Session 16 of Pine Falls

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[2009-02-27 18:52:19]
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[2009-02-27 18:52:22] <PrincessBoundInDuctTape> ...
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[2009-02-27 18:52:36] <Fu> WHEN THE FUCK DID YOU GET ON?
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[2009-02-27 18:53:24] <Fu> And Khayin, /mode +s ?
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[2009-02-27 18:53:51] <Khayin> I got on a while ago :P
[2009-02-27 18:53:57] <Fu> Motherfucker. D<
[2009-02-27 18:53:57] =-= Mode #PineFalls +s by Khayin
[2009-02-27 18:54:12] <Khayin> Just takin' up space :D
[2009-02-27 18:55:22] <Fu> Anyways.
[2009-02-27 18:56:02] <Khayin> How is everyone this evening? :)
[2009-02-27 18:56:24] <DrakeNero> I'm visiting my boyfriend!
[2009-02-27 18:56:33] <DrakeNero> THough atm, he'd running D&D and I am flopped out in the a recliner
[2009-02-27 18:56:37] <Khayin> XD
[2009-02-27 18:56:51] <Khayin> Booyah
[2009-02-27 18:56:58] <DrakeNero> This is apparently a weekly thing, I told him not to bother cancelling since I could just hang out and play this while he ran
[2009-02-27 18:56:59] <Fu> I'm full.  :D I found out you can have meat-based broth on Fridays.
[2009-02-27 18:57:34] <Mala> You can have anything you bloody want on Fridays. The Vatican doesn't have ninjas that are constantly watching you :P
[2009-02-27 18:57:38] <Khayin> XD
[2009-02-27 18:58:29] <Khayin> I forgot about that
[2009-02-27 18:58:44] <Khayin> You'd think I'd be more aware of that stuff seeing as how I grew up with it.
[2009-02-27 18:59:19] <Mala> My mom's a recovering catholic so I sort of know about it by osmosis
[2009-02-27 18:59:31] <Mala> I thought the no-meat-on-Fridays thing died in the 1960s though
[2009-02-27 18:59:37] <Khayin> XD
[2009-02-27 18:59:37] * DrakeNero is also a recovering Catholic
[2009-02-27 18:59:50] <DrakeNero> No, they've been holding onto that tradition since they used tocall themselves "jews"
[2009-02-27 18:59:51] <Fu> No, what ended up happening is you have no meat on Fridays during Lent only now.
[2009-02-27 18:59:57] <Khayin> I would be a recovering Catholic but I was never really a good one to begin with. ;)
[2009-02-27 19:00:22] <Khayin> In any case -- who remembers last session?
[2009-02-27 19:00:34] <Fu> Well, we got some info.
[2009-02-27 19:00:34] <Mala> Fu had his dance number. I remember that. X3
[2009-02-27 19:01:00] <Fu> Yes.  :3 And probably went back to the dorm, fired up Dream 2 and fucked Theresa's brains out in her dreams.
[2009-02-27 19:01:51] <Khayin> I'm inclined to hit the fast-forward button again. Is there anything that anyone wanted to bring up or amend to the meeting with Martin?
[2009-02-27 19:03:50] <DrakeNero> I may have, but at this juncture I don't remember
[2009-02-27 19:04:41] <Mala> Nothing here. >.>
[2009-02-27 19:04:51] <Fu> Ah! The poems!
[2009-02-27 19:05:09] <Fu> Fu was trying to translate them.
[2009-02-27 19:05:14] <Khayin> Ah, yes.
[2009-02-27 19:05:30] <Khayin> That is not easy task, but you can make that effort over time.
[2009-02-27 19:05:44] <Fu> Okay then.
[2009-02-27 19:06:18] <Mala> Downtime roll for the pendant? >.>
[2009-02-27 19:06:21] <Khayin> Each one of them is a totally different puzzle, so basically, an attempt to figure out their prayers is a commitment to finishing an entire book of Sunday Crossword Puzzles.
[2009-02-27 19:06:43] <Khayin> Oh, yes! How often would you do that, you think?
[2009-02-27 19:07:00] <Fu> He'd be willing to do that tomorrow.  :D
[2009-02-27 19:07:11] <Mala> I dunno. Mala wants to know why it's hers, but stuff's goin' on. I"m just assuming she does it whenever there's downtime.
[2009-02-27 19:07:39] <Khayin> There will be lots of downtime. I'm going to skip ahead a lot, actually.
[2009-02-27 19:07:45] <Fu> Oooo.
[2009-02-27 19:07:52] <Fu> ... do we get downtime xps?
[2009-02-27 19:08:15] <Khayin> Yes. More if anyone cares to do write-ups later.
[2009-02-27 19:08:22] <Fu> ... >D
[2009-02-27 19:09:39] <Khayin> So, lemme just get this on... *Discretely dons Storyteller Helmet*
[2009-02-27 19:09:58] <DrakeNero> >.>
[2009-02-27 19:10:01] * DrakeNero perks.
[2009-02-27 19:10:02] <Fu> <.<
[2009-02-27 19:10:15] * DrakeNero pounds on it
[2009-02-27 19:10:18] <Khayin> XD
[2009-02-27 19:10:28] <Khayin> Mala, roll one more Intelligence + Investigation with a +5 bonus.
[2009-02-27 19:10:51] <Mala> !
[2009-02-27 19:10:52] <Khayin> Fu, how often would you tackle those poems?
[2009-02-27 19:11:10] <Fu> He'd probably spend his free time doing those and reading the story book.
[2009-02-27 19:11:22] <Fu> Oh! And you never gave the results for the story book too!
[2009-02-27 19:12:02] <Khayin> Make an Intelligence + Investigation roll with a +2 bonus.
[2009-02-27 19:13:39] <Khayin> And the story book has all sorts of little local fairy tales. I'm not sure what you want out of it, because I'm certainly not going to tell you every single one. XD
[2009-02-27 19:14:00] <DrakeNero> WHY NOT
[2009-02-27 19:14:06] <DrakeNero> GOD
[2009-02-27 19:14:16] <Fu> He wants to compare the murders with stories.
[2009-02-27 19:14:33] <Khayin> <--God >3
[2009-02-27 19:16:12] <Khayin> Okay, the story books yield a few interesting results. None necessarily correlate directly with any of the attacks, but the ones you were present for or had personal interest seemed to have a few minor relations.
[2009-02-27 19:17:39] <Khayin> One in particular, the "Ivy Hound" reminds you of the attack on Halloween.
[2009-02-27 19:18:28] <Fu> ... Joy. =_=
[2009-02-27 19:18:33] <Khayin> The girl was attacked by a "beast," she said, that came out of the hedge maze.
[2009-02-27 19:19:21] <Fu> .......
[2009-02-27 19:19:27] <Khayin> The rest could honestly be anything. It's hard to piece together without something to go on.
[2009-02-27 19:19:28] <Fu> And his roommate hears swearing.
[2009-02-27 19:20:13] <Khayin> The prayers are difficult to figure out, but you eventually get a hang of doing them. It eventually becomes sort of fun trying to figure them out whenever you have the opportunity.
[2009-02-27 19:20:35] <Khayin> At least, it is until you realize that the prayers are often rather eerie.
[2009-02-27 19:20:49] <Khayin> Unlike the rest of the book, the prayers -- when solved -- are in English.
[2009-02-27 19:21:21] <Khayin> Interestingly enough, they shed a lot of light on the little things that the rest of the book does not cover.
[2009-02-27 19:22:16] <Khayin> They are still somewhat vague, but one or two things pop out to you in significance.
[2009-02-27 19:23:00] <Khayin> The first is that the prayers were written in such a way deliberately because they thought that their god wouldn't be able to understand it.
[2009-02-27 19:23:08] <Fu> ...
[2009-02-27 19:23:50] <Khayin> The biggest, however, is the reason why they never referred to their god by any name more than once.
[2009-02-27 19:24:14] <Khayin> Its first demand on them was that they give it a name.
[2009-02-27 19:24:22] <Khayin> They were trying to avoid giving it another one.
[2009-02-27 19:24:47] <Khayin> They also thought that using its name repeatedly would simply empower it.
[2009-02-27 19:25:28] <Khayin> This was their effort to pay homage to the god while at the same time refraining from giving it too much power.
[2009-02-27 19:25:35] <Fu> Hmmm...
[2009-02-27 19:25:42] <Khayin> Or, at least, that's what they intended.
[2009-02-27 19:25:59] <Khayin> That's the best you can get out of it before Christmas.
[2009-02-27 19:26:24] <Khayin> Speaking of which -- does anyone have any major plans for the 25th?
[2009-02-27 19:26:51] <Fu> Fu would throw a small party?
[2009-02-27 19:26:59] * DrakeNero doesn't have family, but buys his motley something nice
[2009-02-27 19:27:01] <Fu> But he'd sneak off to go to the Hollow and have cake.
[2009-02-27 19:27:04] <Khayin> A couple weeks after Thanksgiving, snow falls on the town and all of Pine Falls is blanketed in white.
[2009-02-27 19:27:16] * Mala is probably hiding a lot of the time in case anyone gets ideas about what to do with her. >_>
[2009-02-27 19:28:05] <Fu> He'd probably make cookies for Drake and get Mala a nice big coat.
[2009-02-27 19:28:37] <Khayin> It is a festive time -- the city sponsors a huge yule celebration days before Christmas and most of the town participates. A major portion of the town-wide event is held at the University.
[2009-02-27 19:28:51] <Fu> Theresa gets cookies and a perpetual cocktease.
[2009-02-27 19:28:52] <DrakeNero> He gets Fu a 250 gig hard drive
[2009-02-27 19:29:08] <Fu> Congratulations, Fu squeed.  :P
[2009-02-27 19:29:43] <Fu> Oh, and he has been making one other thing, once he heard about the event.
[2009-02-27 19:29:53] <DrakeNero> He buys Mala a set of ornaments (mostly a joke), some gardening equipment and a warm scarf
[2009-02-27 19:30:00] <Fu> Most people don't notice, but...
[2009-02-27 19:30:04] <Fu> Near Peony Hall?
[2009-02-27 19:30:12] <Fu> A snow fort is forming.
[2009-02-27 19:30:54] <Khayin> Patricia and her family extend an invitation to Mala to join them at their farm and enjoy their portion of the celebration. They don't get as many people where they are, but the people who do show up enjoy as much hot cider as they like.
[2009-02-27 19:31:12] <Mala> Once Mala figures out this whole giving-of-things thing, she probably gives potted plants. Several, so they don't get lonely. >.> Also she totally wears the ornaments in her hair.
[2009-02-27 19:31:19] <Fu> Heee.
[2009-02-27 19:31:39] <Fu> There is one thing for a gift Fu is working on for Theresa.
[2009-02-27 19:32:49] <Mala> Mala will also totally go see Patricia and her family. How's she doing, anyway? >.>
[2009-02-27 19:35:17] <Khayin> Patricia seems to be doing fine. You hadn't seen her in a while, but she appears normal now. She's regained a but of the cheer that you remembered when first meeting her and it's nice to know that there is someone normal that understands the reason behind a few of your quirks.
[2009-02-27 19:35:55] <Mala> It is nice to know she still likes me even if she knows I'm a tree. ^.^
[2009-02-27 19:35:56] <Khayin> When visiting them, Patricia makes sure that her mom doesn't offer you cider and instead passes you some hot cocoa with a wink.
[2009-02-27 19:38:05] <Mala> ...Mala has never had hot cocoa. She's gonna have to get some of this stuff.
[2009-02-27 19:39:12] <Khayin> Drake mostly has work to occupy him -- the Franklins sure go through a lot of money -- but close to Christmas, he does receive a little envelope in the mail with an invitation to the Franklin residence on the day of the Yule celebration. It is signed by Abigail Franklin.
[2009-02-27 19:39:32] <DrakeNero> Thou Shalt not Covet thy Employers wife...
[2009-02-27 19:39:35] <DrakeNero> ...ah well.
[2009-02-27 19:39:39] * DrakeNero is sinning.
[2009-02-27 19:40:10] * DrakeNero gets dressed to the nines and attends.
[2009-02-27 19:40:26] =-= Fu has changed the topic to ``<DrakeNero> Thou Shalt not Covet thy Employers wife... <DrakeNero> ...ah well. * DrakeNero is sinning.
[2009-02-27 19:41:22] <Khayin> Juuuust out of curiosity, give me a Manipulation + Socialize + 3 for your rep and "the nines."
[2009-02-27 19:42:01] <DrakeNero> He's got a lot of money to spend on nice clothing, though his idea of color is "black and more black"
[2009-02-27 19:44:06] <DrakeNero> (2, btw)
[2009-02-27 19:44:59] <Khayin> Any event at the Franklin estate is the definition of high-class. With their yule social being more private than their Halloween party, Drake sees a whole hell of a lot of the upper crust. He also gets to dive into the typical drama of the social elite... and takes care of himself rather nicely.
[2009-02-27 19:46:37] <Khayin> At this point, the fact that every one of these events that you attend gives you more potential clients is almost irrelevant. Even Isaac Franklin and his constantly upbeat mood are rather peripheral. The real point of interest is Mrs. Franklin, avoiding the crowds altogether and wandering her gardens in a simple black dress.
[2009-02-27 19:46:50] * DrakeNero has his black hair gelled and spiked perfectly. His gold tie-tack is a dragon. His three-piece suit is starched, pressed and perfect. And yes, the Rolex is real.
[2009-02-27 19:47:04] <Khayin> Slick
[2009-02-27 19:47:19] * DrakeNero is the picture of slick. Fairest, yo.
[2009-02-27 19:47:25] <Khayin> True!
[2009-02-27 19:48:11] <DrakeNero> If no one has anything to discuss with him, he'll be in the gardens
[2009-02-27 19:48:17] <DrakeNero> ...coveting his employer's wife.
[2009-02-27 19:49:02] <Khayin> Few people actually go out there. Everyone who supposedly matters is in the mansion. The only one notably absent this evening is the youngest daughter -- Theresa -- who has quietly absconded to a less classy gathering.
[2009-02-27 19:50:20] <DrakeNero> He's unsurprised.
[2009-02-27 19:50:56] <Khayin> Fu discovers this first-hand when she arrives in a surprisingly cheap party dress and informs him that he is going to accompany her to a party and is already wasting her time by being late.
[2009-02-27 19:51:17] <Fu> ... O_o "Let me grab your present then."
[2009-02-27 19:51:34] <Fu> "Or should I give it to you after you take me home?"
[2009-02-27 19:52:01] <Fu> Fu is all bundled up in red and white, looking like a very attractive candy cane.
[2009-02-27 19:52:11] <Khayin> "You're a very presumptuous and naive boy. =_="
[2009-02-27 19:52:32] <Fu> "Hey, you need to drop me off back at the dorm."
[2009-02-27 19:52:42] * Fu shrugs.
[2009-02-27 19:52:51] <Khayin> "I need do no such thing. Let me remind you that I am more or less the princess of Pine Falls."
[2009-02-27 19:53:12] <Fu> "Yeah, but everyone will know that you left someone to die in the freezing cold."
[2009-02-27 19:53:46] <Khayin> "Princess," she repeats. "So that means you do what I tell you," she says, holding him by his collar intently.
[2009-02-27 19:54:06] <Fu> "You are the one stalling, /princess./"
[2009-02-27 19:54:31] <Fu> He is grinning, and she apparently doesn't notice he has a snowball in his hand, even though she has him by the collar.
[2009-02-27 19:55:31] <Khayin> Everyone has somewhere to go on the evening of the yule celebration. Though each of you was in a different place, the sight of Pine Falls was lovely -- a paradise of white and pinpricks of light in the mist, like the opposite of the starry blackness of the universe.
[2009-02-27 19:56:07] <Fu> "I'm just asking when I should give you the present."
[2009-02-27 19:56:32] <Khayin> "Pretty, huh?" Patricia says to Mala as they enjoy their cocoa on the terrace. The Harris residence was a fairly big log cabin on the hill that overlooked the town. Their view was spectacular.
[2009-02-27 19:58:00] <Mala> "I've never seen it from here. o.o It's nice though."
[2009-02-27 19:58:50] <Khayin> "I don't get tired of it," she replies, sighing. "Though, I wish I could see more of the world outside, you know?"
[2009-02-27 19:59:23] <Mala> "But you go outside all the time.."
[2009-02-27 20:00:34] <Khayin> She chuckles a bit. "I mean outside of Pine Falls. Mom and dad never let me leave town for more than a couple weeks. Always this or that. It's always been kind of a bummer."
[2009-02-27 20:01:48] <Mala> "Oh. Well... I don't think I've been anywhere else either, so..I wouldn't know what other places are like." >_>
[2009-02-27 20:02:38] <Khayin> "Guess I should count my blessings, then." She is quiet for a while before turning to Mala with a grin. "So... I hear you've met Martin Farnsworth."
[2009-02-27 20:03:38] <Mala> "Mmhmmm. I haven't been other places, but other people have, and they write books. I like books."
[2009-02-27 20:05:48] <Khayin> "So does Martin. That's all I've ever heard him talking about, really -- ever since we were growing up. I guess that's why I was a little surprised when he asked me about you."
[2009-02-27 20:06:06] <Mala> "Oh? o.o"
[2009-02-27 20:06:55] <Khayin> The view from the gardens in the Franklin estate is not quite as vast as that from the Harris's cabin, but Drake can definitely appreciate the sight of their fountain -- lit up in such a way that the water seemed to be like liquid sunlight, illuminating the snow-covered maze around him. Abigail seems to appreciate it just as much, standing it front of it wordlessly, yet with a clear sense...
[2009-02-27 20:06:57] <Khayin> ...of marvel.
[2009-02-27 20:08:48] <Khayin> For once, she doesn't seem either confused or unsurprised by Drake's presence. When she notices him, she just smiles gently. "I thought you might find me."
[2009-02-27 20:09:44] <DrakeNero> He smiles back. "Indeed I did."
[2009-02-27 20:11:20] <Khayin> "My grandfather had this fountain made after my accident. He thought it might cheer me up." She turns to face him and sits down at the edge of the fountain. "Thankfully, he was right. It's one of the few anchors I still have."
[2009-02-27 20:12:51] <DrakeNero> "Those foil covered chocolate coins brought me home."
[2009-02-27 20:14:18] <Khayin> For the first time, Drake thinks he notices the ever-composed Abigail betray a slight snicker. "Not love, nor home, nor want of power... you answer to the call of chocolate from worlds away."
[2009-02-27 20:14:30] <DrakeNero> "it reminded me of my mother."
[2009-02-27 20:14:43] <DrakeNero> "and of Christmas."
[2009-02-27 20:14:57] <DrakeNero> he =P at her rather quickly, then
[2009-02-27 20:16:07] <Khayin> "Well, then, I can understand perfectly," she replies. "Did you still have her to return to?"
[2009-02-27 20:16:42] <DrakeNero> "She's still alive, yes. I was an adult then, though."
[2009-02-27 20:18:45] <Khayin> "Ever the complications." She looks toward the mansion with a somber smile. "At least you remembered her fondly. I'm afraid that I've been a rather poor excuse for a mother."
[2009-02-27 20:19:54] * DrakeNero isn't sure what to say back.
[2009-02-27 20:20:46] <DrakeNero> "I suppose there's no time like the present."
[2009-02-27 20:22:59] <Khayin> "... very good point," she replies. "Unfortunately, both my daughters are elsewhere tonight and my husband is carousing with the 'lords of Pine Falls.' No one else cares for the cold, so I suppose you are forced to be my only company this evening."
[2009-02-27 20:23:14] <Khayin> "Care for a walk?"
[2009-02-27 20:24:02] <DrakeNero> "I would love to."
[2009-02-27 20:27:53] <Khayin> In the middle of downtown, a seedy club was sullying the wholesome holiday image with scantily-clad youths dancing to dirty remixes of classic Christmas songs and partaking in "spiced egg-nog." Theresa pulled Fu into the crowded venue and instantly the fervor hit him like a crashing wave. It was cold outside, but it was hot and manic and primal here. Theresa didn't look him in the eyes,...
[2009-02-27 20:27:55] <Khayin> ...when she guided his hands around her waist and began to dance.
[2009-02-27 20:28:12] <Fu> There's one thing before he gets in that he does.
[2009-02-27 20:28:22] <Fu> Well, onto the floor.
[2009-02-27 20:28:40] <Fu> Just as Theresa and Fu enter the club, Fu grins evilly and pushes Theresa against the doorframe and kisses her quick and /hard,/ making damn sure it is very similiar to the dream he had given her a few weeks before. Once he breaks it off, the grin turns into an innocent smile and whispers in her ear before moving back to stand beside her like an escort, "This will be a Christmas to remember."
[2009-02-27 20:29:30] <Khayin> She turns away immediately afterward, blushing hard and wordlessly pulling him to the dance floor. It did not appear that she was going to argue his point.
[2009-02-27 20:29:48] <Fu> Soft laughter and he just follows.
[2009-02-27 20:31:07] <Khayin> While his attention was most definitely on Theresa, Fu could not help but notice a few familiar faces at the club. Specifically, the Spring Queen and her friends in merriment, mingling and dancing and seemingly driving up the mood.
[2009-02-27 20:31:51] <Fu> Fu does wave at them for a moment, but he was dragged her by Theresa, good manners demands he keeps to that.
[2009-02-27 20:32:01] <Khayin> It's hard to miss a bigfoot dressed like a hippie girl, even in a crowded room.
[2009-02-27 20:34:57] <Khayin> "Yeah," Patricia replied to Mala's incredulity. "He's been asking around a lot apparently. He came by last week asking if I knew you. I was a little hesitant to tell him too much since I didn't know what he wanted. Would you know?" She emphasized "you."
[2009-02-27 20:36:11] <Mala> "Uhm. I dunno what he'd want to know. I mean, we asked him about this weird book we found because none of us spoke Latin... "
[2009-02-27 20:37:27] <Khayin> "It always starts with something," she said, chuckling a bit. "What book was it?"
[2009-02-27 20:38:17] <Mala> "Uhm. They called it a bible, which I don't really understand, but it wasn't normal. And some parts of it even Martin couldn't figure out."
[2009-02-27 20:39:47] <Khayin> "Eh. Sounds boring," she says, finishing her cocoa. "I was hoping you'd say something a bit more tantalizing, but I guess you probably aren't much used to guys showing any interest in you, huh?"
[2009-02-27 20:41:35] <Mala> "Huh? Uhm. No? I usually stay in the greenhouse and nobody asks any questions..."
[2009-02-27 20:42:56] <Fu> Fu's hands rest lightly on Theresa's waist, until he gets used to the situation. Then he begins to focus, moving his hands down to her hips and moving just a little more gracefully, letting glamour help him move and letting his eyes grow somewhat dazed as he dives into being of the Southern Court. He runs his left hand up to under her arm and pulls her in, stepping faster to disorient her,...
[2009-02-27 20:42:56] <Fu> ...speaking dark promises in Chinese as he takes the lead, his fingertips getting bolder, playing lightly with sensitive spots and leaning in just enough to blow air across her ear. It isn't exactly how he had given her the dream, but he upplays as many aspects as he can, to make her begin forgetting where she is and falling into his court's emotion.
[2009-02-27 20:43:07] <Fu> It's an artform.
[2009-02-27 20:43:17] <Fu> Just pure dance and painting a mental image.
[2009-02-27 20:43:34] <Fu> All over one person's body and mind.
[2009-02-27 20:46:44] <Khayin> "Yeah, you won't find a lot of romance holed up in the greenhouse," she replies, leaning on the railing. "So, I guess it wasn't him that gave you that pendant?"
[2009-02-27 20:49:04] <Mala> "Romance? I haven't read anything from that section. Uhm, no, it was actually Mrs. Franklin. But she said it was mine."
[2009-02-27 20:49:50] <Khayin> "Yours?" Patricia looks back at the pendant. "Can I see it a second?"
[2009-02-27 20:50:33] <Mala> "Sure." Mala hands it over. "It's a puzzle. I've been trying to solve it..."
[2009-02-27 20:51:21] <Khayin> "Wow... looks like you almost got it, actually. Kind of reminds me of our family crest."
[2009-02-27 20:51:37] <Mala> "...really? o.o "
[2009-02-27 20:53:03] <Khayin> "Yep. Not exactly, but it sort of resembles it. Most of the founding families have symbols like this in their family crests. Here, check it out..." She digs into her coat pocket and removes a wooden coin, eerily similar to the one Martin had, with a different symbol on it.
[2009-02-27 20:53:14] <Mala> "Whoa. o.o"
[2009-02-27 20:56:02] <Khayin> "I wonder if the pendant belonged to one of the families. Though, if Mrs. Franklin says it's yours, maybe she thinks you're from one of the families. Though, I guess that can't really be the case if you're a tree , huh?" Patricia laughs, though not in mocking, putting her arm around Mala's shoulder.
[2009-02-27 20:56:47] |<-- Greenling has left (Disintegrated: 3. Not allowed to threaten anyone with black magic. 4. Not allowed to challenge anyone’s disbelief of black magic by asking for hair. 95. I am not in need of a more suitable host body. 162. Past lives have absolutely no effect on the chain of command.)
[2009-02-27 20:58:46] <Mala> "Yeah. I don't get it either." She looks back and forth between the coin and the pendant, confused.
[2009-02-27 21:00:34] <Khayin> As Patricia motioned for them to head back inside, Mala noticed an odd man a short distance away, approaching the edge of the cliff and staring with an odd smile out into the town below.
[2009-02-27 21:00:47] <Mala> o.o
[2009-02-27 21:02:54] <Khayin> The man turns in Mala's direction and stares for a moment. "'Alo, love," he says, before pulling what appeared to be a flute out of his jacket and began to play.
[2009-02-27 21:04:11] <Mala> "Hi. o.o "
[2009-02-27 21:04:15] * Mala waves
[2009-02-27 21:06:58] <Khayin> Abigail didn't speak much, but she said plenty. As Drake walked with her through the hedge maze, she told him about a few of the things that she had seen and done in her life so far. Without a concrete grasp of continuity, she began leaving hints for herself throughout time and using them to figure out where she had been. Apparently, telling herself exactly what was going to happen in the...
[2009-02-27 21:07:00] <Khayin> ...future had always resulted in catastrophe and so she kept to vague, somewhat enigmatic clues.
[2009-02-27 21:07:32] * DrakeNero listens intently and is a good and thoughtful target audience
[2009-02-27 21:08:18] <Khayin> "You can imagine, that sort of behavior did not endear me to my family. Especially since I didn't really know much about them. It's not really an excuse, but... well, it's difficult to relate to someone who says they are your spouse when you don't remember meeting them, if you know what I mean."
[2009-02-27 21:08:43] <DrakeNero> "I can guess."
[2009-02-27 21:10:34] <Khayin> "I'm certain you can." She was silent for a bit, simply walking along and staring at the snow beneath her. "I... try not to ask because I know it is a rather personal topic for people who have been lost, but... has it been difficult coming back to humanity?"
[2009-02-27 21:10:48] <DrakeNero> he sighs.
[2009-02-27 21:10:51] <DrakeNero> "A little."
[2009-02-27 21:11:04] <DrakeNero> "I wasn't very social before."
[2009-02-27 21:12:16] <DrakeNero> "I think my family thinks I'm dead."
[2009-02-27 21:14:18] <Khayin> She nods gently. "So you made a new life for yourself. Not many succeed at that, yet you seem to have built a rather sizable fortune for yourself in what must have been a very short period of time. You are incredibly talented."
[2009-02-27 21:15:35] <DrakeNero> "Nothing a dragon does better than hoard, you know."
[2009-02-27 21:15:39] <DrakeNero> He winks.
[2009-02-27 21:18:18] <DrakeNero> "Also, thank you.
[2009-02-27 21:19:00] <Khayin> She smiles, rolling her eyes a bit. "So you say. Most men I've known who accomplish so much have been obsessed with success and never stop clawing for some undefined goal that they will never reach. You have an obsession but your desires are simple -- you are content... and patient."
[2009-02-27 21:20:06] <Khayin> "You're welcome. It's the least I can say, I think. My... eccentricities do not sit well with my family, so they rarely have the patience for me. I can actually speak to you."
[2009-02-27 21:20:23] <DrakeNero> "I like talking to you."
[2009-02-27 21:20:27] <Khayin> "... so... I suppose I should apologize if I've filled your ear, so to speak," she says, a bit embarrassed.
[2009-02-27 21:21:32] <DrakeNero> "No, it's quite alright."
[2009-02-27 21:21:36] <Khayin> (Perception)
[2009-02-27 21:23:36] <Khayin> As you respond, you notice that what you thought was the sound of the wind is a bit stronger and more rhythmic than you'd initially assumed. Like repetitive short gusts of wind with a low timbre somehow.
[2009-02-27 21:23:54] <Khayin> Like something very big flapping in the wind.
[2009-02-27 21:24:10] <DrakeNero> " you hear that?" he whispers.
[2009-02-27 21:25:07] <Khayin> "Hear...?" she starts before listening closely. "Is that a... bird?"
[2009-02-27 21:25:19] <DrakeNero> "A very big one..."
[2009-02-27 21:25:31] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Composure)
[2009-02-27 21:27:22] <Khayin> As the noise grows steadily more prominent, Drake is suddenly reminded of something from when he and the others had spoken with Martin a month ago.
[2009-02-27 21:27:46] <Khayin> Fu had asked about a book containing the local fairy tales. One he called "the bat in the fog."
[2009-02-27 21:27:57] * DrakeNero curses
[2009-02-27 21:28:26] <Khayin> (Initiative)
[2009-02-27 21:28:26] <DrakeNero> "Not a bird... a *bat* "
[2009-02-27 21:28:40] <DrakeNero> "You don't have a GUN on you, do you."
[2009-02-27 21:29:46] <DrakeNero> He flexes his hands into wicked golden claws.
[2009-02-27 21:31:12] <Khayin> Abigail nods, but as she reaches into her coat, the mist behind her darkens and Drake sees an enormous winged shape swoop down behind her, the garden lights like a white halo around its devilish form.
[2009-02-27 21:32:12] * DrakeNero shouts and moves to throw himself in the way, or at least at it.
[2009-02-27 21:35:59] <Khayin> Meanwhile... (;))
[2009-02-27 21:36:05] <Khayin> In the club, Fu's tender ministrations had more than their desired effect on Theresa. He could feel her body shudder as his hands glided up her side, and her breath was heavy as he whispered into her ear. The clamor of the people around them melted into one red hot beat of passion that resonated in both their bodies. "I've... dreamed of you..." she whispered, pressing herself close to him.
[2009-02-27 21:36:08] <DrakeNero> (Sonofawhore!)
[2009-02-27 21:36:23] <Fu> (Love you too!)
[2009-02-27 21:36:25] <Khayin> (You know you all love me! >D)
[2009-02-27 21:37:09] <Fu> "Oh?" He smiles, his eyes sparking with fire as he moves back just enough to guide her along to a place to sit, smiling broadly.
[2009-02-27 21:39:54] <Fu> Once she sits down comfortably, he half collapses, looking tired already, but very, very smug as he leans in to keep listening.
[2009-02-27 21:40:21] <Khayin> "Just... um... odd things," she says, still dancing closed to him. "I mean... it's never been this bad..."
[2009-02-27 21:41:00] <Fu> "Bad?'" He tilts his head while brushing his lips against her ear.
[2009-02-27 21:41:39] <Khayin> "... the things I've been dreaming about..." she continues, almost stammering. "The things you do..."
[2009-02-27 21:43:12] <Fu> "What do I do?" He leans back and gently puts his hand on her forehead, to check her temperature.
[2009-02-27 21:44:26] <Khayin> "... you... " Theresa, finally losing herself to her desires, once again grabs Fu by his collar and pulls him closer to her as her eyes drift closed. The moment of passion is interrupted suddenly, however, when the sound of bodies and music is pierced by a loud and shrill scream.
[2009-02-27 21:44:59] <Fu> Fu holds onto her protectively, standing up straight and looking in the direction of the scream.
[2009-02-27 21:45:40] <Khayin> (Intelligence + Composure)
[2009-02-27 21:48:37] <Khayin> It looked like a scuffle at first, but then Fu saw that one of the club-goers was covered in blood and the rest were backing away from someone that appeared to be wearing little more than a brown shroud. The stranger turns wildly and shrieks like some kind of agitated baboon. It is not until it turns in Fu's direction and he sees that it has no face -- only a large mouth with rows of long,...
[2009-02-27 21:48:39] <Khayin> teeth -- that he realizes what he is looking at.
[2009-02-27 21:49:10] * Fu sighs.
[2009-02-27 21:51:11] <Khayin> In the book he found of local legends, there was something called a Murgulouse. Supposedly, impure individuals who practiced unwholesome relations and did not follow god's path were sometimes found by a Murgulouse and stolen away. It would take them into the forest and eat everything but their hearts, because it had not taste for dirty hearts.
[2009-02-27 21:52:22] * Fu scratches his neck with a sigh.
[2009-02-27 21:52:28] <Fu> (another sigh)
[2009-02-27 21:52:50] <Fu> "(Why didn't you come on halloween, asshole?)"
[2009-02-27 21:52:54] <Khayin> It was only a little woodcut art in the book, but there was no mistake that there was one not thirty feet from him, apparently biting into club patrons.
[2009-02-27 21:53:33] <Fu> He lets go of Theresa and dashes at the monster, using glamour and the contract of stone combined to just DECK him.
[2009-02-27 21:53:44] <Khayin> (Initiative)
[2009-02-27 21:55:32] <Khayin> The piper did not seem to pay attention to Mala's waving as he played a rather somber melody into the night, serenading the beautiful town below. "Do you know that guy?" Patricia asks, looking at him oddly. "I don't remember him being in the party."
[2009-02-27 21:56:22] <Fu> (15.)
[2009-02-27 21:56:42] <Mala> "No? o.o"
[2009-02-27 21:57:32] <Khayin> (Perception)
[2009-02-27 21:57:33] <Fu> Fu lets out a vicious shout as he lunges as well.
[2009-02-27 21:59:16] <Khayin> (Perception from Mala, I meant)
[2009-02-27 22:01:57] <Khayin> Out of the corner of her eye, Mala noticed that the darkness behind the man seemed to move. It was difficult to see at first, but little by little, shapes began to take form from the inky blackness of the night that contrasted the pure white snow. _Things_ stepped and slithered from the shadows and crawled or oozed down the hillside into the town below, chattering, moaning, and howling all...
[2009-02-27 22:01:59] <Khayin> ...the way.
[2009-02-27 22:02:41] <Mala> "I...think we should go in now," Mala whispers.
[2009-02-27 22:04:12] <Khayin> "Oh, my god!" Patricia gasps, grabbing Mala's hand. "What... what are those things?!"
[2009-02-27 22:09:54] <Khayin> As the two of them backed away toward the house, something seemed to crawl up the side of the railing. A creature that resembled a large chameleon but with a human-ish face slumped over the side and onto the terrace, staring in Mala and Patricia's direction. "Ga-HUP! Ga-HUP!" It croaked, approaching them swiftly.
[2009-02-27 22:10:31] <Mala> "You're definitely going inside now." (is it between us and the house?)
[2009-02-27 22:10:48] <Khayin> Nope
[2009-02-27 22:14:40] <Mala> Mala will push Patricia towards the door and put herself between her and the whatever-they-ares.
[2009-02-27 22:17:35] <Khayin> Among the things that Martin had said to her weeks ago regarding their topics of research, Mala recalled references to a few local myths. He was always so excited to tell tales, so she remembered very clearly what he said about things like the Doogahup -- some sort of reptilian thing that ate human babies and would sometimes kidnap pregnant women so that it could have its snack fresh. It...
[2009-02-27 22:17:36] <Khayin> ...was a simple creature, however, and could be fooled into thinking that a person was bigger than it, driving it to panic and escape.
[2009-02-27 22:20:25] <Mala> Well, Mala is pretty damn big already. Raising her arms above her head letting loose with a shout that resounded like cracking timbers, she takes a single massive step towards the Doogahup and STOMPS.
[2009-02-27 22:21:21] <Khayin> The reptilian thing freezes still mid-stride, looking very confused and more than a bit wary. "... ga-HUP?"
[2009-02-27 22:22:31] <Mala> Once wasn't enough? Have another! STOMP! SHOUT! This is a TREE about to FALL ON YOU.
[2009-02-27 22:23:14] <Khayin> The Doogahup actually shrieks as it turns and scrambles away, leaving its tail behind for some reason.
[2009-02-27 22:24:53] <Mala> "...that's what I thought." Mala prods at the tail with her root.
[2009-02-27 22:26:21] <Khayin> "What's this?" Mala heard the piper say from the other side of the balcony. "I don't remember you. What story are you?"
[2009-02-27 22:28:18] <Mala> "I'm not a story," Mala says, turning to face him. "Unless there's a story about trees who don't like people playing music that makes shadowy things that scare her friends. But I haven't read that one."
[2009-02-27 22:28:19] <DrakeNero> "GET AWAY FROM HER, YOU SON OF A BITCH" He puts his gilded claws through the thing's eyes. Also: Stone 1
[2009-02-27 22:32:58] <Khayin> The frightening visage of the demonic bat comes into full view... right before the well-dressed dragon leaps up and rakes its ugly face, slashing it quite nicely and sending it plummeting to the ground, screeching as it slams into the walkway and tumbles in the snow.
[2009-02-27 22:33:14] <DrakeNero> "Shoot it! Shoot it!"
[2009-02-27 22:35:56] <Khayin> A few moments later, Drake notices Abigail bracing herself into a firing stance out of the corner of his eye, holding a small pistol. She fires and it misses, just before the sound of three ricochets and then another shriek from the foul creature as it's flank is perforated by the lucky bullet.
[2009-02-27 22:36:14] <DrakeNero> "...did you do that on purpose?"
[2009-02-27 22:36:40] <Khayin> "Miss? No." She replies, half smiling.
[2009-02-27 22:36:55] <DrakeNero> He smirks at her.
[2009-02-27 22:38:57] <Khayin> The bat draws itself up from the ground, turning to face them with a monstrous howl as it charge toward Drake and swung wildly with leathery limbs that seemed to extend much farther than he'd anticipated. Drake manages to avoid the swipe and notes that it doesn't appear to balance well on its legs.
[2009-02-27 22:39:53] <DrakeNero> he drops suddenly into a crouch and back-fists its knee
[2009-02-27 22:44:03] <Khayin> The thing shrieks again right before face-planting into the ground. Its legs are wobbly and it struggles to get up again but Abigail doesn't allow it a second chance, putting another bullet into it at point-blank range.
[2009-02-27 22:44:25] <Khayin> It flops to the ground and gurgles for a moment before silencing.
[2009-02-27 22:44:28] <DrakeNero> "why do I always get attacked when I'm dressed nicely." He grouches.
[2009-02-27 22:46:16] <Khayin> "Well, look at it this way -- you lend an air of sophistication to ferally clawing monsters to death," Abigail replies, glancing about. "I know this thing. I thought something was going to happen tonight, but I didn't think it would be this."
[2009-02-27 22:46:51] <DrakeNero> "...blood on my good suit." He grouches again.
[2009-02-27 22:47:04] <DrakeNero> "What did you think it would be?"
[2009-02-27 22:48:59] <Khayin> "Well, I thought it would be..." She stops when another sound once again becomes loud enough that the two of them can hear it. Heaving stomping around the hedges draws their attention to the far end of the maze corridor just as a massive quadrupedal figure turns the corner and stares with glowing green eyes in their direction. "... the Ivy Hound."
[2009-02-27 22:49:32] <DrakeNero> "Shit on a stick."
[2009-02-27 22:52:13] <Fu> Fu just makes a dash at the monster, but slips on the blood. But, instead of tripping he uses it to his advantage, turning his punch into a sliding KICK.
[2009-02-27 22:56:50] <Khayin> The Murgulouse's shriek is cut short when it takes a kick to the midsection, sending it hurtling back a few feet before it screams again and lunges at Fu. Faster than anything like that really ought to move, the thing sank its grisly dagger-teeth into Fu's leg and began to shake its head violently, ripping into his flesh.
[2009-02-27 22:58:10] <Fu> The Fairest SHOUTS and does a full-on elbow drop, letting his glamour help. Like HELL was he going to let anyone else get hurt.
[2009-02-27 23:02:07] <Khayin> The Murgulouse seems to ignore Fu's blow completely, continuing to shake its head wildly as it dug deeper into his leg. A moment later, it released him with a screech as a bar stool came crashing down on its back, a very pissed-off Theresa beside it.
[2009-02-27 23:02:36] * Fu is very unsurprised.
[2009-02-27 23:03:07] <Fu> He still uses glamour to just SLAM his injured leg into the Murgulouse's face.
[2009-02-27 23:06:17] <Fu> In English, "Wrong." The first kick sends his head up, "FUCKING," elbow slams down, "NIGHT" The monster's head hits the floor, "FOR" his toe under the monster's chin and he shoves it up to give a full on PUNCH, "THIS!"
[2009-02-27 23:07:58] <Khayin> The thing's shrieking becomes more and more strained after each blow until Fu hears something snap with his last punch and the thing finally collapses onto him, dead. That did not seem to stop Theresa from nailing it in the side with a kick.
[2009-02-27 23:08:03] <Fu> After a moment, he looks down at his leg and rubs the back of his head.
[2009-02-27 23:08:11] <Fu> "... I think I need a first aid kit."
[2009-02-27 23:08:34] <Khayin> (Perception)
[2009-02-27 23:11:47] <Khayin> "... I think we need an assault rifle, actually..." Theresa said, suddenly ceasing her assault on the corpse as she stared out the main entrance. Following her gaze, Fu noted that people were no longer trying to flee the club as there were at least half a dozen other shrouded, faceless, horrors outside, their heads twitching and shaking as their horrible shrieks sent people into a panic.
[2009-02-27 23:12:19] * Fu rolls up his sleeves and just smiles coldly.
[2009-02-27 23:12:46] <Fu> "Aw, shucks, on my birthday?
[2009-02-27 23:15:56] <Fu> His voice becomes as cold as ice as he speaks.
[2009-02-27 23:16:39] <Khayin> "You're not a story," the piper said to Mala, no small bit of disappointment in his voice. "You're just one of those lost little changed things, aren't you? What a worthless find." He stepped closer, covering more ground with each step than Mala thought looked realistic. "I can't have you meddling, however, so I'll give you one chance to run and hide while I have my fun."
[2009-02-27 23:18:43] <Fu> * "Get the fuck out of here." * He strides forward, eyes narrowed as he gets to a place where they HAVE to come one by one to get to him, just in case he needs to fight, * "before I rip your fucking caresses apart and throw them into the Northeast winds!"*
[2009-02-27 23:19:39] <Mala> "Don't bother my friends." Mala looms over him, hands at her sides. "Not tonight. Not ever."
[2009-02-27 23:20:42] <Khayin> (Initiative)
[2009-02-27 23:24:14] <Khayin> "Poor choice." The piper draws a knife from somewhere as he dashes rather quickly at Mala... almost faster than she can see.
[2009-02-27 23:27:53] <Mala> Before the piper gets anywhere close to Mala, one of her wiry hands lashes out and takes him by the knife arm, whipping him to the ground with an unnatural strength before following him to plant a knee in his back. "Silly thing to try to cut a tree down with."
[2009-02-27 23:31:58] <Khayin> The piper proves to be as slippery as a snake and squirms out of Mala's solid grasp, rising quickly and cackling as he slams his knife into Mala's back. Patricia screams in horror, watching from the back entrance.
[2009-02-27 23:35:11] <Mala> Mala barely reacts as the knife strikes home, bouncing like it struck a brick wall with barely a smear of sap to show for it. "I told you," she mutters as she rounds on the piper, "that's a silly thing to try to cut down a tree with..."
[2009-02-27 23:37:50] <Mala> Mala swings and connects with the little man with a force twice what he struck her with!
[2009-02-27 23:41:06] <Khayin> The piper reels back, covering a very bloodied nose. "... stronger than you look, I see," he growls, his eyes fluttering to regain his senses. "No matter. There is no way you can come out of this alive." He gave a half grin as he gestured to the balcony where dozens of strange creatures climbed over the railing, advancing toward Mala. "Tonight... this town is ours!"
[2009-02-27 23:41:18] <Khayin> And, just to be a dick, I'm gonna end it there.
[2009-02-27 23:41:26] <Mala> X3
[2009-02-27 23:41:30] <DrakeNero> =P
[2009-02-27 23:41:42] * DrakeNero is very nearly ded anyway
[2009-02-27 23:41:46] <Khayin> XD
[2009-02-27 23:41:49] <Fu> Heh.
[2009-02-27 23:41:52] <Khayin> Thanks for stayin' up with us
[2009-02-27 23:41:57] <DrakeNero> np
[2009-02-27 23:41:59] <Fu> I'll post the logs tomorrow.
[2009-02-27 23:41:59] <DrakeNero> thanks for running
[2009-02-27 23:41:59] <Mala> Hee. Piper's so screwed. X3
[2009-02-27 23:42:07] <Khayin> XD
[2009-02-27 23:42:54] <Khayin> So, you shanked the Bat, beat down a Murgulouse and broke the Piper's nose.
[2009-02-27 23:43:24] <Mala> Man, he's lucky I didn't roll better on that last one, I could have knocked him clean in two. X3
[2009-02-27 23:43:37] <Khayin> Indeed XD
[2009-02-27 23:43:38] <Khayin> But the fight ain't over!
[2009-02-27 23:44:00] <Mala> And he just super screwed up callin' his buddies on me, now my beatdown mojo is free X3
[2009-02-27 23:44:03] =-= Mala is now known as Konpeito
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[2009-02-27 23:44:19] * Seras thuds
[2009-02-27 23:44:33] <Konpeito> Night, Seras ^.^
[2009-02-27 23:44:33] <Khayin> 4xp for you suckas. More later if you can get out alive. ;)
[2009-02-27 23:44:42] <Seras> Night <3
[2009-02-27 23:44:47] <Khayin> Night!
[2009-02-27 23:44:48] <Astra> What about downtime candy?
[2009-02-27 23:44:49] |<-- Seras has left (Disintegrated: DED!)
[2009-02-27 23:45:35] <Khayin> Give me stuff, I give you your candy.
[2009-02-27 23:46:29] <Khayin> Basically, just write stuff that tells me how you've spent the last month.
[2009-02-27 23:46:42] <Astra> Okay, and it's the 12/21...
[2009-02-27 23:47:28] <Khayin> I'm capping at 6xp so that no one is tempted to just assault me with boatloads of little scenes! XD
[2009-02-27 23:49:26] <Khayin> You can do those, but if you just give me a good summary of what's been going on in your characters' lives, you'll get the 6.
[2009-02-27 23:50:13] <Astra> Okay. I only get like 3 for the daily drabbles anyways.  ;)
[2009-02-27 23:50:28] <Khayin> Heh heh
[2009-02-27 23:50:43] <Khayin> Someone let Seras know all that later, if you could please
[2009-02-27 23:51:38] <Khayin> For now, however, I disappear into the night. All this combat makes me want to beat some fools down.
[2009-02-27 23:51:47] <Konpeito> Heh
[2009-02-27 23:51:48] <Konpeito> Night
[2009-02-27 23:52:06] <Khayin> Night, all! It's Street Fightin' time! ;)
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