Session 15 of Pine Falls

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[2009-02-20 18:29:04] <Astra> Oh you son of a biscuit.  :P
[2009-02-20 18:29:25] <Astra> Kon, could you /mode +s this room?
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[2009-02-20 18:35:59] <Astra> You may want to 'mode +s this place.
[2009-02-20 18:36:09] <IronChefKon> Oh. Hang on.
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[2009-02-20 18:36:53] <Astra> Heh.
[2009-02-20 18:37:07] <Astra> I'll give Khayin ops hat when he gets on.
[2009-02-20 18:37:28] <IronChefKon> good plan
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[2009-02-20 18:37:53] * IronChefKon is gonna be on laptop due to Monk/Psych/Battlestar Galactia/Terminator/Dollhouse >.>
[2009-02-20 18:37:59] <Astra> Heheh.
[2009-02-20 18:38:13] <Seras> SO
[2009-02-20 18:38:21] <Astra> He'll be getting on.
[2009-02-20 18:38:30] <Seras> ...bah, phonecall
[2009-02-20 18:38:33] <IronChefKon> Heh.
[2009-02-20 18:38:44] <IronChefKon> Mmmmm. Fried rice. ^.^
[2009-02-20 18:38:52] <Astra> I need to make a snack.
[2009-02-20 19:05:36] <Astra> And money says Will's eating...
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[2009-02-20 19:06:48] <Khayin> Sorry I'm late :P
[2009-02-20 19:06:49] * Seras needs a shower
[2009-02-20 19:06:51] <Astra> Hehhe.
[2009-02-20 19:06:59] <Astra> How about letting Seras take a shower then?
[2009-02-20 19:07:05] <Khayin> Go for it
[2009-02-20 19:07:22] <Khayin> How is everyone tonight?
[2009-02-20 19:07:33] <Astra> Tired. Doing theater homework.
[2009-02-20 19:07:40] <IronChefKon> Full o' fried rice
[2009-02-20 19:08:05] <Astra> My mom is making scones.
[2009-02-20 19:08:14] <Khayin> Sweet
[2009-02-20 19:08:34] <Khayin> I've got some pizza in the oven. Healthy dinner, and all. XD
[2009-02-20 19:08:52] * Seras had taco hell
[2009-02-20 19:09:12] <Khayin> Mmm. Taco Hell.
[2009-02-20 19:09:17] <Khayin> It's cheaper than food!
[2009-02-20 19:09:47] * Astra had sushi for lunch, is nibbling on stuff.
[2009-02-20 19:10:13] <Seras> I'm also fielding game questions from my roommate
[2009-02-20 19:10:18] <Seras> please pardon my absence
[2009-02-20 19:10:27] <Khayin> Heh heh. That's cool.
[2009-02-20 19:10:30] <Khayin> Happens here, too.
[2009-02-20 19:10:36] <Khayin> Curse of the GM. :P
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[2009-02-20 19:11:51] <Seras> Indeed it is
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[2009-02-20 19:28:42] <Fu> Hey, Khayin, care to write up a game cap?  ;)
[2009-02-20 19:30:06] <Khayin> Recap?
[2009-02-20 19:30:11] <Fu> Yeah.
[2009-02-20 19:30:19] <Fu> I forgot the word, shut up.  :P
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[2009-02-20 19:30:31] =-= Mode #pinefalls -o Fu by Fu
[2009-02-20 19:34:10] <Khayin> Well, last session we primarily caught a glimpse of some of the other weirdness that has been going on under the skin of Pine Falls.
[2009-02-20 19:34:54] <Khayin> The matriarch of the Franklin family is apparently caught up in the mystery, though to a degree she can't herself understand as her soul, as she describes it, is adrift in time.
[2009-02-20 19:35:12] <Khayin> She gave a few hints but has admitted that she doesn't know all the details.
[2009-02-20 19:35:38] <Khayin> One of the biggest clues she gave was a pendant that she claims belongs to Mala.
[2009-02-20 19:36:55] <Khayin> In a rather odd coincidence, some light was shed on what the pendant actually was -- quite literally -- and Mala now has a small idea of what symbol she's trying to form.
[2009-02-20 19:37:30] <Khayin> She doesn't know the exact symbol, however, but if anything has it, it's probably that book that was found in the Hollow chapel.
[2009-02-20 19:40:41] =-= Seras|Shower is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-02-20 19:41:28] <Khayin> It was also the day before Thanksgiving when we left off.
[2009-02-20 19:41:48] <Khayin> That about cover it?
[2009-02-20 19:41:52] <Fu> I believe so.
[2009-02-20 19:41:57] =-= Kon is now known as Mala
[2009-02-20 19:42:00] <DrakeNero> seems right
[2009-02-20 19:42:10] <Khayin> Okey doke
[2009-02-20 19:43:05] <Khayin> *Buckles on the ol' Storyteller Helmet*
[2009-02-20 19:43:06] <Fu> (Get into the gallery, Khayin.)
[2009-02-20 19:43:19] <Khayin> Is there anything in particular that anyone still needed/wanted to do on Wednesday?
[2009-02-20 19:43:19] <DrakeNero> oh snappities
[2009-02-20 19:43:22] <DrakeNero> I need to be the gallery too
[2009-02-20 19:43:23] =-= DrakeNero is now known as Seras
[2009-02-20 19:43:32] =-= Seras is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-02-20 19:45:00] <DrakeNero> Not that I can think of, for Drake
[2009-02-20 19:45:02] <DrakeNero> been a while
[2009-02-20 19:46:18] <Khayin> Anything anyone really wanted to note as their Thanksgiving activities?
[2009-02-20 19:46:43] <DrakeNero> Drake doesn't really have a family
[2009-02-20 19:47:06] <Mala> Mala doesn't really know what this Thanksgiving everyone's been talking about is >_>
[2009-02-20 19:47:24] <Fu> Fu would visit his boss, Mister Tseng, but he'd be happy to offer to cook for Drake and Mala for Thanksgivign.
[2009-02-20 19:47:28] <Khayin> It sure empties out the school pretty fast, though!
[2009-02-20 19:47:29] <DrakeNero> He makes himself a turkey sub with mashed potatoes and watches dumb TV specials while drinking beer until he falls asleep on the couch
[2009-02-20 19:47:41] <DrakeNero> unless of course, Fu wants to make him not be a lonely old bastard
[2009-02-20 19:47:51] <Fu> Fu would. Charity for the win.  :)
[2009-02-20 19:47:58] <Fu> And dragging Mala.
[2009-02-20 19:48:26] <Fu> He'd get creative though.  :P He is on a bit of a budget.
[2009-02-20 19:48:27] <Khayin> It appears to be a day centered solely around eating a huge bird that makes a stupid sound.
[2009-02-20 19:48:36] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-20 19:48:39] <Fu> And being around family.
[2009-02-20 19:48:40] <DrakeNero> If Fu offers to cook, Drake will pay
[2009-02-20 19:48:47] <Fu> He'll do it then.
[2009-02-20 19:49:55] <Mala> If it's about being near family, though, shouldn't Mala be in the orchard? >.>
[2009-02-20 19:50:51] <Fu> Spend an hour or two! That's what Fu is going to do with his boss's family!@
[2009-02-20 19:51:09] <Khayin> Does she make a point to go there on that day?
[2009-02-20 19:52:19] <Mala> She will, once she finds out that's what Thanksgiving is all about
[2009-02-20 19:53:03] <Khayin> (Perception, then)
[2009-02-20 19:55:37] <Khayin> When you went to visit the orchard, there was a green ribbon just left on the ground. Right where you used to stand.
[2009-02-20 19:55:53] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-20 19:55:56] <Mala> That's weird.
[2009-02-20 19:57:39] <Khayin> Other than that bit of oddness, the visit was peaceful and perhaps a little happy. The ground was covered with brown leaves, but that's okay -- a few of those trees needed fresh manes, anyway.
[2009-02-20 19:59:36] <Khayin> The Tseng family is grateful for Fu's visit and they insist on loading him up with all sorts of funky goodies and sweets.
[2009-02-20 19:59:41] <Fu> :D
[2009-02-20 20:00:13] <Fu> He doesn't complain, heck he promises he'll see about saving something he makes for his friends for them.
[2009-02-20 20:01:14] <Khayin> Other than that, it was a nice break. There was a sense that -- it being a special day -- the other shoe was going to drop and there would be another attack. Fortunately, they did not hear of anything happening except a few pranks.
[2009-02-20 20:01:24] <Khayin> Though I don't know how deeply any of you examine the local news.
[2009-02-20 20:01:48] <DrakeNero> Drake gets the paper and checks the weather.
[2009-02-20 20:01:59] <Khayin> Fair enough
[2009-02-20 20:02:03] <Fu> Fu probably would be keeping an eye out, and he DID have to run to the supermarket.
[2009-02-20 20:02:04] <DrakeNero> but that's about it
[2009-02-20 20:02:07] <Fu> Well, market.
[2009-02-20 20:02:17] <Khayin> No major headlines, at least.
[2009-02-20 20:02:26] <Fu> So he looked at the headlines a bit and probably had a newspaper while in line.
[2009-02-20 20:02:53] <Khayin> (Perception)
[2009-02-20 20:04:41] <Khayin> No major headlines... though as you were checking out, you noticed a small blurb on page 8 about the disturbance at the Pritchett farm earlier in the week.
[2009-02-20 20:05:32] * Fu checks it to see any details that could be fae related.
[2009-02-20 20:07:42] <Khayin> Sounds pretty fae-related, though only due to the fact that you know who was responsible. Gunshots and screams were heard around the Pritchett farm late in the evening, but when police arrived they only found an abandoned vehicle, spent shells, and a lot of blood. Police were said to still be investigating, but they have been rather tight-lipped about the whole thing. Mr. Pritchett could...
[2009-02-20 20:07:44] <Khayin> ...not be reached for comment.
[2009-02-20 20:08:19] <Khayin> They're brushing it off as another hunting mishap.
[2009-02-20 20:08:30] <Khayin> Though the fact that the police won't mention anything is odd.
[2009-02-20 20:09:04] * Fu makes a mental note to do another raid on Drake's computer if possible.
[2009-02-20 20:11:22] <DrakeNero> He'll let Fu use it if Fu asks
[2009-02-20 20:11:24] <Khayin> Not a whole lot more to the official story than that. Apparently, Mr. Pritchett has a history of blasting deer and claiming that they looked like wolves from a distance.
[2009-02-20 20:11:34] <Fu> ...
[2009-02-20 20:11:35] <Alissa> hee.
[2009-02-20 20:11:49] <Fu> Chinese: "Well, one down."
[2009-02-20 20:14:05] <Khayin> In any case, were any of you going to check back at Farnsworth's Book Store the next day or will that wait until another time?
[2009-02-20 20:14:23] * Mala wants to go with the others. Preferably while not high. >.>
[2009-02-20 20:14:45] * Fu wants to go see the books. 8D But is a bit worried the book is gone.
[2009-02-20 20:14:51] <Fu> Well, would be worried.
[2009-02-20 20:15:46] <Mala> Mr. Farnsworth is nice! D:
[2009-02-20 20:16:13] <Khayin> All three going?
[2009-02-20 20:16:17] <DrakeNero> Sure.
[2009-02-20 20:16:56] <Fu> Yep!
[2009-02-20 20:17:27] <Khayin> Fortunately, the little shop was open on Friday. A good half of the town seemed to be on vacation due to food coma, but the open sign was out and when the three of you entered, there was Martin Farnsworth, sitting behind the counter and reading a book, once again oblivious to the quiet ringing of the bells at the door.
[2009-02-20 20:18:33] <Khayin> Fu had not yet met the young man behind the counter, but when he finally looked up, he could tell that this was the one Mala and Drake had met when his eyes lit up. "I was wondering when you'd show up," he said with a smile.
[2009-02-20 20:18:58] * Fu stands behind the others, and readjusts his glasses nervously.
[2009-02-20 20:19:17] * DrakeNero puts his hands in his pockets and smiles awkwardly
[2009-02-20 20:19:22] <Mala> "I wanted to bring my friends. He's not gonna be weird this time. >.> "
[2009-02-20 20:19:26] <DrakeNero> he was pretty blisteringly high the last time her was here.
[2009-02-20 20:19:32] <DrakeNero> "Yeah, um, sorry about that."
[2009-02-20 20:19:48] <Fu> "... Weird?" His eyebrows go up.
[2009-02-20 20:20:12] <Mala> "He was being weird."
[2009-02-20 20:20:20] <DrakeNero> "Yeah it's no big deal."
[2009-02-20 20:20:37] * Fu isn't going to bring it.
[2009-02-20 20:20:41] <Fu> up again.
[2009-02-20 20:20:48] <Khayin> "No problem at all," he said, putting his book down and removing his glasses. "You would not believe how many students come through here inebriated, stumbling in after a party."
[2009-02-20 20:21:16] <DrakeNero> "It's not a habit, really" ^^;;;
[2009-02-20 20:22:57] * Fu turns to look at the shelf behind him, trying to find a fairy tale book of some sort.
[2009-02-20 20:23:31] <Fu> "Yeah, it's a hassle at my work too." Distracted.
[2009-02-20 20:25:37] <Khayin> "No worries," he said, smiling assuredly. "Really, it's fine. I'm glad you two are back. I've been dying to talk to someone about this thing." He then ducked behind the counter and some clicking could be heard, followed by the sound of a safe opening. A moment later, he reemerged and placed the strange bible on the counter in front of him, handling it very gently.
[2009-02-20 20:26:57] <Khayin> "My grandfather was not terribly forthcoming with answers on this one. Actually, he looked a bit worried that I had it. Anyway, I started translating it and if this thing is authentic, it has to be worth a small fortune. At least, if would be if you told any of the rich founders about it."
[2009-02-20 20:28:10] <Khayin> "I'm positive they'd pay thousands... hundreds of thousands, easily for this."
[2009-02-20 20:28:39] <Khayin> "Probably fight over it too, if I know some of those old codgers."
[2009-02-20 20:29:07] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-20 20:29:13] * DrakeNero whistles.
[2009-02-20 20:29:27] <Khayin> "Where did you say you found this again?"
[2009-02-20 20:29:28] <Fu> Chinese: "Niiice." Behind a bookcase.
[2009-02-20 20:33:17] <DrakeNero> "We'd found it in an old condemned church."
[2009-02-20 20:33:52] * Mala nods. o.o
[2009-02-20 20:35:20] <Khayin> "Really?" Martin said, incredulous. "Which one? Was it in town? Were there other things like..." He catches himself as he realizes that he was almost leaning over the counter. After a moment, he tries to recompose himself, laughing a little. "Sorry. When it comes to stuff like this, my curiosity gets the best of me. Nevermind all that."
[2009-02-20 20:36:00] <DrakeNero> "No, it's out of town. out of the way. I like to go adventuring in places like that."
[2009-02-20 20:36:42] * Fu is still puttering about, looking at books like a little kid, taking a few of the more ornate ones out and checking them very gently.
[2009-02-20 20:37:10] <Khayin> "Anyway, I'm sure you'd rather just know what it is. Like you guessed, it's a bible, though I really don't think I could name the faith. At first I thought it was just another one of the families' history books, but then I started to notice references to some kind of patron deity or something that these people revered."
[2009-02-20 20:37:46] <DrakeNero> "Do we have some kind of cult going on here?" o.O
[2009-02-20 20:38:04] * Fu clears his throat.
[2009-02-20 20:38:09] <Fu> "With our luck?"
[2009-02-20 20:38:35] <Khayin> "'Had' is probably a more appropriate word. I've never heard of anything like this and considering the names in here, I probably would have if it was still active."
[2009-02-20 20:40:11] <DrakeNero> "Hmm."
[2009-02-20 20:40:55] <Fu> "What was the name of the diety?"
[2009-02-20 20:41:42] <Khayin> "That's one of the weird parts," Martin says, clearly excited. "They never say!"
[2009-02-20 20:41:54] <Khayin> Fu wanders deeper into the store, not noticing when he'd gone past the more conventionally useful or interesting books. Brushing aside a few beaded curtains, he noticed that the shelves nestled in the back held some rather old and likely ignored texts. He probably would have ignored them as well had it not been for the image of a luna moth that seemed to stare him in the face.
[2009-02-20 20:42:06] <Fu> !
[2009-02-20 20:43:01] <Fu> He very gently picks up the book, and takes out a kleenex to wipe off the dust.
[2009-02-20 20:43:51] <Khayin> "They specifically go out of their way to use reverent pronouns or phrases like 'the-father-of-fortune' when referring to it, but it's never consistent. Like they were deliberately trying to avoid sticking a proper title to it."
[2009-02-20 20:44:27] <DrakeNero> "What sort of epithets to they apply to it?"
[2009-02-20 20:45:55] <Khayin> "Um, let's see... 'king of the thorns'... 'angel of madness'... 'the benevolent one'... and 'the malicious one' right after that, humorously enough. It was really hard to follow. I wonder if they just couldn't make up their minds and this was a weird form of compromise. It's absolutely fascinating stuff!"
[2009-02-20 20:46:31] <DrakeNero> He pulls out his PDA and makes notes of these."
[2009-02-20 20:46:51] <Fu> ("Aw... Aren't you just precious?")  :3 He comes back out with this smile like he just found a kitten or something. ("I'll see if I can take you home with me.")
[2009-02-20 20:47:39] <Khayin> The book is dusty, but attractive somehow. It isn't large, but the words are strange and a little funny, actually. Like they tickled.
[2009-02-20 20:48:08] * Fu opens it up, still with the kleenex, trying not to look too weird.
[2009-02-20 20:49:21] <Khayin> "Anyway, I couldn't get through the whole thing on account of their inability to properly reference this god of theirs, but it looks like this thing actually goes all the way back to day one! Again, if this is authentic... hell, forget the monetary value -- its historical significance is huge!"
[2009-02-20 20:49:42] <DrakeNero> "What does it have to say about day one?"
[2009-02-20 20:49:45] * Mala doesn't know what an epithet is, so leans over Fu's shoulder. "What's what? o.o"
[2009-02-20 20:50:38] <Fu> He babbles for a moment in Chinese, like he is gushing about a baby animal, but then stops, turns red and answers stiffly, "It's a fairy tale book. I figured it would be useful."
[2009-02-20 20:51:07] <Fu> "And er, come on."  :3 "It's ador- it's pretty."
[2009-02-20 20:51:32] <Khayin> "They came, they saw, they starved, pretty much. 'Day one' is what a lot of us call the time when the town was first settled. This glosses over it a bit, but the biggest chunk of the historical recount doesn't start until about thirty years afterward when they supposedly meet the weird god thing."
[2009-02-20 20:51:56] <DrakeNero> "...does it recount where they MET the god?"
[2009-02-20 20:52:01] <DrakeNero> "or did it descend from heaven?"
[2009-02-20 20:52:15] <Khayin> "No, it apparently just came to them, I think."
[2009-02-20 20:52:59] <Khayin> "Doesn't really make a huge point of describing the event either. It simply strolled in one day, as normal as a deer grazing."
[2009-02-20 20:53:37] * Fu closes the book and looks at Drake, his eyes HUGE.
[2009-02-20 20:54:25] * Fu shakes his head and strolls up, smiling politely. "I'm sorry for interrupting, but ah, could I please purchase this while you are talking?"
[2009-02-20 20:54:29] * DrakeNero is pokerfacing.
[2009-02-20 20:54:53] <DrakeNero> "Huh."
[2009-02-20 20:55:39] <Khayin> "..." the young man stares at Fu, dumbstruck for a moment before regaining his senses. "Oh! Uh, sure. Sorry about that." He then goes through the process of drawing up a receipt before he examines the book. "... um, where did you get this?"
[2009-02-20 20:56:13] <Fu> "Behind the curtain? I'm sorry if I stumbled into the backroom without permission."
[2009-02-20 20:56:22] <Fu> "I tend to be a bit of a massive art geek."
[2009-02-20 20:56:28] <Fu> ^_^
[2009-02-20 20:57:12] <Khayin> "No, it's no problem. That's actually just a bunch of old books that we can't get rid of. Technically they're five dollars, but... honestly, you can just take it. It's just taking up shelf space."
[2009-02-20 20:57:29] <Fu> "Ah!"
[2009-02-20 20:57:42] <Fu> When the man isn't looking, he hugs the book.
[2009-02-20 20:57:46] <--| Alissa has left #PineFalls
[2009-02-20 20:57:48] * DrakeNero gives Martin a $20.
[2009-02-20 20:57:52] <DrakeNero> "Just keep the change."
[2009-02-20 20:57:56] <Khayin> "... huh?"
[2009-02-20 20:58:00] <DrakeNero> "For his book."
[2009-02-20 20:58:03] <DrakeNero> "For the business."
[2009-02-20 20:58:09] <Khayin> "... he's a friend of yours?"
[2009-02-20 20:58:17] <DrakeNero> "......yeah."
[2009-02-20 20:58:29] * Fu grins slightly, but doesn't speak at all.
[2009-02-20 20:58:32] <Khayin> "Heh. Guess I should have figured from the book, then."
[2009-02-20 20:58:39] <Fu> Bookie~<3
[2009-02-20 20:58:53] <Fu> "I'll have to come back and see about getting a few more later."
[2009-02-20 20:59:56] <DrakeNero> "What about the book?"
[2009-02-20 21:00:57] <Fu> "Hm. Do you have a copy of your translations?"
[2009-02-20 21:01:30] <Khayin> "Hm? Oh, well it's a collection of local legends. Fairy tales, really -- probably no one knows any of the stories except maybe my parents."
[2009-02-20 21:01:58] <DrakeNero> "Could you tell us a few?"
[2009-02-20 21:02:07] <DrakeNero> "Just a recap. The 'too long; didn't read.' "
[2009-02-20 21:03:04] <Fu> "I could do it by the end of the weekend."
[2009-02-20 21:03:25] <Khayin> "Well, um... there's the ivy hound, Mister Chill-Bones, the bat in the fog..."
[2009-02-20 21:03:43] <Fu> ...
[2009-02-20 21:03:49] <Fu> o_o;
[2009-02-20 21:04:00] <DrakeNero> "Let's start with the hound."
[2009-02-20 21:04:36] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-20 21:05:43] <Khayin> "... heh. I knew you folks were my type of people," Martin says with a big grin. "Listen, if you want to hear about local legends, why don't we go out for coffee or something after I close up? I can tell you whatever you need to know without the distractions of customers."
[2009-02-20 21:06:01] <DrakeNero> "Hey, sounds great. You come ready to tell us everything and I'll buy your drinks. Fair?"
[2009-02-20 21:06:26] <Fu> "If we end up at someone's house, I'll bake too." He shrugs.
[2009-02-20 21:06:41] <Khayin> "Deal. It'll give me time to go pick up my laptop so I can give you my translation notes."
[2009-02-20 21:06:48] <Fu> ...
[2009-02-20 21:07:03] <DrakeNero> "Excellent." He offers Martin a handshake. His fingernails reflect gold for a moment.
[2009-02-20 21:07:07] <Fu> "How about I come with you? I wouldn't mind hearing the whole stories of the stories that aren't in the books."
[2009-02-20 21:09:36] <Khayin> Martin again looks at Fu with a slightly quizzical expression. "... uh... why? Are you not convinced I'll show up?"
[2009-02-20 21:10:48] <Fu> "With my luck?" He sighs. "I'm half-expecting you hit by a car or something unfortunate."
[2009-02-20 21:11:07] <Fu> "And it lets me ask more about the books." HUGE. NERD.
[2009-02-20 21:12:23] <Khayin> Martin doesn't seem to know how to respond, turning instead to Drake and shaking his hand. He didn't seem to notice the nails. "Well, I don't live terribly far and I'm right across the street from Berkley's Cafe. Want to meet there around, say, nine?"
[2009-02-20 21:13:29] * Fu shrugs.
[2009-02-20 21:13:53] <DrakeNero> "Sound good to me."
[2009-02-20 21:14:19] <Mala> "Okay. :D "
[2009-02-20 21:14:38] <Khayin> "Sorry, I've... had sort of a problem with stalkers. I get kind of wary when people want to follow me home," he says, sheepishly.
[2009-02-20 21:16:13] <DrakeNero> "Well, he can keep the creeps away."
[2009-02-20 21:16:26] <Fu> "It's okay. As said, I have a very odd relationship with fate, even stranger than the one I have with Miss Theresa."
[2009-02-20 21:17:05] <Khayin> "Miss Theresa?" he asks thoughtfully.
[2009-02-20 21:17:41] * Fu nods with some embarrassment.
[2009-02-20 21:17:49] <Khayin> "Funny pet name for a girlfriend," he grins, stepping out from behind the counter.
[2009-02-20 21:18:24] <Fu> "I'm trying to be formal. She isn't exactly a normal girl."
[2009-02-20 21:19:07] * Fu seems to be steaming now. D'aw, blushing So-Not-Summer-or-Spring Courtier.
[2009-02-20 21:19:10] <Khayin> "In any case, I'm going to give this thing back to you. I'd rather not have it on me," he says, holding the bible out to Mala. "My grandfather was giving me one of those looks, so I don't think he wants to see me with it when he comes back."
[2009-02-20 21:19:28] * Mala takes it. "Okay. o.o"
[2009-02-20 21:20:14] <Mala> "I guess he doesn't like Latin. I do. I think I like Classic Rock more though."
[2009-02-20 21:21:00] * Fu facepalms.
[2009-02-20 21:21:13] * DrakeNero tries hard not to laugh
[2009-02-20 21:21:36] <Khayin> Martin chuckles a bit. "Not an unusual sentiment among most students, I've found."
[2009-02-20 21:23:22] <Fu> "Tell me about it. My friends wonder why I end up hitting my head against my textbooks sometimes before class."
[2009-02-20 21:23:48] <Khayin> Martin stares at Mala for just a moment before turning back to the counter. He turns around again, though, and looks briefly hesitant before speaking up. "Um... I don't know if I might have asked this before, but... have we met before?"
[2009-02-20 21:24:07] <Mala> "When I brought the book in. o.o "
[2009-02-20 21:24:34] <Khayin> He smiles again, scratching his head. "Before that I meant. You just look kind of..."
[2009-02-20 21:24:46] <Mala> "Oh. Uhm. I dunno?"
[2009-02-20 21:25:18] <Khayin> "... well, maybe I'm just thinking of someone else." He shakes his head, going back around the counter. "Anyway, I'll see you three at Berkley's tonight, okay?"
[2009-02-20 21:25:44] <Fu> "See you." He waves goodbye and happily opens the book as they leave.
[2009-02-20 21:25:57] <Fu> (one moment)
[2009-02-20 21:26:17] <Mala> "Okay. :D" Mala waves.
[2009-02-20 21:28:24] <Khayin> What are the lot of you doing in the meantime?
[2009-02-20 21:29:53] <DrakeNero> Relaxing
[2009-02-20 21:29:59] <Fu> Reading!
[2009-02-20 21:30:10] <Fu> And taking notes. Lots of them.
[2009-02-20 21:30:16] <Fu> Not in the book though. D:
[2009-02-20 21:31:33] <Mala> Uhm. Taking a walk I guess? o.o Oh, and fiddling with the pendant.
[2009-02-20 21:32:25] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Investigation)
[2009-02-20 21:35:05] <Khayin> Click. Click click. You're starting to be able to see how the thing moves. Apparently, the tiles do not slide freely -- there is something underneath the surface that limits what tiles can move where. At first, it seems to make the puzzle harder, but then you realize that you might be able to use those restrictions to narrow down which shapes it can not take.
[2009-02-20 21:39:20] <Khayin> When evening rolls around, Berkley's Cafe -- a cozy, locally-owned coffee shop only a block away from the book store -- comes to life, attracting the more nocturnally active student body with their necessary caffeine fix and delightful ginger pastries. Fu enjoys the fine aromas for quite some time, reading his book before Drake and eventually Mala join him. While there are more than a few...
[2009-02-20 21:39:21] <Khayin> ...students around, the place isn't crowded and the three manage to secure a nice, private area in the back corner.
[2009-02-20 21:40:21] * DrakeNero has a long-sleeved black t-shirt on and a pair of dark wash jeans.
[2009-02-20 21:48:53] <Fu> After about a half-hour of sitting, Fu begins to tap a spoon quietly on the table, humming a melody. Once he can find a spot where it rings just right, he begins humming a bit louder, removing his glasses as he begins knocking out a rhythm, making it flow with the beat of the room itself, catching others in the music as he expands his sounds, stealing a spoon to offer to someone to a table...
[2009-02-20 21:48:53] <Fu> to him with a bright smile, tapping his feet as he gets up and matches the pace with the waitress as he raps on the serving tray, trying to catch people up in sound, music, melody, a break from the rush of the world and forgetting yourself in... just the moment.
[2009-02-20 21:57:55] <Khayin> Fu's humming subtly takes the cafe and before long, the whole place is humming and then singing out loud. The origin of the merriment is quickly forgotten as the whole cafe swings to the music. "Why can't we be friends?" is belted loud enough to draw attention from all around the neighborhood and before long, half the block is joining in on the fun.
[2009-02-20 21:58:54] <Fu> Fu collapses back into his seat with a huge, cheerful smile.
[2009-02-20 21:59:16] <DrakeNero> ".....
[2009-02-20 21:59:36] <Mala> Mala comes in at the tail end. "Is that... normal?" o.o
[2009-02-20 21:59:47] <DrakeNero> "...what the *fuck* ?"
[2009-02-20 21:59:49] * Fu headdesks
[2009-02-20 21:59:56] <Khayin> The rush of emotion is almost too much to take, making Fu's heart beat quickly and his cheeks reddening deeply.
[2009-02-20 22:00:56] <Khayin> Around the time that the singing starts changing tunes and takes to the streets, Martin arrives, laptop in tow and very confused.
[2009-02-20 22:01:06] * Fu looks more like he just had a massive... *cough*
[2009-02-20 22:01:16] <Fu> Kid looks like he just got /laid./
[2009-02-20 22:02:23] * Mala waves o.o
[2009-02-20 22:02:33] <Khayin> "... um... did I miss something?" he asks, sitting down.
[2009-02-20 22:02:41] <Fu> "N-nothing."
[2009-02-20 22:02:45] <Fu> "I got bored."
[2009-02-20 22:02:55] <Fu> ^_^
[2009-02-20 22:03:10] <DrakeNero> "...."
[2009-02-20 22:03:48] * Fu pushes his notes to the middle of the table and just thumps his head on the table again, trying to relearn to breathe.
[2009-02-20 22:04:10] <Khayin> "... you know, it seems like every time I meet you guys, something goofy happens. I'm slowly starting to get used to it."
[2009-02-20 22:04:19] <DrakeNero> "Yeah, get used to it."
[2009-02-20 22:05:50] <Mala> "So this isn't normal, then? >.> "
[2009-02-20 22:06:19] <Fu> "Nu-huh."
[2009-02-20 22:06:31] <Khayin> "Well, it might be for your friends," he reples, smiling. After taking a moment to order a drink, he returns and pulls out his computer. "So, what would you like to hear first -- the other weird bits from that book or more of the local children's stories?"
[2009-02-20 22:06:39] * Fu has his eyes shut, with a huge grin.
[2009-02-20 22:06:54] <Fu> "I did some reading on the story book~ How about the bible?"
[2009-02-20 22:10:59] <Khayin> "All right. Well, I told you about the lack of identity for their patron god. What I probably didn't clarify, but you might have already figured out, are the names of the people that were most prominently featured in the stories."
[2009-02-20 22:11:31] <Khayin> "I figure the lot of you aren't from here, so I'm guessing you don't really know much about the founding families of Pine Falls?"
[2009-02-20 22:11:44] -->| DrakeNero_ ( has joined #PineFalls
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[2009-02-20 22:12:07] <Fu> "I know a little."
[2009-02-20 22:12:10] =-= DrakeNero_ is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-02-20 22:12:12] =-= DrakeNero is now known as Seras
[2009-02-20 22:12:25] =-= Seras is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-02-20 22:14:22] <DrakeNero> "I also know a little."
[2009-02-20 22:15:41] <Mala> "Uhm... I don't." >_>;
[2009-02-20 22:15:52] <Khayin> "Okay, well, then I'll just skip to the part I thought was odd. My family can be considering one of the founding families, so I know a fair bit about them. We've always been sort of the unofficial historians of the town, I guess you could say," Martin said, subtly masking his pride. "So whenever something mentions the nine families, I tend to listen."
[2009-02-20 22:19:14] <Khayin> "The nine families, to summarize the general knowledge, were settlers that came north from California after the gold rush. Washington wasn't a state yet, so it was all free territory. Records put them here around the mid 1850s."
[2009-02-20 22:20:37] <Khayin> "Pine Falls was one of the first established towns when the area was accepted into the union in 1889 and it has prospered ever since. Happily ever after, as the story goes."
[2009-02-20 22:21:55] <Khayin> "This book, though, talks about the period before '89 and how living out here all on their own wasn't as cracked up as they tell it in the local history documents."
[2009-02-20 22:23:05] <Khayin> "The weather was harsh and they didn't really know how to deal with it for a long time. Disease, wild animals... hell, even random attacks from natives if you can believe that. The way this book tells it, there almost was no Pine Falls."
[2009-02-20 22:24:14] <Khayin> "That is, until they met their god and apparently struck a deal with it."
[2009-02-20 22:24:16] * DrakeNero listens with interest
[2009-02-20 22:25:16] <Khayin> "As close as I can tell, that must have happened in 1888 -- just one year before the had the rest of the union come to help them survive. Talk about a stroke of luck."
[2009-02-20 22:25:19] * Fu is trying to, but he is sketching instead.
[2009-02-20 22:25:32] <Fu> ... at the word luck, he flinches.
[2009-02-20 22:25:46] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-20 22:28:14] <Khayin> "Anyway, it says after they made their deal, all the good things started to happen. They became part of a new state, the started producing all sorts of goods that sort of typified the feel of Washington and were in demand enough that they all became rich, they never had problems with the federal government... so on and so forth."
[2009-02-20 22:28:29] <DrakeNero> "Very very interesting.
[2009-02-20 22:28:58] <Fu> "..."
[2009-02-20 22:29:03] <Fu> Chinese muttering.
[2009-02-20 22:29:11] <Khayin> "Yeah. Sort of explains a few things, I guess. But that's not the thing that piqued my interest."
[2009-02-20 22:29:17] <Fu> He isn't looking at Martin.
[2009-02-20 22:29:23] <Khayin> "Like I said -- I know a lot about the nine families."
[2009-02-20 22:29:37] <Khayin> "So I couldn't help notice that this book mentions thirteen."
[2009-02-20 22:29:40] * Fu groggily sits up, adjusting his glasses.
[2009-02-20 22:30:09] <Fu> "Does each family have a crest?"
[2009-02-20 22:31:35] <Khayin> "Yeah... yeah, they do," Martin fishes into his pocket and removes a wooden coin carved with a symbol very reminiscent of the ones found in the chapel.
[2009-02-20 22:33:21] <Khayin> "Seen one or two, I take it?"
[2009-02-20 22:33:24] * Fu puts it under a paper and does a rubbing of it.
[2009-02-20 22:33:43] <Fu> "I have seen one at Miss Theresa's home."
[2009-02-20 22:34:26] <Khayin> "... you're talking about Theresa Franklin? You're dating Theresa Franklin?!" Martin asks with an expression verging on laughter.
[2009-02-20 22:34:52] * Fu just grins.
[2009-02-20 22:35:19] <Fu> "You can laugh. I find it weird too."
[2009-02-20 22:35:33] <Khayin> "Anyway, so... yeah, that's the one thing I've found that conflicts with everything else I know. It's really odd."
[2009-02-20 22:35:43] <Fu> ?
[2009-02-20 22:35:57] <Mala> "What does it say about the other families?" o.o
[2009-02-20 22:37:31] <Khayin> "Uh, not a whole lot that's substantial, really," he says, flipping open his laptop and checking through his notes. "It doesn't even list them together most of the time, so I've just had to hunt here and there for the names that I'm not familiar with. It's just the fact that it said there were thirteen of them in the beginning sort of... well, it kind of gave me a start."
[2009-02-20 22:37:42] <Khayin> (Perception, everyone)
[2009-02-20 22:42:38] <Khayin> As Martin explains his curiosity, Mala and Drake start to notice that someone outside has been staring at them through the window beside them.
[2009-02-20 22:43:20] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-20 22:43:33] <Fu> Fu is still too buzzed and is listening.
[2009-02-20 22:44:23] * DrakeNero glares daggers at them.
[2009-02-20 22:46:37] <Khayin> Around the time that they notice, the shadowy figure turns and wanders away. Martin did not seem to notice as he looks over his notes. "So many things, but... not a lot that I could relate without lots of explaining. I mean, seriously -- this is a virtual goldmine of info here. It's probably the best written account of early life in Pine Falls, even if it does mix in the cult nonsense."
[2009-02-20 22:48:13] <Fu> "Email the notes?"
[2009-02-20 22:48:25] <DrakeNero> "We're being watched."
[2009-02-20 22:48:36] <DrakeNero> "Have been, likely this whole time."
[2009-02-20 22:48:42] <DrakeNero> =_=
[2009-02-20 22:48:51] <Mala> "who was that? o.o "
[2009-02-20 22:49:15] <Khayin> "What?" Martin looks up, peering around the cafe. "Who?"
[2009-02-20 22:49:16] <Fu> "Eh?"
[2009-02-20 22:49:23] <DrakeNero> "Outside."
[2009-02-20 22:49:27] <DrakeNero> "Couldn't make out who."
[2009-02-20 22:50:23] <Fu> "Meeeeeh."
[2009-02-20 22:53:21] <DrakeNero> "..meh?"
[2009-02-20 22:53:48] <Khayin> "... probably just someone wondering about the singing," Martin says, going back to his notes. "Anyway, I couldn't translate the whole thing, but I did manage to get some good info out of the actual useful bits. About half the book was actually just weird prayers or something like that."
[2009-02-20 22:54:18] <DrakeNero> "That would explain where we found it."
[2009-02-20 22:54:30] <DrakeNero> "Did you manage to translate any of the prayers?"
[2009-02-20 22:55:49] <Khayin> "Not really. I could only guess because they weren't really in Latin."
[2009-02-20 22:56:26] <Fu> "What were they in?"
[2009-02-20 22:56:43] <Fu> "Speaking of that, I probably should take a look at it too..."
[2009-02-20 22:57:06] <Khayin> "Gibberish as far as I could tell. They just kind of looked like they were arranged in stanzas, so I guess they were either poems or prayers."
[2009-02-20 22:57:21] <Fu> Ah.
[2009-02-20 22:57:36] <Fu> "Mala, do you have the book with you?
[2009-02-20 22:57:51] * Mala holds it up. o.o
[2009-02-20 22:58:50] * Fu reaches out half-clumsy to gently take it.
[2009-02-20 23:03:20] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Investigation, anyone examining the stanzas)
[2009-02-20 23:05:58] <Khayin> It takes a moment, but eventually everyone can see what it is that Martin missed. It isn't in Latin -- not exactly. It's a puzzle. A cryptic, to be precise.
[2009-02-20 23:06:52] |<-- DrakeNero has left (Ping timeout)
[2009-02-20 23:06:56] <Fu> "... Motherfucker. DX"
[2009-02-20 23:07:35] <Khayin> The words are jumbled and some of the adjacent stories seem to provide hints. It'd take a while to figure out the whole book with as many of these as there seem to be.
[2009-02-20 23:08:12] -->| DrakeNero ( has joined #PineFalls
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[2009-02-20 23:13:50] |<-- Mala has left (Disintegrated: Mala)
[2009-02-20 23:14:45] <Fu> Night!
[2009-02-20 23:14:55] <--| YOU (Fu) have left #PineFalls