Session 11 of Pine Falls

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[2008-12-19 19:18:58] <Khayin> Okay, I'll start it off light while we wait and I vacuum.
[2008-12-19 19:19:24] <Khayin> First, you folks get to make a Perception roll -3 for the darkness!
[2008-12-19 19:19:37] <Fu> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2008-12-19 19:19:38] <The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 19:19:38] <The_Lady> 1, 2, 5
[2008-12-19 19:19:39] <The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 19:19:42] <Mala> !roll_ww 1 8 10
[2008-12-19 19:19:44] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 19:19:44] <The_Lady> 2
[2008-12-19 19:19:44] <The_Lady> rolled 1d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 19:19:46] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 1 8 10 not a chance die
[2008-12-19 19:19:46] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 19:19:46] <The_Lady> 5
[2008-12-19 19:19:46] <The_Lady> rolled 1d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 19:19:51] <Fu> ...
[2008-12-19 19:20:02] <Khayin> I see a lot of zeroes! >D
[2008-12-19 19:20:11] <Khayin> The grue remains unseen.
[2008-12-19 19:21:07] <Fu> Wait a minute.
[2008-12-19 19:21:15] <Fu> Didn't Drake do a light spell?
[2008-12-19 19:21:33] <DrakeNero> He can, but Black Drake Needs Glamor badly
[2008-12-19 19:21:43] <Khayin> We're in a new scene now.
[2008-12-19 19:22:18] <Fu> (Ah, so the light died)
[2008-12-19 19:22:22] <Khayin> Yes
[2008-12-19 19:22:28] <Khayin> So, two questions --
[2008-12-19 19:22:35] <Khayin> What are you doing with your captive?
[2008-12-19 19:22:47] <Fu> We need to keep watch, and tie him up.
[2008-12-19 19:22:55] <Khayin> How much exploring do you plan on doing before going straight to the gate, which you've pretty much found.
[2008-12-19 19:23:03] <Khayin> ?
[2008-12-19 19:23:08] <Fu> But Fu is trying to take care of Myrtle, and he'd want to rest in the Hollow, honestly.
[2008-12-19 19:25:39] === Halfops cannot set mode s
[2008-12-19 19:25:47] <Fu> Khayin, /mode +s
[2008-12-19 19:26:43] =-= Mode #Pinefalls +s by Khayin
[2008-12-19 19:26:48] <Fu> Mala?
[2008-12-19 19:27:11] <Mala> Mala's kind of useless for medical stuff. She might take a look around. >.>.
[2008-12-19 19:28:04] <Fu> She could keep mister softy down when he wakes up?
[2008-12-19 19:28:22] <Mala> (He's tied up, ain't he?)
[2008-12-19 19:28:36] <Fu> (he would be, but it's still a ogre or someone really strong)
[2008-12-19 19:29:07] <Khayin> Could knock him out pretty easy, too, if you wanted
[2008-12-19 19:29:56] <Fu> Fu would want to question him.
[2008-12-19 19:30:01] <Fu> .. .actually...
[2008-12-19 19:30:14] <Khayin> Anyone deciding to just have a look around can make another Perception roll at -3. Anyone who actually wants to figure this place out can make an Intelligence + Investigation roll at the same penalty.
[2008-12-19 19:30:24] <Fu> "Myrtle, you think you can get out of here with him still unconscious?"
[2008-12-19 19:30:49] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 1 10 10 Investigation, Chance die
[2008-12-19 19:30:51] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 19:30:51] <The_Lady> 1
[2008-12-19 19:30:51] <The_Lady> rolled 1d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 10, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 19:30:57] <DrakeNero> ...EPIC FAIL
[2008-12-19 19:30:59] <Fu> "I'm sorry for asking you now, but..."
[2008-12-19 19:31:15] <Fu> (Fu will do so, once he gets Myrtle gone with Softy)
[2008-12-19 19:31:35] <Fu> "I think you need to regroup with the other Summer courtiers, and it means you'll be out of the Hedge/"
[2008-12-19 19:31:37] <Fu> .
[2008-12-19 19:35:23] <Fu> "I think we three can handle ourselves, but you are injured.  :S"
[2008-12-19 19:36:42] <Fu> (Khayin?)
[2008-12-19 19:36:48] <Khayin> "... honestly, we should all just get the hell out of here," she said, trying not to cough up something bad. "But... I guess if a group of us leave all at once, it'll look suspicious."
[2008-12-19 19:37:00] * Fu nods.
[2008-12-19 19:37:04] <Khayin> (Still vacuuming)
[2008-12-19 19:37:28] <Fu> "And again, you are injured. We'll be fine. I have learned a few things about first aid."
[2008-12-19 19:37:35] <Fu> (omitted: tonight.)
[2008-12-19 19:37:50] <Khayin> "I can take care of myself. I've been in bad situations before."
[2008-12-19 19:38:01] <Khayin> "But do you think you guys can dodge the police?"
[2008-12-19 19:38:32] * Fu nods. "We are also far away enough that we won't be confused for people there, I think."
[2008-12-19 19:38:46] <Fu> "Just as a warning, if we are where I think you'll come out..."
[2008-12-19 19:38:55] <Fu> "Get off the property fast."
[2008-12-19 19:45:11] <Khayin> "Where do you think I'm coming out?"
[2008-12-19 19:46:05] <Fu> "... The Franklin place."
[2008-12-19 19:46:32] <Khayin> Drake, wandering about in the dark mansion wonders the same thing. Beyond simply being ill-lit, the place is huge and many of the corridors don't seem to make sense.
[2008-12-19 19:47:15] <DrakeNero> "A flashlight or a gun" he mutters under his breath.
[2008-12-19 19:48:06] <Khayin> In fact, they make so little sense that after a few minutes, he begins to realize that he doesn't recognize the halls or rooms anymore.
[2008-12-19 19:48:11] <Greenling> (but never both.)
[2008-12-19 19:48:38] <DrakeNero> "...shit."
[2008-12-19 19:48:48] <DrakeNero> He fumbles for his phone.
[2008-12-19 19:49:11] <Khayin> And, when he finally finds a lit room -- illuminated an eerie blue by the night sky through three stained-glass windows -- he realizes that he is lost.
[2008-12-19 19:49:30] <DrakeNero> (save the above reaction for this)
[2008-12-19 19:49:44] <DrakeNero> what are they stained glass windows of? Do they depict anything?
[2008-12-19 19:49:55] <Khayin> His phone seems to function... (Wits + Computers)
[2008-12-19 19:50:43] <Fu> (tell me when Fu convinces her to leave, and he'll go wandering)
[2008-12-19 19:51:00] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2008-12-19 19:51:01] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 19:51:01] <The_Lady> 1, 3, 3
[2008-12-19 19:51:01] <The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 19:51:03] <Khayin> There are just a series of thirteen symbols -- four each on the side windows and five down the larger middle one)
[2008-12-19 19:51:32] <Khayin> He doesn't recognize any of the symbols, but that is of little consolation when he realizes something even worse...
[2008-12-19 19:52:18] <DrakeNero> He decides to take pictures of them, instead.
[2008-12-19 19:52:28] <Khayin> While everything seems to be displaying properly, the data on his phone seems to be jumbled in small ways.
[2008-12-19 19:53:04] <Khayin> The symbol for the Camera, for example, now looks like a reptilian eye.
[2008-12-19 19:53:28] <DrakeNero> "Creepy."
[2008-12-19 19:54:16] <Khayin> It doesn't take Fu too long to convince Myrtle to leave and once he shows her the doorway -- the door that says "Bob's Room" above it -- she offers a hesitant parting nod and steps through, leaving the Fairest in the dark corridors alone.
[2008-12-19 19:54:29] <Fu> He does hug her and wish her good luck.
[2008-12-19 19:54:34] <Fu> he goes wandering.
[2008-12-19 19:54:39] <Khayin> (Did you leave Reuben the Softy conscious?)
[2008-12-19 19:54:50] <Fu> (No, we knocked him out, remember?)
[2008-12-19 19:54:55] <Mala> (I think we beat him unconscious, yeah)
[2008-12-19 19:55:06] <Mala> (Which is to say Drake beat him unconscious)
[2008-12-19 19:55:22] <Khayin> (And you're watching over him or taking a look around?)
[2008-12-19 19:55:40] <Khayin> (Will Fu make a Perception roll or an Investigation roll?)
[2008-12-19 19:55:46] <Fu> (No, I said I wanted Myrtle to take him to the freehold)
[2008-12-19 19:55:53] <Fu> (And investigation)
[2008-12-19 19:56:57] <Khayin> (Which is Mala doing, then?)
[2008-12-19 19:57:18] <Khayin> (Go ahead and roll, Fu)
[2008-12-19 19:57:20] <Mala> (If she doesn't have to watch the guy, she'd be looking around, though probably not going very far >.> )
[2008-12-19 19:57:25] <Khayin> (-3)
[2008-12-19 19:57:56] <Khayin> (Perception for rudimentary inspection or Investigation to try and figure out what is up with this place?)
[2008-12-19 19:58:52] <Mala> (Perception is probably my best bet >_> )
[2008-12-19 19:59:14] <Khayin> Drake snaps a picture of the stained-glass windows. It doesn't come out right as only nine of the symbols show up.
[2008-12-19 19:59:23] <Khayin> (Same -3)
[2008-12-19 19:59:29] <Fu> !roll_ww 5 8 10 willpower
[2008-12-19 19:59:31] <The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 19:59:31] <The_Lady> 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 10
[2008-12-19 19:59:31] <The_Lady> rolled 5d10. Got 3 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 19:59:40] <Mala> !roll_ww 1 8 10
[2008-12-19 19:59:41] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 19:59:41] <The_Lady> 5
[2008-12-19 19:59:41] <The_Lady> rolled 1d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 19:59:47] <Mala> (and still nothing)
[2008-12-19 20:00:31] <DrakeNero> He tries taking a second picture, to see if different ones show up this time
[2008-12-19 20:02:28] <Khayin> Wandering about, Mala notes that the whole mansion seems to creek at her step. Even though she can't see much, she can tell that it is very musty in this place. Beyond that, she doesn't notice anything beyond the signs of occupation -- stepping on soda cans and pizza boxes strewn about haphazardly as well as a number of other things she's probably better off not knowing.
[2008-12-19 20:03:31] <Fu> Ew.
[2008-12-19 20:04:13] <Mala> Littering. >:(
[2008-12-19 20:04:45] <Khayin> It takes Fu a while to really map the place out, but he starts to see the patterns -- if they could be called such. The mansion was most definitely one of those places in the hedge that had been tamed by the hands of someone more human-minded than the gentry. The fact that it resembled the Franklin mansion was no coincidence, but he wasn't entirely certain what connection that implied. He...
[2008-12-19 20:04:47] <Khayin> ...was also unfamiliar with the two names that kept popping up here and there -- Anna and Bob.
[2008-12-19 20:05:20] <Fu> Hm.
[2008-12-19 20:05:56] <Fu> He runs his hands across the walls and across artwork, quietly promising them he'd get them into perfect shape when he can.
[2008-12-19 20:06:14] <Khayin> Both names were palindromes, he could see that right away. From the childish way they were scrawled all over the place, he figured childhood was probably significant in some way. Or maybe innocence. It was hard to tell with the hedge. Either way, this place had been shaped by more than one person's nature.
[2008-12-19 20:07:12] <Khayin> Oddly enough, there were lamps and chandeliers all over the mansion, but none were lit. It was possible that there was some way to "turn the place on," so to speak. Convincing the place to do so was the real issue.
[2008-12-19 20:07:44] <Khayin> Drake snaps a second picture with similar results. Nine symbols -- four conspicuously absent in his picture.
[2008-12-19 20:08:04] <Fu> Fu actually speaks out loud.
[2008-12-19 20:08:22] <Fu> "excuse me, if you would please, I'd like to be able to see, Mistress or Mister Hollow."
[2008-12-19 20:08:34] <Fu> "It's so empty and cold..."
[2008-12-19 20:08:41] <Khayin> Drake's phone briefly flashes the battery symbol, but instead of saying "Low Battery" it reads "You're running out of time"
[2008-12-19 20:09:00] <Fu> "A little light would make things warm and I can see where I need to clean."
[2008-12-19 20:09:16] * DrakeNero is slightly relieved to know that it didn't say 'feed me'
[2008-12-19 20:10:20] * DrakeNero also remarks that four is one more than three.
[2008-12-19 20:10:22] <DrakeNero> Hm.
[2008-12-19 20:10:46] <Fu> Fucking number 4.
[2008-12-19 20:11:22] * Fu thinks for a moment, and decides to begin looking for signs of Theresa in the house.
[2008-12-19 20:11:32] <Khayin> Fu gets little in the way of response, but when he next turns around, he notices that there is a switch on the opposite wall that he hadn't noticed before -- clearly out of place considering the style of the mansion.
[2008-12-19 20:11:50] <Fu> He flicks it on, with a "Thank you?"
[2008-12-19 20:12:52] <Khayin> While Fu might have been expecting lights to come on, Drake and Mala were ill-prepared when everything suddenly became bright and they each realized what was around them.
[2008-12-19 20:13:04] * DrakeNero grimaces
[2008-12-19 20:13:06] <Khayin> Drake found himself standing among pews in a strange chapel.
[2008-12-19 20:14:06] * Fu laughs bright and happy, pleased at the results... until he realizes he is in a dump. He makes an almost audible "D:"
[2008-12-19 20:14:20] <Khayin> Mala found herself in a children's playroom, surrounded by dozens of ancient life-sized clown dolls, piled on-top of each other like an image from the holocaust.
[2008-12-19 20:14:27] <Fu> "... I really need to clean up here."
[2008-12-19 20:14:41] <Mala> " weird...."
[2008-12-19 20:14:42] * DrakeNero blesses himself reflexively
[2008-12-19 20:14:49] <Mala> (Especially since Mala has almost no concept of childhood.)
[2008-12-19 20:15:39] * Fu begins walking, talking to the Hollow. "Thank you very much. I have two friends here, is there a way that I can find them? Or if you remember a little girl with brown hair?"
[2008-12-19 20:16:59] <Fu> "I am a friend of Miss Theresa, if you know her."
[2008-12-19 20:17:03] <Khayin> The dozens upon dozens of painted faces all around Mala are dirty, dust-covered. The most notable feature, however, is that each of them is mutilated in some fashion.
[2008-12-19 20:17:22] <Mala> o___o
[2008-12-19 20:17:55] <Khayin> Fu finds himself in a study, though there isn't much to study in there. Just a table with a chair, a little lamp, and a typewriter next to a window. The house, again, doesn't seem to respond.
[2008-12-19 20:18:09] * Fu goes to the typewriter curiously.
[2008-12-19 20:18:20] * Fu is /still/ running his hands over anything artisty.
[2008-12-19 20:19:19] <Khayin> Drake notes that one of the larger symbols on the center window is displayed rather prominently on the double door entrance to the chapel as well as the podium.
[2008-12-19 20:19:33] <DrakeNero> He tries to take a picture of it
[2008-12-19 20:20:36] <Khayin> It is one of the nine that comes out just fine, though now he's finding that his collection of older photos are not displaying correctly either.
[2008-12-19 20:20:38] <Fu> (Just think of Fu being borderline lover-like in his touching of this stuff. >_>)
[2008-12-19 20:21:17] <DrakeNero> he flicks back to the picture of his mysterious ally
[2008-12-19 20:21:51] <Mala> Mala's going to get out of that room. It's just plain creepy. And now that the lights are on maybe she can find her way back.
[2008-12-19 20:23:09] <Khayin> It is mostly the same, except now there is writing on the wall next to her, reading "I have not met you yet."
[2008-12-19 20:24:00] * Fu touches the typewriter, and types out gracefully, 'Hello?'
[2008-12-19 20:24:01] * DrakeNero recalls that he would have to remind her that we've met.
[2008-12-19 20:25:01] <Khayin> Mala retreats from the room with mutilated clowns and wanders through the hallways, noting the series of portrait paintings along the wall. None of them are recognizable.
[2008-12-19 20:26:10] <Khayin> Fu finds that the typewriter only mostly works. A few of the arms are bent and not all of them reach the paper. The O is one of them, leaving the otherwise blank piece of paper with the sole question: "Hell ?"
[2008-12-19 20:26:23] <Fu> Hm.
[2008-12-19 20:26:27] <Fu> "Greetings?"
[2008-12-19 20:27:41] <Khayin> It doesn't take very long for Mala to hear the hammering of the typewriter from a few rooms away and she sees Fu leaning over it, though he doesn't appear to notice that there is someone outside the window beside him, watching.
[2008-12-19 20:27:57] <Mala> "Uhm. Fu. o_o"
[2008-12-19 20:28:13] * Fu turns and looks at Mala.
[2008-12-19 20:28:15] <Fu> "Yes?"
[2008-12-19 20:28:21] <Fu> "I got the lights on. :D"
[2008-12-19 20:28:23] * Mala points. o_o
[2008-12-19 20:28:31] * Fu looks.
[2008-12-19 20:29:18] <Khayin> Something moves very quickly outside, leaving the periphery of his vision just before Fu notices it was there.
[2008-12-19 20:29:35] <DrakeNero> (okay! Company gone(
[2008-12-19 20:29:56] <Khayin> While Drake is inspecting the doors, he is startled when the organ begins playing rather loudly.
[2008-12-19 20:30:31] <Fu> "What?"
[2008-12-19 20:30:43] <Fu> "But anyways, let's look for Drake."
[2008-12-19 20:31:02] * DrakeNero spins around to look wide-eyed at the organ
[2008-12-19 20:31:25] <Fu> "A clue would be nice." He says it to the Hollow as he walks down the hall, his hand against the wall gently.
[2008-12-19 20:31:42] <Khayin> The sound of eerie church music can be heard resonating throughout the mansion, though where it's coming from isn't immediately obvious. It takes quite a while before Fu and Mala realize that it is coming from below them.
[2008-12-19 20:31:57] <Mala> "There was someone out there. o_o"
[2008-12-19 20:32:12] <Fu> "... Thank you again." He follows down. "I'm sure it's just a hobgoblin we could handle."
[2008-12-19 20:32:55] <Khayin> Just as Fu finishes his sentence, the door to the study slams shut behind them. A lock can be heard falling into place.
[2008-12-19 20:33:23] <Fu> "..." He sighs.
[2008-12-19 20:33:43] <Mala> <_<
[2008-12-19 20:33:51] <Fu> "Let's avoid rooms until we get to where the music is."
[2008-12-19 20:34:05] <Mala> "Okay. >_> "
[2008-12-19 20:34:32] <Khayin> The organ emits puffs of dust from its pipes as it plays, seemingly on its own. It makes the music sound raspy, as if sung by an aging performer. Beside Drake, a bible falls out of the seat and onto the pew below.
[2008-12-19 20:35:03] * DrakeNero gazes down at it, and read the passage it opened to
[2008-12-19 20:35:12] <Fu> "... And let's hurry."
[2008-12-19 20:35:36] <Khayin> (What languages does Drake know?)
[2008-12-19 20:36:01] <DrakeNero> (That's a Merit, right?)
[2008-12-19 20:36:05] <Khayin> (Yes)
[2008-12-19 20:36:21] <DrakeNero> (Then English)
[2008-12-19 20:39:00] <Khayin> It is written in Latin, unfortunately. The only thing he has to go by is the image on the right page, depicting a large symbol -- two black ellipses stacked length-wise atop each other, each sprouting four curved lines that ran to the perimeter of the circle around it.
[2008-12-19 20:39:09] <Khayin> It sort of resembled a spider.
[2008-12-19 20:40:01] <DrakeNero> He picks the book up and dog-ears the page.
[2008-12-19 20:42:08] <Khayin> The stairwell led down several flights, eventually leading down to a poorly lit area where the stairs seemed to descend around the perimeter. By the time Fu and Mala reached the double doors, they had lost track of just how far they had descended into this dank basement.
[2008-12-19 20:42:35] <Fu> Fu keeps talking to the Hollow, to get it used to him.
[2008-12-19 20:44:37] <Khayin> When the two of them approach the double doors, the music ceases and the doors open by themselves, revealing Drake standing amidst pews in a chapel, holding a strange book.
[2008-12-19 20:45:08] * DrakeNero jumps when they bust in
[2008-12-19 20:45:10] <Mala> "Oh. Hi Drake. o.o "
[2008-12-19 20:45:29] <Fu> "Are you okay?"
[2008-12-19 20:45:38] <Fu> "And how the hell did you end up here? O_o"
[2008-12-19 20:45:40] <DrakeNero> "I'm a little creeped out, but I'm ok."
[2008-12-19 20:45:43] <DrakeNero> "Got lost."
[2008-12-19 20:45:52] <DrakeNero> "Either of you read Latin?"
[2008-12-19 20:46:06] <Fu> "No, I only know Chinese."
[2008-12-19 20:46:21] * Fu seems thoughtful.
[2008-12-19 20:46:38] <DrakeNero> "Well, if this mysterious book were in chinese, that would be helpful."
[2008-12-19 20:46:44] <Fu> (Can I do another Intelligence + Investigation roll, with all of the running around int he light?)
[2008-12-19 20:46:51] <Fu> "Just saying for later use."
[2008-12-19 20:47:44] <Khayin> (Sure, but your results will depend on how much more searching you're going to be doing)
[2008-12-19 20:48:05] <Fu> He'll keep looking.
[2008-12-19 20:48:11] <Mala> "I don't read Latin, but sometimes I listen to that Latin radio station... >.> "
[2008-12-19 20:48:22] <DrakeNero> "Not quite the same, Mala."
[2008-12-19 20:48:30] <Mala> "Oh."
[2008-12-19 20:49:25] <Khayin> (How much longer and how much of the place are you going to explore?)
[2008-12-19 20:49:35] <Fu> Oh yeah, while Mala and Drake are talking, he is going art fanboy on the chapel.
[2008-12-19 20:49:41] <Fu> Just the chapel for now.
[2008-12-19 20:49:45] <DrakeNero> "I...think I need to try to get in contact with my mysterious ally about this book..."
[2008-12-19 20:50:06] <Fu> ... Should Fu do Clarity, with all of the art around?
[2008-12-19 20:50:28] <Khayin> (No, it's fine)
[2008-12-19 20:51:30] <Khayin> (Go ahead and roll Wits + Investigation if you're searching the chapel)
[2008-12-19 20:51:58] * DrakeNero flips through the rest of the book
[2008-12-19 20:52:13] <Mala> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2008-12-19 20:52:15] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 20:52:15] <The_Lady> 4, 7, 9, 10
[2008-12-19 20:52:15] <The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 2 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 20:52:28] <Fu> !roll_ww 8 8 10 willpower
[2008-12-19 20:52:30] <The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 20:52:30] <The_Lady> 2, 3, 5, 5, 5, 7, 7, 9, 10, 10, 10
[2008-12-19 20:52:30] <The_Lady> rolled 8d10. Got 4 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 20:52:31] <Khayin> He notes that those thirteen symbols are repeated rather frequently throughout the book. Each seems to even have its own chapter.
[2008-12-19 20:53:16] <DrakeNero> Interesting.
[2008-12-19 20:54:04] <Khayin> Little else is interesting apart from the imprint in the back interior cover that reads "Farnsworth"
[2008-12-19 20:55:22] <DrakeNero> "Anyone know a 'Farnsworth' ?"
[2008-12-19 20:55:48] <Khayin> Mala and Fu search the new area a bit, recognizing virtually nothing in the chapel's symbology, though Fu does sort of recognize how similar the place looks to what his impression of a Catholic church looks like.
[2008-12-19 20:56:28] <Fu> "... Okay, so, are there any catholic priests in town?"
[2008-12-19 20:56:29] <Khayin> Mala doesn't know much about churches, but there is something familiar about this place. She just can't put her finger on it. Something about those symbols...
[2008-12-19 20:56:56] <Khayin> (Anyone attempting to recall a Farnsworth may roll Intelligence + Composure)
[2008-12-19 20:57:11] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 4 8 10
[2008-12-19 20:57:12] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 20:57:12] <The_Lady> 3, 4, 6, 7, 10
[2008-12-19 20:57:12] <The_Lady> rolled 4d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 20:57:20] <Fu> !roll_ww 6 8 10
[2008-12-19 20:57:22] <The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 20:57:22] <The_Lady> 2, 3, 3, 4, 7, 7
[2008-12-19 20:57:22] <The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 20:58:23] <Mala> !roll_ww 5 8 10
[2008-12-19 20:58:23] <Khayin> It takes him a few moments, but Drake does recall one Farnsworth in town. It was the name attached to an old little book shop in one of the older neighborhoods to the east of his.
[2008-12-19 20:58:24] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 20:58:24] <The_Lady> 2, 4, 5, 8, 8, 10, 10
[2008-12-19 20:58:24] <The_Lady> rolled 5d10. Got 4 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 20:59:47] <Khayin> Mala recalls the name pretty clearly. Mr. Farnsworth is the nice old man that sometimes comes to the arboretum and sometimes loans her books on some of the plants she cares for there. He said he worked at the library.
[2008-12-19 21:00:06] <Fu> "Hm..."
[2008-12-19 21:00:07] <Mala> "I know a Farnsworth. He loans me books sometimes. :D"
[2008-12-19 21:00:18] <Fu> "Oh? That's nice of him."
[2008-12-19 21:00:24] <DrakeNero> "Isn't it also the name of a little book shop?"
[2008-12-19 21:00:43] <Mala> "He works at the library, too >.> "
[2008-12-19 21:00:46] <Mala> "He must like books a lot."
[2008-12-19 21:00:52] <Fu> "Hm."
[2008-12-19 21:00:56] <DrakeNero> "He must."
[2008-12-19 21:01:53] <Fu> "We should begin getting out of here, I'd think. Darkness is better to escape from."
[2008-12-19 21:03:11] <DrakeNero> "Mala, do you know Mr. Farnsworth's first name?"
[2008-12-19 21:03:18] <Fu> "... Wait a minute, I need to get a shirt. >_<"
[2008-12-19 21:03:24] <Mala> ( ? )
[2008-12-19 21:03:38] <Fu> "Just look for Bob's Room, that's the gate, I'll meet you out."
[2008-12-19 21:04:00] <DrakeNero> "Could Mr. Farnsworth be... Bob?"
[2008-12-19 21:05:13] <Fu> "... Possible, but," He stops at the door way, "I don't know. I want a shirt before I leave this place."
[2008-12-19 21:06:12] <Fu> (And he'll look around a bit more)
[2008-12-19 21:06:26] <DrakeNero> "I'll give you mine."
[2008-12-19 21:06:48] <DrakeNero> He removes his shirt, revealing a well-muscled torso with patches of shimmering black scales where a man would normally have hair.
[2008-12-19 21:07:10] * Fu nods and puts it on, making sure the tattoos are hidden.
[2008-12-19 21:07:29] <Fu> "These damn things show even in my Mask."
[2008-12-19 21:07:40] <DrakeNero> it is obviously made for a much more solid person, but it does its job
[2008-12-19 21:08:07] <DrakeNero> It also smells of Chrome cologne, sweat and blood.
[2008-12-19 21:08:10] <Fu> Well, Fu is pretty.. well, wiry, if not solid.
[2008-12-19 21:08:39] <Khayin> (Leaving?)
[2008-12-19 21:08:57] * DrakeNero will attempt to leave, sure
[2008-12-19 21:09:08] <Fu> (Yep)
[2008-12-19 21:09:20] <Fu> "Warning, we will have to really hoof it probably.
[2008-12-19 21:09:34] <Fu> "But I think... we should come back later."
[2008-12-19 21:09:40] <Fu> "Empty Hollow?"
[2008-12-19 21:09:46] <DrakeNero> He nods.
[2008-12-19 21:10:05] <Fu> "We... could tempt fate and rest here."
[2008-12-19 21:10:09] <Khayin> Drake exits through the double doors and is met with the sight of an incredibly long stairway upwards. He most certainly does NOT remember going down any stairs to get here when it was dark.
[2008-12-19 21:10:09] <Fu> >.>
[2008-12-19 21:10:11] <Mala> "It's not empty though. >.> "
[2008-12-19 21:10:23] <Fu> "fine then, unclaimed hollow."
[2008-12-19 21:10:27] <DrakeNero> "I'd rather not."
[2008-12-19 21:11:04] <Fu> "Fine, fine."
[2008-12-19 21:11:14] <Fu> "Just saying it may be a good way to claim this place."
[2008-12-19 21:11:49] <Fu> "And er..."
[2008-12-19 21:11:58] <Khayin> With the poor lighting, it's difficult to see just how long the stairs are... but after a few flights, you reach the top. Obviously it wasn't nearly as long as you feared.
[2008-12-19 21:12:01] <Fu> >_< "I don't want it being alone for a night."
[2008-12-19 21:12:32] <Mala> "But it's not alone, I saw someone out the window. o_o "
[2008-12-19 21:12:32] <DrakeNero> "then you stay here."
[2008-12-19 21:12:39] <Fu> "I know it sounds nuts, but it could be such a lovely place, but..."
[2008-12-19 21:12:41] * Fu sighs.
[2008-12-19 21:13:14] <Fu> "It may be a good idea. I know how to get out, and it lets me stay here cleaning. Once I get out tomorrow, I'll call all of you."
[2008-12-19 21:13:16] <DrakeNero> "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, I don't have enough juice to handle another fight."
[2008-12-19 21:13:22] <Fu> (Well, call Drake)
[2008-12-19 21:13:40] <Fu> "Then /go./"
[2008-12-19 21:14:08] * Fu smiles.
[2008-12-19 21:14:22] <DrakeNero> "I'll be back."
[2008-12-19 21:14:28] * DrakeNero heads out.
[2008-12-19 21:14:30] <Fu> "Of course."
[2008-12-19 21:14:45] <Mala> o_o
[2008-12-19 21:14:56] <Fu> "Go, Mala. I'll be fine."
[2008-12-19 21:14:58] * Mala is torn between stay-help-Fu and get-the-fuck-out x.x
[2008-12-19 21:15:12] <Fu> "I want to do some cleaning up before I leave here."
[2008-12-19 21:15:26] <Mala> "Are you sure you'll be okay?"
[2008-12-19 21:15:38] <Fu> "Of course not, but that's what fortune is for."
[2008-12-19 21:15:59] <Fu> "I... just feel horrible for this place being left empty and a mess by people who don't understand..."
[2008-12-19 21:16:00] <Mala> "I guess..."
[2008-12-19 21:16:05] * Fu shakes his head.
[2008-12-19 21:16:13] <Fu> "It's a Treasured thing."
[2008-12-19 21:16:43] <DrakeNero> (I also need to test for Clarity loss)
[2008-12-19 21:16:46] <Fu> "Just go."  :) "I'll be fine."
[2008-12-19 21:17:14] <Mala> "Okay..." Mala goes to follow Drake..
[2008-12-19 21:17:35] <Fu> (Fu is going to burn willpower if needed to keep awake and begin cleaning up the damn place.)
[2008-12-19 21:17:43] <Fu> And to talk to the hollow and be friendly.
[2008-12-19 21:18:31] <Fu> Stupid Charity.
[2008-12-19 21:19:45] <Khayin> (Roll against a Clarity 7 sin)
[2008-12-19 21:19:59] <Fu> (fu?)
[2008-12-19 21:20:05] <Khayin> (Yes)
[2008-12-19 21:20:12] <Fu> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2008-12-19 21:20:14] <The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 21:20:14] <The_Lady> 1, 2, 4
[2008-12-19 21:20:14] <The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 21:20:18] <Fu> (I hate you.)
[2008-12-19 21:20:26] <Mala> (Yay, Fu's as crazy as Mala again :D )
[2008-12-19 21:20:34] <DrakeNero> (yeah well, I'm about to drop too =b)
[2008-12-19 21:21:00] <Fu> (how is it a sin of clarity? O_o)
[2008-12-19 21:21:20] <DrakeNero> (prolonged exposure to the Hedge, iirc)
[2008-12-19 21:21:45] <Fu> (it doesn't say that being a sin in the core...)
[2008-12-19 21:22:11] <Greenling> (yeah, else people'd drop from having Hollows.)
[2008-12-19 21:22:30] <Greenling> (it's Faerie proper that whacks ya.)
[2008-12-19 21:22:37] <Khayin> (It isn't. I'm just saying that's what I want you to roll -- as if you'd just done a Clarity 7 sin)
[2008-12-19 21:22:50] <Fu> (aaah)
[2008-12-19 21:22:54] <Greenling> (ah... ignore me.)
[2008-12-19 21:22:56] <DrakeNero> (ooh righT)
[2008-12-19 21:23:02] <Khayin> (No, Greenling is also correct)
[2008-12-19 21:23:17] <Fu> Well, Fu is going to have one fucked up night.
[2008-12-19 21:23:25] <Khayin> (It is for those reasons that I'm asking, but you are also right that it isn't on the list of sins)
[2008-12-19 21:24:31] <Fu> (Do I lose clarity?)
[2008-12-19 21:24:46] <Khayin> On the other side of the door, Drake and Mala find themselves in a very clean and stale-smelling room. To drake, it resembles a boy's room -- baseball paraphernalia seems to be the chief theme here. It is too clean, though. The window is open a crack and you get the impression that Myrtle must have made her way out through it.
[2008-12-19 21:26:27] <DrakeNero> He approaches the window.
[2008-12-19 21:28:03] <Khayin> It is three stories up, but there is a balcony directly below and the gardens beneath it.
[2008-12-19 21:29:33] <DrakeNero> "We have a bit of a climb."
[2008-12-19 21:29:48] <Khayin> (Dexterity + Athletics!)
[2008-12-19 21:30:16] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 4 8 10
[2008-12-19 21:30:17] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 21:30:17] <The_Lady> 1, 1, 6, 8
[2008-12-19 21:30:17] <The_Lady> rolled 4d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 21:31:17] <Khayin> (Mala?)
[2008-12-19 21:31:31] <Mala> !roll_ww 5 8 10
[2008-12-19 21:31:32] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 21:31:32] <The_Lady> 1, 2, 3, 6, 6, 10
[2008-12-19 21:31:32] <The_Lady> rolled 5d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2008-12-19 21:32:02] <Mala> "Ack. Climbing. At least I'm not being climbed..."
[2008-12-19 21:33:33] <Khayin> Fortunately there are enough footholds for the both of them to reach the gardens below in one piece. Once at the bottom, though, they realize that they aren't alone. Footsteps from around a row of hedges tap slowly on the stone walkway, approaching the fountain beside where the changelings stood.
[2008-12-19 21:34:07] <DrakeNero> "Should we make a break for it...?"
[2008-12-19 21:34:38] <Khayin> (Sorry -- I should have mentioned it's a rather bright and sunny day right now)
[2008-12-19 21:34:48] <Khayin> (Bad ST)
[2008-12-19 21:37:23] <Khayin> (Running? Hiding? Surprise elbow drop?)
[2008-12-19 21:37:41] <Mala> "I'm better at hiding...."
[2008-12-19 21:37:50] <DrakeNero> "You make like a tree and.."
[2008-12-19 21:37:53] <DrakeNero> "be a tree."
[2008-12-19 21:38:15] <DrakeNero> "I'll... fuck it. I'll wait to see who's there."
[2008-12-19 21:38:34] <DrakeNero> "And pray they don't have a gun."
[2008-12-19 21:39:05] <Mala> !roll_ww 6 8 9
[2008-12-19 21:39:06] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2008-12-19 21:39:06] <The_Lady> 1, 1, 1, 3, 7, 8
[2008-12-19 21:39:06] <The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 9 or better
[2008-12-19 21:39:13] <Mala> (oh come on x_x )
[2008-12-19 21:43:07] <Khayin> The footsteps round the corner and, slowly, the strange woman Drake has in his picture collection strolls toward the fountain, seemingly lost in thought. Closer to her now, he can see that she looks... maybe half asian, and she is at least in her thirties. Hard to judge. She takes a few steps toward the fountain before she halts, turning her head toward Drake, meeting him with a silent stare.
[2008-12-19 21:44:08] <DrakeNero> "We've met before."
[2008-12-19 21:44:13] <Khayin> (Oh, yeah... Drake is shirtless, huh?)
[2008-12-19 21:44:18] <DrakeNero> (ooh yeah.)
[2008-12-19 21:44:19] <Fu> (XD >:D )
[2008-12-19 21:44:26] <Khayin> (Man, that has to be surreal)
[2008-12-19 21:44:52] <Fu> ("I have a dumbass fri... person I know who is a big fucking prude." )
[2008-12-19 21:44:57] <DrakeNero> A very handsome shirtless man in dirty suit pants is in your garden has just claimed he's met you before.
[2008-12-19 21:45:16] <Khayin> "... have we?" she asks, looking up up and down slowly. She doesn't seem terribly concerned by his presence.
[2008-12-19 21:45:24] <DrakeNero> "we have."
[2008-12-19 21:45:33] <DrakeNero> "You told me to remind you."
[2008-12-19 21:46:13] <Khayin> She is silent for a moment, looking him directly in the eyes. "Of course. What was your name again?"
[2008-12-19 21:46:21] <DrakeNero> "Drake Nero."
[2008-12-19 21:47:22] <Khayin> She turns her head toward the fountain, mouthing his name slowly as she looks into the waters. After a moment, she looks up and stares into the trees where Mala is hiding. "Have I met you as well?"
[2008-12-19 21:47:37] <Mala> >___>
[2008-12-19 21:47:40] <Mala> "Uhm. No."
[2008-12-19 21:47:41] <Mala> <__<
[2008-12-19 21:48:34] <Khayin> Apparently accepting that answer, the woman turns back to the fountain for a few moments of silence before sighing and turning back to Drake. "What did I ask you to do?"
[2008-12-19 21:48:46] <DrakeNero> (Remind the player)
[2008-12-19 21:49:41] <Khayin> (Assuming it is who you think it is, she wanted your assistance in investigating the mysterious events that were plaguing the town. She said you could see things from an angle that she could not)
[2008-12-19 21:50:00] <DrakeNero> "You'd asked me to help you."
[2008-12-19 21:50:19] <DrakeNero> "Because I could see things from an angle you couldn't."
[2008-12-19 21:51:28] <Khayin> "... really. And what angle would that be?"
[2008-12-19 21:51:37] <DrakeNero> "You weren't specific."
[2008-12-19 21:51:39] <Fu> (Sorry folks, Fu gets to be out of the session.  ;D )
[2008-12-19 21:51:45] =-= YOU are now known as Astra
[2008-12-19 21:53:15] <Khayin> "Indeed." She turns around and gives a slight beckoning wave to Mala and Drake. "Come inside. I'm sure you'd like a shirt. You can have tea with me as well."
[2008-12-19 21:53:34] <DrakeNero> "Certainly."
[2008-12-19 21:53:48] * DrakeNero gives her backside an appreciative look.
[2008-12-19 21:54:11] <Mala> "Okay o.o"
[2008-12-19 21:56:17] * DrakeNero follows her in, then.
[2008-12-19 21:56:27] * Mala does too >.>
[2008-12-19 21:56:28] <Khayin> Following her back inside, Drake and Mala note two momentarily confused attendants appear at her side. "Tea. Three," she says curtly, sending them scurrying away, one fetching the drinks while the other prepares a table by the gardens. "What was your name, young miss?"
[2008-12-19 21:56:38] <Mala> "Mala. o.o"
[2008-12-19 21:57:18] <Khayin> "... oh?" She turns toward Mala with a slightly raised eyebrow. "And we have not met yet?"
[2008-12-19 21:57:45] <Mala> "No? >.> "
[2008-12-19 21:58:21] <DrakeNero> Drake would still have the book on him
[2008-12-19 21:58:51] <Khayin> "... hm." With their table prepared, she seats herself and gestures to the two empty chairs aside from hers. "Sit, please. I think we have some things to discuss."
[2008-12-19 22:00:50] * DrakeNero sits.
[2008-12-19 22:00:54] * Mala sits too. >.>
[2008-12-19 22:01:24] <Khayin> The attendant arrives a few minutes later, tray and tea in hand, serving them a hot brown liquid with a faint pleasant aroma that Drake can't identify but seems somewhat famliar to Mala.
[2008-12-19 22:01:39] <Mala> (apples? o.o )
[2008-12-19 22:02:11] <Khayin> (You'd actually say something closer to rose petals, but you know it isn't)
[2008-12-19 22:03:30] <Khayin> The strange woman sips her tea once, eyes closed, takes a few moments to appreciate it and then gives her attention once again to Drake, as if expecting him to say something.
[2008-12-19 22:04:32] <DrakeNero> "I found something."
[2008-12-19 22:04:54] <Khayin> "Something?"
[2008-12-19 22:04:54] <DrakeNero> "I'm not sure it's related, but you might know what it is."
[2008-12-19 22:05:04] <DrakeNero> He places the book gently on the table.
[2008-12-19 22:06:02] <Khayin> She examines the cover silently, regarding the spider symbol almost expressionlessly for a moment before picking it up and flipping through it. "Where did you get this?"
[2008-12-19 22:06:59] <DrakeNero> "I...found it in the Hedge."
[2008-12-19 22:08:31] <Khayin> She says nothing for a few moments, flipping through it more before she reaches the back cover and appears to see the same thing Drake did. "Farnsworth. Makes sense." She shuts the book and slides it back across the table to him. "Something to do with the families, then."
[2008-12-19 22:10:43] <Khayin> "I understand five girls have been attacked so far."
[2008-12-19 22:11:43] <Khayin> "All of them were from one of the families. I suppose that leaves four left if the pattern holds true."
[2008-12-19 22:12:24] <DrakeNero> He pulls out his phoen.
[2008-12-19 22:12:27] <DrakeNero> *phone
[2008-12-19 22:12:44] <Khayin> "The last two survived, though... I wonder if that means anything..." she continues to speculate as Drake pulls out his phone.
[2008-12-19 22:12:44] <DrakeNero> "What's this about families?"
[2008-12-19 22:13:29] <Khayin> "... hm? Oh, the founding families of Pine Falls," she replies, matter-of-factly. "You didn't know?"
[2008-12-19 22:13:47] <DrakeNero> "I was unaware."
[2008-12-19 22:13:52] <DrakeNero> "Not from around here."
[2008-12-19 22:14:39] <Khayin> "... hm." She seems to accept that answer before noticing his phone. Her eyes narrow a bit. "It's rude to take calls when having a conversation with someone."
[2008-12-19 22:14:58] <DrakeNero> "I'm not taking a call."
[2008-12-19 22:15:04] <DrakeNero> "I'm looking for a picture I took."
[2008-12-19 22:15:09] <DrakeNero> "It's relevant."\
[2008-12-19 22:15:37] <DrakeNero> Are the photos of the windows and the chapel still there?
[2008-12-19 22:15:39] <Khayin> The pictures are all there. Oddly enough, however, they are all displaying normally.
[2008-12-19 22:15:54] <DrakeNero> "Recognize any of these?"
[2008-12-19 22:16:01] <DrakeNero> He hands her his phone
[2008-12-19 22:17:32] <Khayin> She takes the phone, glancing at the images only a few moments before handing it back. "The family symbols, yes. It looks as if you really do have an angle -- some of those symbols haven't been seen in many decades."
[2008-12-19 22:18:58] <DrakeNero> "I didn't know what any of them meant."
[2008-12-19 22:20:15] <Khayin> "Good that we met, then," she remarks, looking back to Mala for a moment before sipping her tea again. "I take it you've noticed the fairy tale pattern in the attacks?"
[2008-12-19 22:20:36] <DrakeNero> "We have."
[2008-12-19 22:21:55] <Khayin> "We know two things, then -- whoever is behind the attacks is targeting descendants of the founding families, and they have an obsession with fairy tales for some reason."
[2008-12-19 22:22:36] <Khayin> "That last fact is not obvious, however, which leads me to believe that they are not necessarily doing it to make a statement."
[2008-12-19 22:23:00] <DrakeNero> "You think it might be something implicit, rather than some kind of psycho making a statement?"
[2008-12-19 22:23:21] <Khayin> "Maybe. Perhaps they believe they must."
[2008-12-19 22:23:43] <Mala> "Like they have some kind of goal they're working towards. o.o"
[2008-12-19 22:23:47] <DrakeNero> "Must make a statement or must do things in a fairy tale manner?"
[2008-12-19 22:25:01] <Khayin> She turns toward Mala. "Yes, actually. A goal. I have the feeling they believe that they must follow these storybook guidelines in order to accomplish... something."
[2008-12-19 22:25:21] <Khayin> "What, however, I'm uncertain."
[2008-12-19 22:25:45] <DrakeNero> He scritches at his chin-scales.
[2008-12-19 22:26:31] <Mala> "If the families' symbols were in the Hedge... some of them probably know what's happening, and why. >.> "
[2008-12-19 22:26:41] <DrakeNero> "An excellent point."
[2008-12-19 22:26:56] <Khayin> "... I'm not sure about that. Otherwise I would know."
[2008-12-19 22:28:57] <Khayin> "... though..." she looks between Drake and Mala. "... perhaps there might be some merit to that after all."
[2008-12-19 22:29:53] <DrakeNero> "Anything in particular you'd like us to do?"
[2008-12-19 22:31:00] <Khayin> "Exactly what you think you must," she replies vaguely. "It seems to have brought us here to this moment. If we've met, then that at least means we're on the right track."
[2008-12-19 22:31:19] <DrakeNero> "Should we meet again?"
[2008-12-19 22:33:15] <Khayin> "We will," she says, positively. "But if you need assistance, you can leave a message for me here."
[2008-12-19 22:34:26] <DrakeNero> "I'll be sure to let you know."
[2008-12-19 22:35:05] <Khayin> She seems satisfied for a moment before she pauses and looks back to him. "Wait... what name did I give you?"
[2008-12-19 22:35:54] <DrakeNero> (Once again, remind the brain-tried player)
[2008-12-19 22:36:20] <Khayin> (Anna)
[2008-12-19 22:36:59] <DrakeNero> (Oh, name she told him, not what she called him)
[2008-12-19 22:37:10] <DrakeNero> (I remembered that, just brainfuzzed the comprehension XD)
[2008-12-19 22:37:14] <DrakeNero> "Anna."
[2008-12-19 22:37:23] <Khayin> (I do that sometimes XD)
[2008-12-19 22:37:46] <DrakeNero> (brainfuzz is the first sign that sleep gremlins are coming for you)
[2008-12-19 22:38:19] <Khayin> "... I see. Don't use that one, then. Not with anyone else, at least. Just use Abigail."
[2008-12-19 22:38:31] <DrakeNero> "Okay."
[2008-12-19 22:39:27] <Mala> "Okay o.o "
[2008-12-19 22:41:11] <Khayin> When the attendant returns for the tea cups, Abigail turns to him and says, "Please see to it that our guests are driven home. Also, give this gentleman a clean shirt."
[2008-12-19 22:42:05] <Astra> (drake, warn her about Fu? )
[2008-12-19 22:42:09] <Khayin> "Wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong impression, now would we?" she says after the attendant leaves.
[2008-12-19 22:42:26] <DrakeNero> "Certainly not."
[2008-12-19 22:42:46] <DrakeNero> "There's another one of us who might be appearing in your garden, as a fair warning."
[2008-12-19 22:44:04] <Astra> (Thank you. XD )
[2008-12-19 22:44:55] <DrakeNero> "He will hopefully not be shirtless."
[2008-12-19 22:45:01] <Khayin> "Noted. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I have some research ahead of me. If these attacks continue, my family could be next and I'd like to prevent that," she rises gracefully, allowing the second attendant to pull out her seat for her.
[2008-12-19 22:45:37] * DrakeNero stands and nods.
[2008-12-19 22:48:52] <Khayin> Abigail turns to leave them with the attendant, then pauses and turns back. "Orville Farnsworth might be able to tell you more about the book. I think whatever you find in it may be significant. I have a feeling I've seen it before."
[2008-12-19 22:49:39] <DrakeNero> "Thank you."
[2008-12-19 22:51:07] * Mala nods. >.>
[2008-12-19 22:51:17] <DrakeNero> (I need to shower and get ready for bed)
[2008-12-19 22:51:20] <Khayin> "Thank you, actually," she gives a half smile -- probably the closest thing to an expression you've seen from her yet. "Useful information, pleasant conversation, and a nice view all at once. I can think of few ways my afternoon could be better spent." With that, she turns away once more and departs.
[2008-12-19 22:51:32] <Khayin> (That's fine. It is OVER!)
[2008-12-19 22:52:16] <Khayin> (Mala and Drake get rides home in a limo)
[2008-12-19 22:52:27] <Mala> Ooo. Limo. >.>
[2008-12-19 22:52:28] <Astra> (hehehe)
[2008-12-19 22:52:34] <DrakeNero> (Drake will be unnecessarily critical.)
[2008-12-19 22:52:35] <Khayin> (Fu gets to spend a bit of time in the creepy hollow)
[2008-12-19 22:52:52] <Khayin> (And everyone gets 4xp!)
[2008-12-19 22:52:52] <DrakeNero> (Did he actually get a shirt? XD)
[2008-12-19 22:52:57] <Mala> Mala is impressed by how they got the car to grow like that. Most are a lot shorter!
[2008-12-19 22:52:59] <Astra> (He has drakes)
[2008-12-19 22:53:00] <Khayin> He did.
[2008-12-19 22:53:03] <Astra> (drake's_)
[2008-12-19 22:53:21] <DrakeNero> No, Drake got a shrit.
[2008-12-19 22:53:22] <DrakeNero> shirt.
[2008-12-19 22:54:41] <DrakeNero> Just bought Separation 4
[2008-12-19 22:54:48] <Astra> Hehehe.
[2008-12-19 22:54:57] <Khayin> *Drake Level Up*
[2008-12-19 22:54:58] <Astra> I get to do more saving.
[2008-12-19 22:56:05] <DrakeNero> Now, shower.
[2008-12-19 22:56:06] <Khayin> All right, folks. Thanks for being patient while I did some last minute cleaning :P
[2008-12-19 22:56:23] <Khayin> Game is postponed for the next two Fridays
[2008-12-19 22:57:13] <Mala> :o
[2008-12-19 22:57:16] =-= Mala is now known as Konpeito
[2008-12-19 22:57:20] <DrakeNero> naturaly
[2008-12-19 22:57:39] <DrakeNero> I'm free the friday after christmas, but not the following friday
[2008-12-19 22:58:01] <DrakeNero> shower fo' realz now
[2008-12-19 22:58:40] <Khayin> If, during that time, you wish to do any, say... developmental character stuff, I might be willing to drop some more XP for those. Art, writing, etc. Also, the Speculations section is feeling a little lonely, so I'll fill it up a bit.
[2008-12-19 23:00:01] <Khayin> In any case, I too must depart for I must pack.
[2008-12-19 23:00:18] <Khayin> I will see you all in a few weeks!
[2008-12-19 23:00:30] |<-- Khayin has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla 0.9.84
[Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122])
[2008-12-19 23:02:01] <Astra> Bye all.
[2008-12-19 23:02:08] =-= The_Lady was booted from #Pinefalls by YOU (Astra)
[2008-12-19 23:02:10] <Greenling> bye.
[2008-12-19 23:02:12] <--| Greenling has left #Pinefalls
[2008-12-19 23:02:18] <Astra> ... Heee. *cough*
[2008-12-19 23:02:22] <Astra> I feel so bad for doing that.
[2008-12-19 23:02:31] <Astra> Bye you too.
[2008-12-19 23:02:32] <Astra> two
[2008-12-19 23:02:37] <--| YOU (Astra) have left #Pinefalls