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Chapter 22

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[Angelo] Hi guys! :-)
[BethE] Evening! *HUG*
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[Verithe] Hello!
[Verithe] I've been thinking that Kite may want to start putting together a sentai team

  • AngeloInVacation caress Kite in the father way

[AngeloInVacation] what is a sentai team?
[lazarus] Power Rangers
[AngeloInVacation] oH! O.o I don't like P.Rangers
[Verithe] Then they can be Shinesmen with mechas.
[BethE] It's a group of five people, usually color-coded clothing in some way.
[Verithe] Sometimes more, sometimes less. Five is the most common, though.
[AngeloInVacation] is fashinating (the wikipedia lore behind these 2 names) And I fervently pry all the gods on heavens to be shielded by my Italian-language barrier from both
[Verithe] Awww
[Verithe] Another idea I had was that Kite might want to eat one of every fish in creation.
[BethE] Huh, that would be an interesting thing. Does that count sentient fish?
[Random_Nerd] Hmm. How broadly are you defining "fish."
[Verithe] I imagine it would...
[BethE] (If we disappear, it's because we have a big storm system here at the moment.
[Verithe] Somewhat broadly, but following Rene Magritte's example, a representation of a fish is not a fish.
[BethE] But are fish sticks fish?
[Verithe] They're a piece (pieces?) of a fish/multiple fish.
[Verithe] Which is good enough, sometimes.
[Verithe] Though Kite prefers his fish raw.
[Verithe] Crustacians and mollusks wouldn't count.
[Verithe] Nor penguins, since I know some cultures/systems count them as fish.
[BethE] Ooo, does that mean rabbits?  :)
[Random_Nerd] Amphibians?
[Random_Nerd] Lungfish?
[Verithe] No, not amphibians. Yes, lungfish.
[Random_Nerd] Werefish?
[BethE] (Ftisk if he goes on a flying fish kick...)
[Verithe] Yes, werefish.
[BethE] The fishpeople in the Amyra bay at the moment?
[Random_Nerd] Some guy who just happens to have gills?
[Verithe] Yes...though he would probably ask permission from...Migration, was it? The Dark Noble.
[Verithe] Probably not...
[Verithe] Kite would probably wait for the guy to sprout scales and fins, first.
[lazarus] "would you prefer to eat food that /didn't/ want to be eaten?"
[lazarus] "Yes, actually, I would!"
[Verithe] Hehe
[AngeloInVacation] so something with scales and fins and that didn't want to be eated
[Random_Nerd] Hmm. Beth, you have any Projects for Theresa?
[BethE] I'm still thinking about them, but I would like to encourage hydroponic and urban gardening both in Amyra and then spreading out into the rest of the world. I also would like to poke at the Cleave of Botanists, but I'm not sure what they represent now in the Third Age (of Books.)
[AngeloInVacation] make a photosynthesizing enabler lotion for the common human? (Ad: Discover the inner plant that is in you!)
[Verithe] Kite also rather enjoys this artist's work:
[BethE] What's neat is that in reality, they are looking into ways to use hydroponics to maybe be able to grow the veggies right in the grocery store.
[Verithe] Wow!
[BethE] Another option is to grow them on shelves inside old shipping containers like you use on cargo ships.
[BethE] Right now, lettice is working the best, but that would be cool to get other plants going.
[BethE] One of the Disney theme parks actually grows all of the veggies used in the restaurants in the park in a hydroponic bay. Tomatoes, lettice and not sure what else.
[Verithe] Shishito peppers.
[Random_Nerd] Let's see. When we last had a regular session, Brian had a plan relating to Patterns, right?
[Verithe] I will miss them when we move back to the States.
--]| Knockwood ( has joined #Nobilis
[AngeloInVacation] Hi Knock!
[lazarus] Brian had an idiotic plan relating to Patterns...
[Knockwood] Hi guys, sorry I'm late
[BethE] Hi Knock!
[Random_Nerd] Idiotic plans are the best plans! Maybe!
[Knockwood] better Brian than me. :)
[lazarus] I remember Brian thinking that the best way to deal with it is to say something like "Patterns! Stop living in my guys' heads!"
[Knockwood] I've hit my quota
[lazarus] and then, when things went bad, hide behind Dante.
[BethE] We have a quota? I thought it was a number that Numbers kept upping.
[AngeloInVacation] me too
[Verithe] Should we say please or no?
[AngeloInVacation] no please we are real .man- I mean Nobles
[Knockwood] (Did I miss anything?)

  • Verithe scratches something out of his notes.

[AngeloInVacation] uhm... mostly noy Knock
[Verithe] (There was discussion of sentai, fish and hydroponics...)
[lazarus] did I come up with a slightly less stupid plan that I've forgotten by now?
[BethE] If you did, you didn't tell us.  :)
[AngeloInVacation] yep
[Knockwood] if you want really stupid plans... let's get Patterns a good shrink and cure his paranoia! :D
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[Verithe] Oooh!
[BethE] We could give him deep fried cupcakes. Or deep fried beer.
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[FlipFlopFliptisk] or Brian can be the shrink
[Kite] Deep fried beer makes prairie giraffes cry.
[Brian] ... no
[DanteE] (then again, if we could get to the root of his paranoia... actually, that might just be from years in Hell)
[FlipFlopFliptisk] why? Pattern is .. .interesting!
[BethE] I'm actually kinda impressed with the deep fried beer, if they actually are able to keep the beer liquid in the thing.
[Random_Nerd] Well, you pretty much know why he's paranoid about the Aides, at least.
[FlipFlopFliptisk] for the luc - devil connection?
[Kite] I've forgotten.
[BethE] Because Luc rocks? And luc gets his Nobles killed?
[Kite] Oh, right.
[DanteE] (I've mentioned , right?)
[BethE] It's not like Patterns offered Luc the chance to become his Anchor...right?
[Random_Nerd] The Aides are a slightly mysterious group which is spreading into positions of power within Noble society which was created by Luc for reasons of his own.
[Random_Nerd] Luc may be Lucifer.
[Random_Nerd] Patterns spent some time in Hell.
[Random_Nerd] Hell is not nice.
[Random_Nerd] Lucifer is in charge of Hell.
[Brian] Luc Ginneas would not be a fallen angel. The fallen angel would not be anchorable.
[Brian] (that's Brian's opinion on that thought, at least)
[BethE] (Hey, I’ve made Igor Bars. Those suckers are a diabetic coma waiting to happen. Although I am impressed by people weaving bacon.)
[DanteE] That's right, being a serial anchor would seem to mean he can't be anything more than an exceptional human
[BethE] If Excrucians can break into shards that are their own people...who says that our Imperators can't do that too? Maybe Lucifer figured out how to do it.
[Random_Nerd] Sure, but do you think that Lucifer couldn't come up with a way around that if he tried?
[Random_Nerd] Whose word do you have that Luc ever got Anchored by anyone?
[Random_Nerd] A bunch of Nobles that conveniently are all dead?
[Random_Nerd] Or the one that isn't dead yet, but you've never met except through Luc?
[Brian] heh. Patterns hates Luc enough that he could anchor him!
[Brian] THAT might be a fix!
[Brian] ..
[Brian] or not?
[Random_Nerd] He certainly hates him enough. There's as much fear as there is hate, but that doesn't prevent it.
[Kite] Who is Luc's current...Noble-master? Bones?
[Random_Nerd] Yep.
[Random_Nerd] He's still alive, as of the last you've heard.
[Kite] A'ight.
[Random_Nerd] He has some sort of conspiracy going with Electricity and Copper, that's suspicious of Barakiel.
[DanteE] we've met Luc, and through him Bones
[Brian] Imperator Miracle: You Think I'm Your Anchor?
[Brian] I suspect Luc –REDACTED-
[Random_Nerd] Mundane Action: "Tell everyone I'm your Anchor or you'll have annoyed one of the top two or three scariest guys ever."
[Random_Nerd] I'm not saying it's /true/.
[Random_Nerd] But it's tricky to disprove.
[Brian] yeah, but that's less fun...
[Kite] Depending on what protections he has against the Sight.
[BethE] Hmm, who _are_ your top five scariest Imperators?
[Random_Nerd] But even regular Nobles can have protection against the Sight.
[FlipFlopFliptisk] Jan Ben Jan is in my top 5!
[Random_Nerd] Hmm. In no particular order, Lucifer, Entropy, Firstborn, Attaris Ebrot Appeka, Ananda.
[Random_Nerd] Jan's in my #6 slot.
[DanteE] Well, there's Entropy. And then Entropy. Followed by Entropy. Also, Entropy. Finally, Entropy.
[Brian] It's hard to pick the top five scariest Imperators.
[Brian] Almost by definition, they're all scary
[BethE] Dante - you just say that because he hit on you.
[Brian] (hell, almost by definition, we Nobilis are scary!)
[FlipFlopFliptisk] Dante, you are slightly para--- what Beth say
[DanteE] That too.
[Random_Nerd] So, shall we get going?
[BethE] I find your list intriguing.
[FlipFlopFliptisk] Yay!
[Kite] Would that mean Ftisk isn't on that list because he's not an Imperator.
[Kite] ?
[Kite] Yes.
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
[Brian] (oddly, 3 of the top 5 are Imperators that we deal with ...)

  • FlipFlopFliptisk wider that life grin!

[Brian] where were we? Conference room?
[Theresa] Obviously, in order to bed Oph, he's going to have to become scary to some civilization.
[Kite] The conference /spa/.
[Random_Nerd] Conference room is fine, unless you have somewhere else you'd rather be.
[FlipFlopFliptisk] eh, is along journey the one that lead to Oph. bed...
[FlipFlopFliptisk] conf is ok!
[Brian] It's just been so long I can't remember where the fiction tailed off. Oh right! Wasn't Kite coming back with his new Aide?
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[Kite] I'm back. The Aide is getting to work.
[Ftisk] (yep! new aide. We go first in chancel and Kite was catching us)
[Random_Nerd] Kite had brought back his new Aide, William had given the regular status update, all of you talked about the Patterns Issue.
[Random_Nerd] Ready?
[Brian] oh, right. Schooling on multiple perceptions.
[Kite] Yep
[Brian] yeah, ready.
[DanteE] Sure
[Ftisk] yeppity
[Random_Nerd] ______________START___________________
[Theresa] (Did we handle the imp?)
[DanteE] (So, what blows up?)
[Ftisk] (run to the last filmed place at the last moment)
[Brian] (Creation)
[DanteE] (what, again?)
[Random_Nerd] (Well, Ftisk did his miracle on the imp...)
[DanteE] (So now we have a _smart_ demonic imp.)
[Ftisk] (right, he now is super knowledgably!)
[Random_Nerd] (His personality is the same, but his knowledge-base is greatly increased.)
[DanteE] (OK, who's with us in the room?)
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "So, is there any way any of you can, like, put some kind of protection on the Tower so we can safely think of the Pink Elephant without crazy in our brains?"
[Random_Nerd] William: "You don't /have/ a brain."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "I /could/. You don't know."
[Brian] "Um. It's hard to do it constantly."
[Brian] (RIGHT: Brian had gone out to get coffee and the Auc went down! But then he put it back up)
[DanteE] "He has a metaphorical brain."
[Random_Nerd] Gilbert: "Well, I..."
[Random_Nerd] Sam gives Gilbert a look.
[Kite] "Yes?"
[Random_Nerd] Gilbert: "I have no opinion at this time as to the odds of whether Samuel has a brain."
[Random_Nerd] Sam snorts.
[Ftisk] WE can open him and see!
[Brian] "I'm not sure we CAN open him."
[Random_Nerd] Sam unwraps the scarves that surround his head.
[DanteE] I think that violates their contract, Ftisk.
[Ftisk] We can try then?
[Random_Nerd] It looks like a Technicolor version of that scene from The Invisible Man, but with no glasses.
[Kite] "We can. We won't."
[Ftisk] oh.... *Sad eyes toward Sam*
[Random_Nerd] (Oh, and if you're wondering how Sam sees with the scarves wrapped around his head, the one over his eyes is fairly sheer, and he can easily see through it.)
[DanteE] (maybe we should give him a Rorschach mask...)

  • Ftisk floats unconspicuously toward Sam (slowly!)

[Random_Nerd] (Too late, Lesson called dibs.)
[DanteE] "Know what... we can do two things at once, get Gilbert up to speed and decide what to do next."
[Random_Nerd] (Hmm. I wonder if Sam would get the reference. I don't think he's a comics fan, he mostly talks about movies or television.)
[Brian] (we can import the new Watchmen movie...)
[Theresa] "Presence of meaty material for thinking ability aside, how hard would it be to make this place into a mental sanctuary?"
[Kite] "I've heard of this 'speed'. No drugs."
[DanteE] (Come to think of it, what's the date in-game?)
[Random_Nerd] (Ambiguous, but late March.)
[DanteE] (Well, Ftisk couldn't get in, then... :) )
[Brian] "It takes energy to get it going. I'd have to figure out how to build a battery for it... and then how to localize it here ..."
[Brian] "I don't think it's very hard, but it'll take research."
[Brian] "Sam, do you guys know of any Auctoritas research done by other Nobilis?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Auctoritas research?"
[DanteE] "Hm... maybe we should do more to the Tower as well.
[DanteE] "Come to think of it, does having the Heart above us do anything to the building?"
[Brian] "Playing around with the thing, how to power it without using the Noble's power, that sort of thing?"
[Theresa] (Or does Sam know the word Auctoritas?)
[Kite] "Maybe we could paint the tower a color the crazy thing hates?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam stares off into space for a moment. Presumably, at least, because without his head being wrapped, you can't see any details of what he's looking at or how his head or face are moving.
[Brian] "Kite: dazzle camouflage on it!"
[Kite] "The Heart is above us?"
[Kite] "YES!"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "It's not in the oracle, at least."
[Brian] "So we'd be starting from scratch, then?"
[Theresa] *to Kite* "The Heart of our Chancel is in this building, yes."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "I'm sure someone's researched it. But they didn't tell /us/, or if they told one of us, that Aide kept it secret. It's not like we reveal all of /your/ secret projects, after all."
[DanteE] "While you're looking things up, Sam, are there any other kinds of wards that block Noble activity?"
[Brian] "we have secret projects?"
[Kite] to Theresa: "What's it like?"
[Random_Nerd] William: "Yes, I just haven't told you about them."
[Random_Nerd] He puts a finger to his lips.
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "I... don't really know much about how miracles work. Block them with a stronger miracle?"
[DanteE] "Anything non-Noble that blocks Noble miracles... maybe something alchemical?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Bears."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Well, magic bears."
[Theresa] "'s bricks and gear and vines, all working and turning together in a big pattern that dazzles the eyes and yet it all feels..whole."
[Kite] "Oooh!"
[Random_Nerd] William and Gilbert: "Magic bears?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Magic bears."
[Theresa] (Peregrine bears.)
[Brian] "Magic bears can do anything."
[Brian] "Everyone knows that."
[Brian] "Especially ninja."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Nope. Not anything. Just block miracles."
[Kite] "Ninja know that or ninja magic bears can do anything?"
[DanteE] "Hm...
[Theresa] "I kind of doubt that Amyra would be acceptable to them for living, especially just staying in the tower."
[DanteE] "Shadows may be able to help us."
[Brian] "Kite: yes."
[Ftisk] but there is the really big room
[Ftisk] the bears can stay there?
[DanteE] (Let's see, do we know IC about Peregrine Bears?)
[Kite] "So, Sam, is this a suggestion to move headquarters into a magic bear or to get the tower protected by magic bears?"
[Random_Nerd] (Brian probably would. He's been studying Shadows' Summoning HOWTOs, right?)
[Kite] "Because I'm not in favor of the former."
[Brian] (Brian has been.)
[Random_Nerd] (Ftisk could, as some information about them appears in mundane records.)
[Brian] (not as seriously as other things, but definitely has been)

  • Ftisk throw a lDiv on magic bears

[Random_Nerd] Sam: "I don't know if getting one would be a good idea... I'm just sayin'. Miracle-blocking. Non-Noble. Magic bears."

  • Ftisk share what result from the div with the others

[DanteE] "Well, I was thinking of something that we could add to the tower to block, say, you-know-who looking in our heads."
[Kite] (The Triad needs to get the Tower and a Peregrine Bear together.)
[Ftisk] (this is a good not linear thinking soluction!)
[Theresa] (What if we Preserve the ability of the Tower to not be monitored by non-approved Nobles?)
[Kite] "Magic bear paint."
[DanteE] "Whoops, wait, how would Kudzu react to fooling with the tower?"
[Brian] ( someone want to link to our AP thread in there?)
[Theresa] "I don't want to render magic bears down into primer."
[Random_Nerd] William: "It is my understanding that Ymera Kudzu accords you a great deal of lattitude for such matters."
[Kite] "Does he have any rules about the Tower? Is it something to do with that weird-space room?"
[DanteE] "Well, we may not have to...
[Random_Nerd] The imp walks into the room, carrying a silver platter filled with watercress sandwiches.
[Theresa] (Done.)
[DanteE] "If Shadows can figure out what it is about Peregrine Bears that block Nobles and Summon a bunch of the stuff we may be able to use that"
[Kite] "Maybe it's their fur that makes them immune to miracles. How do you feel about making the Tower fuzzy?"
[Brian] "I think our best bet is to build an Auctoritas generator. The problem is I have no idea how to do that. I think I've got more idea than how to turn magic bears into wallpaper"
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Refreshments, anyone?"
[Brian] "Imp, did you steal these from anyone?"
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Well, the plate."
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "But they weren't using it."
[Kite] "It's a nice plate."
[Theresa] "Thank you, Imp." *takes a sandwich and nibbles at it*
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "It's shiny."
[Kite] "I agree."
[Brian] "I'm actually vaguely surprised you know what watercress is, and how to make a sandwich out of it."
[Theresa] (The Auctoritas generator is going to throw my hole-searching annoyed.  :) )
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Me too!"

  • Ftisk do a closer look to Imp
  • Kite does not eat watercress or sandwiches.
  • DanteE recalls that Lesson basically didn't have working taste buds...

[Theresa] "Imp, do you have an opinion on the Fry and Laurie interpretation of Wodehouse's work?

  • Kite strokes the silver plate.

[Random_Nerd] The imp stares at Theresa as if, if he can get his head at just the right angle, what she said will make sense.
[Random_Nerd] (He's small, six or eight inches tall. He's a little asymmetrical, but not as badly so as Lesson. He's a reddish-brown color. He has little claws on his toes and fingers, but no horns as such. He seems to have grown slightly in the time you've known him.)
[Theresa] "It's okay if you don't."
[Brian] (that's a vaguely Adventure-ish writeup, there, RN)
[Random_Nerd] (Oh? How so?)
[Brian] (It's the "He seems to have grown slightly in the time you've known him." that did it for me.)
[Ftisk] (ok, but his look is the same from pre Ftisk-miracle?)
[Random_Nerd] (Yes, entirely so.)
[Random_Nerd] (Oh, and his movements seem a little like a squirrel, a little like a monkey, and a /little/ bit like a nimblejack.)
[Kite] "So, is your name really Imp?"
[Random_Nerd] Imp: "Sure, okay."
[Theresa] (Ftisk should be careful not to be appearing to run away.)
[Random_Nerd] (What about that reminds you of Adventure? I've not read it.)
[Random_Nerd] (Never run from anything immortal. It attracts their attention.)
[Brian] (Adventure being a game like Zork from many many years ago)
[Random_Nerd] (Oh, that!)
[Random_Nerd] (]ATTACK DRAGON "What, with your bare hands? Y/N")
[Brian] (I have a really hilarious story about that, from when my parents were a lot younger. Yes: that game.)
[DanteE] "Actually... Ftisk, is your Doll ready for a cross-wall excursion?"
[Ftisk] "I believe yes!!!"
[DanteE] "What say we call Shadows and see if he's ready?"
[Ftisk] "Won't Brian try to open a portal by himself?"
[Theresa] "Another pigeon portal? Did we ever clean up the old one?"
[Brian] (I haven't build any High Summoning into Brian 3rd Edition yet ...)
[Ftisk] (Doh, sorry)
[Brian] "We want to talk to Shadows anyway."
[Ftisk] "Wathever"

  • Kite tries to sneak away the silver plate while people are distracted.
  • Ftisk concentrate

[Random_Nerd] (Well, -REDACTED-.)
[Brian] (I may need to go back and change things around, depending on how we want HS to work now - but that'll be a between-session discussion, I think)
[Random_Nerd] (I... really would not suggest that Brian summon one of the Lepidoptera with HS 0.)
[Brian] (hee.)
[Ftisk] "Mork call Orson... Mork call Orson.. can you hear me?"
[Random_Nerd] (Umm... I mean... "you can try.")

  • Ftisk try to connect to Dollp.

[DanteE] "Use the screen, whoever's calling."
[Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel, in a maintenance closet on the sixth floor, sits up and listens.
[Random_Nerd] The shredded tatters of mop are discarded on the ground in her distraction.
[Ftisk] "Dollp. we want to do a trip out of the wall, can you came here at the conference room?"
[Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel: *affirmative feeling*
[Random_Nerd] (Let's see, you've left her in the human form, right?)
[Ftisk] (Yep so she is more free to make chaos&havoc!)
[Random_Nerd] (Cutest thing ever: )
[Ftisk] "Good, Dollp. will soon came here"
[DanteE] "OK, so let's review what we want to do...
[Kite] (They sound like squeaky toys!)
[Random_Nerd] Shortly after: A can of detergent is thrown through the window, breaking it.
[DanteE] "We're sending the Doll over to the other side of the wall.
[Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel jumps through the broken window, and lands on the table.
[Theresa] (Sorry, I'm dead from cute.)

  • Kite collects shards of glass.

[Ftisk] "Dear Bloody Hand! We need to talk on way to enter a room"
[DanteE] "Also, at some point, you might consider teaching the Doll the finer points of stairs."
[Ftisk] "Are you ok Dollp?"
[DanteE] "We can also use the active writing thing to communicate again...
[DanteE] "... reminds me, Sam, how is that going?"
[Brian] (Huh. I'm going *zombie* earlier than usual)
[Ftisk] "Yep! We have a rascal. No a ferret! on the active writing!"
[Ftisk] (was a raccoon)
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "They're making solid progress on that and the geomancy. I'd say they aren't as good at it as they are at computer programming, but we're definitely past 'Hello World' and the like. The top students can reliable create and operate a peer-to-peer network out of printer paper and pens."
[Ftisk] "They already share porn?"
[DanteE] "Can you put together a better communicator, or will the current one work fine?
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Better for what purposes?"
[DanteE] "Any."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Yes."
[Kite] "Make the university library interactive?"
[Theresa] (Sam has good vague-fu.)
[DanteE] "Actually...
[DanteE] "There is one potential 'experiment' we can do."

  • DanteE tunes the screen to show us a view of the library 'basement'.

[DanteE] "You guys remember when Kudzu was semi-lucid the same day as the attack on Jaris and the reappearance of Gaius?"
[Random_Nerd] (You know, this is totally not the way I imagined you guys solving the Patterns issue.)
[Kite] "No."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "I find it difficult to tell when he's semi-lucid."
[Brian] (I'm not sure we ARE solving the Patterns issue)
[DanteE] "Sorry, Kite, you hadn't arrived yet."
[Random_Nerd] (That... may be why.)
[Kite] "Oh, alright then."
[Ftisk] (we take a course postponing 101 and we are applying it now :-P )
[DanteE] "It would seem that on that day there was some kind of connection between here and out there.
[DanteE] "And we intend to make a similar connection with Dollphaniel."

  • Ftisk grin!

[DanteE] "It would be a risk... but what if we did it here?"
[Ftisk] "See Dollp. you’ll be the fulcrum of this project!"
[DanteE] "Kudzu might wind up recalling more of what's on the other side."
[Random_Nerd] Dollphaniel looks at the shiny bits of broken glass.

  • Ftisk poke her. "Beware, they cut"

[DanteE] (What, no reaction?)
[Random_Nerd] (Shiny!)
[Ftisk] (I'm busy avoiding dollps cuts)
[DanteE] (Theresa? Brian?)
[Theresa] "Hmm. He might go dormant again too."
[DanteE] (BTW, anything on the screen?)
[Brian] (*zombie*) "Sounds interesting, anyway"
[Theresa] "And Orph was a little upset to be covering so much for him."
[DanteE] "And there's always the possibility that we won't like what we find."
[Theresa] "That's aways a risk but it's all part of Kudzu no matter what."
[Random_Nerd] The screen, not being magical, does nothing.
[Random_Nerd] You can see the basement!
[DanteE] (OK, what's it look like? :) )
[Random_Nerd] (It's your basement. You tell me!)
[Ftisk] (Obama Super Collider Death Ray then!)
[DanteE] (That basement is a link to Kudzu's brain.)
[Ftisk] (is it? or is a snapshot of K. brain?)
[Random_Nerd] (...when did I say that the basement is a link to Kudzu's brain?)
[Random_Nerd] (For a while, Kudzu himself was underground...)
[Random_Nerd] (Is that what you're thinking of?)
[Brian] (I think it was the Realm's Heart Dante was thinking of)
[DanteE] (We're talking about the basement of the windy library, which spontaneously appeared when he started being lucid on 'Breach Day'.
[Ftisk] (ditto)
[DanteE] (So we may not _know_, but it's a good guess.)
[Random_Nerd] (Oh, /that/. I thought you mean the basement to the /Tower/)
[DanteE] (Sorry if I wasn't clear)
[Brian] (ah! so did I!)
[Kite] (I thought he was talking about the basement of the University's library.)
[Kite] (We were all so lost!)
[Random_Nerd] Those sections of the Library remain silent, as before.
[Theresa] (I was somewhere between University Library and Tower basement...)
[Random_Nerd] The structure looks the same as the rest of the Library, but the wind just doesn't blow through the passages in the right way to make the whispering sounds.
[DanteE] "Hm. Here's what I'm thinking:
[Kite] Make wind?
[DanteE] "Maybe, if we do the summoning here instead of at Shadows' place,
[DanteE] "This basement will say... something.
[Ftisk] "I like this "
[Brian] "Could be."
[DanteE] "Because of the connection that we'll be creating between us and there."
[Theresa] "Don't you need some kind of protective space for doing a Summoning? At the risk of having a great big hole open up and have Excrucians ride through like Spring Break?"
[DanteE] "Then again, there's the what-dreams-may-come argument."
[Kite] "What dreams may come?"
[Theresa] 'Wasn't that a movie with Robin Williams?"
[DanteE] "'Aye, there's the rub--for in that sleep of death what dreams may come must give us pause'. Meaning, whatever we get out of this may just stay and force us to deal with it."
[Theresa] (This isn't Denmark, Dante. ;P )

  • Kite looks skeptical.
  • Ftisk have "?" as eyes

[DanteE] "The point of the quote is, if you do that, you don't have the option of waking up and getting out of the dream.
[DanteE] "Remember, that's the 'To be or not to be' speech."
[Theresa] "Basically, there are more things Outside than we know of, so whatever is out there that comes in, we have to deal with."
[Kite] "'To be or not to be' speech?"
[Brian] "There are more things in Earth and Heaven than are dreamed of in your philosophy?"
[DanteE] "Different speech, Brian."
[Ftisk] "is an act wrote by a human W. Shakespeare"
[Theresa] *to Kit* "Quoting from the works of one of Earth's most famous writers."
[Brian] "Dante: of course, but still applies"
[Kite] "Gil, please collect data on this 'To be or not to be' speech. When you have time."
[DanteE] "There's always the point that this would connect Kudzu to his 'outside' life and he'll remember he was a Jehovah's Witness or something."
[Kite] "Jehovah's Witness?"

  • Ftisk chuckle a bit

[DanteE] "Imagine being able to knock on every door in the country at the same time at 7 am..."
[Theresa] "We should be prepared to shut it down immediately if the Boss is displeased."
[DanteE] (AFK a minute)
[Kite] "That sounds wonderful!"
[Ftisk] "I'm on it! Totally!!"

  • Theresa uses Aspect 3 not to facepalm.

[Ftisk] (T: :-P )
[Theresa] "Let's work on this before we go around to the houses? And have you two heard of the Earth holiday of Halloween?"
[Theresa] (It's a _useful_ way of using Aspect!)
[Brian] "T, that may not be the best holiday to introduce them to ..."
[Kite] "I have. Not as shiny as Christmas, but the leftover candy wrappers are fun."
[Ftisk] "Is another writer citation?"
[Theresa] "No, it involves knocking on doors."
[DanteE] (BAK)
[Kite] "I didn't think it was at seven in the morning, though."
[DanteE] "OK, that was my fault, I need to remember my audience."
[Ftisk] "what? why?"
[DanteE] "Jehovah's Witnesses are members of a sub-religion known for going around waking people up at ridiculous hours and trying to convert them."
[Theresa] "No, Kite, it's usually in the early evening."
[Kite] "Do the people have a choice?"
[DanteE] "Well, yes. But it's still annoying."
[Kite] "Then maybe people shouldn't have doors."
[Ftisk] "But! Not mind washing guns? How archaic!"
[Theresa] Free will is important...I would think especially so in a Wild chancel."
[Ftisk] "Ah-a right Thereza"
[DanteE] "]ahem![ ANYway... do you think potentially finding something out about the other side is worth the risk?"

  • Kite arranges pieces of broken glass by size and level of light-refraction.

[Ftisk] "Yeppa!"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "So, could you tell me what you're going to do here? Just open a gate to the Outside and see what comes in?"
[Kite] "So long as reasonable measures have been taken to minimize the risk."
[Brian] (... I think we're going to have to wait until next week for the Outside stuff ... it's now midnight here :P)
[Ftisk] "And send Dollp in the outside"
[DanteE] "Sam, you remember when we were talking to someone on the other side via the Active Writing sheets you created?"
[Ftisk] Dollp: "You'll see old school friends. aren't you happy?"+
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Kinda. You're just going to do that again?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Wait, you're sending her back?"
[DanteE] "Well, you also remember on the day of the attack on Jaris, when Kudzu was talking about trying to remember a dream?"
[Theresa] (No, Sam is not allowed to party while she's gone.)
[Theresa] "We're expecting her to come back, Sam."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Why?"
[DanteE] (Sam has a point, though, didn't Dollp come from the other side?)
[Random_Nerd] (Yep.)
[Kite] (Just a little Champagne?)
[Ftisk] "Because she is _mine_"
[Ftisk] And she'll come there OR I will go to rescue/retrieve her"
[DanteE] "What I was thinking was, if we did the summoning here instead of there, Kudzu might just remember his 'dream'."

  • Kite 's mouth hangs open in...maybe shock, maybe disapproval, but he doesn't know what to say.

[Ftisk] (shock and disapproval toward? the plan, Ftisk? Sam?)
[Kite] (Ftisk)
[DanteE] (as usual. :) )
[Ftisk] (lol)
[Kite] (hehe)
[Random_Nerd] (Okay, let's close the game here.)
[Random_Nerd] ___________________STOP__________________
=-= Brian is now known as lazarus
[Random_Nerd] Now, I'd like to remind all of you that this is –REACTED-.
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
=-= Kite is now known as Verithe
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
[Knockwood] *arguably
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
[Knockwood] Tpyo luvs Ftisk
[Knockwood] (brain-eating cuteness: )
[BethE] Darn it, I had _plans_ for that brain...
[lazarus] well, we're already sort of mid-storyline.
[Angelo] well, we jumped from paranoid-pattern to player seeking self doom.
[Angelo] :-P
[lazarus] I was expecting us to bring Shadows in.
[lazarus] so, not ENTIRELY out of reason.
[Angelo] me too
[Verithe] I still have to figure out Kite's projects.
[Knockwood] The link was using Shadows' summoning/otherside expertise to help us figure out how to 'shield' the tower
[Verithe] Ah!
[Angelo] like the wall eater beast ... one that cover the entire tower in fuzzy bear hairs
[lazarus] I'm going to take off now. a la prochaine!
[Knockwood] later laz
[Angelo] ?good flight Laz then?
[--| lazarus has left #Nobilis
[BethE] I'm going to head to bed too. Good night and good week, everyone! *HUGS*
[Angelo] Night Beth!
[Knockwood] g'night Beth
[Random_Nerd] Yeah, I should go too.
[Random_Nerd] Later, all.
|[-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
[Angelo] Night RN!
[Knockwood] cya next week RN
[Angelo] ( sound track: )
[Verithe] Take care, all!
[Angelo] night!
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[Angelo] bye guys.
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Chapter 22