Session 13 of Pine Falls

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[2009-01-16 20:15:19] <Khayin> Fu... is with creepy hollow girl. :D
[2009-01-16 20:15:24] <Seras> thanks :D
[2009-01-16 20:15:34] <Khayin> Creepy hollow girl who now responds to Anna.
[2009-01-16 20:16:04] <Fu> And is stuck listening to Fu explain about whatever runs though his head.
[2009-01-16 20:16:09] =-= Seras is now known as Seras|Shower
[2009-01-16 20:16:27] <Khayin> Anna, as Fu has discovered, is a rather apt listener.
[2009-01-16 20:16:53] <Fu> Not surprising.  :P
[2009-01-16 20:17:28] <Fu> "Is there a studio around here, though?" Fu asks after he actually tracks down something to eat.
[2009-01-16 20:17:37] <Khayin> She has also slowly learned how better to express her own thoughts -- basic as they may be.
[2009-01-16 20:18:05] <Khayin> "Studio?" she asks, still trailing two steps behind him.
[2009-01-16 20:18:16] <Fu> "Oh, I haven't explained that yet..."
[2009-01-16 20:18:26] <Fu> "A drawing room? But for paint."
[2009-01-16 20:18:48] <Fu> He pulls his sleeve up just enough to show part of his tattoos when he says paint.
[2009-01-16 20:18:57] <Khayin> "Paint... on the walls?" she says, pointing all over the house.
[2009-01-16 20:19:22] <Fu> "No, no, on a canvas."
[2009-01-16 20:19:33] <Fu> "That way, it can be taken to other places."
[2009-01-16 20:19:44] <Fu> "On the walls, it can't move normally."
[2009-01-16 20:20:46] <Khayin> She thinks hard for a few minutes -- which, for her, means staring blankly and motionlessly -- before happily nodding yes.
[2009-01-16 20:20:54] <Khayin> And showing him to the gallery.
[2009-01-16 20:21:40] <Khayin> The art gallery is not large, but what it lacks in floor space, it makes up for in content.
[2009-01-16 20:21:43] <Fu> (I'm doing a clarity roll, due to well, memories)
[2009-01-16 20:21:50] <Fu> !roll_ww 6 8 10
[2009-01-16 20:21:52] <Khayin> But the art is strange.
[2009-01-16 20:21:53] <The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 20:21:53] <The_Lady> 1, 3, 3, 4, 7, 7
[2009-01-16 20:21:53] <The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 20:22:01] <Khayin> In fact it redefines "macabre."
[2009-01-16 20:22:10] <Fu> (Oh boy)
[2009-01-16 20:22:18] <Fu> (Play up the crazy. XD )
[2009-01-16 20:22:34] <Khayin> The trip to the gallery was... interesting, then. XD
[2009-01-16 20:23:00] <Khayin> Whoever was responsible for it had some very grotesque tastes.
[2009-01-16 20:23:14] <Fu> Hell yes, with Fu dumbstruck for a good ten minutes and still until Anna touches him.
[2009-01-16 20:23:19] <Fu> And he promptly /screams./
[2009-01-16 20:23:26] <Khayin> Heh heh
[2009-01-16 20:23:30] <Khayin> That makes her scream.
[2009-01-16 20:23:38] <Fu> And collapsed, into a little ball. Baaaaad memories.
[2009-01-16 20:23:39] <Khayin> Which makes the gardens screech.
[2009-01-16 20:24:38] <Fu> "oh god, oh god, oh god..." Fu huddles into the little ball, his eyes shut as he whimpers.
[2009-01-16 20:24:38] <Khayin> Is there anything in particular you wanted to look for/do during the remainder of your oddly lengthy stay in the hollow?
[2009-01-16 20:24:58] <Fu> He'd be checking out any weird clues on the original Anna, and Bob.
[2009-01-16 20:25:15] <Fu> And just finding out more about mysteries of the Hollow.
[2009-01-16 20:25:29] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Investigation -2)
[2009-01-16 20:26:32] <Fu> (How much willpower and glamour do I have?)
[2009-01-16 20:26:44] <Fu> (He would be eating the goblin fruit and be resting)
[2009-01-16 20:27:03] <Fu> (And there's the whole fact he *stayed* to help, even though weird things could happen.)
[2009-01-16 20:27:10] <Khayin> Refill
[2009-01-16 20:28:16] <Fu> (Then burning 1 glamour, 1 wp for 7 exra dice.  ;D)
[2009-01-16 20:28:27] <Fu> !roll_ww 11 8 10
[2009-01-16 20:28:29] <The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 20:28:29] <The_Lady> 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9
[2009-01-16 20:28:29] <The_Lady> rolled 11d10. Got 5 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 20:28:39] <Khayin> Golly
[2009-01-16 20:29:37] <Fu> ( I love dice spamming. )
[2009-01-16 20:30:17] <Khayin> Okay... once upon a time... two siblings lived in a house. One's name was Bob. The other's name was Anna. Bob loved Anna and Anna loved Bob. They would play together all the time and had such fun.
[2009-01-16 20:30:37] <Khayin> But then, Bob had to go away and Anna was sad.
[2009-01-16 20:31:05] <Khayin> Anna promised herself that she would wait for Bob so that they could play together again and have fun like before.
[2009-01-16 20:31:09] <Fu> :<
[2009-01-16 20:31:14] <Khayin> But Bob never came back.
[2009-01-16 20:31:18] <Khayin> And Anna is still waiting.
[2009-01-16 20:31:31] <Fu> ......
[2009-01-16 20:31:54] <Fu> Fu is a little too glamoured up to realize some details.
[2009-01-16 20:32:12] <Khayin> This is the story that Fu basically discovers from the house itself, pieced together bit by bit.
[2009-01-16 20:33:01] <Khayin> The hollow seems unaware that there is any significance to Bob and Anna other than the fact that it is apparently the only story the house knows.
[2009-01-16 20:33:02] <Fu> "Who was the first Anna, Anna Echo?"
[2009-01-16 20:33:05] <Fu> Ah.
[2009-01-16 20:33:26] <Khayin> "Anna, I think. A comes before B... right?"
[2009-01-16 20:34:08] <Fu> "That's correct, but I meant if you remember anything else about that Anna."
[2009-01-16 20:34:18] <Khayin> "... Bob loves Anna."
[2009-01-16 20:35:02] <Fu> At this point, Fu is messing with Echo's hair, trying to keep from fidgeting from the memory of the gallery. "What was Bob like?"
[2009-01-16 20:35:11] <Khayin> The hollow reflects the appearance of the Franklin mansion, but any other connection is obfuscated by the nature of the hedge. There are too many direct links to the other side, however -- the book in the chapel for one -- to ignore.
[2009-01-16 20:35:56] <Khayin> Bottom line -- someone probably in the Franklin family at some point in history must have built this place.
[2009-01-16 20:36:15] <Khayin> "Bob... loved to play."
[2009-01-16 20:36:50] <Fu> "Play what?"
[2009-01-16 20:37:04] <Khayin> "... pretend."
[2009-01-16 20:37:13] * Fu grabs a comb, feeling a bit weird for sitting in a *girl's* room to do this.
[2009-01-16 20:37:32] <Fu> "Pretending what, though? Dragons? Kings? Stories? Cops? Cowboys?"
[2009-01-16 20:37:40] <Khayin> "Yes."
[2009-01-16 20:38:15] <Fu> "All."
[2009-01-16 20:38:46] <Fu> "Were there any ones that Bob did a lot?"
[2009-01-16 20:38:58] <Fu> "Like how I always go to the trains or to the drawing room?"
[2009-01-16 20:39:02] =-= Seras|Shower is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-01-16 20:39:08] <Khayin> "... I... don't know."
[2009-01-16 20:39:23] <Fu> "It's okay. You have helped me a lot already."
[2009-01-16 20:39:50] <Khayin> All right. That is the extent of his investigation -- mostly hunches, but very strong hunches.
[2009-01-16 20:40:00] <Khayin> Plus, well -- hunches are the best you can hope for in the hedge.
[2009-01-16 20:40:03] <Khayin> Switching over...
[2009-01-16 20:40:42] <Khayin> Mala gets to make a Clarity roll!
[2009-01-16 20:40:54] <Mala> o.o
[2009-01-16 20:41:04] <Khayin> :D
[2009-01-16 20:41:33] <Mala> ((How many dice?))
[2009-01-16 20:41:52] <Khayin> The whole Clarity rating. It's not a degeneration roll.
[2009-01-16 20:42:13] <Khayin> I just want to compare something.
[2009-01-16 20:42:24] <Mala> (oh)
[2009-01-16 20:42:31] <Mala> !roll_ww 6 8 10
[2009-01-16 20:42:32] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 20:42:32] <The_Lady> 3, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8
[2009-01-16 20:42:32] <The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 20:42:37] <DrakeNero> (the gallery is open if you want to use it for ooc)
[2009-01-16 20:42:48] <Khayin> (Ah, yes)
[2009-01-16 20:43:21] =-= Fu has changed the topic to ``#peanutgallery : for all of the nuts.
[2009-01-16 20:44:19] <Khayin> Dreams are the most confusing things. On one hand, it suggests that you're a girl after. On the other... who's to say that trees don't dream.
[2009-01-16 20:44:43] <Khayin> You dreamed of trees. Lots of them. And a girl lost among them.
[2009-01-16 20:44:53] <Khayin> Patricia, you think.
[2009-01-16 20:45:01] <Khayin> She is lost and scared.
[2009-01-16 20:45:03] <Khayin> And something is after her.
[2009-01-16 20:45:07] <Khayin> But she doesn't know it.
[2009-01-16 20:45:18] <Khayin> You want to warn her.
[2009-01-16 20:45:21] <Khayin> But you are only a tree.
[2009-01-16 20:45:27] <Khayin> So you can only watch when it comes to eat her.
[2009-01-16 20:47:34] <Khayin> When you awaken, you vaguely recall something the driver told you the other day, but can't remember right away.
[2009-01-16 20:49:01] <Khayin> Skimming through the time after they'd been dropped off from the book store, what has Mala been up to and what does she intend to do?
[2009-01-16 20:50:26] <Mala> Mostly she probably just went home. It's been a while since she's had her roots in the dirt. Later on, making sure Drake's okay is probably fairly high on her list. Also... where's Fu? >_>
[2009-01-16 20:50:42] <Khayin> Where indeed.
[2009-01-16 20:51:34] <Khayin> After waking up and relaxing with your feet in the soil, you notice that everything has grown much bigger the past few days. Much more vibrant. Especially around where you normally like to root yourself.
[2009-01-16 20:52:21] <Mala> Huh o.o
[2009-01-16 20:53:31] <Khayin> The friendly people that come and go from the arboretum also commend you on the fantastic job you've been doing with the specimens under your care.
[2009-01-16 20:53:54] <Mala> :D
[2009-01-16 20:54:16] * Mala hasn't been doing it but likes it when people notice her, so she doesn't say anything. ^__^
[2009-01-16 20:55:17] <Mala> When they're gone, though, she'll ask what's got them so happy. >.>
[2009-01-16 20:55:28] <Mala> (when the people are gone, that is_
[2009-01-16 20:57:58] <Khayin> "You seem better now!" they say. "Like you have something back that you lost before."
[2009-01-16 20:58:12] <Khayin> "It makes us warm."
[2009-01-16 20:58:23] <Mala> "Oh. :D "
[2009-01-16 20:58:47] * Mala isn't sure what she has now that she didn't before though. She left the book at the bookstore. >.>
[2009-01-16 21:00:42] <Khayin> Did Drake leave Mala a way to contact him?
[2009-01-16 21:00:53] <DrakeNero> I'm sure she has one of his cell #s
[2009-01-16 21:01:25] <Khayin> Has Mala figured out the pay phones on campus?
[2009-01-16 21:01:50] <Mala> Uhm. She's seen people put those coin things in them! And she's probably got a small collection of those that people have left around. >.>
[2009-01-16 21:02:22] <Mala> So, by process of elimination, she can probably puzzle it out! ^.^
[2009-01-16 21:03:03] <Khayin> Heh heh heh
[2009-01-16 21:03:22] <Khayin> All right, after a few minutes of fiddling with it, she can figure it out fine.
[2009-01-16 21:03:27] <Khayin> Which leads us to Drake...
[2009-01-16 21:03:41] <Khayin> Make a Perception roll -1 for me please.
[2009-01-16 21:04:01] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2009-01-16 21:04:02] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 21:04:02] <The_Lady> 1, 7, 8
[2009-01-16 21:04:02] <The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 21:04:31] <Khayin> Something is amiss.
[2009-01-16 21:05:01] * DrakeNero had fallen asleep on the couch
[2009-01-16 21:05:04] <Khayin> You had your suspicions and it took you the better part of the evening to realize it, but your house is not the way you left it.
[2009-01-16 21:05:14] <Khayin> Okay, until morning to realize it, then. XD
[2009-01-16 21:05:27] <DrakeNero> (or a couple hours, I didn't specify how long he'd slept)
[2009-01-16 21:05:33] <Khayin> True
[2009-01-16 21:05:42] * DrakeNero sits up and rubs at his eyes.
[2009-01-16 21:05:53] <Khayin> It was the blinds.
[2009-01-16 21:06:05] * DrakeNero idly wonders if he'd actually been talking to the computer, or if that was a dream-- the blinds?
[2009-01-16 21:06:18] <Khayin> They were not all the way up before.
[2009-01-16 21:07:16] * DrakeNero bolts off the couch and does a rather hasty check to make sure all his expensive stuff isn't stolen!!
[2009-01-16 21:07:43] <Khayin> Electronics, DVDs, software, rare coins... everything else appears roughly how you remember it, but the blinds gave it away.
[2009-01-16 21:08:01] <Khayin> Instantly, the feeling of violation overwhelms you.
[2009-01-16 21:08:08] <Khayin> It does not feel nice.
[2009-01-16 21:08:26] <DrakeNero> ....did he leave the door unlocked?
[2009-01-16 21:08:44] <DrakeNero> ...well, if something *special* wanted to get in, a locked door and an expensive security system isn't going to do much...
[2009-01-16 21:09:07] <DrakeNero> ...but why not steal anything? Why not steal EVERYTHING? He's got plenty here WORTH taking.
[2009-01-16 21:09:10] <Khayin> You unlocked it to get in yesterday -- you remember that.
[2009-01-16 21:09:17] <Khayin> And, yet -- nothing is missing.
[2009-01-16 21:09:27] <Khayin> So... what happened?
[2009-01-16 21:09:31] <DrakeNero> shitfuckballs
[2009-01-16 21:09:34] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Investigation)
[2009-01-16 21:09:35] <DrakeNero> what if its *still here*
[2009-01-16 21:09:43] <Khayin> (:3)
[2009-01-16 21:10:07] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2009-01-16 21:10:08] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 21:10:09] <The_Lady> 4, 4, 6
[2009-01-16 21:10:09] <The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 21:10:54] <Khayin> Paranoia starts to set in as you realize that the simple fact that you can find nothing amiss is bothering you even more than finding a rack of DVDs lifted from their place.
[2009-01-16 21:11:30] <DrakeNero> He keeps all his DVDs in perfect alphabetical order (minus the handful he threw on the couch to lay on while high) ...which section is missing?
[2009-01-16 21:11:42] <DrakeNero> Oh I misread
[2009-01-16 21:11:44] <DrakeNero> player's bad.
[2009-01-16 21:11:57] <Khayin> (No prob)
[2009-01-16 21:12:24] <Khayin> There is nothing. Nothing. Just the blinds. Just the god damn blinds. Why the blinds?!
[2009-01-16 21:12:53] <DrakeNero> ...the computer was supposed to tell me something.
[2009-01-16 21:13:11] <DrakeNero> ...something related to the blinds? God I suck at this.
[2009-01-16 21:14:32] <Khayin> After searching a while, you get a call.
[2009-01-16 21:14:38] <Khayin> (From a tree)
[2009-01-16 21:14:54] <DrakeNero> He looks at the caller ID
[2009-01-16 21:15:23] <Khayin> Number you haven't seen before, but it has the same prefix as the Dean's office phone.
[2009-01-16 21:15:31] <DrakeNero> "Hello..?"
[2009-01-16 21:16:03] <Khayin> Mala is pleased to find that her experiment with the pay phone yielded success
[2009-01-16 21:16:19] <Mala> "HELLO DRAKE. ARE YOU FEELING BETTER?"
[2009-01-16 21:16:31] * Mala is talking much, much too loud.
[2009-01-16 21:16:38] <DrakeNero> "You don't have to shout."
[2009-01-16 21:16:42] <DrakeNero> "And no...I'm really not."
[2009-01-16 21:16:48] <Mala> "ARE YOU SURE? YOUR HOUSE IS KINDA FAR AWAY."
[2009-01-16 21:17:04] <DrakeNero> "I mean I'm not *high* but I'm not feeling better. I can hear you just fine, the phone is magical and carries your voice."
[2009-01-16 21:17:22] <DrakeNero> He keeps looking at his blinds.
[2009-01-16 21:17:35] <Mala> "Oh. Neat! It's good you're not high anymore. Whatever that is. But what's wrong now?"
[2009-01-16 21:17:53] <DrakeNero> "Someone was in my house."
[2009-01-16 21:18:08] <DrakeNero> "They turned my computer on, and pulled up my blinds!"
[2009-01-16 21:18:17] * DrakeNero realizes how retarded this sounds.
[2009-01-16 21:18:44] <Mala> "That's weird. Uhm. Are you sure it wasn't you? You were kinda loopy last night..."
[2009-01-16 21:19:03] <DrakeNero> "No, I came home and my computer was on."
[2009-01-16 21:19:08] <DrakeNero> "I don't leave it on."
[2009-01-16 21:19:36] <Mala> "Oh. Uhm. Do you want me to come over and help you figure out what happened?"
[2009-01-16 21:20:39] <DrakeNero> "....sure."
[2009-01-16 21:21:57] <Mala> "Okay! I'll walk over there. Uhm. How do I turn this off?"
[2009-01-16 21:23:17] <Khayin> (Walking or is Drake picking her up?)
[2009-01-16 21:23:30] <Mala> (I don't think Mala thought that far ahead.)
[2009-01-16 21:23:38] <DrakeNero> "Just hang up."
[2009-01-16 21:25:16] <Khayin> It occurs to Drake that if he wants to dig very deep into his computer, Fu would probably be a better person to look into it.
[2009-01-16 21:25:25] <Fu> ( ^_~ )
[2009-01-16 21:25:25] <Khayin> As far as searching the house, though...
[2009-01-16 21:25:55] <Mala> "Hang up.... Oh, I think I see what you m-" The call cuts off, as Mala plays with the switch.
[2009-01-16 21:26:51] <DrakeNero> "Yes, I think you do." Sigh.
[2009-01-16 21:28:32] <Khayin> Fortunately, the walk isn't terribly long -- about half an hour with Mala's stride -- and it gives Drake a bit of time to calm down a bit.
[2009-01-16 21:29:12] <Khayin> While waiting, he collects his mail and the papers...
[2009-01-16 21:29:16] <Khayin> ... strange. There are two of them.
[2009-01-16 21:29:36] <DrakeNero> o.O
[2009-01-16 21:29:40] <DrakeNero> the same paper?
[2009-01-16 21:29:48] <Khayin> Nope. Two days.
[2009-01-16 21:31:33] <Khayin> Which is odd, considering you only remember being gone one.
[2009-01-16 21:31:47] <DrakeNero> O.o
[2009-01-16 21:32:19] <Khayin> That, at least, is a bit easier to explain. Time isn't always straight in the hedge.
[2009-01-16 21:32:40] <Khayin> It's always worrisome, however.
[2009-01-16 21:33:17] <DrakeNero> "Hm."
[2009-01-16 21:34:34] <Khayin> The news is mostly the same, though you noted an article reporting that police are investigating another incident on the Pritchett property outside town.
[2009-01-16 21:35:10] <Khayin> The report is small and vague. Apparently, the news folks don't know much about it or seem to believe that it might be important.
[2009-01-16 21:35:52] <DrakeNero> I suppose that's good
[2009-01-16 21:35:53] <DrakeNero> for now
[2009-01-16 21:35:59] <Khayin> It reminds you that you still don't know where your other two fellow Summer courtiers made it to.
[2009-01-16 21:36:12] <DrakeNero> Oh shit.
[2009-01-16 21:37:08] <Khayin> And, though you saw her off, you haven't heard from Myrtle, either.
[2009-01-16 21:37:41] <DrakeNero> Double shit, with a cherry
[2009-01-16 21:37:43] <Khayin> Before too long, Mala finds herself in front of Drake's home. Fortunately, she remembered the way -- the neighborhood was easy to remember for some reason.
[2009-01-16 21:37:57] <Mala> :D
[2009-01-16 21:38:01] * Mala knocks on Drake's door.
[2009-01-16 21:38:07] <DrakeNero> "Come in."
[2009-01-16 21:39:25] * Mala pokes her head in the door. "Draaaaake. >.> "
[2009-01-16 21:39:37] <DrakeNero> "Mala."
[2009-01-16 21:39:46] <DrakeNero> He's in his living room, staring at both papers.
[2009-01-16 21:40:30] * Mala comes in. "What are you looking at? o.o"
[2009-01-16 21:40:53] <DrakeNero> "Newspapers."
[2009-01-16 21:41:07] <Mala> "Well.. I know /that/. >.>"
[2009-01-16 21:41:17] <DrakeNero> "Two of them.
[2009-01-16 21:41:29] <DrakeNero> "Two different dates. I didn't realize we were gone that long."
[2009-01-16 21:41:43] <Mala> "...what? o.o "
[2009-01-16 21:41:59] <DrakeNero> "We were apparently gone two days."
[2009-01-16 21:43:17] <Mala> "...we weren't gone that long. >.> "
[2009-01-16 21:43:46] <DrakeNero> "Papers say otherwise."
[2009-01-16 21:44:48] <Mala> "We're in the paper? o.o "
[2009-01-16 21:44:58] <Mala> "I don't think I've been in the paper before. >.>"
[2009-01-16 21:45:40] <DrakeNero> "Christ, were you raised under a rock?"
[2009-01-16 21:45:45] <DrakeNero> "Look at the dates."
[2009-01-16 21:45:49] <DrakeNero> He points with a gilded claw.
[2009-01-16 21:46:08] <Khayin> At that point, Drake's cell phone quietly rings.
[2009-01-16 21:46:18] <DrakeNero> He pulls it out of his pocket and looks at the display
[2009-01-16 21:46:31] <Mala> "I wasn't raised under a rock... it was an orchard... .__. "
[2009-01-16 21:46:35] <Khayin> The number that Myrtle gave him.
[2009-01-16 21:46:42] <DrakeNero> "Hello?"
[2009-01-16 21:46:47] <Khayin> "Drake..."
[2009-01-16 21:46:53] <DrakeNero> "Myrtle?"
[2009-01-16 21:47:00] <Khayin> "... Drake, something is wrong..."
[2009-01-16 21:47:07] <DrakeNero> "What's the matter?"
[2009-01-16 21:47:33] <Khayin> "... I haven't heard from them."
[2009-01-16 21:47:41] <DrakeNero> "Which them?"
[2009-01-16 21:48:27] <Khayin> "Gus and Smithy... I can't find them."
[2009-01-16 21:49:29] <Fu> (Remember, Fu does have his... well, the cantrip that never worked.  :p )
[2009-01-16 21:49:45] <DrakeNero> "Double shit with a cherry."
[2009-01-16 21:49:49] <Khayin> (There's something else..."
[2009-01-16 21:50:10] <DrakeNero> "What?"
[2009-01-16 21:50:19] <Khayin> "... I think I'm being followed."
[2009-01-16 21:50:39] <DrakeNero> "Where are you?"
[2009-01-16 21:50:40] <Khayin> "Last night I was making a run for supplies and... I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye."
[2009-01-16 21:51:07] <Khayin> She doesn't respond, her voice shaking a bit. "... I kept seeing it..."
[2009-01-16 21:51:17] <Khayin> "It reminded me of someone..."
[2009-01-16 21:51:31] <DrakeNero> "of whom? where *are* you?"
[2009-01-16 21:53:21] <Khayin> "... I'm in the lot behind the Red Apple. There's a white truck parked by the handicap spot..."
[2009-01-16 21:53:51] <DrakeNero> "Put hot lead in anything that tries something funny"
[2009-01-16 21:54:00] <Khayin> "Okay... I will..."
[2009-01-16 21:54:14] <Khayin> "... but it's... the fog, have you seen it lately?"
[2009-01-16 21:54:18] <DrakeNero> "Let me know what you find, or if you need help."
[2009-01-16 21:54:22] <DrakeNero> "No..."
[2009-01-16 21:54:46] <Khayin> "... it's so weird..." The reception starts to get fuzzy.
[2009-01-16 21:55:01] <DrakeNero> "You're breaking up..."
[2009-01-16 21:55:28] <Khayin> "... I've been feeling so alone here..." Crackling. "... keep seeing..."
[2009-01-16 21:56:33] <Khayin> The call ends.
[2009-01-16 21:56:45] <DrakeNero> "Triple shit with a cherry." He looks at his phone.
[2009-01-16 21:57:17] <Mala> "What? Who was that? o.o "
[2009-01-16 21:57:51] <DrakeNero> 'Myrtle."
[2009-01-16 21:58:19] <Mala> "Oh. It sounded like something bad was going on. What with the shit and cherries..."
[2009-01-16 21:58:46] <DrakeNero> "She can't find Gus or Smithy and thinks she's being followed. Says the fog is weird, and then she lost reception.
[2009-01-16 21:59:09] <Khayin> Mala finds that odd, herself.
[2009-01-16 21:59:18] <Khayin> It was a perfectly clear day when she walked over here.
[2009-01-16 21:59:29] <Mala> "...but it's sunny out. o.o"
[2009-01-16 21:59:39] <DrakeNero> "I haven't been outside."
[2009-01-16 21:59:50] <DrakeNero> "I think things just got bad, Mala. Really bad."
[2009-01-16 21:59:59] <Mala> "Maybe we should go find her.."
[2009-01-16 22:00:11] <DrakeNero> "She did tell me where she was..."
[2009-01-16 22:00:56] <DrakeNero> He takes a deep breath.
[2009-01-16 22:00:59] <DrakeNero> "Let's go."
[2009-01-16 22:01:58] * Mala nods. o.o
[2009-01-16 22:03:00] <Khayin> The trip is brief. And sunny.
[2009-01-16 22:03:24] <DrakeNero> He looks for said white truck
[2009-01-16 22:03:35] <Khayin> The Red Apple is not crowded, but not empty. Drake can see the path to the back but there is no white truck next to the handicap spot.
[2009-01-16 22:03:53] <DrakeNero> "I shouldn't be surprised, but I am."
[2009-01-16 22:04:30] <Mala> "We should look inside. Maybe she'd want to be around others."
[2009-01-16 22:04:39] <Khayin> (Perception)
[2009-01-16 22:05:32] <Mala> !roll_ww 4 8 10
[2009-01-16 22:05:33] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 22:05:33] <The_Lady> 5, 6, 6, 7
[2009-01-16 22:05:33] <The_Lady> rolled 4d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 22:05:42] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 4 8 10
[2009-01-16 22:05:43] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 22:05:43] <The_Lady> 6, 7, 7, 9, 10, 10
[2009-01-16 22:05:43] <The_Lady> rolled 4d10. Got 3 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 22:06:16] <Khayin> While driving close to the back way, Drake notices at the last moment a cell phone on the ground.
[2009-01-16 22:07:04] <DrakeNero> He stops, gets out and picks it up.
[2009-01-16 22:07:50] <Khayin> Scuff marks on the corners. Probably dropped. No one else around. Numbers were input before it was dropped, though.
[2009-01-16 22:07:53] <Khayin> 2662
[2009-01-16 22:07:55] <Mala> "What's that? o.o "
[2009-01-16 22:08:28] <Khayin> (Sorry. 1661)
[2009-01-16 22:08:48] <Khayin> (Was thinking of something else. Storyteller bad!)
[2009-01-16 22:10:17] <DrakeNero> "A phone."
[2009-01-16 22:10:32] <DrakeNero> He writes down those numbers before clearing it out and looking into the phone's call log.
[2009-01-16 22:10:37] <DrakeNero> Recent calls: Made.
[2009-01-16 22:11:23] <Mala> "Is it..?" Mala comes over to look.
[2009-01-16 22:12:10] <Khayin> The last nine outgoing numbers were Gus and Smithy.
[2009-01-16 22:12:23] <Khayin> Clearly, she'd be trying quite a bit.
[2009-01-16 22:12:36] <Khayin> The tenth number was an incoming call. An 888 number.
[2009-01-16 22:13:01] <DrakeNero> o.O
[2009-01-16 22:13:08] <DrakeNero> He writes that down, too
[2009-01-16 22:13:57] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Investigation)
[2009-01-16 22:14:29] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2009-01-16 22:14:30] <The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 22:14:30] <The_Lady> 4, 5, 6
[2009-01-16 22:14:30] <The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 22:14:38] <DrakeNero> (note to self: wp)
[2009-01-16 22:15:42] <Mala> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2009-01-16 22:15:43] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 22:15:43] <The_Lady> 4, 5, 8
[2009-01-16 22:15:43] <The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 22:17:29] <Khayin> Mala can see that it's been banged up a bit. There are still numbers on the display, though. 1661. Is that a number? Most of the one's she's seen have seven numbers. Except the funny long ones she sometimes sees in the papers. They also sometimes have letters.
[2009-01-16 22:17:54] <Khayin> So, if it isn't seven numbers, were they actually trying to spell something?
[2009-01-16 22:19:15] |<-- DrakeNero has left (Ping timeout)
[2009-01-16 22:19:23] -->| DrakeNero ( has joined #PineFalls
[2009-01-16 22:21:31] <Fu> (what did you miss?)
[2009-01-16 22:22:44] <Mala> "1661 isn't a phone number. But, uhm. Aren't numbers also letters on phones? On that phone I used earlier it had A-B-C on the 1, and D-E-F on the 2... maybe 1661 spells something? What's on the 6, I forget. >.>"
[2009-01-16 22:23:42] <DrakeNero> "MNO"
[2009-01-16 22:24:51] <Mala> "AMMA, BMMB... uhm. Anna? o.o"
[2009-01-16 22:25:25] <DrakeNero> "........... ! " O_O
[2009-01-16 22:26:12] <Mala> "Uhm. That reminds me. Have you seen Fu? o.o "
[2009-01-16 22:26:19] <DrakeNero> ""
[2009-01-16 22:26:21] <Fu> ( GET ME OUT OF HERE. )
[2009-01-16 22:26:23] <DrakeNero> "Have you?"
[2009-01-16 22:26:32] <Mala> "No. o_o "
[2009-01-16 22:26:43] <Fu> ( He said he'd /stay in the hollow until you guys came back./ )
[2009-01-16 22:26:48] <DrakeNero> "Where did we leave him?"
[2009-01-16 22:27:09] <Mala> "In that house... >_>"
[2009-01-16 22:27:18] <DrakeNero> "We should go back and get him"
[2009-01-16 22:27:26] <Mala> "Yeah...."
[2009-01-16 22:28:16] <Khayin> You could try to brave the hedge again, but there is only one reliable entrance that you know of.
[2009-01-16 22:28:43] <Khayin> The door in the locked room within the Franklin estate.
[2009-01-16 22:29:47] <DrakeNero> He looks at Mala.
[2009-01-16 22:30:01] <DrakeNero> "How are we going to manage this."
[2009-01-16 22:31:53] <DrakeNero> "The easy way in is in a locked room."
[2009-01-16 22:32:16] <DrakeNero> "The hard way in is no guarantee, and might require us being held up by fighting all sorts of monsters."
[2009-01-16 22:35:00] <Mala> "Uhm. I dunno. I've never really broken in anywhere before. >_> "
[2009-01-16 22:35:33] <DrakeNero> "I...I think I might have to provide a distraction while you find the room."
[2009-01-16 22:35:50] <DrakeNero> "We could *try* calling him...."
[2009-01-16 22:36:31] <Mala> "Do you think it will work? o.o"
[2009-01-16 22:37:14] <DrakeNero> He tries.
[2009-01-16 22:37:57] <Khayin> Number not in range, it says.
[2009-01-16 22:38:27] <DrakeNero> "yeah, no."
[2009-01-16 22:38:54] <Mala> "I guess we couldn't just ask to go back in the room..."
[2009-01-16 22:39:10] <DrakeNero> "That..that might just work."
[2009-01-16 22:39:49] <Mala> "Oh. Well let's do that, then."
[2009-01-16 22:40:39] <DrakeNero> "Worth a shot."
[2009-01-16 22:42:05] <Khayin> The drive to the Franklin estate is lengthier than most trips through Pine Falls, primarily due to the exceptionally long "driveway." When you roll up to the roundabout around the fountain, you are once again amazed at how large the place looks, especially in the daytime.
[2009-01-16 22:43:46] <Khayin> An attendant walks briskly out of the front doors, approaching your car with an subtly questioning expression. "Good day, sir. Are you expected?" he asks.
[2009-01-16 22:44:12] <DrakeNero> "I'm afraid this is a spur of the moment visit, but i assure you it's urgent."
[2009-01-16 22:44:32] <DrakeNero> "If I'd had time to arrange, I would have."
[2009-01-16 22:45:01] <Khayin> "I'm sure, sir. May I ask whom you are in dire need of seeing?"
[2009-01-16 22:47:13] <DrakeNero> "The lady of the house gave me the name Abigail." He also turns on Vainglory 1. He's important and is supposed to be here!
[2009-01-16 22:50:36] <Khayin> "... oh! Oh, of course, sir!" he says, as if suddenly remembering something. "Please, right this way, sir. I will have the valet park your car in some place more suitable."
[2009-01-16 22:51:00] <DrakeNero> "Thank you!"
[2009-01-16 22:52:09] <Khayin> Swiftly, the valet takes your keys and the attendant gracefully shows Drake and Mala inside the double doors of the manor. Though it isn't hosting a party like the last time you came through this way, the main hall looks no less elegant.
[2009-01-16 22:52:30] * DrakeNero gets the urge to guard the door and eat the attendant.
[2009-01-16 22:52:52] <Mala> "Wow. o.o That worked really well!;
[2009-01-16 22:53:29] <Khayin> "If you would please wait here, sir, I will locate Lady Franklin while you are served whatever refreshments you might like."
[2009-01-16 22:54:33] <Khayin> As soon as the attendant leaves, another one rolls by with a cart of goodies as if the whole thing had been coreographed.
[2009-01-16 22:54:56] * DrakeNero has a coffee and an eclair. mmmmmm
[2009-01-16 22:55:23] <Mala> Ooo. Donuts. Nom nom.
[2009-01-16 22:56:30] <Fu> Mmm, goblin fruit- oh wait, I'm not there.
[2009-01-16 22:56:49] <Khayin> Once the attendant leaves with the cart, there are a few moments of silent peace before a young woman clad in a swimsuit strolls across the hall from the north wing, toweling herself off and dripping water across the marble floor. She notices the two of you after a few moments and pauses.
[2009-01-16 22:56:54] <Khayin> "... hello?"
[2009-01-16 22:57:11] <DrakeNero> "Hello."
[2009-01-16 22:57:27] <Khayin> Drake takes a moment and recalls meeting this young woman before. Isaac Franklin's daughter -- Theresa.
[2009-01-16 22:57:38] <DrakeNero> "Theresa, right?"
[2009-01-16 22:58:01] <Khayin> "... Mr. Nero... right?" she asks, an expectant smile.
[2009-01-16 22:58:41] <DrakeNero> "Right." Smile.
[2009-01-16 22:59:22] <Khayin> "Sorry, my dad introduces me to all sorts of business acquaintances, so I sometimes forget." She walks up to greet you, her eyes moving to Mala before she pauses again. "... have we met?"
[2009-01-16 23:00:09] <DrakeNero> "This is Mala, my sister-in-law."
[2009-01-16 23:00:16] <Mala> "Hi! :D" She waves.
[2009-01-16 23:00:23] <DrakeNero> "She's spending the weekend with me, so I had to take her along on business."
[2009-01-16 23:01:21] <Khayin> "... Mala..." Theresa considers a moment with a thoughtful expression before giving up on whatever she was pondering and moving forward to shake your hands. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm sorry I'm hardly dressed, but... well, you are in my house." She shrugs, smiling.
[2009-01-16 23:01:59] * Mala shakes her hand. "It's nice. >.> "
[2009-01-16 23:02:01] <DrakeNero> "Perhaps you two could get to know each other, you're around the same age!"
[2009-01-16 23:02:22] <DrakeNero> "I'm here for business, it'll be terribly dull."
[2009-01-16 23:02:34] <DrakeNero> Read: Mala use her to find the room, dammit
[2009-01-16 23:02:48] <Khayin> Theresa rolls her eyes, smiling. "Sounds like my dad's logic. Anyway, what are you here for? Dad buy more houses or something?"
[2009-01-16 23:04:19] <DrakeNero> "I have some things to finish up with him, but I've got a meeting with someone by the name of Abigail."
[2009-01-16 23:04:25] <Khayin> "..."
[2009-01-16 23:05:33] <DrakeNero> "What's the matter?"
[2009-01-16 23:05:34] <Khayin> "... I'm sorry..."
[2009-01-16 23:05:34] <DrakeNero> "..have I been punked?"
[2009-01-16 23:05:34] <Khayin> "... I wasn't aware she was back in the States. Weird."
[2009-01-16 23:05:34] <DrakeNero> *punk'd
[2009-01-16 23:05:34] <DrakeNero> "Back in the States?"
[2009-01-16 23:05:34] <Khayin> "Well, that's rather like her, actually," she says, disappointedly. "She never says much to me anymore."
[2009-01-16 23:05:39] <Khayin> "Guess it's no surprise when I don't know she's come or gone."
[2009-01-16 23:05:50] <DrakeNero> "Relative of yours?"
[2009-01-16 23:07:38] <Khayin> Theresa chuckles. "Yeah, I think you could say that. I believe she would be Mrs. Franklin to you, though." She gives a teasing wink.
[2009-01-16 23:07:52] <DrakeNero> "She's married?"
[2009-01-16 23:08:03] <DrakeNero> There's a hint of disappointment there.
[2009-01-16 23:09:04] <Khayin> Theresa laughs. "Wow, I guess we need to have you over more often."
[2009-01-16 23:09:11] <Khayin> "Abigail Franklin is my mother."
[2009-01-16 23:09:17] <DrakeNero> "....really?"
[2009-01-16 23:09:29] <DrakeNero> M. I. L. F.
[2009-01-16 23:10:23] <Khayin> "Yup," Theresa wipes her hair down a bit. "Though she's almost never here anymore. Typically overseas. You can probably tell that my dad's credit card tends to drum up some numbers intercontinentally."
[2009-01-16 23:10:45] <Khayin> "And lately..." she looks distant for a bit.
[2009-01-16 23:11:00] <DrakeNero> He looks concerned!
[2009-01-16 23:11:08] <DrakeNero> maybe she'll open up to him. >.>
[2009-01-16 23:11:18] <Khayin> "... well, I dunno. I haven't seen her in a couple months."
[2009-01-16 23:11:31] <DrakeNero> And then he can know more about this mystery woman he WAS planning to bone but that seems to be out of hte picture
[2009-01-16 23:12:22] <Khayin> "Well, if you're having a meeting with her, then I guess-" She is cut off when she sees someone coming down the steps.
[2009-01-16 23:12:37] * DrakeNero looks
[2009-01-16 23:14:06] <Khayin> Slowly, Abigail Franklin descends the steps. Looking between Theresa, Drake, and Mala. She is silent until she reaches the bottom. "Hello, Theresa."
[2009-01-16 23:14:34] <Khayin> "Hey, mom," Theresa says, smiling softly. "Welcome home. Nice of you to tell me you were in."
[2009-01-16 23:15:20] <Khayin> "... I'm sorry," Abigail apologizes, looking back to Drake. "I've been very jetlagged. We'll catch up over dinner."
[2009-01-16 23:16:18] <Khayin> "Yeah, sure," Theresa turns to leave. "See ya around, Mr. Nero. See ya, Mala."
[2009-01-16 23:16:40] <Mala> "Oh. Bye. o.o" Mala waves.
[2009-01-16 23:17:26] <Khayin> After waiting for Theresa to walk out of hearing range, Abigail turns back to Drake. "Has something happened?"
[2009-01-16 23:17:46] <DrakeNero> "Yes..and no. Can we talk privately?"
[2009-01-16 23:19:37] <Khayin> "Yes." She turns back up the stairs and strolls through the eastern halls, leading them to a sitting room with a nice oak door and a big lock. The furniture is rustic and the animal heads mounted on the walls look depressingly authentic. She gestures to some seats as she seats herself by the curtained window.
[2009-01-16 23:20:08] * DrakeNero sits close to ehr.
[2009-01-16 23:20:09] <DrakeNero> her
[2009-01-16 23:20:10] * Mala watches the animals poking their heads through the walls to make sure they're not gonna try to munch her hair. >_>
[2009-01-16 23:20:54] <Khayin> "What happened?"
[2009-01-16 23:22:08] <DrakeNero> "I'm uncertain if it's correlated, but one of our acquaintances called to tell me she thought she was being followed; that there was fog on a perfectly sunny day and then she vanished without a trace."
[2009-01-16 23:22:23] <DrakeNero> "Also, one of our friends is...." he takes a deep breath.
[2009-01-16 23:23:03] <DrakeNero> "this is hard to explain..."
[2009-01-16 23:23:20] <Khayin> "It's okay," she assures him, looking quite honest.
[2009-01-16 23:23:55] <DrakeNero> "Trapped in a magical Realm on one side of reality and needs to get out through a specific locked door...that happens to be inside your estate."
[2009-01-16 23:24:13] <Khayin> She thinks for a moment.
[2009-01-16 23:24:23] <DrakeNero> "That's how I was in your garden without a shirt earlier" >.>
[2009-01-16 23:24:47] <Khayin> "... Fu is still in the hollow? Goodness, I must have forgotten."
[2009-01-16 23:25:02] <DrakeNero> Blink.
[2009-01-16 23:25:03] <Fu> "If Anna's one..." Back in the Hollow, Fu is trying to explain his reasoning on why he is at 'Anna's room,' about to open the door. "Bob's another. I hope."
[2009-01-16 23:25:17] <Mala> o.o
[2009-01-16 23:25:19] <DrakeNero> "Wait *what* ?"
[2009-01-16 23:25:56] <Fu> "I told you what Drake and Mala look like, so if they come, could you tell them I'm sorry?"
[2009-01-16 23:26:27] <Fu> He gives Anna Echo an embarrassed smile and a hug before trying 'Anna's gate.'
[2009-01-16 23:26:39] <Fu> And trying not to think of gutter thoughts.
[2009-01-16 23:27:00] <Khayin> "Come back soon!" Anna Echo says, sad to see him go.
[2009-01-16 23:27:29] <Fu> "I will! I have to make sure this place doesn't fall apart!  :D"
[2009-01-16 23:27:52] <Khayin> "... I'm sorry. Forget I said that," Abigail waves it off, shaking her head. "That will be taken care of momentarily. He should arrive this afternoon."
[2009-01-16 23:28:13] <DrakeNero> "But you know there's a Hollow here."
[2009-01-16 23:28:19] <DrakeNero> "And who's in it."
[2009-01-16 23:28:25] <Khayin> "Yes. Please forget that for now."
[2009-01-16 23:28:33] <Khayin> "It will complicate things."
[2009-01-16 23:28:52] <DrakeNero> "And they're not already complicated?"
[2009-01-16 23:28:55] <DrakeNero> At least she's honest with me.
[2009-01-16 23:29:25] <Khayin> Abigail looks thoughtful for a moment. "I told you that you could see things from an angle that I could not, yes?"
[2009-01-16 23:29:34] <DrakeNero> "You did say that."
[2009-01-16 23:30:03] <Khayin> "I have something of a similar predicament," she says, somewhat darkly.
[2009-01-16 23:30:48] <DrakeNero> "Oh. Okay, well, if it'll make life easier for you I won't bring it up."
[2009-01-16 23:31:46] <Khayin> "No, it's..." she thinks again. "I'm sorry. I'm being obtuse. I don't wish to keep things... under wraps, I simply thought that explaining would perhaps be too confusing for you at this point in time."
[2009-01-16 23:32:03] <DrakeNero> "Baby steps?"
[2009-01-16 23:32:43] <Khayin> She nods. "Indeed. And, if I'm not mistaken, I have not explained anything of myself to you yet, have I?"
[2009-01-16 23:33:08] <DrakeNero> "No, not really."
[2009-01-16 23:33:17] <DrakeNero> "Not at all..."
[2009-01-16 23:33:41] <Khayin> She smiles -- perhaps a bit sadly. "Yes... I should fix that. Baby steps."
[2009-01-16 23:34:00] <DrakeNero> "how about we...start at the beginning. Or the most easily understood."
[2009-01-16 23:34:40] <Khayin> In the west wing of the second floor, a door opened that had not budged in decades, and Fu walked out of it, into a dark, dusty, empty room.
[2009-01-16 23:34:55] <Khayin> "Yes..."
[2009-01-16 23:35:05] <Khayin> "... before I begin... Mala?"
[2009-01-16 23:35:12] <Fu> "Huh."
[2009-01-16 23:35:14] <Mala> "Yes? o.o"
[2009-01-16 23:35:18] * Fu sneezes.
[2009-01-16 23:35:41] * Fu checks his pockets for a handkerchief and covers his mouth.
[2009-01-16 23:36:54] <Khayin> "I have a gift for you," she unclasps a necklace that had been tucked beneath the collar of her blouse and removes a slender gold chain with a round pendant almost two inches in diameter. She leans toward Mala and offers it to her.
[2009-01-16 23:37:04] * Fu takes out his cell phone and /prays/ that it still has a charge.
[2009-01-16 23:37:52] <Mala> "Wow. o.o Uhm, thank you... " She reaches out for it. "I don't have anything to give you, though.. "
[2009-01-16 23:38:09] <Khayin> "Oh, you don't have to. It's yours."
[2009-01-16 23:38:49] <Mala> "But..." She takes it gingerly. "I don't think I've ever seen this before."
[2009-01-16 23:39:08] <Fu> :D
[2009-01-16 23:39:16] * Fu calls Drake.
[2009-01-16 23:39:23] <Khayin> "That's okay. When you figure it out, it'll make sense."
[2009-01-16 23:39:44] <Mala> "Okay.. o.o" Mala is confused but hangs onto the pendant. "Thank you."
[2009-01-16 23:40:02] <Khayin> "Now to clarify a few things..." Abigail begins just as Drake's phone quietly rings.
[2009-01-16 23:40:38] <DrakeNero> He pulls it out and looks at it.
[2009-01-16 23:40:49] <Khayin> Fu
[2009-01-16 23:40:53] <DrakeNero> "It's Fu."
[2009-01-16 23:41:05] <Mala> o.o
[2009-01-16 23:41:33] * Fu leans against the door, his hand covering his mouth against the dust in one hand, phone in the other.
[2009-01-16 23:41:47] <Khayin> "... hm. Earlier than I thought," Abigail says, pulling out a strange iron pocketwatch.
[2009-01-16 23:42:03] <Fu> "Oh please let the (chinese swearing) lizard pick up..."
[2009-01-16 23:42:05] <DrakeNero> "Hello?"
[2009-01-16 23:42:14] <Fu> "What's today?"
[2009-01-16 23:42:14] <DrakeNero> DRA-GON. not lizard.
[2009-01-16 23:42:20] <DrakeNero> "Sunday?"
[2009-01-16 23:42:21] * Fu coughs.
[2009-01-16 23:42:41] <DrakeNero> "I'm in the middle of something here."
[2009-01-16 23:43:03] <Fu> "Good news!" He is talking softly, "There's a second door. Bad news, it's... I don't know where."
[2009-01-16 23:43:19] <DrakeNero> "Well, figure that out. I'll talk to you later."
[2009-01-16 23:43:21] * Fu checks the door to see if he can open it without anyone noticing.
[2009-01-16 23:43:31] <Fu> "And er..."
[2009-01-16 23:43:38] <DrakeNero> "...what."
[2009-01-16 23:43:40] <Fu> "The Hollow has a person in it."
[2009-01-16 23:43:51] <DrakeNero> "we'll talk about that later."
[2009-01-16 23:43:58] <Fu> "Fine."
[2009-01-16 23:44:05] <DrakeNero> "Bye."
[2009-01-16 23:44:15] * Fu shuts it off.
[2009-01-16 23:44:30] <DrakeNero> "I think my friend is in your house."
[2009-01-16 23:44:31] * Fu is still being careful and stealthy with the door.
[2009-01-16 23:44:36] <Khayin> Abigail smiles, almost as if laughing. "Cold as always."
[2009-01-16 23:44:51] <Khayin> "Don't worry. He'll have company in a moment."
[2009-01-16 23:46:44] <DrakeNero> "Company?"
[2009-01-16 23:46:45] <Khayin> It doesn't take long for Fu to feel the doorknob and, thankfully, it is locked from the inside.
[2009-01-16 23:47:06] <Fu> He clicks it very, very slooooooooowly, trying to be quiet.
[2009-01-16 23:47:12] <Khayin> "Yes. But, as you said, that can wait."
[2009-01-16 23:47:23] <Khayin> "Right now, I need you to know something important."
[2009-01-16 23:47:42] <DrakeNero> "I'm listening."
[2009-01-16 23:48:00] * Mala nods o.o
[2009-01-16 23:48:36] <Khayin> "No matter what happens over the next few weeks... remember that you already have all the clues you need."
[2009-01-16 23:49:22] <DrakeNero> "You'd left a message for me. About my computer."
[2009-01-16 23:49:33] <DrakeNero> " wouldn't tell me its secrets." He says this a bit sheepishly
[2009-01-16 23:50:40] <Khayin> "That's all right," she says, smiling again. "I am known to seem needlessly cryptic. In time it will become clear, though possibly only to you."
[2009-01-16 23:51:06] <Khayin> "I... say and do things that I know need to be said and done. But I do not always understand why."
[2009-01-16 23:51:19] <Khayin> "I am more or less a messenger."
[2009-01-16 23:51:40] <DrakeNero> "That alone makes some of this a whole lot easier to grasp."
[2009-01-16 23:51:55] <Mala> "A messenger from who? o.o"
[2009-01-16 23:52:14] <Khayin> "Not so much 'who.'"
[2009-01-16 23:52:22] <Khayin> "More like... 'when.'"
[2009-01-16 23:52:50] <Khayin> Fu opened the door and was glad to find the hallway empty, except for a lot of doors and some nice carpet.
[2009-01-16 23:53:21] * Fu listens for a few minutes, trying to see if he can get his bearings by the sounds.
[2009-01-16 23:54:15] <Khayin> "You' noticed sometimes that I don't recall something I've done before, but other times I can tell you something is about to happen as if it was part of a schedule?"
[2009-01-16 23:54:45] <Khayin> (Perception, please, Fu)
[2009-01-16 23:54:56] <Fu> !roll_ww 6 8 10
[2009-01-16 23:54:57] <The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
[2009-01-16 23:54:57] <The_Lady> 1, 1, 3, 8, 8, 9, 10
[2009-01-16 23:54:57] <The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 4 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
[2009-01-16 23:55:38] <Khayin> A few doors down, you can hear the faint sound of a blow dryer.
[2009-01-16 23:56:15] <Fu> "..."
[2009-01-16 23:56:19] <Khayin> "I've done that for... actually, I'm not sure how long," Abigail says, slightly distressed by it. "I have, um... a problem."
[2009-01-16 23:56:54] * Fu retreats back into the room, and rubs his eyes as he goes to check outside the window.
[2009-01-16 23:57:03] <Khayin> "You were both once lost... yes?"
[2009-01-16 23:59:07] <Mala> "We were in the Hedge... but we sort of knew where we were going. >.> "
[2009-01-17 00:00:00] <Khayin> "Regardless -- you were lost. Out of your element, in a place -- if it could be called a place -- where time and the laws of cause and effect had no meaning."
[2009-01-17 00:00:25] <Fu> (He is looking outside the window to see if he can recognize the location.)
[2009-01-17 00:00:26] <Khayin> "You were there..."
[2009-01-17 00:00:52] <Khayin> "The place most people go only in there dreams."
[2009-01-17 00:00:56] <Khayin> "Or nightmares."
[2009-01-17 00:01:35] <Khayin> "I was there once, too."
[2009-01-17 00:01:45] <Khayin> "... but... I didn't make it all the way back."
[2009-01-17 00:02:00] <Khayin> "I'm still lost."
[2009-01-17 00:02:33] <Mala> "But... you're here. o.o "
[2009-01-17 00:02:42] <Khayin> It takes Fu a moment to recognize anything through the old, crusty window, but he manages to discern the gardens below. He does remember that.
[2009-01-17 00:02:58] <Khayin> "I'm here..."
[2009-01-17 00:03:09] <Fu> "... Damn." He whispers. "Hm."
[2009-01-17 00:03:10] <Khayin> "I know where I am."
[2009-01-17 00:03:44] <Khayin> "... but I don't always know when I am." She looks at Drake. "I... don't know if that makes sense to you yet."
[2009-01-17 00:05:39] * Fu waits for the hair dryer to stop and waits a few minutes behind the door before trying again.
[2009-01-17 00:05:52] <Mala> "You're... unstuck in time? o.o I saw that on tv. Everyone was sitting in the dark watching the tv and acting really confused. >.> "
[2009-01-17 00:08:18] <Khayin> "I... suppose you could say that," she says. "I'd always felt more like I was drifting. I never knew when I would be when I awakened."
[2009-01-17 00:10:07] <Khayin> The sound of the dryer ceases the hallway is silent once again.
[2009-01-17 00:10:51] * Fu lets out a very, very small sigh of relief, and waits.
[2009-01-17 00:14:18] <Khayin> After a few moments, quiet footsteps proceeded down the hallway.
[2009-01-17 00:15:20] <Fu> ! Silent FUCK. He... hides behind the door, and keeps very, very still.
[2009-01-17 00:15:52] <Khayin> Just as he moves to hide behind the door, it swings open wide and fast, slamming against his face with a loud THUD.
[2009-01-17 00:16:23] <Fu> @!#$%^&*
[2009-01-17 00:17:02] <Fu> Hello new Chinese words that he hadn't been able to pronounce up until then!
[2009-01-17 00:17:56] <Khayin> Fu sees stars for a moment. Just before seeing a fist slamming into his head and giving him a few more stars to admire. "Thought you could break into my house, huh?!"
[2009-01-17 00:18:16] <Fu> (Can I roll Brawl to parry?)
[2009-01-17 00:19:17] <Fu> (or at least a perception roll ot DUCK?)
[2009-01-17 00:20:59] <Khayin> (No, in WoD your defense is a dice penalty to the attacker. You can Dodge and double the Defense, though)
[2009-01-17 00:21:24] <Fu> (He'd be dodging)
[2009-01-17 00:21:36] <Fu> (and what's her pool? :P )
[2009-01-17 00:24:02] <Khayin> 5 normally. 1 after the defense penalty... and she rolled a 10.
[2009-01-17 00:24:27] <Fu> Lovely.
[2009-01-17 00:24:42] <Khayin> (So, yeah -- 1 bashing damage from pretty little bruiser fist)
[2009-01-17 00:25:08] * Fu swears and hits the wall, and slides down. "No, actually."
[2009-01-17 00:26:14] <Fu> "Slip in, sweet-talk the cook into letting me make something and surprise you, yes, but break in?" He winces, checking for bleeding.
[2009-01-17 00:26:55] <Fu> "I'm just stupid enough to not remember that I don't know the way around here, and I actually /can/ get lost."
[2009-01-17 00:26:58] <Khayin> "... Ryan?" The ringing in his ears doesn't prevent him from confirming Theresa's voice as she moves back across the room.
[2009-01-17 00:27:09] |<-- Mala has left (Disintegrated: Mala)
[2009-01-17 00:27:13] <Fu> "Yes."
[2009-01-17 00:27:24] * Fu is thanking his damn luck at the moment for being right,.
[2009-01-17 00:27:56] <Khayin> "... oh, crap!" She rushes forward, kneeling by him. "Oh, shit, I'm sorry! I thought you were a burglar!"
[2009-01-17 00:28:06] <Fu> "Nice punch though." He opens one eye, without his glasses. "
[2009-01-17 00:28:11] <Fu> "Well, that was obvious."
[2009-01-17 00:28:16] * Fu smiles slightly.
[2009-01-17 00:28:39] <Fu> "Now I know another reason I shouldn't get you upset."
[2009-01-17 00:29:12] <Khayin> "Oh, god, I'm so sorry..." she puts her head in her hand, embarrassed. "That was... really, really bad. You must think I'm this crazy psycho-bitch."
[2009-01-17 00:29:42] <Fu> "You are saying this to the guy who threw a bucket of paint into a lovely landscape."
[2009-01-17 00:29:45] -->| Konpeito (~Kon@98.125.217.IP) has joined #PineFalls
[2009-01-17 00:30:34] <Fu> "And well... there was the whole burglar thing."
[2009-01-17 00:30:36] <Khayin> "Yeah, well, you didn't assault anyone."
[2009-01-17 00:30:49] <Khayin> "... that's true. What the hell ARE you doing in here?"
[2009-01-17 00:30:55] <Fu> "I TOLD you."
[2009-01-17 00:31:37] <Fu> "I did sneak in, sort of, so I could try surprising you by talking the cook into making something for you as a surprise. I found a weird recipe."
[2009-01-17 00:31:49] <Fu> "Well, letting me make it."
[2009-01-17 00:32:57] <Fu> "And, me forgetting the whole 'I actually don't know this place'
[2009-01-17 00:33:08] <Fu> "I got lost, and was too embarrassed to ask."
[2009-01-17 00:33:16] <Khayin> "Well, you're lucky _I_ found you," she sits down, apparently forgetting that she is clad in a towel. "I just found out my mom is home. If she'd found you, you would have been in a whole world of trouble."
[2009-01-17 00:34:26] <Fu> "... Your mother?" *turns pale, and then well... somewhat red* "I appreciate the view, but I think I'll be in more trouble if your father walked in with you in just a towel."
[2009-01-17 00:36:19] <Khayin> "... crap," she mutters, collecting herself. "You're lucky I feel bad about already socking you in the face, otherwise I'd have to clobber you out of principle. I'm gonna go get some clothes on -- why don't you stay here for a bit. I'll be back."
[2009-01-17 00:37:03] <Fu> "I'll wait."
[2009-01-17 00:37:13] * Fu rubs his nose and sits down.
[2009-01-17 00:37:30] <Fu> "at least I'm silk, not wood..."
[2009-01-17 00:38:04] * Fu is totally racking his brain for baked goods ideas.
[2009-01-17 00:54:10] <Fu> ... I can't resist this.
[2009-01-17 00:54:20] =-= The_Lady was booted from #PineFalls by YOU (Fu)
[2009-01-17 00:54:23] <Fu> :D
[2009-01-17 00:54:27] <Khayin> Yes!
[2009-01-17 01:00:20] |<-- Konpeito has left (Disintegrated: Konpeito)
[2009-01-17 01:00:34] <--| YOU (Fu) have left #PineFalls