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Having said that, all you GMs out there might want to bear in mind that these are just suggestions as to how you could unfold the mystery for the players - you can drop or ignore as much of this as you like.

The Answer: Where is Darryl's Money?[edit]

Darryl had indeed made ten thousand pounds from drug dealing, and was indeed planning to elope with the cash. However, he had been doing so without the permission of the local Polish organised crime gangs, and as such they've been beating him up regularly looking for his cash.

For that reason, he changed his cash into a more readily portable form (diamonds, no less) and hid them in a double-condom stashed in his back pocket. No, not the back pocket of his jeans, but rather the back pocket between his buttocks...

The Trail of Clues[edit]

The Study[edit]

A search will find, amongst the crap and drug paraphenalia, a tattered receipt from a few days ago indicating that Darryl visited Kwik Kash, a local pawnbroker. However, rather than sell stuff (as is more common for Scum) he was actually spending money, apparently spending £10,000 on an item labelled "PRINCESS CUT LOOSE".

Its worth noting that Kwik Kash is securely locked up for the night, well alarmed, and beyond any scum's ablity to break into without getting arrested.

The Lounge[edit]

In the graveyard is Darryl's mum's grave, which looks to have been freshly disturbed. Among the broken dirt are some empty Tesco's bags. This will remind the Scum that for a day or two they saw Darryl carrying around a couple of bulging Tesco's bags. Presumably, they figure, he was carrying around all the bank notes he had like this, but presumably he managed to change the cash into something more portable.

The Kitchen[edit]

Hanging around here and listening carefully, the Scum will hear two guys with Polish accents quizzing the Turks in the van. The Turks will be denying that they know where "that stupid boy" is, and reassuring the Poles that they'd "never deal with that sort of cash without the permission of the boss" and that "we don't even keep that sort of money in the van, nor jewellery".

The Turks will then point out the Scum present saying "they're his mates, might want to ask them". Any Scum who doesn't leg it at this stage will be grabbed by the Poles, and will effectively be out of the game. Let them know this, of course.

Professor Plum[edit]

Plum will reveal that he knew Darryl, and that Darryl was a "nice boy". He'll eventually let on that Darryl did indeed cottage with him, but that Darryl was "always a taker, never a giver, which was a shame because the boy had an arse like a bucket."

Reverend Green[edit]

Green will say that Darryl was "alright - he'd do anything for cash that boy." He'll findly recollect the one time that Darryl did a drug run from Amsterdam for him. He says he never figured how Darryl got so much resin through customs.

Miss Scarlett[edit]

Scralett turns out to be Darryl's older sister. Her real name is Hannah, and she's thirty-one. She reveals that Darryl had always been a bit weird, trying on her clothes and jewellery when he was little, and only recently asked her where he could buy some girly bling.

Mrs. Peacock[edit]

Contrary to rumour, Mrs. Peacock never sucked off Darryl. In fact, he was just good friends with her. He told her that he wasn't planning to go to Ibiza at all, but had bigger dreams and plans. He was going to use his cash to buy into the underworld in London, and said that "they don't deal with cash, these people."

Colonel Mustard[edit]

Mustard will confide that he often saw Darryl come in, and that when Darryl thought he wasn't looking that the boy would shoplift various gay magazines into whatever newspaper he was buying. Also, he says, he saw Darryl buying a big tube of KY and a packet of condoms, and recalls Darryl asking Mr. Patel if these were the strongest ones he had...

Mrs. White[edit]

White isn't Darryl's aunty, but rather his stalker. In her trolley she has several grainy photos of him, obviously taken without his knowledge. The pertinent one is through his bathroom window, where Darryl has a grimace of constipation on his face, but is squatting in the bathtub, with his hand towards his backside...

GMing troubleshooter[edit]

The players have worked it out off the first clue! Now what?[edit]

What happens now depends on which method of running the game you were going for. If you are working with the default of 5 clues needed, then you can just tell the player that even if they're smart enough to figure things out, their Scum isn't, so they still need to get 5 clues before they can go back to Darryl's body. Don't forget, the scenario stipulates that you can only turn up to grab the loot if you have your five clues, so don't even let players back to the starting location until they're done collecting clues.

If you're running the game in a more traditional vein, and dispensing with clue counting, then just roll with it! If you want to stretch htings out a bit you can improv another layer of mystery - perhaps instead of diamonds there is a locker key, and the players then have to go back to the witnesses and clue spots to work out where the locker is!

The players have run the game out of clues! There aren't any enough to find![edit]

First, be sure that this is the case. Though the location clues can each only be picked up once, the witnesses can each be interviewed multiple times by different scum (though each given witness only counts as one clue for a given scum). Also, count the number of clues that the players have in total between them - if they have five different clues between them, then its okay - the game now becomes about forcible redistribution of the clues!

If there truly are only 4 clues left in play (for example, if a good number of witnesses have been killed by the players, or are now out of their time slot, and if key locations have been shut down by the police), then you have two options.

The first is to throw in an "inspiration session". Any character can spend half an hour drinking heavily or smoking weed (shrapnel/drug + pisshead/stoner check as normal), and on a success will have a flash of insight, gaining a free Clue.

The second is to tell the players that there's no longer enough clues for their Scum to solve the mystery, and to end the game. Perhaps they'd like to start the scenario again?

A grudge match has broken out! Player A is killing B, who is coming back to kill A, who is coming back to kill B...[edit]

Remind the players that this sort of behaviour is against the spirit of the rules. Casual murder and PvP action is fine in this game, but each new Scum should be a fresh slate, free of any "past lives". Also remind the players that if no-one gets the money by 6am, they are all considered to have lost the scenario.

A Scum is effectively out of the game, because his stats have dropped too low. Can he suicide his character?[edit]

Emphatically, yes. He can state that his character is giving up and heading home to go to bed, and roll up a new one. Generally though, its a good idea to introduce a new character half an hour (in game time) after the previous one has left the game.