Session 22 of Pine Falls

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<StorytellerHelmet> The response is a gale of wind so sudden and so strong that it might conceivably move a parked car. (Dexterity + Athletics - 2) "UNACCEPTABLE..." the winds seem to screech through the grass.
<Fu> (He has a defense in here of 3)
<StorytellerHelmet> (It's not an attack)
<Mala> !roll 3#1d10
<Lioness> Mala : Can only have 1 to 1000 sides and 1 to 100
<Fu> !roll 2d10
<Lioness> Lioness (6), 1, 1, 5, 9, 1, 9, Successes : 2, 2, 3, 2, 4, 3, 7, 9 , Total: 16
<Mala> (bah)
<Mala> !ex 3
<Lioness> Mala (3), 5, 5, 6, Successes : 0
<Fu> O_o
<Fu> !ex 2
<Lioness> Fu (2), 6, 7, Successes : 1
<DrakeNero> !ex 2
<Lioness> DrakeNero (2), 10, 2, Successes : 2
<DrakeNero> !ex 1
<Lioness> DrakeNero (1), 6, Successes : 0
<Fu> (Time for fun with stunting?)
<StorytellerHelmet> (I'm afraid I don't quite understand the output there)
<Fu> (... Really, I'm getting tired of it myself. >_<)
<Mala> (Just ignore the successes part... manual counting, go)
<DrakeNero> it shows you the #s that came up, if you see any 10's, reroll them.
<Mostlyjoe> ( and you can copy paste is ST is willing.)
<StorytellerHelmet> Also fine.
<Fu> Okay, it's a little weird, but...
<Fu> (2D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (4) (0) (2) :1 )
<StorytellerHelmet> Er...
<DrakeNero> Just look at the yield. that's the last number listed
<Fu> \Yeah.
<StorytellerHelmet> Okay
<StorytellerHelmet> The winds manage to topple Mala, unrooted as she is in this strange dream field. The world seems wrong -- her normal sense of balance does not seem to apply and hitting the ground didn't even hurt. It just seemed to make everything turn around to her perceptions.
<StorytellerHelmet> Fu and Drake manage to hold their ground, but even they understand that the world around them is not holding to its shape.
<Fu> "Do you want another Title or not?" Fu's feet feel almost like talons in the back of his mind, the flicker of fire.
<Fu> "Especially made by one who knows of stories and art so well as I." * Fu gestures with the ink brush in hand to his appearance, the form now as a drawing in this sea of someone else's mind.
<StorytellerHelmet> "YOU... KNOW... NOTHING..." The winds shriek through the grass, leaving spiraling wakes through the grass and drawing massive, insane symbols through the landscape. "WHEN... I... WIN..."
<StorytellerHelmet> "GIVE... ME... YOUR... HEARTS..."
<Fu> One kanji.
<Fu> "If a heart must be sacrificed, it will be me alone! I will not betray my motley!"
<StorytellerHelmet> "YOU... COME... TOGETHER..."
<StorytellerHelmet> "YOU... RISK... TOGETHER..."
<StorytellerHelmet> "YOU... DIE... TOGETHER..." * Fu looks at the others, asking silently if they are willing to risk this. * DrakeNero snorts flames.
<Fu> (Yes or no?)
<DrakeNero> (yes) * Fu looks to Mala. * Mala sways in the wind, untroubled by the bluster.
<Fu> "And myself as the champion for all three of us, yes?" He has his ink brush up again, sparks swirling around him. * DrakeNero snorts flames again
<StorytellerHelmet> "FINE..." the winds respond. "NOW... TELL... MY... STORY..."
<Fu> "You have to WIN first!"
<StorytellerHelmet> The winds die low for a bit. Even the rumbling in the distance seems to calm for a few moments. And then, the wind blows gently, whispering through the grass. "Simple... enough..." * Fu throws up the robe, which shatters into a hundred crimson feathers that are taken by the wind, and swirl about the Southern Courtier as a shield, showing him in just a pair of dress slacks, and Drake's shirt, tailored.
<StorytellerHelmet> From the grass, three tall mirrors rise silently, each in front of the three Changelings.
<Mostlyjoe> (Bed time. Love the prose. Night all.)
<DrakeNero> (night)
<Fu> (NIght)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Night!)
<Mostlyjoe> (Danke. Till then.) |
<-- Mostlyjoe has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.9/2009040821])
<StorytellerHelmet> None reflect the changelings, however. Before Fu stands Theresa, angry and at the same time worried and lovestruck. Looking back at Drake is the image of Abigail, barely concealing her tears behind an emotionless mask. Standing in front of Mala is Patricia, happy even for the look of sadness in her eyes as her hopefulness touches Mala's heart.
<Fu> (in dream combat, just to put it down... Attack Pool will be trying for Wits + Empathy or Expression, has + 4 due to Contract, Defense is Wits, Armor is Composure, and since it doesn't say how many in the book, I'm assuming Fu's 'phantom' points equal 2.) * Fu smiles slightly and his brush flashes twice, in two strokes.
<Fu> "Don't be so silly, using Theresa like that!" He draws a /mustache/ on her face.
<Fu> The flames spill out onto the other mirrors, showing different images-
<Fu> Abigail's face slightly flushed, enough others could notice, her in a bed, reaching out for Drake.
<DrakeNero> Blink.
<Fu> Patrica taking Mala's hand, the roar of a crowd as a party goes on.
<DrakeNero> Ok so maybe he was thinking about that >.>
<Mala> o.O
<Fu> Fu running from Theresa, /laughing/ at her passionate fury.
<Fu> Happiness, passion, joy.
<Fu> Fighting against the melancholy.
<Fu> One ink brush stroke at a time.
<Fu> (So, that a good wits + empathy stunt? :D )
<StorytellerHelmet> (Sure. Using Thematic Qualities -- and one of its titles -- against it. Good. +2)
<Fu> (What's his Defense?)
<StorytellerHelmet> (You are up against a Defense of 6)
<Fu> (Okay, so Wits + Empathy flat then, since + 4 due to the bastion, then + 2 dice...)
<Fu> ( 7D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (9) (2) (4) (0) (1) (3) (7) (6) :2 successes )
<Fu> (I'm going to be working Drake and Mala into every attack, since he is well... their motley mate, and because I want them involved in this too. >.>)
<StorytellerHelmet> The ground breaks. Cracks separate the motley from one another and instantly break away as each respective land formation changes to suit its scene. Drake's side becomes cool, and flows gently like water as the bed becomes real and the scenery becomes more like that of a bedroom. Mala's land is teeming with life as the grass becomes a forest of party-goers that Patricia urges Mala to...
<StorytellerHelmet> with her amongst like trees. Fu's side is set ablaze with Theresa's fiery passion -- so hot that it almost scorches his soul.
<StorytellerHelmet> (Everyone roll Resolve + Composure)
<Fu> ( 6D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (7) (5) (2) (8) (9) (2) :2 successes )
<DrakeNero> 5D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (6) (5) (0) (4) (8) (9) :3
<Fu> The fires from Theresa's rage mingle with a wave of water, Fu's tattoos reacting to the fires with power from the one who had Taken Noel and made him into Fu.
<StorytellerHelmet> (Hang on)
<Fu> (okay, but just getting it out. >.>)
<Mala> !ex 6
<Lioness> Mala (6), 2, 7, 6, 4, 4, 7, Successes : 2 * DrakeNero is a dragon, and this is not ideal for the sexin'; regardless of what that pdf shows >.>
<Mala> (x_x )
<Fu> (Two words: Shadow tentacles)
<StorytellerHelmet> It becomes clear that the scenery is not content to ignore Mala and Drake, using them to color its landscape and provoke more devastating changes. (Each of you make make attacks as normal and add successes as bonus dice to Fu's attacks as per cooperation rules)
<Fu> ( :D )
<StorytellerHelmet> (However, as the changes ramp up, it will be attacking in some dramatic fashions.)
<DrakeNero> (Fuckin' shaping combat.)
<StorytellerHelmet> (For now, though, it is letting y'all act, so Drake and Mala may call actions as well now)
<Fu> (Yeah, never playing Fair Folk after this.)
<Mala> (Wits + Empathy?)
<DrakeNero> ("as normal" meaning standard attack pools?)
<Fu> (your best power trait + attack skill of choice)
<Fu> (Fu is using enviromental attacks because it is his forte)
<DrakeNero> (Still Str + Brawl XD)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Take your best Power Ability and combine it with whatever skill you want to use to attack it. You get to use your Wyrd rating as an "equipment bonus" as it will fashion itself in whatever form is necessary. So if you use Weaponry, it'll become a weapon of some sort, etc. Fu's is representing itself as a paintrbrush because he's using Expression)
<StorytellerHelmet> (It doesn't need to be an actual physical tool, but if you want to, it can)
<Mala> (Well, Strength + Brawl, then!)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Go for it) * DrakeNero does not stray far from his comfort zone, coiling against the the 'walls' of the bedroom, tearing them with his bulk and his claws.
<DrakeNero> (my Dragon Claws specialty apply?)
<DrakeNero> (And Kith power?)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Sure)
<DrakeNero> (ok... Maaaath)
<Mala> Mala closes her eyes, shutting out the scenes dangled before her. She's seen enough to know that responding to it is entirely the wrong thing to do, so she withdraws into her herself. A veritable army of trees sprouts beside and behind her, a great mass of tangling branches battering away everything; she /is/ the forest. One does not fuck with the forest.
<Mala> (stuuuuunting~ how I
<3 it)
<StorytellerHelmet> (XD)
<DrakeNero> (okay: Defense or is this a teamwork roll?)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Again, Defense of 6)
<DrakeNero> (kthx)
<DrakeNero> 5D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (3) (6) (7) (5) (7) :0 awww.
<Mala> (So, Str + Brawl + 2 + stunt if any? >.> )
<Fu> (Seras, you get +Wyrd )
<StorytellerHelmet> (+1 stunt. Sorry)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Yeah, that pool should appear as Strength + Brawl + Wyrd + 1 for both of y'all)
<Mala> !ex 4
<Lioness> Mala (4), 7, 3, 3, 2, Successes : 1
<Mala> (oh come on. >_
< )
<DrakeNero> (Didn't change anything)
<StorytellerHelmet> (I can't read Drake's result)
<DrakeNero> (zero)
<StorytellerHelmet> Oh
<DrakeNero> not shocked face)
<StorytellerHelmet> (So, +1 to Fu's new action)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Take 'er away)
<Mala> (I didn't get a success.)
<Mala> (7 isn't a success in nWoD)
<DrakeNero> (in other words: your friends are no help)
<StorytellerHelmet> >_O Okay, I forgot I need to not trust what the "successes" results say.
<StorytellerHelmet> Thanks
<StorytellerHelmet> (Fu?)
<Fu> (I'm writing)
<Fu> The ink brush swirls upward, Fu catching the false Theresa with a smile. A few strokes of the brush, and she becomes the face of Fu's English professor, himself fading into black lines. *Come into MY reality, oh Hunter, if you wish to seek me out!* He vanishes completely into black lines of a report, pulling the Other into the world of paper that he knows so well from college. *Into a...
<Fu> where even more definition is needed, and such lines can destroy your own, as one's professor...* The teacher takes out a red brush, now glimmering with Fu's visage over his own, *grades yours worse and worse. No coherence! No passion, plagiarism!* Each crimson line is a bloody slash of light.
<Fu> (Yes. Fu is using a teacher grading papers as an attack. xD )
<StorytellerHelmet> (+1)
<Fu> ( 5D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (6) (2) (0) (4) (9) (9) :3 successes )
<StorytellerHelmet> The rumbling in the distance becomes far more prominent as the dreamscape finally begins to force itself directly onto the changelings. All around Fu, his own brush strokes and even the images around him become works of art that dance about for a few moments before gathering around to restrain him and force him to pose very still for the captive audience before him. He feels his heart drop...
<StorytellerHelmet> his chest and his entire body feels cold as he realizes that he is simply an objet d'art -- nothing more than something to look at. (2 damage)
<StorytellerHelmet> Drake thrashes about so much that he does not realize that he has wrecked everything away to reveal the dungeon of his own making. The tattered sheets of the bed that is no longer there wrap around his neck and shackle him to the walls, imprisoning him to a lifetime of guarding what is precious to someone else. (1 damage)
<StorytellerHelmet> The forest makes some attempt to respond to Mala's disruption but, fascinatingly, it does not appear to move much at all. Almost as if it does not understand that it is supposed to be doing anything at all but exactly what Mala is doing. (0 damage)
<Mala> (Good, any damage'll wake me up >_>; )
<StorytellerHelmet> (This wasn't a small pool I was rolling here, either. Y'all lucked out THIS time. XD)
<Fu> (You guys post first, I'll take in your stuff into Fu's attack) * DrakeNero roars and scrabbles against the prison's walls; the furrows his claws leave behind open holes that show his own home, his comfy living room: hope
<Mala> Mala-the-forest growths thicker, choking the light. One can't hurt what one can't see.
<StorytellerHelmet> (Drake, +2. Mala, +1)
<Mala> (Still defense 6?)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Yep)
<Mala> !ex 4
<Lioness> Mala (4), 4, 5, 7, 10, Successes : 3
<Mala> !ex 1
<Lioness> Mala (1), 3, Successes : 0
<Mala> (booyah)
<DrakeNero> 7D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (0) (2) (1) (2) (3) (2) (2) (9) :2 sux
<StorytellerHelmet> (Looks like +3 to Fu)
<Fu> (kekeke. One moment, please~) * Fu makes a small, helpless, /embarrassed/ moan, twitching slightly as he felt feeling watched, being unable to move, everyone admiring him, but not touching to relieve the painful *ache* in his body. Drake's hope-fueled thrashings begin to stir the phoenix feathers now all settled down, waiting for a touch, a reminder.
<Fu> They rise up high and bright, settling back onto him, and proceed to work under the cold stone of his frozen form. Once his body was colored a glittering golden-red-pink, as bright as a sunset, they push OUT, ripping away the idea of art, of being just an art piece, banishing them into the horrible darkness of Mala's grove, where they face a much more painful fate.
<Fu> As that horrible thought vanished, Fu stands alone with a knowledge of something more dangerous. Far more dangerous. His eyes were wide, a bright crimson as he laughs low and deep, the sound of a dear lover with no intention of giving any mercy in pleasure, now that his senses were burning alive and *hot.*
<Fu> (Phantom willpower points, gone.)
<Fu> ( 5 wp to g)
<Fu> (Congratulations, Hunter. You fucking tripped one of Fu's fucking KINKS.)
<StorytellerHelmet> (+2)
<Fu> ( 9D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (7) (9) (9) (3) (5) (5) (2) (0) (7) (6) :3 successes)
<StorytellerHelmet> Suddenly, the lights go out for Fu and everything is cold. Very, very cold. Going from one extreme to another, he swiftly understands that he is alone. There is not a soul to help or appreciate him. Not even to ridicule or despise him. He is simply alone and he matters nothing at all. (2 damage)
<StorytellerHelmet> The light that Drake digs for turns out to be false -- a will 'o wisp that dashes his hope against the cold stony dungeon floor and further confines him in his sorrow. (1 damage)
<DrakeNero> (afk for a second really gotta pee and the bathroom is on another level of the house)
<Fu> (If Mala falls, do we all lose? >_>;)
<StorytellerHelmet> (No, but that's less help)
<StorytellerHelmet> And the ideas that were flung into Mala's forest suddenly explode, ripping away tree after tree and razing Mala's forest to the ground. In the explosion, Mala sees only white and then... (2 damage)
<Mala> (and there I go.)
<StorytellerHelmet> ... the gardens. Mala awakens to find the gardens almost barren as the flora has shrunk back into their soil. The sky is dark and the rumbling sound is even closer now. She notices, however, that Abigail is gone and the gate is open -- a gold thread laid out from the gate entrance down a path into the hedge. |
<-- Mala has left (
<Fu> (SPLIT) -->| Konpeito (Kon@ has joined #thefreedomstone =-= Konpeito is now known as Mala
<Fu> (You didn't miss anything)
<DrakeNero> (i'm back)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Drake can make an attack. Mala is back in the gardens now)
<StorytellerHelmet> ... the gardens. Mala awakens to find the gardens almost barren as the flora has shrunk back into their soil. The sky is dark and the rumbling sound is even closer now. She notices, however, that Abigail is gone and the gate is open -- a gold thread laid out from the gate entrance down a path into the hedge.
<Mala> "huh. That's handy...." * DrakeNero digs deeper, frantically. Fall down seven, get up eight?
<StorytellerHelmet> (Attacking?)
<DrakeNero> (yar)
<StorytellerHelmet> (+1)
<DrakeNero> (Two.)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Goes to Fu. Mala doing anything at the Hollow?)
<Mala> (Just watching over her buddies. Making sure nothing happens.)
<Fu> So cold... Fu shivers, but then something echoes.
<Fu> * "We have had our lives taken from us, but now we have new ones." *
<Fu> He picks up the paintbrush. The ink brush begins to draw a black line as he draws as he pulls out the leaf in his wallet, Mala's leaf.
<Fu> * "We are family now, bound by both misfortunes and by otherwise." *
<Fu> Two hands stood him up as he smiled, the words still writing. He smiles, a flash in the darkness, remembering her, and begins to draw her, a friend, his friend.
<Fu> * "I swear, to stand beside all of you, as you swear to stand with me, for a year and a day, and perhaps more, by fist and fortune." * Unseen by the Fairest, his tattos began to move in an unseen wind, destiny calling out to him, singing out in a siren's song.
<Fu> * "And if I lie, may the fortunes that create this motley desert the one who does so." *
<Fu> "And I will never desert them, I swear this in the role of prince and as friend."
<Fu> With those words, the oath of the Motley Pledge illuminate the whole room in orichalcum letters, banishing the darkness just as claws as golden as the summer sun broke the sky over Fu's head, hope coming around him, the younger Fairest letting out a shout.
<Fu> ( *whistles innocently* )
<StorytellerHelmet> (+2)
<DrakeNero> (Orichalcum is a "real" mythical metal =b)
<Fu> (Okay, so 4 + 4 - 6 = + 2...)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Yeah, with the funkiest makeup XD)
<Fu> ( 13D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (4) (8) (5) (8) (3) (8) (7) (5) (0) (0) (8) (4) (6) (3) (3) :6 sux, I used glamour on this roll )
<Fu> ( Fuck, what would make a + 3 stunt, dammit)
<DrakeNero> (I Didn't think he was actually giving us Exalted levels of stunt dice)
<Mala> (Oneiromancy pretty much uses the Exalted stunt system)
<Fu> (Pretty much)
<DrakeNero> (oh well then.)
<DrakeNero> (I guess my streak needs to continue :V)
<StorytellerHelmet> Fu's recitation of the oath seemed to have a major effect on the dreamscape. His writing glows in the darkness and melts the world around it just before it cracks reality just as the fae had done before. Fissures cause light to shine through in Fu's world and then Drake's before it all shatters, putting them once again in the field of grass. There was silence at first before the wind...
<StorytellerHelmet> ...picked up once again, so suddenly and violently that it begins to rip away at the dreamscape like some tornado from hell, sending everything into its path into the abyss. Fu's writing is all dashed away into the nothingness and he finds it terribly difficult to continue writing as the winds send his limbs flailing about wildly. (2 damage)
<Fu> (One last WP for fu left...)
<StorytellerHelmet> The twister whips about and Drake's fabric shackles are caught in the swirling winds, pulling him further and further into the darkness. He holds on as much as he can, digging his claws into the ground, but his hold finally gives way and he is finally flung into... (4 damage)
<DrakeNero> (That puts me awake, that does not put me at -4)
<StorytellerHelmet> ... consciousness. Drake sits up with a start, Mala before him and the garden barren. Mala had noticed the last few minutes that the rolling thunder had been getting progressively closer and closer. This did not bode well.
<Mala> "Oh. Hey."
<DrakeNero> "Shit fuck balls"
<Mala> "I guess it's not going too well. :
< "
<DrakeNero> "No." He shakily rises to his feet.
<Mala> "The thunder's getting louder. I wouldn't stand up, I've known people who were hit by lightning..."
<StorytellerHelmet> Beyond the gates and past the hills of the Hedge, Mala and Drake see that there is a darkness beyond just the heavily overcast sky. Some sort of dark thing in the distance, growing ever closer... and larger.
<DrakeNero> "It'll hit you first." * Mala is sitting on her butt.
<DrakeNero> eh, Drake's comment still stands.
<Mala> "Nuh uh. You're up there. I'm down here."
<Fu> (writing)
<DrakeNero> He plops back down. She might be right for a change
<Fu> Fu is alone in the storm, in the dreamscape, kneeling, all alone in truth, covered in dirt and ash. He doesn't speak as he stands up, not smiling as his body shudders, terrified. However, his fist clenches as he takes a deep breath, removing all distractions, all thoughts, beyond a little spark, the ink brush of the Southern Court numb in his hand. Art, creativity, all gone. His fists...
<Fu> ...clench again. He was. He would B.
<Fu> His body burst into scarlet flames, that of the phoenix as he shoots up into the sky with a shout. For a moment, he is still, lightning flashing all around him, the changeling his Court at its glory, and then he descends, his fist out, aiming for a shadow of a creature.
<Fu> * " FALCON PUNCH!!!!!" *
<Fu> In the real world, Fu coughs up a burning feather in his sleep.
<Fu> (Strength + Brawl, motherfucker)
<Fu> ( ... Um. ._. ) |
<-- Mala has left (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<Fu> (... Opps.)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Uh oh)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Sorry, I was kinda chuckling over here)
<StorytellerHelmet> (+2)
<Fu> ( ... *wibble* )
<Fu> (But I punched out Kon. ;~; )
<StorytellerHelmet> (XD)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Deliberating...) -->| Konpeito (Kon@ has joined #thefreedomstone
<Fu> (Sorry, Kon. xD)
<Fu> (Did you see it?)
<Konpeito> (Suddenly I remember why I don't use esper)
<Konpeito> (PM it to me)
<Fu> (It's fucking perfect. XD )
<Fu> ( Gamer geek + Phoenix + us using those lines before.)
<StorytellerHelmet> (Okay, take your three. For now... XD)
<Fu> ( Using glamour here as well. So it becomes... Pool of 6 + 4 (wyrd weapon) + 3 (stunt) + 4 (glamour)... )
<StorytellerHelmet> -6
<Fu> ( I know. )
<Fu> ( ... )
<Fu> ( 11D10 re
<=0 suc
<=8: (9) (6) (9) (6) (4) (3) (0) (1) (0) (8) (7) (8) (7) :6 successes? )
<StorytellerHelmet> In the Hedge, the looming darkness hovers over the gardens where Mala and Drake sit, like some sort of sky titan, reaching down from the heavens to smite them.
<StorytellerHelmet> In a dream, the darkness burned.
<StorytellerHelmet> There light engulfed the shadows like fire on oil -- igniting more and more even as it was smothered by the outpouring of the tenebrous viscosity.
<StorytellerHelmet> The shadow fought and slowly began to overwhelm the light -- swallowing it bit by bit until there was nothing more than a flame the size of a candle.
<StorytellerHelmet> And then -- the dream exploded in fire and light and hope.
<StorytellerHelmet> Whatever inhuman force was lost in that flame grasped at the only thing that held any substance -- Fu's heart, and refused to release its grip -- holding on and tearing away at it like the thorns of the Hedge until even its claws were reduced to dream ash.
<StorytellerHelmet> And then, the dream was no more.
<StorytellerHelmet> (Fu loses 1 dot of Clarity)
<Fu> Fu's coughing becomes more and more violent, feathers charred coming from his lips until he sits up with a wheeze and a choking sound, spitting OUT one feather.
<Fu> (Bye bye 21 xp. :D I'll miss you. )
<Fu> "Fuck A, I just hit B."
<StorytellerHelmet> Almost as soon as Fu awakened, the dark form in the hedge began to shrink away.
<Konpeito> o.o * Fu looks up at the others with a somewhat goofy grin, the same one he had for a few weeks after the incident with the guy attacking Drake's car. * DrakeNero affectionately rolleyes
<Konpeito> "...I'm guessing that a good smile?"
<Fu> "Yes. Yes." * Fu gets up, looking half-confused that his clothes aren't what they were in the dream, until he remembers that well..."
<Fu> (remove that ")
<Fu> That was just a dream.
<Fu> "Hunter. You still have a prize to claim." He dusts himself off.
<Fu> "I just get to tell the story of my choosing."
<DrakeNero> (I thought that I heard you laughing ~ I thought that I heard you scream ~ I think I thought I saw you cry ~ but that was just a dream ~ just a dream)
<Fu> "I sort of broke my brush though. :
<Fu> "Stupid winds."
<StorytellerHelmet> "Indeed," a small voice says from behind the three of them. A young woman made of more plant than flesh sits at the edge of one of the flower beds. She does not look terribly impressive -- no moreseo than a normal changeling at least -- but you figure that her form is not meant to impress. "You owe me my Title." She looked impatient.
<Fu> "Yes, I do, Miss. Come, come sit. I think we both need a rest, and I can tell you your story, and Title, while we sit."
<StorytellerHelmet> And that...
<StorytellerHelmet> ... is the end.