Session 14 of Pine Falls

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[2009-02-06 18:40:35] <Khayin> It's been a while, so who actually remembers what happened last time?

[2009-02-06 18:41:14] <Mala> Recap might be good
[2009-02-06 18:41:31] <Fu> Mala and Drake met Abigail.
[2009-02-06 18:41:40] <Fu> Who mentioned they had all of the pieces now.
[2009-02-06 18:42:10] <Fu> Fu got decked in the face after getting out by his love interest, who thankfully believed his BS about visiting to make cookies.
[2009-02-06 18:42:22] <Khayin> They met up with her after Drake realized that his blinds were up.
[2009-02-06 18:42:28] <Khayin> Someone had been in his house.
[2009-02-06 18:42:43] <DrakeNero> Right
[2009-02-06 18:43:26] <DrakeNero> Then Myrtle disappeared
[2009-02-06 18:43:27] <Khayin> He couldn't figure out what that hint was about leaving something in his computer, but then Myrtle called and said she couldn't find the Summer folks. She also said that she was lost in the fog and that something strange was going on before the call ended.
[2009-02-06 18:44:00] <Khayin> Drake and Mala arrived at the site where she said she was, but found only her phone. Mala discerned that the digits still on the phone display corresponded to "ANNA"
[2009-02-06 18:46:20] <Khayin> Visiting the Franklin household two facts were revealed. One -- Drake's secret ally, Anna, was in fact Abigail Frankllin, Isaac Franklin's wife and Theresa Franklin's mother.
[2009-02-06 18:47:12] =-= Greenling is now known as AlexMeriweather
[2009-02-06 18:47:56] <Khayin> Two -- Abigail Franklin was apparently not normal. Her inconsistent knowledge was the result of a some temporal mishap which has left her soul and mind bouncing throughout her life's history. This is apparently why she sometimes knows things that have not happened yet, but is unaware of facts that have been common knowledge for months.
[2009-02-06 18:48:28] <DrakeNero> I...don't think that actually came up
[2009-02-06 18:48:36] <Fu> The Mage thing did.
[2009-02-06 18:48:36] <Mala> (It did)
[2009-02-06 18:48:42] <DrakeNero> Unless I was asleep
[2009-02-06 18:48:44] <Fu> Mala brought it up.
[2009-02-06 18:48:47] <Khayin> You... might have been asleep at the time. XD
[2009-02-06 18:48:49] <DrakeNero> ..was I asleep?
[2009-02-06 18:48:49] <Mala> (You might have been X3 )
[2009-02-06 18:48:53] <Fu> Indeed.
[2009-02-06 18:49:02] * DrakeNero doesn't remember that, and that why
[2009-02-06 18:49:48] <Khayin> Let me dredge up some highlights...
[2009-02-06 18:50:36] <DrakeNero> I don't remember WHEN I fell asleep
[2009-02-06 18:50:44] <DrakeNero> I'm pretty sure I dreamed the game was over and that I shut my computer off.
[2009-02-06 18:51:11] <Khayin> Oh, right . One other very important thing.
[2009-02-06 18:51:25] <Khayin> Before she began her explanation, Abigail gave Mala a gift.
[2009-02-06 18:51:36] <Mala> (Oh yes, the puzzle locket :3 )
[2009-02-06 18:51:40] <DrakeNero> (I left the lights on and everything. Love waking up with my glasses still on)
[2009-02-06 18:51:42] <Khayin> Though she claimed it was, in fact, hers.
[2009-02-06 18:55:44] <Khayin> <Khayin> "You were both once lost... yes?"
[2009-02-06 18:55:46] <Khayin> <Mala> "We were in the Hedge... but we sort of knew where we were going. >.> "
[2009-02-06 18:55:47] <Khayin> <Khayin> "Regardless -- you were lost. Out of your element, in a place -- if it could be called a place -- where time and the laws of cause and effect had no meaning."
[2009-02-06 18:55:49] <Khayin> <Khayin> "You were there..."
[2009-02-06 18:55:50] <Khayin> <Khayin> "The place most people go only in there dreams."
[2009-02-06 18:55:52] <Khayin> <Khayin> "Or nightmares."
[2009-02-06 18:55:53] <Khayin> <Khayin> "I was there once, too."
[2009-02-06 18:55:55] <Khayin> <Khayin> "... but... I didn't make it all the way back."
[2009-02-06 18:56:34] <Khayin> <Khayin> "I'm still lost."
[2009-02-06 18:57:42] <Khayin> After we realized that you weren't around anymore, I switched scenes to Fu and then called it quits for the night.
[2009-02-06 18:57:47] <Fu> Yep.
[2009-02-06 18:59:58] <Khayin> <Mala> "But... you're here. o.o "
[2009-02-06 19:00:00] <Khayin> <Khayin> "I'm here..."
[2009-02-06 19:00:01] <Khayin> <Khayin> "I know where I am."
[2009-02-06 19:00:03] <Khayin> <Khayin> "... but I don't always know when I am." She looks at Drake. "I... don't know if that makes sense to you yet."
[2009-02-06 19:00:04] <Khayin> <Mala> "You're... unstuck in time? o.o I saw that on tv. Everyone was sitting in the dark watching the tv and acting really confused. >.> "
[2009-02-06 19:00:06] <Khayin> <Khayin> "I... suppose you could say that," she says. "I'd always felt more like I was drifting. I never knew when I would be when I awakened."
[2009-02-06 19:00:08] <DrakeNero> Sorry, I'd rolled over to check my phone and passed out
[2009-02-06 19:00:42] <DrakeNero> If this happens again (which it might) one of you can call and wake me up
[2009-02-06 19:00:55] <Khayin> XD
[2009-02-06 19:01:08] <Khayin> I'll just be careful not to go over time again.
[2009-02-06 19:01:42] <Khayin> In any case, that's more or less the last that she said. We can continue from there or I can summarize her explanation if you prefer.
[2009-02-06 19:02:05] <DrakeNero> You can summarize it, and I'll do my best to jump right in
[2009-02-06 19:06:21] <Khayin> Clearly unnerved by her own condition, Abigail explained that there were many things about her life that she does not remember because, to her perceptions, they have not happened yet. She doesn't recall meeting her husband, Isaac. She has trouble remembering the names of her own children, though she does remember being pregnant once. Most of her life has been a scattered collection of...
[2009-02-06 19:06:22] <Khayin> ...puzzle pieces that do not fit together.
[2009-02-06 19:06:52] <Khayin> The one thing that she started to notice, however, is that there are certain periods of time that she continues to come back to.
[2009-02-06 19:07:13] <Khayin> And they all seem to revolve around this mystery.
[2009-02-06 19:07:38] * DrakeNero looks thoughtful.
[2009-02-06 19:07:45] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-06 19:08:58] <Khayin> "I remember you," she says, smiling at Drake. "I've seen ahead a bit and I know that you help me."
[2009-02-06 19:09:50] <DrakeNero> "Continue to help you?"
[2009-02-06 19:10:16] * DrakeNero was definitely thinking about how to help her at this present moment.
[2009-02-06 19:10:27] <Khayin> "Yes. Continue," she corrects herself. "More than you'll realize."
[2009-02-06 19:10:55] <Khayin> "I also remember you," she turns to Mala. "But I can't help you with your own puzzle, sadly."
[2009-02-06 19:11:50] <Mala> "Oh. Well. that's okay. o.o I sorta like puzzles, actually." ^^
[2009-02-06 19:12:13] <Khayin> "Indeed. And then, there is your friend..."
[2009-02-06 19:12:39] <Khayin> "... I believe he should be flirting with my youngest at the moment."
[2009-02-06 19:14:09] * DrakeNero chuckles.
[2009-02-06 19:14:46] <Khayin> "I... do hope that I haven't put you off too much with all this information. It's difficult for me to tell as I don't exactly know everything yet."
[2009-02-06 19:14:58] <DrakeNero> "You haven't."
[2009-02-06 19:16:47] <Khayin> "I'm relieved, then," she says as she stands up. "In any case, that should explain it if I seem to have a major lapse in understanding at any point in the future. As I said, I'm more of a messenger, but I often depend on others to relay my messages to myself."
[2009-02-06 19:16:56] <Khayin> "I believe you have three of them already."
[2009-02-06 19:18:27] <DrakeNero> "You'd said something about my computer...but I couldn't figure it out. I was also a little out of sorts at hte time too" >.>
[2009-02-06 19:20:02] <Khayin> She thinks for a moment before nodding. "Ah. That one. Yes, you were rather upset with that one. It's my fault, I'll admit. I gave you the message too soon."
[2009-02-06 19:21:16] <DrakeNero> "But I... nevermind."
[2009-02-06 19:23:16] <Khayin> At that point, a knock is heard at the door, which opens shortly thereafter to reveal one of the servants. "My lady, I am terribly sorry for the intrusion, but Master Vargas has arrived and he wishes to speak to you. He was very insistent and it appears urgent."
[2009-02-06 19:24:11] <Khayin> Abigail blinked, which Drake was beginning to notice to be her reaction to something she hadn't expected. "I will be right down. Thank you." With that the servant disappears, closing the door behind him.
[2009-02-06 19:24:38] <DrakeNero> "We should excuse ourselves, then."
[2009-02-06 19:25:59] <Khayin> "My apologies... I wonder what it is he wants," she mutters for a moment before turning back to you. "We will have to continue this some other time, but hopefully I've answered your..."
[2009-02-06 19:26:13] <Khayin> "... wait. No, you didn't come here for that."
[2009-02-06 19:27:09] <Khayin> "Your friend is lost. That's why you came."
[2009-02-06 19:28:31] <Khayin> "This is where things become fuzzy..." she thinks for a moment. "You only explained it to me after the fact, but apparently she left a clue that brought you here?"
[2009-02-06 19:28:45] <DrakeNero> "Yes, that's correct."
[2009-02-06 19:28:51] <Khayin> "What was it?"
[2009-02-06 19:30:29] <DrakeNero> "You still have the phone, right Mala?"
[2009-02-06 19:30:42] * Mala fishes it out. "Yeah." o.o
[2009-02-06 19:32:02] <Khayin> Abigail looks at the phone display and furrows her brow. "... 2662. That doesn't look familiar."
[2009-02-06 19:33:06] <DrakeNero> "Look at hte letters the numbers correspond to"
[2009-02-06 19:34:23] <Khayin> "... ANNA." She reads non-chalantly, but then suddenly adopts a look of slight shock. "... and why would that bring you here?"
[2009-02-06 19:34:40] <DrakeNero> "It's what the Hollow says.."
[2009-02-06 19:35:16] <Khayin> "The Hollow says Anna? But..."
[2009-02-06 19:35:55] <Khayin> "... wait, the gate to the Hollow is through this house?"
[2009-02-06 19:36:30] <DrakeNero> "..yes."
[2009-02-06 19:37:48] <Khayin> "... but no one here has used that name in ages."
[2009-02-06 19:38:01] <DrakeNero> "There was another name."
[2009-02-06 19:38:18] <Khayin> "... which?" she asked, though she seemed to already know the answer.
[2009-02-06 19:40:02] <DrakeNero> "Bob."
[2009-02-06 19:40:22] <Khayin> "..."
[2009-02-06 19:40:41] <DrakeNero> "...?"
[2009-02-06 19:41:10] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-06 19:41:56] <Khayin> "... I must see to Mr. Vargas. I'll leave the two of you to your friend downstairs. You can go wherever you like -- I will tell the servants to give you free run of the household," she says, walking quickly toward the door. She halts as her hand rests on the doorknob as if she were thinking very hard about where she was going.
[2009-02-06 19:42:14] <DrakeNero> "thank you."
[2009-02-06 19:42:33] <Khayin> "... Bob was what I called my older brother. He was the only one who ever called me Anna. No one ever knew that name other than him."
[2009-02-06 19:42:51] <Khayin> "... I hope that helps," she says as she opens the door and departs.
[2009-02-06 19:43:52] <Mala> o_o
[2009-02-06 19:45:50] <Khayin> Meanwhile, the kitchen staff was puzzled and not slightly annoyed by the foreign presence in their work area, but Theresa told them not to mind him. Their occasional glares, however, could be felt on Fu's back. "How's your nose?" she asks, slightly embarrassed.
[2009-02-06 19:47:18] <Fu> "It'll heal." He rubs it with some annoyance while he is carefully working on ingredients, as if he is working on chemistry.
[2009-02-06 19:47:39] <Fu> It sounds like his pride is more wounded, more than anything.
[2009-02-06 19:48:02] <Fu> And the sulk... doesn't help him look any older, with wearing Drake's shirt still.
[2009-02-06 19:49:06] <Khayin> The recipe is odd and he has to struggle to recall most of it, but the nice thing was that it specifically did not need much cook time and before too long, there was a sheet of strange, yet intriguing-looking cookies before him.
[2009-02-06 19:49:27] <Fu> Happy Fairest is happy. Happy enough that he is singing now.
[2009-02-06 19:49:37] <Fu> That.
[2009-02-06 19:49:57] <Fu> ... In a guy's voice, but the language is right.
[2009-02-06 19:51:04] <Khayin> "... don't do that, please," Theresa mutters, looking even more embarrassed. "All right, what exactly did you make here that has you so happy?"
[2009-02-06 19:51:51] * Fu grins sheepishly.
[2009-02-06 19:51:59] <Fu> "It's just pulling off the recipe and all."
[2009-02-06 19:52:19] <Fu> "And actually remembering my chemistry homework along with it.  :P "
[2009-02-06 19:52:36] <Fu> He is humming still.
[2009-02-06 19:52:57] <Khayin> "... is it any good?"
[2009-02-06 19:53:22] <Fu> ^_^; "We'll have to see together."
[2009-02-06 19:53:37] <Khayin> "I'm your guinea pig?!"
[2009-02-06 19:53:55] <Fu> "I told you I wanted to show you it. :D"
[2009-02-06 19:54:07] <Fu> "Think of it as revenge for decking me in the face."
[2009-02-06 19:55:02] <Khayin> "... fine." Flustered, she grabs a cookie off the sheet -- apparently not really worrying about the heat -- and takes a bite from it.
[2009-02-06 19:55:29] <Fu> "D: Careful!"
[2009-02-06 19:55:50] * Fu sighs and carefully picks one up to eat as well, watching her as he slowly bites into his.
[2009-02-06 19:56:14] <Khayin> "..."
[2009-02-06 19:56:20] <Fu> "?" Hopeful.
[2009-02-06 19:56:25] <Khayin> "... not... bad."
[2009-02-06 19:56:53] <Fu> "Phew." He almost beams like a little boy for a moment before coughing and adjusting his glasses.
[2009-02-06 19:57:27] <Khayin> She continues munching, saying nothing more when she finishes and grabs another.
[2009-02-06 19:57:54] <Fu> "I saw the recipe and remembered you ordering green tea one of the times we went out and you seem to prefer not so sweet things..."
[2009-02-06 19:58:46] * Fu falls silent and begins cleaning up everything, back to humming the same. damn. song.
[2009-02-06 19:59:03] <Khayin> "Mm," she responds in a non-committal grunt, still munching away.
[2009-02-06 19:59:16] <Khayin> (Perception)
[2009-02-06 19:59:23] <Khayin> (-1)
[2009-02-06 19:59:27] <Fu> !roll_ww 5 8 10
[2009-02-06 19:59:32] <Fu> Gah
[2009-02-06 20:00:52] <Fu> (two sux)
[2009-02-06 20:03:17] <Khayin> Theresa doesn't immediately seem to notice, but Fu can hear the faint sound of yelling from out in the main hall. Someone sounds pissed.
[2009-02-06 20:03:37] * Fu looks up from the dishes with a frown.
[2009-02-06 20:04:00] <Fu> He asks something in Chinese, shakes his head, and repeats himself: "Do you hear something, Miss Theresa?"
[2009-02-06 20:04:20] <Khayin> "What?" she asks, coming up from her cookie reverie.
[2009-02-06 20:05:51] <Khayin> Theresa listens for a moment and then rolls her eyes, going back to the cookies. "Oh, that's probably Mr. Vargas. That mean old bastard comes around sometimes to talk to dad and he always gets pissed if he has to wait."
[2009-02-06 20:06:04] <Fu> "Ah." He is still frowning.
[2009-02-06 20:06:36] <Fu> "Did I run into him during Halloween?" He keeps working on the dishes, making sure no one can see his forearms.
[2009-02-06 20:07:26]
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[2009-02-06 20:11:08] <Fu> "Did I run into him during Halloween?" He keeps working on the dishes, making sure no one can see his forearms.
[2009-02-06 20:12:21] <Khayin> "Might have seen him. Hang back here a sec, I'll..." she trails off when she opens the door and sees the old man already speaking to someone. She turns and closes the door, just as Fu catches the tirade. "-- YOU NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A FRANKLIN! YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT THIS MEANS FOR ALL OF OUR CHILDREN! YOU CAN'T--"
[2009-02-06 20:12:35] * Fu blinks.
[2009-02-06 20:12:49] <Khayin> "Looks like he's already talking to mom," Theresa goes back to eating her cookie silently.
[2009-02-06 20:13:00] * Fu rolls down his sleeves and pokes his head to listen.
[2009-02-06 20:13:15] <Khayin> (Perception -3)
[2009-02-06 20:13:50] <Khayin> "Don't bother. He just says the say crap to her all the time. I honestly don't know how mom can stay so calm with him barfing nonsense in her ear like that."
[2009-02-06 20:14:40] <Fu> "I find people throwing a hissy fit funny." Fu shrugs.
[2009-02-06 20:14:54] <Khayin> Through Theresa's words, the sounds of the kitchen, and the thick walls, Fu can hear bits of the one-sided conversation.
[2009-02-06 20:15:38] <Khayin> "You can't appreciate what allowing these people to meddle in our affairs could do! Now, where is Isaac! HE understands! Bring Isaac here now!"
[2009-02-06 20:16:48] * Fu steals another cookie as he listens.
[2009-02-06 20:17:20] <Khayin> A woman says something too quietly for Fu to hear and the old man continues, "Bah! I'm wasting my time! You'll be the death of us, Abigail! This is family business! You and your cohorts had better stay out of it or there will be consequences!"
[2009-02-06 20:17:57] <Fu> "What's your mom like?"
[2009-02-06 20:17:59] <Khayin> After a few moments of silence, Fu can tell that he must have departed.
[2009-02-06 20:18:31] <Fu> "Other than pretty good at handling some... older gentleman when he is being as fussy as a child?"
[2009-02-06 20:18:47] <Khayin> "... quiet." Theresa says expressionlessly. "Says funny things sometimes. Seems to know a lot about a lot of stuff. I dunno."
[2009-02-06 20:19:08] * Fu blinks, but drops the topic.
[2009-02-06 20:19:22] <Fu> "Oh yeah, what do we have for homework in class last time?"
[2009-02-06 20:20:33] <Khayin> "... you are such a slacker," Theresa shakes her head before finishing another cookie and explaining the past few days' notes.
[2009-02-06 20:20:40] <Fu> "Am not!"
[2009-02-06 20:20:50] <Fu> "I have been sick for the last few days!" DX
[2009-02-06 20:21:16] <Khayin> Meanwhile, upstairs, Mala and Drake could almost hear the tirade as it began. Goodness, that old man could yell.
[2009-02-06 20:21:24] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-06 20:21:32] <Mala> "Someone's unhappy..."
[2009-02-06 20:22:23] <DrakeNero> "...damn!"
[2009-02-06 20:22:31] <Mala> "What? o.o "
[2009-02-06 20:22:47] <DrakeNero> "Just the way he's yelling, that's all."
[2009-02-06 20:23:02] * Fu is now even more indiginent at being called a slacker.
[2009-02-06 20:23:05] <Mala> "Oh."
[2009-02-06 20:25:36] <Khayin> A servant enters the study and gives a short bow to the both of you. "Lady Franklin asked me to see to it that you were both given whatever you needed. I apologize for the commotion... the family business is sometimes rather emotional."
[2009-02-06 20:25:38] * Fu leans in and whispers in Theresa's ear, "But thank you for the notes." He leans away to take another cookie.
[2009-02-06 20:26:47] <Fu> ^_^
[2009-02-06 20:27:39] <DrakeNero> "It's quite alright."
[2009-02-06 20:29:12] <Khayin> "She also asked me to offer you cookies, though, I, um... don't recall our bakers having made any this morning, I must admit."
[2009-02-06 20:29:42] <Khayin> "But if you like, I can have them made for you right away."
[2009-02-06 20:30:05] <DrakeNero> "Erm, that's okay."
[2009-02-06 20:30:10] <DrakeNero> "I'm good."
[2009-02-06 20:31:21] <Khayin> "Very well, sir. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know," the servant bows again before opening the door to leave, shaking his head slightly at the verbal assault stilling going on downstairs.
[2009-02-06 20:31:58] <Mala> "Maybe we should try to find Fu. >.> "
[2009-02-06 20:32:13] * Fu sneezes.
[2009-02-06 20:33:10] <Khayin> (Perception -1, both of you)
[2009-02-06 20:33:23] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 3 8 10
[2009-02-06 20:38:44] <Khayin> Before departing the room, Mala takes another look at the hutch next to the work table. There was something familiar that she'd noticed throughout the whole conversation with Abigail, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. It wasn't until she'd gotten up that she managed to get a better view and it hit her. There was a book there that bore one of the symbols from that weird bible...
[2009-02-06 20:38:46] <Khayin> ...they found in the Hollow chapel.
[2009-02-06 20:39:01] <Mala> "Hey. o.o "
[2009-02-06 20:39:43] * Mala points. "That's one of those symbols..."
[2009-02-06 20:40:01] <DrakeNero> "What is?"
[2009-02-06 20:40:15] <Mala> "On this book."
[2009-02-06 20:40:48] * DrakeNero looks.
[2009-02-06 20:41:01] <DrakeNero> "Huh."
[2009-02-06 20:41:04] <DrakeNero> "What do you make of that?"
[2009-02-06 20:42:16] <Mala> "I dunno...." Mala picks up the book. What's in it? o.o
[2009-02-06 20:44:41] <Khayin> This one, at least, appears to be in English. After a quick inspection, Mala realizes that it seems to recount an awul lot of stories about people in Pine Falls. It quickly falls into place that they were all related. A history of the Franklin family, as it were.
[2009-02-06 20:45:29] <Mala> "It's a history of their family..."
[2009-02-06 20:45:58] <DrakeNero> "Wow." He reads over her shoulder.
[2009-02-06 20:46:14] <Mala> "...!" Mala flips towards the end of the book.
[2009-02-06 20:46:17] <Khayin> All the way back to the late nineteenth century.
[2009-02-06 20:46:22] <Mala> (Bob? Anna?)
[2009-02-06 20:46:34] <Khayin> The second to last generation.
[2009-02-06 20:46:50] <Khayin> Robert Franklin. Abigail Franklin.
[2009-02-06 20:47:51] <Khayin> Most of what is found here is hand-written and there are a great deal of loose-leaf notes.
[2009-02-06 20:48:11] <Khayin> Abigail has only very few entries, mostly about her childhood.
[2009-02-06 20:48:42] <Khayin> Robert has only one line.
[2009-02-06 20:49:35] <Khayin> Robert Franklin: October 1965 - April 1976
[2009-02-06 20:49:35] <Mala> What do they say? o.o
[2009-02-06 20:49:51] <Mala> "...he was only 11? D: "
[2009-02-06 20:50:18] <DrakeNero> =/
[2009-02-06 20:50:33] <DrakeNero> "...."
[2009-02-06 20:50:42] <DrakeNero> "What would happen if a Hollow was haunted?"
[2009-02-06 20:50:47] <DrakeNero> "Or..what if he was... Taken."
[2009-02-06 20:50:53] <DrakeNero> "Taken, presumed dead."
[2009-02-06 20:51:19] <Mala> "....maybe we'd better find Fu."
[2009-02-06 20:51:30] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Composure, please, Mala)
[2009-02-06 20:58:07] <Khayin> The yelling seemed to have subsided by the time Mala and Drake left the study. The servant was around to help them, but Abigail had apparently left.
[2009-02-06 20:59:04] |<-- AlexMeriweather has left (Disintegrated: 3. Not allowed to threaten anyone with black magic. 4. Not allowed to challenge anyone’s disbelief of black magic by asking for hair. 95. I am not in need of a more suitable host body. 162. Past lives have absolutely no effect on the chain of command.)
[2009-02-06 20:59:21] <Khayin> "Oh, and, um... it seems there _were_ cookies, I suppose. Miss Theresa and her, um... assistant were gracious enough to make a batch."
[2009-02-06 21:00:33] <DrakeNero> "I see...
[2009-02-06 21:00:46] * DrakeNero is not sure if he trusts Fu's cooking.
[2009-02-06 21:08:48] <Khayin> As you head downstairs, you notice Theresa storm out of the kitchen area looking very, very red.
[2009-02-06 21:09:05] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-06 21:09:08] * Mala waves..?
[2009-02-06 21:09:27] * Fu staggers to the door, holding his stomach and grinning.
[2009-02-06 21:09:31] <Khayin> She waves a bit in response, but does not look up, dashing right past the both of you and upstairs.
[2009-02-06 21:09:37] <Fu> "Worth it." XD
[2009-02-06 21:10:03] <Mala> "What happened? o.o "
[2009-02-06 21:10:08] <Fu> "Kissed her."
[2009-02-06 21:10:18] <Fu> ^_^
[2009-02-06 21:10:31] <Mala> "Oh."
[2009-02-06 21:10:34] <Fu> He looks fine, tired, with a bruised up nose, but fine.
[2009-02-06 21:10:38] <Mala> "...does kissing hurt? D: "
[2009-02-06 21:10:50] <Fu> "Oh no, Theresa just didn't expect me to do it."
[2009-02-06 21:12:06] <Fu> "Do you guys want some cookies? I ended up making some."
[2009-02-06 21:12:36] <DrakeNero> "What kind?"
[2009-02-06 21:13:09] <Fu> "Green tea." He pushes up his glasses. "They aren't too sweet, but they are pretty good."
[2009-02-06 21:13:34] <Fu> "We should probably take some and get going, though."
[2009-02-06 21:13:43] <Mala> "Okay. o.o "
[2009-02-06 21:15:05] * Fu is wincing while he gets some, but he does leave some for Theresa.
[2009-02-06 21:15:40] <Fu> "I need to really talk to Myrtle about sparring lessons, I think." DX "Theresa punches like a train."
[2009-02-06 21:16:03] * DrakeNero laughs!
[2009-02-06 21:16:11] <Mala> "Wait, I thought you kissed, not punched. o.o "
[2009-02-06 21:16:14] <DrakeNero> "Just get your ass out of the way. Or your face in this case."
[2009-02-06 21:16:30] <Fu> "She punched me first when she thought I was a bugluar when I first came out."
[2009-02-06 21:16:48] <Fu> "I did get to see her in just a towel..." He gestures to lead the way.
[2009-02-06 21:17:07] <Fu> "But Christ on a stick. I got lucky."
[2009-02-06 21:17:19] <Fu> "Let's just get going, I got a lot to talk about."
[2009-02-06 21:17:32] <Fu> He would be making sure no one else is in earshot while he is talking.
[2009-02-06 21:17:35] <DrakeNero> "Alright, let's go."
[2009-02-06 21:18:23] <Fu> Once they get to the car, Fu rubs his nose as he offers them the cookies.
[2009-02-06 21:18:24] <Mala> "Okay o.o"
[2009-02-06 21:18:33] <Mala> "Ooo." Mala has one. Nom nom.
[2009-02-06 21:19:05] <Fu> "Well, the Hollow... has quite the story. And a new resident of sorts."
[2009-02-06 21:19:19] * DrakeNero looks at Mala
[2009-02-06 21:20:50] <Mala> >.>
[2009-02-06 21:20:55] <Fu> "How are they?"
[2009-02-06 21:22:23] <Mala> "...oh. They're good. :D "
[2009-02-06 21:22:31] <Fu> ^__^
[2009-02-06 21:22:58] <DrakeNero> "What? oh, pretty good."
[2009-02-06 21:23:25] <Fu> "So, here's the gist. I got the place pretty tidied up, and it seems rather responsive to me. Enough that Echo, that resident I mentioned, came forth so I'd have company. She talked a lot about a 'Bob' and 'Anna.'
[2009-02-06 21:24:19] <Fu> "You guys left by Bob's room, I left out of Anna's, which seems to be really close to Theresa's room."
[2009-02-06 21:24:45] <Fu> "But the story that stuck out:"
[2009-02-06 21:25:32] <Fu> He takes a deep breath, and then recites in a sing-song voice, "Once upon a time... two siblings lived in a house. One's name was Bob. The other's name was Anna. Bob loved Anna and Anna loved Bob. They would play together all the time and had such fun. But then, Bob had to go away and Anna was sad. Anna promised herself that she would wait for Bob so that they could play together again and...
[2009-02-06 21:25:32] <Fu> ...have fun like before. But Bob never came back. And Anna is still waiting."
[2009-02-06 21:26:12] * DrakeNero looks at Mala again.
[2009-02-06 21:26:24] <Fu> "Echo calls herself Anna, but she can't seem to say anything she hasn't heard, and she *looks* like people I have met. So, yeah, Echo."
[2009-02-06 21:26:37] <Mala> "Yeah, we found a book... I think we know who Bob and Anna were. o.o "
[2009-02-06 21:26:41] <Fu> "Oh? Who?"
[2009-02-06 21:27:28] <Mala> "Theresa's mother's brother....who died in 1976."
[2009-02-06 21:27:44] * Fu winces.
[2009-02-06 21:28:05] <Mala> "And she said he called her Anna. o.o "
[2009-02-06 21:28:33] * Fu nods.
[2009-02-06 21:29:03] <Fu> "Oh, one other thing. I got told something by the Winter King before we went after that thing in the woods."
[2009-02-06 21:29:12] <DrakeNero> "What was that?"
[2009-02-06 21:29:58] <Fu> "Let's see..."
[2009-02-06 21:31:08] <Fu> "I had mentioned there seemed to be a connection in between the families and the murders to the King, and he thanked me for the info, before stating this: 'We have ways of dealing with problems like this and it would be best if you didn't muddy the process.'
[2009-02-06 21:31:27] <Fu> "He said they had everything under control, and told me to keep away from the Franklins."
[2009-02-06 21:32:04] <Fu> "Good thing I'm not of Winter court." He smirks. "I'm not going to let Theresa get hurt."
[2009-02-06 21:34:27] <Fu> He seems calm, but... he is standing erect, fists clenched, and there is almost a spark of fire, not summer heat, but FIRE in his hair.
[2009-02-06 21:36:09] <DrakeNero> "Hmmmm."
[2009-02-06 21:36:12] * DrakeNero seems totally lost in thought
[2009-02-06 21:36:25] <Fu> "Shouldn't we get in the car?"
[2009-02-06 21:36:46] <Fu> (edit: start the car)
[2009-02-06 21:37:35] <DrakeNero> "It's running. Getting warmed up."
[2009-02-06 21:39:09] <Fu> "Gah, what day is it, anyways? I lost track of time in there."
[2009-02-06 21:42:51] * Fu is curled up in the middle of the backseat, looking less like 18 and more like 14 or 15.
[2009-02-06 21:42:52] <Mala> "Wednesday?"
[2009-02-06 21:42:57] <Fu> "Fuck. DX"
[2009-02-06 21:43:05] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-06 21:43:30] <Khayin> The drive is long, but the time seems to fly as each of them is lost in thought. Before they know it, the car pulls into Drake's driveway.
[2009-02-06 21:43:40] <Khayin> (Perception, please, Drake)
[2009-02-06 21:43:50] <Fu> "I'll have to explain to the prof in computers that I was sick the last two days, though Theresa told me the notes for Art History..."
[2009-02-06 21:43:55] <DrakeNero> !roll_ww 4 8 10
[2009-02-06 21:44:01] <DrakeNero> dammit XD
[2009-02-06 21:44:22] <Fu> "I'm just worrying about class..."
[2009-02-06 21:44:54] <Mala> "Oh o.o"
[2009-02-06 21:45:21] <Fu> "... Oh thank god I didn't have *WORK*"
[2009-02-06 21:45:41] <Fu> "Fuck, but I have it tonight." :S
[2009-02-06 21:45:52] <Fu> "Fuck you reality."
[2009-02-06 21:46:18] <DrakeNero> "Unreality isn't much better."
[2009-02-06 21:46:28] <DrakeNero> "In fact, I'd hazard that it's worse."
[2009-02-06 21:46:30] <Fu> "Agreed."
[2009-02-06 21:46:50] <Fu> "But it doesn't stop me from bitching about mortal responsibilities even as I enjoy them."
[2009-02-06 21:46:59] <Fu> "At least it means I'm not hanging on a wall somewhere."
[2009-02-06 21:47:25] <DrakeNero> "Could you do me a favor?"
[2009-02-06 21:47:35] <Fu> "Shut the fuck up?"
[2009-02-06 21:47:40] <DrakeNero> ""
[2009-02-06 21:47:45] <DrakeNero> "Look at my laptop."
[2009-02-06 21:47:53] <Fu> "Sure.  :D"
[2009-02-06 21:47:59] <DrakeNero> "There was supposed to be...something left on it. Couldn't find it. Maybe you can."
[2009-02-06 21:48:06] <DrakeNero> "...why are you still wearing my shirt?"
[2009-02-06 21:48:46] <Mala> "Because he likes it? o.o"
[2009-02-06 21:48:52] <Fu> "Because I haven't been able to change?"
[2009-02-06 21:49:20] <Fu> "I left the Hollow and the outfit Echo put on me while I was unconscious vanished."
[2009-02-06 21:49:42] <Fu> "And I have issues with people seeing my tattoos, kthnxbai."
[2009-02-06 21:49:58] <DrakeNero> "...right. Anyway." He turns the car off.
[2009-02-06 21:51:01] * Fu gets out of the car.
[2009-02-06 21:51:19] * Mala too.
[2009-02-06 21:51:33] <Fu> "Lead the way."
[2009-02-06 21:51:53] <Khayin> Entering the house once more, Drake can't help but glance around in a paranoid fashion. Fortunately, it does not seem that anything has changed.
[2009-02-06 21:54:01] <Khayin> The laptop is right where you left it.
[2009-02-06 21:54:26] <Fu> Once Fu gets to the computer, he adjusts his glasses, and gets to work, humming the same earworm as he had around Theresa.
[2009-02-06 21:54:57] <Khayin> (Wits + Computers -2)
[2009-02-06 21:55:13] <Fu> (with equipment bonus?)
[2009-02-06 21:55:17] <DrakeNero> He reaches over Fu's shoulder and hits the quick key to make his media player play. "A Seafarer's Knot" starts playing rather loudly.
[2009-02-06 21:55:21] <Khayin> (Nope)
[2009-02-06 21:55:30] <Fu> (Okay.)
[2009-02-06 21:55:33] <Fu> *snorts*
[2009-02-06 21:57:58] <DrakeNero> "I can also get you a clean shirt if you want."
[2009-02-06 21:58:12] <Fu> "That'd be a good idea, until I get back to my dorm."
[2009-02-06 21:58:19] <Fu> "Thank you."
[2009-02-06 21:58:28] <Khayin> Nothing is really wrong with it as far as Fu can tell. It's not even running slow.
[2009-02-06 21:58:40] <Fu> "It's fine."
[2009-02-06 21:58:55] <DrakeNero> "I didn't say something was wrong with it. There's supposed to be a message on it."
[2009-02-06 21:59:07] <Fu> "Nothing is really wrong or different from what..."
[2009-02-06 21:59:14] <Fu> "Okay, let's see..."
[2009-02-06 22:00:26] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Investigation)
[2009-02-06 22:01:02] <Khayin> That's sort of a vague statement.
[2009-02-06 22:01:34] <Khayin> In fact, it doesn't sound like anything Drake would ask unless someone else who was far more cryptic had put the idea in his head.
[2009-02-06 22:02:12] <Fu> "Any more specific?"
[2009-02-06 22:02:23] * Fu looks under the laptop.
[2009-02-06 22:02:40] <DrakeNero> "Abigail passed that along to me. I was high on Glamour when I tried to figure it out."
[2009-02-06 22:03:00] <Mala> "He was acting weird. >_> "
[2009-02-06 22:03:01] <Khayin> "On the laptop" could mean anything if it's a riddle.
[2009-02-06 22:03:23] <Khayin> Nothing underneath. Nothing on top, either.
[2009-02-06 22:03:27] <Khayin> Well...
[2009-02-06 22:03:27] <Fu> "That must have been interesting. I have had to sit with Mogwai on a glamour high before."
[2009-02-06 22:04:05] <Khayin> ... actually, there is SOMETHING on the laptop, though you're not quite sure if it's what you're looking for.
[2009-02-06 22:04:13] * Fu looks at it.
[2009-02-06 22:04:43] <Khayin> The blinds are open juuuuuuuust enough that a shaft of light is cutting across the room.
[2009-02-06 22:04:59] <Khayin> Juuuust at the right height where it is reflecting off Mala's pendant that you didn't know she had.
[2009-02-06 22:05:10] <Khayin> It's reflecting an odd symbol onto the back of the laptop.
[2009-02-06 22:06:33] <Fu> "?"
[2009-02-06 22:06:47] * Fu looks at the symbol with a headtilt.
[2009-02-06 22:06:58] <Mala> "Hey." o.o
[2009-02-06 22:06:59] <Khayin> Reminds you of something...
[2009-02-06 22:07:29] <Fu> The chapel?
[2009-02-06 22:07:59] <Khayin> Very close, yes. One of those symbols.
[2009-02-06 22:08:16] <Fu> "... That's one of the chapel symbols."
[2009-02-06 22:08:26] <Mala> "Is it? :O "
[2009-02-06 22:08:33] <DrakeNero> "...the blinds..."
[2009-02-06 22:08:39] <DrakeNero> "The... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF." >.<
[2009-02-06 22:08:44] <Fu> "?"
[2009-02-06 22:08:47] <Mala> o.o?
[2009-02-06 22:08:53] <Fu> "What now, you overgrown lizard?"
[2009-02-06 22:09:03] <DrakeNero> "DRAGON, NOT LIZARD FOR THE LAST TIME."
[2009-02-06 22:09:38] <DrakeNero> "Someone had gotten into my house. Pulled up the blinds. Touched nothing else."
[2009-02-06 22:09:42] <DrakeNero> "I didn't understand."
[2009-02-06 22:09:50] <DrakeNero> "Now I do." He points.
[2009-02-06 22:10:34] <Fu> "Ah."
[2009-02-06 22:10:47] * Fu smiles slightly.
[2009-02-06 22:11:32] <Fu> "I guess I can't get too upset because I have... seen Them have those moments in the..." He takes out a pen and actually jabs himself with it, as if to pull himself out of a daydream.
[2009-02-06 22:12:47] -->| DrakeNero_ ( has joined #PineFalls
[2009-02-06 22:13:47] |<-- DrakeNero has left (Ping timeout)
[2009-02-06 22:13:58] =-= DrakeNero_ is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-02-06 22:14:33] <Fu> Yes, he did a handjab. Not too hard, but it does look... painful.
[2009-02-06 22:14:37] <Fu> >_< "
[2009-02-06 22:14:51] <Fu> "I need to figure out another way to jar myself out of those things."
[2009-02-06 22:15:08] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-06 22:15:13] <DrakeNero> "I've heard face-desking and screaming in abject terror also work."
[2009-02-06 22:15:56] <Fu> "No, screaming doesn't. I did that back then... and hitting my head is... very, very obvious."
[2009-02-06 22:16:12] <Fu> "Anyways, anything about that book?"
[2009-02-06 22:16:13] <DrakeNero> "Not serious suggestions."
[2009-02-06 22:17:47] <Fu> "Didn't you guys take a book out of the Hollow too?"
[2009-02-06 22:20:19] <DrakeNero> "We did."
[2009-02-06 22:20:42] <DrakeNero> "Though Mala's going to have to tell you what exactly went down after we took it to the"
[2009-02-06 22:21:06] * Fu grins.
[2009-02-06 22:21:21] <Fu> "When did you guys do that?"
[2009-02-06 22:22:33] <Mala> "That was when Drake was high. >.> But, uhm, we're having it looked at by Mr. Farnsworth, since we don't know Latin."
[2009-02-06 22:23:28] <Fu> "Pity we don't know Chinese..."
[2009-02-06 22:23:30] <Fu> Er
[2009-02-06 22:23:41] <Fu> "Pity it wasn't Chinese."
[2009-02-06 22:24:17] <Fu> "Hm. After Thanksgiving, we should get it picked up, don't you think?"
[2009-02-06 22:24:33] <DrakeNero> "Probably a good idea."
[2009-02-06 22:24:38] <Fu> "I'll see if I can ask a friend or two at school if they know Latin."
[2009-02-06 22:25:07] <Fu> "And I promised Jane I'd talk with Student Senate to see about a Spring Fling or something..."
[2009-02-06 22:25:49] <Mala> "It had the Farnsworth family imprint on it. He said that means they printed it. But a long time ago."
[2009-02-06 22:26:35] <Fu> "... Was it a good idea to give it to someone who could be in on this?"
[2009-02-06 22:26:58] <Mala> "Mr. Farnsworth's nice. o.o"
[2009-02-06 22:27:15] <Fu> "All because someone's nice doesn't mean they are good."
[2009-02-06 22:27:55] <Mala> "...." .__.
[2009-02-06 22:28:11] * Mala fiddles with her pendant a bit.
[2009-02-06 22:28:12] <Fu> "Mala, it's not your fault."
[2009-02-06 22:28:30] <Fu> "We'll find out if it was good or bad when we come back to get the book."
[2009-02-06 22:28:53] <Fu> "If they lost it... Hm. I think we should check the Hollow for another copy."
[2009-02-06 22:29:24] <Khayin> Click
[2009-02-06 22:29:31] <Khayin> Click-click
[2009-02-06 22:29:38] <Fu> ?
[2009-02-06 22:29:52] * Fu gets up from the computer and goes "o.o" at the pendant.
[2009-02-06 22:30:16] <Mala> "...oh. It's a puzzle. Sort of. She said it was mine, but I don't remember it..."
[2009-02-06 22:30:31] <Fu> "Hm."
[2009-02-06 22:30:47] * Fu pats her shoulder. "Try it again."
[2009-02-06 22:31:15] <Mala> "I'm gonna. It might take a while though. x_x "
[2009-02-06 22:31:51] <Khayin> It'd be so much easier if you knew what the end result was supposed to look like.
[2009-02-06 22:31:59] <Fu> "How about every few days we try together?" He is actually unaware of the boobs. Partly because well, he IS older than he looks, and omg, shiny artpiece.
[2009-02-06 22:32:11] <Mala> "Okay. o.o "
[2009-02-06 22:32:19] <Fu> "May I try?"
[2009-02-06 22:32:26] <Fu> He has an idea.
[2009-02-06 22:32:38] <Mala> "Uhm. I guess?"
[2009-02-06 22:33:07] * Fu carefully holds the pendant and begins moving it... so it looks like the symbol on the laptop.
[2009-02-06 22:33:57] <Khayin> It's reflection on the laptop was pretty hazy. It sort of resembled a few of the symbols then, but it could be any of them.
[2009-02-06 22:34:48] <Fu> "Drake, could you adjust the blinds so it's sharp again?"
[2009-02-06 22:34:56] * DrakeNero does
[2009-02-06 22:36:06] <Khayin> The tiles are so tiny... you almost feel like you could prick yourself on the dozens upon dozens of little parts that move about.
[2009-02-06 22:36:24] <Fu> That's what long nails are for, duh.
[2009-02-06 22:36:58] <Khayin> A few move around and it starts to more closely resemble the symbols, but you find the same issue Mala does -- the end result still isn't clear and it's hard to know what you're aiming for.
[2009-02-06 22:37:33] <Mala> "See? It's tough.."
[2009-02-06 22:37:44] <Fu> "I think we need to do this in the Hollow if we want to try for what I have in mind."
[2009-02-06 22:37:57] <Fu> "I was thinking about the chapel."
[2009-02-06 22:38:15] <Mala> "Oh. Maybe. o.o "
[2009-02-06 22:39:24] <Khayin> Slowly, the path reveals itself.
[2009-02-06 22:39:29] <Khayin> But for tonight, we end
[2009-02-06 22:39:38] <Mala> ^.^