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  • Level 3
  • Max Effort: 5
  • XP: 9
  • Spent Dominion: 4
  • Current Influence: 4/4
  • Wealth: 0

Facts Et Cetera[edit]

  • Origin: Created in the Bright Republic as an advanced android prototype, with pseudorganic components over an advanced cybernetic endoskeleton. (She's comfortable with technology, although not necessarily an expert. She's accustomed to more "modern" culture, and forms of government and corporate organization. Her brain does computer-type stuff.)
  • Career: She adopted the name Serendipity and worked as an adventurer for a few years, delving into ancient ruins and hiring out her sword along with a band of like-minded misfits. She retired out of low-grade dungeon diving as her powers more fully manifested. (She knows how to do D&D-adventurer-stuff. Find a secret door, pack a backpack correctly, tell a real gem from a fake, play cards and get rumors in a tavern.)
  • Relationship: One of the adventurers she became close friends with, a rogue and assassin named Caterina, was later revealed to be a Vissian aristocrat slumming it. She returned to her life of wealth and power, but the two still exchange letters. (Uses: Plot hooks, knows stuff about Vissio specifically, speaks the language, would have allies and sanctuary if she went there.)
  • Goal: Figure out why she has powers. She's never heard the term "Godbound" and doesn't know what that is or where they come from. She initially thought her abilities were things that had been built into her - but being a technorganic construct doesn't give you Dominion, or the ability to influence minds and weather patterns.
  • L2 Fact: Political Animal. Serendipity has dove straight into intrigue and practical political concerns when given the chance.
  • L3 Fact:
  • Description: Serendipity appears to be a woman in her early 20s, pale with dark hair. On closer examination, the gemstone in the center of her forehead isn't an item of jewelry, but is instead a part of her body. Her eyes are also too jewel-like in their clarity to be natural. She normally dresses in dark blue or purple clothing and favors silver or platinum jewelry. She's kind, generous, and brave, but also loves money.


Attribute Score Mod Check
Str 16 + 5+
Dex 18 +3 3+
Con 14 +1 7+
Int 19 +4 2+
Wis 16 +2 5+
Cha 16 +2 5+


  • AC: 0
  • HP: 22
  • Movement: 30 Run/60 Fly
  • Attacks:
    • Conventional Melee Attack: Rapier: +6, 1d6+3
    • Super Melee Attack: Concussion Punch, Monoblade Spur: +6, 1d10+3
    • Conventional Ranged Attack: Magnetic Rifle: +6, 1d8+3, 200ft range.
    • Super Ranged Attack: Optical Lasers, Plasma Emitter: +6, 1d10+3, 200ft range.
  • Saves:
    • Hardiness: 11+
    • Evasion: 9+
    • Spirit: 11+


  • Magnetic Rifle, hardened to work outside the Bright Republic (these are *expensive*)
  • Silver-chased leather armor (doesn't affect her AC, still looks good.)
  • Rapier made by a Vissian master swordsmith, a gift from Caterina.
  • Backpack, belt pouch, sturdy and well-crafted traveling clothes, survival knife, waterskin, flint & steel/tinderbox, small steel mirror, hammer and spikes, 50 feet silk rope, roll of twine, pack of colored chalk.
  • A fair amount of assorted money and gemstones. Not enough to count as Wealth, but enough to roll around like a successful low-level adventurer.

Advancement & Influence[edit]

  • Dominion Gained: 5
  • Dominion Spent: 4
  • Current Unspent Dominion: 1
    • Project Name: Alad Weather Optimization (2 Dominion)
      • Project Scope: City
      • Project Effects: Implausible
    • Project Name: Friends Everywhere (Alad)
      • Project Scope: City
      • Project Effects: Plausible
    • Project Name:
      • Project Scope:
      • Project Effects:

Words & Gifts[edit]

Artificial Intelligence[edit]

  • Inherent: Heroes of Endurance need not eat, sleep, drink, or breathe. Constitution increased from 16 to 18.
  • Warbot: Your robotic body is built for military conflicts. You gain a natural AC of 3, integral magical weaponry that does 1d10 damage out to 200 feet, and an immunity to any weapons that are neither magical nor suitable for disabling armored vehicles. You are not immune to environmental damage or other sources of injury that would harm a vehicle, but lesser hazards can be ignored. Your maximum hit points increase by 1 per level.
  • Upgraded Armature: Your body has been improved, gaining a flight speed equal to your ground movement, an integral polymorphic toolkit that can substitute as any man-portable equipment or object you may require as an On Turn action, and one physical attribute of your choice increased to 16. The armature cannot emulate equipment the Word of Engineering could not easily conjure.


  • Inherent: You are a super-intelligent artificial mind. Your Intelligence score becomes 19, granting a +4 attribute bonus. Your physical attributes and hit points represent the body or device your mind inhabits, whatever shape it may possess; if robotic, this body requires neither sustenance nor rest. You cannot transfer your intelligence from this body or survive its destruction without appropriate gifts. Your body is automatically wirelessly connected to any local computing network or device that lacks divine-level computer security
  • Heart of the Lion: You have an invincible defense against fear and all unwanted emotion-affecting effects. You may Commit Effort for the scene as an Instant action to share this immunity with all allies within 100 yards.
  • Follow the Threads: You may study a target for one action to identify the half-dozen people most emotionally significant to them, learning their appearance, the name the target knows them as, and a few words of description of the bond between them. Lesser foes cannot resist this, while worthy foes can save versus Spirit to maintain their secrets.
  • Effort of the Word: Serendipity is full of feelings and draws power from them.


  • Inherent: Never harmed by falling, need not breathe, invincible defense against cold, electricity, and injurious sounds.
  • Sapphire Wings: Commit Effort. The hero can fly at twice their usual movement rate. If undistracted and able to fly in a straight line, they can reach speeds of up to 100 miles an hour.
  • Excellence of the Word: Serendipity is as swift and sure as the wind. Her Dexterity is 18.
  • Clouds Below: Commit Effort. Fill the air around you with mist, up a 300 foot radius. You and your allies can see through it, but others with normal senses can see no further than five feet around them. The clouds can douse any mundane fire and allow every ally within it to ignore the first 5 points of fire damage they take each round.
  • Windsinger: Commit Effort. Control weather within a mile, from still air to rainstorms strong enough to knock down fragile structures and make mundane archery impossible, Weather changes occur instantly on use of this gift and last as long as Effort remains committed. When released, the weather rapidly returns to its normal condition.