Session 19 of Pine Falls

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<Seras>Sorry, my computer crashed@=-=Seras is now known as DrakeNero
<StorytellerHelmet> Your computer hates Changelings. ;)
<StorytellerHelmet> All right -- everyone present?
<Mala>Yes :D
<StorytellerHelmet> Mala?
<StorytellerHelmet> Okey doke
<StorytellerHelmet> Let's see, where were we...
<StorytellerHelmet> Ah, yes. Act 3.
<StorytellerHelmet> Act 2 concluded with an invasion of monsters and plenty of revelations.
<StorytellerHelmet> The last of which was the true (or, more accurately, former) identity of King of Masks -- Robert Franklin.
<Fu>With Fu saying at the end "Oh, you are Bob."
<StorytellerHelmet> Fortunately, Patricia and her father were safe, though Mr. Harris had quite a bump on his head.
<StorytellerHelmet> It seems the Harris family is safe, at least. But what now?
<StorytellerHelmet> What do you do? Where do you go?
<StorytellerHelmet> And what the hell is going on in Pine Falls?
<StorytellerHelmet> First things first, however -- what are you going to do now?
<Mala>Mala wants to know what Patricia's dad knows about that jerk she almost threw off the balcony >.>
<DrakeNero>Rest -_-
<Fu>Try his hardest not to laugh.
<Fu>"So." Fu is at the top of the stairs, looking down.
<Fu>>_> "How are we going to handle this?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "My dad," Patricia manages to say after calming herself. "Help me take him upstairs... please..."

  • Fucomes down the stairs to help.

<StorytellerHelmet> James is carried upstairs and brought over to the couch. Mrs. Harris is relieved to see that he is okay, but she finds it difficult to calm down and frantically demands to know what is going on.

  • DrakeNerolooks at the other two, and Abigail* Fulooks at the others. (Did we swear any sort of oath not to tell?)

<StorytellerHelmet> Theresa tries to console her, but fails to have much of an effect considering that she isn't terribly calm herself -- glancing at everyone else questioningly.
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail is silent as usual, but looks significantly more solemn. She watched as the Winter King was bound, but went back up the steps and immediately went outside, muttering something about needing air.

  • DrakeNerolooks really uncomfortable.
    <Fu>"Miss Harris, I think this is a good time to free you from that oath."* Fustretches his hands before going into the kitchen and getting the hot drinks he had made.

<StorytellerHelmet> "I... I guess so..." Patricia murmurs, leaving her father's side to go explain things to her mother.
<Fu>He gives the different drinks to people, sighing. "If you want me to fill in holes, I'll be happy to."
<DrakeNero>Drake cups a mug of cider between both hands and looks thoughtful.
<StorytellerHelmet> "How about you fill us all in?" Theresa says loudly, not bothering to hide her glare. "I think us little people would appreciate a god damn explanation."
<Fu>"Miss Theresa, it's a long story." ^_^
<StorytellerHelmet> "Well, I'm all ears, slim," she says, settling into an easy chair next to the couch, laying the baseball bat over her lap.
<Fu>"Ms. Harris had the misfortune of getting stuck in the situation when she was attacked."
<Fu>"Damn, how long has that been? Only two months? O_o"
<Fu>"Anyways. Mala, Drake, should I just say the whole thing and you paint in the rest?"
<DrakeNero>"That seems acceptable."
<Fu>"Okay, so... Let's start with Snow White."
<Fu>"Miss Theresa, Mrs. Harris, I'm pretty sure you two have noticed those murders, yes? The ones that seem fairy-tale inspired, and connected to children of the local families?"
<StorytellerHelmet> Mrs. Harris nods. Patricia simply stares at the ground.
<Fu>"Ah... Miss Harris was... Briar Rose, right?"
<Fu>"There's a connection either way."
<Fu>He takes out the little prayer book.
<Fu>"Drake, Mala, and I aren't... normal people. Well, not fully. We have strange circumstances and places, but otherwise, we do our best to be sane. It doesn't always work."
<Fu>"Simply put, Drake found this a while ago."
<Fu>"And apparently, it gives some interesting history behind the town and the founding families."
<Fu>"There's a different side we can get into, that Miss Harris is stuck seeing now. There's others who can as well, but while Miss Harris is lucky enough to be only seeing it, we ended up on the other side and had to rip ourselves back out."
<StorytellerHelmet> Mrs. Harris, Patricia, and Theresa crane to look at the cult's bible curiously. When Mala comes back with the bound and beaten King of Masks, Mrs. Harris can't help but let out a scream. Theresa herself looks rather incredulous.
<Fu>"Back when Pine Falls was founded, it seems that... someone made a deal with someone on the other side."
<Fu>"Who can read Latin? :D"
<Fu>"We had to give it to Martin to do it for us, so that's what we know about it, other than a code in English involving the prayers in the back. I have been reading those."
<Fu>"Oh, and Bob's your uncle."* Malalooks somewhat sheepish at having beaten him so thoroughly senseless >_>
<StorytellerHelmet> Between the strange sights, the unbelievable story, the three women find little is actually explained in any way they can understand and each of them reacts differently. Patricia, knowing at least some of what was going on, tries to console her very confused mother and manages to get her to take a valium. Theresa is also confused, but in a more frustrated fashion.
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail, meanwhile, has been absent throughout the retelling.

  • DrakeNeroworries about her

<StorytellerHelmet> "So, wait a minute..." Theresa asks, pacing furiously. "... you're saying that some god that the founders called here is killing the descendants of the families? And that it just sent a whole ass-load of Pine Falls' very own boogey-men out into the city to eat everyone?!"
<Fu>"Only the ones who aren't marked, really. Which... It looks like it."
<StorytellerHelmet> "So Patricia isn't marked? What about our parents?"
<Fu>"I... I don't know. I'd have to ken again."
<Fu>"By the way." He adjusts his glasses, looking half-embarrassed. "You are, Miss Theresa."
<StorytellerHelmet> Theresa doesn't respond, not that she seems to know how.
<StorytellerHelmet> "Why didn't we know about this?" Mrs. Harris asks. "If this is true... how is it that we didn't know?"
<Fu>"Because the people who can see really, really would rather not?"
<StorytellerHelmet> The lights begin to fade in and out. The light from the city is more prominent in the dark moments and before the lights finally stabilize, everyone because frightfully aware of an odd noise. Like a low static in the air that they might have missed had something else not brought it to their attention.

  • Fusighs.
    <Fu>"I suggest you go check on Mrs. Franklin, Drake."
    <DrakeNero>"of course."
    <DrakeNero>He goes to find her.

<StorytellerHelmet> Out on the patio, Drake finds Abigail at the balcony, staring out at the city.
<DrakeNero>"Are you going to be okay?" he asks quietly.
<StorytellerHelmet> "... I don't know..." she replies, not turning away. "... we're close to the end."
<DrakeNero>"The end?"
<DrakeNero>"..of... the world?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "I doubt it." She shakes her head. "I just... "
<Fu>"Mala, it'd be best if you keep an eye on Ms. and Mrs. Harris..."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... I don't think my life goes far beyond this point."
<Mala>"Okay. o.o "* Fugets up and stands beside Theresa.
<DrakeNero>"if you're going to be like, shot on this patio, maybe we should go in."
<Fu>"And for fuck's sake, if you have to nail me, not tonight and not with the fucking baseball bat. DX"
<StorytellerHelmet> "I remember being in a cave," Abigail says, wrapping her arms around herself. "You were with me."
<StorytellerHelmet> "It was dark and wet, but I could hear someone saying something about stories."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... that's the furthest my life has gone so far... I've never gone past that point."
<StorytellerHelmet> Back inside, Patricia goes back to the den to sit beside her father. Mrs. Harris settles into the love seat and lets the valium work its magic. Theresa glares at Fu but says nothing as she sits back down on the easy chair.

  • DrakeNerolooks worried.

<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail is silent again for a few moments before she sighs and swiftly recomposes herself, looking once again like her normal, expressionless self. "I know this much -- we don't have much time. This city won't be here come morning if we don't put a stop to this madness."
<DrakeNero>"What's wrong? Tell me where or what I can do to stop it."
<StorytellerHelmet> "I'm not completely sure, but I know who can tell us," she says, turning her head back toward the house.
<StorytellerHelmet> "Mala..." Patricia whispers as she stares at her father. "... what do you think is going to happen to all of us?"

  • DrakeNerolooks
    <Mala>"I don't know. But I'm here. So if they come back, I'll just throw them off the balcony too. Don't worry."

<StorytellerHelmet> "My brother," Abigail says lowly, marching back to the patio door.
<StorytellerHelmet> "You won't leave us... right?" Patricia asks, squeezing her father's hand.

  • DrakeNerowalks with her

<StorytellerHelmet> The back door slides open for Abigail and Drake as they walk back inside, the elder Lady Franklin looking very determined. "Can anyone wake him up?" she asks, gesturing to the bound King.
<Mala>"Uhm. I dunno. >_> "* Fustands for a moment and then stands behind Theresa and begins massaging her shoulders, obviously to both comfort her and to work off some of his own nerves.
<Fu>"I'll try."* Fumoves from Theresa to try, but his nerves... don't help at all.
<StorytellerHelmet> "Very well." Abigail exhales and then crouches low next to King. After a moment, she whispers. "... Bob..."
<StorytellerHelmet> "It's time to wake up, Bob."
<StorytellerHelmet> The Winter King slowly rouses, murmuring something as blood oozes from his bruised mouth. Bit by bit, his swollen eyes open and he peers around the room. "... well... *COUGH*... well, well..."

  • Malalooms. She's good at that.* Fuis back behind Theresa, rubbing her shoulders again, trying to get a feel for the room.

<StorytellerHelmet> Theresa is not receptive at all to the shoulder rub. She moves away when Fu tries to touch her, clearly upset.
<Fu>... :(
<Fu>"It's not like I wanted you stuck in the middle of this, Miss Theresa. DX"
<StorytellerHelmet> "... what a... *HACK* ... morose bunch we have... *SPUTTER* ... here..." King forces out a chuckle, ejecting as much blood as breath. "... here I figured... you'd be happier to be... *COUGH* ... standing over... me..."
<Fu>"There is no court of true joy among us, Winter King."* Fugoes to find the first aid kit.
<StorytellerHelmet> "... Robert," Abigail says, moving beside Mala. "You remember me, don't you?"
<StorytellerHelmet> King is silent for a few moments save for a bit of hacking. After some time, he turns his head to the side. "... I can't take... *COUGH* ... to her..."
<StorytellerHelmet> (take = talk)
<StorytellerHelmet> "Why not?" Abigail demands, a bit of emotion in her voice.
<StorytellerHelmet> "... can't talk... *HACK* ... to her... "
<Fu>There's some sounds in the bathroom and the Fairest comes back with bandages and other things, silent as he kneels down to begin patching/cleaning up the Winter King.
<StorytellerHelmet> Fu does not find patching him up to be an easy task. Though bound and quite injured, he still finds it in himself to try and sink his teeth into Fu any time he tries to reach near him. "Don't... *COUGH* ... touch me, you worthless joke!"
<Fu>Fu keeps dodging, his face deadpan even as he works.
<StorytellerHelmet> "Don't think you'll... *SPUTTER* ... last the night! You're... you're all as good as... *COUGH* ... as good as dead! No, you... you'll WISH you were dead! HA HA!"

  • Malaleans in. And stares. She doesn't look terribly happy.
    <Fu>"That's it."

<StorytellerHelmet> "What's the matter, sticks? *COUGH* Want a closer look?" He proceeds to spit blood in her face.

  • DrakeNerohopes someone who isn't a changeling gets mad.* DrakeNeroedges over to Theresa.* Fugets up and walks over to Theresa.
    <DrakeNero>"...can you believe that? Look at him refusing Ryan's charity!"
    <DrakeNero>"Spitting in the eyes of our friends!" * Malawipes it off and calmly looks at. "Hmm."
    <Fu>"Don't be so cliche on him, Drake. He isn't even worth that."

<StorytellerHelmet> Theresa glares at Drake through narrow slits. She's rather good at that. "Why the fuck are you standing next to me? Shouldn't you be busy, I dunno..."
<Fu>"The story goes on without us, and we need to get going."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... HITTING ON MY MOM?!"
<DrakeNero>"I don't think you're angry enough."* Malawipes her hands off on the king. "Not very polite."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Oh, I'm so sorry... heh heh... *COUGH* ... what I meant to say was... you should take a moment to say goodbye to Peppermint Patty over there. Heh heh... *HACK* Goodnight and so long!"
<Fu>"The way she always flails about? Her anger is a child's, Drake." He adjusts his glasses.
<Fu>"Oh, and, King?"
<Fu>:D* Fureturns to whisper into the Winter courtier's ear.
<Fu>"I /fucked/ your niece in her dreams with Contracts."
<StorytellerHelmet> Fu can almost hear King gritting his teeth right before Theresa rushes him from behind and tackles him to the floor with a scream of bloody rage. "YOU FUCKING PRICK! YOU GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING WHORESLUT SHIT-FOR-BRAINS COCK-BITING..." The expletives go on for quite a bit and into territory that no man's mind should ever traverse.
<StorytellerHelmet> (2 bashing)
<Mala>" can do that?"* Fuis totally unsurprised, and actually takes the hits.
<Fu>"Miss Theresa, damn it, there's more important things to worry about than this! DX"
<StorytellerHelmet> "Theresa!" Abigail rushes to the two of them in attempt to pry her daughter off of Fu. King, meanwhile, laughs hysterically, occasionally coughing up more blood and howling when he can manage it.

  • Fugets up, looking mournfully at his probably now broken glasses.* Futakes out a second pair of identical spectacles and pushes them up like they are a child's security blanket.
    <Fu>"Is it out of your system yet? We shouldn't bother with the Winter King right now, something is happening."

<StorytellerHelmet> "Ha ha ha! Ooooooh *COUGH* That s good! Ha ha ha! Took you down kid... ha aha... *HACK*"
<StorytellerHelmet> Theresa flails wildly against her mother's grip, but somehow Abigail manages to get a lucky hold on her and pries the hysterical girl off of Fu.
<Mala>"You are rapidly wearing out your welcome." Mala seizes a fistful of the king's hair and hauls backward on it. "Remember your manners."
<Fu>"Well, yes. I deserve it." He adjusts his new glasses with a shrug.
<Fu>"Mala, can you knock him out again and throw him into the car? We should get back into town."
<StorytellerHelmet> King's chuckles are choked and blood runs out of his nose. "Heh heh... manners... not much for human etiquette, are you, Ma-La," he taunts, enunciating her name.
<Fu>"... Possibly to the Franklin estate and to that damn hollow."
<Mala>"At least I try.'
<StorytellerHelmet> "Try and... *COUGH* ... fail. You'll never be like them! You'll always be... *HACK* ... nothing but a TREE!"
<StorytellerHelmet> "You can't relate to... them! You don't even get it!"
<Fu>"Yeah, yeah, and I'm just a painting of luck. And you are just a man with no face."
<Fu>"No sense in not trying."
<StorytellerHelmet> "You try... heh... for all the wrong reasons... heh heh heh..."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... you'll get it soon... ha ha... *COUGH COUGH* ... you'll see what I mean..."
<Mala>"...yeah, I don't like you." She drags him to the wall, chair and all, by his hair, and uses said wall to shut him up.* Futakes out his eyeglass cleaning cloth and coughs, smiling slightly at the blood. "Well, at least it's sort of clearing my head."
<StorytellerHelmet> King makes a point of laughing all the way into unconsciousness. He goes limp once his head hits the wall and he becomes a little easier to manage.
<Fu>"Mrs. Franklin, was there a chapel at some point in the Franklin mansion?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "Chapel?" Abigail asks herself. "Not that I..."
<Fu>"I think... Fuck, the Hollow."
<StorytellerHelmet> "... wait, I... " She concentrates.
<Fu>"Guys, I think the Hollow may have a clue."
<StorytellerHelmet> Theresa finally calms herself and bats away Abigail's grip. Without a word, she grabs her coat and bat and walks toward the front door, grinding her teeth the whole way.
<StorytellerHelmet> Abigail watches her leave but leaves her be, pondering the situation. "We need to get answers from Robert," she says, turning to Drake. "He won't talk to me. One of you is going to have to interrogate him."
<DrakeNero>"Why me?"
<Fu>"Because I'm tapped out?"
<Fu>"And I'm not the best at scaring people."
<Mala>"I could do it."
<DrakeNero>" /we/ could do it."
<Fu>"Both of you."
<DrakeNero>"Yes, Fu."
<DrakeNero>"that's what I meant."
<Fu>"Do it on route to the manor."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Can we come with you?" Patricia asks, standing nervously.
<Fu>"There's a part you can't, but I think we can take you as close as possible?"
<StorytellerHelmet> "The estate should be safe enough," Abigail says, buttoning her coat. "As long as we stick together, we should be all right."
<StorytellerHelmet> "We should get moving."
<Fu>"I think... the chapel..."
<StorytellerHelmet> All right -- I'm going to cut scene here. We can proceed with interrogating next time.