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[2009-03-20 18:38:14]
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[2009-03-20 18:38:18] <Astra> 8)
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[2009-03-20 19:11:48] <Khayin> I arrive! Less than dramatically.
[2009-03-20 19:12:08] <Astra> Okay, I'll grab.
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[2009-03-20 19:12:36] <Seras> FFFFF.
[2009-03-20 19:12:55] <Khayin> I've been effed!
[2009-03-20 19:13:19] <Seras> just.... just... FFFFFF
[2009-03-20 19:13:21] <Seras> that's the mood I'm in right now.
[2009-03-20 19:13:31] <Astra> The stupid debate?
[2009-03-20 19:13:40] <Khayin> Debate?
[2009-03-20 19:13:48] <Seras> and how lame I'm finding the Infernal fluff to be.
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[2009-03-20 19:14:03] <Astra> About Infernals.
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[2009-03-20 19:14:37] <Fu> Yah.
[2009-03-20 19:14:42] <Fu> And yes, the log is rolling.
[2009-03-20 19:15:15] <Khayin> Hola, everyone. Hope the last couple weeks have treated you well. :)
[2009-03-20 19:15:29] <Fu> Hopefully your laid buzz is there there. :p
[2009-03-20 19:15:35] <Fu> Still there.
[2009-03-20 19:16:00] <Khayin> Strike that from the log! XD
[2009-03-20 19:16:08] <Fu> Nope.  :D
[2009-03-20 19:16:41] <Fu> Anyways.
[2009-03-20 19:16:48] <Fu> So, what were we?
[2009-03-20 19:16:56] <Khayin> Well, in that case, let's see... oh, yeah! Fu was about to get skewered! >D
[2009-03-20 19:17:05] <DrakeNero> Ivy Hound.
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[2009-03-20 19:17:38] <Khayin> Yes. Drake and Abigail were facing off against the Ivy Hound in the Franklin gardens after having just taken down the Bat in the Fog.
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[2009-03-20 19:18:41] <Fu> Fu was trying to scare the shit out of the monsters.
[2009-03-20 19:19:27] <Khayin> Fu and Theresa were at a nightclub, facing down a whoooooole lot of Murgulouses after having punched one to death (nice job).
[2009-03-20 19:19:43] <Fu> The last line Fu did was:
[2009-03-20 19:19:46] <Fu> <Fu> * "Get the fuck out of here." * He strides forward, eyes narrowed as he gets to a place where they HAVE to come one by one to get to him, just in case he needs to fight, * "before I rip your fucking caresses apart and throw them into the Northeast winds!"*
[2009-03-20 19:21:02] <Khayin> Meanwhile, Mala and Patricia saw what was possibly the start of the flood of monsters and faced the Piper who summoned them.
[2009-03-20 19:22:48] <Khayin> We'll resume the action from here, starting with Mala...
[2009-03-20 19:22:59] <Khayin> The piper reels back, covering a very bloodied nose. "... stronger than you look, I see," he growls, his eyes fluttering to regain his senses. "No matter. There is no way you can come out of this alive." He gave a half grin as he gestured to the balcony where dozens of strange creatures climbed over the railing, advancing toward Mala. "Tonight... this town is ours!"
[2009-03-20 19:24:42] * Mala looks around. " really didn't want to do that.
[2009-03-20 19:27:44] <Mala> (<.< )
[2009-03-20 19:28:01] <Khayin> "Didn't want?" The Piper asks sarcastically, looking over his shoulder with a devilish grin. "Oh, I think you're mistaken. We desire nothing less than this very moment. And you will be the first to fall to our appetites!" He gestures toward Mala and a pair of gorilla-shaped shadows leap onto the balcony and amble (almost ooze) toward her.
[2009-03-20 19:29:22] <Mala> With a sound like snapping timbers, Mala pops her shoulders and neck as the shadows approach her. "Remember, once this is over, that I gave you the chance to go home in one piece."
[2009-03-20 19:29:46] <Khayin> (Initiative)
[2009-03-20 19:30:13] <Mala> (that's 1d10 + init mod, yesh? >.> )
[2009-03-20 19:30:20] <Khayin> (Correct)
[2009-03-20 19:30:26] <DrakeNero> (everyone or just Mala)
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[2009-03-20 19:30:34] <The_Lady> The Lady's shadow falls upon the room
[2009-03-20 19:30:38] <Mala> !roll 1d20
[2009-03-20 19:30:39] <The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
[2009-03-20 19:30:39] <The_Lady> 20
[2009-03-20 19:30:39] <The_Lady> Rolled 20 on 1d20
[2009-03-20 19:30:42] <Mala> (oops.)
[2009-03-20 19:30:44] <DrakeNero> (um, ain't we using Peanutgallery?)
[2009-03-20 19:30:50] <Fu> (Yeah)
[2009-03-20 19:31:01] <Fu> (*points in the direction of the topic*)
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[2009-03-20 19:36:03] <Mala> As the shadows advance, one of Mala's limbs snakes out and snatches one about what she presumes to be the neck. Lifting it clean off the ground, she whips it in a high arc through the air and into the /other/ shadow approaching her.
[2009-03-20 19:45:44] <Khayin> The beast was oil slick and heavy, but it still could not escape Mala's grip and was flung to the patio with a tremendous THUD. Its companion quickly oozed to the side and avoided being toppled by the other, snaking around and lunging toward Mala with a sickly squeal. It stretched out with a dark limb that seemed to expand as it drew back right before slamming into Mala's head from above. ...
[2009-03-20 19:45:45] <Khayin> ...It hurt, but Mala had felt worse. (1 bashing level)
[2009-03-20 19:47:55] <Mala> Kathunk. That's what it sounds like when you beat on wood. "Is that all?" Both limbs this time, as Mala lifts the ooze and throws it clean off the balcony. (We were on a balcony, yes?)
[2009-03-20 19:48:15] <Khayin> (yes)
[2009-03-20 19:53:36] <Khayin> The thing shrieks like its sibling did as it is sent flying over the balcony, plummeting to the slopes below. The other rises and cries out, just before a dozen shafts of darkness erupt from its core and attempt to pierce Mala's body. It does work quite as well as it might have hoped. (1 lethal level)
[2009-03-20 19:54:14] <Khayin> (Doesn't)
[2009-03-20 19:55:21] <Mala> Mala latches on to the tendrils, even as they draw sap from her wounds, and uses them to pull the thing over and send it to join its friend at the bottom of the slope.
[2009-03-20 20:00:33] <Khayin> The other thing is sent careening over the side to join the first, leaving Mala with a few very light wounds on her truck and a slightly impatient Piper glaring at her. "Mala!" Patricia calls from the back door. "I'll... I'll get help!" The Piper glances after her briefly before returning his gaze to Mala.
[2009-03-20 20:02:16] <Mala> "This can stop now, or it can stop when I do to you what I did to those two."
[2009-03-20 20:03:25] <Khayin> The Piper grins again. "I love your sense of humor. I guess we'll play it the hard way. See if you can throw my friend here." He stomps on the patio once and a moment later, Mala can feel the whole deck quake just before the boards explode around her and a mass of enormous purple tentacles emerge and close around her roots.
[2009-03-20 20:03:30] <Khayin> (Initiative)
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[2009-03-20 20:18:19] <Khayin> The tentacles whip about and wrap around Mala's legs and arms, pulling her down onto what is left of the deck and holding her prone. The Piper laughs as he approaches, brandishing his knife once again. "Even the mighty oak bows to the beasts of nightmare. You never stood a chance, you little pest. And now I'm going to carve those pretty eyes of yours out of your head and eat them like fruit."
[2009-03-20 20:33:05] <Mala> Almost nonchalantly, Mala stands, hauling the tentacles behind her (and possibly whatever they're attached to) up through the splintered floor. "You really didn't understand what you were getting into. I can forgive that. But this needs to end. NOW."
[2009-03-20 20:36:34] <Khayin> The tentacled beast is strong, but Mala slowly proves to be stronger, turning the tables and crushing the appendages in her grip, eliciting an unholy groan from below. The Piper halts his advance, his eyes widening...
[2009-03-20 20:37:17] <Khayin> The Murgulouses screeched into the night, sending the club patrons scattering to the back of the building, trampling each other to cower in the far corners as the music continued to thrum a heavy beat into the night. Theresa looks at her broken bar stool and tosses it aside, sidling up to Fu. "What are those things...?"
[2009-03-20 20:37:30] <Fu> "I have no idea."
[2009-03-20 20:38:33] <Fu> Ryan doesn't bother moving his sleeves up or down as he moves forward, enough to be face to face with the closest one, something disturbing in his eyes as she speaks in a low voice.
[2009-03-20 20:39:20] <Fu> *"This is not your place."* He pops his knuckles, *"Go back to the Northeast winds before I make you go myself."*
[2009-03-20 20:40:03] <Fu> (HE)
[2009-03-20 20:40:07] <Fu> (not she)
[2009-03-20 20:47:17] <Khayin> The Murgulouse in front of Fu seems less than impressed by his posturing and opens its shark-toothed maw to shriek loudly (and foully) in his face, just before rearing back to bite his jugular...
[2009-03-20 20:48:34] <Fu> "Well, fuck you too." Fu ducks and grabs a bar stool, flipping it once before slamming it into the creature's face with a hoarse shout.
[2009-03-20 20:53:22] <Khayin> The stool slams against the side of the thing's face, shutting its trap just before it can latch itself onto Fu. It stumbles a bit before shrieking once again, causing the other half dozen other monsters around it to shriek in kind just before moving menacingly toward Fu en masse.
[2009-03-20 20:54:14] <Fu> "Oh, you all want some?  :D Must be my lucky day!"
[2009-03-20 20:54:49] <Khayin> "Ryan!" Theresa yelled, backing up. "Are you insane?! We have to run!"
[2009-03-20 20:55:19] * Fu looks over his shoulder, smiling. "You run. I'll be fine, trust me. Luck always finds a way."
[2009-03-20 20:55:55] * Fu drops the bar stool, grins and just lunges at the one he is going at.
[2009-03-20 20:56:51] <Fu> "Just GET out of here! I'll get out later!":
[2009-03-20 20:57:09] <Fu> He doesn't seem at all afraid, the god damn idiot.
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[2009-03-20 21:00:41] <Fu> He actually /hoists/ the one he is fitting and /hurls it/ at the others.
[2009-03-20 21:06:29] <Fu> ">D"
[2009-03-20 21:06:33] <Khayin> Fu sends the first monster sailing through the air, sending it crashing into another one on the approach. The other five do not seem impeded by the fall of their brothers and screech as they lunge to dogpile him.
[2009-03-20 21:10:49] <Fu> "I *said* get out, Miss Theresa."
[2009-03-20 21:12:08] <Fu> He grabs onto one of the rushing Murgulouse and uses the momentum to swing himself up high, hopefully enough to catch one of the rafters and then use that for more speed before landing with an elbow drop on another creature.
[2009-03-20 21:12:38] <Khayin> "No, you enormous ass!" Theresa screams, tears of frustration and fear dripping from the corners of her eyes. "Stop trying to be a damn hero and run!"
[2009-03-20 21:14:21] <Fu> "Problem is, Theresa," *crash* "I'm not trying!"
[2009-03-20 21:22:49] <Khayin> "... you'd better come back alive, you insufferable shit-head!" Theresa cries, turning on her heels and dashing for the back exit with the rest of the club-goers.
[2009-03-20 21:23:46] <Khayin> As soon as she leaves, Fu is surrounded and instantly slammed prone to the ground as seven shrouded, shark-toothed creatures pile on top of him.
[2009-03-20 21:24:06] * Fu lets out a sigh of relief.
[2009-03-20 21:27:39] * Fu grunts as he digs his feet into something fleshy and PUSHES as he fights to get up, letting glamour and his stubborn pride keep him going.
[2009-03-20 21:31:18] <Fu> "Out of the night that covers me." He grunts coldly as he begins to actually lift beyond all explanation.
[2009-03-20 21:31:34] <Fu> "As black as the pit from pole to pole."
[2009-03-20 21:32:16] <Fu> He actually gets up, glamour making his tattoos almost writhe. "I thank whatever luck may be for my unconquerable soul."
[2009-03-20 21:33:44] <Fu> He looks at them, his eyes bright as he still has their weight on them. "In the fell clutch of circumstance, I have winced and cried aloud. But under the bludgeonings of chance," He stands up, "my head is blooded, but unbowed."
[2009-03-20 21:35:42] <Fu> His eyes actually crackle with the sort of light a Fairest alone can have, the domination and power of Arcadia, a prince's unquestioned nobility. "It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with hell your hands... I am the master of my fate," He smiles, turning to them, "And you will heed this command."
[2009-03-20 21:36:04] <Fu> *GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. OF THIS TOWN. NOW.*
[2009-03-20 21:36:45] =-= DrakeNero is now known as Drake|munchies
[2009-03-20 21:39:41] <Khayin> There is a moment of silence.
[2009-03-20 21:39:51] <Khayin> The Murgulouses do not shriek.
[2009-03-20 21:40:11] <Khayin> Instead, they quietly rise and skulk slowly away, disappearing into the mist.
[2009-03-20 21:41:00] * Fu looks around the empty club, goes behind the bar, and pours himself a shot of vodka.
[2009-03-20 21:41:11] <Fu> "Well. I'll need the warmth."
[2009-03-20 21:43:01] * Fu finishes it and goes outside, grabbing a coat big enough to shield him from the elements.
[2009-03-20 21:43:22] <Khayin> While we wait for Seras to return with munchies, I'll switch to Mala again.
[2009-03-20 21:46:21] <Khayin> The Piper grimaced, steeling his resolve and anger, lunging forward with his knife and plunging it into her stomach. Once again, however, he finds that he has drawn far less damage than he had hoped. "Why... why won't you just DIE?!" (1 lethal level)
[2009-03-20 21:50:55] <Mala> One hand for the tentacles. One hand for his knife arm. "I told you before. You can't cut down a tree with a knife like that."
[2009-03-20 21:51:20] <Mala> "Now go. And take these things with you."
[2009-03-20 21:59:33] =-= Drake|munchies is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-03-20 22:00:50] <Khayin> The Piper's eyes go wide and Mala can see sweat trickle down the side of his face just before he jerks his hand away, rubbing his wrist. "... there isn't any hope for you, in any case," he growls, backing off. "For you or the rest of your misbegotten brethren! The city of the falls belongs to your nightmares now!"
[2009-03-20 22:02:54] <Mala> "...I don't have nightmares. Nightmares have me."
[2009-03-20 22:05:32] <Khayin> "More right than you know..." he smiled, and then turned on his heels and leaped down from the deck to top of the hill and disappeared into the thickening fog. The rest of the creatures seemed to fade into the darkness again and all was quiet. At least until Patricia burst out of the house with an assault shotgun that probably weighed half as much as her (and was certainly almost as tall)....
[2009-03-20 22:05:33] <Khayin> ... She wobbled for a bit, trying to balance herself with the massive long arm and yelled, "I got some, er... help!"
[2009-03-20 22:05:59] <Mala> "Wow. That's a big gun. o.o "
[2009-03-20 22:06:21] <Khayin> "It's my dad's..." she replies, blushing a bit. "Um... where are all the monsters?"
[2009-03-20 22:06:42] <Mala> "I made them leave. Sorry. I'd have held on to him if I knew you want to use a gun on him. >.> "
[2009-03-20 22:07:51] <Khayin> "N-no... that's okay..." she lets the end of the barrel rest on the deck, sighing in relief. "I didn't want to hurt anyone... but I didn't want them to keep hurting you, either."
[2009-03-20 22:08:56] <Mala> "I'll be okay. It was just a little knife and he only got me a couple of times.
[2009-03-20 22:12:04] <Khayin> "Only a... couple... ?" Patricia looks Mala over incredulously. "Well... I'm glad you're okay. But... what do you think is going on here?"
[2009-03-20 22:12:45] <Mala> "He said something about the city of the falls belonging to nightmares, but I don't really know what means."
[2009-03-20 22:13:30] <Khayin> "I don't think it means anything good... maybe we ought to talk to my dad... he knows more about this kind of stuff, I think."
[2009-03-20 22:14:13] <Mala> "Really? o.o Wow. "
[2009-03-20 22:16:23] <Khayin> "Couldn't hurt, anyway. Come on!"
[2009-03-20 22:18:05] <Khayin> Meanwhile, at the Franklin residence, Drake and Abigail stared down a long corridor of the garden maze at what appeared to be the legendary Ivy Hound -- a massive quadrupedal monster that seemed to be made of knotted and gnarled wood, with fur of foliage and fines. Its breath seemed real enough, though, and steamed in the night.
[2009-03-20 22:18:58] <DrakeNero> "I hope you have another couple lucky shots in that gun."
[2009-03-20 22:19:44] <Khayin> "That I do," Abigail replied, readying her pistol.
[2009-03-20 22:21:10] <Khayin> The beast roared into the night like the groaning creak of a great falling tree just before in launched itself forward in an amazing charge, hurtling toward Drake with speed belying its size.
[2009-03-20 22:31:42] <Khayin> With a grunt, the massive beast crashed into Drake with such enormous momentum that it might have shattered bone if he hadn't been deft enough to avoid the grand majority of the impact, only suffering a glancing blow to his shoulder as it charged past him, screeching to a halt a few yards later.
[2009-03-20 22:31:56] <Khayin> (2 bashing levels)
[2009-03-20 22:32:13] <Khayin> Still hurt like a sonofabitch, though.
[2009-03-20 22:32:14] * DrakeNero rubs at his shoulder, annoyed.
[2009-03-20 22:33:46] <Khayin> "Sorry," Abigail apologizes. "I couldn't find a good place to shoot it... it seems heavily armored..."
[2009-03-20 22:34:04] <DrakeNero> "Attack it's weak point for massive... oh nevermind."
[2009-03-20 22:35:53] <Khayin> "Nerd," she mutters as the creature turns around. Closer now and in the light of one of the garden lamps, Drake can see its beady little eyes, glaring at them as it pries open its gigantic maw.
[2009-03-20 22:36:44] * DrakeNero hmphs.
[2009-03-20 22:39:17] * DrakeNero strikes from the side, white powdery snow kicking up in wet clouds around his feet as he digs his gilded claws into the ivy beast's flank and TEARS flesh free.
[2009-03-20 22:41:18] <DrakeNero> "AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!" Channeling Ogrish might surges through his muscles and strains the seams of his well-made coat.
[2009-03-20 22:48:13] <Khayin> The beast howls in pain, a good chunk of its oaken hide torn away, revealing vine-like cords of muscle saturated with sap for blood that drips profusely, oozing down its front leg. It glares at Drake with hatred but a moment later its expression seems to change slightly when it catches Abigail's stare. It pauses only momentarily before turning back to Drake and lunging forward to bite...
[2009-03-20 22:48:15] <Khayin> ...him... except that his jaws clamped shut a scant inch too far away. How unlucky.
[2009-03-20 22:48:44] <DrakeNero> How unlucky indeed.
[2009-03-20 22:49:50] * DrakeNero drives his claws straight up through the bottom of the Hound's jaw, smashing apart oaken hide
[2009-03-20 22:56:37] <Khayin> The bottom of the monster's maw shatters into chunks of bark that fly like shrapnel that land in the snow below, just before another gout of sap-blood splatters across the white canvas and paints it green. The Hound steps back for a moment, shaking off the damage just as Abigail sidles closer to Drake, resting her hand on his shoulder. "Focus on the exposed parts. I think he's a bleeder."...
[2009-03-20 22:56:39] <Khayin> ... She steps back, when the monster recovers and lunges forward to bite, this time actually managing to clip Drake on his wrist, tearing even further at his sleeve and giving him a nasty wound along his forearm. (1 lethal level)
[2009-03-20 22:57:33] <DrakeNero> "Fuck." He swears under his breath and clutches at his bleeding hand for a moment, watching the white cuffs of his immaculately pressed shirt turn a dark red.
[2009-03-20 22:57:46] <DrakeNero> "The bloody parts, eh?"
[2009-03-20 22:57:48] <DrakeNero> "Can do."
[2009-03-20 22:58:09] <DrakeNero> and he sinks his not-bleedy hand golden-claws first into the creature's exposed, viney innards.
[2009-03-20 23:05:20] <Khayin> It seems to almost yelp as Drake's claws sever its insides. Abigail takes a shot, but seems to do very little to it as it flails about wildly, crashing itself against the walls of the hedge maze as well as Drake, slamming him against the lamp post. (1 bashing)
[2009-03-20 23:07:04] <DrakeNero> He collects himself slowly. "I'm not sure how much more of a beating I can take..."
[2009-03-20 23:09:03] <DrakeNero> "one more go!"
[2009-03-20 23:09:38] <DrakeNero> "ONCE MORE WITH FEELING!" he roars and hooks his claws into the creature's side and tugs about as damn hard as he can
[2009-03-20 23:16:36] <DrakeNero> Yes, once more with feeling. Something clicks-- fortune, circumstance or Fate. His claws do not just penetrate the exposed flesh cut CLEAN THROUGH it, Drake finding himself armpit deep in monster for the briefest of seconds, his draconic eyes wild with battle-thrill. He tugs his arms free, vine guts firmly clenched in both fists.. and the dreaded Ivy Hound snarls and snaps before whining...
[2009-03-20 23:16:38] <DrakeNero> ...with realization as the creature /unravels/ from the center outward and falls apart into a pile of steaming leaves, bark and entrails-like fruit.
[2009-03-20 23:17:24] <DrakeNero> "Oh... God..."
[2009-03-20 23:17:34] * DrakeNero flomps into the snow.
[2009-03-20 23:18:41] <Khayin> "... that'll do, dragon," Abigail kneels down to help Drake, putting his arm around her shoulder as she hefts him up slowly. "Can you walk?"
[2009-03-20 23:18:58] <DrakeNero> "I have no idea"
[2009-03-20 23:19:17] * DrakeNero takes a few tentative steps.
[2009-03-20 23:19:25] <DrakeNero> "I...I think so."
[2009-03-20 23:19:31] <DrakeNero> "That might be the adrenaline talking, I dunno."
[2009-03-20 23:20:14] <Khayin> "Well, I suggest you turn that possibility into a certainty soon. I believe that the catastrophe has begun."
[2009-03-20 23:20:27] <DrakeNero> "Catastrophe?"
[2009-03-20 23:20:39] <DrakeNero> "I should.. see a doctor"
[2009-03-20 23:20:44] <DrakeNero> "or a physical therapist"
[2009-03-20 23:20:45] <DrakeNero> "Or something."
[2009-03-20 23:21:22] <Khayin> "... we'll head back inside. Maybe I can get you patched up before it /really/ hits the fan around here."
[2009-03-20 23:21:43] <DrakeNero> "Yes... please"
[2009-03-20 23:21:53] <DrakeNero> "once my heart stops racing this is really gonna hurt."
[2009-03-20 23:22:28] <Khayin> "Don't worry. I'm told I have a magic touch," she says dryly as she helps him back to the mansion.
[2009-03-20 23:22:35] <DrakeNero> "har har."
[2009-03-20 23:22:55] <Khayin> All right, I think we shall end it there tonight. Everyone's scene has finished.
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