Session 18 of Pine Falls

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<StorytellerHelmet> When last we left our sanity-impaired heroes...
<StorytellerHelmet> Mala had taken on the Piper and a handful of his monster minions and survived with little more than a few scratches on her trunk. Citing business elsewhere and a clear reluctance to chance combating her any further, the monsters disappeared into the foggy night, leaving Mala and Patricia -- who had retrieved an over-sized shotgun a little too late to be any useful -- alone on the deck. ...
<StorytellerHelmet> ...Patricia suggested bringing the situation up with her father, who she claimed to know a lot more about "this kind of stuff."

  • Maladoesn't remember her dad talking about it but she probably knows him a little better than Mala does. Just a bit. >.>

<StorytellerHelmet> XD
<StorytellerHelmet> ... after beating a Murgulouse to death, Fu managed to intimidate a small army of the frightening things and turned them away from the club where he had, until recently, been enjoying a rather warm evening with Theresa. Reluctantly following his request to run, Theresa scattered with the rest of the club-goers and is likely somewhere out in the foggy streets of downtown.
<Fu>He probably has some of her hair on him. He'll track her ass down soon enough.
<StorytellerHelmet> ... finally, Drake managed to put down not just one but two of the biggest local legends in Pine Falls -- the Bat in the Fog, and the Ivy Hound -- with tenacity, gnarly claws, and some of the most ridiculous luck he's ever enjoyed. Abigail cryptically warned that things had only just begun as she helped Drake back inside the mansion to recuperate.
<StorytellerHelmet> That about cover it?
<StorytellerHelmet> Excellent.
<StorytellerHelmet> Tonight, we'll start with Drake.
<StorytellerHelmet> The biting cold makes you numb to your injuries, but the occasional wind stings your bite wounds and reminds you how much like crap you feel right now. Abigail says little as she helps you inside, directing servants to prepare items for first-aid and to shoo anyone out of the guest room on the west wing.
<DrakeNero>"Always in my good suit." he grouses weakly as he fights to get the jacket off.
<StorytellerHelmet> "You can buy another one," Abigail replies. "If we're still alive after tonight, anyway."
<DrakeNero>"i'll try to make it out alive."
<DrakeNero>"Should I take the dress shirt off too?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "Please."
<DrakeNero>he slooowly removes it
<StorytellerHelmet> After only a few minutes, you are laid down gently on a rather comfortable bed (must be nice to be a guest here) as Abigail herself tends to your wounds. She actually seems to have a rather good idea of what she is doing.

  • DrakeNerotries not to think too much about other things he'd like her to tend to

<StorytellerHelmet> In her signature expressionless fashion, she sterilizes his wounds and binds them, administering a few mild pain-killers before giving him a once-over and finally settling down. "How do you feel?"
<StorytellerHelmet> She nods, then rises and wanders over to a closet. "You have broader shoulders than Isaac, but I think you might be able to squeeze into some of his more loose-fitting attire." She removes a few sets of shirts from the closet. "Will any of these do?"
<DrakeNero>"I'm not going to be too pick right now. The black one, Yes."
<StorytellerHelmet> Nodding again, she returns with the black shirt and brings along a matching coat. "We're going to have to move quickly, but I don't want to cause a panic. Too many people out on the streets tonight will make matters worse."
<DrakeNero>He buttons himself up.
<DrakeNero>"You seem to have a clearer understanding of what's going on than I do."
<DrakeNero>"So, any clarification would be appreciated."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Clearer, no. Slightly more advanced, perhaps. I'm sure you've figure out how my understanding works by now." she replies. "This is the night that it all goes down. I needed you here with me because," she pauses for a very brief moment. "Because I've known for a long time that you are the only one that can help me."
<DrakeNero>'I'm not sure if that's reassuring, but I'll stick by you."
<StorytellerHelmet> "In brief, monsters are taking over the city. Whoever is behind the attacks the last several months is also behind this, I believe. Or, at least, I know they are related."

  • DrakeNerowhistles.

<StorytellerHelmet> "What have you learned so far about the town's history?" She gazes at him purposefully. "Its real history."

  • DrakeNerorecounts what he knows (because the player isn't 100% on what he knows in character)

<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail nods, moving toward a cabinet and drawing out a key to unlock it. "As you may have guessed, Pine Falls struck a bargain with... something toward the end of the nineteenth century. It granted the townspeople good fortune which allowed them to survive whereas they might have died in isolation otherwise. In return, it marked the thirteen families and demanded that they give it a name."
<DrakeNero>"That sounds... ominous."
<DrakeNero>"Is this some kind of sacrifice or reckoning?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "It might be something of both," she replies, opening the cabinet and nonchalantly pulling out a very, very large handgun. "One thing I do know is that these aren't just random monsters running around town. They're all local legends, urban myths, and fairy tales."
<DrakeNero>"I recoginzed the Bat and the Hound."
<StorytellerHelmet> "You've been reading up, then. Excellent," she removes a few boxes of ammunition and begins loading the gun. "This is no coincidence. All these factors -- the luck, the contract, the name, the strictly local myths come to life -- point to something that I think you should be rather uncomfortably familiar with."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Would you like a weapon?" she asks off-handedly, pulling out what appeared to be a short-barrel shotgun.
<DrakeNero>"Mmm. Yes."
<DrakeNero>"At this point I'm loathe to get in close range again."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Speed, accuracy, or stopping power?"
<DrakeNero>"Accuracy, preferrable."
<StorytellerHelmet> She thinks for a moment and then removes a revolver with a rather long barrel and places it on the bed by his feet. "Python. I had a hunch this would see use."

  • DrakeNeropicks up the gun admiringly.
    <DrakeNero>"Unfortunately none of my magic will work with this."

<StorytellerHelmet> "That's all right. Mine works just dandy."
<DrakeNero>"That's good."
<DrakeNero>"I'm running low on juice as it is."
<StorytellerHelmet> "In any case, it seems clear to me that it's one of the real fae behind all of this. I haven't figured out precisely why, but it seems pissed off for some reason and I think it has to do with the families."
<DrakeNero>"I suspect, just from what I know on this subject, that someone failed to honor part of the pact they had."
<DrakeNero>"On the other hand, this could be a whim."
<StorytellerHelmet> "That would make sense. The only question is, what did they fail to do?"
<DrakeNero>"or perhaps they signed this agreement ages ago, and didn't think it would ever come /true/ . Which is a faulty assumption when dealing with the Gentry."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Perhaps..."
<StorytellerHelmet> (Intelligence + Occult -1)
<DrakeNero>"I don't know."
<StorytellerHelmet> Drake does remember one thing that didn't really stand out before but, in light of recent events, now seems a probable candidate. Martin laid out a lot of things over Thanksgiving regarding what he'd found in the book and one detail concerned the children of the families.
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail mentioned that it marked the families, and he remembers that Martin said something about part of the deal being that children without the mark were special somehow.
<DrakeNero>"Something about the children...."
<StorytellerHelmet> "What was that?"
<DrakeNero>"Those unmarked are special"
<StorytellerHelmet> "... I feel like I've heard that before."
<DrakeNero>"Knowing you, you probably did."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... you might be right. If that is the case, however... it might explain why all the attacks were against children of the founding families."
<DrakeNero>"But what makes them so special?"
<DrakeNero>"I suppose this goes back to my sacrifice theory."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... sacrifice..."
<StorytellerHelmet> There is a slight break in Abigail's expression.
<StorytellerHelmet> "... no... it was..."

  • DrakeNeroreally hopes she remembers

<StorytellerHelmet> "... goodness. You did figure it out. You reminded me of him the last time we spoke..."
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail closes the cabinet and hands a couple boxes of ammunition to Drake. "Get in contact with your colleagues -- anyone you can trust. We have to meet up with them right away."
<DrakeNero>'I'll call them."
<DrakeNero>He pulls out his blackberry, dials Fu first.
<DrakeNero>He holds the phone between his chin and his shoulder and loads the gun while it rings.
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail seats herself on the bed next Drake, her eyes staring at the floor, looking more bothered than he has ever seen her.
<StorytellerHelmet> Over to Fu...
<StorytellerHelmet> The club is empty, save for Fu. The place is a wreck, but the bar seems intact.
<StorytellerHelmet> After pouring himself some vodka, his phone rings.

  • Fupicks up the phone, recogninizing the tune he set up as Drake's.
    <Fu>"Hello, Drake."* Fuknocks back the vodka.
    <DrakeNero>"Where are you?"
    <Fu>"About to track Theresa down, really."
    <Fu>"At-" He names the club.
    <Fu>"We got attacked."
    <DrakeNero>"Where will you be? We need to regroup. The shit's just starting to hit the fan and we need to go at it together."
    <DrakeNero>'Yeah us too."
    <DrakeNero>"I'm nursing a badly bruised shoulder and loading a gun. How was your evening?"
    <DrakeNero>"Sorry to hear it, man."
    <Fu>"By a bunch of hobgoblins."
    <DrakeNero>He almost laughs.
    <DrakeNero>"I can come get you and we can drive to find her."* Fugets his coat on.
    <Fu>"Let me try something. I'll call when I find her."
    <DrakeNero>"We gotta find Mala, too."
    <Fu>"I have a leaf of hers."
    <DrakeNero>"Just call me."
    <Fu>"I'll see about tracking them both down, see you soon."
    <Fu>Fu takes out Mala's leaf and grins, shutting his eyes as he focuses, calling on the Directions to orient himself.
    <Fu>Once he is done, he takes a few of hairs off of his shirt, definitely Theresa's, and uses them as well to get a bead on his damn girlfriend.* Fuleaves the club, taking out his cell.* Fucalls Drake.

<StorytellerHelmet> Spreading his attention proves not to be without some difficulty, but fortunately Theresa did not travel far. She is only two blocks to the north.
<Fu>"I got a bead on them both. Theresa's close, so I'll get to her, then we can all find Mala."
<StorytellerHelmet> Mala, on the other hand, is considerably further away, outside the city proper to the northwest.
<DrakeNero>"Just let me know where I can find you, okay?"
<Fu>"Mala is outside of the city."* Fuis beginning to run now.
<StorytellerHelmet> It isn't hard to find Theresa. The ringing of the shop alarm makes it rather easy. The smashed in window of the sporting goods store also proves a good clue.

  • Fufacepalms.
    <Fu>"And she thinks *I'm* insane?"* Furushes as best he can for the store, shaking his head.

<StorytellerHelmet> Inside, Fu finds Theresa behind the counter, knocking things over. "God damn it!" she yells, slamming her fist against what appears to be a large safe.
<Fu>"Miss Theresa." *facepalms very audibly.** Fugets his phone out and calls Drake again.
<Fu>"Drake, okay, you need to come to-" Names the store, "It's broken into, so that should make it obvious."
<StorytellerHelmet> She turns and in the dim light from the streetlights outside, Fu can see her expression go from ecstatic relief to outright fury.
<Fu>(Can I glamour munch on her?)
<DrakeNero>"Alright, Abigail. I've got their location. Seems your daughter is with Fu."
<StorytellerHelmet> (Yeah. I should note that she is a unique flavor on her own because she's one of the only people you've ever met that can radiate both PURE JOY and BURNING RAGE all at once)
<Fu>(aka, perfect for him.)
<Fu>(wits + empathy?)
<StorytellerHelmet> "... my daught..." Abigail begins. "Oh, yes. He is with Theresa right now. Good."
<StorytellerHelmet> (Yes on that roll)
<Fu>"Kill me after this is over."
<Fu>"Not now, Miss Theresa."* DrakeNeroheads to the car!
<StorytellerHelmet> "... after this is over..." she points toward Fu dramatically. "I'm going to beat the ever-loving SHIT out of you!"
<Fu>"You already almost broke my nose recently, Miss Theresa."
<Fu>"And I'm the one who got injured." ^_^
<Fu>"So, shut the fuck up."
<Fu>He is in that infuriatingly cheerful mood.
<StorytellerHelmet> "I'll break your BALLS next!" she screams, raising a baseball bat and slamming it down on the counter, shattering the glass display case. "Don't you EVER do that to me again!"
<Fu>"Do what?" o . o
<Fu>"And one of my friends is coming to grab us both. He'll probably have an idea about what the fuck is happening."
<StorytellerHelmet> She turns back to the safe. "Stupid fucking shit!" she screams, kicking it hard. "All the guns are locked up."
<Fu>"I think Drake probably will have a few."
<Fu>"So /please/ get away from the fucking glass. DX"* Fudiscreetly adjusts his clothes and coat to hide his tattoos if they are showing and gets his glasses back on.
<StorytellerHelmet> She roars impotently, kicking the safe again for good measure and stands there, grumbling. "... all right. I'm fine. I'm fine." She grabs the baseball bat again and walks around the counter, glass crunching beneath her shoes. -->|nike (~Nicke_05@125.164.233.IP) has joined #PineFalls
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<DrakeNero>wtf, they also personal messaged me)* Fusighs.* DrakeNerostarts up his car and bolts down the road
<Fu>"At least you aren't hurt. :) "
<StorytellerHelmet> "Hmph."
<StorytellerHelmet> Theresa is pointedly silent while they wait, her arms folded over her chest as she stands in front of the store, staring out into the foggy streets.

  • Fustands next to her, trying to think.

<StorytellerHelmet> He had his suspicions before, but Drake's call suggested that there was something more than just Murgulouses plaguing the city. The fact that they were actually Murgulouses, however, was significant. That was an entirely Pine Falls legend -- one of the many fairy tales he'd read about.
<StorytellerHelmet> Fu had a hunch that whatever Drake had dealt with could similarly be found in his book.
<StorytellerHelmet> About ten minutes after the call, Drake shows up in his swank-mobile. He sees Theresa holding a baseball bat, standing conspicuously in front of a smashed shop window while the alarm is still ringing, Fu standing next to her.
<DrakeNero>"They appear to have turned into vandals over night."
<Fu>Fu is looking fairly unamused.* Futhen looks like he just remembers something, takes out the little book and begins flipping though it.
<DrakeNero>"Are you two goign to get in the car?" He asks as he rolls the window down. "Or are you going to stand there until the police show up?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "Nice car," Theresa says, moving around to the side and opening one of the passenger side doors. After getting into the vehicle, she looks up front and her expression goes wide again. "... MOM?!"
<DrakeNero>"Well, things are bound to get interesting, aren't they."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Theresa," Abigail turns slightly toward the back. "Did you break that window with a baseball bat?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "No! I got the bat from the store!" Theresa yells. "What are you doing here?!"

  • Fugets into the car, still reading.
    <Fu>"Obviously she actually has a clue?"

<StorytellerHelmet> "Do you know where Mala is?" Abigail turns to Fu, ignoring her daughter.
<Fu>"yes."* Fustarts giving directions.
<StorytellerHelmet> Cut over to Mala...
<StorytellerHelmet> (Sorry for the wait there, Kon. :P)
<StorytellerHelmet> Ducking back inside Patricia's family's cabin, Mala notices that there aren't many people still around and the few that are still around are staring at the two of them almost in horror. Mrs. Harris runs to the two girls as soon as they return. "My god! What happened? Mala -- why are you cut up?!"
<StorytellerHelmet> "And what were those noises we heard?!" =-=DrakeNero is now known as Seras|Shwoer=-=Seras|Shwoer is now known as Seras|Shower
<Mala>"A very odd man tried to cut me down with a little knife. But I threw his friends off the balcony, so he left."
<StorytellerHelmet> Mrs. Harris stares at Mala for a few moments before shaking her head. "But... I don't understand..."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Mom," Patricia frets. "Where is dad? Some of those things out there looked a lot like the things in our old storybooks. He knows more about them than I do! We need to talk to him!"
<Mala>"I don't really understand it either, to be honest."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Your father is... in the cellar, baby," she replies, shaken. "He went down a while ago..."
<StorytellerHelmet> Patricia takes Mala's hand and urges her toward the stairwell, heading down into the cellar below. "Dad?" she calls into the darkness. "Why aren't the lights on down here?"
<StorytellerHelmet> (Perception -3)
<StorytellerHelmet> It's too dark to see, but Mala can hear enough to get a sense that something is amiss. Labored breathing in the far corner of the cellar. Soft footsteps near the base of the stairs.
<Mala>"Something's wrong. Where's the light?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "One is supposed to come on when the door is open. The bulb must be out. Hang on, there's another one at the bottom." Patricia slowly walks down the steps.
<Mala>"Let me go first. There's two people down here."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... two?" She halts, backing up a little bit as she grips the shotgun in her hands. =-=Seras|Shower is now known as DrakeNEro=-=DrakeNEro is now known as DrakeNero
<Mala>"Two. One's in the corner. One's at the bottom of the stairs."|
<--Lioness has left (Disintegrated: )
<StorytellerHelmet> Mala reaches the bottom of the steps feels around the wall, finding the light switch rather quickly. The single bulb flickers on, half-illuminating the cellar in a sickly yellow light. The light is inadequate, however, and there are long shadows all around. In the far corner, she can see Mr. Harris on the ground, slumped against a wine rack. "DAD!" Patricia yells, rushing down the steps...
<StorytellerHelmet> help him.

  • Malalets Patricia take care of her dad. Where'd the other guy go?

<StorytellerHelmet> (Perception -2)
<Mala>!roll_ww 5 8 10
<StorytellerHelmet> The shadows seem longer than they really should be. Something is off, but Mala can't put her finger on it. She can't see anyone else either, but she swore she heard footsteps.
<Mala>"Something's wrong here...."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Dad! Dad!" Patricia cries out, moving over to her father and trying to rouse him. "Wake up! Please wake up!"
<StorytellerHelmet> (Resolve + Wyrd)
<StorytellerHelmet> As Mala glances about her surroundings wondering what is out of place, her body suddenly seizes and she finds herself overcome with a suffocating sense of fear and revulsion. Her body begins to spasm uncontrollably and she finds it difficult just to remain standing. The room begins to spin and the shadows seem to move, creeping slowly along toward Patricia and her father.
<Mala>"...we need to...leave...."
<Mala>"Shadows are moving..."
<Mala>"Seriously. Get out. Like, now." Mala figures, if the shadows are moving, they're grabbable. So she grabs one. Or tries to, anyway.
<StorytellerHelmet> "Wha...?" Patricia turns around to see what Mala was talking about, but the question is caught in her throat at the same time that Mala realizes that it isn't just a shadow. The dark figure easily moves out of range of Mala's twitching outstretched arms and glides toward Patricia, eliciting a scream and then a rather loud shotgun blast that reverberates throughout the cellar and causes the...
<StorytellerHelmet> ...wall next to Mala to explode in debris.
<StorytellerHelmet> (Perception)
<StorytellerHelmet> Patricia continues to scream as the figure looms over her. Mala can hear it growl, "Time is running out, precious. You've avoided your fate for too long." As her heart pounds, Mala realizes that she knows the voice from somewhere.
<StorytellerHelmet> ... from the Freehold...
<Mala>(I goes now?)
<StorytellerHelmet> (One chance)
<StorytellerHelmet> (And yes)
<Mala>"....I know you....get away from my friend!" Mala ignores the weight pressing down her, getting to her feet and wrapping the figure up in her long limbs, crushing the life out of it.
<StorytellerHelmet> "GAAAAAH!" the figure roars as it is suddenly enveloped in Mala's superhuman crushing grip. She can tell that he isn't particularly built -- actually, rather brittle, to be honest. "You... meddesome... WEED! You just don't know... when to leave well enough... alone!"
<StorytellerHelmet> (Composure + Wyrd)
<Mala>"Weeds don't grow this big! D:
< " She'll try to ram his head into the ceiling, which is probably more than low enough for her. X3
<StorytellerHelmet> The assailant roars again as Mala slams his head into the ceiling, cracking the concrete above and causing a few drops of blood to splatter about. "Nggrrr..." he takes a moment to recover and then seems to calm down. "Weep," he says and instantly, Mala feels the fear inside her twist into sorrow. It gnaws at her heart and adds to the burden that already wracks her body... but she manages...
<StorytellerHelmet> keep herself together and remains standing, much to the assailants dismay.
<Mala>"No." She bends her legs and LEAPS up, letting the other's head take the brunt of the impact. "YOU weep."
<StorytellerHelmet> "NGAAARGGH!!!" The assailant roars again as his head audibly crunches against the concrete ceiling, staining it crimson. "Gaah... you tremendous oaf! You're ruining everything!" Mala can feel a dramatic increase in his strength as he attempts to break free of her grasp, but she still manages to hold on, albeit just barely. His range of power is bigger than anything she's faced before.
<Mala>"Stop squirming!" She swings him headlong into the wall to serve as punctuation. "Nobody! Threatens! My! FRIENDS!" Hopefully Patricia's dad knows a good interior designer, because his basement needs serious remodeling.
<StorytellerHelmet> The infuriated tree smashes the assailant headfirst into the walls, ceiling, floor, wine racks, everything around them. Patricia cowers in the corner, covering her father as the two monsters mauled each other.
<StorytellerHelmet> Meanwhile, outside the cabin, Drake's car pulled up.
<StorytellerHelmet> "The Harris cabin..." Abigail muttered. "... Mala is with Patricia, then?"
<Mala>(I'm not a monster, I'm a tree ;~; )
<Fu>"It would seem so. Follow me unless we need someone else's pull to get in."* Fustill has his nose in the book.
<StorytellerHelmet> The journey there at least was edifying. With a few answers from Abigail and his own recollections of what Martin had translated from the book, Fu managed to piece together a couple details.
<StorytellerHelmet> He had a hunch what kind of dreadful deal these people must have made with something they didn't understand.
<StorytellerHelmet> It gave them luck and a mark that was passed down through the generations. That's not easy to do even for the Gentry. Not unless it did something out of the ordinary.
<StorytellerHelmet> Like, for example, passing its own essence down through their family line via procreation.
<Fu>The moment Fu realizes that?
<Fu>One word. In Chinese.
<Fu>And it sounds *foul.*
<StorytellerHelmet> But the other part was more disturbing.
<DrakeNero>"Don't make me wash your mouth out with soap, young man."
<StorytellerHelmet> It claimed that not all their children would carry the mark.
<StorytellerHelmet> And those that did not... what happened?
<Fu>"Blow me, lizard boy, this is worth it."
<Fu>"The Gentry did... *something.*"
<Fu>"Some sort of bloodline thing."* Fuglances at Theresa as if he was making a silent oath to make sure she would be fast.
<Fu>"... This is going to sound very weird, Miss Theresa, but please, be honest."-->|StorytellerHelmet_ ( has joined #PineFalls
<Fu>"Do you have some weird-ass birthmark?"
<Fu>(What did you last see?)
<StorytellerHelmet_> From the way it seems pissed off now and how defensive and secretive the families seem to have been down the line, it is obvious that they were trying to keep something from their dark god.
<StorytellerHelmet_> From the looks of it, the bargain was that they would give all their unmarked children to it. |
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<Fu>(I'll wait before speaking again)-->|DrakeNero ( has joined #PineFalls-->|KonAtWork (~evartania@98.125.181.IP) has joined #PineFalls=-=KonAtWork is now known as Mala
<StorytellerHelmet_> From the way it seems pissed off now and how defensive and secretive the families seem to have been down the line, it is obvious that they were trying to keep something from their dark god.
<StorytellerHelmet_> From the looks of it, the bargain was that they would give all their unmarked children to it.
<Fu>Fu glares over his glasses.
<Fu>"Blow me, lizard boy, this is fucking worth swearing."
<DrakeNero>"would you like to share with the class?"
<Fu>"The Gentry did something."
<DrakeNero>"No shit!"
<DrakeNero>"Really?"* Fuglances at Theresa and his cheeks turn red.
<DrakeNero>"I thought this was the doing of /werewolves/ "
<Fu>"Okay, this is going to sound awkward, fuck you, Drake, but Theresa, do you have any weird-ass birthmarks?"
<Fu>"Mrs. Franklin, if you are from the families too, same question goes."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... um..." Theresa blushes a bit. "No?"
<Fu>"Fuck. Big surprise."
<Fu>"We have a problem. You know those murders."
<Fu>"They were apparently very specific sacrifices."
<Fu>"Any unmarked child."* DrakeNerolooks at Abigail* Fulooks worried at Theresa.
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail is silent, but thoughtful.
<StorytellerHelmet> "... not birthmarks," the elder lady Franklin finally says.
<Fu>"What are the marks then?"* Fuhas scooted more protectively towards Theresa.
<Fu>"But the general thing is that they cut a deal, and it demands the ones untouched."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Something you can't see," she stares at the ground uncharacteristically. "It's a fate mark."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Yes. A... twisting... perhaps better to say a knot in the thread of your life."
<DrakeNero>"So... those unmarked are.... predestined?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "It does nothing to the thread itself, but it is there. I can see them."
<DrakeNero>"Or am I jumping to incorrect conclusions?"* Fulooks vaguely amused.
<StorytellerHelmet> "What the hell are you all talking about?!" Theresa yells, swinging the bat downward in frustration.
<DrakeNero>"Please... don't swing that around in the car."* Fuputs his hands on Theresa's arms.
<DrakeNero>"I've already had to replace the window once."
<Fu>"Miss Theresa. Please."
<Fu>There is a moment and he shuts his eyes, squeezing her wrists gently.
<Fu>"If it's fate, that's fortune, and that's my game."
<Fu>"Which means..."
<Fu>He opens his eyes, a slight gleam. "I can see where the dice fall."
<StorytellerHelmet> His senses clear away, ignoring the fractured reality that is his own perceptions. The clarity that he had been forced to rebuild upon his return from madness helped him to isolate the things that were not sane. Not natural. They felt off to him, like lumps in a glass of milk. He felt a number of them...
<StorytellerHelmet> Drake -- a cracked fortune like his own.
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail...
<StorytellerHelmet> ... he had trouble figuring her out.
<StorytellerHelmet> And, strangely enough, his only bastion of normality -- Theresa -- had a small bit of that strangeness as well. Like a tiny knot.
<Fu>"Well, I'll be damned."
<StorytellerHelmet> But there was more...
<StorytellerHelmet> His sense extended further, into the cabin itself.
<Fu>His eyes seem a little off, even behind glasses, getting out of the car since he'd need to lead the way.
<StorytellerHelmet> He saw another cracked fortune -- probably Mala.
<StorytellerHelmet> And another... darker one.
<StorytellerHelmet> Someone was in there with her.
<Fu>"We... really should get going in."
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail nods, pulling the biggest god damn pistol Fu had ever seen out of her coat and moving up to the front door.
<Fu>"Someone of bad joss is there."* Fumoves as well, but keeps somewhat near Theresa, half-relieved but still being well... Ryan.* DrakeNerococks the gun* Fucan't shoot. So he doesn't even ask for one.
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail finds the door unlocked, so she opens the door and walks inside. Almost immediately, Mrs. Harris appears, tear-stricken. "Abigail!" she cries out, moving toward her. "Abigail, something is wrong! James went down into the cellar, and there were noises outside, and Patricia went to get James' shotgun, and Mala was all scratched up, and then they went down into the cellar, and..."
<StorytellerHelmet> WHUMP. A rather heavy sound is heard from below.

  • DrakeNeroidly wonders who's winning that fight
    <Fu>"Do you guys want me leading or you think you two can have enough fun and backup- *WHUMP* - You know what. I'm curious."

<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail moves toward Drake and takes hold of his arm for a moment, looking into his eyes. She lingers for a moment before turning back toward the cellar.

  • Fulooks worried at Mrs. Harris though and sighs.* DrakeNerodoesn't know if he should be turned on by that or not* Fudecides to try calming Mrs. Harris down. DX

<StorytellerHelmet> Theresa seemed to notice and squints suspiciously at her mother.
<Fu>The woman probably needs it.
<Fu>"Ah, Miss Theresa, why don't you, I and Mrs. Harris prep some cocoa or coffee for after they are done?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "... those awful sounds..." Mrs. Harris says, sinking into a seat. "They've been going on and on for the last few minutes... I don't know what's happening down there..."
<StorytellerHelmet> "After you," Abigail says to Drake, nodding toward the stairwell entrance.

  • DrakeNeroraises the gun and slowly descends
    <Fu>"Don't worry. ^_^ I think it'll be mostly over by morning." Once he gets into the kitchen, he does what he always does. Begin asking where things are and prepping hot drinks.* Fuwinces from his injury at least once.

<StorytellerHelmet> The sound is rather frightful and, to be honest, the sight isn't so pleasant, either. The one functioning light bulb is swinging to and fro, sporadically illuminating the violence. A massive brute swinging someone around and smashing them into the walls and everything around, leaving splatters of blood everywhere.
<StorytellerHelmet> Then he realizes that it's just Mala.
<DrakeNero>"My god, Mala, I almost shot you!"
<Mala>"Huh?!" Mala notices Drake, then notices that her captive is less thn conscious. "Oh. Kind of zoned out there... But he had it coming."
<DrakeNero>"Is he alive?"
<DrakeNero>"What's going on?"
<Mala>"He... I think he hurt Patricia's dad. Then went after her. So, I smashed his head through the wall a few times. And the ceiling." It rather looks like a tornado hit the room. "This was after that weird guy outside tried to cut me down and I had to throw his friends off the balcony... tonight has been weird."
<DrakeNero>"Right, right. I fought the Bat in the Fog and the Ivy Hound so I know what you mean."* Fuprobably has ended up prepping coffee, tea, and cocoa. And probably cider.
<DrakeNero>"Are /you/ okay?"
<Mala>"Oh. Wow. Uhm. Patricia, are you and your dad okay? >_>" Mala still has the assailant in her limbs and is not loosening her grip one bit.
<Mala>"Oh yeah, I think so." She's bleeding in several places. If sap counts as blood, anyway.
<StorytellerHelmet> "I..." Patricia stammers, attempting to rise. "I... think I'm okay. Dad is breathing and I don't see any wounds... I think he was just knocked out."
<Mala>"Okay... that's good."
<StorytellerHelmet> "What happened here?" Abigail asks, moving closer.
<DrakeNero>"I'm a little worse for wear myself, but at least patched up."
<Mala>"I think we should tie this guy up. And chains. And other things. He's very dangerous." Mala thinks for a moment. "But.. I guess I'm more dangerous, then."
<DrakeNero>'....or lucky. Anyone have rope?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "There's, um... some in the supply closet over there," Patricia says meekly, pointing to a storage closet on the other side of the cellar.

  • DrakeNerowalks over and gets some

<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail looks over at Patricia and nods. "Two protected at least. Hopefully that will keep this from getting any worse for now."
<Mala>"I thought Fu was lucky..." She shakes her head. "Tonight is weird." She helps Drake tie the attacker to something heavy and stable (preference given to iron >.> )
<DrakeNero>"He is. That doesn't mean the rest of us aren't, though."
<StorytellerHelmet> As you tie the mysterious assailant down, to things become apparent to both Mala and Drake. First, that they've never seen this guy's face before.
<StorytellerHelmet> Second, it's pretty certain no one has ever seen this guy's face before.
<StorytellerHelmet> It is blank. Literally featureless.
<DrakeNero>"that's kinda freaky."
<Mala>"Yeah... his voice was really familiar, though."
<DrakeNero>"Wonder who this is."
<Fu>"Sounds like the banging is over."
<Mala>"I think I heard it at Court...."
<DrakeNero>"Now that's interesting."
<StorytellerHelmet> The lack of a face and the familiar voice narrow it down pretty easily once the adrenaline rush has cooled.
<StorytellerHelmet> There is only one Mirrorskin in the freehold.
<StorytellerHelmet> King of Masks -- the Winter King.
<Mala>"Hey. Isn't this that Winter King guy?"
<DrakeNero>"Oh man, Scooby Doo, I think we're onto something."
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail leans down to see what they're talking about.
<Mala>"Huh. Does that mean I'm the Winter King now since I beat him up? I don't really know how that all works. >_>; "
<StorytellerHelmet> "..."
<DrakeNero>"That's summer court only, I'm pretty sure."
<Mala>"Oh. Okay. I really don't know how to be a king anyway."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... oh, god..." Abigail whispers as she backs up a bit, the most fearful expression on her face that Drake has seen.
<DrakeNero>"I guess we..." He looks over his shoulder at her. "Are you ok?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "... the sacrifices..." she looks panicked, backing up against a wine rack. "... that's what he's doing..."
<DrakeNero>"Do you know him?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "... yes..." she sobs, sinking to the ground.
<StorytellerHelmet> "His name is Robert Franklin. He's my brother."
<DrakeNero>"....who is he?"
<Mala>"...ooops....sorry. .__. "
<Fu>There's a soft creeeaaak on the stairs, and then Fu just... well, facepalms.
<Fu>"Robert. Bob. Which makes you Anna, right?"
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail doesn't answer, but her silence is answer enough.
<StorytellerHelmet> Aaaaand, i'll end it there.
<Mala>Oh god this game keeps getting awesomer