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Chapter 27

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--»| YOU (Angelo) have joined #Nobilis
«Angelo» Wait!! I strike to the orca!
«Verithe» Yay!
«Knockwood» Hiya Angelo
«Random_Nerd» The orca parries.
«Angelo» Hi boys und Girls! :-)

  • Verithe throws confetti at Angelo!

«Knockwood» Then he swats you with his tail.
«Random_Nerd» This is what happens when you challenge a master of Whale Fu.
«BethE» Hi Angelo! *HUG*
«Knockwood» 5d12 damage and save to avoid drowning.
«Verithe» I read that as "Whale Flu"
«Angelo» damn I've poor whale saves!
«Knockwood» That's OK, I won everything.
«Angelo» but... do you see in an all new format or is only my browser that went crazy?
«Knockwood» What new format?
«Random_Nerd» Could be both.
«Angelo» the layout of the forum is all different
«Knockwood» No it isn't.
«Angelo» uhm... can be a ff4 mind trick then
«Verithe» The tags don't appear to be working correctly, yet.
«Verithe» Or, rather, I click on the Nobilis tag and there are several threads missing or not updated.
«Knockwood» are you sure those threads actually had the proper tag?
«Verithe» Yup. The anticipation thread is one of the missing/not updated ones.
«Random_Nerd» So, since we still have no Etheric, I guess the Return of Carrie will be another session.
«Random_Nerd» Okay, give me a moment to change gears.
«Knockwood» OK, OOC: you guys think dealing with the Cams this way is worthwhile?
«Knockwood» (reminds me of, even though I'm not using my iPad)
«Lazarus» (IRC99 + bluetooth keyboard = win)
«Verithe» I don't think we're going to get any more out of the Cams. I think I think the way they do on the matter.
«Knockwood» Damn it, this is an opportunity to get something.
«BethE» Not if they don't have anything to give.
«Angelo» Beth seconded
«Knockwood» Not applicable to the Cammorrae
«Verithe» We'd have to pay more to get near what we want.
«Knockwood» they have lots to give, almost by definition
«Knockwood» Well, it doesn't help that we don't know what we want...
«Angelo» yes Knock but not low hanging fruits
«BethE» They have lots to give for lots-to-the-power-of-lots for us to pay.
«Verithe» Yeah. So I suggest we leave them alone for now.
«Angelo» Ftisk want Ophaniel and a pony!
«Angelo» (more Ophy that pony)
«Lazarus» we can always get back in touch with the Cams later.
«Knockwood» Think we should get an IOU?
«Angelo» IOU?
«BethE» Hmm...
«BethE» I Owe You.
«Verithe» Perhaps, but it won't be much that they owe us.
«Knockwood» little note that acknowledges a debt
«BethE» I don't know what the Camms would charge for a night of sexing up Ophaniel.
«Angelo» thank for explaining
«Knockwood» for rezzing an entire office and preventing their rampaging ogre from eating the town?
«Angelo» peanuts knock they will pay peanuts
«Random_Nerd» Bear in mind, if it was their ogre, arguable you now owe them, too.
«Random_Nerd» What with how you handed it over to Hell and so forth.
«Verithe» The ogre wasn't their fault.
«Knockwood» ... so, if I dump my rabid pit bull into a preschool, and they manage to corral it and ship it off to animal control, everything that happens is their fault?
«Verithe» He was a tame, docile pit bull when they brought him in. Shirk infected him with rabies. Could have happened to anyone.
«Verithe» Walt was just unlucky.
«Random_Nerd» So, should we start, so you can discuss this IC?
«Angelo» yep
«Knockwood» OK.
«Knockwood» Conference room?
«Verithe» Alright.
=-= Verithe is now known as Kite
«Angelo» oki
«Kite» Sounds like a good place.
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
«Random_Nerd» _______START_____________
=-= Lazarus is now known as Brian

  • Ftisk rest on Dante shoulder

«Random_Nerd» William brings the coffee to the table.
«DanteE» "So, any word from the main Cammorra organization?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "They want to know if you wish for them to send in a new delegation. Even most of the 'survivors' in the current one are taking some sick leave."
«DanteE» "Any further word on rampaging ogres?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "They refuse to admit anything outright, but I suspect so."
«Theresa» "Wonder how much sick leave a hundred-thousand dollars can buy."
«DanteE» "Not that it matters, unless you have a better way to stop them..."
«Kite» "Get a cornucopia."
«Random_Nerd» William: "What interests me is that I've heard no sign of the nimblejacks having any problems."
--»| Etheric ( has joined #Nobilis
«Kite» (Yay!)
«DanteE» (Hiya Eth!)
«Ftisk» (Hola eth!!!)
«Etheric» ((Hello everyone. Sorry to show up late.))
«Brian» (yay!)
«DanteE» (Quick time out to get Hope started?)
«Brian» (Hope paid off!)
«Random_Nerd» (Hey. S'fine.)
«Random_Nerd» _____________STOP_________________
«Theresa» (Hi Etheric! *HUG*)
«Etheric» ((I was with a family member out shopping and hadn't realized how long it'd take.))
«DanteE» (I know the feeling. Female?)
«Ftisk» (brb)
«Etheric» *HUG* Good to see you Beth, and everyone else of course too.
«Etheric» And no, my dad actually.
«Etheric» Not that I don't agree that would be a bit typical, but I don't really have any female relatives who meet that cliché.
«Theresa» Dante - :p
«Kite» Shopping with my dad can be like that, at a hardware store.
«DanteE» So, what do you think of 3rd Ed?
«Etheric» It was more that I just didn't do the math -- I knew where we were going but didn't realize until we were underway that it'd take an hour there and an hour back.
«Ftisk» (back with a wool blanket)
«Etheric» Ah, it's very neat! I was kinda floored by the Lifepath system... There's enough to build a whole game around it, even if I didn't know anything else about the Light, Dark, Wild etc.
«Random_Nerd» Yeah. It's interesting, isn't it?
«Etheric» So, that's what I was hypnotized by during the whole of last week's session...

  • Etheric nods.

«Random_Nerd» I'm tempted to use it when coming up with NPCs, if I don't have any good ideas.
«DanteE» Not our scintillating conversation?
«Etheric» Unfortunately no. But if someone can give me a quick update, then I can figure out where Carrie should make her grand reappearance.
«Random_Nerd» Currently, everyone's in the conference room discussing the Camorra/Ogre situation.
«Etheric» RN, I'm going to take you up on your offer (from last week) of "start and figure out the stats later." But I'll want to hash out a little in direct message too, depending on how it goes.
«Random_Nerd» Okay.
«Random_Nerd» That works for me.
«Random_Nerd» So, would Carrie just come home to the clocktower, or what?
«Theresa» (OO, can have the Imp bring her up! ^^ )
«Ftisk» (cool idea!)
«Etheric» I'm currently trying to figure out what sort of stuff Persona would let me do, as far as a flashy entrance. I mean, I can be wherever hope exists (which is a bit broad), but I don't think that actually means teleport or anything, right? It's more like an Anchor lite effect, if I have it understood.
«DanteE» (You're met at the door by a little demonling, who somehow carries himself with an formal bearing despite smelling of sulphur.)
«Random_Nerd» Incarnation, you mean?
«Theresa» I can totally see Hope coming in with a blazing halo/nimbus around her.
«Etheric» I think that's the one. Persona 2 miracle?
«Random_Nerd» Yeah.
«Random_Nerd» That's more like inhabiting an anchor than it is like teleportation.
«Random_Nerd» That said, if you had something like "Hope sometimes appears unexpectedly," you could use a miracle of Emulation to show up.
«Etheric» Ah, there's an idea. And would that be a Bond?
«Random_Nerd» Estate property.
«Random_Nerd» But you might want to think a bit more before defining those.
«DanteE» unlike us. :)
«Etheric» Alright.
«Random_Nerd» I don't know, I think you guys came up with some pretty good ones.
«Random_Nerd» With unexpected functionality, too.
«Etheric» Nobilis is quite good at providing those sorts of functionalities, intentionally or no.
«Kite» We had at least a week to do so, anyway.
«Brian» Amyra, more than Numbers, came up with some interesting ones for me.
«Theresa» I only used my skill of Dancing (0) to seduce Carlos Santana.
«Etheric» I've had a week. Just can't keep my thoughts from going off on so may different tangents anytime I think about Nobilis. «.«
«Theresa» That would make..quite the mind map.
«Brian» oh right, my skill of Empathy (-1) I haven't been taking into account, but I suppose Aspect 0 covers perfect Empathy whenever Brian decides to care about it?
«Random_Nerd» Okay. Ready to start back up again?
«Kite» Ready!
«Ftisk» yeppity!
«DanteE» Sure
«Random_Nerd» (Actually, I don't think it does. Not perfect empathy, at least.)
«Random_Nerd» (Above-normal, certainly.)
«Random_Nerd» ___________START_________
«DanteE» (It would be excellent Fake Sincerity, tho)
«Random_Nerd» William: "Given the ogre situation, I would have expected to hear more about nimblejack freakouts as well."
«Random_Nerd» William: "But I haven't. Maybe they're just more subtle, though."
«DanteE» "Well, a nimblejack they can control..."
«Theresa» "Are they both that closely connected to Entropy?"
«DanteE» "Or stomp."
«Ftisk» "Yep Ogres are vicious!"
«Kite» "What is a nimblejack, exactly?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "I've never been clear on the details."
«Kite» "I mean, if ogres are predatory hunger, incarnate..."
«DanteE» "Looked like a little gargoyle..."
«Random_Nerd» William: "But as I understand it, they were originally creatures of... consequences, fate, that kind of things. But they spent a lot of time in hell, and crossbred with humans, demons, maybe other things."
«Ftisk» "anxiety incarnate?"
«Theresa» "That crossbreeding ... must have hurt."
«DanteE» "Probably not as much as Hell."
«DanteE» "Then again, there's a bigger problem..."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Like I said, I don't know the details."
«Random_Nerd» William: "And I like it that way."
«Random_Nerd» There's a knock on the door about seven inches up from the floor.

  • DanteE fires up the screen and calls up a globe.
  • Ftisk turn to the sound

«Theresa» (I think it's for you, Dante.  :) )
«DanteE» "Who is it?"

  • Carrie opens the door and walks into the room, finds an open chair, and sits down.

«Random_Nerd» Imp: "There was a human in the lobby. She says she knows you, so I showed her up."
«Ftisk» "Hi?"
«DanteE» "Hey, Hope! Long time no see!"
«Brian» "Hope!"
«Kite» "?"

  • Carrie smiles at Dante and Brian. "Good to see you as well. I didn't mean to interrupt."

«DanteE» "Right when we need you more than ever!"
«Theresa» "Carrie! How are you? Where have you been?" *comes over for a hug, if Carrie will take one*
«Theresa» (And was Carrie around for the first Jan Ben Jan bargaining?)
«Carrie» ((Afraid not.))
«Random_Nerd» Dante, Theresa, and Brian look pretty much the same. Dante looks more stressed, and Theresa is missing several fingers, but other than that, not much difference.

  • Carrie stands up again to hug Theresa, smiling.

«Ftisk» "Nice to meet you! I'm Ftisk, if you remember that Dante is mine we can go along fine! :-) "
«Carrie» ((Was around for the bony finger bit, actually.))
«DanteE» (not necessarily, remember, Dante is all about staying calm. :) )
«DanteE» (OK, _now_ he looks stressed. :P )
«Brian» (afk a sec)
«Theresa» "Carrie, this is Ftisk, Power of Data and Metal and Kite, Power of Assembly, both from Chancel Vulcan. This is our sister Carrie, the Power of Hope."
«DanteE» "Where have you been?"
«Random_Nerd» (Bony finger bit? In Mexico, you mean?)
«Carrie» "Good to meet you both."
«DanteE» (Machinery, not Metal)
«Kite» "It's a pleasure to meet you, Carrie!"

  • Ftisk ignore pesky Theresa that _don't remember_ my estate right never!

«Carrie» ((I think so? She lost her fingers during the Battle of Kaerkoven I thought.))
«DanteE» "Carrie here is the Power of Hope. She's been AWOL for a while."
«Random_Nerd» (This was something different.)
«Carrie» ((Ah, alright.))
«Random_Nerd» William: "I've seen to it that your rooms got a regular airing out, ma'am."

  • Ftisk wave "Is a pleasure to meet you"

«Kite» "Absent without leave? I hope Lord Kudzu isn't upset!"
«Theresa» (No, the Battle fried an arm to the bone. The fingers were given as payment to Jan Ben Jan, the Second Age and Imperator of Prophecy, for some answers.)

  • Carrie makes one small curtsy each to Ftisk and Kite, then shakes her head, smiling.

«Theresa» (And I at least get Data right!  :P )

  • DanteE is trying to track known Shirks on the map...

«Random_Nerd» (Are you using any Strike when checking for them?)

  • Ftisk keep an eye on Carrie for signs of interest in _my_ DanteE

«Carrie» "Please forgive Dante's phrasing. He only means that I was out of communication for a while."
«Theresa» (Man, what does it say that I've suffered the most battle damage of the group.)
«Kite» "Ah."
«DanteE» (Hey, you have both kidneys.)
«Carrie» ((It says you're the one who lets herself get dangerous?))
«DanteE» (Also says you're 'only' Durant.)
«Kite» (Kidneys were optional.)
«Random_Nerd» (Well, Theresa and Darkwing Duck /are/ never seen in the same place at the same time...)
«Theresa» (No capes!)
«Carrie» "At any rate, I am curious -- Dante, you mentioned a greater problem?"
«DanteE» "Yeah, world's ending. The usual."

  • Theresa takes her seat again. "Uh..we..may have started...a civil war against Entropy?"

«DanteE» "Not yet. And I still say that may not be the best idea..."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Well, it's not a war. Can you have a civil cold war?"

  • Carrie sits back down and makes herself comfortable, observing Dante's chart. She looks at Theresa for a moment when the civil war is mentioned, then smiles slightly.

«DanteE» to Carrie: "Entropy has apparently let in his old friend Shirk the Excrucian into Creation as an 'ambassador'."
«Carrie» "I believe that that is what distinguishes a cold war from a hot. Well, one of the distinctions."
«Ftisk» "Yep let me do a summary: Entropy got best friend with an excru and invited him in creation. They now are having picnic all over creation but the excru, let's call it shirk is a bastard"
«Carrie» "A picnic. Nothing too dangerous on the menu I hope?"
«DanteE» (Can I use my Passion: Figure Out What's Going On?)\
«Carrie» ((With me, or with the map?))
«Random_Nerd» (To do what?)
«DanteE» (Map)
«Ftisk» "yep on the surface picnic with shirk aren't dangerous but he is backstabbing at you during the picnic... well maybe"
«Random_Nerd» (Trying to analyze, looking for patterns?)
«DanteE» (Both.)
«DanteE» (We know where Patterns is. :) )
«Random_Nerd» (Nobody knows where Patterns is except Patterns.)
«Ftisk» (We know how contact him)
«Carrie» "It does sound troubling. However, the Darkest Lord was prophesized to bring about the war's end, was he not? Any 'ambassador' might, at least, be considered in that light..."
«Theresa» (Let's not bother Patterns at the moment.)

  • Carrie is thinking hard, furrowing her forehead.

«Random_Nerd» One pattern that you notice is that a slightly disproportionate number of the observable shirkings seem to be in the areas just outside chancels.
«DanteE» "Yeah, but said 'ambassador' is screwing with everything, including the Cammorrae. We just cleaned up after a rampaging ogre."
«Random_Nerd» (Looking inside chancels is trickier, of course, because most have an auctoritas.)
«Theresa» "True, dealing with an ambassador might end the war, but I was kind of wanting our side to win."
«Theresa» (He's trying to invade Chancels?)
«Kite» (Gasp! Let's get those Chancel members on our side!)
«Carrie» "Naturally. And given that it is even in his own Code, the Darkest Lord can hardly complain if we remain loyal to our own side..."
«DanteE» "And that pattern... looks ... troubling."

  • Carrie frowns.

«Carrie» "How so, screwing with the Cammorae?"
«Random_Nerd» Brian, you get the itch of an incoming prayer.
«DanteE» "It's in his name, 'Shirk'. He causes shirking of Duty just by his presence."
«Brian» (b)
«DanteE» "Which is apparently all that's keeping the Cams' ogres from eating people."
«Brian» *listens to the prayer*
«DanteE» "You're not squeamish, are you Carrie?"
«Theresa» "The local Camm office here in Amyra...their ogre reverted to mindlessness and went on a rampage."
«Random_Nerd» It's Sam. "Hey, boss. I thought I should tell you that the Power of Inevitability offered to trade you two and a half nimblejacks for me. I agreed I'd pass it along, but between you and me, I'd rather you declined."
«DanteE» "I wouldn't say 'mindlessness'..."
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "And I don't know what's up with the half."

  • Carrie widens her eyes as she hears Dante and Theresa.

«DanteE» (Considering what happened here...)
«Carrie» "Well, I wouldn't say 'squeamish' either, but you can save the details for another time."
«Brian» (to Sam) "Yeah. I'm not too fond of nimble jacks, and I kinda like having you around. Though see what he would want for a single nimble jack? Might be useful to have one to study."
«DanteE» "How did you characterize ogres, William? The embodiment of being treated as meat?"
«Theresa» "Well, it was shorthand for 'returning to their natural state of just being hunger and ripping of flesh'."
«Random_Nerd» After a minute or two, Sam says: "He says it depends how particular you are about quality."
«Theresa» (Can't Brian just study the remains we have?"
«Ftisk» (maybe he want a live one)

  • Carrie shivers. There's something about the topic that makes her deeply uncomfortable... more so than had been typical of her, before her sabbatical.

«Brian» (to Sam) "I would want a guarantee of sorts that it won't flip out and kill the Chancel. So, loyalty of the thing would have to be very good"
«Random_Nerd» William: "That was how Horrible Things talked about them. And she seemed to know a lot about ogres."
«DanteE» "She would."
«DanteE» "Looks like the incidents are surrounding Certain Places. What do we know about those places?"
«Random_Nerd» William goes and takes a look at the map.
«Random_Nerd» William: "I'd have to check my maps, but a lot of those look like they're happening more often at the borders of chancels."

  • Ftisk peeks at the map from Dante shoulder

«Random_Nerd» William: "I forget, were they more random than this, earlier?"

  • DanteE tries to get a handle on the timing of the incidents...

«DanteE» "Which chancels?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "I'd have to check and compare, but if I had to go from memory, I'd say Light and Wild chancels."
«DanteE» "... which one more, Light or Wild?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Not sure."
«Random_Nerd» William: "And even then, it's not just those two. But maybe a little more often?"
«Ftisk» "5 bucks on light"
«Kite» "I wonder why, that trend..."
«DanteE» "The ones dedicated to the survival of the human race and the ones led by expatriate Outsiders.
«DanteE» "Both very interesting."
«Theresa» "Wildlords are from Outside. That can be dangerous to Shirk or else may susceptible."
«Ftisk» "Because Shirk think them stink more than the others?"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Okay, I've done a bit of haggling. Remember that human leader you got in the lot from Hell? Not the king, the other one. Inevitability says he'll trade a high-quality nimblejack for her and two of the others of your choice. Uh, boss, I'm not entirely comfortable negotiating with this guy."
«Brian» (to the others) "We have an offer for a high-quality nimble jack in return for the leader from hell - not the king - and two others. Should we take or leave?"
«Ftisk» "What is Inevitalbility affiliation?"
«DanteE» "Bathory?"
«Brian» (to Sam) "Inevitability is a strange thing"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Hell."
«Ftisk» "ah"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Yeah. And boss, I think this guy /makes/ nimblejacks. Like, as a hobby. And I think he wants the people for, uh, raw materials."
«Theresa» "We took them out of Hell. They stay out until they die and therefore possibly go back."
«Theresa» (Which is why he wants a _woman_.)
«Ftisk» "Your choice T."
«Brian» (Brian will repeat Sam's last to the Familia)
«DanteE» "Depends on whether they can be redeemed.
«Theresa» (Eww, now I just thought of a human guy + female nimblejack. Eww.)
«Brian» (to Sam) "Yeah, I was leaning toward 'no', but even more so now"
«DanteE» "That one guy could... Bathory's ex-minion...
«Ftisk» "So ninblejacks represent inevitability?"
«DanteE» (Was Carrie here when we got those hell-souls?)
«Kite» "Hmm...he /makes/ nimblejacks..."
«Random_Nerd» William: "In non-floral heraldry, yes, they do."
«Theresa» "... It's not just my decision. They're members of the Chancel now. My vote is no, and it's a vote, not a demand."
«Carrie» ((No, she wasn't.))
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Glad to hear you say it ,boss."
«Theresa» (That makes a lot of sense, the heraldry.)
«DanteE» "... I'm inclined to agree with Theresa...
«Carrie» "If this is up to us, then I too must concur with Theresa. Our chancelfolk are not bargaining chips."
«Kite» "I have no say in the matter!"
«Random_Nerd» William: "For instance, I think the Power of the Chase has a nimblejack on his banner, and he's affiliated with Heaven, not Hell."
«Theresa» ( I'm thinking about what if he wanted to cross nimblejacks and Dionyl!)
«DanteE» to Carrie: "You weren't here when we rescued some people from Hell, were you."

  • Carrie gives a slight nod toward Dante. "I was not."

«DanteE» "Those are some folks you should meet, then."
«Brian» (... huh. Brian doesn't consider those Hell-souls Chancelfolk. His Bond wouldn't apply, but would his Affliction apply to them?)
«Random_Nerd» (Hmm.)
«Theresa» "Dante was...flirted toward by Entropy in a female form. This left blood on Dante's clothes and a cult member who worships Entropy traded former Amyrans for the clothes."
«DanteE» "One of them was a former King of Amyra."
«Random_Nerd» (It might for Aaron. He's sufficiently tied to Amyra. Some of the others, too, are /from/ Amyra.)
«Carrie» "...Intriguing."
«Random_Nerd» (But it wouldn't count for the random grab-bag ones.)
«Random_Nerd» (Not yet, at least. Give them a year, and things might be different.)

  • Carrie looks a bit uncomfortable, but almost uncannily so, in that she doesn't seem as much worried as just a bit disgusted by the image...

«Carrie» "Who was the 'leader' you had mentioned?"
«Brian» "Honestly, I don't really remember."
«Random_Nerd» William: "I don't know her name. She wasn't from Amyra, but she was the... gang leader? Boss? Of some of the ones that did."
«DanteE» "a manipulative bitch who's been trying to do ... something ever since we saw her."
«Carrie» "Alright. And these souls, are they preserved as ghosts, or something more?"
«DanteE» "They are apparently people."
«Ftisk» "You can give her to Inevitability ... for free"
«DanteE» "If she hasn't changed Inevitability may already have her."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Well, they're people. People who were of sufficient... moral status... as to go straight from Earth to Hell."
«DanteE» "William, any incidents involving her?"
«Kite» "Something like, reincarnated as humans in Hell?"
«Theresa» (Which image? Of Entropy hitting on Dante?)
«Random_Nerd» William: "As I understand it, that's easier than going to Heaven, but it still takes some doing."
«Random_Nerd» William: "She tried to slash her therapist's face with a piece of broken crockery, but it didn't require any stitches. She's firmly established control, since Aaron moved out of the compound."
«DanteE» "contro...? Uhoh."
«Ftisk» "Time to go and squish her?"
«DanteE» "We may need to.
«Ftisk» "Or sell her and his henchmen to inevitability?2
«Carrie» "Brian, please do not make any precipitous decisions until I have met this woman. I believe this may be a situation that would benefit from my personal attention. And..."

  • Carrie folds her hands in her lap.

«DanteE» "But I still don't like the idea of trading people to a Hell-power for nimblejacks just on general principle."
«Carrie» "If Hell is defined as the place of abandoned Hope, it is overdue."
«Random_Nerd» William has the facial expression of a man who would personally prefer not to sell people to Hell even if he doesn't like them, but will do it if ordered to.
«Kite» "It sounds as if you guys agree that you don't want to sell anyone to this guy."
«DanteE» "I suspect we need to remove her either way, though."
«DanteE» "Well... Brian, see what else he'll take."
«DanteE» "If you really want a nimblejack.
«Random_Nerd» William: "As near as I can tell, none of the others have significant leadership potential."
«Ftisk» "Then better take advantage of the offer, no?"
«Brian» (To Sam) "Decline, but find out how we can contact him again. See if he'll take favors or objects."
«DanteE» "Then again, you can always borrow the Imp..."
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Will do. How soon do you want me back up?"
«DanteE» "Oh, we got the imp as part of the deal."

  • Theresa isn't really too happy about the idea of importing our own nimblejacks for our own Zoo of Doom, but keeps her peace.

«Random_Nerd» William: "I've asked the demo...Lesson for advice concerning damned psychology, but he's remained adamant in his desire to not be around them in person."
«Brian» (To Sam) "Take your time - have the Aides made any progress on getting an appointment for Jerry-kun?"
«Random_Nerd» The imp gives a tiny diabolical bow to Dante.
«Random_Nerd» (He didn't start out as a butler. There have... been some miracles along the line.)
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "They have some people who want to talk to him, but he's currently on a cross-Ash trip visiting various Nobles."
«Carrie» ((Sounds reasonable. Butlers don't grow on trees after all.))
«Carrie» ((Yet.))
«Ftisk» "Hi Imp!"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "And I don't want to push too hard, what with how he's A, a god, and B, my ride back up from Hell."
«Theresa» (*cough*)
«Brian» (to Sam) "Then stay with him. He needs someone, and we need someone to keep an eye on him."
«Theresa» (That B is very important.)
«Ftisk» (we can go personally and take Sam back from Hell, A is important)
«DanteE» (Maybe not, if there's actually a City of Brass down there...)
«Random_Nerd» (Amyra reaches to Earth, a few places on Dionyl, maybe other nearby worlds if you try hard enough. Not Hell.)
«DanteE» (Did we ever think about a name for the Imp?)
«Random_Nerd» (Not that I can recall.)
«Kite» (We did think about one. Conclusions, on the other hand, were nebulous.)
«Ftisk» (wait, If a noble want can't travel the tree and go to Hell simply walking?)
«DanteE» (Hm... ISTR I liked Puck)
«Theresa» (Stephen!)
«Brian» (could I /create/ a Path to Hell? If so, would it be a Major Creation of Amyra?)
«DanteE» (Fry?)
«Theresa» (Could corruption travel said path?)
«Kite» (I recall Puck and you liking the name as well!)
«Random_Nerd» (Hmm...)
«Random_Nerd» (Motion, maybe?)
«DanteE» (Hold on. Do we want a path to hell here?)
«Carrie» ((Huh, good question. That sounds like the kind of thing that'd take Chancel Points in 2e. Can Motions do that or does it take a Project?))
«Brian» (So the answer is "with sufficient MPs"?)
«Random_Nerd» (And, yes, a Noble could walk to Hell. But it would take a while, even with Aspect.)
«Ftisk» (ok RN, thanks)
«Random_Nerd» (It's hard to move swiftly up the Ash without high-grade movement powers.)
«Brian» (Carrie: I have a pseudo-Estate of "Amyra", letting me use D and P miracles on Amyra. Since I have secondaries in both D and P)
«Random_Nerd» (Serpent-back is about as fast as you can get.)
«Carrie» ((Note to self: Invent World Tree hang-glider tomorrow before breakfast.))
«Carrie» ((And neat! That's what they recommend doing to simulate Realm, right?))
«Brian» (yep)
«DanteE» (We can have Ftisk put together an elevator...)
«Ftisk» (yep a baroque one!)
«Brian» (though I think it was only suggested for Domain, and not Persona. I've also got it twisted a bit by having the Chancel itself, and not "things of the Chancel" - look to T for that one)
«Theresa» (Stephen Fry! )
«Random_Nerd» (Persona is also mentioned.)
«Brian» (ah, good)
«DanteE» (That makes sense... Persona is what you'd use to make something like a 'thing of Amyra', and what would that be?)
«Theresa» (Yeah, I have Things of Amyra (2). )
«Brian» (My pseudo-Estate of Amyra lets me do some weird and funky things, but overall I don't really worry about trying to think what it can do until it comes up - like now)
«Random_Nerd» William: "So, do you want me to focus on dealing with our Hell-refugees, for the next week or two?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "To be fair, many of them /have/ been making progress in therapy."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Just... not quickly."
«DanteE» "I don't like that the worst remaining one has 'control', though."
«Theresa» "Therapy is a slow process. I am fine with them to continue."
«Kite» "Should she be isolated from the others or is there a reason why she has not been?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "There are advantages. She can keep the rest from struggling for leadership."
«Ftisk» "We can step in and rewire her thoughts?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Better one person in decisive control than two or three fighting over it."
«Carrie» "I would like to meet them. William, what protocol would you recommend? My own preference is to be as casual as is still clearly proper."
«DanteE» "... even better is to have someone outside the group in control."
«Random_Nerd» William: "There aren't really a lot of candidates for that."
«Ftisk» "lesson!"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Lesson could do it, but doesn't like the way he gets when he's around damned humans."
«Kite» "So, not Lesson."
«Carrie» "'Control' is a bit of a misnomer. Power relationships are predictated on dominance. That is unnecessary."

  • Ftisk grumble a bit

«Ftisk» "Imp then?"
«Kite» "That sounds like a bad idea."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Tricky. It is a demon, but not a very high-ranking one."
«Ftisk» ""Why Kite?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Let's see. Other individuals. Aaron's washed his hands of the rest of them, and since he actually seems to be integrating into society, I'm incline to say it's for the best."
«Kite» "He'll either go power hungry and do things which Dante, Theresa, Carrie....and perhaps Brian...don't approve."
«DanteE» "The Imp would either scare them silly or become a football inside a week."
«Kite» "Or the woman in question will punt him."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Lesson's assistant knows more of the philosophy of Hell than any other human here, but she isn't exactly gang leader material."
«Theresa» (20 quataloos on football if Bathory gets first chance.)
«Carrie» "Unnecessary... Please, if you are not certain, at least give me the chance to look at their integration. I do not think a 'leader' will be needed to ensure harmonious respect for Amyra's citizens. If I am mistaken, this may be revisited then."
«DanteE» "Well... we should survey the situation first anyway. And Carrie wants to see them."
«Theresa» (Darn, I missed the Kite comment.)
«Kite» "Maybe we should keep our eyes open for good talent we can hire from outside as we do our other duties."
«Ftisk» "Hey sound like a trip we can do now!"
«Carrie» "Always a prudent approach. I do have one unrelated question, before we turn to other pressing matters."
«Random_Nerd» William: "If you have a better solution, please, go ahead! Sam, Lesson, and I have been doing the best we can, but..."
«DanteE» (and there's always the direct approach.)
«Random_Nerd» William: "Yes, Domina?"

  • Carrie looks directly at Dante, now. "The Angel's offer. Did we accept his request?"

«Kite» "Or Outside....Brian? You're dabbling in summons, yes?"
«Brian» "Yeah, dabbling, but not really much beyond that."
«DanteE» "The trade for nimblejacks, you mean?"
«Brian» (to Carrie) "Um. That was several crises ago, if I remember right."
«Ftisk» "What offer?2
«DanteE» "Oh, Barakiel's?"
«Theresa» (Which Angel? *rubs forehead*)

  • Carrie nods to Brian. "I imagine as much. I was some time, coming to terms with what I learned from him..."

«Random_Nerd» William, to Ftisk: "Before your time."
«Ftisk» "Ohhh, "
«Theresa» "We did not."
«DanteE» "No. We went and checked with Imperators of Ages, and determined that his plan would not work.
«Brian» "Didn't we change his mind, too?"
«Brian» "Oh, you'd like Jan Ben Jan, by the way. Fun guy."
«DanteE» "Of course, Barakiel went with another plan, against the Third age."
«Brian» "Collecting body parts for fun and profit."

  • DanteE is avoiding naming names, after dealing with Patterns...

«Random_Nerd» William: "I understand that Ymera Barakiel has moved on to a different angle, in light of the... Shirk... situation."

  • Theresa wiggles her fingers. "Which is where these went. I gave up some fingers in exchange for information, as instructed by Jan Ben Jan's Code."
  • Carrie looks relieved as Theresa answers, but her eyes widen when Dante mentions another plan. To those with Aspect, it's clear she's hiding fear.

«DanteE» to William: "What different angle?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "I don't know the details. But I gather it has something to do with the Lawbreaker Shadows was summoning."
«DanteE» "... he's acting against Ol' Bloody-Hands."
«Random_Nerd» William: "So, something that involves immunity to law, morality, or both."
«Kite» "Speaking of different angles, what are /we/ doing next?"
«Brian» "I believe that Barakiel is on our side. Hopefully? ... oh crap, I think we're playing into his plan to murder ... that one."
«DanteE» "No, wait, Barakiel's not under Entropy's rules...
«DanteE» "... but his Familia is.
«DanteE» "He's enabling them to act."
«Ftisk» "yep"
«Brian» "Well, in the event of civil war, we wouldn't really be under Entropy's rule anyway, no?"
«DanteE» "William, any new insights from those Books?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "I'm... supposed to still be working on those?"
«DanteE» "There's a problem, though. Entropy's also the one prophesied to _save_ creation.
«Carrie» "Specifically, to save Earth."
«Carrie» "Correct?"
«Brian» "Perhaps he saves it through our actions?"
«Ftisk» "fun thing that the save word can have so many different meanings"

  • Carrie looks directly at Brian. "What is the Code Fidelitatis?"

«DanteE» "But he can't do that if he dies. And yet, I know he also can't destroy it.
«Brian» (OOC I can't remember which that is)
«Random_Nerd» (Entropy's law...)
«Carrie» ((Entropy's laws.))
«DanteE» to William: "Which is why your part is important.
«Carrie» ((And Carrie's going somewhere with this, don't worry.))

  • Theresa pats William on the shoulder. "I'm sorry that we're asking you to do so much, William. We know you're just one person."

«Brian» "Entropy's laws. Key word, there, Entropy's."
«Random_Nerd» William: "But you got the word on those straight from Ymera Jan ben Jan. That's way more solid than anything I'll be able to come up with. I thought I could just..."
«Random_Nerd» William, to Brian: "Is Sam going to be getting back soon, sir?"
«Carrie» "Correct. A 'lawbreaker' would affect more than simply those laws. But, perhaps, that is the motivation behind the act."
«DanteE» "William, what would it take to get the rest of the Aides behind you on this one?"

  • Carrie takes a moment to ponder, biting her lower lip.

«Random_Nerd» William: "Well, hmm. You mean the research staff, or the service people too?"
«Brian» "I'm not sure. He's depending on a Serpent ... unless we can get another Aide to Jerry-kun."
«DanteE» "Definitely the research staff.
«Theresa» (We can't take the entire Aide society. That would cost more than we can provide.)
«DanteE» "The service people come later, when we actually _act_."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Normally, it'd be impossible. But... hmm. Under the circumstances, if I say it's really important... I think I can swing it. You want them just looking at those books, or going over prophecies of Entropy in general?"
«Carrie» "'The innocent are the Nobles' charge.' The Chestnut Law. For practical purposes, the most restrictive part of the Code. Not, however, the most resented."
«Carrie» "Who is the Imperator of wrongful death?"
«DanteE» "We need the definitive word on both Entropy and Shirk, and possibly the other Kings as well."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Ananda?"

  • Carrie smiles slightly nodding to William. "Or perhaps I should say, wrongful killing. Yes. The Emperor to come."
  • Carrie now looks directly at Brian again.

«Random_Nerd» William: "Okay. I'll need some time to sell them on it, but I think I can do it. Is that my top priority right now?"

  • DanteE looks to the others.

«Carrie» "I would not worry that Ananda is endangered by Barakiel's plan. I would wonder if Barakiel's plan, such as it is, would play into the hands (if guilty ones) of Ananda."
«Random_Nerd» (Well, if a Lawbreaker is involved, then it /isn't/ wrongful killing.)
«Random_Nerd» (It's just morally neutral killing.)

  • Carrie says this smoothly, without blinking or even moving her head.

«Carrie» ((Is Murder, as an estate, dependent on law? Possibly, but I don't know that it is.))
«Random_Nerd» (Which is handy, if you want to kill someone but think that the God of Murder isn't on your side.)
«Brian» "well, more to the point, the civil war would allow Barakiel the chance to murder Murder."
«Random_Nerd» (Basically, if you work in concert with a Lawbreaker, your acts are outside the scope of morality and law.)
«Carrie» ((I see, alright.))
«DanteE» "... and the only thing we have to determine which way we should go is the prophecies."
«Random_Nerd» (For instance, Dante could lie to a Lawbreaker, and it wouldn't break his Honest quality.)
«Random_Nerd» William: "Well, not just those."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Entropy, Ananda... they're gods, but they're also /people/. They're predictable, in a way. Much more so than Barakiel, for example."
«DanteE» to William: "Yeah, top priority is to get the most accurate prophecies out of those books and wherever else you can get them."
«Theresa» "But is Entropy's being a dick being affected by the Excrucians?"
«DanteE» "You had an idea which ones were which, right?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Well, I don't think they're prophecies, as such. More... theories. Rumors. Slander, even, according to Ymera Jan."
«Carrie» "Slander?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Some of them seem to have been rewritten to make it look like Entropy is an Excrucian."
«DanteE» "Given what you've read... is he?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "My considered opinion is... does it /matter/?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "If he betrays Creation and sells us out to the star-eyed soul eaters, I don't really care if he did it because he's one of them or because he thought it would be funny."
«Random_Nerd» William: "And if he saves us all, he can be the bastard son of Lucifer and Cain for all I care."
«Random_Nerd» He pauses, collects himself, and adjusts his tie.
«Carrie» "The Darkest Lord is not an Excrucian. Our Lord Kudzu's words: 'He is like myself, fundamental to reality.'"
«Random_Nerd» William: "I apologize for speaking out of turn, sir."
«Theresa» "It was an impassioned speech, William."
«Random_Nerd» William: "Which reminds me. Do you still want me to try to find Cain?"
«DanteE» "Yeah, but Kudzu is from Outside.
«Ftisk» "But your side is a choice"
«Carrie» "I believe that the Emperor to Come would be more likely to have been born simultaneously to Abel's murder. William, is that consistent with the histories?"
«Ftisk» "... can even be that outside there can be allies for us?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Ananda's history is cloudy, and Aides records only go back seventy, eighty years."
«Carrie» "By definition, the Outside is unpredictable."

  • Carrie nods to William.

«Carrie» "If it were easily knowable, it would have been suppressed by now. Thank you for confirming this, however."
«Ftisk» "well maybe outside is unsuppressable ... is what lie out of the weirding wall and can be not finite"
«DanteE» (an eeerie silence descends upon the conference room...)
«Random_Nerd» William remains rather quiet, following his earlier outburst.

  • Carrie 's tone is offhand. "I rather suspect that he is a Magister of the Dark, and his counterpart, the Imperator of Destruction, Desecration and Scorn. This is nothing to rely on, but given that I was required, for my own sanity, to understand the Light and Dark, and the Code Fidelitatis, it is something that has been quite central to my thoughts for the past few cycles of the moon."

«DanteE» "... you think you've got a handle on the big split?"
«Carrie» "Less a handle, and more a capacity to act without betraying both at once. I..."

  • Carrie is at a loss for words for a few moments. Her voice is quiet, when she speaks again.

«Random_Nerd» William: "Have you tried talking to Eclipses about this? She has a rather similar job, if I understand it correctly."
«Carrie» "I was personally affected by my vision to the extent that I had to live both Codes, Light and Dark. And it was by accepting the Dark within the Light that I managed to alleviate my slumber. But..."

  • Carrie shakes her head, uncertain what more to say.

«Theresa» "It sounds like a difficult task."
«DanteE» "I wondered where you were."
«DanteE» "Sounds like you did a Vision Quest."
«Random_Nerd» (We should call it a night pretty soon, I think.)
«Ftisk» (yep I’m prepping breakfast)
«Carrie» "There was a cost, in that I do not know if I can sacrifice a single soul anymore. And my strength is more, but my presence is still finite. I am far more conscious of the enormity of the task. But the alternative was to live without saving them! I..."
«Brian» (yep! quarter after midnight! final health psychology lecture at 11:30!)
«Kite» (Sounds good.)
«DanteE» "... who is 'them'?"

  • Carrie is staring blankly into space, tears running down her cheeks. "I cannot. There is no... No peace." She looks at Dante.
  • Theresa comes over and holds Carrie, soothingly.

«Carrie» "Every human, past, present and future. That is why I called it a difficult task."
«Ftisk» "wow! What a task!"
«Carrie» ((Not Carrie's words, in reality, but she's a bit shellshocked, sorta. Please forgive her plagiarism Theresa?))
«Theresa» (No problem.  :) )
«Carrie» "So... I will need your help. And, I'll begin with the refugees, from Hell. It seems a good start. Small steps, first."
«Random_Nerd» (Here seem good?)
«DanteE» "Let's go there now."
«Theresa» (Sounds good to me.)
«Carrie» ((Leave it at that? Sure.))
«DanteE» (OK)
«Ftisk» (yep RN, good place to place camp)
«Brian» (sure)
«Random_Nerd» __________STOP_____________
=-= Kite is now known as Verithe
=-= Carrie is now known as Etheric
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
=-= Brian is now known as lazarus
«Angelo» Nice last statement Etheric :-)
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
«Etheric» Thanks.
«BethE» Indeed! Welcome back!
«Knockwood» Yes indeed, welcome back
«Angelo» yep welcome back even if I wasn't here when you was here
«Etheric» Any thoughts on my conspiracy theory about Lord Entropy, by the way? I'm not even sure if it's mine -- I have a strange halfway memory that I read it on the Nobilist years ago. But the topic kept nagging at me until I pieced it together.
«Etheric» You were, Angelo, I think... You played James for a while, right?
«lazarus» welcome welcome! Glad to have you back :)
«Angelo» nope never been James
«Etheric» When Snow was in the group. Alright, not you then. Must have been someone else.
«Angelo» can have been a lurker then
«Etheric» I know we had a second James, with (I thought) a similar name.
«Etheric» Ah, might have been!
«Etheric» Yeah, I could have confused you with that short-term player then.
«Random_Nerd» I think we technically had three Jameses.
«Random_Nerd» But one was only for one session.
«Angelo» course of James strike hardest
«Etheric» First one was named VBH, right?
«Verithe» Do the three include Herb?
«Knockwood» heh... 3 James, 1 Herb (with ninja), and now an NPC living on the moon
«Etheric» Oh, question -- What kind of Imperator is Vulcan? Dionyl, do I remember right?
«BethE» True God.
«Etheric» Ninja Urbanization. What a combo.
«Knockwood» True God.
«Etheric» Ah, alright.
«Knockwood» Roman God, remember
«Etheric» Well, I know. But that doesn't mean he's literally a True God.
«Random_Nerd» Yeah.
«Verithe» Vulcan is a True God of Earth
«Random_Nerd» But this one's both.
«Etheric» Makes sense.
«Angelo» there was a discount a take 2 pay one on gods :-P
«Etheric» As an aside -- it's because True Gods usually have estates that don't depend on humanity, that I think Entropy couldn't be one.
«Knockwood» Actually, does this mean we'll be devoting more energy to Carrie's Vision?
«Etheric» I mean... permanent Destruction? Scorn? Desecration? That definitely sounds, to me, like the dark side of humanity's survival urge.
«Etheric» And maybe? It's sort of broader, in her mind, now.
«Etheric» Like a call to save everything and everyone.
«Etheric» But she still intends to fulfill the prophecy too. It's just not one of the things she was able to make sense of in hibernation.
«Knockwood» The Call of the Mighty Diety PC
«Etheric» So, she does what she knows how.
«BethE» (Cats are totally Scornful.)
«BethE» (Guys, I need to get to bed. *HUGS* Welcome back, again, Eth!)
«Verithe» Take care!
«lazarus» (I should be off too. g'night!)
«Random_Nerd» But, on the other hand, what would it say about the setting that Scorn, Destruction (non-angelic flavor) and Desecration were invented by humans?
«Etheric» Oh, sure. But are they Scornful because the Estate of Scorn exists, or does the Estate of Scorn exist because of cats? The world may never know.
«lazarus» (I don't remember exactly when my exams are, but I may be missing next week due to early exam the next day)
«Etheric» It just seems less likely to me that they'd be sufficient to make an Estate of it.
«Knockwood» (g'night Beth, laz)
«BethE» (I don't wanna think of Entropy as a catgirl...)
«Angelo» night!
«Etheric» And RN, I don't know exactly, but the way I figure it is, the difference with Cain is that he destroyed humanity's innocence.
|«-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
|«-- lazarus has left (Disintegrated: lazarus)
«Random_Nerd» Well, the Fall had a lot to do with that.
«Knockwood» didn't Eve do that?
«Etheric» That isn't something that was possible, before. The ending of emotional states left different emotions, maybe freer, maybe brighter or darker. But nothing permanent.
«Etheric» From what I read in the GWB, both Adam and Eve were quite innocent even after eating. I mean, each stayed true to their "wisdom" without questioning it.
«Random_Nerd» For certain values of "innocent."
«Etheric» It was Cain who underwent the first human psychological breakdown that *didn't* involve miraculous fruit. That's something!
«Knockwood» ah.
«Etheric» And sure, granted. Maybe I should find a better word for what disappeared at that point.
«Knockwood» no, I think 'innocence' works
«Etheric» But to me, it seems a bit like what happens when you learn that there are starving people in the inner cities, for the first time, by meeting one, at age six.
«Etheric» And that's just not something that Eden could have taught, fruit or no fruit.
«Random_Nerd» You know, Adam and Eve's kids probably had an interesting homelife. Just a step from being Imperators, but knowing that it's all downhill from their. And a dad with his head full of the Dark and a mom with her head full of the Light.
«Etheric» Anyhow, it was a bit unexpected that I actually mentioned that... I'd decided Carrie had concluded that about Entropy but was going to keep it to herself.
«Etheric» But, something in the way the conversation kept dancing around Entropy made it impossible for me to keep on not mentioning it.
«Knockwood» and boning animals.
«Etheric» Indeed!
«Random_Nerd» True, there was that as well.
«Random_Nerd» But bear in mind, this was while everything was Mythic.
«Knockwood» (Really, nobody mentions where that second generation came from...)
«Random_Nerd» So you could, like, have a conversation with an animal.
«Etheric» Ah, that's true! Or a river or a tree.
«Etheric» "Nymphs" having real physical existence.
«Random_Nerd» Yeah.
«Etheric» But I'm pretty sure the GWB says animals. Although that might not rule out features of the landscape.
«Random_Nerd» Eh, it was a one-sentence blurb in a timeline.
«Knockwood» Well, going by the giant...
«Random_Nerd» I'm entirely comfortable with mythic spirits and the like being included.
«Etheric» Anyhow, I'm really glad to be back! Now I just have to figure out how to write Carrie up again...
«Random_Nerd» Well, wasn't the giant post-Prosaic?
«Knockwood» Oh, do any of us get Destiny?
«Etheric» RN, I'll email you, or... Is there any messenger program you regularly use these days?
«Random_Nerd» Google chat, sometimes.
«Random_Nerd» Which projects?
«Etheric» Alright. If I have time this weekend I might be on, to discuss Carrie's rebuild. If not, I'll email you a draft.
«Random_Nerd» Okay.
«Knockwood» "Pretend we know what we're doing", "Bumble around like idiots" and "Work William to death". :)
«Random_Nerd» Heh.
«Random_Nerd» Did his rant seem out of character?
«Knockwood» no, it means he's been around me too long. :D
«Verithe» No. It feels more like a development of his character.
«Random_Nerd» He really hopes Sam gets back soon.
«Random_Nerd» So there's someone else to distract you.
«Knockwood» well, maybe if he can get help with Aides research...
«Random_Nerd» Okay, I'm heading out.
«Knockwood» meanwhile, we can stat up Squinty
«Verithe» Take care
«Random_Nerd» See you all next week.
«Knockwood» cya next week, RN
«Verithe» I'm going to head out, too.

  • Verithe waves.

«Knockwood» same, Verithe
|«-- Verithe has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.13/20101203075014])
|«-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: )
«Knockwood» Well, good night guys... and good luck surviving April Fool's Day
«Knockwood» cya next week
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Chapter 27