Session 180

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Chapter 22

[INFO] Now logging to [file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Angelo/Dati%20applicazioni/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/demuhaee.default/chatzilla/logs/].
[INFO] Channel view for ``#Nobilis opened.
--]| YOU (Angelo) have joined #Nobilis
[Angelo] HI picciotti!
[Knockwood] Is Twilight any good: no. But it says something about Creation that it doesn't have to be.
[Verithe] 'Allo.
[lazarus] hey Angelo.
[Knockwood] Hiya Anglo
[Verithe] How are you, Angelo?
[BethE] Hi Angelo!
[Knockwood] Is the World Ash big: yes. But is it wood?
[Angelo] Fine, Overweight, near at end of vacation, panicked a bit, pick any 4
[Verithe] I pick "Fine" and "Near end of vacation"
[Verithe] I'll hold off on my other two choices.
[Angelo] @V: :-P
[Verithe] :P
[lazarus] Sigh. I keep forgetting to –REDACTED-.
[lazarus] I'm actually ranked in it, so it matters ]_]
[Knockwood] (-REDACTED-?)

  • Angelo bow to Laz

[BethE] I am a jelly cow?
[Verithe] Jelly...cow?
[Knockwood] Old joke that a 'Berliner' is slang for a jelly doughnut
[Angelo] I like -REDACTED-
[Angelo] I know -REDACTED-
[Angelo] Sometimes -REDACTED-
[lazarus] -REDACTED-.
[Knockwood] Sunlight, gems, and mystery
[Verithe] Rainbows and lollipops.
[Angelo] K: isn't that california?
[Angelo] (or california from an Italian perspective?)
[Knockwood] no, CA is low on gems and usually blatantly obvious.
[lazarus] I know "-REDACTED-", and "-REDACTED-" [i.e. -REDACTED-], but I'm not sure about the rest of the stuff.
[Verithe] Something about -REDACTED-?
[Angelo] -REDACTED-
[Knockwood] -REDACTED-
[lazarus] oh yeah, the -REDACTED-
[Verithe] Does -REDACTED-, in Brian's mind?
[Angelo] free hamburger? Is that a purpose?
[Knockwood] Keeps us from falling into the center of the Earth?
[Verithe] -REDACTED-.
[Knockwood] physics says the floor you're on is exerting a force equal and opposite the gravitational acceleration toward the core you're doing
[Angelo] I like this description
[Random_Nerd] Why does that bug you?
[Knockwood] makes it sound like the floor is actively pushing you up
[Knockwood] RN: yeah
[Random_Nerd] No, it's /passively/ pushing you up.
[Random_Nerd] He -REDACTED-...
[lazarus] I'll update the Wiki
[Verithe] Could –REDACTED-?
[Random_Nerd] Hmm. Probably not.
[Knockwood] do any of us know what the hell we're doing? :)
[Random_Nerd] I do!
[Verithe] Thank goodness!
[lazarus] you know what we're doing?!
[Random_Nerd] Yeah. But I'm not telling.

  • Random_Nerd steeples his fingers.

[Knockwood] 'scuse me while I panic.
[BethE] He never tells.
[BethE] *sigh* He did his evil laugh.

  • Angelo whistle faking sureness
  • Verithe hides.

[Random_Nerd] So, when we last left Our Heroes, they were planning to open a portal to a hostile counter-reality, to see what happens.
[Angelo] really?
[BethE] (I usually handle the evil laugh by just sipping at my hot chocolate and letting him get it out of his system.)
[lazarus] in an attempt to "solve" the Patterns issue. (it made sense at the time...)
[Random_Nerd] Was that not the plan?
[BethE] I remeber that we were going to send Dolly over.
[Knockwood] no, it's to a) explore out there and b) maybe get Kudzu to remember something
[BethE] Isn't "It made sense at the time" one of the phrases that causes doom
[BethE] ?
[lazarus] I can't quite remember how we got from ... oh yeah! bears!
[lazarus] magic bears!
[Random_Nerd] Part B is the "see what happens."
[Angelo] I second K !
[Verithe] Magic bears!
[Angelo] and Pattern issue was "put to the side" not forgotten!
[Random_Nerd] Shall we go in-character?
[lazarus] I dread it, but sure...
=-= lazarus is now known as Brian
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
=-= YOU are now known as spiderFtisk
=-= Verithe is now known as Kite

  • spiderFtisk thread a skirt for Dollp for the incoming travel with self produced silk.

[Random_Nerd] Now, you'd all gone to the silent part of the whispering library, correct?
[Kite] (The magic bears were part of the Patterns issue.)
[DanteE] (Did we? I thought we were just looking at it)
[BethE] (We were just looking at it. We hadn't gone in person.)
[Kite] Kite wants to know if he's permitted to speak in the silent part of the library.
[Random_Nerd] Okay, you're in the conference room.
[spiderFtisk] (we go to the library... I remember)
[Random_Nerd] Show of hands. Who says you're in the library?
[spiderFtisk] (oh, ok! Conf room then!)
[Random_Nerd] _______________START_______________
[DanteE] "William, Sam... can you tell us about any other Wildlords acting odder than usual the day Chancel Jaris was attacked?"
[Kite] (Might as well be, by now. *raises hand*)
[spiderFtisk] (if I change to a tentacle monster all my hands count?)
[Random_Nerd] William: "That's a harder call."
[Random_Nerd] William: "If they were, it was more subtle than it was with the Warmains, and... it can be difficult to tell."
[DanteE] "Well, you saw what Kudzu did.
[Kite] (so long as all of the tentacles have right hands?)
[spiderFtisk] (half of them then)
[DanteE] "Come to think of it, Kudzu should have been filmed by several news cameras that day."
[BethE] (Sure, count my branch raised.)

  • spiderFtisk raise eye from the forming skirt "So we can recover the footage?"

[Random_Nerd] William: "Bear in mind, we're not really the secretive intelligence gathering agency that... the pink elephant... thinks we are."
[DanteE] (Guess we can go to the library...)
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "We /kinda/ are..."
[Random_Nerd] William: "But not to the /degree/ he thinks."
[Brian] (weren't we going to talk to Shadows first?)
[Kite] "Does he think in Celsius or Kelvin?"
[Random_Nerd] William: "I can get you that footage, if you give me an hour."

  • spiderFtisk lDiv all the places these videos are

[Brian] (also, I apparently can't do two things at once at the moment, and probably for the rest of the night...)

  • spiderFtisk wrote them in a piece of web for Will

[Random_Nerd] William: "Correction: Half an hour."
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
[Theresa] "Well, this is a bit of a hurry..." *concentrates* *Moves the videos to here*
[Brian] (oh yeah, we can do that now :))
[Theresa] "Being connected to the Chancel more feels...weird. In a way I have trouble putting into words other than 'cool' and 'moo'."
[Kite] "That sounds like ice cream, Theresa."
[Brian] "Like the Chancel is an extension of yourself?"
[spiderFtisk] (happy cow make happy hamburgers? And Brian ones are happiers?)
[Theresa] "But in a way that is different from the way plants are a part of me. Although I think Red is out playing with his friends, so that may explain the moo I'm picking up."
[Theresa] "But yes, we'll need to play these."
[DanteE] (Do we have the right equipment?)
[Random_Nerd] (Sure.)
[Random_Nerd] (If not, Theresa, Brian, or Ftisk could get some for free.)
[Theresa] (Ehh, I'll bring some equipment with the videos. And make popcorn.)
[spiderFtisk] (we are the santa trio)
[DanteE] "Well, let's see what happened from another viewpoint."

  • DanteE plays a tape to the screen...

[Random_Nerd] (Now... these tapes. These are tapes of what Kudzu was observed doing at the time the warmains went nuts, right? Was this not during the period in which Kudzu, having eaten James, was underground?)

  • spiderFtisk knit knit knit, change whoolball to a periwinkle one

[DanteE] (Well, at some point he emerged and started running around town)
[Kite] @Ftisk: "How'd you do that?"
[Theresa] (If I remember right, Kudzu ate James, went some point Theresa talked to him in the Heart. I thought he was out on the streets but I'll try and look it up.)
[spiderFtisk] "with 2 iron nails and a some thread bals. Or you want to know the points used in the skirt?"
[Random_Nerd] (Yes, but he emerged a couple weeks after the Day of Warmain Crazy. Is that when you want tapes of?)
[DanteE] (Remember, we came back from ... ah, C.Jaris and he was out and about. He told us about trying to remember a dream.)
[DanteE] (? Wasn't it that day?)
[Kite] "All the knots...together!"
[Random_Nerd] (Let me check...)
[Random_Nerd] (Oh, yes, you're right. While he was in general underground during that period, you did speak with him on that day.)
[Random_Nerd] (My mistake.)

  • spiderFtisk give 2 iron to Kite and show how do a chain with the wool

[DanteE] (Beth, weren't you saying he knows all? :) )

  • Kite shifts to human and learns how to knit a chain!

[spiderFtisk] (Maybe Beth is distracting him :-P )
[Theresa] (He knows all but I don't.  :P )
[DanteE] (also means some of those tapes have footage of me getting catapulted onto his shoulder)
[Theresa] (We're trying to figure out timelines.)

[Random_Nerd] (Okay, yes. You spoke with Kudzu in session 112, which is during the Day of Crazy.)

  • Kite looks at the tread and needle in the video, then back to his knitting needles and yarn. "What?"

[Random_Nerd] (Man, I need to go through these logs some weekend and put together a good timeline of what happened when.)

  • spiderFtisk do some point _slowly_ to show Kite how do
  • Kite follows Ftisk's instruction.

[DanteE] (Ah, I may be wrong. Kudzu reappeared when we were talking to the Council the first time)
[Random_Nerd] Okay, you've located the relevant part of the videos.
[Random_Nerd] First, Kudzu put together a large body, from concrete, unoccupied cars, and streetlights.
[DanteE] "Here we go. Don't forget to put these back when we're done."
[Random_Nerd] Then, he proceeded to walk along the road to the Clock Tower.
[Random_Nerd] Then, he stood outside it, reached through the wall of the third floor (not destroying it, just reaching through as if the wall wasn't there.)
[Random_Nerd] He pulled William out through the wall, proceeded to talk to him for some time, while walking up and down the street
[Random_Nerd] About an hour after that, the rest of you arrived.

  • spiderFtisk eMail to Sam: "please bring here some silver and/or gold reflective fabric for Kite, when you have time, no hurry"

[DanteE] "William, what happened then?"
[Brian] (not me, I believe?)
[Random_Nerd] William: "He spent about an hour asking me a lot of questions on human memory and psychology, and on metaphors for talking about them."
[DanteE] "What did he start with?"
[Random_Nerd] (Everybody, here, means Dante, Theresa, and, uh, Herb and Tam.)
[Random_Nerd] William: "Let me think."
[spiderFtisk] (Tam?)
[Kite] (Stories, yes?)
[spiderFtisk] (oh, ok)
[DanteE] (One of the other players nailed by the Curse of James. Power of Stories.)
[Theresa] (Noble we picked up for a couple of sessions. Curse of James hit hard.)
[Random_Nerd] William: "It was about under which circumstances humans forget things."
[Random_Nerd] William: "And what the different sorts of forgetting feel like."

  • Kite drops a needle.

[Kite] "Forgetting?"
[Random_Nerd] In the edges of one of the videos, you can see Lesson arguing with a cop, while Ick carries cars down the street one at at a time.
[spiderFtisk] "Can we ask Lesson for his perspective on what happen that day?"
[Random_Nerd] William: "Yeah. We talked about... let's see. Brain trauma, senility, alcohol or drug-induced blackouts, dreams, things you weren't paying much attention to at the time..."
[Random_Nerd] William: "He liked dreams best, for how they were like whatever he wanted to talk about."
[Theresa] "Oh no, Kudzu on a bender..."
[DanteE] "Reminds me, Sam, what are people's opinions of our rogues gallery?"

  • Kite ponders things.

[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Which sort of people?"
[DanteE] "The populace in general."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "They stay out of their way."
[Brian] "Hm. So, he likened being outside to being in a dream?"
[Theresa] "Hmm, I wonder if, to people from beyond Creation, being here is like being awakened from a dream...and it's hard to remember dreams when you wake up."
[Random_Nerd] William: "Yes. He had me put together a whole little speech for him."
[DanteE] "Not quite. I don't think _he_ was outside..."
[spiderFtisk] "Some piece of it then?"
[Random_Nerd] (For those of you who don't recall what Kudzu said...)
[Random_Nerd] (Random_Nerd: K: "It is not uncommon for humans and similar creatures to have a dream, which is exceptionally vivid when they are experiencing it, but to forget nearly all of it on waking?"
[Random_Nerd] DanteE: "Yes..."
[Random_Nerd] Random_Nerd: He looks at William for a moment. William gives him a thumbs-up gesture.
[Random_Nerd] Random_Nerd: Kudzu, still speaking slowly: "The experience that I had was similar to that. When I was 'asleep,' I remembered everything and knew what I was for and my place in the world. Then I 'awoke' and remembered only fragments."
[Random_Nerd] Theresa: "Ouch."
[Brian] "I guess one of our big issues is that, pretty well by definition, if we have memory, causality, and temporality here, then it's not outside."
[Random_Nerd] DanteE: "You... sleep?"
[Random_Nerd] Random_Nerd: K: "This experience was very unsettling, and makes me question myself.")
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "I've never really understood how that works."
[DanteE] "It'd make connecting to it impossible to describe..."
[Random_Nerd] Gilbert, to Kite: "What should I be doing now, sir?"
[DanteE] "It's probably there was some kind of breach that day... we got Sakharoth, and whatever attacked Jaris.
[DanteE] "Did they ever identify that guy?"

  • Kite hands Gil a photo of a seer bonnet made from hat pins.

[Kite] "Can dionyl wear these?"
[Random_Nerd] Gil: "It looks very uncomfortable, sir. Do you wish me to wear one?"
[Brian] "Dante: I think that Kudzu was calling before he ever came to Creation a dream. And we know he came from Outside, originally."
[DanteE] "But we know he existed out there...
[Kite] "No, no...I don't know how your...blood-stuff would handle it."
[DanteE] (Wildlords are the dreams of creation? :) )
[Random_Nerd] (There does seem to be a connection between wildlords and the dreams of creation...)
[Kite] "But I do want one. Please contact the artist."
[Random_Nerd] (Look at the description of wildlord estates in the GWB.)
[Brian] (dreams of creation?)
[Random_Nerd] Gil: "I will do so. How many do you wish, and built to what specifications?"
[DanteE] (which would imply Creation creates Wildlords after overdosing on spicy foods)
[Random_Nerd] (It mentions a Wildlord of Trains, and how before he arrives, there weren't any trains, but there may have been dreams, visions, stories of trains...)
[Theresa] "Define existed? Because I mean, yeah, he might not have been our exact Kudzu but that which he calls he existed out there."
[DanteE] "I wonder if he re-connected with his memories from the other side, but not enough to hold on to them."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Would he have been the Imperator of, like, plants then? Cities? Blades?"
[Kite] "However many she can finish in one month. I have no specifications aside from not straying far from what she's already done."
[DanteE] "If that happened to one of us it might seem like a dream."
[spiderFtisk] "So if we open a portal to outside, like with Active Writing, there will re estabilish a connection between inside and outside"
[Theresa] "The Excrucian we wrote to on the other side talked about Dark Gardens or some such. Maybe Kudzu was an Imperator there of cities and plants and now the Outside has none of them or maybe what's left is dying."
[Random_Nerd] Gil: "And what manner of incentives may I offer in exchange for the spiky bonnets?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam, to Theresa: "Boss... did /we/ start the War?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Creation, I mean."
[spiderFtisk] "Sam, maybe"
[Kite] "Hmm...that's a good question. Humans don't usually like to be paid in fish, do they?"
[spiderFtisk] "Aaaaand is important?"
[DanteE] (What do we know IC from the timeline & history in the book?)
[Random_Nerd] Gilbert: "I've known relatively few humans, but I am led to believe that they generally do not."
[Random_Nerd] (All of it, if you want to.)
[Brian] "Sam, from what one of them said ... we did start the war, by existing."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "That's not what I mean. Did we start it by taking /their/ Estates."
[spiderFtisk] "Kite, why don't make something he want?"
[DanteE] "They did have something of a beef with Cneph..."

  • Theresa looks sad. "Maybe we did. Maybe the Wildlords came to us by accident and by being here, tore Outside apart, like if you take the organs out of a body."

[Brian] "that by its very nature, Creation said some things are here, and some things are not. And I got the idea that the Creator put ... substance ... into things - that he/she/it said 'this is real, and that is not'."
[Kite] "We'd have to know what she wants."
[Kite] "Hmmm..."
[Theresa] "But Brian, 'real' is then just which side of the barrier you are on."
[Brian] "But why the Wildlords are here? I always assumed that they wanted to come here."
[Random_Nerd] (They're pretty clearly assemblages.)
[Kite] (Yes, but Kite feels it better serves his Estate to have it commissioned.)
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Beats me. I don't think /they/ even know."
[Brian] "Theresa, have you ever read the Amber series? I like the idea that there's a /real/ real, and the rest is just shadow - that Outside is defined by what it lacks, rather than what it has."
[spiderFtisk] (someone can post a link to a bonnet picture?)
[Random_Nerd] (You guys have never been to the Spirit World, have you?)
[Brian] (brb)
[DanteE] (Well, we did visit the last age)
[Kite] (Which Spirit World?)
[Random_Nerd] (That was in the mythic, though.)
[Kite] (No. No we haven't.)
[Theresa] (I don't think we have.)
[Theresa] "What if we're not the real real...and Outside isn't either?"
[Random_Nerd] (The Spirit World is kind of the "Amber" For Creation. It's where Imperators live and move. The rest of the world is the shadow cast by their interactions.)
[spiderFtisk] (none)
[Theresa] "Maybe we're all just dreams of the Ash!" *small smile*
[Random_Nerd] (Nobles /can/ go there, if an Imperator helps, and remembers to bring some time and space and causality and so forth for them.)
[Kite] "Gil. Allow her to name her price. Haggle a little. If she doesn't want to do it, invite her here and I will discuss the matter with her."
[Brian] (b)
[Random_Nerd] Gil: "Am I permitted to present myself as a supernatural being, the agent of a deity, that sort of thing?"
[DanteE] "There is another consideration...
[DanteE] "Do we want to risk reconnecting Kudzu with outside?"

  • Kite taps beak thoughtfully.

[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Oh, that reminds me."
[Random_Nerd] Sam whisks out of the room.
[Kite] "Perhaps not. At least not initially."
[Random_Nerd] He quickly returns with a folder.
[Brian] "Should Gil get a Badge?"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Transcript of the last time you did that."
[Kite] "A Badge with a big B?"
[Brian] "Yep. I think we still have the badge-making device?"
[spiderFtisk] "well we already open some connection to outside but was always at Shadows place or one was here?"
[Kite] "What does it do?"
[Random_Nerd] William: "I believe the Bureau has it at the moment. They needed it for some of their new guys."
[Brian] "Well, it's shiny, to start with"
[Theresa] (Last time we did what?)
[Random_Nerd] (Connected with Outside.)
[Kite] "Oh, yes! Get Gil a Badge!"
[Theresa] "Ah, thank you for the transcript, Sam."
[Theresa] (Does this have the 'letter' from whoever was on the other side?)
[DanteE] "OK, let's look at the thought record...
[Kite] "You have thought record technology, Dante?"
[DanteE] (Gnomely pretty much lost it immediately, before he could really see anything, right?)
[DanteE] "We borrowed some."
[Random_Nerd] (The first time. The second time, you'd shielded him.)
[spiderFtisk] (Gnomely is one of a kind)
[Random_Nerd] (Most of the communication was from the second time.)
[Kite] "Ooh!"
[DanteE] "Let's look at the section between Gnomely going through and him losing it..."
[Random_Nerd] Before that, you just got some odd poems.
[Random_Nerd] "Roses are red/Violets are blue/Lord Kudzu smells bad/And so do you. Signed: The Excrucians."
[Random_Nerd] Left on a piece of paper inside Gnomely's torso, the time he went outside and the thoughtrecord went haywire.
[DanteE] (Did Ftisk ever do a Div on the thought-record feed? ISTR he checked out the AW transcript...)
[Theresa] (Hey, they know what roses and violets are!  :) )
[DanteE] (and Lord Kudzu)
[Random_Nerd] (Brian did, he found no pattern in the info.)
[DanteE] (... who wasn't involved in the thing except through us...)
[spiderFtisk] (I think that was a bad joke at the time)
[Random_Nerd] (And Ftisk checked for memories in Gnomely's head.)
[DanteE] "How'd they know Kudzu was involved?)"
[spiderFtisk] "This a goood questioon!"
[DanteE] "Should have been Vulcan"
[DanteE] "... or Barakiel"
[spiderFtisk] "But there was Kudzu on the paper"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Well, they mention James in the later text."
[Brian] "You know, it's quite possible that they wrote something - well, an equivalent of writing on something - that ... metaphysically translated itself into that page."
[spiderFtisk] "There was/is a mole?"
[DanteE] "It was Ftisk's Anchor and machine, from Barakiel's Chancel. Where did James come from?"
[spiderFtisk] "uhm..."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "I was going to make a joke about mommy and daddy gargoyles, but I don't really think that's how it works."
[Kite] "Bit's on Gnomely's memory that went out there with him?"
[Theresa] (*grin*)
[DanteE] "Gnomely hadn't seen James."
[Kite] "Did he talk to you guys before he went out, though?"
[Theresa] "Didn’t I make the paper?"
[spiderFtisk] "a transliteration to a similar concept, like AWriting then ?"
[Brian] "I can't remember. You might've."
[DanteE] "Sam, where's you get the paper?"
[Brian] "Still, yeah - transliteration of concept"
[DanteE] *where'd
[Random_Nerd] (The conversation with the one you guys thought was Shadows' fetch went like this:)
[Random_Nerd] (Other Side: "Hello")
[Random_Nerd] (Theresa writes back. "I'm Theresa. What's your name?")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "We don't have those out here.")
[Random_Nerd] ("But some people say we'll get them in a year or two.")
[Random_Nerd] ([Theresa] *writes* "Then how are you adressed?")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "As 'sir', please.")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "Tell James that we miss him.")
[Random_Nerd] (Theresa: "We missed him too.")
[Random_Nerd] (Theresa: "How do you know James?")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "It's complicated.")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "I knew his... there isn't a word. The person his father had been before he died and turned into something else?")
[Random_Nerd] (Theresa: "You mean...Kudzu?")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "Who's that?")
[Theresa] (I remember that. I felt sad for the Excrucians.)
[Random_Nerd] (Notice, here, that the conversation does not seem to be with the individual that sent the note.)
[Random_Nerd] (Or else it's lying.)
[Random_Nerd] (Theresa: "Powerful guy, leaves and bricks and growth and courage.")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "We don't have those things here. I could get him over to talk to you, but he isn't... nearby.")
[Brian] (RN: you're doing that thing where you're making it sound like the best possible solution is to dissolve creation, again)
[Random_Nerd] (Theresa: "Oh and by the way, do you happen to know why you want Creation?")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "I don't want Creation.")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "But I'll ask the person that died and became James' father if he knows anything about bricks and leaves.")
[Random_Nerd] (Theresa: "Thank you.")
[Random_Nerd] (Writing: "I believe this is yours.")
[Random_Nerd] (And then Gnomely came back.)
[DanteE] (Did he have the note in him then?)
[Random_Nerd] (No. That was the first time.)
[Random_Nerd] (The conversation was from the second time.)
[Theresa] (Maybe it would be good to dissolve Creation. Maybe that's what will happen for the 4th Age! [g])
[spiderFtisk] (So we have contacted, probably 2 different beings)ù
[DanteE] "Going by the note... he went to different people on the two trips."
[spiderFtisk] (I like the dissolve creation solution!.. I=Angelo not Ftisk)
[Brian] "... Sam, can you check if there's a Power of Identity?"
[DanteE] "One who knew Kudzu and one who didn't."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "William's the one you want for that."
[Brian] "Ok, William, same question?"
[Random_Nerd] William: "I don't think so, but there's a Power of Other People. I don't know how that even works, though."
[DanteE] "Power of Hell, right?"
[Random_Nerd] William: "Not the current one."
[Brian] "Can you find out what the Power of Other People does?"
[Random_Nerd] William: "That one got stabbed."
[Random_Nerd] William: "I believe the current one serves Heaven."
[DanteE] (Now if I could remember the philosopher I'm referencing...)
[Random_Nerd] (Sarte.)
[Random_Nerd] (No Exit.)
[DanteE] (OK... did Shadows say this 'sounds like' his fetch?)
[Brian] "So perhaps the famous statement is a rule of everything, and not a concrete idea?"
[Random_Nerd] (Shadows /tried/ to send Gnomely to near his fetch. He wasn't certain if he succeeded.)
[Theresa] "In beings, Hell isn't far from Heaven."
[DanteE] "Point."
[DanteE] (Was Gnomely an Anchor when he made the trip?)
[Kite] "Or a relic of times past."
[Random_Nerd] (I'm not sure of that, I'd have to check.)
[spiderFtisk] (I don't remember, first time can have been only a machine)
[spiderFtisk] (second time was an anchor)
[Random_Nerd] (That sounds right.)
[DanteE] "Ftisk, did you get anything from your anchor during this trip?"
[Random_Nerd] (There weren't any physical objects in Gnomely the second time, but his body was somewhat redesigned.)
[spiderFtisk] "I remember that at some point the connection was all garbled ad I feared we lost him"
[spiderFtisk] "But he came back a bit different in shape"
[DanteE] "Same time as the thought record?"
[spiderFtisk] "and his mind he was the same... for my knowledge"
[spiderFtisk] "yes, same time" (right RN?)
[Random_Nerd] (The transcript there is not from the thought record.)
[Random_Nerd] (And there was a thought record both times.)
[Random_Nerd] (So, what do you mean by "same time as the thought record", Knock?)
[DanteE] "Damn. If that's true, what are you going to accomplish by sending Dollphaniel?"
[DanteE] (Did his connection buy it at the same time as the thought record started returning gibberish?)
[spiderFtisk] "She is from outside. She here is a alien that can live in this foreign place"
[DanteE] "Oh, forgot that..."
[spiderFtisk] "She outside will not suffer from the problem Gnomely had (I Hope)"
[Random_Nerd] (I don't think Ftisk was tyring it at the time.)
[Theresa] (Does she still have Gift: Distract Ftisk when Shadows is drunk'?)
[Random_Nerd] (But there was a bit of nongibberish with the second thought record, after you fortified his mind.)
[spiderFtisk] (I ardently hope yes)
[Random_Nerd] ("Here we go again. Okay, let's see if I can shaking shiny shiny sharp dark bright paper paper dark.")
[Random_Nerd] ("Pointy edge tree metal dark garden smoke fire bright edge.")
[DanteE] "OK, what are you getting from Dollphaniel right now?"
[Random_Nerd] ("Sharp dark mind though cut sharp bright.")
[Random_Nerd] (And then it was the "no carrier" signal.)
[Theresa] (Ah, that was what I was thinking of when I was thinking dark garden earlier.)
[DanteE] (Sounds like I'm involved)
[DanteE] "... what's sharp?"
[spiderFtisk] "Some normal Anchorlike 'signal' and some weirdness that I don't fully understand :-) "
[Brian] (whee, my brain is going kerblooey at the moment ...)
[Random_Nerd] (Dollphaniel is currently behind a vent in the wall, watching the imp, who does not seem to be aware that he is being watched. The imp is writing on a piece of paper.)
[spiderFtisk] "And is Awesome! I mean, a normal mind will act as Gnomely one .. "
[DanteE] (Can I do a Div to determine what he's referencing with 'sharp'?)
[Kite] (*massages Laz's Brain*)
[spiderFtisk] (@Kite with iron, sharp, feather?)
[Theresa] (You always have cool NPC stuff going on where we're not around, dear.)
[Random_Nerd] (You try, but it doesn't give you anything.)
[Kite] (No, human-Kite will use fingers and massage delicately.)
[DanteE] "Hm. OK, there are two ways we can go...
[spiderFtisk] "Send Dollp or SEND DOLLP?"
[DanteE] "We can take Dollphaniel to Jupiter and go from there. That is a little safer and surer.
[DanteE] "Or... we can have Shadows come here and send Dollphaniel...

  • Kite shrugs.

[Kite] "It's your Chancel."
[DanteE] "and possibly re-establishing a connection between Kudzu and Out There."
[Theresa] "I vote no on that one. Isn't Shadows' lab reinforced for dealing with Outside?"
[DanteE] "Which might tell us more."
[Theresa] (I meant mine to come before the Kudzu line.)
[spiderFtisk] "Well I like pies If we can have more pies .. the better. Doing the send here we have2 pies (Kudzu and Dollp) there only one..."

  • Kite blinks.

[Brian] "No risk, no reward"
[Theresa] "What's an analogy that would work here....water running downhill to a well? Line of honey for ants to follow? Fuse leading to a nuclear bomb?"
[DanteE] (Did we ever come up with a name for that plain far from Kaerkoven where we brought the cultist that one time?)
[spiderFtisk] (Kultistplateou?)
[Random_Nerd] (I don't know if you named it.)
[Random_Nerd] (If so, I don't remember it.)
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Can I say something?"
[spiderFtisk] (mine was a joke)
[DanteE] "Sure, Sam."
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "Before you do your big complicated scary plan, could somebody do something to keep the Pink Elephant out of my brain?"
[spiderFtisk] "Spoke Man, err Djionil"
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "If for no other reason than that I /really/ don't want him somehow finding out about this stuff, now that I'm thinking about it."
[spiderFtisk] "Well, why don't ask him to came here and look with us at the results?"
[spiderFtisk] "So he will not be in Sam mind and se that we are _totally harmless_ to him"
[Brian] "Yeah, we can do that."
[Theresa] "It would be useful if you wouldn't have to worry about him poking around your brain..."
[DanteE] "Can we protect the entire tower?"
[Kite] "Hmm. That might be a good idea. That way, you guys will also have time to reinforce a zone to do extra-Wall experiments."
[Kite] (Sam's idea...)
[Random_Nerd] Sam: "There's gotta be /some/ way ou can do it."
[Brian] (... can we break here? We're at a time where we're changing what we're doing, and it's getting late ...)
[spiderFtisk] "Protect... last time we spoke of covering the tower with taddy bear fur for protection"
[Random_Nerd] (Stopping here works for me.)
[Random_Nerd] ________________STOP__________________________
[DanteE] (OK)
[spiderFtisk] (@Brian: ok for stop here!)
=-= Kite is now known as Verithe
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
=-= Brian is now known as lazarus
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
[Angelo] @T: -REDACTED- entrenched that Brian!
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
[BethE] Hee, but I am not beloved.
[Random_Nerd] And sorry that I had a brainfart about the timing of Kudzu's awakening.
[Knockwood] better do something before we wind up shouting 'Do something already!' :)
[Knockwood] I brainfarted too.
[BethE] Hey, this is all new to Theresa! She went from no Realm to one Realm to –REDACTED-.  :P
[Knockwood] Technically it wasn't Breach Day, but later, when we were telling the Council about it
[Angelo] no problem, all was handled with nonchalance
[Random_Nerd] But he was talking about what happened on Breach Day.
[Random_Nerd] So it's relevant.
[Knockwood] so his 'dream' was on Breach day, but he 'woke up' later?
[Random_Nerd] Yeah.
[lazarus] I sorta see –REDACTED- as being ... well, kind of like a Ravenloft Darklord –REDACTED- the land.
[Random_Nerd] So, we were both kinda remembering it right, and kinda remembering it wrong.
[Knockwood] ... was that also when Ophaniel was complaining that Kudzu wasn't doing his job?
[BethE] I think so.
[Random_Nerd] Well, Ophaniel was pretty much talking about the whole period from when James came back to when you had that conversation with Kudzu.
[BethE] He was sleeping.
[Angelo] And others had to carry on the wall duties
[Angelo] (like in the army?)
[Random_Nerd] And if he didn't have buddies to cover for him, he'd be on a lot of imperators' shit lists.
[Random_Nerd] Even as it is, he burned a lot of favors, going AWOL like that.
[BethE] Obviously we need to earn some back for him.
[Verithe] I hope he didn't wind up on any Imperator's shit list.
[Knockwood] so, whatever happened made Kudzu sleepy? :)
[Angelo] (some poisoned tea?)
[lazarus] I'm going poof now. g'night!
[Knockwood] g'night laz
[Verithe] G'night, Laz!
[Angelo] night Laz!
[--| lazarus has left #Nobilis
[BethE] You know how sometimes when you're sick or like that, you don't feel better until you sleep it off?
[Angelo] rarely but yes happen sometimes
[Random_Nerd] It was something related to him trying to find out /something/ from the returned James.
[BethE] I figure it's like that. He had an Imperator migraine.
[Knockwood] (and we really do need a timeline... but that might 'fix' the date on the Big Calendar)
[Random_Nerd] (We need a relative timeline, at least. What happened before what else, what happened at certain important moments...)
[Angelo] Well, we have been really lax on that
[Random_Nerd] Oh, something else. We may be getting Hope back at some point.
[Verithe] Yay, Hope!
[Knockwood] Etheric coming back?
[Angelo] or NPCed?
[Random_Nerd] Yeah. He wants to get a bit more in the way of inspiration before he actually comes back, but he's rereading the old logs up until when he left the game.
[Angelo] YAY! /me like like like!!
[Knockwood] yay!
[Random_Nerd] He's deliberately not reading the ones from the time Carrie was away...
[Random_Nerd] So I imagine that he'll find that a lot of changes have taken place.
[Random_Nerd] Man, how many Jameses did we run through in that time?
[BethE] But Carrie's been gone for a while now.  :)
[Random_Nerd] About a hundred sessions.
[Angelo] is near 1/3 of the game
[Knockwood] how are you going to explain her absence?
[Verithe] I look forward to his and Carrie's return.
[Verithe] She was wandering the Ash or somesuch, wasn't she?
[Angelo] uhm we need an explanation?
[Knockwood] or helping out with the US election
[BethE] Yeah, I think the game's about 5.5 years old now.
[Angelo] ah, near forgot all the times
[Angelo] Google Wave will close with the end of the year
[Angelo] we need to move all content from there to another place
[Angelo] like the wiki or a blog or boh?
[Knockwood] didn't you do that?
[Angelo] before he close
[Angelo] Yep I moved all my bits to the wiki
[Random_Nerd] Anyway, g'night, all.
[Verithe] G'night!
[Angelo] night RN
[Knockwood] g'night RN
[Angelo] but your ones?
[BethE] Night everyone! *HUGS*
[Angelo] Night Beth!
[Verithe] G'night, Beth!
[Knockwood] g'night Beth
|[-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: )
[Knockwood] don't think I have anything on Wave...
|[-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
[Angelo] ok better that way than ^_^
[Knockwood] I think I tried looking over the RPG recruiting wave, but could never get it to fully load
[Knockwood] Wave's got problems. :)
[Angelo] and they killed the baby
[Verithe] I was actually just getting the hang of it. :(
[Angelo] btw I'm the only one feeling weird that Ftisk show no interest in DanteE's pant drawer for so loooong time?
[Angelo] pant drawer is a metaphor
[Verithe] "I don't know if 'weird' is the proper way to describe Kite's feelings on the matter."
[Angelo] well V. what is the right work for you?
[Verithe] The phrase Kite would use would be "relieved that Ftisk has learned to keep these matters more quiet".
[Knockwood] a-heh. :)
[Knockwood] Good point, though, maybe the Tempering mellowed him out... :)
[Angelo] uhm... Tempering give me a bad uppercut
[Angelo] how play a post tempering Ftisk?... was an hard question
[Knockwood] that's because you didn't create the character you tempered
[Angelo] yes and tempering is so vague there is so little to grasp on how tempering work
[Knockwood] (blanking on the guy's name)
[Angelo] you mean the excru?
[Knockwood] right
[Angelo] Conrad
[Knockwood] That's right.
[Knockwood] The problem is, you didn't make Conrad, RN did, and he's not telling you squat about him
[Angelo] yep
[Angelo] aaand Ftisk take only _some_ aspect of Conrad
[Verithe] Well, he seemed a little dapper. Maybe a little prideful.
[Knockwood] I should hope so, Conrad wanted to kill us
[Angelo] dapper?
[Angelo] eh, I see no problem in plotting against you if this is what a tempering result
[Angelo] but there is no clear answer
[Angelo] and my question is not that one
[Angelo] but instead will Ftisk change his inopportune way to relate to DanteE?
[Verithe] Dapper: somewhat neat and tidy, moderately intelligent-looking.
[Angelo] ok, get dapper, thanks V
[Angelo] well from Ftisk last meeting with Ophaniel I play Ftisk the old way mostly
[Knockwood] actually... do you guys think we're missing some clue that RN's fed us?
[Angelo] well, yes
[Angelo] but I expect that we miss some of them
[Angelo] also we are *refusing* to solve Patterns problem here
[Verithe] Perhaps. I'm not sure it should be all that difficult to get Will and Sam some semi-permanent protection from Patterns if it's an urgent concern.
[Knockwood] Patters makes it an urgent concern
[Angelo] and for Sam and Will IS an urgent concern
[Knockwood] we probably wouldn't be able to 'cure' Patterns off our backs... would we?
[Verithe] We should call him that, sometime: Patters
[Angelo] well, pink Elephant is nice as nick name
[Angelo] well, I quit good nigth/evenig Knock/Verithe
[Verithe] If he comes to irk Kite enough, maybe Kite will –REDACTED-.
[Verithe] Take care, Angelo.
[Angelo] we'll see next week
[Knockwood] it makes some sense, though I heard that 'game' as purple elephants
[Knockwood] g'night Angelo
[Verithe] Game?
[Angelo] game?
[Knockwood] "Whatever you do, don't think of purple elephants!"
[Angelo] oh, dumbo
[Angelo] well, again, bye!
[Verithe] Ah
[Knockwood] I'd say it's similar to 'The Game'
[--| YOU (Angelo) have left #Nobilis

Chapter 22