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Chapter 32

=-= User mode for Angelo is now +ix
--»| YOU (Angelo) have joined #Nobilis
«Angelo» Hi all!
«Knockwood» Hiya Angelo
«Verithe» Hi, Angelo!
«BethE» Hi Angelo! Missed you last week!
«Angelo» I too missed you!
«Random_Nerd» So, since the last two were Chuubo, I figure it's Amyra tonight.
«Angelo» yeppa Ftisk time :-P
«Random_Nerd» Okay, so, Amyra.
«Verithe» yes
«Random_Nerd» Last one was kind of significant, really. Kite got inducted into HQB's little circle, and you found out about the way Warmains feel about Barakiel and about Summoning.
«Knockwood» Better now than at the meeting, I might add.
=-= BethE is now known as Theresa
=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE
«DanteE» that's a long time to have a flu
=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk
=-= Verithe is now known as Kite
=-= lazarus is now known as Brian
«Brian» (I've had a few late nights already this week; I suspect I'm mostly going to be just sitting back and watching, but I'm here :))
«DanteE» Anyway... we should check our Destiny maps to see what to do
«Random_Nerd» Works for me.
«Theresa» Were we going to go back home? Oh, we still need a Dark Imperator.
«Theresa» And we had talked to Patterns.
«Kite» And, now, a Fallen Imperator?
«DanteE» Who do we have on the guest list right now?
«Ftisk» Barakiel, Ophaniel, Vulcan, Kudzu
«DanteE» Barakiel's off the list
«Ftisk» yeah, now it is
«Ftisk» Gaius is on, right?
«DanteE» What about the Imp of the Triad?
«Theresa» Although with our luck, he'll show up. Riding Montey.
«Random_Nerd» Yeah, you have Gaius.
«Kite» Oh, yeah! What was the Triad's Imperator's name?
«Random_Nerd» Drift.
«Random_Nerd» And he's on board.
«DanteE» Hopefully they'll get our Drift. (rimshot)
«Theresa» Was Jeryth coming?
«Random_Nerd» Jerren, the Littlest Serpent?
«Theresa» Ah yes. I couldn't remember his formal name. *shifty*
«Random_Nerd» The last time you spoke with him, things were... tense.
«Theresa» Maybe he'll want to come and eat popcorn.
«DanteE» Well, there was that whole breaking the sky thing...
«Theresa» And we didn't invite Ananda?
«DanteE» Ananda probably can't come due to politics
«Ftisk» no I think we don't invite him
«Theresa» Hmm, why am I thinking we had to have one of each Imperator type...
«Brian» I'm sure we invited him, no? I know that I invited him to rebel against Entropy ...
«Kite» To carry weight with each faction?
«DanteE» OK, so far: Vulcan, true god; Kudzu and Gaius, something like Wildlords; Ophaniel, Angel;
«Ftisk» I can miss remember Brian.
«Theresa» True, can't make it look like 'aha, the Wildlords are showing their true colors and bringing in Outside!'
«DanteE» If we want to complete the circle of Earth powers we need Light, Dark, and Hell
«DanteE» Night's Imp?
«Random_Nerd» That gets you Dark, and Patterns is working on something Light-side.
«DanteE» so, we need someone from Hell.
«Kite» Yeah, we still need to talk to that one. We probably have the best connections to Night/Martyr's Imperator right now.
«DanteE» The guy I sold skin to?
«Theresa» Well, we have the dude who bought your clothes, Dante.
«DanteE» Let me see where this plotline would fit in my Destiny map...
«DanteE» Either HQB's mission of Deal with the Age End, with some overlap with Who am I?
«DanteE» *or
«DanteE» heh... depending on how it shakes out this may cover my whole map. :D
«Random_Nerd» Anyone else got something relevant?
«Ftisk» nope
«Theresa» Not I, I think. Unless this big meeting comes up with more on Carrie's Vision.
«DanteE» Reminds me, what's the word on Eth?
«Random_Nerd» Not here today.
«Random_Nerd» He sent me an email.
«Random_Nerd» Well, hmm.
«Random_Nerd» While it's kinda /odd/ that the thing that's your big project isn't actually a /Project/, it's not as though getting the next few steps done won't get results.
«DanteE» You could argue it's "Prepare for or stave off armageddon"
«Kite» Would it be alright if Kite's next step on his Project to make Vulcan more important to Creation be "Find out what makes non-god Imperators important to Creation"?
«Ftisk» not true God maybe?
«Random_Nerd» That works for me.
«Kite» Okay!
«Random_Nerd» So, let's handwave the Project aspect of getting your collection of Imperators together, and just say that once you've collected the whole set, it's enough to make Entropy have to acknowledge you guys as a relevant faction that must be dealt with, rather than a Wild/Mimic conspiracy that needs to be stamped out?
«Ftisk» Work 4 me!
«DanteE» Well, considering Brian's trying to make Entropy irrelevant...
«Kite» alright
«Theresa» Sounds good. Or it can at least get him in range of Brian to get horribly murdered.
«Brian» sounds good :) And T, don't think I didn't see that ambiguous antecedent
«Theresa» Aspect 3 Innocent Look.
«Random_Nerd» Okay, so, what's the plan?
«Kite» Set up a meeting with Night/Martyr's Imperator?
«DanteE» The thief sneak around to backstab the orc shaman and then we unload everything on the chief.
«Theresa» Well, if Patterns is hitting Light, let's hit Night's Imperator and then the Hell Imperator.
«Theresa» Not the shaman! *throws self in front of the weapon*
«Random_Nerd» So, start with you guys and your Aides in Amyra, in the conference room, with flowers for Night and Martyrs on hand?
«Kite» It's a puppy-killing shaman!
«DanteE» The guy's throwing around buffs like they're going out of style!
«Kite» Sounds good.
«Ftisk» sure RN
«Random_Nerd» ______________START________________
«Random_Nerd» (No, no. Shamans /use/ puppies to kill people.)
«Kite» (Oh, right! I always get that confused!)
«Brian» (kpfs?)
«Random_Nerd» (Kill Puppies For The Elements.)
«Random_Nerd» William sprays a bit of water on the leaves of Martyrs' plant.

  • Theresa drinks some more tea to calm her nerves. This is worse than trying to herd cats.

«Random_Nerd» William: "I actually already had this one on hand, from a few months back."

  • Theresa smiles. "Thank you, William."

«Random_Nerd» William: "I was wondering, do you think it would be useful to bring the King in on this?"
«Kite» "The enemy?"
«DanteE» "King John"
«Ftisk» "But is only a mortal"
«Kite» "Who?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "John. If you're going to be going through Martyrs, it might be useful to have him in your corner."
«Kite» "Why?"
«DanteE» "Who's in that family?"
«Ftisk» "right, being king of Amyra how help?"
«Theresa» "He might be able to trade Amyra relics."
«Random_Nerd» W: "Well, he and she have been corresponding for a while."
«Theresa» "Martyrs had mentioned that some of the relics in the chapel are real."
«Kite» "Oh?"
«Ftisk» "Trade? Corresponding? how cool!"
«DanteE» to Kite: "When we were part of Earth the castle collection was the largest collection of relics outside of the Church itself."
«Theresa» "Plus, John's always been into history and genealogy."
«Ftisk» "And being a gynecologist help ... with martyrs?"
«DanteE» (bad image. Ew.)

  • Theresa is not sure if she heard Ftisk right.

«Kite» (lol)
«Theresa» "Ftisk...what was the word that you used just then? The g-word?"
«Ftisk» "Gynecologist, why?"
«Random_Nerd» William has assumed his entirely blank face.
«Theresa» "Ah. That's a completely different job than the one I mentioned."
«Random_Nerd» Well, to anyone with Aspect, he may as well be shouting out his reactions like Brian Blessed and issuing press releases. Don't tell him this, it'll hurt his feelings.
«Ftisk» "doctor, help with kid birth or like"
«Theresa» "Geneology is tracing your family tree, the people you are related to."
«Ftisk» "oh! that is a _subtle_ difference for so similar words!"
«Theresa» "...Indeed."
«Theresa» (If this game gave extra points, I would nominate Ftisk for one. ^^ )
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "And the study of genies is actually called djinnology."
«Kite» "Really?"
«Random_Nerd» William gives Sam the "not sure if serious" look.
«Theresa» "Where does Robin Williams fall on that scale, Sam?"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Oh, definitely."
«Ftisk» "oh, that is a cool field!"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Seven point two."
«Kite» "Do they Aides have any djinnologists on staff?"
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "But Dan Castellaneta is just a 3.7."
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Probably. It's not really all that useful of a field."
«Theresa» "Well, of course. Taste and all that."
«Ftisk» "Castellaneta? who he is? Some famous actor?"
«Theresa» "He is a man who does funny voices."
«Kite» "Maybe not... Still, it would be nice to know where to look if I ever need a djinnologist."
«Random_Nerd» (Robin Williams did the voice acting for the Genie in the Disney Aladdin movie. Dan Castellaneta did the voice in the sequels.)
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "It's an elective."
«Ftisk» (naturally once dubbed in Italy that is not true anymore)
«Random_Nerd» (Naturally!)
«Theresa» (Oh, very true.)
«Random_Nerd» William: "At any rate, should I tell him we'd like to speak with him?"
«Theresa» "I think it would be a good idea to have John in on this. However, we should explain to him first about what we are trying to do."
«DanteE» "How much does the King know about what's going on?"
«Ftisk» "Really nothing?"
«Theresa» "I don't want to mention that we're trying to have a meeting with the beings who tried to destroy the Treasures and have John swear death upon them."
«Theresa» "I haven't been keeping him up to date on this part. I think that the last he had been informed of by us, at least, was Kudzu sleeping?"
«Random_Nerd» William: "He knows the basics. Excrucians are out there, you fight them, anyone with stars in his eyes is probably bad news."
«Theresa» "Probably but not definitely."
«Random_Nerd» William: "And I don't know what Maryrs has told him."
«Theresa» "He's still a little upset over the whole 'throat destroyed' thing."
«Random_Nerd» William does not comment on whether he believes Ftisk to be bad news.
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "It got better!"
«Random_Nerd» William glares at Sam.
«Random_Nerd» Sam takes out his wallet, walks over to the bookshelf and puts a dollar in a jar on the shelf.
«Ftisk» "But is true Will!"
«Ftisk» "have to put a dollar in the jar too?"

  • Theresa watches Sam. "Is he going to be paying for your honeymoon, William?"

«Random_Nerd» Sam: "I'm, uh, trying to cut back on Monty Python references."
«Random_Nerd» William: "And my kids' educations."
«Theresa» (Does William have a _list_ of stuff Sam can't reference?)
«Theresa» "Impressive."

  • Ftisk giggle

«Brian» (The list of Stuff Sam' Can't Say should be a wiki page)
«DanteE» (It probably is)
«Random_Nerd» (Great, now I'm wondering how the educational system works in Amyra. Of course, William's originally from the US, so he would have that mindset regardless.)
«Theresa» (Pretty much any nerdy over-quotes thing. Monty Python, Star Wars, Star Trek, My Little Pony...)
«Random_Nerd» (I don't /think/ Sam has seen MLP yet.)
«Theresa» (interesting...)
«Random_Nerd» William: "So, what should I tell John?"
«DanteE» (It's not 2010 yet in-game)
«Brian» (What about Princess Bride?)
«Brian» "Sam, have you seen the Princess Bride yet?"
«Random_Nerd» (I'm almost positive that he's referenced it.)
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "Inconceivable!"
«Theresa» (Something to possibly bribe him with. Oh, yeah, Princess Bride is maybe $5 each.)
«Random_Nerd» William looks at him. Sam goes back to the jar.
«Theresa» "Aww, but it was a trap, William."
«Random_Nerd» (Never go in against a Strategist when /death/ is on the line.)

  • Ftisk raise the jar and shake it

«DanteE» (Weird Al?)
«Random_Nerd» (I don't think he's as into music as movies and TV.)
«Random_Nerd» (Partly because Dionyl /has/ music.)
«DanteE» "Hm... well, we want to talk with the King's pen pal to get an 'in' with her imperator in order to have a summit with the enemy because everything's actively going pear-shaped.
«Brian» (my arm got stolen)
«Random_Nerd» William: "I think I'll just say that you wish to talk to him about a matter of great importance, as soon as he can fit you in. And while I know that your time is more valuable than this, he knows that too, and it never hurts to be polite."
«DanteE» "At what point in that line do we stop?"
«Theresa» (Brian - you've been disarmed?)
«DanteE» (Huh?)
«Kite» (Where do we send the super robotic replacement?)
«Theresa» "I like William's better. It makes both sides of the meeting with John look good."
«Theresa» (Or is a kitty on it?)
«Brian» (don't worry. Sara gave it back)
«Random_Nerd» (Cut to when he's ready to meet with you, later this afternoon?)
«Brian» (no kitties here anymore :( Maybe soon, but not now :( )
«Ftisk» (yep cut)
«Kite» (Sounds good, RN)
«Theresa» (Brian - *HUG* We can't have a kitty yet here.)
«Theresa» (Sounds good, dear.)
«Theresa» (*waves at Sara*)
«Kite» (I can't have kitties. I was living vicariously through you, Laz. :( )
«DanteE» (sure)
«Brian» (Sara waves back)
«Brian» (cut ok)
«Random_Nerd» You're in John's office. It's fancier than yours, but in a more dated style.
«Random_Nerd» William has brought the potted plant.
«Random_Nerd» Sam has brought a pizza.
«Kite» "Kings shouldn't have offices. They should have throne rooms. And scribes and treasurers and a lot of shiny things just laying about."
«Random_Nerd» John: "I, uh... actually have those things, too."
«Kite» "Oh! Okay, then!"
«Random_Nerd» John: "But have you tried putting a desk in front of a throne? Just looks stupid."
«Ftisk» "and some dancing tutu-ed hippopotamus!"
«Kite» "You're a king in my book, now."
«Brian» "get an iPad. All you need"

  • Kite writes in his notebook, "John is a king."
  • Theresa smiles. "Hello, John. How are you?"

«Random_Nerd» John: "No, a lot of this stuff needs to be signed, longhand, and sealed with the Royal Signet and all that."

  • Ftisk zap a flea in to a tutu-ed ippo!

«Ftisk» "this is for your realty"
«DanteE» "So, we heard you've been corresponding with Martyrs."
«Kite» "Ftisk!"
«DanteE» "Ftisk, please don't break the king's brain."
«Random_Nerd» John: "Yes. Sam and William helped set it up."
«Ftisk» "yep!" *bring out a dollar and look for a jar*
«Kite» (hehe)

  • Theresa Moves a jar for Ftisk.
  • Ftisk put dollar in

«Random_Nerd» John: "Is there a problem?"

  • Theresa Moves the jar back to her office.

«Theresa» "Oh, the jar? No, Ftisk is working on not causing insanity. We were wondering if we could invite you and Martyrs to talk about an upcoming meeting we will be involved in."
«Ftisk» (are here we and the king and .. there is no other one?)
«Random_Nerd» (Right now.)
«Random_Nerd» (He usually doesn't have other people around when discussing Noble stuff with you guys.)
«Ftisk» (ok, tnx)
«Kite» (Weren't we inviting him to the meeting with Martyrs?)

  • Ftisk try to possess the hippo that was a fly

«Random_Nerd» John: "And what do you want me to do? Represent Amyra?"
«Theresa» "Yes. And also keep us from making fools of ourselves in presenting our points. We'd like to convince her to invite her boss to come to our big meeting."
«DanteE» (Primarily not panic when we talk about the world ending.)
«Random_Nerd» John: "Ah. I haven't met her boss yet. Awkward, because of the whole... human... thing."
«Kite» "Just don't get in any cannons and you should be fine.
«Theresa» "Indeed. I don't think that you'll have to meet him. But we need to at least get Martyrs to consider letting us either talk to him or have her put him into the meeting."
«DanteE» (And if anyone asks you do _not_ like bananas...)
«Random_Nerd» John: "Ah, that. I can do that. What should I tell her?"
«Theresa» *looks at the others* "That if she has a moment, could we talk to her about an important hush-hush project?"

  • Ftisk nod nod

«Random_Nerd» John: "But you want to give her the details yourselves?"

  • Ftisk nod nod again

«Brian» "You can reference that she may have heard hints of Things Happening."
«Random_Nerd» John: "With the, like, ominous capitals?"

  • Ftisk nod nod for the third time

«Brian» "Yep."
«Random_Nerd» John: "Okay. Now, is this a pressing matter, time-wise?"
«DanteE» (No one told him about the Big Deadline, then?)
«Kite» "You could say that."
«Brian» "Pretty much."
«Theresa» (One world-ending at a time, Dante.)
«Random_Nerd» John: "Emergency, or just high-priority?"
«Brian» "Highest priority without being three weeks ago."
«Theresa» (How soon is the meeting?)
«Random_Nerd» (When you've got everyone ready for it.)
«Ftisk» (isn't that vague?)
«DanteE» "You may want to mention that this should not get to Darkest Lord's attention _at all_."
«Brian» "That would get quite complicated."
«Theresa» (But it fits with the game. Perfect Timing.)
«Random_Nerd» He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a plastic tube that has a sliver of bone in it.
«Random_Nerd» He pauses for a moment, then takes it out of the tube and breaks it in half.
«Random_Nerd» J: "She should be here any moment now."
«Ftisk» "cool!"
«Random_Nerd» A crack suddenly splits the hardwood floor.
«Theresa» "Thank you, John. I hope that wasn't your only one." *looks sad* "I'd hate it if we just used up your one-time-phone-call."
«Random_Nerd» More cracks spread along the edges.
«Random_Nerd» J: "You /said/ it was highest priority."
«DanteE» "We should probably apologize to your decorator..."
«Ftisk» "or fix the floor later"
«Random_Nerd» The wood on the floor begins to crumble, and then Martyrs jumps out, holding a sharp-looking translucent red whip.

  • Ftisk wave "Hi!"

«Random_Nerd» You can tell that it's her, because her skin is torn to scraps and she's about the right height and build.

  • Kite covers Ftisk's eye.
  • Theresa bows. "Hello, Martys. We'e sorry for the secrecy, but this is an important task."

«Random_Nerd» However, this is the first time you've seen her in a T-shirt and sweatpants, although she has stuck to the grey color scheme.
«Random_Nerd» She looks at all of you, and then at John.
«Theresa» (Hmm...would she be a good girlfriend for John?)
«Random_Nerd» M: "I take it that they aren't actually trying to kill you?"
«Ftisk» (are you matchmaking?)

  • Theresa is insulted. "Why would we kill John?"

«Random_Nerd» (Well, she's debatably human, and has no skin.)
«Ftisk» "No we want to talk of a matter of topmost importance"
«Random_Nerd» M: "Because that was supposed to be for /emergencies/."
«Brian» (I'm, sadly, thinking of collapsing into sleep. x_x Right when the meeting starts. yargh.)
«Theresa» (Well, there's probably no heir in it and I don't know if I'd want her as Queen but John could use a girlfriend.)
«Random_Nerd» J: "They said it was of the highest importance, and implied an end-of-the-world kind of vibe."
«DanteE» "This is ... well, in the ballpark"

  • Ftisk nod nod

«Theresa» (And _this_ is where Matrys snarks about Nobles and end of the world.)
«Theresa» "It involves Entropy and Outside."
«DanteE» "You know about Entropy and Shirk?"
«Random_Nerd» M: "But is it the end of the world right /now/?"
«Ftisk» "will be soon"
«DanteE» "Depends who you ask, really."
«Random_Nerd» M: "So, no."
«Kite» "Correct. No. As you might be able to deduce, the miscommunication is entirely our fault."
«Random_Nerd» M: "I mean, yes. I realize that it is important. These things always are. But ultimately, giving me time to change back into my suit is /also/ important."
«Random_Nerd» J: "Still, we can move past this. I gather it /is/ important."
«Ftisk» "I can make your suit"
«Theresa» "We seem to be doing that a lot lately. Ananda, Imperator Jerren...
«Random_Nerd» M: "Who?"
«Ftisk» "new serpent, Impeding doom"
«Kite» "Lord Jerren is new.
«Ftisk» "Was cuuuute just born and all"
«Theresa» "It's amazing how cute a Serpent is when it's newborn."

  • Ftisk nod nod

«Theresa» "Oh and Sudden Loses of Courage and Loyalty."
«Random_Nerd» M: "Impending doom?"
«Random_Nerd» M: "That's a good sign."
«Kite» "Y-es..."
«DanteE» "Anyway. Short version:
«Theresa» "Entropy has also let him borrow Destruction."
«DanteE» "We have an opportunity to have a 'summit' with a Warmain, who's wondering what is going on with Entropy and Shirk."
«Random_Nerd» M: "There is something I was wondering about... how, exactly, is it that you all are still alive?"
«DanteE» "We need Imperators backing us up to do it."

  • Ftisk try to do control the tutu-ed hippo and make it do some classic ballet

«DanteE» (We're PCs, just run with it.)
«Random_Nerd» M: "Don't get me wrong, I do approve."
«Brian» "We've been actively encouraging an air of pleasant buffoonery to hide our inherent cleverness?"
«Random_Nerd» M: "Just commenting."
«Theresa» "We've met a Lawbreaker."
«DanteE» "Dumb stupid luck?"
«Theresa» "Or maybe we're proof that Cneph has a sense of humor. And a very big bowl of popcorn."
«Kite» "Death is a stumbling block we've chosen to avoid for now."
«Random_Nerd» M: "Lawbreaker? I take it you don't mean a tax evader or a guy who didn't feed the parking meter."
«Brian» "Nope. Uppercase L kind."
«Random_Nerd» M: "I do not know what that is."
«Brian» "The scary weird Barakiel-is-now-and-always-was kind"
«Theresa» "A being Summoned from Outside."
«Brian» "You bargain an action that Doesn't Count with them."
«Theresa» "Because it's from Outside, it has the ability to make it so that whatever you do with its permission...doesn't break a law."
«Theresa» "Any law."
«Theresa» "Like...killing Entropy."
«Random_Nerd» M: "Ah. I don't mess around with that stuff. Too... I don't know."
«DanteE» "Before we get too far... what do you think of the Darkest Lord?"
«Brian» "Yep."
«Brian» "I was somewhat sane before I started."

  • Ftisk project *attitude en pointe came on do an attitude en pointe, I wanna do one, you wanna do one...*

«Random_Nerd» M: "No comment."
«Theresa» (Did we tell Brian about the Warmain opinion of Summoning? Because they're going to treat him like crap when they find him out.)
«Random_Nerd» (I don't think so.)
«Random_Nerd» (Did you, off-camera?)
«Random_Nerd» M: "Except that it is awkward that anyone who has bloody hands gets assumed to be him."
«Random_Nerd» She raises one flayed palm.
«Random_Nerd» It isn't actually bleeding at the moment, which she seems to realize because it starts oozing blood slowly.
«Kite» (I think we definitely would have informed him off-camera)
«Random_Nerd» (Okay.)
«Brian» (mrrow?)
«Random_Nerd» M: "I'm not Entropy. Honest."
«DanteE» "Know who Shirk is?"
«Brian» "If you were, we wouldn't still be alive. I think. It's sometimes hard to tell."
«Brian» "So, because I appear to still be living, you cannot be Entropy."
«Random_Nerd» M: "Yes. I've had to work around him for some time, as I'm getting some static with my Estate."
«Random_Nerd» (James /T/ Skirk?)
«Brian» (dollar for the jar, RN)
«Ftisk» (lol)
«DanteE» "Well, no one knows why Entropy let him in as an 'ambassador'...
«Theresa» (Brian - Warmains revealed that Summoning is _horrible_ to them. Like if you were found having sex with underage puppies while snorting Holocaust ashes off of the burning Constitution.)
«DanteE» "Including other Excrucians, apparently.
«Random_Nerd» M: "He'll have a reason."
«Random_Nerd» M: "He always does."
«Brian» "Betraying Creation."
«Brian» *he stated with certainty*
«DanteE» "A warmain whose shards we've ... dealt with made us an offer to meet with us and exchange information about what's going on.
«DanteE» (inasmuch as we know what's going on.)
«DanteE» "Since it's a full Warmain, we need Imperators backing us up for it to happen."
«DanteE» "Ever hear of Vassa?"
«Random_Nerd» M: "So, to be clear, you've called me up here to admit to about three different flavors of treason... why, exactly?"
«Random_Nerd» J: "Hear them out, please."
«Random_Nerd» M: "Vassa... no."
«Brian» "Because you're the champion of Martyrs?"
«Random_Nerd» M: "Yeah, but I'm saving myself up for a really /good/ cause."
«DanteE» (Her boss is Dark, right?)
«Ftisk» "Creation isn't good enough?"
«Random_Nerd» (Yes.)
«Random_Nerd» M: "It's always about Creation.:"
«DanteE» (Then the answer toFtisk is "no.")
«Random_Nerd» M: "But I have a list. Excrucians it'd be worth dying to take down. Vassa isn't on it."
«DanteE» "He might tell you a little about the others...
«Random_Nerd» She paces.
«Theresa» "Plus, they don't like Shirk either."
«DanteE» "More to the point, meeting with him might provide some insight on exactly what manner of disaster they're planning.
«DanteE» "Which would tell you who'd get hit first.
«Random_Nerd» M: "So, are you selling out to the Excrucians, are they selling out to you, or... a bit of both?"
«DanteE» "No one's selling. We're _talking_.
«Brian» (time for me to sleep. gnight! have a good rest of session and week!)
«DanteE» "It just hasn't happened before."
«Ftisk» "We are not selling out, max we do is renting"
«DanteE» (g'nihgt Brian)
«Ftisk» (nifght Brian!)
«Theresa» (Night, Laz!)
|«-- Brian has left (Disintegrated: Brian)
«Random_Nerd» M: "Yes, but talking about what? A separate peace? Information-trading?"
«Random_Nerd» M: "Do you know what kind of /reputation/ you people have?"
«Theresa» "It may even end up in a magnificent seven-way quintuple-cross."
«Theresa» "Wildlord Nobles?"
«DanteE» "That's why we're talking to _you_. :)
«Kite» "Personally, I'm hoping to glean information on how to make it so that the Excrucians do not /need/ to steal from us to enjoy the Estates of Creation."
«DanteE» "I'm assuming we both want there to be a Creation when the smoke from the Age change clears.
«Ftisk» "like we have proof that estate can be shared between inside and outside of creation"
«DanteE» "This is a potential way there."
«Kite» "I would to be able to share peacefully without any detriment to us."
«Random_Nerd» M: "You're the secret assassin minions of Ha Qadosh Berkha. You have a Warmain that rides around on a giant rabbit and lives on the moon, as part of your secret pact with the Angel of the Moon."
«Ftisk» (damn! The rabit rider is public!)
«DanteE» "We are... the Most Interesting Nobles in Creation. Want a beer?"
«Random_Nerd» M: "I don't drink... beer."
«Kite» "That's not a very secret pact..."
«Random_Nerd» J: "See? I /knew/ you had a sense of humor."
«DanteE» (Martyrs owes us a Royal for the Nosferatu ref.)
«Ftisk» "T. isn't jar time?"
«Theresa» "No, we need the humor at the moment. But maybe later."
«Theresa» "And us as assassins? Man, sanity is a crutch."
«Random_Nerd» She walks over to the wastebasket in the corner of the room, and in one smooth motion rips off her clothes, most of her remaining skin, and some muscle as well.

  • Ftisk put ? on eyestalk

«Random_Nerd» She continues to pace, now looking less like a flayed woman and more like a walking skeleton partially covered with tattered flesh.

  • Theresa does not blink.

«DanteE» "If you'd prefer, we could just talk to your Ymera and run it by him."
«Random_Nerd» John does not actually look particularly surprised by this.
«Random_Nerd» M: "If John wasn't advocating for you, that's exactly what I'd do."

  • Ftisk try to force the hippo to mimic her moves

«Random_Nerd» M: "But I really think that if you want him on this, you're going to need to sell it better than this."
«DanteE» "There are a lot of unknowns involved..."
«Kite» "We...would greatly appreciate your help in that regard."

  • Ftisk nod nod vigorously

«Random_Nerd» M: "Okay... boil it down for me. What do you want to do, and why is it a good idea?"
«Ftisk» (came on hippo nod you too)
«Random_Nerd» (Mind if we call it a night here, and start up here next week?)
«Random_Nerd» (We all seem to be a bit slow right now.)
«Kite» (Sounds good)
«Ftisk» (absolutely good point for a stop I think and the hippo too :-P )
«Random_Nerd» ___________________STOP____________________
«Theresa» Sleeep
«DanteE» (Well we want to advance the plot because DRAMA, howzat? :) )
=-= Theresa is now known as BethE
=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood
«Knockwood» Also bananas.
=-= YOU are now known as Angelo
«BethE» I'm not feeling good, guys. I'm heading to bed. Night, all! *HUGS*
«Knockwood» g.night Beth
«Angelo» nope hippo not bananas
«Angelo» night Beth!
|«-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)
=-= Kite is now known as Verithe
«Angelo» next week we continue? or Chuboo?
«Knockwood» depends on whether we come up with a good answer to her question...
«Knockwood» Who's her Imperator?
«Angelo» Ftisk is too busy to answer
«Knockwood» (and did any of us get destiny?)
«Random_Nerd» Next week this, I think.
«Verithe» Homework! Find good answers to her question!
«Angelo» yay V.
«Random_Nerd» Well, the thing with Martyrs is too early to be a Victory or a Failure yet.
«Angelo» and with the hippo?
«Angelo» :-P
«Random_Nerd» Oh, toward the new Gift thing?
«Angelo» yeah
«Random_Nerd» Trivial Victory, I suppose.
«Angelo» okie dokie
«Random_Nerd» My brain is melty too, so I think I'll go.
«Random_Nerd» See you next week.
«Knockwood» meanwhile, we need to find a justification for the summit that would appeal to a Darklord
«Knockwood» oyasumi-nasai
«Angelo» bye RN!
«Random_Nerd» (Grr. Law school. Bar application. Grr.)
|«-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: )
«Angelo» Well, I catch some sleep too. Bye!
«Knockwood» g'night Angelo
«--| YOU (Angelo) have left #Nobilis

Chapter 32