Session 20 of Pine Falls

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[2009-04-17 18:37:57]
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[2009-04-17 18:43:05] <Seras> I'm gonna die.
[2009-04-17 18:43:15] <Astra> Drake or you? :p
[2009-04-17 18:43:30] <Seras> Drake.
[2009-04-17 18:43:40] <Astra> Fu is half of his health.
[2009-04-17 18:43:50] <Seras> so is Drake
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[2009-04-17 18:44:05] <Astra> How many do you have left?
[2009-04-17 18:44:08] <Seras> 4.
[2009-04-17 18:44:09] <Astra> Fu has three.
[2009-04-17 18:44:29] <Konpeito> Uhm.
[2009-04-17 18:44:40] <Astra> Khayin. #peanutgallery
[2009-04-17 18:44:44] <Konpeito> Frack, that's on the lappy >_>
[2009-04-17 18:44:50] <Konpeito> I think I took 2 damage? >_>;
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[2009-04-17 18:45:09] <Khayin> 'Alo, everyone :)
[2009-04-17 18:45:13] <Astra> Kon.
[2009-04-17 18:45:37] <Konpeito> I keep track of that stuff locally, it's faster than waiting for the wiki to save and refresh
[2009-04-17 18:45:41] <Astra> Aaah.
[2009-04-17 18:46:06] <Khayin> Hope everyone had a nice week
[2009-04-17 18:46:43] <Seras> it was ok
[2009-04-17 18:47:04] <Konpeito> I had a wonderful weekend of crossdressing and dancing and a subsequent awful week of hacking my lungs up (yey)
[2009-04-17 18:47:34] <Khayin> Yay for crossdressing and dancing! Boo on hacking lungs up! >_<
[2009-04-17 18:47:46] <Khayin> Yeah, it's gettin' around time for the allergies of death here in Eugene.
[2009-04-17 18:47:47] * Konpeito is still waiting for pics :<
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[2009-04-17 18:49:36] <StorytellerHelmet> All right, let's see if we can do a little catching up tonight.
[2009-04-17 18:50:09] <StorytellerHelmet> Last time, there was a bit of speculation, interrogation, and revelation.
[2009-04-17 18:50:11] * DrakeNero wails on the helemt
[2009-04-17 18:50:14] <DrakeNero> Hlemet
[2009-04-17 18:50:14] <DrakeNero> HEL
[2009-04-17 18:50:16] <DrakeNero> MET
[2009-04-17 18:50:20] <StorytellerHelmet> :D
[2009-04-17 18:50:55] <StorytellerHelmet> I upgraded the helmet -- it now screws with the typing of whoever makes at attack against it at Step 10 reflexively. ;)
[2009-04-17 18:51:12] <DrakeNero> fuck.
[2009-04-17 18:51:17] <DrakeNero> Is that Shaping?
[2009-04-17 18:51:27] <StorytellerHelmet> Yes, but it only lasts for a scene.
[2009-04-17 18:54:03] <StorytellerHelmet> The group attempted to get some answers out of King of Masks and was not quite as successful as they might have hoped. After explaining a little bit of what has been going on to Mrs. Harris and Theresa Franklin, Theresa apparently took offense to something Fu said and starting giving him a beatdown until her mother pried her off. Abigail, for her part, is more concerned with questioning...
[2009-04-17 18:54:05] <StorytellerHelmet> ...the Winter King -- who is in fact her brother, Robert. Unfortunately, King says that he can not talk to her.
[2009-04-17 18:55:51] <Fu> Fu wants to go to the Mansion, and from there to the Hollow.
[2009-04-17 18:56:04] <Fu> He has a /bad/ feeling he knows where it will go down.
[2009-04-17 18:56:54] <StorytellerHelmet> "The estate should be safe enough," Abigail says, buttoning her coat. "As long as we stick together, we should be all right."
[2009-04-17 18:57:24] * DrakeNero nods.
[2009-04-17 18:57:43] <Fu> "It's not just that."
[2009-04-17 18:57:51] <Fu> "Drake, the chapel?"
[2009-04-17 18:58:05] <DrakeNero> "What about it?"
[2009-04-17 18:58:25] <Fu> "We found the book there, and how many of the families are left?"
[2009-04-17 18:58:32] <Fu> "I think we may find more clues there."
[2009-04-17 18:59:50] <StorytellerHelmet> "Is Theresa, um..." Patricia glances toward the front door where Theresa had stormed out a few minutes ago.
[2009-04-17 18:59:59] <DrakeNero> "You might be onto something."
[2009-04-17 19:00:06] <DrakeNero> "I'm loathe to go into the Hedge already wounded."
[2009-04-17 19:00:31] <Fu> "The Hollow will be safe."
[2009-04-17 19:01:07] <Fu> "Ah, I think Miss Theresa is just getting really upset by the fact that no one is explaining this stuff to her. ^_^;"
[2009-04-17 19:03:16] <Fu> "We probably should get going. With King in tow."
[2009-04-17 19:03:30] <StorytellerHelmet> "Wh... what happens to us, then?" Mrs. Harris asks, sitting next to her still-unconscious husband on the couch.
[2009-04-17 19:03:35] <DrakeNero> "Alright. let's do this."
[2009-04-17 19:04:33] <Fu> "I think it'll be safe here." Fu takes a deep breath.
[2009-04-17 19:05:46] <StorytellerHelmet> "Hope so..." Patricia says softly, clutching the rather large shotgun. "Are you going to be all right, Mala?"
[2009-04-17 19:06:05] <Mala> "Hm? I'm fine." She's only bleeding a little...
[2009-04-17 19:06:14] <Mala> (1B 2L, I should note)
[2009-04-17 19:06:25] <Fu> (Fu is the other way around. XD )
[2009-04-17 19:06:41] * Fu winces as he gets up, adjusting his glasses.
[2009-04-17 19:07:50] <StorytellerHelmet> Nodding, Abigail strolls out to Drake's car, quickly losing herself in thought.
[2009-04-17 19:08:28] <Fu> Fu walks as well, wincing even as he smirks inwardly.
[2009-04-17 19:09:05] * DrakeNero looks uneasy, but unlocks his car.
[2009-04-17 19:09:10] <DrakeNero> Gets in, starts it.
[2009-04-17 19:09:57] * Fu gets in as well, talking a deep breath.
[2009-04-17 19:10:12] <Fu> "We'll have company in the Hollow, but at least she'll not be hostile."
[2009-04-17 19:10:37] <Mala> "That will be a welcome change."
[2009-04-17 19:10:59] <StorytellerHelmet> (Perception -2)
[2009-04-17 19:11:00] <Mala> Mala crams the somewhat out-of-sorts winter king into the car and takes a seat.
[2009-04-17 19:25:33] <StorytellerHelmet> The drive back to the Franklin estate proves a bit more difficult than earlier. More and more, the fog has blanketed the city -- obscuring visibility of the road and making the path down from the Harris cabin on the hill rather treacherous. Not only that, but it becomes clear to everyone that there are things moving around in the misty darkness.
[2009-04-17 19:26:59] <StorytellerHelmet> As Drake drives along, everyone in the car notes figures darting about in the corner of their vision. Every other minute, one seems to draw close enough to see but vanishes back into the fog when anyone turns to look.
[2009-04-17 19:27:17] * Fu is keeping his eyes open and watching the fog distrustfully.
[2009-04-17 19:27:34] * DrakeNero drives with one hand, the other is on his gun
[2009-04-17 19:28:01] <Mala> Mala is Mala. That's reason enough for Things to stay well clear.
[2009-04-17 19:29:13] * Fu checks his watch.
[2009-04-17 19:30:28] <StorytellerHelmet> It's almost 9pm.
[2009-04-17 19:30:45] <Fu> "For the love of fucking god..."
[2009-04-17 19:30:56] <Fu> "We are going to have a long night, I think."
[2009-04-17 19:31:35] * Fu claps Drake's shoulder, dropping glamour on him in hopes he doesn't cock up the drive.
[2009-04-17 19:31:35] <DrakeNero> "Why?"
[2009-04-17 19:31:48] <Fu> "It's only about 9 pm?"
[2009-04-17 19:32:02] <DrakeNero> "Oof."
[2009-04-17 19:32:10] <StorytellerHelmet> (Drake, please give me a Dexterity + Drive roll, please. +3 for the car's handling, -3 for visibility and speed)
[2009-04-17 19:33:07] <Fu> "So, a little luck on the way."
[2009-04-17 19:37:27] <DrakeNero> "Thanks."
[2009-04-17 19:37:38] <StorytellerHelmet> The luck was useful when suddenly the drive went from treacherous to outright hostile. Suddenly, creatures were leaping out of the fog and toward the car -- in its path, behind it, and all around it. Drake had to react quickly to maneuver around the fiends as best as he could, but he could feel them slam against the hull and scrape at the windows. Everything happened so fast that no one...
[2009-04-17 19:37:40] <StorytellerHelmet> ...could catch more than a glimpse of the horrors outside, but they most definitely did not look like your average friendly fairy tale creature.
[2009-04-17 19:38:34] <Fu> "And that's why I did it."
[2009-04-17 19:38:46] <DrakeNero> "Double thanks."
[2009-04-17 19:38:54] <DrakeNero> "Remind me to have turrets installed on the car."
[2009-04-17 19:39:19] <Fu> "This isn't a video game."
[2009-04-17 19:39:59] <Fu> "... Granted, I think someone I know in LA could know a few people who would be able to."
[2009-04-17 19:40:11] <DrakeNero> "We'd be able to replay the beginning of this level if it were."
[2009-04-17 19:40:15] <StorytellerHelmet> The things screeched and howled, leaping against the car and clawing at it, seeking the soft meat inside. The sounds grew to a cacophony of monstrous shrieks like that of some demonic murder of crows that hand overtaken the town. Through it all, it almost sounded like there was a great bellowing sound building up in the distance.
[2009-04-17 19:40:21] <DrakeNero> "I also wouldn't be so worried about dying."
[2009-04-17 19:41:32] <Fu> "Bright side, we have cheat codes."
[2009-04-17 19:41:41] <DrakeNero> "That we do."
[2009-04-17 19:42:27] <Fu> "I'm still annoyed I couldn't get much out of Theresa. Christmas is going to be a bitch."
[2009-04-17 19:43:25] <DrakeNero> "You mean Glamour?"
[2009-04-17 19:43:34] <Fu> "Yes."
[2009-04-17 19:43:37] <Fu> :/
[2009-04-17 19:43:44] <DrakeNero> "Me neither really"
[2009-04-17 19:44:28] <StorytellerHelmet> Drake manages to avoid any serious accident for the rest of the journey, though it feels rather close at several points. The path toward the estate is clear, thankfully, but even Abigail seems wary. "All the cars from the party are still here, it seems," she says, looking toward the side lot.
[2009-04-17 19:44:48] <Fu> "... How many of them are from the founding families?"
[2009-04-17 19:47:10] <StorytellerHelmet> "I'm not sure -- I don't really stick around when Isaac decides to throw a party."
[2009-04-17 19:47:22] <Fu> He is silent for a moment.
[2009-04-17 19:47:40] <Fu> "I think we should go into the Hedge. Now. I don't think we should let our selves be seen by anyone."
[2009-04-17 19:49:19] <StorytellerHelmet> "And how do you go into the Hedge, exactly?" Abigail asks.
[2009-04-17 19:49:42] <Fu> "A door." He smiles. "Let's find a door not many people use?"
[2009-04-17 19:50:40] <Fu> "There's also two doors to the hollow in your house, but... do we want to risk people seeing us going in?"
[2009-04-17 19:50:53] <DrakeNero> "Can we dodge the party?"
[2009-04-17 19:51:20] * Fu looks to Abigial.
[2009-04-17 19:51:52] <StorytellerHelmet> "Yes... I often use the servant entrance. There are side passages that they use to stay out of the way. I often use them to stay out of sight during these parties, actually."
[2009-04-17 19:52:04] <DrakeNero> "Well show us!"
[2009-04-17 19:52:13] <Fu> "Let's get going then. I can take us to the Hollow itself then."
[2009-04-17 19:52:38] <Fu> "... And as a note, I only have used the door I know of /once./ >_<"
[2009-04-17 19:53:18] <Fu> "I can work the door, it's just the location may... >_>;"
[2009-04-17 19:53:41] <DrakeNero> "May....?"
[2009-04-17 19:54:21] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail walks briskly past the garden and around the back to a small, unobtrusive doorway outside the normal pathways. She brings out a key and unlocks it, opening the door to a supply room which leads out to a cramped, dimly lit corridor.
[2009-04-17 19:54:21] <Fu> "Remember that shiner I got when we were here?"
[2009-04-17 19:54:39] <DrakeNero> "vaguely."
[2009-04-17 19:54:48] <Fu> "Theresa thought I was a bugular. I came out near her room."
[2009-04-17 19:54:58] <DrakeNero> "Ah."
[2009-04-17 19:55:37] * DrakeNero pursues Abigail
[2009-04-17 19:56:13] * Fu makes sure that Mala is with them and then follows.
[2009-04-17 19:56:39] * Mala lugs the winter king. Though for her it's less lug and more casually carry around like he weighs nothing.
[2009-04-17 19:57:35] * Fu leads the way to the Hollow.
[2009-04-17 19:57:49] <StorytellerHelmet> After ascending a couple flights of stairs, Abigail opens another door and passes through a laundry room, leading to a prep room that discreetly feeds into the end of the second floor. Making sure no one is around, Abigail leads the others down the hall and toward the bedrooms.
[2009-04-17 19:58:12] <StorytellerHelmet> "Which one?" she asks.
[2009-04-17 19:58:18] * DrakeNero looks at Fu
[2009-04-17 19:58:36] <Fu> "Follow me..."
[2009-04-17 19:58:56] * Fu leads the way, thankful that he isn't looking at anyone. He is... sort of turning a bit red.
[2009-04-17 19:59:35] <StorytellerHelmet> Fu walks toward the room to the south of the bathroom and opens it, hoping it doesn't creak as bad as last time. The room is as musty as he remembers it.
[2009-04-17 20:00:03] <StorytellerHelmet> "... ah..." Abigail replies after seeing which room he had entered. She follows nervously.
[2009-04-17 20:00:30] <Fu> Once everyone is in, he takes a deep breath and states, "Anna-Echo, if you can hear me, could you let us in?"
[2009-04-17 20:01:29] <StorytellerHelmet> A few moments of silence pass. It almost seems as if nothing happened, but then everyone can hear a thump from within the closet.
[2009-04-17 20:01:43] * Fu opens the closet with a hint of a smile.
[2009-04-17 20:03:11] <StorytellerHelmet> For Mala and Drake, the difference from the last time they came to the Hollow is dramatic. It doesn't even look like the same place anymore. For Fu it is also disturbingly different, though not entirely unsurprising. Anna has apparently been busy.
[2009-04-17 20:03:22] <Mala> ""
[2009-04-17 20:03:27] <DrakeNero> "...damn."
[2009-04-17 20:03:33] <Fu> ^_^;
[2009-04-17 20:04:37] <StorytellerHelmet> The whole hollow seems more like a mock castle -- like someone's vision of a fairy tale castle. The decor is flashy, but the biggest addition seem to be the rather astounding gathering of paintings all over the place.
[2009-04-17 20:05:07] * DrakeNero looks at the paintings
[2009-04-17 20:05:15] <Fu> o___o;
[2009-04-17 20:05:34] <Mala> "Those are new. o.o "
[2009-04-17 20:05:36] <Fu> .... Three seconds and Fu looks like he is about to choke.
[2009-04-17 20:05:49] <Fu> "... All I did was tidy things up. >_>;"
[2009-04-17 20:05:59] <StorytellerHelmet> (Perception)
[2009-04-17 20:07:10] <StorytellerHelmet> When you first entered, it almost looked like the paintings were watching you. Now you know they actually are -- you can see some of the figures inclining their heads to look at you. "... welcome home, my prince..." soft voices echo throughout the halls.
[2009-04-17 20:07:21] <Fu> ...
[2009-04-17 20:07:28] <DrakeNero> "My *prince* ?"
[2009-04-17 20:07:34] <StorytellerHelmet> "... you were gone so, sooo long..."
[2009-04-17 20:07:43] * Fu looks away, turning red.
[2009-04-17 20:08:09] <DrakeNero> "Don't tell me.." A smirk tugs at his lips, "That the Hollow has the hots for you."
[2009-04-17 20:08:13] <Fu> "School is something I have to do, and I did visit. Other times, I was too hurt."
[2009-04-17 20:08:23] <Fu> >_<
[2009-04-17 20:08:27] <StorytellerHelmet> "... stay with me now... don't leave again..." the voices say, at the same time others whisper, "... stay... stay..." and "... my prince..."
[2009-04-17 20:08:58] <Fu> "There's people outside that I have to help, Anna Echo." He is definitely walking now, heading for the chapel. "I need to make sure they are safe."
[2009-04-17 20:09:06] <StorytellerHelmet> After the last of you enters, the door shuts behind you.
[2009-04-17 20:10:28] <StorytellerHelmet> "... no people here..." "... only Anna..." "... stay... stay..." "... no one in the chapel..." "... so lonely..."
[2009-04-17 20:11:07] <Fu> "No one here, but there are those outside.  :< It's cold out there, and it isn't fair to them. I can help them." He winces as he keeps walking.
[2009-04-17 20:11:11] * DrakeNero shakes his head. "Lead on."
[2009-04-17 20:11:38] <Fu> "Either way, these are my friends, Mala and Drake. I told you about them while I was cleaning, remember? Mistress Franklin is a mother of a friend as well."
[2009-04-17 20:11:55] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail's expression betrays a hint of distress. "... why is the house calling itself Anna?"
[2009-04-17 20:12:13] <Fu> "When I asked for a name, that's what she gave."
[2009-04-17 20:12:20] <Fu> "Well, she said Mala first."
[2009-04-17 20:12:36] <Fu> "I call her Anna Echo because she is just that, echoes."
[2009-04-17 20:12:44] <StorytellerHelmet> "BOB LOVES ANNA..." the halls echo loudly.
[2009-04-17 20:12:49] <Fu> "When she first turned up, she knew one- that one."
[2009-04-17 20:13:14] <StorytellerHelmet> "... Anna loves Bob..." "... loves her prince..."
[2009-04-17 20:14:05] <StorytellerHelmet> Drake, having seen a bit more of Abigail than the others, notes a rather odd mix of emotions in her usual poker face expression.
[2009-04-17 20:14:22] <Fu> "My name is Fu, damn it." He stops and removes his glasses to clean them.
[2009-04-17 20:14:35] * DrakeNero puts a hand on her shoulder.
[2009-04-17 20:15:34] <StorytellerHelmet> The hollow does not hinder their progress, but Fu notes that the whispers seem to be less frequent now and there is creaking here and there. Like the wood is being strained.
[2009-04-17 20:15:50] <Fu> "Anna Echo, is there something wrong?"
[2009-04-17 20:16:03] <DrakeNero> "This place gives me the creeps." Drake mutters.
[2009-04-17 20:16:04] * Fu is definitely worried now as they walk.
[2009-04-17 20:16:46] <Fu> "How do you think I feel? This place was a mansion before, now it's... a castle. And I don't fully get why it's so attuned to me. All I did was stay for a while and clean it up. I felt bad for it being so abused."
[2009-04-17 20:17:05] <StorytellerHelmet> As everyone descends into the long staircase leading down into the dark pit, Abigail rests her hand on Drake's at her shoulder, glancing about as the light becomes scarcer and scarcer.
[2009-04-17 20:17:11] <DrakeNero> "And now it has the hots for you."
[2009-04-17 20:17:31] <Fu> "Shut the fuck up, Drake. I'm not even sure it can do that."
[2009-04-17 20:17:33] <StorytellerHelmet> "More like it's obsessed," Abigail mutters.
[2009-04-17 20:18:22] <StorytellerHelmet> "I'm trying to look at this place another way and I keep seeing the same thing -- it's not working correctly... or at least, how I would expect."
[2009-04-17 20:18:39] <DrakeNero> "What do you mean?"
[2009-04-17 20:18:45] <StorytellerHelmet> "Time isn't flowing like normal and fate is..."
[2009-04-17 20:18:59] <DrakeNero> "We *are* sort of...outside the norm."
[2009-04-17 20:19:00] <StorytellerHelmet> "... well, it's like it's been hyper-focused."
[2009-04-17 20:19:16] <Fu> "... If it's attuned to me, that's understandable."
[2009-04-17 20:19:31] <StorytellerHelmet> "No, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with you, actually..."
[2009-04-17 20:19:42] <Fu> "Oh?"
[2009-04-17 20:20:02] <StorytellerHelmet> "... I think it's like me, to be honest. It's lost and it's trying to anchor itself to whatever it can."
[2009-04-17 20:20:33] <Fu> "Well, you are the first one."
[2009-04-17 20:20:44] <StorytellerHelmet> "I don't see how... I've never been here."
[2009-04-17 20:20:58] <Fu> "Yes, but she knows Anna. And well, Bob is a Changeling."
[2009-04-17 20:21:12] <StorytellerHelmet> "..."
[2009-04-17 20:21:24] <Fu> "Did you ever end up in a place of thorns?"
[2009-04-17 20:21:43] <StorytellerHelmet> "... oh, no..." Abigail whispers, halting mid-step just as the lights around everyone extinguish.
[2009-04-17 20:22:03] <Fu> "Fuck."
[2009-04-17 20:22:31] <DrakeNero> "I can provide light...but it might just make us bigger targets."
[2009-04-17 20:22:54] <Fu> "Anna Echo, could you please turn the lights back on?"
[2009-04-17 20:23:04] <StorytellerHelmet> Silence.
[2009-04-17 20:23:21] <Mala> "...."
[2009-04-17 20:23:25] * Fu takes out his cell phone and sees if he can use it as a light.
[2009-04-17 20:23:26] <StorytellerHelmet> (Perception -4)
[2009-04-17 20:25:58] <StorytellerHelmet> Fu opens his cell, hoping the small light can illuminate the pit. It doesn't do much, but the display does illuminate at least one mystery. Or, at least, the message on it does.
[2009-04-17 20:26:43] <StorytellerHelmet> "I'm sorry, my prince. But my king calls for me."
[2009-04-17 20:27:22] <Fu> "... *SHIT* "
[2009-04-17 20:27:33] <StorytellerHelmet> Without warning, Mala feels dozens of wooden arms wrapping around her, attempting to crush the life from her.
[2009-04-17 20:27:34] <Fu> "I think we got ourselves a keeper coming."
[2009-04-17 20:27:48] <Fu> "Drake, light!"
[2009-04-17 20:28:01] <Mala> (Oh snapple, a grapple)
[2009-04-17 20:28:03] <StorytellerHelmet> Beneath everyone, the staircase heaves and groans, throwing them all about and threatening to shrug them into the depths of the pit.
[2009-04-17 20:28:21] <StorytellerHelmet> (Dexterity + Athletics -3 from Drake and Fu)
[2009-04-17 20:28:38] * DrakeNero powers up Eternal Summer 2 as he tumbles through the air the sudden illumination lighting up...whatever it is they're flying into. Maybe this was a bad time to do that...
[2009-04-17 20:28:45] <Mala> (I have a -4 to being grappled :3 )
[2009-04-17 20:29:20] <StorytellerHelmet> (Mala's turn before the arms start to crush)
[2009-04-17 20:31:10] <StorytellerHelmet> Drake and Fu manage to hold on to the banister as it whips about and tries to fling them. Abigail doesn't seem to fare as well and she lets out a yelp before Drake bursts into light and everyone can see what has become of the pit...
[2009-04-17 20:32:04] <Mala> Wooden arms trying to grapple? No no. That's /Mala's/ schtick, and whoever's grabbing at her is going to find out what dislocated shoulders feel like in a hurry.
[2009-04-17 20:33:05] <StorytellerHelmet> Where there should have been ground, instead there was a lake of green, bubbling sludge. The wooden staircase itself apparently had become their tormentor, separating into dozens of long wooden arms and grasping at Mala.
[2009-04-17 20:33:41] <DrakeNero> "JESUS FUCK."
[2009-04-17 20:34:02] <Fu> "FUCKING FAIRIES!"
[2009-04-17 20:34:10] <DrakeNero> "YOU ATTUNED TO THIS PLACE, YOU TURN IT OFF!"
[2009-04-17 20:34:24] <DrakeNero> "I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIGHT PLACES!"
[2009-04-17 20:34:27] <StorytellerHelmet> One of the arms wraps snakes around Abigail as she falls, holding her dangling above the sludge as she yells in panic.
[2009-04-17 20:36:27] <Fu> "The problem is THIS ISN'T THE HOLLOW!"
[2009-04-17 20:36:45] <DrakeNero> "FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK"
[2009-04-17 20:37:01] <Fu> "I SAID I THINK WE HAVE A KEEPER COMING!"
[2009-04-17 20:37:11] <DrakeNero> "AAAAGGGHHH"
[2009-04-17 20:39:18] <Fu> "... IT WANTS BOB."
[2009-04-17 20:39:35] <DrakeNero> "GIVE IT BOB, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY"
[2009-04-17 20:41:01] <Mala> "I thought it might." Mala twists, one hand grasping the King by the neck, the other by his ankles, and dangling him over the pit. "Let go. Or I give him to you. In pieces."
[2009-04-17 20:41:24] * Fu winces. Stupid useless charity/compassion.
[2009-04-17 20:41:32] <StorytellerHelmet> (Mala... Presence + Intimidation + 3)
[2009-04-17 20:41:43] * DrakeNero has his claws dug into the railing.
[2009-04-17 20:41:53] <DrakeNero> "How the FUCK is Mala not shitting a metric ton of bricks?"
[2009-04-17 20:42:02] <DrakeNero> "Must be some sort of...tree zen thing."
[2009-04-17 20:42:31] <Fu> "She is Autumn Court."
[2009-04-17 20:42:46] <StorytellerHelmet> Suddenly, the writhing of the wooden arms halts.
[2009-04-17 20:42:48] <DrakeNero> "I guess..."
[2009-04-17 20:42:53] <Mala> "I'd much rather make /it/ scared."
[2009-04-17 20:43:01] <Fu> :D
[2009-04-17 20:43:58] <Fu> "... Shall we go walking down now?"
[2009-04-17 20:44:24] <DrakeNero> "Are you fucking nuts"
[2009-04-17 20:44:53] <StorytellerHelmet> Descent won't be easy -- the staircase isn't a staircase anymore and it's a twenty foot drop to a lake of sludge.
[2009-04-17 20:44:55] <DrakeNero> "I'm letting Mala take the lead here. Yeeeeeeeesh."
[2009-04-17 20:45:14] <Mala> Mala looks up. "Stairs would be nice."
[2009-04-17 20:45:48] <Fu> In a low voice, Fu states, "You are talking to a guy who used his girlfriend to fucking increase his connection to his Court's power, in the middle of a dance floor. What do /you/ think?"
[2009-04-17 20:46:19] <DrakeNero> "These two things aren't even remotely comparable."
[2009-04-17 20:46:29] <DrakeNero> "That just made you sound like an asshole."
[2009-04-17 20:46:44] <Fu> "I consider it a measure of insane."
[2009-04-17 20:46:51] * DrakeNero still has his claws dug into the railing like a freaked out cat.
[2009-04-17 20:47:41] <StorytellerHelmet> The room does not respond for a few moments. Then, with a great groan, the stairs reconstitute themselves in a rather horrendous, Escher-ish version of what they should be; twisting about in a tenuous path that leads... somewhere.
[2009-04-17 20:47:47] * Fu is now sitting on the railing, and well, his hands haven't exactly broken the wood, more of... melded like he is a part of the art. Once he moves his hands, the effect's gone.
[2009-04-17 20:49:31] <DrakeNero> "Ladies first."
[2009-04-17 20:50:06] <Fu> "Um... What about Mrs. Franklin?"
[2009-04-17 20:50:23] <DrakeNero> "..."
[2009-04-17 20:50:31] <DrakeNero> Still hanging from the ceiling or whatever
[2009-04-17 20:51:41] <StorytellerHelmet> When the staircase recomposed itself, Abigail ended up hanging onto the banister somewhere further along the path. She looks rather nervous.
[2009-04-17 20:52:39] <Mala> "Don't worry. We have something it wants."
[2009-04-17 20:53:05] * Fu follows. "I just hope it doesn't kill anyone."
[2009-04-17 20:54:03] <Mala> "I'm pretty sure it knows better. At least for now."
[2009-04-17 20:54:57] * Fu flips his phone open again to check the message again.
[2009-04-17 20:55:38] <StorytellerHelmet> No reception.
[2009-04-17 20:56:29] <Fu> But he saw a message on there.
[2009-04-17 20:56:35] <Fu> Is that gone?
[2009-04-17 20:56:42] <StorytellerHelmet> He did. Now it says no reception.
[2009-04-17 20:58:04] <Fu> "Hrm."
[2009-04-17 20:58:15] <StorytellerHelmet> "... you said there was... a chapel... ?" Abigail says, grasping the twisted banister tightly until the others catch up to where she is.
[2009-04-17 20:58:19] <Fu> "Yes."
[2009-04-17 20:58:38] <Fu> "I don't remember much and I didn't have my phone on, though. No pictures."
[2009-04-17 20:58:48] <Fu> "It's where we got the little book I have been looking at..."
[2009-04-17 21:00:28] <StorytellerHelmet> The wooden pathway twists about and forces everyone to take some scary steps. After a few minutes, you follow it as it leads into the wall of the pit, depositing you into a dusty alcove that seems to be made primarily of plywood.
[2009-04-17 21:02:15] <StorytellerHelmet> The groaning continues as the alcove becomes a corridor leading downward and eventually becoming what Drake remembered as the steps down to the bottom of the pit and the entrance to the chapel.
[2009-04-17 21:04:06] <DrakeNero> "We're on the right track, at least."
[2009-04-17 21:04:39] <Fu> "That's good."
[2009-04-17 21:04:49] <StorytellerHelmet> A few steps more and Drake's summer light illuminates the doors of the chapel. They, at least, remain unchanged since last time.
[2009-04-17 21:10:35] <StorytellerHelmet> Opening the doors, the chapel itself also seems unchanged -- eerily stagnant in fact, and quite cold.
[2009-04-17 21:10:53] * DrakeNero glances behind him as they enter
[2009-04-17 21:10:59] <StorytellerHelmet> (Intelligence + Composure, anyone trying to remember the symbols)
[2009-04-17 21:12:30] <StorytellerHelmet> The symbol on the doors and the big one on the windows makes much more sense now, at least. It is the Franklin family symbol.
[2009-04-17 21:13:23] <StorytellerHelmet> The symbols on the stained-glass windows are mostly familiar, too. But all of you can see now -- only nine of them have you seen in the book. Four seem to be unique to just this place.
[2009-04-17 21:14:04] <Fu> .... Didn't the book mention 13 families?
[2009-04-17 21:14:16] <StorytellerHelmet> (Yes)
[2009-04-17 21:14:42] <DrakeNero> "Well. This.... this is where we wanted to be."
[2009-04-17 21:14:53] <Fu> "... I wonder if the 'king' ate the other four families."
[2009-04-17 21:15:00] <StorytellerHelmet> (Mala, please roll Clarity)
[2009-04-17 21:21:55] <StorytellerHelmet> Looking at the windows now, one of the symbols seems... uncomfortably familiar to Mala. Her awareness of her surroundings suddenly falls away and her perceptions begin to twist. Where has she seen that before? Is it the pendant? And why is she getting this feeling of deja vu? Come to think of it, why has she always felt something familiar about these things? As everyone goes about...
[2009-04-17 21:21:56] <StorytellerHelmet> ...their business, Mala doesn't even notice their existence as she feels a strange sense of comfort overwhelm her. Safety. Warmth. Nourishment. Like she could just set her roots and stay here forever...
[2009-04-17 21:22:57] <StorytellerHelmet> "... my god..." Abigail mutters as she looks around the chapel. "... how long has this place been here?"
[2009-04-17 21:23:36] <Fu> "We found it around... Around Thanksgiving?"
[2009-04-17 21:24:09] <DrakeNero> "Somethingl ike that."
[2009-04-17 21:24:13] <DrakeNero> "I stumbled into it."
[2009-04-17 21:24:17] <DrakeNero> "More or less literally"
[2009-04-17 21:25:27] <StorytellerHelmet> Fu was starting to understand a few things about the thing behind all this insanity. There wasn't much here in the chapel that could help, but seeing all thirteen symbols at least confirmed that not all the original families are around anymore.
[2009-04-17 21:25:52] <StorytellerHelmet> Moreover, there was something about that which seemed significant, but...
[2009-04-17 21:26:37] <Fu> Hm...
[2009-04-17 21:27:06] <StorytellerHelmet> One thing was certain -- a pledge was involved and the whole town suffered for it.
[2009-04-17 21:27:57] <StorytellerHelmet> The punishment for breaking the pledge was the death of the oathbreaker's whole family.
[2009-04-17 21:28:13] <Fu> "... Fuck."
[2009-04-17 21:28:45] <Fu> "Four of the families broke the pledge."
[2009-04-17 21:28:51] <Fu> "But fuck what the pledge was."
[2009-04-17 21:28:55] <Fu> "I have no idea."
[2009-04-17 21:29:02] <Fu> "But either way, they all died because of it."
[2009-04-17 21:29:22] <StorytellerHelmet> (Intelligence + Occult. Fae specialties apply)
[2009-04-17 21:31:02] <StorytellerHelmet> Mala, meanwhile, gradually understood the truth. She belonged here. This was her home. It was like being held in warm, caring arms...
[2009-04-17 21:32:43] <Fu> "..."
[2009-04-17 21:32:44] <StorytellerHelmet> Drake and Fu understand then what the finally piece of the puzzle was -- the pledge. They knew more than most that the devil is in the details. Until they knew the exact wording of the pledge, nothing would change.
[2009-04-17 21:32:59] * Fu is FLIPPING THOUGH THE BOOK LIKE A BITCH
[2009-04-17 21:33:13] <StorytellerHelmet> (Still Latin)
[2009-04-17 21:33:24] <Fu> How much was translated?
[2009-04-17 21:33:36] <Fu> "Mrs. Franklin, do you know Latin?"
[2009-04-17 21:33:44] <StorytellerHelmet> Bits and pieces. He mostly just summarized into notes.
[2009-04-17 21:34:09] <StorytellerHelmet> "Yes, but... why?"
[2009-04-17 21:34:50] * Fu hands her the book. "Look for a promise."
[2009-04-17 21:35:03] <Fu> "An oath, a pledge. SOMETHING that sounds like a deal."
[2009-04-17 21:35:51] <StorytellerHelmet> "... you want me to search this whole book for a deal?" She takes the book and starts flipping through it. "This will take some time..."
[2009-04-17 21:36:02] <Fu> "The notes will help."
[2009-04-17 21:36:16] <Fu> "Mala? Are you there?" She has been a bit quiet...
[2009-04-17 21:36:22] <Mala> "....."
[2009-04-17 21:36:50] <StorytellerHelmet> (Perception for anyone looking at Mala)
[2009-04-17 21:39:25] <StorytellerHelmet> "Well... there is mention of a pledge struck between the original settlers and their god, but... it only refers to it. It doesn't actually mention the details. It's difficult to follow because every other page has some sort of... poem, or something."
[2009-04-17 21:39:52] <Fu> "Hm... You are a born Franklin, right?"
[2009-04-17 21:40:00] <StorytellerHelmet> "Yes."
[2009-04-17 21:40:05] <Fu> "Were there anything rhymes or prayers you remember?"
[2009-04-17 21:40:14] <Fu> He is poking and trying to get Mala's attention.
[2009-04-17 21:40:16] <StorytellerHelmet> "Nothing like this, no..."
[2009-04-17 21:40:28] <StorytellerHelmet> Fu realizes then that it's not that Mala is quiet...
[2009-04-17 21:40:54] <StorytellerHelmet> She is standing perfectly still and her feet have begun to take root in the floor.
[2009-04-17 21:41:05] <Fu> !
[2009-04-17 21:41:10] * Fu SHOVES HER.
[2009-04-17 21:41:13] <Fu> Actually.
[2009-04-17 21:41:18] <Fu> He takes five steps back.
[2009-04-17 21:41:25] <Fu> And /then/ does a running shove.
[2009-04-17 21:41:47] <Fu> Aiming for her legs and for uprooting.
[2009-04-17 21:42:01] <StorytellerHelmet> (Fu, roll Strength + Brawl - 2)
[2009-04-17 21:42:11] <StorytellerHelmet> (Mala, roll Strength + Athletics + 1)
[2009-04-17 21:42:25] <DrakeNero> "What the..."
[2009-04-17 21:43:14] <Fu> RIPPPPPPP, CRASH.
[2009-04-17 21:43:57] <StorytellerHelmet> Mala's reverie is shattered when she feels herself ripped away from her comfortable arms and slammed against the floor.
[2009-04-17 21:44:26] <Fu> "Mala, damn it, stop drifting!"
[2009-04-17 21:44:53] <DrakeNero> "What just happened?"
[2009-04-17 21:44:53] <Mala> "Wh?! Huh?! What's going on...?"
[2009-04-17 21:45:06] <Fu> He looks scared, concerned enough that even his hair seems to have gotten into the act, a specific spike going up in a bright feathery ahoge taut.
[2009-04-17 21:45:11] <Fu> "You were taking root! DX"
[2009-04-17 21:45:36] * Fu scrambles up from her.
[2009-04-17 21:46:11] * Fu offers his hand. "I'm serious."
[2009-04-17 21:46:33] <Mala> "...right...." Mala takes his hand and gets to her feet. Where'd King Bob fall when Fu body-checked her?
[2009-04-17 21:47:22] <StorytellerHelmet> (Perception)
[2009-04-17 21:47:48] <Fu> (both of us?)
[2009-04-17 21:48:45] <StorytellerHelmet> Yep
[2009-04-17 21:50:20] <StorytellerHelmet> Fu realizes that he has absolutely no idea where King landed.
[2009-04-17 21:51:00] <StorytellerHelmet> Mala, however, is a bit more used to King's tricks and notes a much darker patch of shadows between a set of pews.
[2009-04-17 21:51:35] <Mala> And she snatches said shadow and yanks it back out. "Not funny." >:(
[2009-04-17 21:52:19] * Fu rubs his head, wincing more.
[2009-04-17 21:52:42] <StorytellerHelmet> Mala drags King out by the bindings around his shoulders and the inky blackness melts away from him.
[2009-04-17 21:52:45] <Fu> "... I wonder..."
[2009-04-17 21:52:59] <Fu> "Anna Echo, are you there? I have a question to ask you about your king?"
[2009-04-17 21:53:06] <StorytellerHelmet> "... heh heh..." the Winter King chuckles lowly. "... of all the places you could have gone..."
[2009-04-17 21:53:28] <Mala> "Am I going to have to knock you out again? :/ "
[2009-04-17 21:53:35] <StorytellerHelmet> The chapel does not answer.
[2009-04-17 21:54:02] <StorytellerHelmet> "Go ahead," King says with a lopsided smile on his mangled face. "It won't do you any good."
[2009-04-17 21:55:04] <Mala> "The funny thing is, I've found otherwise." She hauls him up and puts him in a headlock. "Now then. Less trickery. More questions answered."
[2009-04-17 21:55:53] <StorytellerHelmet> (Strength + Intimidation)
[2009-04-17 21:58:21] * Fu plops down, looking exhausted.
[2009-04-17 21:59:08] <StorytellerHelmet> The Winter King sputters and chokes as Mala's arms wrap around his head and squeeze. "Gah! Glk... rrg... s-stop... klg..."
[2009-04-17 22:25:33] <Mala> "Are you going to behave? No more tricks. Tell us what's happening, and how to stop it."
[2009-04-17 22:25:47] * DrakeNero flicks his claws out, visibly.
[2009-04-17 22:26:03] <StorytellerHelmet> "Gak... stop...pfft... crshing..."
[2009-04-17 22:26:17] * Mala lets up. A little. Not much.
[2009-04-17 22:26:55] <Fu> Fu's quietly picking his nails and gets up to stand with Abigail.
[2009-04-17 22:26:58] <StorytellerHelmet> King gasps for air, letting out a little laugh in between chokes. "You... can't stop... this... heh... powerless... heh heh..."
[2009-04-17 22:27:08] * Mala goes back to squeezing.
[2009-04-17 22:27:11] <Mala> "Not helpful."
[2009-04-17 22:27:21] <Fu> "I think she doesn't like joking. I suggest answers and information."
[2009-04-17 22:27:27] <StorytellerHelmet> "GRK! KRFL..."
[2009-04-17 22:27:33] * DrakeNero flicks his other hand's claws out.
[2009-04-17 22:28:52] <StorytellerHelmet> After a few moments of choking and straining, King taps out on Mala's arms. "... kay... yu... wn..."
[2009-04-17 22:29:05] * Mala lets up a bit.
[2009-04-17 22:29:32] <StorytellerHelmet> "Geeeh... heh... everything... is... changing..."
[2009-04-17 22:30:20] <StorytellerHelmet> "... the deal is... hack... of..."
[2009-04-17 22:30:29] <StorytellerHelmet> (off)
[2009-04-17 22:30:50] <Fu> "The deal is broken, huh?"
[2009-04-17 22:31:09] <StorytellerHelmet> "... too many... *Wheeze*... families... broke the pact..."
[2009-04-17 22:31:23] <Fu> "So, five is the deal breaker?"
[2009-04-17 22:31:34] <StorytellerHelmet> "... heh... no..."
[2009-04-17 22:31:47] <Fu> "Four?"
[2009-04-17 22:32:12] <StorytellerHelmet> "... thirteen..." King grins evilly, blood drooling from his lips.
[2009-04-17 22:32:26] <Fu> "..."
[2009-04-17 22:32:29] * Fu blinks.
[2009-04-17 22:32:46] <Fu> "Thirteen families broke the oath..."
[2009-04-17 22:33:15] <StorytellerHelmet> "... that means... it's all over... for Pine Falls..."
[2009-04-17 22:33:17] * DrakeNero looks from Mala, to Fu, to Abigail. Maybe the player is really tired, but he seems to be a little confused.
[2009-04-17 22:34:33] * Fu gets up and walks over, and leans in, glamour and heat swirling around him like a fire to rival the Winter King, his eyes sparking. "I do not believe any of us are in the mood for games, Winter King." His appearance seems to look rather... off, feathery flames playing off of his form. "Tell us everything. *Now.*" The last word is full of a passionate rage that could sear.
[2009-04-17 22:35:01] <StorytellerHelmet> "Oh, sure... heh... that'd take days..."
[2009-04-17 22:35:15] <StorytellerHelmet> "... but you don't... heh... want to hear everything..."
[2009-04-17 22:35:44] <Fu> "The monarch notes, Robert."
[2009-04-17 22:36:00] <StorytellerHelmet> "... I don't... answer to that name..."
[2009-04-17 22:36:31] <Fu> "Then perhaps an even trade. You can call me Noel."
[2009-04-17 22:36:59] <Fu> "So, 13 families broke the Oath."
[2009-04-17 22:38:07] <StorytellerHelmet> "Mm hm. Too bad... so sad..."
[2009-04-17 22:38:38] <Fu> "Unlucky number that is. But what were the terms, Robert?"
[2009-04-17 22:39:31] <StorytellerHelmet> "The first gift was given over a century ago... that term was met..."
[2009-04-17 22:39:56] <StorytellerHelmet> "But what those morons somehow could not manage... was a gift every generation..."
[2009-04-17 22:40:03] <StorytellerHelmet> "One child from each family..."
[2009-04-17 22:41:20] <StorytellerHelmet> "... they thought they could... outsmart him this time."
[2009-04-17 22:41:30] <Fu> "And because thirteen families said fuck you, he is doing it... Wait a minute. This has happened before, hasn't it? With the Changelings?"
[2009-04-17 22:42:21] <StorytellerHelmet> "Heh heh... not quite..."
[2009-04-17 22:42:54] <Fu> "Hm. How did they try to outsmart him then?"
[2009-04-17 22:43:20] <StorytellerHelmet> "Confuse him."
[2009-04-17 22:43:21] * DrakeNero decides to let Fu and Mala do the talking. If he can think of something they didn't cover, he'll add it
[2009-04-17 22:43:35] <Fu> "Expand on that."
[2009-04-17 22:43:45] * Fu glances at Abigail.
[2009-04-17 22:43:47] <StorytellerHelmet> "They knew that the luck doesn't go any farther than this town."
[2009-04-17 22:44:16] <StorytellerHelmet> "And anyone who tries to leave... heh... is inexplicably drawn back before too long..."
[2009-04-17 22:45:01] <StorytellerHelmet> "So they figured that if they sent the unmarked away... he would not see them."
[2009-04-17 22:45:23] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail tenses a bit.
[2009-04-17 22:46:10] <Fu> "Mrs. Franklin?"
[2009-04-17 22:46:20] * DrakeNero looks at her.
[2009-04-17 22:46:54] <StorytellerHelmet> "... Alyssa..." she mutters.
[2009-04-17 22:47:55] <StorytellerHelmet> "But that didn't matter," King continues. "He was still owed his tribute. And the families didn't pay up."
[2009-04-17 22:48:28] * Fu seems thoughtful. And finally notices the ahoge and tries to push it down.
[2009-04-17 22:48:40] <StorytellerHelmet> "For a while, I thought it might work, actually..."
[2009-04-17 22:48:53] <StorytellerHelmet> "... but then the stupid murders happened."
[2009-04-17 22:49:22] <Fu> "What happened to the old freehold, anyways?"
[2009-04-17 22:49:34] <DrakeNero> "....the murders were unrelated?
[2009-04-17 22:50:17] <StorytellerHelmet> King looks between Fu and Drake. "The freehold was... not trustworthy."
[2009-04-17 22:50:32] <Fu> "... You killed them." He facepalms.
[2009-04-17 22:50:55] <StorytellerHelmet> "Well, I felt bad about it... heh... they were family, after all."
[2009-04-17 22:51:11] <Mala> "....."
[2009-04-17 22:51:17] <Fu> "..."
[2009-04-17 22:51:28] <DrakeNero> >.<
[2009-04-17 22:51:29] <StorytellerHelmet> "Oh... heh... didn't figure that one... ?
[2009-04-17 22:51:33] <Fu> "... They were other unmarked children."
[2009-04-17 22:51:37] <Fu> "Weren't they?"
[2009-04-17 22:51:57] <StorytellerHelmet> "Of course... heh... all the gifts made in His image..."
[2009-04-17 22:52:13] * Fu freezes.
[2009-04-17 22:53:01] * Fu twitches. "God damn fucking /loyalist./"
[2009-04-17 22:53:32] <StorytellerHelmet> King laughs out loud. "You make it sound so patriotic!"
[2009-04-17 22:53:44] * Mala squeezes. "No laughing."
[2009-04-17 22:54:00] <Fu> Disgusted.
[2009-04-17 22:54:09] <DrakeNero> Pissed!
[2009-04-17 22:54:23] * DrakeNero flares with angry summer heat, for a moment.
[2009-04-17 22:54:57] * Fu is going like a fire as well, but not of just anger. All of his emotions are running high.
[2009-04-17 22:55:12] <StorytellerHelmet> King chokes. "They... they were the ones... who gave the idea... to the families... somehow..."
[2009-04-17 22:55:34] <Fu> "But of course. They are actually devoted to the place they came back to, to /home./ "
[2009-04-17 22:55:37] <StorytellerHelmet> "... even though we... hurk... could never speak to our families... ever again..."
[2009-04-17 22:56:17] <Fu> "I suppose the next thing you are going to say is that we are all related in this as well?"
[2009-04-17 22:56:25] <StorytellerHelmet> "... heh... no..."
[2009-04-17 22:56:38] <StorytellerHelmet> "... no, you're outsiders... caught up in... the weave of fate..."
[2009-04-17 22:57:18] -->| Adin ( has joined #PineFalls
[2009-04-17 22:57:19] <Fu> "You already know me, Robert. I'm fate's bitch in the first place. She drags me where she chooses."
[2009-04-17 22:57:25] <StorytellerHelmet> "I... dealt with the freehold... to keep this town alive..."
[2009-04-17 22:58:07] <StorytellerHelmet> "... killed most... only the totally insane ones were left. No one would believe them... so I kept my hold over it all."
[2009-04-17 22:58:43] <StorytellerHelmet> "But, no... no, I wasn't counting on the murders..."
[2009-04-17 22:58:54] <Fu> "And what did those do?"
[2009-04-17 22:59:08] <StorytellerHelmet> "You can't... urk... see it?"
[2009-04-17 22:59:23] <StorytellerHelmet> "They gave Him... the stories!"
[2009-04-17 22:59:46] * DrakeNero narrows his eyes
[2009-04-17 22:59:51] <StorytellerHelmet> "That's all he wants..."
[2009-04-17 22:59:55] <StorytellerHelmet> "... he wants his story..."
[2009-04-17 22:59:59] <Fu> "How would that give him the stories? Pardon me, I'm just a painting." He smiles.
[2009-04-17 23:00:02] <StorytellerHelmet> "... he wants... a name..."
[2009-04-17 23:00:33] <StorytellerHelmet> "You know how they work... they're not original."
[2009-04-17 23:00:38] <Fu> "Hm."
[2009-04-17 23:00:43] <StorytellerHelmet> "They can only take what we have and twist it."
[2009-04-17 23:00:51] <StorytellerHelmet> "His only hand on this side was me!"
[2009-04-17 23:01:09] <Fu> "And you were also keeping him bound, hm?"
[2009-04-17 23:01:11] <StorytellerHelmet> "But then he saw that he could kill people with stories."
[2009-04-17 23:01:37] <StorytellerHelmet> "I didn't have to."
[2009-04-17 23:01:45] * Fu sits down, and thinks.
[2009-04-17 23:01:53] <StorytellerHelmet> "Though, now... now I'm not sure..."
[2009-04-17 23:02:15] <Fu> "About what?"
[2009-04-17 23:02:22] <StorytellerHelmet> "When the murders happened, he understood... so he continued them himself."
[2009-04-17 23:02:32] * Fu is toying with his new idiot hair.
[2009-04-17 23:02:52] <StorytellerHelmet> "Patricia... Kimberly..."
[2009-04-17 23:03:06] <Fu> "But Ms. Harris is still alive."
[2009-04-17 23:03:20] <StorytellerHelmet> "He attacked them, but didn't kill them. His monsters weren't perfect."
[2009-04-17 23:03:44] <Fu> "They still aren't." He smiles.
[2009-04-17 23:03:54] <StorytellerHelmet> "No... no, they're not."
[2009-04-17 23:04:10] <Fu> "They won't be."
[2009-04-17 23:04:16] <StorytellerHelmet> "So he just unleashed all of them instead." King chuckles lowly.
[2009-04-17 23:05:02] * Fu gets up, sighing inwardly.
[2009-04-17 23:05:07] <StorytellerHelmet> "I guess He figured, 'why settle for a few brats when I can make the whole city run red with blood?' Heh heh..."
[2009-04-17 23:05:15] <Fu> He sounds... almost defeated.
[2009-04-17 23:05:35] <Fu> "Guys, tell Theresa I'm sorry. I'm probably not going to wake up again, I don't think."
[2009-04-17 23:06:08] <Mala> "What are you talking about?"
[2009-04-17 23:06:14] * Fu goes to the door of the chapel.
[2009-04-17 23:06:19] <DrakeNero> "Don't do anything stupid."
[2009-04-17 23:06:23] <Fu> "He wants a story. I keep getting called a prince."
[2009-04-17 23:06:38] <DrakeNero> "Oh...spoke too soon."
[2009-04-17 23:06:46] * Fu grins wanly.
[2009-04-17 23:06:56] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail calls out, "Don't!"
[2009-04-17 23:07:01] <Fu> "Why not?"
[2009-04-17 23:07:35] <Fu> "I have an understanding of the paths of Dream. I am going to challenge him in that world."
[2009-04-17 23:07:51] <DrakeNero> "...buh"
[2009-04-17 23:07:58] <Mala> "Uhm. Wouldn't it be better to make him come here?"
[2009-04-17 23:08:10] <Fu> "This is his world too, Mala. :/ "
[2009-04-17 23:08:20] <Mala> Well then somewhere /else/.
[2009-04-17 23:08:29] <Fu> "And I don't know if I can summon the Phantasmal Bastion here."
[2009-04-17 23:08:29] <StorytellerHelmet> "... this isn't... this isn't right... this isn't where it goes..." Abigail says, a little disoriented.
[2009-04-17 23:08:38] * Fu looks at Abigail.
[2009-04-17 23:08:41] <Fu> "Where does it go?"
[2009-04-17 23:08:57] <DrakeNero> "...don't worry about where your story goes. He's obviously changing things. I think that's good."
[2009-04-17 23:09:15] * Fu smiles slightly.
[2009-04-17 23:09:28] <Fu> "If one of you guys has a token or something, that would help a great deal."
[2009-04-17 23:09:39] <DrakeNero> "Token of...?"
[2009-04-17 23:09:47] <Fu> "Something, a ring or handkerchief."
[2009-04-17 23:09:52] <DrakeNero> "I'm assuming you don't mean arcade tokens."
[2009-04-17 23:09:54] <Fu> "It's the catch of the Bastion."
[2009-04-17 23:10:04] <DrakeNero> "I have my college class ring"
[2009-04-17 23:10:23] <Fu> "No. I need something that a knight would wear, a token from either a living enemy or one I call friend."
[2009-04-17 23:10:39] <DrakeNero> "My shirt."
[2009-04-17 23:10:42] <DrakeNero> "You're wearing my shirt."
[2009-04-17 23:10:47] <Fu> (He still is?)
[2009-04-17 23:10:51] <DrakeNero> (er, he was)
[2009-04-17 23:10:57] <DrakeNero> (sorry I'm really tired)
[2009-04-17 23:11:06] <DrakeNero> "You *were* wearing my shirt"
[2009-04-17 23:11:09] <Fu> (Well, we can just bullshit it. IT IS a nice shirt)
[2009-04-17 23:11:13] <DrakeNero> "Did ou throw it away?"
[2009-04-17 23:11:17] <Fu> (Khayin, it's your call.)
[2009-04-17 23:11:24] <StorytellerHelmet> (Keep it)
[2009-04-17 23:11:33] <DrakeNero> "Because I gave that to you freely."
[2009-04-17 23:11:40] <DrakeNero> "If that's not a token, I don't know what is."
[2009-04-17 23:11:52] <Fu> "... Wait a minute, it's the one with the onyx buttons on the cuffs, right?"
[2009-04-17 23:12:00] <DrakeNero> "Yes."
[2009-04-17 23:12:16] * Fu removes his coat to show it.
[2009-04-17 23:12:30] <DrakeNero> "...."
[2009-04-17 23:12:33] <Fu> "I am fate's bitch, but sometimes she is nice to me."
[2009-04-17 23:12:47] <DrakeNero> "I'm not sure if I'm flattered that you still wear my shirt or kind of weirded out."
[2009-04-17 23:13:03] <Fu> "It's a nice shirt that fits."
[2009-04-17 23:13:14] <Mala> "You have my leaf, too."
[2009-04-17 23:13:15] <DrakeNero> "Since when does it fit?"
[2009-04-17 23:13:35] <Fu> "One of my friends, Tim, he is... really damn gay. And he did some sewing."
[2009-04-17 23:13:42] <DrakeNero> "Oh."
[2009-04-17 23:13:44] <DrakeNero> "Well then."
[2009-04-17 23:13:46] <DrakeNero> "Carry on."
[2009-04-17 23:13:53] <StorytellerHelmet> "Well this will be entertaining..." King chuckles. "Almost wish I could see Him eat you alive."
[2009-04-17 23:14:08] * Mala squeezes. "No commentary."
[2009-04-17 23:14:13] <StorytellerHelmet> "... hurk..."
[2009-04-17 23:14:16] <DrakeNero> "Hey. You know these stories. The hero wins."
[2009-04-17 23:14:25] * Fu smiles slightly as he leaves the room.
[2009-04-17 23:14:28] <DrakeNero> "I would know."
[2009-04-17 23:14:30] <DrakeNero> "I"m the Dragon."
[2009-04-17 23:15:00] <Mala> She whispers to the choking king, "Lucky for me I know you work for Them, now. I /was/ just going to throw you back. Now I'll have to think of something worse than that."
[2009-04-17 23:15:00] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail clutches Drake's arm. "... I don't know what's going to happen to him."
[2009-04-17 23:15:12] <DrakeNero> "Neither do I."
[2009-04-17 23:15:31] <DrakeNero> He puts his arm around her.
[2009-04-17 23:15:31] <StorytellerHelmet> King says nothing, only smiling.
[2009-04-17 23:15:59] <StorytellerHelmet> She rests her head on his shoulder as they watch Fu ascend into the hollow.
[2009-04-17 23:16:02] <StorytellerHelmet> End.
[2009-04-17 23:23:43] =-= DrakeNero is now known as Seras
[2009-04-17 23:23:56] <--| YOU (Fu) have left #PineFalls