Session 21 of Pine Falls

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[2009-04-24 18:24:42] <StorytellerHelmet> Stealth game!
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[2009-04-24 19:03:57] * Fu is going to die.  ;3;
[2009-04-24 19:05:50] <StorytellerHelmet> Ah. Here we go
[2009-04-24 19:06:32] <StorytellerHelmet> Everyone prepared? >D
[2009-04-24 19:06:38] <Mala> Mmmhmmm
[2009-04-24 19:07:33] <StorytellerHelmet> Due to the events that are about to take place, this session will likely be a bit longer than usual. Is everyone okay with this?
[2009-04-24 19:07:40] * DrakeNero pulls down Player Goggles.
[2009-04-24 19:07:56] <StorytellerHelmet> Oh hoooooo! Found some new equipment!
[2009-04-24 19:08:23] * Fu gulps.
[2009-04-24 19:08:47] <DrakeNero> To go with your helmet.
[2009-04-24 19:08:51] <StorytellerHelmet> Heh heh
[2009-04-24 19:09:10] <StorytellerHelmet> All right. Let's see where we left off...
[2009-04-24 19:10:56] <StorytellerHelmet> The crew journeyed to the Hollow with Abigail and a severely beaten King of Masks in tow. As they made their way down to the chapel, the Hollow seemed to turn on them, saying that "... my king calls for me."
[2009-04-24 19:14:13] <StorytellerHelmet> After threatening to crush King, the Hollow allows them to enter the chapel where seeing all thirteen family symbols together brings a little perspective (moreso to Mala than the others, in fact). Soon after, King was interrogated and they learned that the horrors that were plaguing the town were unleashed by the Gentry god of Pine Falls when the families failed to uphold their end of the...
[2009-04-24 19:14:15] <StorytellerHelmet> ...generational pledge.
[2009-04-24 19:17:18] <StorytellerHelmet> The condition -- every generation, the thirteen families must each sacrifice one of their children to the fae god. Though the townspeople did not know what become of their kin, our intrepid heroes learned that they had been twisted into the changelings that composed the former Freehold.
[2009-04-24 19:19:23] <StorytellerHelmet> Every one of them had to pledge never to speak to their families again, but after so many generations, they devised a plan to halt the sacrifices. They instructed the families to send their unmarked children away so that the fae lord could not see them and could not collect.
[2009-04-24 19:20:19] <StorytellerHelmet> It might have worked, but Robert Franklin -- who had become King of Masks -- saw to the Freehold's destruction and informed his master of their plans.
[2009-04-24 19:22:07] <StorytellerHelmet> He intended to deal with the matter of the sacrifices personally, but then the fairy tale murders happened and planted the idea in his master's inhuman mind to punish the whole town with their own legends.
[2009-04-24 19:24:14] <StorytellerHelmet> And now, even King can do little to satisfy his master's appetite. Abigail is confused as she had seen ahead in her own story and believes that there is someplace else that they still need to go. Fu has also decided to do something...
[2009-04-24 19:24:16] <StorytellerHelmet> ... interesting.
[2009-04-24 19:24:49] <Fu> Because well, what is one to do when they are stuck in the Role of Prince? They have to face the villian.
[2009-04-24 19:25:03] <StorytellerHelmet> And there are still some loose ends. What exactly was the pledge? What do the families know? And what does Mala have to do with this?
[2009-04-24 19:25:15] <StorytellerHelmet> *Whew*
[2009-04-24 19:25:26] <StorytellerHelmet> Okay. Sorry. Figured we needed a complete refresher. XD
[2009-04-24 19:25:34] <Fu> Understandable. :p
[2009-04-24 19:25:49] <StorytellerHelmet> And now, we return to the chapel...
[2009-04-24 19:26:10] <Fu> Fu looks back over his shoulder at the others. "King. What was the exact pledge?"
[2009-04-24 19:27:27] <StorytellerHelmet> "Couldn't tell you," he coughs, trying to find some sort of comfortable position, despite Mala's overpowering. "We were never allowed to see it."
[2009-04-24 19:28:26] <Fu> "Interesting... Hm. What would he give... to have a story of his own, do you think?"
[2009-04-24 19:28:57] <StorytellerHelmet> "*Hack* What the hell are you talking about?"
[2009-04-24 19:29:13] <Fu> "The book kept saying it wanted a name."
[2009-04-24 19:29:24] <StorytellerHelmet> "Yeah..."
[2009-04-24 19:29:29] * Fu grins.
[2009-04-24 19:29:50] <StorytellerHelmet> (Intelligence + Occult -5)
[2009-04-24 19:30:06] <StorytellerHelmet> (Anyone)
[2009-04-24 19:32:17] <StorytellerHelmet> King slowly starts to grasp what Fu is implying. "... HA! You're insane! Ha ha ha ha!"
[2009-04-24 19:32:44] <Fu> "Takes one to know one, Robert."
[2009-04-24 19:33:45] <StorytellerHelmet> "Even as fractured as my perception is... heh heh heh... no, no, no... you've lost it. You've lost it all!"
[2009-04-24 19:34:09] <StorytellerHelmet> "Drake, what is he talking about?" Abigail mutters, gripping his arm still.
[2009-04-24 19:34:23] <DrakeNero> "...I really don't know."
[2009-04-24 19:34:41] <DrakeNero> "Well there's a pledge..which as you can guess is an agreement. A magical one. Violation of it has to do with all this nasty..shit."
[2009-04-24 19:34:52] <DrakeNero> "We were trying to figure out the terms. Apparently he doesn't know either."
[2009-04-24 19:37:23] <Fu> "There is more than one way to paint a picture."
[2009-04-24 19:39:05] <StorytellerHelmet> "This is one kooky picture," King laughed. "You solve nothing and just end up making him stronger! Even I'M not THAT crazy!"
[2009-04-24 19:39:19] <Fu> "What makes you so sure?"
[2009-04-24 19:40:13] <Fu> "You aren't forgetting that my 'story' is luck, are you?" He head tilts.
[2009-04-24 19:40:43] <StorytellerHelmet> "This has nothing to do with 'your' story... it's what you'll give to Him."
[2009-04-24 19:40:53] * DrakeNero puts his hand over one of Abigail's as she clutches his arm.
[2009-04-24 19:40:57] <Fu> "Oh, but it does. ^_^"
[2009-04-24 19:41:17] <StorytellerHelmet> "But, don't let me stop you!" he grins, nodding to the exit. "I'll even let you out if you want to kill yourself."
[2009-04-24 19:41:34] <Fu> "Just tell me how to summon him. I'm taking this to a Realm I am better suited for."
[2009-04-24 19:41:50] * Mala chokes off Bob's BS. "Fu, what are you thinking of doing" :|
[2009-04-24 19:42:00] <Fu> "You will see."
[2009-04-24 19:42:16] <DrakeNero> "Don't do this alone."
[2009-04-24 19:42:38] <Fu> "I... I don't know how I can bring you guys into the dreamscape with me."
[2009-04-24 19:42:44] <Fu> "I'm going to see about defining him in such a way that weakens him."
[2009-04-24 19:43:02] <Fu> "Which, normally what happens, is the opposite."
[2009-04-24 19:43:51] <Fu> "Hm."
[2009-04-24 19:44:19] <Fu> "... Mrs. Franklin, is there any way you can think of that could draw all three of us into the world of dreams?"
[2009-04-24 19:44:41] <Fu> "I want to fight there both because I know defensive Contracts that work there, and it would be nonlethal."
[2009-04-24 19:44:46] <Fu> "The idea was..."
[2009-04-24 19:44:51] * Fu takes a deep breath.
[2009-04-24 19:44:59] <StorytellerHelmet> "... I'm not terribly sure about dreams specifically, but I can put you all to sleep easy enough," she replies, still not understanding the whole situation.
[2009-04-24 19:45:38] <Fu> "The Title is the prize, the duel is the test. The winner decides what the title will be, but I will weave it either way. I just don't know how it'd all work at this point."
[2009-04-24 19:45:42] <Fu> "And honestly..."
[2009-04-24 19:45:48] * Fu shakes his head.
[2009-04-24 19:45:54] <Fu> "I'm running on empty."
[2009-04-24 19:47:59] <Fu> "I'm going to see if there's anything to harvest, and figure out how the fuck we are going to see about doing this together..."
[2009-04-24 19:49:13] <DrakeNero> "Yeah.. you thinking Goblin Fruits?"
[2009-04-24 19:49:49] <Fu> "Of course." He rubs his temples.
[2009-04-24 19:50:07] <StorytellerHelmet> "I'll let you out as far as the gardens," King chuckles. "But after that you're on your own. If you want His attention, all you need to do is write his name three times in your own blood."
[2009-04-24 19:50:23] <Fu> "What is his name, anyways?"
[2009-04-24 19:50:37] -->| Mostlyjoe ( has joined #PineFalls
[2009-04-24 19:51:29] <StorytellerHelmet> "The one I call him is 'Hunter of Melancholy Mercy."
[2009-04-24 19:52:03] * Fu nods.
[2009-04-24 19:52:51] <StorytellerHelmet> "But, you'll run out of blood before he gets there if you try that one. He has another name, but it's hard to pronounce."
[2009-04-24 19:52:55] <DrakeNero> "Are you ever going to tell us what your plan is?"
[2009-04-24 19:52:59] <StorytellerHelmet> He looks up at Mala with a smile. "Do you mind?"
[2009-04-24 19:53:49] <Mala> "Do I mind squeezing your head off? No."
[2009-04-24 19:53:55] <Fu> "Mala! D:"
[2009-04-24 19:54:15] <Mala> "That was a joke. Probably."
[2009-04-24 19:54:17] <Fu> "You can gag him AFTER."
[2009-04-24 19:54:19] <StorytellerHelmet> "I need to write something," he says before spitting blood on the ground."
[2009-04-24 19:54:37] * Fu takes out a pen and readies his hand.
[2009-04-24 19:54:40] <Fu> "Spell it."
[2009-04-24 19:54:48] <StorytellerHelmet> "Can't."
[2009-04-24 19:54:51] <StorytellerHelmet> "I have to write it."
[2009-04-24 19:55:07] <Fu> "Pussy." He walks up to him to give the pen.
[2009-04-24 19:55:09] <DrakeNero> "You can write in a headlock."
[2009-04-24 19:56:59] <StorytellerHelmet> King gives Drake a foul look as he ignores Fu's pen and reaches out to where he spat blood on the ground. "As for my plan? Survive," he smiles, tracing his blood on the floor in the shape of a symbol. "That's all I've ever wanted. That and, well... to never have to go back _there_."
[2009-04-24 19:57:35] <Fu> "Wonderful! We'll send you back once this is over!"
[2009-04-24 19:57:42] <Fu> " :D "
[2009-04-24 19:57:50] * DrakeNero snerks
[2009-04-24 19:58:49] <Fu> "Likely with your tongue missing, I think."
[2009-04-24 19:58:55] <StorytellerHelmet> A few moments later, King completes a rather simple symbol, consisting of a circle with a line through it and two smaller circles at each end of the line outside the bigger one. "I'd be more frightened if you had any chance of surviving tonight," he says with a slight smile. "Taunt all you like, but each of you knows exactly what you're up against."
[2009-04-24 19:59:16] <Fu> ^_^
[2009-04-24 19:59:32] <Fu> "The winds of destiny change..."
[2009-04-24 19:59:34] <StorytellerHelmet> "There. That's another name. Should be easier to write and will leave more of you in tact for Him to eat."
[2009-04-24 19:59:52] * Fu looks to memorize it.
[2009-04-24 20:00:34] <StorytellerHelmet> "You can't play His game. You don't even know where to begin. Not that it matters, anyway."
[2009-04-24 20:00:55] <Fu> "Who says we are?  :D"
[2009-04-24 20:01:12] <Fu> "Don't get too cocky, Robert."
[2009-04-24 20:01:24] <Fu> "I have learned that such things come before a fall."
[2009-04-24 20:02:22] <StorytellerHelmet> "More true than you know, 'prince.'" King looks back toward the chapel doors and they creak open, revealing solid ground.
[2009-04-24 20:02:47] * Fu smirks. "More than /you/ know."
[2009-04-24 20:03:04] <Fu> "... Oh yeah, Mala, sorry to be a dick, but... :<"
[2009-04-24 20:03:21] <Fu> "Could you coldcock him and gag him so he doesn't open his fucking mouth or try to summon that fae?"
[2009-04-24 20:03:46] <Mala> "Not a problem." Mala tightens her sleeperhold.
[2009-04-24 20:04:47] <StorytellerHelmet> "You're gonna knock me out AGAI-*Grk*" King chokes as Mala's arms tighten around his neck and send him back into unconsciousness for the third time tonight.
[2009-04-24 20:05:01] <DrakeNero> "I wonder if that's giving him brain damage."
[2009-04-24 20:05:26] <Mala> "Maybe."
[2009-04-24 20:05:42] * Mala pretty clearly doesn't care if it is.
[2009-04-24 20:05:54] <DrakeNero> "Does anyone care?"
[2009-04-24 20:06:06] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail stares at the ground.
[2009-04-24 20:06:27] <Fu> "I do, a little, but I think I'll survive."
[2009-04-24 20:06:38] <Fu> "Shall we?"
[2009-04-24 20:07:11] <Fu> "If... if I'm not doing this alone, I think I have an idea that could involve all three of us."
[2009-04-24 20:07:29] <DrakeNero> "Let's go."
[2009-04-24 20:07:33] <DrakeNero> "And let's hear it."
[2009-04-24 20:08:06] <StorytellerHelmet> The journey back up is much simpler than the trip down. The steps have reformed and the lights are back on, thankfully.
[2009-04-24 20:08:09] <Fu> "Drake, you could make a good judge. Mala... well, you wiped the floor with King."
[2009-04-24 20:08:27] <Fu> "It's just I'd rather not have Mala getting killed in real life. >_<"
[2009-04-24 20:08:51] <Fu> "We don't have a restart button or healing potions or anything..."
[2009-04-24 20:09:10] <DrakeNero> "Healing potions would be /great/ right now."
[2009-04-24 20:10:31] <Mala> "I didn't know they made those. >_> "
[2009-04-24 20:11:05] <DrakeNero> "They do, but they're just energy drinks, sadly."
[2009-04-24 20:11:34] <Fu> "And they are disgusting."
[2009-04-24 20:11:50] <Mala> "Oh. I had an energy drink once. I guess I should have saved it for now."
[2009-04-24 20:11:52] <Fu> "Let's see what we can find in the Hollow and the Garden, and we can figure this out."
[2009-04-24 20:12:50] <Fu> "... And damn it, don't let yourself get rooted again, Mala. DX"
[2009-04-24 20:13:32] <StorytellerHelmet> As they reach the upper levels, they find that the beautiful, fairy-tale castle decor is gone -- returned to its original state as a dead, frontier-era version of the Franklin mansion.
[2009-04-24 20:13:33] <Mala> "Mmmf. Could do with some of those silly-looking shoe things. I don't think they have my size though."
[2009-04-24 20:13:55] <DrakeNero> "I hazard we wear the same shoe size."
[2009-04-24 20:14:06] <DrakeNero> "you could wear my Birkenstocks." :V
[2009-04-24 20:14:53] * Fu rubs his temples, deciding not to comment about what big feet mean.
[2009-04-24 20:15:33] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail looks at the three changelings with a raised eyebrow as they all head toward the front doors, which creak open at their approach and reveal the insane fae gardens before it.
[2009-04-24 20:15:40] <Fu> "Stop remembering me I'm the midget."
[2009-04-24 20:17:35] * Fu sighs and goes in first to actually find some glamour, dammit.
[2009-04-24 20:17:42] <DrakeNero> "I'd call it beautiful if I wasn't sure it was going to try to eat me."
[2009-04-24 20:19:06] <StorytellerHelmet> The monstrous bulbs and creeping vines turn towards the three of them curiously. The flora all around them change color and behavior as they approach, reflecting their half-fae natures in strange ways.
[2009-04-24 20:19:52] <Fu> "... >_> Psst, Mala, I think you should ask."
[2009-04-24 20:20:45] <Mala> "Hm? Oh, right."
[2009-04-24 20:27:46] <StorytellerHelmet> The garden regards Mala warily upon her approach, though many of the various fae fauna slink toward her, daring to touch her roots curiously.
[2009-04-24 20:29:59] <Mala> "...I think they're mad at me."
[2009-04-24 20:30:13] <Fu> "you haven't been here for a while..."
[2009-04-24 20:31:00] <Mala> "I think it's more that I threatened to tear this guy," she hefts Bob, "in half."
[2009-04-24 20:31:09] <Fu> "possible."
[2009-04-24 20:31:20] * Fu quietly approaches one tree laden with fruit and bows gracefully. "Would it be possible to have a few pieces of fruit, please? We have all had a horrible evening."
[2009-04-24 20:35:53] <StorytellerHelmet> "Prince! Prince!" The garden almost squeals in whispers around the area. A few moments later, fruits of different shapes and sizes start dropping all around them.
[2009-04-24 20:36:04] * Fu looks bright red.
[2009-04-24 20:36:28] <DrakeNero> " you're the popular one."
[2009-04-24 20:36:46] <Fu> "Drake, care for a shot?" He picks up a tangerine-looking one and begins eating it, trying his hardest not to look smug.
[2009-04-24 20:37:34] <Mala> "....o.o"
[2009-04-24 20:37:52] * Fu offers two fruits to Mala as well, and to Drake.
[2009-04-24 20:38:04] <StorytellerHelmet> As he eats, Fu finds himself staring at Abigail. She is so amazingly difficult to read that it is frustrating. Taking anything from her emotions requires reading every slight motion in her body language and her expressions. Finally, he notes the small amount of still very real fear in her and milks it as much as he can. Abigail herself does not find the attention terribly amusing and...
[2009-04-24 20:38:06] <StorytellerHelmet> ...turns away toward the gates surrounding the garden.
[2009-04-24 20:38:37] <Fu> "I told you, I got stuck with a role. I want to use that role against that damn fae."
[2009-04-24 20:38:44] |<-- DrakeNero has left (Connection reset by peer)
[2009-04-24 20:39:57] <Fu> "I was going to use the same thing to put him into a position of weakness, a title that jesses him to something safer."
[2009-04-24 20:40:10] -->| DrakeNero ( has joined #PineFalls
[2009-04-24 20:40:45] <Fu> "I was going to use the same thing to put him into a position of weakness, a title that jesses him to something safer."
[2009-04-24 20:42:19] <DrakeNero> "Interesting."
[2009-04-24 20:42:25] * DrakeNero noms Goblin Fruit
[2009-04-24 20:42:50] <Fu> "So, we have a way to summon him, if we could find a way to heal...  :/"
[2009-04-24 20:44:04] <Fu> "Any ideas?"
[2009-04-24 20:44:09] <StorytellerHelmet> Fortunately, they find that the fruit seems to cover them there. Their pain slowly begins to alleviate and their wounds begin to knit themselves.
[2009-04-24 20:44:13] <Fu> :D
[2009-04-24 20:44:25] <Fu> "I mean /how/ are we going to fight him?"
[2009-04-24 20:45:00] <StorytellerHelmet> (Assume everyone took two fruits each. Every fruit heals two bashing levels or one lethal level)
[2009-04-24 20:46:47] <Fu> ^_^
[2009-04-24 20:47:07] <Fu> "... Hm. It could be insane, having all four in one dream.
[2009-04-24 20:47:52] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail examines the gate, ignoring Fu and the garden.
[2009-04-24 20:48:10] * Fu nudges Drake and glances at Abigail.
[2009-04-24 20:48:13] <DrakeNero> "Everything okay?"
[2009-04-24 20:48:46] <StorytellerHelmet> "... yes," she replies, toughing the gate. "Yes, it's fine."
[2009-04-24 20:48:54] <StorytellerHelmet> (Touching)
[2009-04-24 20:49:20] <Fu> "Mala? Um... What were you fucking thinking, rooting yourself back in the chapel? D:"
[2009-04-24 20:49:40] <Mala> "I don't know. It just sort of happened..."
[2009-04-24 20:50:01] <Fu> "Please, don't do it again.  :<"
[2009-04-24 20:50:08] <DrakeNero> "Penny for your thoughts?" he asks quietly.
[2009-04-24 20:50:21] <Fu> "For heaven's sake, we are sort of a motley now. No sense in going back, is there?"
[2009-04-24 20:50:25] <DrakeNero> "I can also afford considerably more than that, if you wish" Drake smirks.
[2009-04-24 20:51:57] <StorytellerHelmet> "... I just... don't know what is going to happen now," Abigail responds quietly. "I have no idea what comes next. I don't know what that means."
[2009-04-24 20:52:50] * Fu puts his hand on Mala's shoulder.
[2009-04-24 20:53:01] <Fu> "We Changelings need to stick together, remember?"
[2009-04-24 20:53:49] |<-- Greenling has left (Ping timeout)
[2009-04-24 20:53:52] <Mala> "Uhm. Yeah. >.> "
[2009-04-24 20:54:23] -->| Greenling (~chatzilla@66.208.215.IP) has joined #PineFalls
[2009-04-24 20:54:36] <Fu> "And you have Miss Harris to worry about as well.  ;) "
[2009-04-24 20:56:30] <StorytellerHelmet> "Just... come back alive, please," Abigail whispers, squeezing Drake's arm without looking at him. "We still have to meet."
[2009-04-24 20:56:33] <Fu> "Do you think you can take on that damn fae? Or should I?" He begins eating his second fruit.
[2009-04-24 20:57:00] <DrakeNero> "And what happens after we meet?"
[2009-04-24 20:57:09] <Mala> "Well...I'm pretty good at this whole fighting thing. I don't really know why. But I haven't lost yet."
[2009-04-24 20:58:05] <StorytellerHelmet> "Everything we've been through so far," she replies. "And... maybe a few other things."
[2009-04-24 20:58:15] <Fu> "Hm. I think then..."
[2009-04-24 20:58:27] <DrakeNero> "You're not going to tell me what they are, are you."
[2009-04-24 20:58:28] <Fu> "We should see if Drake is willing to be a judge."
[2009-04-24 20:58:41] <DrakeNero> Shh, Drake is macking it. Observe.
[2009-04-24 20:58:48] <StorytellerHelmet> "I will if you come back alive."
[2009-04-24 20:59:36] <DrakeNero> "Then I will do my best."
[2009-04-24 20:59:38] <Fu> (Bitch, Fu don't need to. He not only macked it, he macked it on his girlfriend in his sleep (and hers).)
[2009-04-24 21:02:32] * Fu sighs and gets a thought to cut his finger on to make the rune.
[2009-04-24 21:03:09] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail turns toward Drake and holds his gaze longer than she ever has before. "Good luck," she says, her voice resonating in such a way that Drake believes it to the very core of his being.
[2009-04-24 21:03:15] <StorytellerHelmet> Good Luck.
[2009-04-24 21:03:18] <StorytellerHelmet> Great Luck.
[2009-04-24 21:04:08] <DrakeNero> "thank you." he says quietly, awkwardly, unable to quite match the magnitude of what has just been said.
[2009-04-24 21:04:11] <DrakeNero> Instead he kisses her hand.
[2009-04-24 21:04:19] <DrakeNero> and gives it a lil squeeze. <3
[2009-04-24 21:05:41] <StorytellerHelmet> She blushes -- ever so slightly -- and turns away. "Get going. You have a town to save."
[2009-04-24 21:05:44] <Fu> : 3
[2009-04-24 21:07:51] <DrakeNero> "As you wish." he steps away from her but holds her gaze for a moment.
[2009-04-24 21:10:42] <StorytellerHelmet> "I think I can find a way out," Abigail says, sobering herself. "I can help you sleep, but I'm afraid I'm going to be useless after that. Whatever happens, try to get back to the estate -- I'll meet you there."
[2009-04-24 21:15:34] <Fu> "... I think there's one final thing we should do before we do anything else." He looks over at Drake.
[2009-04-24 21:15:50] <Fu> "I think we should make a motley oath."
[2009-04-24 21:16:28] <DrakeNero> "And what are we swearing?"
[2009-04-24 21:17:14] <Fu> "Bonds of friendship, I'd think. We have fought with each other and now we are standing with each other when we do this..."
[2009-04-24 21:19:09] <Fu> "If we take this into the world of dreams, I must fight."
[2009-04-24 21:19:26] <Fu> "If we use this reality, we risk death, but Mala can fight."
[2009-04-24 21:20:59] * Fu smiles slightly.
[2009-04-24 21:21:22] <DrakeNero> "With you thus far."
[2009-04-24 21:21:52] <Fu> "I think the dreaming world would be best. I am a student at the Contracts of Dream."
[2009-04-24 21:22:10] <Fu> "Including an ability that allows me more skill in such combat."
[2009-04-24 21:24:05] <Fu> "Should we swear the Motley oath now, or later?
[2009-04-24 21:24:23] <DrakeNero> "Now."
[2009-04-24 21:30:44] * Fu nods, holding out his hand.
[2009-04-24 21:30:59] * DrakeNero puts his on top of it
[2009-04-24 21:31:03] <Fu> "We have had our lives taken from us, but now we have new ones."
[2009-04-24 21:31:37] <Fu> "We are family now, bound by both misfortunes and by otherwise."
[2009-04-24 21:31:41] * Mala adds her hand as well. >.>
[2009-04-24 21:32:25] <Fu> "I swear, to stand beside all of you, as you swear to stand with me, for a year and a day, and perhaps more, by fist and fortune."
[2009-04-24 21:33:01] <DrakeNero> "...Amen?"
[2009-04-24 21:33:02] <Fu> "And if I lie, may the fortunes that create this motley desert the one who does so."
[2009-04-24 21:33:11] <DrakeNero> "oh, you weren't done, sorry.
[2009-04-24 21:33:13] <Fu> "/Now/, Amen. :D"
[2009-04-24 21:33:13] <DrakeNero> "Amen!"
[2009-04-24 21:34:02] <Mala> "A women, I guess?" >.>
[2009-04-24 21:34:18] * Fu laughs.
[2009-04-24 21:34:26] <Fu> "Let's get this started."
[2009-04-24 21:36:35] <StorytellerHelmet> "Ready?" Abigail asks, rubbing her hands together. "This will be quick."
[2009-04-24 21:45:05] <StorytellerHelmet> When Fu writes the name in blood on the ground, a cold chill runs down everyone's spines. The sky grows dark and the flora in the garden shrink away as everything goes quiet save for the sound like thunder in the distance. With a worried expression, Abigail turns toward the three changelings and concentrates.
[2009-04-24 21:46:59] <StorytellerHelmet> No one remembers falling asleep. They simply became cognizant all at once that they were lying in an endless field of grass under a dark and stormy sky, the wind blowing wildly through the tall grass and whipping through their hair. There was nothing around through which the wind could produce any sort of major noise, but it seemed to whistle and moan anyway.
[2009-04-24 21:48:49] <StorytellerHelmet> The dark clouds overhead cast a deep shadow over the endless plains and the same low rumbling in the distance can be heard even now.
[2009-04-24 21:48:52] * Fu gets up from the tall grass, looking rather... odd, flickers of flame flowing around him, forming into a robe of sorts, crimson, with a metallic sheen, golden stitching of phoenixes all over.
[2009-04-24 21:50:22] <Fu> "I have a deal to make with you." His voice sounds off in this world as well, as if a bird is singing it.
[2009-04-24 21:53:14] * DrakeNero uncoils, about fifteen feet long and covered in shimmering black scales. His eyes glow like embers and his horns are crowned with red tips that shimmer with summer head. His claws are, of course, golden.
[2009-04-24 21:55:04] <Fu> He holds up his hand and a paintbrush appears, one that looks as if made of rosewood and the bristles out of softest down.
[2009-04-24 21:57:12] <StorytellerHelmet> As if in response, the wind blows even harder than before, almost knocking Fu to his feet as it blasts through the grassy plains in a violent current. The sound it makes as it tears through the grass is almost like a long, raspy voice.
[2009-04-24 21:57:27] <StorytellerHelmet> "YOU..."
[2009-04-24 21:57:39] <Fu> "I am one who understands stories, who has been defined by them." He smiles slightly as he shifts his feet, talons (toes?) digging in, the grass folding away around him as if withering from a wildfire, the sweet smell of incense around the Treasured. "I propose a duel, with a Title as a prize even if you lose. However, if you do lose, you must call off your creatures from Pine Falls...
[2009-04-24 21:57:39] <Fu> ...before I weave a story of my choose."
[2009-04-24 21:57:40] <StorytellerHelmet> "CHILDREN...."
[2009-04-24 21:58:15] <Fu> (agh, entered too soon)
[2009-04-24 21:58:25] -->| Ana ( has joined #PineFalls
[2009-04-24 21:59:40] <Fu> "I propose a duel, with a Title as prize even if you lose. However, if you lose, I will weave the story on my own choosing, and before we even begin, your hordes must be called off from Pine Falls. You can call them back to punish if you win, but not before. I am a picture, and a maker of them. And you know what they say:"
[2009-04-24 21:59:49] <Fu> "A picture is worth a thousand words."
[2009-04-24 22:01:16] <Fu> His form alters.
[2009-04-24 22:01:28] <Fu> Well, its perception does.
[2009-04-24 22:01:40] <StorytellerHelmet> The wind dies down a bit, and the world is mostly silent save for the rumbling. After a few long moments, it picks up again with that violent rasp. "AND... IF... I... WIN... ?"
[2009-04-24 22:03:05] <Fu> The Fairest stands as a drawing in reality now, ink lines in the real world. "If you win, you get a Title, and you get to have a say in how it blossoms and grows." He bows his head slightly, smiling half-coyly. "Though I must say, I may be a little bit sore if I do lose."
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