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Assets and Complications[edit]

Following is a list of the Assets and Complications for the Serenity RPG with die values under the updated system as presented in the Battlestar Galactica RPG.


Allure d2+

Athlete d2+

Born Behind the Wheel d2+

Cortex Specter d6/d10

Fightin' Type d10

Friends in High Places d2+

Friends in low Places d2+

Good Name d2+

Healthy as a Horse d2+

Heavy Tolerance d2+

Highly Educated d2+

Intimidatin' Manner d2+

Leadership d2+. At d6, receive previously described Minor Benefit. At d12, receive previous Major Benefit.

Lightnin' Reflexes Deleted

Math Whiz d2+

Mean Left Hook d2-d6

Mechanical Empathy d2+

Military Rank d2-d6

Moneyed Individual d2+

Natural Linguist d2+

Nature Lover d2+

Nose for Trouble d6/d8

Reader d2+

Registered Companion d2-d6

Religiosity d2+

Sharp Sense d2-d6

Steady Calm d2+

Sweet and Cheerful d2+

Talented d2-d6

Things Go Smooth d4/d8

Total Recall d2. May spend a Plot Point to reduce the information test by two steps.

Tough as Nails d4/d8

Trustworthy Gut d4/d8

Two-Fisted d4. Do incur multiple action penalty

Walking Timepiece d2

Wears a Badge d2-d6


Allergy d2/d8

Amorous d4

Amputee d4

Bleeder d8

Blind d6/d12

Branded d2+

Chip on the Shoulder d2-d4

Credo d6/d10

Combat Paralysis d4/d8

Coward d4-d8

Crude d4-d8

Dead Broke d4

Deadly Enemy d2+

Deaf d10

Dull Sense d2-d4

Easy mark d2+

Ego Signature d2

Filcher d6

Forked Tongue d6

Greedy d4

Hero Worship d2

Hooked d4-d10

Leaky Brainpan d4+

Lightweight d2-d6

Little Person d4

Loyal d6/d10

Memorable d2-d6

Mute d8

Non-Fightin' Type d6

Overconfident d4-d10

Paralyzed d8

Phobia d4/d10

Portly d2-d6

Prejudice d4

Sadistic d4/d10

Scrawny d2

Slow Learner d4

Soft d2-d6

Stingy d2-d6

Straight Shooter d4

Superstitious d4

Things Don't Go Smooth d4/d8/d12

Traumatic Flashes d4/d8

Twitchy d4

Ugly as Sin d2-d6

Weak Stomach d2-d6

Other Sites[edit]

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