Schools, Paths, Kata and Dojo

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Schools, Paths, Kata and Dojo[edit]

This page is for the most basic material for a character - their School/Class. It also covers the additional benefits offered to L5R characters with the advent of Time of the Void and then Way of the Samurai - Paths, kata and dojo. Finally, you can find information on the various Martial Arts styles practiced in Rokugan, as first seen in Way of the Open Hand.

General Information[edit]

General Information

  • Non-character specific information, including new base classes for d20, generic kata and Paths, and any other School-related information that doesn't apply to a specific Clan or Faction.

The Major Clans[edit]

The Crab Clan

  • Schools and other information specific to the mighty Crab Clan.

The Crane Clan

  • Information relevant to the sublime Crane Clan.

The Dragon Clan

  • Schools and other material for the enigmatic Dragon Clan.

The Lion Clan

  • Material applicable to the noble Lion Clan.

The Mantis Clan

  • Information for the young and ambitious Mantis Clan.

The Phoenix Clan

  • Schools and more for the mystical Phoenix Clan.

The Scorpion Clan

  • Vile tricks of the hidden Scorpion Clan.

The Unicorn Clan

  • Outsider lore of the barbarian Unicorn Clan.

Minor Clans and Ronin[edit]

The Minor Clans

  • Schools and more for the Badger, Bat, Dragonfly, Fox, Hare, Monkey, Ox, Sparrow, Tortoise and any other Minor Clans that might exist in the Emerald Empire.


  • Schools and other material for ronin characters. Any ronin family information should go here, while material without any associated status at all should go in the General Information section above.

Enemies and Allies[edit]

The Shadowlands

  • Schools and other information on the Empire's oldest foe, the corrupt Shadowlands.

The Kolat

  • The ancient secrets of the shadowy Kolat.

The Lying Darkness

  • Powers and techniques of the Nothing and its servants.

The Gozoku

  • New information regarding the mysterious Gozoku.


  • New and disturbing insights about Those-who-do-not-belong.