Scent Elemental Dufiros

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Scent Elemental[edit]

Also Known As: Elemental of Scent

General Comments: "What is that SMELL!?" ~ "Oh, yeah... that's me."

These Extremely Rare Elementals glory in the various scents in nature. Scent Elementals of a non-corporeal nature tend to 'Become Scents' that interest them; a subtly scented flower, a pungent herb, loamy earth, grass, a pine tree, etc., and can change scents often as it suits their desires and thus can potentially exist forever as an Elemental as they are very difficult to find in nature. Scent Elementals of a corporeal nature can also live long lives as Elementals and usually use their Powers of Scent to Improve Odds of Survival or Improve Life Skills or Professional Craft.

Elevation: However, in either case, once discovered, Scent Elementals are most often Elevated to Spasa of Blending, as many Blending Spirits are chefs, brewers and alchemists, and having the ability to Identify and Distinguish Scents to such a high degree is a great asset in these Professions. In some Rare cases, they might be Elevated to Spasa of Air first, and in very rare cases, Spasa of Illusion... but the Race of Blending is usually in the Life Path of most Scent Elementals. Lastly, Scent Elementals are sometimes sought out by the Races of Rot and forced to Elevate to Spasa of Rot as their first Spasa Race, usually putting them on a Life Path of Rot, Rust and Death.

Hierarchy: Unlike many other Elementals, even some of the more Rare ones, Scent Elementals do NOT have a Hierarchy that they Intrinsically belong to, as they do not have a Spasa, Avasa or Masoja equivalent Race or even an associated Race, other than the Race of Blending. They are usually 'absorbed into whatever Hierarchy their first Spasa Race belongs to or the Hierarchy that best fits their Profession.


  • 1: Be a Scent: ?
  • 2: Transfer Aspects of Scent
  • 3: Ability to Identify Scents
  • 4: Distinguish Scents one from another
  • 5: Alter Scent
  • 6: Contain or Spread Scent
  • 7: Create Scent
  • 8: Scent Attacks
    • Dufiro of the same Race using the same Power, can sometimes combine their Efforts to Greater Effect.
      • Personal Effecting Powers normally cannot be Combined.

Race Alliances and Enemies[edit]

Alliances: Spasa of Blending, Spasa of Illusion, Avasa of Blending

Known Members[edit]

Shagas of Glass; Avasa of Ice

Known Affinities[edit]