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A Mongoose Runequest 2 game set in Ralios in 2nd Age Glorantha. Run by Sam/Mandacaru.

The Scant Regard herself is a three-masted schooner of the sort that plies trade routes on Lake Felster. Her sails are made of a black silk that can barely be seen, so little light does it reflect. Still, a slight change in hue on the sails allows runes to be seen on the sails. From fore to aft, the main sails are emblazoned with a Darkness rune, an Air rune and a Mastery rune. The remaining sails, to the fore, have other runes, among them Death, Movement and Disorder.

The boat herself is crafted from a dark wood that would appear to be oak. There is a modest space belowdeck, where the crew sleep. There is no space for cooking - this must be done above - but there is a cargo hold, usually empty except for some barrels of water and salt pork and tack. There are two doors that remain permanently locked. One is at the aft where the captain's cabin should be. The other is to the hull and carries an unusual rune carved into it, that of the Godlearners but with the three lines bearing arrows.

The boat sails at night on dark winds that cannot be felt but can be seen to those who seek to look. She rides on Otherworld clouds of mist created by Inora (or Norag). While aboard, the real world can only be seen as concentrations of essence, with the occasional sighting of powerful beings or of otherworld monsters.

Player Characters[edit]

  • Hatari Nyaati played by Asen_G
  • ??? played by coyoteboy
  • ??? played by RoadScholar
  • Zorgtan played by Rune Magus
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Chargen & House rules[edit]

  • ... points for chargen, irrespective of race.
  • Characters are Seasoned but without the extra points for characteristics.
  • We will use MRQ2 advancement in addition to a success-based advancement as in earlier incarnations of RQ