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Chapter 30

=-= User mode for Angelo is now +ix
--»| YOU (Angelo) have joined #Nobilis
«Angelo» Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!
«Knockwood» Hiya Angelo
«Angelo» ^_^
«BethE» Hi Angelo!
«Verithe» Hi, Angelo!
«Random_Nerd» Hey.
«Random_Nerd» I have not heard from Etheric since the last time he showed up.
«Angelo» Laz & Etheric mia?
«Random_Nerd» Oh, by the way, Knock. I was wondering... what made you think that everything was the end of the world, last session? Or was it just that Dante thought that and you were running with it?
«Knockwood» game, not world.
«Random_Nerd» That, then.
«Knockwood» arguments with godlike beings where they start using stereotypical 'girl' argument techniques make me nervous.
«BethE» Uh...what?
«Knockwood» ditto for situations where people with way too much power are aligning against us _right now_.
«Knockwood» Beth: teasing you a little, but "You just don't like ME!" sounded bad. :)
«Random_Nerd» Well, as Imperators go, he's pretty weak.
«Knockwood» Baalhermon isn't.
«BethE» Well, yes, we were messing with an estate where there isn't a Noble in charge, just a new Imperator, who already outclasses us. But 'girl' argue..oh.
«Random_Nerd» Granted.
«Random_Nerd» Well, you were switching on whether you were opposed to his estate, like, every second sentence.
«Random_Nerd» It was really weird.
«Random_Nerd» What were you going for, with that?
«Knockwood» it was in _this situation_.
«Knockwood» I'm OK with his estate, I just wish he'd hit the bad guys with it ranther than Earth.
«Knockwood» Plus... well, did the Piece of the Apocalypse actually come from outside the wall? That's what Dante & I were assuming.
«BethE» But he's a Serpent. That means that it hits all over. Not just Earth. We just happened to be there.
«Random_Nerd» But, like, what would Dante do if someone went around trying to destroy all swords that are not actively being used to stab an Excrucian?
«Random_Nerd» No, it did not come from outside the wall.
«Knockwood» oops.
«Knockwood» Actually, was that obvious, or what?
«Angelo» I too assumend that was external
«Random_Nerd» I really didn't get why you thought that. Let me check the log again.
«Random_Nerd» Maybe I misspoke or something.
«Random_Nerd» No...
«Knockwood» Well, we're at a potential hole, and the Piece passes by, so I say it's a reasonable assumption
«Random_Nerd» It was just "A man-shaped stick figure with the label Piece Of The Apocalypse walks by."
«Knockwood» right, _while we're at a maybe-hole_.
«Angelo» near spirit world
«Random_Nerd» Sure...
«Angelo» so I assumed the worst
«Random_Nerd» But by that reasoning, all of you came from outside.
«BethE» I thought that it wasn't from outside, because anything remotely connected to outside got Imperator stickies on it.
«Knockwood» Actually, what was the piece doing near the wall in the first place?
«Random_Nerd» So, let's wait five more minutes for Laz, and if he isn't here, we'll start without him.
«BethE» And now we have an Age Imperator looking funny at us.
«Random_Nerd» Everything is "near the wall" in that sense.
«Random_Nerd» As Shadows explained it, the Wall is less something that surrounds the Tree from a vast difference, and more a layer of reality that lies through or parallel to it.
«Random_Nerd» Kind of like the lumiforous aether.
«Angelo» looking funny? looking angrily!
«Verithe» We were still standing on that same patch of grass the whole time, just in the Spirit world, ja?
«Knockwood» There's the trouble. I was assuming we're 'near' the Wall.
«Random_Nerd» Yes, you remained in the same spot the whole time.
«Random_Nerd» At least, once Kudzu took you out of Amyra.
«Knockwood» and that there's some distance between it and Earth.
«Random_Nerd» You just changed perspectives.
«Knockwood» so, rather than traveling, we just looked over there?
«Verithe» Right
«Random_Nerd» Yeah.
«Verithe» With our bodies.
«Random_Nerd» It's like the mythic world, but more so.
«Knockwood» oops.
«Angelo» ooooo
«Random_Nerd» And that's why Kudzu had to take you out of Amyra.
«BethE» I think that you explain better as a GM, RN, than as Ananda.  :)
«Verithe» That's why the guy was walking by us and Ftisk at the same time.
«Knockwood» then what exactly did Ftisk get kicked out of?
«Random_Nerd» Otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to get to the right part of the spirit world.
«Random_Nerd» What happened to Ftisk is currently unclear from an in-character perspective.
«Random_Nerd» But it's not how it normally works.
«Angelo» eh, always to him the strange / unclear things! :-P
«Verithe» Oh dear! We're going to have to be talking to Ananda today.
«Random_Nerd» But notice that, after he was conveyed back to the prosaic perspective, that he was interacting with the Piece of the Apocalypse in that viewpoint just as you were from the spirit world perspective.
«Knockwood» OK, assuming the guy was 'inspired' by something by the Wall, then my OOC assumptions make sense.
--»| lazarus ( has joined #Nobilis
«Angelo» only to be sure... there is a reason after the weirdness with Ftisk reactions? Can I discover it someday?
«Knockwood» But given what I should IC know, they, uh, don't...
«Knockwood» Hiya laz
«lazarus» Sorry I am late.

  • Verithe throws confetti on Laz

«Random_Nerd» And it's possible that he was. After all, there does seem to be some connection between Shirk and Jerren's estates, for instance.
«Angelo» Hi Laz!
«lazarus» Mistimed by a half hour downtown.
«Random_Nerd» There is a reason for what happened to Ftisk, and it will come out later.
«Random_Nerd» I don't think you currently have enough information to figure out what it is, but you guys have surprised me before.
«lazarus» (never found food, for instance ... *places call*)
«BethE» I figured that because he has tempered a Warmain, the defense systems of the Imperators at the Wall code him as 'Shard'.
«Verithe» Ftisk sets off all the alarms. All of them.
«Verithe» Always.
«Random_Nerd» Bear in mind, there are barriers to switching to see the Spirit, or even the Deep Mythic.
«Random_Nerd» It's possible for a Noble to overcome them, but it takes effort.
«Knockwood» Just as a hobby, really...
«Random_Nerd» It's not like switching to the border mythic and back.
«Angelo» hey like Ned Flanders being the Devil .... hobby?
«Knockwood» you setting off alarms. :)
«Random_Nerd» Okay, any other questions before we start?
«Random_Nerd» I realize the spirit stuff was confusing, but that was kind of on purpose.
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
=-= Verithe is now known as Kite
«Theresa» Can we try not to get wiped from existence by Ananda?
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
«Kite» Kite does not like the Spirit stuff.
«Random_Nerd» Why would he wipe you out? It's not like he's the god of murder or anything!

  • Ftisk do not like being kicked out of existence ... or being kicked off

=-= lazarus is now known as Brian
«Ftisk» @RN: lol
«Random_Nerd» _________START_______________
«Kite» ....
«DanteE» (Hm... trying to figure out where and how I screwed up, and what effects that would have IC...)

  • Ftisk fly in circles around Dante

«Random_Nerd» Ananda, quietly, from behind all of you: "I heard from your servant that there were problems here that related to my interests."
«Random_Nerd» (Basically, you made some plausible but incorrect assumptions, ran with them, and antagonized Jerren.)
«DanteE» (Ftisk: can you do that without looking at Ananda?)
«Random_Nerd» (But that's a plausible thing for Dante to do.)
«Brian» (who's here again?)
«Random_Nerd» (Sure he can. His eye is on a stalk, he can bend it away from Ananda!)
«DanteE» (Oh... we still need to figure out my stone.)
«Ftisk» (sure Ftisk will keep looking at Dante)
«Theresa» "We were having a disagreement, Lord Ananda. We have just visited the spirit realm and we're a bit shaken."
«Brian» (my memory log is screwy, apparently)
«Ftisk» "ditto!"
«Random_Nerd» (Currently present: Jerren, Ananda, Brian, Dante, Ftisk, Theresa, Kite. Currently not present, but in contact with Brian: Samuel. Also not present but implied to be available: Baalhermon.)
«DanteE» (what about Kudzu?)
«Random_Nerd» (Present but keeping his head down: Johann.)
«Random_Nerd» (Kudzu went back home after the spirit world part.)
«Ftisk» (the B that keep an eye on Ftisk?)
«DanteE» "When we were there, I grabbed a passing Piece of the Apocalypse.
«DanteE» "Which was apparently him. (Johann)
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Specifically, a human I have bound to one of my estates."
«DanteE» (And you really need one of those name lists, RN. :) )
«Random_Nerd» Johann assumes the facial expression of someone who is being referred to as if he isn't present, but isn't going to make a big deal about it because the person doing so is a giant snake-god.
«Random_Nerd» (I don't give /all/ my NPCs names that start with J!)
«DanteE» "Considering where we were, I thought he came from outside the Wall."
«Ftisk» "That one that tasted good but then not so good but more bleargh"
«Random_Nerd» (Just, you know, Jerren, Johann, John, Ja Phon, and Jan ben Jan. Shut up.)
«Brian» (you're just on the "J" part of the book ;) )
«Kite» (There were all those Walters, at one point.)
«Random_Nerd» (I'll cop to that one.)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "And where were you?"
«DanteE» (So when will we meet a Scotsman named Ian, a Spaniard named Juan, or a Russian named Ivan? :P )
«Random_Nerd» (Don't tempt me.)
«Kite» (later. Right now we're in Germany.)
«DanteE» "Examining the known location of a weak point in the Wall.
«Ftisk» "Me? I was kicked out of Spirit World because it believe I'm an excrucian... sigh!"
«Brian» (How about a Spaniard who's really from Atlantis or some such with a very heavy Scottish accent, who fights with a katana?)
«Theresa» (There's also all of the King John's of Amyra.)
«DanteE» "Lord Entropy's 'friend' Shirk has had more of an effect here."
«Theresa» (Brain - that would make me think that the Scotsman and Samuari Jack had a kid...)
«DanteE» (And too bad we can't see the expression on his face...)
«Brian» (T: Sean Connery in the Highlander)
«Theresa» (He has the ultimate poker face. If you look at it, you go nuts and don't notice.)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "To what extent is it true that you intend to stop the Earth from undergoing a cataclysm, Courage?"
«DanteE» "It is true. I'd rather it be here when the year is done."
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "And would you have stopped all the other ones, had you been there?"
«DanteE» "Well, at least not a _fatal_ cataclysm."
«Theresa» (Define 'it', Dante.)
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "You! Human! You have fingers. Hold them up as I name things!"
«Ftisk» "Cataclysms are fun! And interesting!"
«DanteE» "I'd certainly try. I _like_ Earth. I'm from here."
«Random_Nerd» Johann looks at Jerren with a confused expression, but nods.
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Let me see. Fall. Prosaic/Mythic divide. Flood. Lost Centuries. That's at least four."
«Ftisk» "Fall like the season?"
«Brian» "Fall from Grace."
«Ftisk» "ah!"
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "When humans stopped being so interesting."
«DanteE» to Jerren: "How many of those happened without opposition?"
«Theresa» (Jerri forgot one. The War.)
«Ftisk» "Humans are interesting! Da... Nobles more so!"
«Brian» (it's an ongoing apocalypse.)
«Brian» (brb)
«Theresa» "Perhaps we just became interesting in a different way."
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Most of them came as surprises. The Fall wasn't really deliberate, just the wrong Serpent in the wrong place when hopped up on the wrong sap."
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "The divide happened because it's a bad idea to crap on angels."
«DanteE» "... really?"
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "And the Light acted pretty quickly when starting the Flood, so the Dark couldn't stop them."
«DanteE» (about the Fall)
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Hmm?"
«Kite» "It's definitely not an activity I would suggest."
«Brian» (b)
«Ftisk» "I rather would like some snapshot of that!"
«Kite» "The crapping on Angels, that is...."

  • Ftisk nod at Kite

«Brian» "I've heard that's only apocryphal."
«DanteE» (By 'Fall', do you mean Lucifer's rebellion?)

  • Kite is relieved that Ftisk agrees.

«Random_Nerd» (Well, he was talking about the part on Earth.)
«Random_Nerd» (The apple, Adam and Eve, humans no longer Imperial.)
«Random_Nerd» (Or, at least, proto-Imperial.)
«DanteE» (Oops, a Serpent was involved there. Can I take back that '..Really?')
«Random_Nerd» (Sure.)
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Which part?"
«Brian» (huh. I thought he was talking about Lucifer's Rebellion, and I spun it to the humans. Heh.)
«Brian» "The dinosaur and angel business."
«DanteE» "Oh, I was thinking of Lucifer's rebellion."
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "There are conflicting stories. Nobody's really in a big hurry to ask the Angel of Destruction for the details. He's touchy about the whole thing."
«DanteE» "Jerren, we are not fighting _you_, per se.
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Just my estate."
«Theresa» "We apologize."
«DanteE» "We... well, _I_ just wish you'd choose better targets, like the guys who are trying to kill us!"
«Brian» "And I'd prefer not to be a part of 'we' here. I mean you and your Estate no harm."
«Ftisk» "For the records, I like your estate .... and you, you bring interesting times!" *^_^*
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "I forget, did I forward you a copy of my dayplanner?"
«Brian» "Don't think so."
«Ftisk» "Dayplanner? Nope!"
«DanteE» (They teach snark in Imperator 101?)

  • Theresa facepalms.

«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "So, then, you're stalking me? Because obviously you have some way of knowing what I am and am not directing my Estate at."
«Kite» "No. Is there any way we could get some 'this is Jerren's and not an Excrucian's - hands off' seeing goggles?"
«Random_Nerd» He seems to be in a really pissy mood, but he's trying to snark rather than yell since Ananda arrived.
«Brian» "Again with the me attempting to distance myself from Dante's actions."
«DanteE» "Your ... minion is trying to crack the sky!
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "And?"
«Random_Nerd» Sam, to Brian: "So, what's happening now, boss?"
«DanteE» "Do you have any idea how important his world is? The Legions of Nobles and Anchors from here?

  • Ftisk shake the piece of sky souvenir

«Theresa» (Sam, we've got an Imperator snarking. Is that Defcon 1?)
«Theresa» "Dante, I'm running out of hands, here."
«Brian» (to Sam) "Wanna see? Or would you rather me just relate. Nothing good, either way. Better than Jerren yelling at us, but not by much."
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "It's been through worse. If the Earth was going to fall to pieces every time something happened, we wouldn't be here having this conversation."

  • Ftisk thumbs up to Jerren

«DanteE» (I'm honest to a fault, gutsy enough to stand up to anyone, and I like this world. What would I do?)

  • DanteE looks again at the holes in the sky

«Kite» "This isn't destroying the sky, though. Right? It's just cracking a hole in it, because that's part of the apocalypse Yes?"
«Brian» (it seems like Dante's belief is that this is actively breaking the world.)
«Random_Nerd» (The holes in this part of the sky don't go very deep. Just a bit below the surface.)
«Theresa» (Realize that a) we're not the only world in the universe, b) respect someone else's Estate and c) work with the Imperator so that he doesn't get the urge to make your life horrible?)
«Brian» (I don't know what he would do with that belief. Perhaps state it for now?)
«Kite» "I think I'm understanding that the apocalypse is okay. And the fact that some spokesperson for the Sky is not here implies that this isn't an attack on the Sky...I think..."
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Your estates. Courage, Blaes. Are you good with them? You generally know what you're doing, as far as they go?"
«DanteE» "Usually."
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Well, so am I."
«Kite» (Jerren typoed that on purpose.)
«Brian» (Can I do a quick LDiv of the number of holes before the sky isn't the sky anymore? Feel free to say "no I can't within the definition of Numbers".)
«Ftisk» (seem reasonable Kite)
«Theresa» (Blaes...isn't that 'bluff' in Princess Bride-ian?)
«Random_Nerd» (Hmm...)
«DanteE» "You've only been alive for (x)."
«Theresa» "Dante!"
«Kite» (I think of it as Jerren belittling Dante. It's more fun that way.)
«Random_Nerd» (You can see how many holes there are now, or how deep they go, or how many current holes are endangering the sky.)
«Random_Nerd» (But you'd need a greater div to look at hypothetical future stuff like that.)
«Theresa» "You haven't been a Noble for that much longer. And you only have two estates to handle."
«Brian» (right. GDiv is what level?)
«Random_Nerd» (So, a Domain 7 miracle.)
«Random_Nerd» (Wait... 5?)
«Random_Nerd» (Yeah, 5.)
«Random_Nerd» (7 is greater preservation.)
«Brian» (I've got D5. I wish I had my book ... looking up stuff in PDF is a pain.)
«Brian» (I know I just said that ...)
«Brian» (so, yeah, GDiv it is :D)
«Ftisk» "Dante, this is rude!"
«Random_Nerd» (Assuming the intervention of no greater miraculous force, there is no number of holes that would suffice to make the sky not be the sky any more.)
«Brian» "There is no number of holes in the sky that would be sufficient to make the sky not the sky."
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "This is not me being a sell-out to the Excrucians. This is not me being incompetent. This is me doing my job, and I'd appreciate it if you'd not assume otherwise at least until you have at least a bit of evidence to point to."
«Kite» Anchor-phone to Gil: "Gil? Do you know of anyone, Imperial or Noble, in charge of the Sky?"
«Random_Nerd» Gil: "Give me one minute, and I'll get you the details. I just need to grab the binder."
«Brian» (to Sam) "Any advice on how to calm down a pissy giant snake?"
«Kite» to Gil: "Thank you."
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "...gin and tonic?"
«Ftisk» (Sam to Brian: offer him a giant elephant? :-p )
«Brian» (to Sam) "I don't have enough juniper ... wait. T might be able to make gin. Not tonic, though, I bet."
«Brian» (I know T can make the juniper berries, but distilled?)
«Kite» (What is tonic made from?)

  • Theresa bows deeply to Jerren. "I am deeply sorry, Lord Jerren, for this misunderstanding. It's obvious that Dante's concern for the Earth has clouded his perceptions at the moment."

«Random_Nerd» Gil: "Ymir, one of the Old Gods, is the Imperator of the Sky and of Violent Revolution."
«Theresa» "We are also sorry for having caused interruptions to both you and Lord Ananda's schedules."
«Brian» (I'm sorta expecting Dante to crack and go all "THE EARTH IS MY DOMAIN!" But that would be bad and complicate things further :p)
«Kite» to Gil: "That sounds...oddly appropriate. Thanks."
«Random_Nerd» (Tonic is water and bark.)
«Theresa» (Dante can feel free to snark at Theresa about this, but she's trying to keep him from becoming a Durant pancake.)
«Ftisk» (go go Dante go! Do as Brian suggest!!!)
«DanteE» "I'm sorry, but thoughts of _The_ Apocalypse scare people, and I'm obligated to fight that.
«Brian» "Lord Ananda, can you shed any light on whether Lord Jerren here is instrumental to the changing of the Age? If you can, will you?"
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "No! No you aren't! You're obligated to protect Courage and Blades. /I'm/ obligated to worry about apocalypses."
«DanteE» "Is this isn't the end-all, then I over-reacted."
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "Indirectly. He is one of the factors which is necessary to make things ready for the End of the Age."
«Brian» "Is fighting the Age change futile?"
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "So, in a sense, he is a direct component to the end of this world."

  • Kite whispers to Dante: "The Imperator of the Sky is also the Imperator of Violent Revolutions. I think he would approve of Jerren's actions."

«Theresa» (Brian, ask Barakiel.)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda, to Brian: "Yes, because I would kill you if you seemed to stand a chance."
«Brian» "Could you please answer in a form that does not imply that Lord Barakiel is correct in believing that the change of Age can be stopped? I'd rather not have something like that in my memory as true ..." (Barakiel is that one, right?)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "It is theoretically possible to stop the end of the Age. It is inadvisable and difficult for many reasons, not least of which the fact that, again, I would kill you."
«Random_Nerd» (Yes, that's Barakiel.)
«DanteE» calmly: "Lord Jerren. Our estates ensure that we will occasionally be at cross-purposes. But I contend that they are both important. And I would much rather negotiate than fight."
«Brian» "I hope Barakiel doesn't ask us that question then. I suppose I shouldn't have asked."
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "I also. I cannot consider a situation where for us to fight would help either of us."
«Ftisk» "Dante, can't you call dad and let him do the negotiation? He will have a better perspective that you?"
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Either I would fight you alone, in which case I would almost certainly die, or I would invoke Baalhermon, in which case I would be indebted to Entropy. Neither situation pleases me."
«Kite» "Lord Ananda. I realize this does not have direct relation to what we are talking about and please forgive me for being intrusive, but could you explain, if only in part, your reason for voting for Lord Entropy's proposal to grant Shirk diplomatic immunity?"
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "Barakiel has his plans. I have mine. Mine are better."
«DanteE» to Jerren: "Would you be willing to meet with Kudzu?"
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Not right now."
«Ftisk» "and ... what are your plan My lord Ananda? "
«DanteE» "Later, then?"
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "I thought you understood that already. I told you that Jerren's presence is necessary for the end of the Age, yes?"
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "Later. When I've had time to calm down, and get things arranged properly."
«DanteE» to Ananda: "You deliberately set things up to create Jerren?"
«Ftisk» "Eh? Cool!"
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "To awaken him, rather. Without the coming of Shirk, he would continue to slumber in the heart of the Tree."
«Kite» "So...granting diplomatic immunity to Shirk allows Jerren to exist?"
«Kite» "I see. Thank you, Lord Ananda."
«Ftisk» "Wow!
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "Without his presence, one of Jerren's estates would still be unborn. Without diplomatic immunity, Shirk would not have come. Without my vote, Entropy's motion would have failed. I acted accordingly."
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "It is a risk. But I deemed it necessary."
«DanteE» (OK, Impending doom... what else?)
«Random_Nerd» (Sudden Losses of Courage and Loyalty, or something very similar to that.)
«Random_Nerd» (Basically, Shirking.)
«DanteE» to A: "They say is you ever oppose Entropy, Something Terrible will happen."
«DanteE» "Might I ask... what?"
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "No comment."
«DanteE» "... the stopping of the clock?"

  • Kite takes notes

«Kite» "Lord Jerren, are you acquainted with Lord Ymir?"
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "Still, it would be useful to bear in mind that, for a number of unorthodox-seeming actions I may take in the coming months, it's part of a plan and I know what I'm doing/"
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "We haven't met."

  • Theresa wonders if Kudzu ever gets attacks of 'my Nobles are about to get killed'. A kind of Imperator-spidey sense.

«DanteE» "... What will your age be like?"
«Random_Nerd» (Only when he forgets to take the pills that numb that part of his brain.)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "You'll see."
«Brian» "How supportive are you of Entropy specifically?"
«DanteE» "You promise?"
«Random_Nerd» Ananda, to Brian: "Selectively."
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "I currently believe that you will see the next age, barring events I have not foreseen."
«Ftisk» (I wonder if Vulcan spider sense is ignored when is Ftisk ... for sheer defense against the volume of warning)
«Brian» "If it came to pass that someone would attempt to overthrow Entropy, would you oppose them?"
«DanteE» (and there goes Kudzu's spidey-sense again...)
«Theresa» (It might be like a spam-filter, Ftisk.)
«Ftisk» (@T: lol! )
«Kite» "I imagine it depends on the circumstances, Brian."
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "Depends who it was, and why it was."
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "And, most importantly, /when/."
«Kite» "But not where?"
«Ftisk» "or how?"
«DanteE» "Lord Ananda, I believe I speak for us all when I say that we will do whatever we can to protect Creation for your Age.
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "Is that a promise?"
«Brian» "What would be a good time for a theoretical bunch of misfit Nobles with some support elsewhere to attempt to overthrow Entropy ... ?"
«DanteE» (You guys OK with my promise?)
«Ftisk» (nope Dante!)
«Theresa» (I..have no idea. Theresa is twitchy about promising stuff right now.)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "Not yet. He has things to do first."
«Kite» (Kite doesn't like promising things.)
«Brian» (Brian's ok with it. He probably doesn't know that his idea of what is good protecting Creation is different from Ananda's)
«DanteE» ( ... :/ ... )
«Kite» (go ahead and make the promise, though, we don't have to agree with Dante's decision.)
«DanteE» (So, you guys look scared/apprehensive after I say that?)
«Brian» (not me)
«DanteE» (I will be reading your faces. Or beaks, antennae, whatever...)
«Theresa» (Yep, but how is that any different than how Theresa's _been_ looking?  :) )
«DanteE» "Well, I will, anyway."
«Ftisk» (Ftisk is apprehensive all time.. is Dante , his Dante on the line!)
«Kite» (Kite's been looking scared and apprehensive since the Imperators arrived.)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "I accept your promise, Dante."
«DanteE» (And for my stone, what do you think of "Ananda remembers us"?)
«Random_Nerd» (Works for me!)
«Kite» (Sounds good)
«Brian» (could be Very Bad. That means it's a greet idea!)
«Ftisk» (I like that!)
«DanteE» ("Ananda remembers us well"?)
«Ftisk» (better!)
«Brian» ("Ananda likes us".)
«DanteE» (Can we swing that?)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "Jerren, do you consider things to have been resolved, here?"
«Random_Nerd» Jerren: "I... I guess. I'm still a bit angry, but... I need to do some thinking about what you said, now."
«Brian» (When I finally add up my points for the "find support for the Civil War", I intend to put "Ananda will tell us when to begin an open rebellion")
«DanteE» "I'm sorry, Jerren. I'd like to smooth this over soon."
«DanteE» "And hey, I brought your guy back, that should count for something?"
«Kite» "I'm sorry about your cell phone, Johaclypse."
«Kite» "I can make you a new one, if you like."
«Ftisk» "yep, once he realized that was _not_ an evil excrucian"
«Random_Nerd» (Oh, by the way, I think you can count this as a Failure for that project of yours. You didn't get Ananda's backing, or even his neutrality, but you learned something.)
«DanteE» (Who's that to, Brian?)
«Random_Nerd» Johann: "If I just walk away slowly, nobody's going to stick me in a cage or tear out my skeleton, right?"

  • Ftisk nod nod

«Kite» "I sure hope not!"
«DanteE» "Go home, Johann. We won't interfere."
«Random_Nerd» Johann: "Then I'm going to forget about the cellphone, go home, and watch some really stupid television."
«Random_Nerd» He starts walking away.

  • Ftisk lCreate a little Johan puppent with removable skeleton that walk and say "crack the sky!!!"

«Brian» (RN: sure. Though I wasn't trying, I'll still take the points :). Dante: mostly out loud, to give an idea of what I am planning)
«Ftisk» "This is a little gift Johan"
«Random_Nerd» (Well, you were at least feeling him out on the idea, weren't you?)
«Brian» (a bit.)
«Random_Nerd» (Close enough, I say.)
«Brian» (I just wanted to know if he'd murder us outright :p I guess that counts for something.)
«DanteE» (I was asking RN who got that Failure)
«Random_Nerd» (Brian.)
«Random_Nerd» (For his revolution project.)
«Random_Nerd» Ananda: "I have work to do."
«Random_Nerd» You hear his footsteps walking away.
«DanteE» "One question, first...

  • Ftisk wave in Anada general direction

«Random_Nerd» You hear them stop.
«Random_Nerd» A: "Yes?"
«DanteE» "Can we do anything about Shirk's effects?"
«Random_Nerd» A: "You can try."
«Kite» "Brian, I think you might be interested in talking to Lord Ymir."
«Random_Nerd» He starts walking again.

  • Ftisk wave again

«Brian» "Many thanks, Lord Ananda." (by the way, and I suppose this is to ask and answer later, but what is needed to be able to flip to Outside perception?)
«DanteE» "See you soon."
«Kite» "'Might', because all I know is that he's the Old God of the Sky and Violent Revolutions."
«Random_Nerd» (A Project, probably. Learning to do it is tricky even for Nobles.)
«Brian» "Thank you Kite. (to Sam) "Sam, Kite suggested I might be interested in speaking with a Lord Ymir. Ymera Ymir? Yeesh. can you set up a meeting?"
«Random_Nerd» Jerren swirls his long scaly body on the ground for a moment, and then seems to coil up.
«Random_Nerd» He then launches himself into the sky, like a snake in a cartoon turning his body into a spring and bouncing. Only those usually don't leave huge ditches in the ground where they jumped from.

  • Ftisk look fascinated

«Ftisk» "Can I have a scal.. nervermind... sigh"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "I'll ask William for his contact details, and get on it, boss."
«DanteE» "And I was worried about dents like this in the sky."
«Theresa» "I think I need to sit down. We were so close to being annihilated there."
«DanteE» "You mean _I_ was, right?"

  • Kite prays to Jan ben Jan: "Sir? This is Chytosideron of Assembly. I wish to speak with you."

«Ftisk» "Dante! Never do that again or I'll have to slap you! Do you know how _I'll feel_ once you're gone????"
«Theresa» "Well, yes, there is that. But we were also in the blast range and I'm sure the boss would be ticked off if we didn't bring you home." *smile*
«DanteE» "And yet you still hang around with me."
«Random_Nerd» Kite, it is obvious to you for some reason that Jan ben Jan wonders whether you wish to pay for a prophecy, or to speak to him for some other reason.
«Brian» "Someone has to bring you home :)"
«Kite» to JbJ: "You offered information of my parents in exchange for information on Ananda's choice to vote for Shirk's diplomatic immunity. I have information."

  • Theresa shrugs. "You're family. I just can't sit you in a corner for a time-out, like my students."

«DanteE» "I could always just hop on a burro and spend the rest of the age tilting at windmills."
«Ftisk» (burro = mule right?)
«DanteE» (yep)
«DanteE» (It's a reference to Don Quixote)
«Random_Nerd» Kite, from the way that blade of grass over there bends in the breeze, it is obvious that Jan ben Jan is interested, and will summon you to him if you invoke him.
«Theresa» "Always plenty to do during the changing of an Age."

  • Kite invokes Jan ben Jan.

«Ftisk» "and try to not be killed by angry imp, please!"
«DanteE» "I just wish we had a clear path. We barely even know who we are in all this."
«Ftisk» "or pissed off ones"
«Kite» (I am imagining Puck rampaging against Dante and I am amused.)
«DanteE» to Kite: "See if he has my eye. Or just bring back souvenirs."
«Random_Nerd» Kite vanishes in a cold puff of air.

  • Kite "POOF!"

«DanteE» "... something weird happened on 'Breach Day'. Maybe if we get a handle on what that would help."
«Theresa» *to Dante* "We are ourselves. What parts we play in all of this is our own choices. To believe otherwise would be putting a cage around ourselves."
«Ftisk» "Listen to her, she is wise for being an human"
«Random_Nerd» Kite, you float in a dark space. Beneath you, an icy planetoid made of thousands of severed body parts turns.
«Random_Nerd» (Well, way more than thousands.)
«Random_Nerd» (Lots.)

  • Theresa smirks at Ftisk.
  • Ftisk pout at Theresa

«Random_Nerd» Jan ben Jan: "Chytosideron, as I have said before, if you will tell me why Ananda supported Entropy in giving immunity to Sueridas, I will return to you the memory of your parents."
«DanteE» (Should we keep RPing, or just grab popcorn for Kite's thing?)

  • Ftisk grab popcorns!

«Random_Nerd» Sam, to Brian: "Okay, I have the contact information."
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Do you want me to send him a message?"

  • Ftisk sit on Dante's lap and watch

«DanteE» "Being myself almost got us obliterated. You sure about that advice, Theresa?"
«Kite» "Lord Jan ben Jan. In a recent meeting with Lord Ananda, he explained that allowing Shirk into Creation was vital in awakening Lord Jerren, who he claims will be instrumental in the turn of the Age."
«Theresa» (I don't mind watching Kite being awesome.  :) )
«Brian» (to Sam) "go ahead"
«Random_Nerd» Jan ben Jan: "And you heard this from him directly?"
«Kite» "Yes."
«Random_Nerd» Jan ben Jan turns, and for a moment, glows a deep reddish color.
«Kite» (Oh no! He's going to explode! D: )
«Random_Nerd» Jan ben Jan: "Accepted. I am bringing your token, so that I may return to you that which you have given up."
«Random_Nerd» The body parts of Jan ben Jan thaw slightly, as something buried several layers deep works its way out.
«Random_Nerd» Then a steely feather, with a drop of blood on its quill, floats up out of Jan ben Jan and up to Kite.
«Random_Nerd» Jan ben Jan: "This is now yours again."
«Random_Nerd» Jan ben Jan: "And with it, that which passed with it."
«Random_Nerd» It hovers in the air next to you, Kite.

  • Kite transforms to Human and gently grabs it.

«DanteE» (You could trade for what's behind Door #2)
=-= Kite is now known as Human-Kite
«Random_Nerd» It looks and feels exactly like one of your own feathers.
«Ftisk» ( /me munch pop corn and steal Dante’s coke)
«Random_Nerd» It warms in your touch, and seems to try to burrow into your hand.

  • Human-Kite lets it do so.
  • Human-Kite then thinks it might work better if he were a bird and switches back

=-= Human-Kite is now known as Kite
«Random_Nerd» As you turn into a bird, it animates more strongly, and flies into place on your wing.
«Random_Nerd» It sticks in, and you feel memories flowing back into your mind. Two sets. The first are of your youth, before you were ennobled. And the second set are a few traces of your decision to sell the first memories in exchange for something that seemed really important at the time.

  • Kite wonders what that really important something was.

«Random_Nerd» (Now, there are two approaches we can take here. First, I can come up with some biographical background for Kite.)
«Ftisk» (door 2?)
«Random_Nerd» You aren't sure of the details of that. That set of memories is just a faint trace that had stuck to the other bundle.
«Random_Nerd» (And the second one is, you can come up with material of your own, either now or after thinking about it, and we can integrate that into your Projects tree as a Struggle.)
«Random_Nerd» (Do you know which you'd prefer?)
«Kite» (I think I prefer #1)
«Random_Nerd» (Okay. In that case, do you mind if I take until next week to do so?)
«Kite» (That's fine.)
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Now, do you want me to just send to tell Ymir that you wish to speak with him, or is there more I should say?"
«Brian» (to Sam) "That is sufficient."
«Brian» (to Sam) "Thanks."
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Okay, I'll get on that."
«Random_Nerd» (So, now, do you guys want to go back to Amyra, or somewhere else?)
«DanteE» "Any ideas what to do next?"
«Random_Nerd» Kite, you see Jan ben Jan turn beneath you.
«Random_Nerd» JbJ: "Is there anything else?"
«Ftisk» (Back to Amyra)
«Kite» "Thank you, Lord Jan ben Jan. No, that is all for now. I may have some questions in the future, though."
«Random_Nerd» Jan ben Jan: "If you wish to do so, contact me again."
«Kite» "I will. Thank you."
«Random_Nerd» (Okay, let's cut to everyone being back in Amyra, then.)
«Brian» (sure)
«Kite» (okay!)
«Ftisk» (keep in mind that Ftisk want a private speak with Dante)
«DanteE» (OK)
«Random_Nerd» Left on the conference room table is a note that says: "Need to acquire breeding stock of horses. Plan to offer hybrids and tools in exchange. Are there any such things you wish your chancelfolk not to have? Thanks. The Mad Excrucian."
«Theresa» (He is not allowed to have monkeys.)

  • Theresa is sprawled out with a cool cloth over her eyes.

«DanteE» "OK, how'd this note get _here_?"
«Random_Nerd» The imp pokes his head in the door. "I delivered it! You weren't in, so I left it here!"
«Ftisk» "and how the note reached you?"
«DanteE» "How'd you get to the moon?"
«Random_Nerd» Imp: "Speaking of which... am I allowed to accept tips?"
«DanteE» "Depends... the tips of what?"
«Random_Nerd» Imp: "Didn't go to the moon. Found the note. Flew overhead. Paper airplane."

  • Ftisk shroud

«Random_Nerd» Imp: "Money. In exchange for services."
«Kite» "Who is offering tips?"
«DanteE» "... I'll say yes, as long as you don't actively solicit them. That would be rude."
«Random_Nerd» Imp: "Well, there was what looked like money tucked in with the note."
«Kite» "Ah."
«Random_Nerd» He pulls out an intricately engraved banknote, which purports to be issued by the Bank of Excrucitania.
«DanteE» (Our Aides here?)
«Random_Nerd» Imp: "Is this even legal tender?"
«Random_Nerd» (Sure.)

  • DanteE examines the banknote.

«Ftisk» "Do you have them... ah"

  • Ftisk examine another one

«DanteE» to the Aides: "We had an encounter with Jerren. And Ananda. The former may be arranging a meeting with us soon."
«Random_Nerd» It has a picture of a boring looking guy with a fancy wig and stars in his eyes on the front, and on the back, what looks like a vaguely Roman temple. It purports to be worth five denarii.
«DanteE» "The latter... who knows."
«Theresa» (Have we always been at war with Excrucitania?)
«Random_Nerd» William: "Are there any preparations I should make?"
«DanteE» "Well, we need a way for my work not to bump into his too often.
«Kite» "Apology cards."
«Random_Nerd» William: "And flowers?"
«DanteE» The temple look familiar at all?
«Random_Nerd» You can place the period, but it doesn't correspond to any specific real-world temple you know of.
«Kite» "Flowers would be nice."
«DanteE» How fine is the engraving?
«Random_Nerd» It would be possibly for a sufficiently skilled human to do engraving that good, if he had three months to do it.
«Kite» "Maybe an arrangement with olive leaves."
«DanteE» (the Lincoln Memorial on the $5 is detailed enough that you can read the state names above the columns)
«Random_Nerd» (Err, would be /possible/.)
«Theresa» "Or something that a Serpent Imperator would like to have, William." *voice is muffled*
«Kite» "Or something else that says, 'OH GOD I'M SORRY!'"
«DanteE» any writing visible on the Temple?
«Random_Nerd» William: "Ah."
«Ftisk» "Like a neon sign?"
«Kite» "Or a potted plant."

  • Ftisk ld a sign with *I'm really sorry!!!* on it

«Theresa» "No, no alcohol, please, I'm too tired."
«Random_Nerd» There is a motto engraved at the top, above the columns. It's the Angelic for "They can kill you, but they can't eat you."
«DanteE» "'They can kill you but they can't eat you'?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "Good to know, sir."
«Ftisk» "Cool motto!"
«Brian» (just about midnight here.)
«Kite» "If only that were true..."
«Random_Nerd» William: "How angry is this Serpent likely to be?"
«Brian» "Less so now."
«Random_Nerd» William: "And do you know if he's a happy drunk or a mean drunk?"
«Brian» "Ananda helped. Thanks Sam, again."
«Random_Nerd» (Here seems a good place to stop, really.)
«Theresa» "Well, he didn't kill us yet. And he's a young Imperator. We may be his first grudge."
«Random_Nerd» (Any last words?)
«Brian» (next crisis next week? :p)
«DanteE» "You act like I got drunk and pissed all over a Rembrandt.
«Ftisk» (none)
«Kite» "A what?"
«Ftisk» (none is to any last world, is ok to stop now)
«DanteE» "Do you want me to leave? Go do my own thing, mitigate the risk and responsibility to you?"
«Theresa» "No, it was more like playing chicken with a nuclear detonator, I think."
«Brian» "The courage is unbalanced toward Dante. As it should be."
«Theresa» "No, Dante. We're a family. But not everyone is as bold and forward as yourself."
«Random_Nerd» ______________STOP________________
«Brian» (... wait, was that my out loud voice? :D)
=-= Brian is now known as lazarus
«DanteE» :P
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
=-= Kite is now known as Verithe
«Ftisk» (Dante don’t do fools thinks!!!)
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
«Knockwood» without good reason, anyway
«lazarus» query: how many points is a Failure?
«Knockwood» 5
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
«BethE» Was I being too harsh toward Dante, Knock?
«Knockwood» More than a Victory, I remember. Which says something right there.
«lazarus» Then I've got a stone and 4 spare points.
«Random_Nerd» Cool. What do you want to do with it?
«Angelo» brb
«Knockwood» Beth: You make it sound like he's radioactive
«Random_Nerd» And Knock, you were using yours for "Ananda remembers us"?
«Knockwood» And of course, he made a promise involving everyone and there you are looking like you're rapidly running away...
«Knockwood» RN: depends. Can 1 stone do "Ananda likes us"?
«Random_Nerd» Hmm...
«Knockwood» or even "Ananda respects us"?
«Random_Nerd» Yes, as long as it's understood that this doesn't mean he'll always agree with you or vote your way.
«Random_Nerd» But he'll certainly pay attention to what you say and give you the benefit of the doubt.
«BethE» Dante is forward and honest in a world where we don't know enough.  :) And have enemies that can squish us. Plus, I just sometimes have a fit of heebie-jeebies about making promises. I can promise stuff on Theresa's behalf but I try not to promise for others.
«Random_Nerd» That sound good?
«lazarus» I want two things. Which I know I can't have. I'm debating over "Brian's gathered enough support" and "Ananda will let us know when to strike". (The first is too wishy-washily worded, I know)
«Random_Nerd» Hmm...
«Knockwood» I'll let the group vote: "Ananda likes us", "Ananda respects us", or "Ananda remembers us (adverb of your choice)"?
«Random_Nerd» I'm fine with the latter one.
«Random_Nerd» The former would have to be more clear.
«BethE» I think out of those choices, the last one.
«Knockwood» laz: Do we really know rebelling is the right thing, though?
«lazarus» (I've laid the groundwork for either of the two statements - it's been about gathering support and a clandestine army, but this last bit seemed like Ananda would do it)
«lazarus» kwd: no clue!
«Verithe» Rembembers
«Knockwood» In fact, we know we shouldn't strike until Entropy does something
«Angelo» b
«lazarus» I vote respects, actually. Seems more like his reaction was.
«Knockwood» (presumably Saves Creation)
«Verithe» Knock: That's a reason to talk to Ymir!
«Knockwood» but, then what?
«Verithe» Then, we'll have more information. Maybe.
«Angelo» once creation is save strike him with a rock!
«Knockwood» was the 'b' to me, Angelo?
«Angelo» b= back
«Knockwood» I'm leaning toward "Ananda respects us" as well...
«Random_Nerd» I like that one best.
«Random_Nerd» It just seems to fit.
«Angelo» I was away to take off the fire the rice and [scolarlo] and put it in a bowl
«Random_Nerd» But it's your call.
«lazarus» RN: "Brian has set up a clandestine army networked and ready to go" ... that a decent statement? I'm kinda wanting to tie the stone to what the "chapter" of the Project was about.
«Knockwood» Actually, what do we get for this session?
«Knockwood» and "Ananda respects us" it is.
«Random_Nerd» I think it's too early for "Brian has a clandestine army." Maybe next stage.
«lazarus» Alright. Maybe something about having people actively working to create one, with him currently ultimately heading it?
«Random_Nerd» Yeah, that works.
«Knockwood» Brian has a rebel movement?
«lazarus» (like, have a pile of cell leaders who are going about doing their recruiting thing)
«Random_Nerd» Brian The Noble Has A Posse.
«Angelo» For Ftisk's outside project the last session+this one was a failure?
«lazarus» "Brian has set up a network of cells, with cell leaders loyal to him out recruiting for the rebellion" ... that seems like a long statement for the thing.
«Random_Nerd» Hmm.
«Angelo» 'Brian have cell leaders'?
«Random_Nerd» Angelo: Yeah, that sounds right.
«Angelo» "Huzza!!!"
«lazarus» done and done.

  • Angelo run to update chart! ^_^

«Knockwood» Destiny for this session?
«Angelo» ah, out of the blue "Herry Potter, the last one, in 3d is a nice film!"
«Random_Nerd» For this session, I think Ftisk and Brian each got a failure, and Kite...
«BethE» Well, all, I shall head off to bed. Sleep well and good game!  :)
«Knockwood» g'night Beth
«Random_Nerd» Hmm. What project did Kite have for this? I seem to recall something.
«Angelo» Good night Beth! *hug*
«Verithe» "Find out about his past."
«lazarus» 'night Beth!
«Angelo» perfect match Kite!
|«-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
«lazarus» (another out of the blue) I just bought into Firestorm Armada today. Anyone else play?
«Random_Nerd» Okay, does this sound like a Victory for that?
«Verithe» Woo!
«Random_Nerd» Never heard of it.
«Random_Nerd» Computer game? Wargame?
«lazarus» war-game.
«lazarus» minis.
«Knockwood» don't do minis
«Angelo» no minis too here
«lazarus» seems reasonably cheap as these things go (24$ rulebook, 52$ starter boxes with a fleet of 1 BB, 3 CAs, and 6 Frigates - FFs?)
«lazarus» and damn easy to put together - the most complex one I have out of 20 ships is 6 parts.
«Random_Nerd» Anyway, good game, guys.
«Knockwood» whoa, my Destiny
«Random_Nerd» Hmm?
«Knockwood» lemme get a wheelbarrow. :)
«Random_Nerd» ..?
«Knockwood» should get piles of points toward several of the branches on my map.
«Verithe» ?
«Angelo» anyway, I go, good night guys, good day Verithe.
«Random_Nerd» Hmm?
«Knockwood» Including the new branch, "Take over universe, muah hah hah hah"
«Verithe» Take care, Angelo!
«lazarus» gnight
«Knockwood» Points toward "Bring Nobles together/Encourage cooperation" (maybe as a Failure)///
«Knockwood» Maybe "Dante, Defender of the Universe"
«Random_Nerd» Eh, you just got a revelation on the former, didn't you?
«Knockwood» "Figure out what's going to happen and get through it" (Ananda says I'll be there! :P )
«Knockwood» "Figure out the great mysteries" (A new way we're fucked!)
«Knockwood» ... oh, right, I did get a Rev last session
«Random_Nerd» I think I see part of how you're accumulating so much destiny on that one project. You've got a bunch of sub-branches, and you're treating them in some ways as separate projects, and in some ways as one.
«Knockwood» had that on a separate branch
«Random_Nerd» I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.
|«-- lazarus has left (Disintegrated: lazarus)
«Knockwood» They're a little tied... it's all about the Age End.
«Random_Nerd» But I'll reread the section on projects before next session, and we can work on tidying this one up a bit.
«Random_Nerd» See you next week.
«Knockwood» Nuts. OK.
|«-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: )
«Verithe» Take care, KW!
|«-- Verithe has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 5.0/20110615151330])
«--| YOU (Angelo) have left #Nobilis

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