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Chapter 19

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--}| YOU (Angelo) have joined #Nobilis
{Random_Nerd} Hey.
{Angelo} Hi all!
{BethE} Hi Angelo! *HUG*
{Random_Nerd} Laz, I know, will be late or not here. Not sure about the others.
{Angelo} Well, we can wait a bit and see
--}| Knockwood (~chatzilla@24.205.206.IP) has joined #Nobilis
{Knockwood} Hi guys
{Angelo} Hi Knock
{Knockwood} sorry I'm late, work again
{Random_Nerd} Hey, Knock.
{BethE} Hi Knock!
{Angelo} work? what work?
{BethE} Well, I know Laz emailed and said he couldn't make it tonight. But if V isn't here either, that would invoke the two-player rule.
{Knockwood} hm.
{BethE} Oh and Knock, have you been letting Dante out again?
{Random_Nerd} Hmm.
{Knockwood} yeah, those CHUDs are a bitch
{Angelo} what is a chud?
{Knockwood} Cannibalistic Underground Humanoid Dweller
{Knockwood} er, swap the middle 2
{BethE} (It's from a movie.)
{Angelo} oh I see
{Random_Nerd} Not... not a good movie.
{BethE} (If I remember right, it wasn't...yeah.)
{Random_Nerd} Hmm. I'm inclined to wait a bit, but if Kite doesn't show up, start anyway.
{Random_Nerd} What do you guys think?
{Angelo} and the 2 player rule?
{Random_Nerd} *shrug*
{Knockwood} hm...
{Random_Nerd} I mean, Laz wasn't really going to have Brian go on this anyway.
{Knockwood} well, we were prepping the Captain for his foray with us into Wyoming, right?
{Knockwood} yeah, but Kite was...
{Random_Nerd} Shall we start with that, and see about going or not?
{Angelo} yes, right Knock
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
{Random_Nerd} _______START__________
{Random_Nerd} Davidson sits down at the table.
{DanteE} (Did he ever elaborate on what he heard about us?)
{Ftisk} (is a interesting question)
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Also, I hear there's a big magic tree. Not, uh, the big magic tree that lives around here."
{Theresa} (He said that we run the place, and the king is okay with that...)
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Or the small one. Different tree. Very big."
{Theresa} "With a bunch of different worlds on it?"
{DanteE} "You mean the tree on TV, the tree in the park, or the tree that supports the world?"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "The third one."
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "And I've heard that it isn't a metaphor."
{DanteE} "Theresa, you want to field that one?"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Does this have anything to do with the way that jungle appeared at the borders?"

  • Theresa reaches under the table, LCs a cardboard box and lifts it onto the table. "It does. Inside this box image projector. It will show an image of the tree in question."
  • Theresa undoes the box. *ghost of the Ash*

{Theresa} "We...are here." *points*
{Ftisk} (really useful that trick ;-) )
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Okay, so where's Earth?"
{Theresa} "There are many worlds that exist, each hanging like ornaments on the Ash. Earth is one and Amyra was moved a little away from Earth when Kudzu took over. The jungles are now the way that one can travel from here to Earth or to other places."
{DanteE} "Do you know who Kudzu is?"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Only vaguely."
{Theresa} "And as for other trees, the one on tv used to be a human but he's enjoying himself at the moment. The big redwood tree is part of the protectors of Amyra and he likes cows as pets."
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Big giant made of traffic lights and cars that shows up sometimes and appears in the tabloids, and secretly runs the country."
{DanteE} "That's him."
{Theresa} "Kudzu is what is called an Imperator. He is as beyond us as we are beyond regular humans."

  • DanteE pulls out a dagger...(not threateningly)

{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "I kinda thought it was a bunch of lies until when the Inspector was running a bunch of Kudzu-sightings, and he showed up and gave an interview."
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "Wait, I missed that?"
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "Damn."

  • Ftisk a mass of tentacle, like human's guts, squeeze to enter the conference room door. From the center of that mass you can hear "HI!!! Who is the new one? a visiting Noble?"

{DanteE} (Kudzu gave an interview?)
=-= YOU are now known as tentacleFtisk
{Random_Nerd} (This is the first time it's been mentioned in-game.)

  • Theresa blinks. "The Boss gave an interview? Wow. How'd it go?"

{DanteE} to Sam: "I did too... find us a video of it, ASAP."
{Random_Nerd} (But chronologically, it happened around when you guys were hunting shards in Mexico.)
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "I will do that right now."
{Theresa} "Hi Ftisk! This is Captain Davidson, who is hopefully going to come along on our hunt."

  • tentacleFtisk wave a couple of tentacle

{Random_Nerd} He practically scuttles across the room to get to the door, holding his new hat on with one hand.
{DanteE} (Sam, or Davidson?)
{tentacleFtisk} "Hi Captain davidson... Noble of...?"
{Random_Nerd} (Sam.)
{DanteE} (How does Davidson react to the tentacle monster?)
{Random_Nerd} He starts to hold up a hand, looks nervously at Ftisk's tentacles, and then pulls his hand back.

  • tentacleFtisk try the difficulty task of leaving enough space to Sam to pass without being covered in slime/blood fluids

{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Ah..."
{Theresa} "Captain Davidson is normal, Ftisk. Davidson, this is Ftisk, a visiting Noble. He is the Noble of machinery and data."
{DanteE} "Not Noble, Ftisk. Can you change to something less sanity-breaking?
{tentacleFtisk} "ok"
{Random_Nerd} (Note that this won't cause DA... but it is unsettling.)
{Theresa} "Preferably, not in front of him?"
{Random_Nerd} William: "Look at the window!"
{DanteE} "Oh, wait..."
{Random_Nerd} Davidson does so.
=-= YOU are now known as girlFtisk
{DanteE} "Thanks, William."
{Random_Nerd} (Same one as earlier?)
{Theresa} ( )
{DanteE} (Nice)
{Random_Nerd} Davidson looks back, and seems somewhat confused.
{girlFtisk} this one:
{Random_Nerd} William, opening his eyes: "It's probably best not to think about it."
{DanteE} "Yeah, we can do some interesting things..."
{girlFtisk} "well, I can change form..."
{Random_Nerd} William fumbles around in his pocket for a piece of paper, unfolds it, and looks down the list.
{girlFtisk} (@T nice!)
{Random_Nerd} W: "Ah, yes. 'It's magic, a wizard did it.'"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Wait, there are actual wizards?"
{Random_Nerd} William: "I don't know. I imagine so.:"
{DanteE} "Sort of."
{DanteE} "Let me see if I can throw some light on things..."
{Theresa} "Ftisk comes from a different chancel, under the command of a different Imperator."
{girlFtisk} "My one is Vulcan the one the Greek took near right"
{DanteE} "See, each Noble is given dominion over one or more parts of Creation."
{DanteE} "And by 'dominion' I mean we can create it, control it, or do whatever is needed to it."
{girlFtisk} "Or near wrong.. is all in the beholder eye this point"

  • DanteE holds up the dagger by the tip.

{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Wait, like, Hephaestus? Zeus's kid?"
{Random_Nerd} (In this game setting, there kinda is a Zeus, but he goes by Indra, and he's not related to Vulcan.)
{DanteE} (Copper & Electricity's Ymera?)
{Random_Nerd} (Yep.)
{girlFtisk} "near... we are not associate"
{Random_Nerd} (And C&E's predecessor was the Dominus of Bronze and Lightning, but Indra wanted someone with a more modern take on it.)
{Theresa} "Earth's mythologies are somewhat connected to the Imperators but some things humans got wrong."
{Random_Nerd} (So he totally ripped off the plans for Ftisk 1.0.)
{girlFtisk} (that was a nice, nice touch)
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "And what about, uh... other deities? The kind with a capital letter on the front?"
{Random_Nerd} William: "Shall I take this one?"
{Theresa} "Go for it, William."
{DanteE} "... why not."
{girlFtisk} "go Will"
{Theresa} (We don't know if God exists, Jesus was divine or the Buddha laughs.)
{Random_Nerd} William: "As near as we can tell, there /probably/ is a big-G God, but he doesn't hang out with us, and we don't really know more about him than you do."
{DanteE} (Cneph, right?)
{Random_Nerd} (There are some indications that there's at least a gnostic/deistic distant creator-figure, but nobody really knows more other than maybe some senior angels.)
{Random_Nerd} (Yeah.)

  • girlFtisk walk to Dante and curl his hairs (if he permit)

{Random_Nerd} (His connections to human religions, if any, are unknown.)
{Random_Nerd} William: "If he's out there, he's probably the one that made the Tree."
{Random_Nerd} William: "Although there are a lot of stories about that."
{Random_Nerd} (So, should we try to start the hunting trip today, or delay it another week?)
{Theresa} "A common thread that runs through Imperators is the 'thou wilt not take any crap from mortals' thought."
{Theresa} (Dunno.)
{girlFtisk} "We can give the major Davidson a trip on the tree so he can see"
{DanteE} "One step at a time, Ftisk."
{girlFtisk} (we can postpone at will I think we are good at this! :-P )
{DanteE} (In fact, considering we're going to Wyoming, do we even need to talk about the Tree?)
{girlFtisk} "oh, bad Dante! Let's play a bit"
{Random_Nerd} (Not really.)
{Random_Nerd} (This trip is strictly an Earthly one.)
{Random_Nerd} (Not surprisingly, as Earth is one of the best places to find Warmain-shards.)
{girlFtisk} (they sell them in family packs?)
{DanteE} "Anyway... there are Nobles that started out human, like Theresa and me, and there are Nobles that didn't, like Ftisk here.
{Random_Nerd} Sam comes in the door, waving a DVD.
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "Got it."
{girlFtisk} "Yes, Vulcan made me 3years ago"
{DanteE} to Sam: "Pop it in the screen there, I'd like to see it before we head out..."
{girlFtisk} "And then make me a Noble"
{Random_Nerd} Sam goes over to the computer and pops it in.
{DanteE} "Don't play it yet, we're still explaining things."
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "Sure."
{Theresa} (But we talked about the Tree to the military and Davidson is gathering info, so, whatever he wants to ask, Theresa will answer.)
{girlFtisk} "colonel, how old are you?"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Uh, captain, actually. Twenty-eight."
{Theresa} (Bad Ftisk! You're underage!)
{girlFtisk} (lol! A jailbait?)
{DanteE} "OK, what do you know... actually, make that what have you heard ... about Nobles?"

  • girlFtisk came to look better to the captain "oh... so how is being so old for an human?"

{Theresa} "Ftisk, _I'm_ older than that."
{girlFtisk} "Yes but you are Noble, don't count"
{Theresa} "But I was a human before I was a Noble, Ftisk."
{girlFtisk} "he is a plain one that must carry on with his cross on everyday... is interesting..."
{Random_Nerd} Davidson seems unsure how to answer the question.
{Theresa} (Asnwering Dante's question is easier than answering Ftisk's?  :) )

  • DanteE ghosts a sign saying "Completely inhuman despite appearances" with an arrow pointing to Ftisk, and shows it to Davidson discreetly. :)

{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Well, I'm in a job where there isn't really that much room for advancement, because the number of higher-ranking people is fixed by the size of the army, and the army isn't growing and we aren't going to war, so people just hang on to their jobs."

  • girlFtisk poke him one time on an arm

{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Still, I did get a promotion over the Mexico incident, so things are looking up a little."
{girlFtisk} "I can remove some of them *blink*
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "Uh, does anyone want to see the video now?"
{Theresa} "Ftisk, please don't 'remove' anyone from our Chancel?"
{DanteE} "_No_, Ftisk."
{girlFtisk} "But Theresa! They are few and _human_"
{Theresa} "I'm ready for the video, if everyone else is. Anyone want popcorn?"
{girlFtisk} "ME! I like popcorn!"
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "Okay, let me see here..."
{Theresa} "Yes, Ftisk, but the Chancel will be upset if important military people are suddenly removed. There was a lot of panic just over the deaths to create the Chancel alone."
{Random_Nerd} William: "I can get it, Sam."
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "Thanks."
{DanteE} "Why not. Davidson, we can help clarify whatever he, um, isn't clear on..."

  • Theresa reaches under the table and LCs a bag of fresh popcorn for Ftisk.
  • Theresa hands it over.

{Random_Nerd} William goes over to the presentation computer in the corner, fiddles with it for a moment, and the video starts playing.

  • girlFtisk nod nod at the pop corn

{Random_Nerd} Female Newscaster, Outside The Clock Tower: "And here we see the footprints left by the clanking giant."
{girlFtisk} "well, right Dante, your chanchell your (stupid) rules"
{Random_Nerd} Newscaster: "According to witness reports, the creature formed itself out of various street signs and unoccupied cars, and..."
{Random_Nerd} Clank! Clank!
{Random_Nerd} Newscaster: "And proceeded to walk six blocks in this direction, stopping outside the Kaerkoven University Clock Tower, a building strongly associated with the enigmatic..."
{DanteE} (So, this is when we were in Mexico fighting the Shards his buddy sent?)
{Random_Nerd} Kudzu appears in the frame, outside her field of vision.
{Random_Nerd} (Yes.)
{Theresa} "Oh dear..."
{Random_Nerd} Newscaster: "And there you see the deep prints left by his heavy feet on the..."
{Random_Nerd} She turns a bit to gesture.
{girlFtisk} "uhm"
{Random_Nerd} There is a bout of profanity that lasts seventeen seconds.
{Theresa} (What is the Imperator equivalent of 'Hi mom! *wave wave wave*' ?)
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "I asked for the unedited version."
{Theresa} "Impressive vocabulary."
{girlFtisk} (Kudzu say profanity ?)
{Random_Nerd} Kudzu walks over to the camera.
{Random_Nerd} (No, she did.)
{DanteE} "That's what we want. Sam."
{Random_Nerd} He squats down, his head about twice the height of her body.
{Random_Nerd} You hear the cameraman whispering "Run with it! Run with it!"
{DanteE} "We should send her a bouquet..."
{Theresa} (Knock, have you ever seen Soul Eater?)
{Theresa} "We should send her chocolate."
{DanteE} (Nope)
{Random_Nerd} She straightens her blazer, shrugs, and says: "So, you're the mysterious Kudzu that we've heard so much about?"
{Theresa} (Darn. I was just imagining Kudzu with a certain character's voice.)
{girlFtisk} "oh, in tv Kudzu appear fatter"

  • Theresa gives Ftisk a 'oh _no_ you _didn't_!' look.

{Random_Nerd} She points the microphone at Kudzu, and he says "YES." in a voice that makes the speaker buzz a little.

  • girlFtisk pout toward Theresa general direction

{Random_Nerd} Newscaster: "And, uh... what are you doing here?"
{Random_Nerd} This time, she doesn't point the microphone at Kudzu.
{girlFtisk} "easy trick"
{Random_Nerd} Kudzu: "Heard you were doing a story. Wanted to stop by."
{Random_Nerd} Kudzu: "Do you like my giant rabbit?"
{Random_Nerd} "Giant... rabbit?"
{girlFtisk} (a sexual allusion?)
{Random_Nerd} K: "On the moon. The new one."
{Random_Nerd} N: "Uh, yes. We did a story on him a bit ago."
{Random_Nerd} K: "I thought that worked out well."
{Theresa} (In Amyra, giant rabbit is not an innuendo. ^^ )
{Random_Nerd} N: "So, do you really run Amyra from the shadows, secretly dictating all policy?"
{Random_Nerd} K: "No."
{Random_Nerd} K: "I have people to do that."
{Random_Nerd} K: "I'm far too busy to handle it all myself."
{girlFtisk} (lol love that line)
{Random_Nerd} N: "Oh? Then why do you have the time for this?"
{Random_Nerd} K: "Good point."
{Random_Nerd} Kudzu collapses to a pile of random bits of buildings and street signs.
{Random_Nerd} She jumps back.
{girlFtisk} (rotfl)
{Random_Nerd} N: "And there you have it. The mysterious giant Kudzu claims to not rule Amyra, but only because he doesn't have the time."
{Random_Nerd} The video ends.
{Theresa} (But that's logic! Sanity!)
{DanteE} "So, he can do that but Ftisk can't without people going nuts..."
{girlFtisk} "true!"
{DanteE} "Huh."
{Theresa} "Well, he _is_ and Imperator. If they stuff they did caused insanity, they'd never get anything done."
{DanteE} to Davidson: "OK, short version: We're his people."
{Random_Nerd} William: "Yes. They can, you can't. We don't really know why."
{girlFtisk} "But I can mess with Dante" *send a kiss with the hand* "With Kudzu permission" *Blink*
{Random_Nerd} (It's because Imperators' miracles function equally on both the mythic and the prosaic worlds, while Noble ones act directly on only which world the Noble was seeing at the time.)
{Random_Nerd} (So, Noble miracles put stress on the differing perceptions, while Imperator ones don't.)
{Random_Nerd} (But the Aides don't really understand that.)
{Random_Nerd} (It's, like, if an Imperator eats a moon, then it will seem like a perfectly natural lunar eclipse which was predicted in advance.)
{DanteE} "Somewhat longer version: He is a godlike being, specifically over a select few parts of Creation."
{Random_Nerd} (If a Noble eats the moon, everyone will run around shrieking "Holy shit! No moon!")
{DanteE} "To help him out, he empowers people--and other things (points to Ftisk)--with power over parts of that...

  • girlFtisk bow

{DanteE} "And, if necessary, creates a little bit of reality to 'live' in, and serve as a base. That's Amyra."
{girlFtisk} "this is kudzu turf"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "And Earth is, like, a battlefront? Contested territory?"
{DanteE} "Well, he pulled it away from the rest of Earth and claimed it as his own."
{girlFtisk} "with 101 kills"
{DanteE} "Sort of...
{DanteE} "Let me borrow Theresa's 'Image Projector' here...
{Theresa} "Quite contested."
{girlFtisk} "Do you want one all for you?"
{DanteE} "If you remember your Norse mythology, you remember Yggdrasil... and what they called the Weirding Wall surrounding it."
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "And this is a base in enemy territory, with a fence around it to keep invaders out, but from which you can go to a bunch of different places? Like in the middle of Mexico City?"
{Random_Nerd} William: "Unfortunately, yes."

  • girlFtisk lc one after her shoulder "
  • DanteE ghosts a cross-section of it over the box.
  • girlFtisk pass to Dante the projector

{Theresa} "William, just because you don't like Mexico..."
{Random_Nerd} William: "Not /all/ of Mexico."
{girlFtisk} "an exciting place to stay a bit!"

  • DanteE tries the same thing with Ftisk's gizmo...

{Random_Nerd} (Holographic projectors are expensive but mundane. Ftisk can make a quite functional one with a lesser creation.)
{DanteE} "... anyway. Here's the spooky part...

  • DanteE checks Davidson's reaction...

{Random_Nerd} (And with Data, he can easily have it come programmed with plenty of images to work with, and software to run it.)

  • girlFtisk one of these holographic, already programmed, even café doing, one

{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "And you're going to be going on a raid in contested territory, and you want me to come along as an observer."
{DanteE} "Not really.
{girlFtisk} "and to return mostly sane if not all in a piece"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson is already trying not to look at Ftisk, so he didn't notice the projector at all.
{DanteE} "See, there are 'big bad guys' on the other side of the wall...
{DanteE} "But, the wall and the beings guarding it keep them out. Usually."
{girlFtisk} "Imperators"
{DanteE} "They can, however, send 'Shards'...
{Random_Nerd} Davidson nods.
{DanteE} "Which are the other-side equivalent of, well, us.
{girlFtisk} "like kudzu an Vulcan protect the wall"
{DanteE} "They're relatively small, so they can slip through.
{girlFtisk} "small in mythical size, they slip in the wall cracks"
{DanteE} "So, they'd be kind of like a scouting party, I think."
{girlFtisk} "or some kamikaze"
{DanteE} "We're going on a hunt...
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "And they're in here checking our defenses, sabotaging our resources, that kind of thing?"
{DanteE} "'We' being us, and the other Nobles that invited us, and a few other Nobles and their retinues."
{DanteE} "Yep."
{girlFtisk} "quite. They want to destroy pieces of creation. Or gain advantage to destroy pieces of creation. Or visit wife and loved ones"
{DanteE} "William, who called this hunt again?"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Okay. That, I can understand. The stuff with trees and angels, and so on, it's interesting, but it's not really anything I can work with. But this, I think I can get."
{girlFtisk} "me?"
{girlFtisk} "I want to go hunting a warmaind's shard and all of you was: Ok! Ok! We go with the defenseless lady!?!"
{Random_Nerd} William: "That's... slightly a complicated question."
{Theresa} "You're not defenseless, Ftisk."
{girlFtisk} "But I'm a lady is in the nature description of lady to be defenseless and in need of a savior" Wink to Dante
{Random_Nerd} William: "It would probably be better if he explained it to you himself, when we get there."
{girlFtisk} "ah, I forgot"
{DanteE} "OK...

  • girlFtisk ghost a sun shield’s umbrella

{Theresa} (I think I may be insulted.  ;P )
{Random_Nerd} William: "But the short answer is, 'Ken Duncan, Master of the Wild Hunt.' "
{DanteE} "Anyway. Davidson, I think you would find a lot of the answers you and your superiors want is you came along...
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Should I bring a gun? Body armor?"
{DanteE} "But... we need to protect you."
{girlFtisk} (was not my intention but I can play with this)
{Theresa} "Wild Hunt...that wounds familiar. Was Luc Guinness an anchor of the Wild Hunt?"
{Random_Nerd} William: "Do not bring any weapons. If you are seen as a non-combatant, you'll be a lot safer."
{Random_Nerd} William: "No."
{DanteE} "Hm... I'd go with armor, though, just in case."
{Random_Nerd} (Note that you've met the Noble of The Chase. This isn't him.)
{Theresa} (When did we meet said person?)
{Random_Nerd} (Locus Ophaniel.)
{DanteE} (He's a Demon, remember?)
{DanteE} "But the main thing is, well, imagine a platoon of beings like Ftisk."
{Random_Nerd} (With angelic-style wings, just to flip off the Fallen?)
{Random_Nerd} William twitches.
{DanteE} "Easy, William."
{Random_Nerd} William: "Sorry, sir. Reflex."
{girlFtisk} "I'll bring a "A platoon of me? where?"
{DanteE} "We can, at least temporarily, steel you against, well, going crazy when they do things like Shapeshift."
{Theresa} "We're imagining them, Ftisk."

  • girlFtisk pat Will

{girlFtisk} "ah, a breathtaking picture..."
{DanteE} "Are you ready, Davidson?"
{Random_Nerd} William gives Ftisk a somewhat sheepish look.
{Random_Nerd} Davidson takes his gun belt off and sets it on the table.
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Do you mind if I leave my sidearm here?"

  • girlFtisk kiss Will on a cheek

{DanteE} "That's fine."
{girlFtisk} "easy Will"
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "Okay, I have directions through the borderlands for you. Want me or Will to come along?"
{girlFtisk} "none of the 2?"
{DanteE} "Hm... you could stay and get caught up on what has to be a backlog of stuff that needs to be dealt with..."
{Random_Nerd} William: "I do have a fair amount of work to do, yes."
{Random_Nerd} Sam: "I can either go with you, or spend some time with my research group. Either works for me."
{DanteE} "Then again, you are the main bulwark against our bumbling when it comes to interacting with other Nobles."
{girlFtisk} "Ah, Will, can you return the dolls he ask me to make in your bed at my place?"
{DanteE} "We'll need a briefing on protocol for a hunt."
{Random_Nerd} William: "I knew it."
{Random_Nerd} William: "Ah, I mean, yes."
{Theresa} (Poor William. ^^ )
{girlFtisk} (loool)
{DanteE} "One second..."
{Random_Nerd} (He had previously suspected that Ftisk and Sam were behind those, but now he has confirmation.)
{girlFtisk} (yep Sam ask me nicely)

  • DanteE zaps Davidson with that Courage miracle to hold him together...

{Random_Nerd} (Which version?)
{Random_Nerd} (The lesser change with special sanity-preserving effects?)
{DanteE} (I think that's it. How long/how strong?)
{girlFtisk} (with Ftisk around the stronger the better)
{Random_Nerd} (Let's say that it'll last one storyline, and it'll make him able to withstand lesser miracles unless they're constant, and have at least a decent shot at withstanding greater ones.)
{Random_Nerd} (And that you can later extend it with preservations.)
{Random_Nerd} (Once the initial modified-courage is in his system.)
{girlFtisk} (So I can change before him at will!)
{DanteE} (Hm, maybe I should put it in a talisman...)
{Random_Nerd} (Pretty much, yeah, I just wouldn't do it twenty times in a row.)
{DanteE} (Don't tempt Ftisk)
{girlFtisk} (bad RN! 20 are too little for my expressivity to run free :-P )
{Random_Nerd} (Hmm... a lesser change could do that, yes. Probably best to make it something associated with courage in some way, like a medal or something.)
{girlFtisk} (preserve him with the change too)
{Theresa} (I thought you said he's already too old for you?  :) )
{DanteE} (In that case, pair the Change-Courage with a Create-Courage to make a miniature version of the medal I gave him. :) )
{girlFtisk} (please keep separated me and Ftisk! :-P )
{Random_Nerd} (Theresa, a lot of his uniform is made of cotton. A lesser preservation could give it kevlar-like bulletproof capabilities.)
{girlFtisk} (can I lc a mechanical exoskeleton for him?)
{DanteE} "Here you go... this should keep your head straight once the Miracles start flying."
{Random_Nerd} (Depends what you want it to do. If it's something that couldn't be created with mundane technology, it would take a Change.)
{Theresa} (Oh, true. Thank you, dear.)
{girlFtisk} (like the alien movie elevators but armored?)
{DanteE} (Well, wait...
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Fair enough." He pins it to his shirt.
{Random_Nerd} (Those would take a Change.)
{Theresa} "Would you like to change clothing before we go?"
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "Should I?"
{DanteE} (The fact that they're going with no vehicles and weapons that sound like thunder seems to indicate they want a low profile.)
{DanteE} (Relatively speaking)
{DanteE} "Should probably get in fatigues, and possibly body armor.
{DanteE} (How long before the hunt starts?)
{Random_Nerd} (That is determined by the plot. I'm leaving the exact timing vague deliberately.)

  • girlFtisk lc a dozen of axes with an amp and an accelerometer and a loud speaker so that can sound a thunder sound when swinged

{DanteE} "Make sure you're still wearing that medal I just made, though, you'll need it."
{Random_Nerd} Davidson: "I suppose it wouldn't be ideal for me to be wearing my dress uniform on a battlefield."
{girlFtisk} "is done in kevlar?"
{Random_Nerd} D: "Okay, I had them send a spare set with me, since I didn't know what you'd want me for. I can change."
{Random_Nerd} D: "Shall I go do so now?"
{girlFtisk} "want help with the suit?"
{DanteE} "I think we have a few minutes. We all need to prep..."
{Theresa} "If you wear anything that is of plant material, I can preserve it in such a way that it won't ever tear or break."
{Random_Nerd} D: "Uh, no. I'm going with 'no.'"
{Random_Nerd} (That was to Ftisk.)

  • girlFtisk shrugs

{girlFtisk} (I know)
{Random_Nerd} He steps out of the room.
{Random_Nerd} (Okay. What preparations do you make?)
{DanteE} (Should we come up with attack powers?)
{Random_Nerd} (Up to you.)

  • DanteE loads up on blades...

{girlFtisk} (I return to tentacle monster form and take one dozen axes with thunder device attached)
{DanteE} (Preserved blades, of course.)
=-= YOU are now known as tentacleFtisk
{Random_Nerd} (I figured.)
{DanteE} "Ftisk, they didn't say you _had_ to sound like thunder...
{Random_Nerd} (Theresa?)
{tentacleFtisk} "me? not the weapon?"
{Random_Nerd} (But they can if he wants them to...)
{tentacleFtisk} "Oh!"
{DanteE} "They said it just should if it would normally sound like something else."
{DanteE} "You think the battleaxe is too much? :) "
{tentacleFtisk} "naaa Dante"
{Random_Nerd} William: "You're fighting a Warmain-shard, sir."
{Random_Nerd} William: "Possibly several."
{Theresa} (Theresa will wear preserved cotton clothing for protection, performed the Inner Fire ceremony and I may talk to you later about an attack power.)
{DanteE} (And I think I might just take that thing we talked about some time back... Change-Courage to give the local spirits the ability to fight a bad guy, Pen 3. Cost?)
{DanteE} (Ah yes, can we assume we've all got Holy Fire up?)
{Random_Nerd} (Yes. You had time to prepare.)
{Random_Nerd} (So, you want this to be a single attack per miracle direct attack, that throws spirits at someone and only works for attacking?)
{tentacleFtisk} uhm Gnomely is preserved. If I inhabit him and change his boy I end up with a preserved tentacle monster?
{DanteE} (I think so.)
{Random_Nerd} (Simple miracle?)
{DanteE} (... yes.)
{Random_Nerd} (Single target?)
{DanteE} (yes)
{Random_Nerd} ((Okay, let's see. 6-1-2-2+0+3. Four points.)
{Random_Nerd} (Counts as common because it's a miracle of Courage, as per house rules.)
{DanteE} (OK.)
{DanteE} (Let me put it on my sheet...)
{Random_Nerd} (And by the damage chart, it will deal a Deadly wound to a Durant foe.)
{Random_Nerd} (But Sacrosanct and up will only get a Serious wound.)
{tentacleFtisk} ( )
{Random_Nerd} (Anything else?)
{DanteE} (Hm... I may bump that up later, then, in case we meet someone Sac or Immortal)
{tentacleFtisk} (my question?)
{DanteE} (And this may be a good place to end this session, so Kite & Brian can get in on the action?)
{tentacleFtisk} (second Dante)
{Random_Nerd} (That works.)
{DanteE} (BTW: 7 points free for me. :) )
{Random_Nerd} (If bumped up to a Greater Creation or better, it will also do a deadly wound to Sacrosanct.)
{Random_Nerd} (Immortal... you generally have to deal with more indirectly.)
{tentacleFtisk} (thank you Dante, corrected)
{Random_Nerd} (Say, fire them into the heart of the Sun. Even if it doesn't kill them, it keeps them busy.)
{tentacleFtisk} (till the sun will freeze)
{Random_Nerd} ___________STOP_____________________
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
{Random_Nerd} Oh, and Immortal explicitly prevents someone from being imprisoned eternally, but temporary confinement's still on the menu.
{Angelo} yep but is boring to have immortal
{DanteE} Then again there's the Negative Gift...
{Random_Nerd} Yeah.
{Random_Nerd} Just gotta get your hands on a high-end abhorrent weapon.
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
{Theresa} I hear there's a rock out there...
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
{Knockwood} We could 'research' the known Abhorrent weapons...
{Angelo} but we have enough time to do he research now?
{Random_Nerd} Probably not.
{Knockwood} Then again, that assumes a specific type of conflict which means other conflicts would still get us...
{Random_Nerd} But between stories, you could work on that. You could probably at least get a list of which notable abhorrent weapons are associated with which Excrucians or Excrucian-shards.
{Knockwood} BTW, while we were playing they did that last bleedin' vote on Health Care.
{Random_Nerd} The reconciliation?
{Angelo} some usa stuff?
{Random_Nerd} How did it go?
{Random_Nerd} Yeah.
{Knockwood} It passed. I think it heads for the president's desk.
{Random_Nerd} Good.
{Knockwood} Oddly enough the last House vote was pretty much without drama...
{Random_Nerd} Well, things were pretty much settled by this point.
{Random_Nerd} It was just ironing out the Byrd Rule bit, right?
{Knockwood} Yeah, I think so.
{Knockwood} Angelo: means our health system is better... a few halting steps toward universal health care. :_
{Knockwood} How is this Health Care ruckus viewed by Italians?
{Angelo} ah, ok good for you then
{Angelo} ^^
{Knockwood} oh, look, Orly Taitz has cropped back up.
{Random_Nerd} But of course.
{Random_Nerd} If Orly Taitz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent her.
{Knockwood} hm... Orly, Noble of ...?
{BethE} Nuts.
{Knockwood} Cluelessness? Hopeless Causes?
{Random_Nerd} Eye Makeup, after having eaten the heart of Tammy Fay Baker?
{Knockwood} Angelo, you know the name Orly Taitz?
{Angelo} no, was to know more
{Random_Nerd} Basically, a crazy dentist/lawyer with an inexplicable vendetta against the American President.
{Knockwood} She's the sort-of-leader of the 'Birthers', the people trying to get Obama and everything he's done thrown out on the basis that he wasn't born in the US.
{Random_Nerd} She brings incomprehensible lawsuits, often in ways that make her "clients" really mad at the crap that's being pushed out in their name.
{Knockwood} Which is crap, he was born in Honolulu. But the Birthers say there's some huge conspiracy that faked that, that he was actually born in Kenya and that it's all a plot to put a Muslim in the white House and ... uh ...
{Random_Nerd} And now she's bringing suit on the grounds that the new health care administration is unconstitutional. With nonsensical and often misspelled arguments.
{BethE} I apologize for our nutcases, Angelo.
{Knockwood} well, if you're not near them they're at least entertaining...
{Angelo} well
{Angelo} is strange from outside
{BethE} It's strange from the inside too.
{Angelo} but who will help him?
{Knockwood} Orly?
{Knockwood} Well, the right wing, especially the extreme right wing.
{Angelo} yep. HE alone can create all this fuss ?
{Knockwood} She, actually
{Random_Nerd} Well, it's absurd and entertaining, and connected to hot political issues.
{Random_Nerd} So, she gets a fair bit of news coverage.
{Angelo} ok, but the population ah, is a she an is a media case then
{Knockwood} Our extreme right wing is racist, warlike, supposedly hardcore Christian...
{Random_Nerd} Pretty much. She's a random nobody with a degree from an online law school, but who got into the news by filing some absolutely insane lawsuits against the President.
{Angelo} but theoretically racist and warlike don't blend well whit christianity
{Random_Nerd} Yeah. That's what we said.
{Knockwood} Tell them that. :D
{Knockwood} They're the worst of the 'ugly Americans'.
{Angelo} eh, we have a right wing more o less like this.. but with a fascist root plus
{Random_Nerd} Yeah, that's the type.
{Angelo} allied with the current Italian ruler ^k^k president
{Random_Nerd} Ours are currently out of power, which only makes them crazier.
{Knockwood} There was that article some time back about how both parties have the 'government as father' thing...
{Knockwood} Trouble is, the Democrats version is the nurturing caring father while the Republicans version is the stern bastard type.
{Angelo} what?
{Angelo} ah
{Random_Nerd} That, basically, people think of how a president or political party acts by metaphors about how a family works.
{Random_Nerd} (Atticus Finch for president!)
{Angelo} who is this atticus f?
{Random_Nerd} A fictional character from a book called To Kill A Mockingbird.
{Angelo} doh
{Angelo} well I wonder on Verithe... I hope he just forgot tonight
{Random_Nerd} Yeah. I didn't get an email or anything. I hope nothing's wrong.
{Angelo} we'll see
{Knockwood} I do wonder if he kinda feels marginalized
{Knockwood} being the quiet new guy
{Random_Nerd} Yeah. I'm planning on trying for a Kite-centric story arc soon, once I have a better idea of what that would be like.
{Angelo} he can be true knock
{BethE} Well, guys, I'm going to get to bed. Good game and good night! *HUGS*  :)
{Knockwood} g'night Beth
{Angelo} just found that he have a blog
{Angelo} night Beth! *hug*
{Angelo} http://nihonekos (dot)
|{-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
{Knockwood} ah... he's prepping for his brother's visit
{Angelo} day 23 wrote that day 24 his brother is visiting... can be this ?
{Random_Nerd} Ah, okay.
{Angelo} jinks
{Random_Nerd} Glad it's nothing bad.
{Knockwood} well, on the 23rd he said his bro is coming in 76 hours. That's roughly tomorrow.
{Angelo} eh, but for me 25 is yesterday
{Angelo} now is 26 at 5.09am
{Random_Nerd} It's still the 25th for us.
{Angelo} and he is further forward in time that me or you
{Random_Nerd} For, like, an hour.
{Angelo} he play in what is 26 morning if my calculation are right
{Knockwood} that's right, he's on the other side of the date line
{Random_Nerd} Anyway, I'm logging out.
{Random_Nerd} See you next week, guys,.
{Angelo} so is a reasonable reason
{Knockwood} good night RN
{Knockwood} you too Angelo
{Angelo} ok, good night RN
{Angelo} night Knock
|{-- Knockwood has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.2/20100316074819])
{--| YOU (Angelo) have left #Nobilis

Chapter 19