Session 00: Dawn of the Supers

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Jack Frost takes his mom to the park.

While there, he notices that there are some gang members looking like they are keeping lookout.

After investigating, he notices that there are some gang bangers threatening a guy in a wheelchair.

The situation breaks down when the gang bangers see Jack Frost snooping around and attack.

Jack spends some time dealing with the crew before another powered person appears - Ogre.

Jack spends quite some time trying to defeat Ogre, and manages to stop him as the police are arising.

He barely escapes by freezing the ice on the lake long enough to skate away. A feat he has never done before, and has not yet been able to reproduce.

Exposure: The two gang members who saw Jack transform were shot by the police. Not certain if the guy in the wheelchair saw the transformation, but it seems that he got away and back to his mom unseen.

Notable NPCs: Powered: Ogre