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Chapter 14

-->| YOU (Angelo) have joined #nobilis
-->| BethE ( has joined #nobilis
<Angelo> Hi BethE!
<BethE> Evening, Angelo. Or, I guess, good morning.  :)
<Angelo> well here are the 03:32
<Angelo> btu thank you Beth
<Angelo> how do you do?
<BethE> How are you?
-->| Random_Nerd ( has joined #nobilis
<Random_Nerd> Hey.
<Angelo> I'm fin, thank you
<BethE> Oh, I'm not too bad.  :) Hoping it warms up some more for spring here.
<Angelo> Hi RN!
<Angelo> Well here is already warm +3 degree at night (celsious)
<Angelo> and there?
<BethE> Yesterday, the high was in the 30's (farhenheight (really bad spelling)) and today the high was 60!
<Angelo> O___o what a jump!
-->| Knockwood (~chatzilla@75.141.248.IP) has joined #nobilis
<Knockwood> Hiyo
<Angelo> Hi Knock!
<Random_Nerd> Hey, Knock.
<BethE> Indeed! But Illinois weather is like that a lot. A common joke is that if you don't like the current weather, wait 5 minutes and it'll change.  :)
<BethE> Hi Knock!
<Angelo> ... Well I prefer my microclima here in Meran
<Knockwood> that's a Reno weather joke.
<BethE> It's an everywhere joke. <g>
<Angelo> true!
<Knockwood> then again, local legend has it it once snowed here on July 4th
<BethE> And I have Girl Scout cookies! With extra girl!
<BethE> Wow! I think the latest it snowed here was in April.
<Angelo> Well 10 day ago snowed in Trapani (Sicily)
<Angelo> where in a cold winther there is minimum 11°Celsious
<Angelo> Here there is no g.s. cookies
<Angelo> this tradiction don't live in Italy... :-(
<BethE> Sorry to hear that.  :( But then again, I could go for some gelatto.  :)
<Knockwood> Dang... my latest attempt at starting a thread went nowhere. Less than 48 hours and it's already on page 4...
<Random_Nerd> Starting threads is tricky, particularly if you aren't riffing off a particular popular game product.
<BethE> Gaston: "You know, Lafoo, I've been thinking..." Lafoo: "A dangerous pasttime!" Gaston: "I know!"
<Knockwood> you'd think someone would have commented on the atrocious pun, at least
<Random_Nerd> If people commented on every bad pun on the internet, we'd never get anything done.
<Knockwood> but is the basic premise interesting, or should I stop sniffing glue?
<Angelo> nono we like you as you are now! :-P
<Random_Nerd> Hmm. The premise has some legs.
<BethE> Plus, you have to wonder about a murderer that leaves puns at the scene of his crimes. You just know he wears his underwear on his head.
<Knockwood> (ever read VG Cats?)
<BethE> (On rare occasions.)
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<Knockwood> welcome back Angelo
<Angelo> sorry ff crashed
<Knockwood> updating?
<Knockwood> mine was doing that
<Angelo> no opening a web radio
<Knockwood> actually, it's possible the entire note would be in block caps with occasional underlining for emphasis... but I couldn't put that in a post because that's 'shouting'
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
<Theresa> No Rand tonight?
<Random_Nerd> So it appears.
<Knockwood> odd
<Angelo> really odd
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
<Random_Nerd> So, anything before we start?
<Ftisk> I'm erady!
<Ftisk> err Ready!
<Theresa> I think I'm ready/
<Random_Nerd> So, shall we go back to you guys in the new but silent areas of the Library?
<Theresa> I thought we were going somewhere else when we came back?
<Random_Nerd> Hmm. Where to, then?
<DanteE> Well, we're looking for some revelation/epiphany/plot point to hit us
<Ftisk> true
<Theresa> I think we were considering going to the Realm Heart.
<DanteE> there any way we can get air through the few holes that are here without damaging the structural integrity of the place?
<Random_Nerd> Well, you could, but it probably wouldn't work effectively. It'd be like... hmm, trying to deal with a missing CPU in your processor by throwing in extra electricity.
<Random_Nerd> The problem with the new area isn't sufficient intensity of air, but that the wind isn't in the correct chaotic pattern to make meaningful speech.
<DanteE> OK... Realm Heart, then
<Random_Nerd> Of course, on the other hand, you know that the new area is changing. It might be more meaningful after Kudzu's remembered more.
<DanteE> True
<DanteE> Plus, we need to talk to Shadows
<Ftisk> we can came back later
<Random_Nerd> Then let's start with you guys in the Heart.
<Random_Nerd> ___________________START___________________
<Random_Nerd> Overhead, the gears turn and grind. You stand in the place where there used to be controls to change the time on the clock, before those vanished with the Enchanceling.

  • Theresa pets the leaves that are hanging out.
  • Ftisk look at the realm gear with the nobilis gears on it
  • DanteE checks out Kudzu's gear

<Random_Nerd> The Kudzu gear seems to have started to "metabolize" the bricky chunks a little. They're a little less prominent, but the rest of the gear is a bit more red and rough.
<Theresa> (Interesting tidbit I learned today: the Japanese use starch made from the kudzu plant as a thickener in cooking.)
<DanteE> (So, Kudzu makes whatever it touches extra thick? That explains so much... :)
<Random_Nerd> (Ha!)
<DanteE> "What did we figure those brick chunks were?"
<Theresa> "I really should make some time to become more popular in the Chancel. Or more authorative. It's hard to when you have a generation of people growing up that I've helped them learn to read and not eat paste."
<Random_Nerd> (Well, the timing of when they showed up was suggestive.)
<Ftisk> "So thi is your realm heart... is the brick important to Kudzu?"
<Random_Nerd> (Brick!)
<Theresa> "Well, they showed up after he ate James..."
<Theresa> "Are what you eat and so forth?"
<DanteE> "Hm... we've got the giant running around the Chancel now...
<Theresa> "Red is also out there too. I hope they don't fight. Red needs his space."
<Random_Nerd> (Kudzu normally "is what he eats" in a more... literal fashion.)
<Ftisk> "The lichantrope?"
<DanteE> "No, the Redwood.
<Random_Nerd> (Well, Red is bigger, and he doesn't need to use weapons.)
<DanteE> "Come to think of it...
<Theresa> "I gave a redwood from California in the United States sentience and he is living in the Chancel now. He has pet cows!"
<DanteE> "We should check on all of the 'new friends' we've welcomed into the Chancel."
<Theresa> "How old of new?"
<Ftisk> "ohh thim mend well with being in a wild chancell"
<DanteE> "Well, let's start with our Aides. (Where are they?)
<Ftisk> this even
<Random_Nerd> (William is in his office, Samuel is off at the university.)
<DanteE> "And check on, ah... Message, Giant, Red... who am I missing?
<Ftisk> (don't forget the fishmen)
<Theresa> "Ick."
<DanteE> "Oh yeah, the people from Chancel Jaris"
<Random_Nerd> (And the humans changed when Amyra went enchanceled.)
<Random_Nerd> (Depending on whether they count as guests.)
<DanteE> "And who can forget Lesson?"
<Theresa> "Monty is still on his moon or we would have heard about it."
<Theresa> "Where's your imp?"
<Ftisk> (But someone can steal it)
<DanteE> "... Theresa, can you check is there are any uninvited guests?"
<DanteE> "Ooh, good question, Ftisk...
<Theresa> "Only if they have Auctoritas..." *use Noble-Search-Light gift, please*
<Random_Nerd> (There are the expected number and placements of miraculous blank-spots.)
<DanteE> (Where's the Imp?_
<Theresa> " one unexpected or in a weird place at the moment."
<DanteE> )
<Random_Nerd> (The imp is clinging to your left pantscuff.)
<Ftisk> (hard to forget)
<DanteE> "Ah, holding up my sock. That's ... so useful ..."
<Random_Nerd> (At least he hasn't stolen your shoes.)
<Theresa> "Most Nobles would have to get garters."
<Random_Nerd> (Oh, and on the list of 'new friends', there are also Monty and The Horse.)
<Ftisk> (And the red knoght/ artifact bood?)
<Ftisk> (knight)
<DanteE> "Let's check on everybody. Theresa, look in on Red... and see if he felt anything weird a few minutes ago."
<DanteE> (That's 'Message')
<Theresa> (A few minutes ago...the remembering stuff?)
<Ftisk> (oh right)

  • Theresa LDiv's Red. Ghostmessage: "Hi Red! How are you?"

<DanteE> (Right. Brian and I got something, you didn't...)
<DanteE> (Where are our aides?)
<Random_Nerd> Red: "Talking with one of the human mental experts, and a guy who got turned into an ash tree. They think he's a strong canditate for being converted back to humanity."
<Random_Nerd> (Samuel is at the university, William is in his office in the clock tower.)
<Theresa> (He wants to stop being an ash?)
<DanteE> "I'll check with William, then talk to Shadows"
<Theresa> "Oh, that's good! How has the talks with the transformed humans and plants been?"

  • DanteE checks in with William...

<DanteE> "William, are the Aides getting reports of anything odd happening a few minutes ago?"
<Random_Nerd> Red: "They say I've been helpful. My situation isn't exactly the same as theirs, but they say that it's closer than anyone else on hand."
<Random_Nerd> William stares at Dante with his eyes flicking back and forth, but then sits up and looks at him.
<Theresa> "I'm very glad that you could help them." *smile in voice* "A small question: did anything out of the ordinary happen a few minutes ago?"
<Random_Nerd> W: "I'm sorry, what was that?"
<DanteE> to the Imp: "Hey... let's play a little game. I want to you sit in the exact center of this conference table... and see if you can fool people into thinking you're a statue!"
<Theresa> (Did you break William, Dante?)
<Random_Nerd> Red: "We put a cheeseburger through a woodchipper. Does that count?"
<Random_Nerd> The little demon scuttles up onto the table.
<DanteE> "Are the Aides getting reports of something odd happening a few minutes ago?"
<Random_Nerd> He stays still... to the extent of his abilities, which are not particularly great in that direction.
<Theresa> "A cheeseburger...why did you put a cheeseburger through a woodchipper?"
<Random_Nerd> William: "Not exactly reports, but there's a much higher-than-usual rate of additions to the Unanswered Questions file in the last 48 hours."
<Random_Nerd> William: "That's why I was zoned out, our Oracle was sifting my recent memories."
<DanteE> "... can you tell us some of the new questions?"
<Random_Nerd> Red: "To see if, if we put it by his roots, it would taste the same. It didn't."
<Random_Nerd> William: "Esoteric ones, generally. About the Wall, Wildlords, and the Excrucians."
<Theresa> "Interesting technique, Red. Are there any human foods you would like to try, yourself?"
<Random_Nerd> Red: "I don't see the appeal."
<DanteE> "... that's pretty much what Lord... actually Lady Entropy asked us to investigate. Specific questions?"
<Theresa> "It's okay, Red. I'm sure that most humans wouldn't enjoy sunlight as much as you or I do."
<Ftisk> (Maybe other nobles are pondering the same question as us)
<Random_Nerd> William: "Weird stuff. Like about the ways the Warmains come in, with weapons, armor and horses. 'Are there estates for these things out there, or are they merely taking on a shape here that only vaguely resembles their original one?', things like that."

  • DanteE hmms, then looks in on Horse...

<DanteE> "By the way... we'd like to talk to Shadows. You know his flower?"
<Random_Nerd> William: "Yes."
<Random_Nerd> William walks across his office to a bookshelf, pulls out a thick leatherbound book, and opens it to a bookmark.
<Ftisk> (the flower are bidirectiona? he have your ones)
<Random_Nerd> (They gave instances of their flowers when they visited Locus Barakiel.)
<Theresa> *to Red* "Is there anything that you, the transformed or the mental people need that I can provide?"
<DanteE> (Remind me what we just heard about Shadows?)
<Random_Nerd> (Did you hear anything about him directly? I thought the 'crown' thing just reminded you of him.)
<Theresa> (That early Shadows had amnesia...wait, wasn't that Shadows also a Noble of Luc?)
<DanteE> (Oh... it was something about the 'old' Shadows)
<Random_Nerd> Red: "The doctors think that several of them, while they might not be ready to be made human again physically, are ready to be made mobile. Like you did for me, but not the mental change."
<Ftisk> (That there was 2 shadow all 2 connected with outside the wall things)
<Random_Nerd> (Oh, yes. That he studied High Summonings too.)
<Ftisk> (I think)
<Random_Nerd> William: "Do you wish me to make a prayer to the Power of Shadows on your behalf?"
<Theresa> (Making Red mobile was a LChange or GChange?)
<Ftisk> (he 'imported' the noble auto responder)
<Random_Nerd> (LChange.)
<Theresa> (And seeing Red moving around causes DA, right?)
<Random_Nerd> (Hmm. No, he's mundane at this point. It's /unsettling/, but it isn't like witnessing a direct miracle.)
<DanteE> (There it is. BTW, many thanks to whoever's putting up logs. :) )
<DanteE> (What's Horse doing?)
<Theresa> (Angelo's taken over that duty.  :) )
<Random_Nerd> (He's in the same category as Lesson, in a way. He's had miracles done on him, too.)
<Ftisk> (you are welcome)
<Random_Nerd> (Horse is standing in his stall, chewing his hay.)
<DanteE> to William: "Yeah... use the phone/screen in the conference room, if you can."
<Theresa> *to Red* "Okay. Do they wish to have the mobility right now or at some set upon date?"
<Ftisk> (Horse is near the clock tower or far in a isolated place?)
<Random_Nerd> (Next to him, there's a sign that says "If you are handling this horse, do not even vaguely wish that any people around you didn't exist, or were elsewhere. The Management." It's in William's handwriting.)
<Random_Nerd> (Horse is in a stall at the bottom of the clock tower. In
<Random_Nerd> Monty's old room.)
<DanteE> (Horse is in the extradimensional space where we used to have Monty before he got moved to the moon)
<Random_Nerd> (The room is much bigger than it would otherwise be, and gives him plenty of room to run around.)
<Ftisk> (ok thank you)

  • Ftisk touch the Kudzu gear

[ERROR] Unknown command ``just.
<Random_Nerd> The gear is hard and rough, but warm to the touch.

  • Ftisk just barely

<Random_Nerd> William: "I can't use the screen, Dante. I can't do miracles."
<DanteE> "Ah, yes, we still need to put together a user manual.
<Random_Nerd> (The screen, after all, is just something you use to project on when you do ghost miracles to show people things. For it to actually work on its own, it would have to be something like Shadows' wasp.)
<Ftisk> (I can enhance it if someone ask me)
<DanteE> "Oh yeah, Shadows is experimenting with using a summoned wasp... like ... thing into a receptionist.
<Random_Nerd> William: "How unusual. I think I heard something about that."
<DanteE> "You have his flower?"
<Random_Nerd> Red: "They're ready now, but if you're busy, they can wait."
<Random_Nerd> William: "Yes. I have samples on hand for all of your major associates, made by a bespoke botanist from the Cleave."
<DanteE> "OK. Put in a call, say we want to chat."
<DanteE> "Oh, hey... Ftisk? Come on down, we'll introduce you to some of our friends."
<Random_Nerd> William nods: "I'll need to go to where we're keeping the flowers, do you mind?"
<DanteE> "Go ahead."
<Ftisk> "Ok, thnaks
<Ftisk> "
<Theresa> *to Red* "Would they like me to be there? I think I have the time at the moment. The others can keep me up to date."
<Random_Nerd> William walks out of his office, and up the staircase.
<Theresa> (Made by the Cleave? Theresa would be insulted, ya know...)
<Random_Nerd> Red: "Yes, if you have the time. One is at my current location, and I can walk you to the others."
<Ftisk> "Can I be gived time to dress myself before the chat?"
<Theresa> "Okay, on my way, Red. Be there in a little bit."
<DanteE> "... sure. Just don't wreck our microwave, that thing's temperamental... "

  • Theresa will then make her way to the others to get caught up and let them know about Red's request.
  • Ftisk go outside and return to the heap of gers leaver in the park then return

<Random_Nerd> William walks back downstairs.
<Ftisk> (run at top speed aspect 2)
<Theresa> *explains Red and transformed tree situation* "...and gave him a hamburger."
<Random_Nerd> William: "I spoke to the... wasp. It said that he can see you in three hours, or less if it's an emergency."
<Ftisk> (theresa how do you du the ham in the hamburger?)
<DanteE> (You don't. Hamburgers come from beef.)
<Random_Nerd> (Call the hamburger place and tell them that Brian's friend would appreciate it if they sent someone over with a bag of fast food.)
<DanteE> (Brian's MIA due to network issues, right?)
<Theresa> (And I didn't give him a hamburger. The shrink did.  :) )
<Theresa> (Laz is moving in with his girlfriend.)
<Random_Nerd> (Yeah, he was moving, but he'll be back in the game once they have internet access set up.)
<Ftisk> (Yes Brina is changig home and he is without internet)
<DanteE> "I'm ... trying to imagine a tree tasting thigs with its roots...
<DanteE> "I'd heard butterflies taste with their feet..."
<DanteE> "William, ask the wasp to ask Shadows if something strange happened (whatever) minutes ago."
<Random_Nerd> William: "The large tree, Red, says he tastes things with his roots."
<Random_Nerd> William: "I will do so." He walks back upstairs.
<DanteE> (afk a minute... Mexican food...)
<Theresa> "I didn't know Red had talked with William."
<Random_Nerd> William comes back down, and holds out what looks like a huge and chitinous insect egg, glistening with human saliva: "This is one of the wasp's thoughts. Please don't ask me how that works." He shakes it.
<Ftisk> (is Ftisk returned?)
<Random_Nerd> The egg makes a buzzing sound, and then whispers: "My master says that nothing particularly unusual happened, except insomuch as it was part of his experiments." It then melts into what looks like a greenish-brown egg yolk.
<Random_Nerd> (Yes, you can come in any time. Aspect 2 is pretty fast, particularly if you can fly.)
<Ftisk> (ok ,I was waiting for a word from you)

  • Ftisk enter just in time to listen the message

<Theresa> (Glistening with _human_ saliva? Poor William...)_
<Theresa> "Looks like the memory return might have just been a local, really-connected-to-Kudzu event, Dante."
<Ftisk> "Bleah, is soorganic!"
<Random_Nerd> William: "Well, there were also other questions that seemed similar. But it doesn't seem /universal/. And the ones I heard about, have been over the last two days, not at the particular moment you asked about."
<Random_Nerd> William: "So, my theory is that that particular moment was specifically connected to Kudzu, but that it may have been part of a larger trend."
<Random_Nerd> William, to Ftisk: "You have no idea, sir."
<DanteE> (back)

  • Theresa hands William a LC throat lozenge.
  • Ftisk lcreate a cleaning machine for William

<Random_Nerd> William takes the lozenge.
<Random_Nerd> (What does the cleaning machine look like?)
<Ftisk> (well I have pieces of car and a washing machines at hand.... so a washing machine with crome?)
<DanteE> (So, nothing he'd remotely want to stick his hands in? :) )
<Theresa> "Anyone want to come with me to give feet to trees?"
<Ftisk> (seriosly is a human sized egg like shape with a car door to enter and a washing machine obloo)
<Ftisk> (on a side)
<Random_Nerd> William shrugs slightly, takes a deep breath, and steps into the machine.

  • DanteE watches over William...
  • Ftisk look into the obloo

<DanteE> "This thing's not going to try to wax his undercarriage, is it?"
<Theresa> *murmurs* "Brave man..."
<Theresa> "He is getting married soon.."
<DanteE> "He deals with Nobles on a regular basis..."
<Ftisk> (I cando a steel bouquet ;-) )
<Random_Nerd> What does the machine do?
<Theresa> (Theresa's already doing the flowers, snailboy.  :) )
<Ftisk> (He clean him with ultrasonic weave and vibration so high that cause the frop of dirt and slime)
<Random_Nerd> William steps out of the machine, and exhales.
<Ftisk> (drop not frop)
<DanteE> "You all right?"
<Random_Nerd> William: "That's remarkably handy. May I keep it?"
<Ftisk> "yes sure"
<Ftisk> "but dont use it on a Dyonil its sound based"
<Random_Nerd> William: "I'll warn my associate about that."
<Theresa> (I'm sure William wasn't going to lure Sam into it...*innocent*)
<Random_Nerd> (So, shall we cut to the first tree-guy?)
<Theresa> "But yes, taking trees for walkies. Shall we?"
<Ftisk> (yay)
<Theresa> (I'm ready for a cut.)
<DanteE> "Anyway... sure, let's introduce Ftisk to some more of our friends."
<Ftisk> "Ok let's go"
<Random_Nerd> (And, cut.)
<Random_Nerd> The tree is a reasonably large one, but looks tiny next to Red.
<Random_Nerd> There's a hollow in the middle of the trunk, and from it speech comes.
<Random_Nerd> Tree: "Okay, now try the fried chicken."
<Theresa> (Does the shrink have a folder on this person?)
<Random_Nerd> (Yes.)
<DanteE> (Wooden you know he'd take leaf of his senses... lemme be plank with you: you need to branch out. :) )
<Theresa> (You are eaten by a grue. The Abhorrent Grue.)
<Random_Nerd> Shrink: "Okay, Allen here is the most promising candidate we have, plantwise. He seems to have retained almost all of his human mental habits, and is exceedingly frustrated by his new shape."

  • Theresa nods.

<Ftisk> "Hi!"
<Theresa> "And he's a carnivore."
<DanteE> "What's the waiting list for the Ray-o'Doom look like?"
<Random_Nerd> Red, in a deep rumbling voice: "Well, he wants to be."
<Ftisk> "How can he eat meat in plant form?"
<Random_Nerd> Shrink: "We've converted several of the people in non-human shapes, but not any of the plants yet."
<Theresa> (We have to get them _there_, first.  :) )
<Theresa> "The meat is chopped up and placed on the roots."
<Random_Nerd> Allen The Tree: "Well, if you grind it up and put it by my roots, the idea was that I can eat it. Isn't working so far."
<DanteE> "You could just put him in a big pot and carry him to the zapper."
<Ftisk> "Ohhh interesting like in a suction principle"
<Random_Nerd> Shink: "And that's why we want to get some of the more humanlike ones walking again. That way, we can show them the transformer, and talk to a bunch of them at the same time.
<Random_Nerd> Red: "We tried that, at first. But getting all the roots, without harming any of them, was really difficult, and they seemed to find the process very unsettling."
<Theresa> (Grove, not bunch. Flowers are bunch.)
<Random_Nerd> Shrink: "Part of it was the heliotropism. It seemed, to them, like the sun was swooshing violently around at all angles. It gave the equivalent of vertigo."
<Theresa> (And you don't want to see a tree vomit.)
<Theresa> "Okay, we'll get Allen up and moving again. Ready, Allen?"
<Random_Nerd> Allen, to Theresa: "So, do you think I can walk again, Doctor?"
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "As much as I'll ever be, I think."
<Random_Nerd> Red: "It won't be that bad. Like I told you, it feels natural once it happens."
<Theresa> "Sure, put you may never tango. You're quiet tall."
<DanteE> "You could just pop him to the ray, actually...
<Theresa> (but even.)
<DanteE> "Come to think of it...
<Theresa> "Ehh, let the tree walk..." *puts a hand on Allen and LChange*
<DanteE> "If you could point the ray at a mirror...
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "IT HURTS! IT BURNS! MY SOUL IS MELT... just kidding."
<Random_Nerd> Allen pulls one root up from the ground, and then another.
<Theresa> "You'd have to worry about the defraction. And what if it changed the mirror?"
<DanteE> "You do realize you have a legitimate reason to lying around in the sun all day."
<Theresa> (Don't _do_ that, love...I can only read so fast...)
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "I think that's why some of the guys want to stay as trees."
<Theresa> "I have a legit reason for it too, but I still have to go to work."
<Random_Nerd> Allen uneasily shuffles around on his prehensile roots.
<Theresa> "How's it feel?"
<Random_Nerd> Allen, to Red: "And the balance thing gets easier?"
<Random_Nerd> Red nods his upper branches.
<Theresa> (That's why Red wanted the cows! Weights for exercise!)
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "The sun is moving around, like they said it would. But at least I expect it. Like how you're less likely to get motion sick when you're the one driving."
<DanteE> "Ftisk... think you could come up with a way to get our mystic ray shootable at targets outside the building it's in?"
<Ftisk> "But you want to transform only the one that want to return human?"
<Theresa> "Hmm..I wonder if I spliced some ginger into your DNA..."
<Random_Nerd> (You could do that. The ray, as a piece of weird science, is part of your estate.)
<Random_Nerd> (Oh, did you guys bring William?)
<Ftisk> "oh.. Sure I can look at the machine and see if I can optimize it"
<DanteE> (I'm thinking of the laser firing up into a rotating turret with a mirror and a secondary unit with another mirror...
<Theresa> (Sure, we brought WIll.)
<DanteE> (Why not? Sure we brought Will.)
<Ftisk> to dante: "where is the ray?"
<Random_Nerd> (The main one is in the Bureau headquarters, about four miles away.)
<DanteE> "That big building you can just barely see over there."
<Random_Nerd> (For that matter, with Aspect 2, you probably /can/ see four miles away.)
<Ftisk> "ohhh I see it"
<Random_Nerd> Allen rootscampers off towards town.
<Ftisk> "Someone want come with me to the ray?"
<DanteE> "We're all headed there."

  • Theresa runs alongside Allen. "Now be careful. The townsfolk are just used to Red but walking trees still startle them."

<Random_Nerd> Allen: "That's the point!"
<Random_Nerd> Scamper!
<Theresa> "Don't make me get a leash!"
<Ftisk> (ahahah lol)
<Theresa> "Give a tree feet and he thinks he's Godzilla..."
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "I forget, what kind of noise did the plant-monsters make in Night of the Triffids?"
<DanteE> (So, a college grad, a plant-lady and a floating squirrel are scampering behind a walking tree heading for the transmogrifier ray."
<Theresa> "You are _not_ going to go around terrorizing the populace! The bunny already did that!"

  • Ftisk made a gost eletric saw weaving in allan direction

<DanteE> (Oops... snail, not squirrel. I must be going nuts. :) )
<Random_Nerd> Allen, running off into the background, yells "Feed me, Seymour!"

  • Ftisk aspect 2 run and catch Allen

<Random_Nerd> (Snail, squirrel. Same thing. Squirrels are just the ones that shed their shells and grow a furry protective coating instead.)
<Ftisk> (I beg you pardon but SNAILS are definetely better the lowly squirell)
<DanteE> (with William jogging behind us wondering if his insurance covers his brain exploding...)
<Random_Nerd> William: "What troubles me most about this scene is that it makes perfect sense to me."
<Theresa> "It does? I commend the Aide DA training program."
<Theresa> *to Allen* "Bah, ya overgrown celery stick, bet you couldn't catch me on your worst day!"
<Random_Nerd> William: "Well, I looked away when you actually did it. And I've seen talking trees before."
<Ftisk> To Allen: "In each human pool there are social rules you must follow the locan ones otherwise youl be terminated!"
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "I'm human. I'm just a human with leaves."
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "And roots. And no legs."
<Ftisk> "No you are a tree now later you can be returnet to a flesh form"
<Random_Nerd> (Is Ftisk guised?)
<Ftisk> I tinh no)
<DanteE> (I think he's a mechanical golem at the moment)
<Ftisk> (no, I don't reguised after the creation of the cleaning machine)
<Theresa> (ALlen - )
<Ftisk> (I think I'm a floating snail now)
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "I don't have to listen to you just because you're a flying snail."
<Theresa> "Will you listen to me?" *slight edge to voice*
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "What?"

  • Ftisk release Allen from my actuator grasp

<Ftisk> (manipulators even)
<Theresa> "We'll go into town, but you'll have to behave. Make faces at the kids, whatever but you will not be going on a rampage."
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "I don't want to hurt anyone. I'm just /bored/."
<Ftisk> "you can help with the project or find an employment"
<Ftisk> "somewhere"
<Theresa> "Very understandable. You've been stuck in the same spot since the enChancelling. What would you like to do to relieve the boredom?"
<Theresa> (Did the shrink have a timetable for switching to human?)
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "Run around making scary plant noises."
<DanteE> "Well, you can do that as a human. :) "
<Theresa> "Do I need to find you a dentist to munch on too?"
<DanteE> "You know where we're going, right?"
<Theresa> (What kind of scary noises can a plant make?)
<Random_Nerd> ("Rawr! I'm a scary plant!")
<DanteE> (Plant plant plant?)
<Ftisk> (craking wood?)
<Theresa> (No, that's a happy plant, Dante. To Theresa's dismay.)
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "Just let me go, okay?"
<Theresa> (Is he making sad tree eyes at Theresa?)
<Ftisk> (i bet on this)
<DanteE> "What were you doing before you became a tree?"
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "Flunking sophomore Spanish."
<Theresa> (Ah, he's a _teenager_. Explains much."
<Theresa> )
<DanteE> (College or high school?)
<Random_Nerd> (College.)
<DanteE> "Did they ever tell you where you can go to become human again?"

  • DanteE mulls over how much he can tell him before his brain eats itself...

<Random_Nerd> Allen: "Yeah, yeah."

  • Theresa sighs. "Fine, fine, go terrorize the villagers. But you better not cause any _real_ damage and I'd better not get a call asking to bail you out of jail. You are still under the same rules as everyone else in the Chancel. We'll set up a time for you to be changed back."

<DanteE> "Did they mention the guy in charge is a reformed demon and you'd be zapped by a transmogrifier ray straight out of Calvin & Hobbes' goofiest fantasies?"
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "I just /assumed/ it would be something like that."
<DanteE> (Oddly enough, that does make sense...)
<Theresa> (For this Chancel, yes.)
<Ftisk> (It's a wild chancell after all...)
<Random_Nerd> Allen: "I think I saw the demon, once. Funny-looking guy, sweet suit?"
<Ftisk> (jump to the death ray?)

  • Theresa LC's a letter on the local police chief's desk explaining about Allen and possibly other tree-folk, not counting Red, who may be walking around town on their way to getting changed back.

<DanteE> "Yeah, assuming he didn't get it shredded agaion..."
<Theresa> "That would be him."
<Random_Nerd> (So, where shall we cut to? Calling Shadows in a few hours?)
<DanteE> (Anything odd happen at the ray?_
<Theresa> (Theresa would give feet to the other trees that wanted them.)
<Ftisk> (we can weave I optimized it with a Lchage)
<Ftisk> (or play it)
<Random_Nerd> (Well, the ray thing is pretty trivial for Ftisk. We can play it out if you want, but I don't really see the need unless you think it'll be an entertaining scene.)
<Ftisk> (no just weave it)
<Theresa> (Oh, side question, do the Bureuo (sp) like their shirts?)
<DanteE> (OK, so, they're now human, and the ray guys now have a turret-and-reflector setup to do zaps remotely?)
<Random_Nerd> (They do. Bureau. And they also sent some to the non-bureau arm guys.)
<Random_Nerd> (They aren't compelled to work for Lesson. It's just that most of them like working for a guy who hardly even notices that they have weird eyes and and extra arm.)
<Random_Nerd> (Err, and an.)
<DanteE> (...weird eyes?)
<Random_Nerd> (Yeah. Most of the ones you've seen have eyes the color of various shades of metal, rather than ordinary irises.)
<Theresa> (Nifty. Hadn't noticed that before.)
<DanteE> (hm... that's ... interesting ... is it a plot point?)
<Random_Nerd> (No.)
<DanteE> (OK, so, we're back at the ranch?)
<Theresa> (SOunds good.)
<Random_Nerd> (Yeah, I figure back in the meeting room.)
<Ftisk> (to conatct shadow)
<Ftisk> (contact even)
<Theresa> (Yep. Any word from Sam yet?)
<Random_Nerd> (Nothing yet, but you heard from him around noon, and it's only six or seven now.)
<DanteE> (He's doing extensive geomancy teaching, right?)
<Random_Nerd> (Focusing on the Active Writing right now, but with the same students.)

  • Theresa will offer Ftisk something to eat if he eats.

<Random_Nerd> The elevator dings, and William wheels in a large pot with a flower growing out of it.
<Ftisk> (good question... it was a machine but is not immutable... RN what do you think? Ftisk need some energy to sustain itself? I think yes)
<DanteE> (corn flakes & WD40? :) )
<Ftisk> (chocolate & fried pommes)
<Ftisk> (:-P )
<Random_Nerd> (Probably so. But since you were making it partly from a washing machine, can we just assume it plugs into a normal socket?)
<Theresa> (In mixed company?)
<Ftisk> (ok)
<Ftisk> "Some electricity will be apprecciated"

  • Ftisk plug the snail's tail in a electricity plug
  • Ftisk an electricity auras surround Ftisk for some moments the light in the buildings go up and down the winth a dind Ftisk is recharged!

<Random_Nerd> William: "So, would one of you like to make contact? I would, but I really don't want anything to happen like the last time ever again."
<DanteE> "I'll get it.

  • DanteE plugs a phone line from the screen into the flower...

<Random_Nerd> (We are clear on the fact that the screen doesn't actually do anything, right? That it's just a prop Dante uses to make things more stylish?)

  • Ftisk update the screen to a functioning one

<DanteE> (Well, it also helps the others see & hear what's happening. :)
<DanteE> (Otherwise it's just me talking to myself)
<Random_Nerd> (Sure, but you could do that with ghost miracles anyway.)
<Random_Nerd> (Even so. So, you pray to Shadows?)
<DanteE> (In that case it's a ... erm, I guess it's a fetish, considering it's a magic prop)
<DanteE> (Yep.)
<Ftisk> (so dante will realy on the screen via gost miracle? right)
<Random_Nerd> (Yeah.)
<Random_Nerd> Wasp, in alien and also oddly stilted tone: "You. Have. Reached. The." Sound like needle being jerked on vinyl record. Shadows: "Hey."
<DanteE> "Hey, Shadows. How's the wasp working out?"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Sulky."
<Theresa> ("William's that way too. Must be catching.")
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "She did the egg thing to your secretary, didn't she?"
<DanteE> "Aide... and, yeah."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "I'm very sorry. I also wish that was the first time this week."
<Theresa> "Has anyone had...hatchlings?"{
<DanteE> "Anyway... the main reason we're calling is because of something odd that happened (X) minutes ago.
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "They're just alien thoughts, they don't turn into more wasps. I hope."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Oh?"
<DanteE> "Brian and I both got a burst of memories from what would have to be a 'past life' from the other side of the Wall."
<Random_Nerd> (At this point, it probably happened about four and a half hours ago.)
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Weird. Have you ever been out there?"
<DanteE> "Oh... did you hear about what happened when we went before the COuncil?"
<DanteE> "No, we haven't."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Entropy tried to make you her manslave?"
<DanteE> "Ah, you did hear."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "I imagine everyone has by now."
<DanteE> "We also think our enigmatic Wildlord may be getting some memories from over there as well.
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "That is odd. Has this happened before?'
<DanteE> "Nope.
<Theresa> "Good thing about Entropy's laws about love, Dante, because I think that you won't be getting a date with a Noble for a long time..."
<DanteE> "You know more about getting creatures through the wall than we do. Any chance there was some sort of breach when we got those memories?"
<DanteE> "You weren't trying to pull an elephant through right then, were you?"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Just thoughts, you said, no actual manifestations?"
<Ftisk> "Or that the memories used an existing hole to pass?"
<DanteE> "Memories. I 'remembered' wanting a crown made from Creation material."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "A crown? That is interesting. I've been working on mine, but it hasn't cohered yet."
<Ftisk> (ops that must haved been insede () )
<DanteE> "There's another reason we wanted to talk to you...
<Theresa> "What do you want a crown for?"
<DanteE> (Did Shadows know about the Library?)
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "To prove that I'm good enough to make one."
<Random_Nerd> (You may have mentioned it in passing, but he doesn't know much.)
<Theresa> "Is it a Other Side thing? Because I'm not getting it."
<DanteE> "We have... a structure our Ymera created to let us know about certain things about Nobility. A Library, if you will.
<DanteE> "Since our Ymera created it, it's linked to him.
<DanteE> "It's growing a basement at the moment.
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "There's three crowns, potentially, that people in my line of work can get. A lot of us don't even get the first one, and hardly anyone gets the last one."
<Theresa> "Huh, interesting."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Do things he makes tend to react to his mental state?"
<Theresa> (Does Dante still have the crown we made?)
<Theresa> "Definitely."
<Random_Nerd> (Probably.)
<DanteE> (Yep, a crown made of daggers.)
<DanteE> "There's also new information in there, about Nobles with amnesia due to coming through the Wall.
<DanteE> "Your predecessor's name came up.
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "His name? I didn't even think he had one."
<DanteE> "Well, title, not name."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Ah. What about him?"
<DanteE> "What do you know about him?"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Never met the guy, obviously. Eclipses and Consequences say he was working on the same kind of stuff that I was."
<DanteE> "Oh, reminds me....
<DanteE> (We have a message specifically for Barakiel, right?)
<Random_Nerd> (Kind of a message.)
<Random_Nerd> (You're to "Say something to him, or to Consequences to tell him, that will make him uneasy.")
<Theresa> (I thought we already gave the message.)
<DanteE> "We have a message from Ananda for your boss.
<DanteE> to Theresa: "Now, what should we say?"
<Theresa> "I think just the fact that Ananda has a 'message' should be enough. It gives me the willies."
<DanteE> "Aha. Shadows... Ananda wanted us to give him a message that would make him uneasy.
<DanteE> "The way he said it, I suspect that he found out about Barakiel's original plan. And... isn't happy."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Huh. That's not good."
<Theresa> "But he said to tell you hi and that he's okay with you."
<DanteE> "Right, he specifically said he had no ill will toward you."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "The thing with the crown, while I'm thinking about it. If it does have something to do with the things I do... do you know how I do what I do?"
<Theresa> "Well, we made 'a' crown but it was of Creation stuff."
<DanteE> "You summon creatures through the wall to fashion into shadows, right?
<Theresa> "Like maybe how someone on the other side that studies Creation would make a crown?"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "But /how/ I summon them. How I get them to be where I pull them across from, and willing to work with me."
<DanteE> "No, I don't know."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "There's another me, or at least part of one, out there. I made him, in order to be able to do this."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "He's not really as real as I am. But if I keep getting deeper in this, he'll get closer. If I master it, he may even end up /more/ real than I am."
<Theresa> (Would Shadows get to wear the crown or his double?)

  • Theresa raises an eyebrow. "Is that a good thing?"

<Random_Nerd> (Shadows would, and the double probably would as well.)
<DanteE> (Wait, I thought that was the otherside reputation of the same character... it's a different character?)
<Random_Nerd> (In a sense. And I've tweaked a little of the metaphysics, but not a lot.)
<Random_Nerd> (But notice what happens when someone with HS 5 dies, for instance.)
<Ftisk> (never get to read the supplement)
<DanteE> (It's d/lable for free from
<Ftisk> (YEs I have d/loaded it but don't have the time toread it)
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "I don't know if I'll go that far."
<DanteE> "Does he want a crown?"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "I'm the one who'll wear the crown, if I earn it. It wouldn't mean anything, out there. And no, I don't think they out there wear crowns of our materials."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "They know the arts we use, or at least know about them, but they don't use them. I don't think it's that they can't, I think it's that it's... just not done."
<DanteE> "If that's true, why would my memory be about wanting a crown?"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "I don't know. If those out there practice Summonings, I don't know about it."
<Ftisk> (this give new deph to the summonable flaw)
<DanteE> (Hm... that would be a real interesting wrinkle in Nobilis chronology. Might even explain a lot.)
<DanteE> "So, your other-side doppelganger feeds you life forms?"
<Ftisk> (I'm lost after the game can you explain how can explain a lot?)
<DanteE> (I would, but I prefer to remain an enigma. :D )
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "But they do thinks that are similar, I think. I can't prove this, it's just a pet theory, but I think this has something to do with shards. I think how they make those here is a little like how we make our other-selves out there. But different, too, somehow."
<DanteE> (That's actually part of it...)
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Of course, that could be nonsense. Attaris made a shard, right? And she's in Creation, as far as I know, but the 'shard' was too."
<DanteE> "She did?"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "You were here when she did, in my lab! I smashed through a wall when I felt it coming in!"
<DanteE> "oh, that
<DanteE> "We figured that was just a projection"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "I don't know, I just know it was weird."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Tell me everything you can about wanting a crown. Do you have an idea of how old this memory was?"
<DanteE> "Well, it was a momentary flash... we were talking with King John at the time...
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "The guy who takes care of the Ark and stuff?"
<DanteE> "Right."
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "I liked him. Reminded me of an older version of me."
<Theresa> "Yep. He's a little stressed at the moment, new arrivals in the chancel."
<DanteE> "Speaking of which, we've got a new Noble helping us out.
<Ftisk> (can we stop soon?)
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Oh?"
<Random_Nerd> (Yeah, it is getting late.)
<Theresa> (See, this is what happens when RN and I have lots of caffeine late at night...)
<DanteE> (Do your intro first. :)
<Ftisk> "Hi I'm Ftiskaaaahk Sn'Gnok"
<Ftisk> "Made by Vulcan and Machinery domine, isa pleasure to meet you"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Vulcan as in the god?"

  • Ftisk float a bit lower ad then raise in a simil.bow

<Ftisk> "Yes the God that the Greeks got near right"
<Random_Nerd> Shadows: "Cool."
<Ftisk> "yesssss"
<Random_Nerd> (Shall we stop here?)
<Ftisk> (ok!!)
<DanteE> (OK, though... did I get any idea of when the memory came from?)
<Ftisk> (I don't have any... :-( )
<Random_Nerd> ________STOP__________|
<DanteE> (just so I can answer Shadows' question)
<Random_Nerd> (Only an impression that it's old.)
<DanteE> heh
<Random_Nerd> So, any questions or thoughts?
<DanteE> what time is it in Italy?
<Ftisk> Nice session in a pair of point I was laughting so loud that I used a cushio to not awake wife+childrens
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
<Ftisk> now are 06:36
<BethE> Oh, which points?  :)
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
<Angelo> the tree
<Random_Nerd> I did have fun with the tree part.
<Knockwood> (BTW, I bumped my thread and now it's got a couple of replies...
<Knockwood> (maybe it was just because I made the original post at 4 am)
<Angelo> visibility is an important piart in getting replies
<BethE> What did you like best about doing the tree, RN?
<Knockwood> What other part were you laughing at, Angelo?
<Angelo> also the egg + cleaning was really surreal
<Random_Nerd> Just the idea of playing a somewhat lazy but energetic college student who got turned into a tree.
<Angelo> really only in noble this can happen with some plausibility
<Angelo> (is a good point!)
<Random_Nerd> Yeah. What I liked about that scene, and had William refer to, was that it made sense in the setting as previously established.
<Random_Nerd> That it wasn't just random surreal stuff thrown together, but that there were reasons for all of it.
<Angelo> I can't believe that He willingly entered a washingmashine car hybrid
<Knockwood> Apparently he's worked with Nobles to the point where nothing fazes him anymore
<Angelo> yes
[ERROR] Unknown command ``cheerleaderomode.
<Knockwood> "Riding a purple marshmallow to the sherbet kingdom? No problem, which side of the road?"
<Angelo> btw I see some little progess in the memories
<Random_Nerd> And did you want to explain what you thought was particularly significant that Shadows said?
<Angelo> we now know that is a kudzu thing only
<Random_Nerd> (Now, I know which parts are /actually/ significant, but that's a separate issue.)

  • Angelo lsiten...

<Random_Nerd> Well, Kudzu is in a somewhat unusual situation, as far as the James stuff that happened.
<Angelo> I think that these memorie cam with Attaris/Sieba using the onening in the wall that it made
<Angelo> and I _feel_ that it is a mimic
<Knockwood> That may be the big question... what made the hole?
<Knockwood> There seems to be a series of holes opening and letting stuff through
<Angelo> continuate HSumonig?
<Knockwood> (as opposed to the series of tubes we use. :)
<Angelo> The series of holes if near coaleshe into a big one?
<Random_Nerd> If it helps, I know the answers to these questions. This isn't just random stuff I'm throwing at the wall, I have a behind-the-screen understanding of what's at work here.
<Angelo> this help but we need to work out all the bits
<Angelo> uhm a hole made by one plan to stop the turning of the age?
<Angelo> memories + mimimc as side effect? too far stretched?
<Knockwood> don't forget that RN has said OOC that they're having their own armageddon....
<Random_Nerd> This is connected to that.
<Angelo> true I forget this bit
<Angelo> :-(
<Knockwood> which leads to my pet theory that the universe is imploding, and everything will be on our side soon. :)
<Random_Nerd> But let me throw out another bit related to that. Rule Zero Prime, so to speak. If they're having a cataclysm of sorts at the emd of this age, what did they have /last/ age?
<Angelo> thw cam 2 age ago right?
<Angelo> they
<BethE> Something that drove them from Out to inside?
<Random_Nerd> The Excrucians started showing up in force at somewhere around the end of the last Age.
<Angelo> but what is tihs something an excucian's excrucian
<Random_Nerd> There are some myths that suggest that they stopped by briefly, but not in force, way at the beginning.
<Angelo> ok, so the escaping here tehory can have some weight
<Angelo> some arrived in a test
<Angelo> opened a path and then other came
<Angelo> but outside time work in the same way as inside?
<Angelo> we have end of age at the same time but between these events how is time working?
<Random_Nerd> Unclear.
<Knockwood> we have no idea. We basically don't know jack (IC) about the other side of the wall.
<Random_Nerd> There are indications that they have something that functions for them as time does for Creation, but it's unclear in what ways it resembles and differs from time.
<Random_Nerd> And notice, too, that Creation didn't always have time.
<Random_Nerd> Showed up partway through the First Age.
<Angelo> oh
<Angelo> :-( tehory dismantled ar hangar 03
<Angelo> at not ar
<Random_Nerd> So, it's really late, and I need to go sleep.
<Random_Nerd> But this was a fun session, at least for me.
<Random_Nerd> See you guys next week.
<Angelo> me toooooooooooooooooo
<Knockwood> oyasumi-nasai
<Angelo> ciao RN
<BethE> Good night, all!  :)
<Random_Nerd> G'night.
<Angelo> gnight!

Chapter 14