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From the Game: RedCat Does Math!

RedCat was Dilbex Business Software's ill-fated foray into cute educational software. Too advanced for the tots and too cuddly for the teens he was dressed up in ever-more desperate outfits and scenarios (Space-Sums, Ninja-Numbas, Dino-Fractions, Hello Mathy) before Dilbex moved back into the accounting software they were comfortable with. RedCat looks like a low-poly-count, red-shaded Grumpy Cat. He is logical to a page-fault, amiable by nature but the hard-wired "Yay! Give yourself a Gold Star!" that he is forced to say for any failed attempt by anyone at solving a problem drives him to distraction. He retains the snappy and sometimes acidic repartee that was his trademark in the day.

Coins: 2

Hearts: [1] [2] [3]

Lives: 2


High Concept: Bitter Educational Mathematical Cat

Trouble: My Friends Are Lost to the Glitch

Aspect: The Red Queen - A half-hacked remnant of RedCat Plays Chess!, a Red Queen chess piece with RedCat's face and an ill-fitting crown appears sporadically nearby RedCat and does indeed do six impossible (not always useful) things before breakfast.

Aspect: Liquid Crystal LaserCalc - Dilbex's attempt to infuse the RedCat line with "Star Wars" popularity was as toddler-friendly as the rest of RedCat. It did however give RC his first shot at Haxing himself free from the Mathamatrix and it can write sums on ANY surface, even thin air.

Aspect: Kyla's Shiny Pirate Hat - Groaning under the weight of gold braid and feathers, this gaudy tricorne sports three cheerfully grinning skulls, which may potentially ask you to solve puzzles involving gold, bananas and coconuts. They don't sing though. Probably.


Good (+3): Hax, Taunt

Fair (+2): Chat, Sneak

Average (+1): Block, Jump, Spot

Special Moves:[edit]

Unbeatable: The Explanation is Extensive - Create an Advantage with two free invokes using Chat.

Unlock: No (Taunt) - Defend

Upgrade: I See the Matrix (Spot) +2 to Overcome Obstacles with Spot by seeing a weakness in the underlying Code.

Upgrade: Let Me Point Out Your Error +2 to Attack with Taunt after successfully Creating an Advantage.

Upgrade: All Cats are Grey +2 to Create Advantage with Sneak.

Hax: Let Me Optimize Your Algorithm (Unused Code): Spend a coin to roll Hax, opposed by the target’s Hax. If you succeed, roll on the signature aspect chart (page 20) to create a new aspect. This aspect replaces one of the target’s signature aspects, your choice, for the rest of the scene.

Hax: Nyan Mode (Warp) - Spend a coin to roll Hax against Fair (+2) opposition. If you succeed, you can appear in any zone or area in the scene, regardless of obstacles keeping you out. If you succeed with style, you can put yourself in an unusual position, placing an aspect on yourself such as Death from Above! or Came out of Nowhere with a free invoke. RedCat hates using this because Rainbows come out of...ahem.

Hax: Flat Cat - If RedCat succeeds on a Defend action he can spend a coin to place the "Invisibly flat" aspect on himself with two free invokes. This is RedCat's ability to invoke one of the early versions of his software, which was entirely 2-D (and slightly better drawn actually).

Hax: Speaker for the Dead - If a pixon has one heart left or less, RedCat can step forward and offer them peace and release from the Glitch, rolling Hax against +2 to be able to guide them. If he succeeds they immediately fade, dropping coins as usual but he gets a situation aspect based on them with two invokes representing a fundamental truth about the Glitch, at least in the present stage.