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Domains: Tempest, Trickery

Known as the Walker, the Scavenger, the Storm Harbinger, Scylla is a great, crablike creature with features of many crustaceans and arthropods. Her shell is a shimmering blue with green and violet highlights, and she has many legs and four large claws. She walks beneath the waves, roving from place to place on no set path. She is among the more peaceful of kaiju, rarely bothering mortals, though if molested she is a terrifying foe.

Scylla is associated with storms; it is believed that she either precedes thunderstorms or follows in their wake. Her blue shell crackles with electricity, and when angered she can raise her three-tined tail and use it to call down the lightning on her foes. She is known to rummage through the debris of storm-wrecked ships, though her purposes in doing so are unknown.

Those who revere Scylla see her as symbolizing the freedom and wildness of the sea, a world without borders or boundaries. Scylla herself seems to pay little attention to these mortals, unless perhaps to avoid stepping on them should they cross her path, but there have been a few instances of the Cerulean Terror rising in wrath to destroy a pirate ship or large sea monster at the supplication of one of her followers.

When angered, Scylla tears foes apart with her mighty claws, relying on her hard, thorny shell for protection. Against especially large or distant foes, she fires bolts of lightning from her tail. Her mouth drools acid, and can penetrate the toughest of hides.