystal one
    • Crystal two
    • Bolo lizard claw engraved with death rune...throbs
    • Zebra skin hat
    • Vial of blue liquid
  • TTT's stuff
    • Two Thumb Tom's gear consists of a Lead mace, a large bronze rimmed shield , a spear and some leather bits and bob's of armour. There are what looks like matrixes on the shield Darkwall 2 matrix and mace Darksense and bludgeon 1
    • Thumbs
  • Hyena
    • one cloak with protection 3
    • one cloak with countermagic 2
    • one hyena head irontooth 2 +1 intimidation when worn.
    • she also made six short hyena skin cloaks.

Stone Monkeys[edit]

  • Speak No Evil
  • Hear No Evil
  • See No Evil

Npc Ancestors[edit]

  • FurrowFur
  • Mule Kick
  • Nakka
  • Pimphand:
    • Rumoured to be the grandson of the Gibbon himself. Though he was the one that started that rumour. Earned his name due to the fearsome skills displayed in slapping Broo, Scorpionmen and Krashti during the baboon tribes first settlement of the Monkey Ruins. Travelled to the Block and gained the favour of the Storm Bulls for his ferocious approach and the fact that he entered battle unarmed and unarmoured. Also the slapping, the endless slapping. Even now a small, little known, group of Storm Bulls practice a martial art inspired by his example.

Berserker. Lover. Poet.


  • KONG, elder brother to Snikka and Boo. Zorak Zoran Runelord. By joinng Zorak Zoran, this baboon has broken all ties with his ancestors.

  • You have all come a cropper from Kong at some stage in your life. He's a bully and a braggart and loves to cause trouble. He's been pinching troop members to expand his gang in the Northern reaches of the ruins.

Monkey Ruins[edit]

  • A Large ruined complex in the deserts of Prax. Home to many troops of baboons each guarding their own totem area.
  • The largest known and possibly only temple to Oakfed. This is where the Spirit itself entered Prax. The SingeFur troop are the custodians of this special fiery area.
  • Plenty of buildings, water tanks, statues and old temples....think the monkey ruins of the jungle book without the jungle. Sand dunes shift and change constantly.
  • The Goodie troop is based around the large eight armed statue of their ancestor the Funky Gibbon.
  • The Funky Gibbon clan has several troops that take turns guarding the compound, rotated yearly depending on the results of the previous Sacred time.
  • Due to an increase in Heroquests strange things have been happening within the ruins. New trees have grown over night baring strange fruits, monkeys have appeared in large numbers and new and strange magics have become available. Several buildings have suddenly become whole again....Foremost the Badda Bing Shrine on Root street.

The Goodies[edit]

  • An interesting group of rythmic Baboons,renown for their dancing and drumming prowess. Creaters of revelry where ever they go.
  • You follow the great spirit "Funky Gibbon".
  • Your troop has the special ability of Party all night. +1 Cha when dealing with all other Baboons who make their Monkey business roll.

Your Gods/spirits[edit]

  • Funky Gibbon. Ancesteral Tribal spirit and totem of the Goodies Troop. Eight armed Cosmic dancer, lover and fighter. Worshipped by the Goodies.
  • This Monkey spirit is depicted as an eight armed Baboon, dancing whilst playing the drums with wicked claws shining blue. He s your Clan's ancestor and the Goodies Troop Totem. Everything can be solved with a good party, good food and a good scrap.....Needless to say you are all excellent dancers and find it rather hard to pass up the chance to throw a party. Your compound in the Monkey ruins is renown for all night raves, repetitive beats and glassy eyed revelers...Something about the fungus growing in the cellars.....
  • Grandfather Baboon.
  • Hykim
  • Oakfed. Wild fire Spirit.
  • Foundbrother. Baboon hunting spirit.
  • The Monkey King. War God of the Monkey ruins.
  • The Evening Star
    • Gloaming. Duration until the next dawn. This is cast during the day at a chosen area with a volume of 100 cubic meters. At Dusk that volumes light remans fixed in place, and remains present even after the sun sets, persisting all night as a small piece of day. The area will remain as bright as the was as the sun sank below the edge of the world. The lighted area has indistinct edges, but is clearly visible at night. It ends as the sun rises the next morning
  • The Dew Maiden
  • Raven


Divine Intervention[edit]

  • You can try it and good luck ;) Your spirits don't have much clout.


Power and casting spells


  • each character needs to decide on one trade good to carry. EG mule leg, bag of feathers...

Character fighting notice toughness parry Shooting Throwing Stealth
Snikka d10 d6 7 7/9 d6
Boo Waa d6 d8+2 5 5/6 d8 d6 d10
Zsa Zsa d4 d6 5 4 d4
'Ot Po'tato d6 d4 5 5 d6
Kash d6 d6 5 6 d6
Rippa d6 d6 5 4 0 d6
Chik d4 d6 5 4 d6 d6 d6
T'Sss d4 d6 5 4 0 d6