Senkov the Protégé

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Senkov the Protégé
Senkov.jpg Up until six years ago, Senkov, a Talanian orphan and refugee, was just another street thief who stole on a day-to-day basis in order to survive in the unforgiving slums of Old Lutetia. Resigned to a life of hardship and poverty, his luck fortuitously changed after a fateful encounter with Prince Jean-Remy who happened to be seeking a protégé.

Recognizing Senkov's raw potential, Prince Jean-Remy took the pickpocket under his wing and began grooming the boy to become an integral part of the spymaster's network. With his Talanian heritage and burgeoning tradecraft skills, Senkov could access the one valuable resource that the spymaster always had difficulty tapping into: the numerous Talanian refugee enclaves located all throughout Elara.

With that advantage in hand, Senkov is currently serving as one of the Queen's Cavaliers as his general cover. However, he still reports directly back to his shadowy benefactor. And while the young protégé is faithfully devoted to his mentor's cause, an unforeseen complication has arisen in the form of Senkov's recent infatuation with Queen Mariana II. Because if there was ever a falling out between Prince Jean-Remy and the Queen, then Senkov's loyalties may very well become divided.

Classes & Advancement
Brigand Provocateur
Commoner [d0] Soldier [d6]
Competency Die [d6] Yield Limit 9
XP Earned 0 XP Spent 0

Character Details
Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'10" Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue
Age: 23 Birthstone: Sapphire
Nationality: Talanian Religion: Asrian
Occupation: Intelligence Agent Residence: Lutetia
Affiliation: The Queen's Cavaliers Reputation: Uncanny Snoop

[ ] Albian [ ] Ekalian [x] Gallinean [ ] Ifrani
[ ] Old Qartan [ ] Ondalese [x] Talanian (N) [ ] Varendish

Passions & Personifications
[d12] Loyalty Prince Jean-Remy
[d10] Love Queen Mariana II
[d8] Family Queen of Rats
[d6] Country Exiled Monarch of Talania

Attributes, Skills, & Specialties
Competency [d6] Verve [d6] Affinity [d8] Guile [d10]
[ ] Clockworks
[x] Defense Dodge +2
[x] Dueling Lunge +1 Feint +1
[x] Education Society +1
[x] Initiative
[x] Interaction Negotiate +1 Deceive +1
[ ] Magicks
[x] Medicine Poison +2
[x] Military Aim +1 Strategy +1
[x] Nature Prowl +2
[x] Observation Perceive +1 Intuition +1
[x] Streetwise Conspire +2

Style Maneuvers
Maximize Conspire: Spend 1 Style Point to set the value of one Conspire die to its maximum value before rolling.
Maximize Prowl: Spend 1 Style Point to set the value of one Prowl die to its maximum value before rolling.
Reroll Defense: Spend 1 Style Point to reroll a Defense roll.

Weapon & Armor Prowess
Weapons Armors
[x] Knife [d6] [x] Leather Jerkin [d6]
[x] Sword [d8] [ ] Steel Breastplate [d10]
[ ] Pike [d10] [ ] Buckler [d8]
[x] Quarterstaff [d6]
[x] Bow [d6]
[x] Crossbow [d8]
[x] Pistol [d6]
[ ] Musket [d10]
[ ] Cannon [d12]

Wealth Pool: [d0] [d6] [d6]
Barter Dice: [d6]

Weapons, Armor, & Other Equipment
Dagger (Knife) (x2) Weapon [d6]
Leather Jerkin Armor [d6]
Poison (x6) Expend 1 per use of poison.
Rapier (Sword) Weapon [d8]

Guard Uniform
Body Item Color Charm/Armor Die
Head Capotain Sable
Chest Leather Jerkin Sable Armor [d6]
Arms Soldier's Gloves Argent Dueling (Lunge) [d6]
Legs Breeches Sable
Feet Boots Sable Defense (Dodge) [d6]
Shoulders Tabard Argent

Peasant Outfit
Body Item Color Charm/Armor Die
Chest Shift Argent
Legs Breeches Sable
Feet Buckled Shoes Sable

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