Session 23 of Pine Falls

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[2009-05-15 19:12:51]
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[2009-05-15 19:29:54] <Seras> Poops I also need a shower
[2009-05-15 19:29:58] <Seras> eh that can wait a bit
[2009-05-15 19:30:00] <Alexa> (I'm going to be half-double playing so...)
[2009-05-15 19:30:01] <StorytellerHelmet> XD
[2009-05-15 19:30:13] <StorytellerHelmet> Hey, folks. Long time no see!
[2009-05-15 19:30:15] <Seras> I'll admit I'm filling out charsheets for pregens right now
[2009-05-15 19:30:17] <Seras> HI!
[2009-05-15 19:30:20] <Seras> I MISSED YOU
[2009-05-15 19:30:23] * Seras weeps on the helmet
[2009-05-15 19:30:24] <StorytellerHelmet> Awwwww :3
[2009-05-15 19:30:51] <StorytellerHelmet> Well, in the last two weeks I have been hugely busy, so I apologize for not ducking in occasionally.
[2009-05-15 19:30:58] <StorytellerHelmet> On the bright side, I do have working Internet!
[2009-05-15 19:31:02] <Seras> I read that as "dicking in"
[2009-05-15 19:31:08] <StorytellerHelmet> XD
[2009-05-15 19:31:10] <StorytellerHelmet> That too
[2009-05-15 19:31:53] <Alexa> Kon and I are both doubleplaying.
[2009-05-15 19:32:02] <StorytellerHelmet> Gotcha
[2009-05-15 19:33:04] <StorytellerHelmet> Apologies also for my lateness this evening -- I had a little chat with Comcast.
[2009-05-15 19:33:35] <Seras> It's ok
[2009-05-15 19:33:39] <Seras> I got a new phone!
[2009-05-15 19:33:43] <StorytellerHelmet> Woot!
[2009-05-15 19:33:48] <Seras> I'm STing for people *I don't know from Adam* tomorrow.
[2009-05-15 19:33:54] <StorytellerHelmet> :D
[2009-05-15 19:33:57] <StorytellerHelmet> What game?
[2009-05-15 19:34:12] <Seras> ....seriously you have to ask? XD
[2009-05-15 19:34:27] <Seras> HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG?
[2009-05-15 19:34:31] * Seras pouts melodramatically
[2009-05-15 19:35:26] <StorytellerHelmet> XD
[2009-05-15 19:35:37] <StorytellerHelmet> I suppose I can guess. ;)
[2009-05-15 19:36:51] <StorytellerHelmet> Well, the main plot concluded last session, so this is just tying up loose ends with our characters.
[2009-05-15 19:37:00] <Alexa> *nod*
[2009-05-15 19:37:06] <StorytellerHelmet> It's been a few weeks for us, but in Pine Falls it's been a few months.
[2009-05-15 19:38:38] <StorytellerHelmet> Since the terrible solstice, the quiet town has healed -- its people coming down from the hysterical high and convincing themselves that the things in the mist were perfectly explainable phenomena and that there are no monsters lurking in the shadows of Pine Falls.
[2009-05-15 19:39:31] <StorytellerHelmet> Nevertheless, no one could deny the number of people hurt and killed that night by strange circumstances, though there has been no official word on the number of casualties nor have the authorities said anything regarding the cause.
[2009-05-15 19:39:38] <StorytellerHelmet> The people, for their part, have asked for neither.
[2009-05-15 19:41:01] <StorytellerHelmet> The dark expressions and hushed sobs belie their composure, however, for though no one will admit it and it may all be forgotten in a few years, deep down everyone understands the truth.
[2009-05-15 19:41:08] <StorytellerHelmet> The darkness is real.
[2009-05-15 19:43:00] <StorytellerHelmet> It has many faces and lives in the places you are too afraid to look. It walks among the people, ignored like vagrants whose presence you simply will yourself not to acknowledge. They speak to us in the night, whispering terrible threats and sweet temptations.
[2009-05-15 19:44:47] <StorytellerHelmet> The fog conceals the mysteries, blanketing the town and its people -- providing a veil behind which they can pretend nothing is wrong.
[2009-05-15 19:45:12] <Alexa> (You want us to talk now?)
[2009-05-15 19:45:13] <StorytellerHelmet> But some have had to face the darkness and can never turn away from it again.
[2009-05-15 19:46:13] <StorytellerHelmet> So, with that overly drawn-out scene setting... what have our favorite creatures been up to?
[2009-05-15 19:46:26] <StorytellerHelmet> (Yes, please. Sorry. XD)
[2009-05-15 19:46:40] <Seras> ...what happened to Abigail? Or am I supposed to "Wait and See"?
[2009-05-15 19:47:43] <Alexa> Fu has been... a wee bit distracted. Obsessed with the whole pledge and trying to /figure it out/ as well as juggle school and keeping an eye/telling stories to the Young Princess Firing Arrows of Hope (and teaching her how to make them nonlethal). I'd say his Clarity took another hit down to 5.
[2009-05-15 19:48:51] <Katharina> Mala has mostly been doing her usual thing, with the addition of keeping an eye on Patricia's family. After that mess, they rather need to know they're safe. Oh, and fiddling with her pendant, of course. She'll solve that thing yet.
[2009-05-15 19:49:24] <StorytellerHelmet> During the confrontation with the Gentry, Abigail Franklin returned to town in an attempt to secure a way back. Since you returned, she's been attempting to rebuild her life in town and strengthen her ties while at the same time fending off the fear that she will be lost once again in the maelstrom of time.
[2009-05-15 19:49:51] <Alexa> Ryan also has tried to at least keep some ties to Theresa. She and school are the things keeping his charity from going down the CRAPPER.
[2009-05-15 19:51:03] <Seras> Then, Drake, not having to worry about her being dead; quietly offers his support and attempts to put the pieces of his life back together. Pick up a new client. Work to keep his mind off of things. He shows his face around court every so often.
[2009-05-15 19:52:17] <StorytellerHelmet> The Harrisons are recovering. After the solstice, Patricia has become a sort of guiding light for her friends and family around town, helping them cope with the strangeness that she has already come to terms with. She has more or less returned to her original cheerful self, though Mala can tell that there is a hint of fae capriciousness in it now.
[2009-05-15 19:52:59] =-= Seras is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-05-15 19:56:09] <StorytellerHelmet> Theresa Franklin is a conflicted woman. After the solstice, she spent a little more time with her family but her relationship with her mother apparently broke down even further. She was withdrawn for a time and has now decided to extricate herself from her family's shadow, leaving the Franklin estate and finding a small apartment downtown where she now resides.
[2009-05-15 19:58:54] <StorytellerHelmet> On the changeling side of things, the Freehold became rather fractured after the solstice. With King missing, there is a massive power vaccuum among the Lost and most of them are reluctant to try and fill it. Beyond that, King was also the main reason that they could assume new identities without too much of a problem.
[2009-05-15 19:59:53] <DrakeNero> (Two monarchs missing, right?)
[2009-05-15 19:59:58] <DrakeNero> (Summer and Winter)
[2009-05-15 20:00:26] <StorytellerHelmet> Correct. Winter is the biggest hit, of course, but that indeed leaves two courts without leadership.
[2009-05-15 20:02:14] <StorytellerHelmet> And even with the remaining courts, the Lost are nervous about what will become of the Freehold and so they bicker amongst each other over what should be done.
[2009-05-15 20:02:55] <StorytellerHelmet> Even Timber Jane -- ever the optimist -- has lost a great deal of her sway without King's power to back up her assurances.
[2009-05-15 20:03:47] <StorytellerHelmet> Without leadership, the Freehold will likely scatter within a year.
[2009-05-15 20:05:41] <Alexa> ... (You know stupid useless Charity compels Fu to do this...)
[2009-05-15 20:05:59] <DrakeNero> ...I suppose at some point Drake would quietly seed the idea that he'd be willing to become the Summer King
[2009-05-15 20:06:04] <Alexa> Fu sends a text to Mala and Drake asking to talk to them.
[2009-05-15 20:06:20] * DrakeNero will meet up with Fu wherever he'd like
[2009-05-15 20:06:35] <Alexa> He'd want to see both on this one.
[2009-05-15 20:06:36] * Katharina likewise :D
[2009-05-15 20:07:08] <Alexa> Coffee shop?
[2009-05-15 20:07:49] <DrakeNero> coffee shop works
[2009-05-15 20:08:24] <Katharina> Mala may have never had coffee. This should be a fun learning experience.
[2009-05-15 20:08:29] <Alexa> Fu meets up with the others looking tired, a little frazzled even as he looks polished, and with a mountain of books.
[2009-05-15 20:08:44] <Alexa> ... And probably a bandage on one of hands that looks like he got shot with an arrow.
[2009-05-15 20:09:52] <Alexa> "Hey you guys~" He collapses in the chair. "Damn, how long has it been?"
[2009-05-15 20:09:55] * DrakeNero is typing something into his palm pilot, sharply dressed as always
[2009-05-15 20:10:04] <Katharina> "A while. o.o"
[2009-05-15 20:10:11] <DrakeNero> "Indeed."
[2009-05-15 20:10:29] <Alexa> He removes his glasses to rub his eyes. "I feel like I'm getting all stretched out, like I'm silk on a frame."
[2009-05-15 20:10:46] <Alexa> "Has anyone had any luck on that pledge?"
[2009-05-15 20:11:50] <Alexa> (speaking of that, with Fu being OCD on finding information about it when he can, what sort of luck would he have had finding stuff about it?)
[2009-05-15 20:12:43] <DrakeNero> ""
[2009-05-15 20:13:01] <StorytellerHelmet> Depends on who you talk to. But, generally, the answer would be "not a whole heck of a lot you didn't already know."
[2009-05-15 20:14:05] <StorytellerHelmet> If anyone knows where it's kept, it'd probably be King, but he's been rather elusive.
[2009-05-15 20:14:06] <Alexa> He'd be talking to King when he sees him in the Hollow and the Princess, and once in a while, if he is REALLY unlucky, with the Hunter.
[2009-05-15 20:14:31] <Alexa> And then there's always Fu trying to use the directional court contract to see about tracking it down?
[2009-05-15 20:16:53] <StorytellerHelmet> Seeing as how it's an "it" rather than a "who," the Mindfinder clause doesn't help much. King doesn't care much for Fu's attention, but he does off-handedly mention something about an "altar" in his moments of lucidity.
[2009-05-15 20:17:10] <StorytellerHelmet> Being in the Hedge the grand majority of the time now is addling his sanity.
[2009-05-15 20:17:34] <Alexa> ... Fucking charity.
[2009-05-15 20:17:58] <Alexa> Then Pathfinder to get info on the hedge and knowledge about an altar?
[2009-05-15 20:18:35] <StorytellerHelmet> Nothing. No clues out there that you've found.
[2009-05-15 20:19:09] <Alexa> Even when arguing with the Princess?
[2009-05-15 20:19:21] <DrakeNero> (there's totally a contract in Dancers at Dusk for this)
[2009-05-15 20:19:52] <Alexa> (I know, but I have no idea about it0
[2009-05-15 20:20:09] <Alexa> Hm.
[2009-05-15 20:20:11] -->| Kaen ( has joined #PineFalls
[2009-05-15 20:20:20] <StorytellerHelmet> Princess -- like most fae -- makes very little sense in conversations. Even then, she seems to understand that this information could be potentially hazardous to her and so she makes a point of being no less than extremely confusing.
[2009-05-15 20:21:12] <Alexa> "You are killing hope, Your Highness." Fu outright states one day. (It's a gamble, but yeah, it's Fu)
[2009-05-15 20:21:40] <Alexa> Hm. We should probably get back to everyone talking. >_>;
[2009-05-15 20:21:49] <Alexa> "Guys, it's not over." >_<
[2009-05-15 20:21:58] <StorytellerHelmet> Yes. Needless to say, that's the best he can find out.
[2009-05-15 20:22:13] <DrakeNero> "Of course not."
[2009-05-15 20:22:35] <Alexa> "The families are going to end up dead if we don't figure out how to do something, that's the thing."
[2009-05-15 20:22:44] <Alexa> He looks away, fingering his glasses.
[2009-05-15 20:23:07] <Alexa> "The oath broken ends all lines of the family who broke it."
[2009-05-15 20:23:50] * Katharina fiddles around with her locket while Fu talks. >.>
[2009-05-15 20:24:05] * DrakeNero puts his phone down and rubs at his temples.
[2009-05-15 20:24:53] <Alexa> "I feel like I'm breaking apart too..."
[2009-05-15 20:25:47] <DrakeNero> "Why are you killing yourself over this?"
[2009-05-15 20:26:39] <Alexa> He looks up, and looks away, his cheeks turning a bit more red. "Because I'm stuck in a bind in a way?"
[2009-05-15 20:26:51] <Alexa> "I'm still playing a part." He grimaces.
[2009-05-15 20:28:36] * DrakeNero sighs
[2009-05-15 20:28:41] <StorytellerHelmet> Over the last three months, Mala has taken the locket down to almost the end. It becomes harder as the end nears, but she understands now what it is supposed to be. The problem is that he only has a vague idea what it must mean. Though no one else seems to recognize it, Mala has seen the symbol before -- depicted in the stained glass windows of the hollow chapel.
[2009-05-15 20:29:07] <Alexa> "I know it's stupid."
[2009-05-15 20:29:27] <Alexa> "Hell, the only things that have kept me from killing myself over this..."
[2009-05-15 20:29:56] <Alexa> "School, Theresa (who is partly why I AM killing myself over this), and the fact that I suspect you guys would hold a senance and kick my sorry ass that way."
[2009-05-15 20:30:12] <DrakeNero> "I don't care about you *that* much, sorry.
[2009-05-15 20:30:34] * Alexa grins slightly.
[2009-05-15 20:30:35] =-= Kaen is now known as Kaen|GetsCleanandSparkly
[2009-05-15 20:30:47] <Alexa> "The delusion all that is needed, Lizard.
[2009-05-15 20:31:16] <DrakeNero> "Whatever."
[2009-05-15 20:33:38] * Alexa sighs and orders coffee.
[2009-05-15 20:33:45] <Alexa> "When is fucking spring break? DX"
[2009-05-15 20:33:55] <DrakeNero> "Damned if I know."
[2009-05-15 20:34:14] * Alexa sighs again.
[2009-05-15 20:34:33] <Alexa> "I'm sure there's some sort of contract that can help..."
[2009-05-15 20:35:56] <StorytellerHelmet> Other than Drake's offer to assume the role of Summer King, has anyone become more involved in the freehold?
[2009-05-15 20:36:33] <Alexa> Fu would be trying to act as a general hospitality person to help keep himself more sane, to help Jane out?
[2009-05-15 20:36:35] <Katharina> Mala would, if people were concerned for their safety and heard of her exploits and wanted her to be around just to guarantee safety. >.>
[2009-05-15 20:38:56] <StorytellerHelmet> All right, I'll lay it out simply, then: Drake's offer is resoundingly accepted. As the rest of the Summer folk in Pine Falls had disappeared last year, it is more or less up to him to instill enough chutzpah into the Lost to draw any new recruits.
[2009-05-15 20:40:25] <Alexa> (Fu IS a Southern Court guy; he doesn't have much pull...)
[2009-05-15 20:41:17] <StorytellerHelmet> Safety concerns are a nice way of putting it as far as the freehold goes. It's almost like even as the Winter king departed, winter overcame the freehold and many are too afraid to go about their normal routines. Mala's vigilance and fearlessness becomes a rock (or a hardy stump) for many to latch onto and at the very least her presence means that they aren't afraid to meet anymore.
[2009-05-15 20:41:41] * DrakeNero hasn't spent most of this game being the fearless leader, but he does have a quiet sort of resolution that burns like an ember
[2009-05-15 20:42:13] <Katharina> Mala finds it amusing that she can both cause and allay fear.
[2009-05-15 20:44:09] <StorytellerHelmet> Which makes her a rather interesting element in the Fear court. Rumors quickly spread that she faced down the goblins that sieged the town and suddenly her court is garnered more respect among the freehold.
[2009-05-15 20:44:37] =-= Alexa has changed the topic to ``#peanutgallery
[2009-05-15 20:45:52] <StorytellerHelmet> Fu, having never been a part of the seasonal courts, has a more difficult time becoming as prominent of a figure as Drake and Mala, but he nevertheless gains a rather large amount of respect from the Spring court -- most of whom were present at the nightclub when he faced down the Murgulouses.
[2009-05-15 20:46:58] <Alexa> He... doesn't talk about it much, though he works with them a lot, and anyone who wants to have someone to talk to can come to him. Just don't mind if he is quiet and still.
[2009-05-15 20:48:22] <StorytellerHelmet> (Did you want to do anything else with the coffee shop meeting other than check up>)
[2009-05-15 20:49:41] <Alexa> (try to explain what he knows about the contract, catching up, and actually just seeing his motley mates.)
[2009-05-15 20:51:55] <Alexa> (If possible, he'd be studying that damn oath contract)
[2009-05-15 20:54:16] <StorytellerHelmet> In the interest of speeding things along, I'll conclude it. The meeting ends without much progress made as far as that pledge goes. The fate of the families seems grim, but soon after something odd happens.
[2009-05-15 20:56:42] <StorytellerHelmet> Making one of his visits to Theresa's apartment, Fu is one day surprised to find an entirely different -- though no less attractive -- young woman there instead.
[2009-05-15 20:57:41] <Alexa> ...?
[2009-05-15 20:57:59] <Alexa> Fu adjusts his glasses and silently tilts his head.
[2009-05-15 20:59:26] * Alexa knocks on the door frame.
[2009-05-15 21:00:17] <StorytellerHelmet> "Yes?" the woman says sweetly, answering the door. She looked somewhat similar to Theresa, but different in so many significant ways. Taller, curvier, more graceful in the way she moves and with a calm, beautiful smile.
[2009-05-15 21:00:37] <Alexa> "Ah, is Miss Theresa in?"
[2009-05-15 21:02:56] <StorytellerHelmet> "Miss.. " She squints a moment, before smiling again. "You must be the Ryan I've heard so much about." Putting down the box she was carrying, she holds out her hand to him. "I'm Alyssa Franklin. Theresa is my younger sister."
[2009-05-15 21:03:23] <Alexa> "Ah!" He smiles and rubs the back of his head. "I hope she hasn't complained too much about me."
[2009-05-15 21:05:04] <StorytellerHelmet> "She has," she says matter-of-factly. "But, I wouldn't worry about that. She complains about a lot of people."
[2009-05-15 21:05:04] <Alexa> "Where is she, though?"
[2009-05-15 21:05:27] <Alexa> "I know she'd complain about me." He sighs. "But apparently I'm a masochist."
[2009-05-15 21:06:57] <StorytellerHelmet> "So I hear," she says slyly, turning back to the box. "Theresa went to pick up some groceries. She's still getting the hang of feeding herself. I thought I'd come by and drop off some of the stuff she still had at the estate."
[2009-05-15 21:07:57] <Alexa> "Aaaah."
[2009-05-15 21:08:30] <Alexa> "That explains the time I smelled something burning..."
[2009-05-15 21:10:12] <Alexa> He takes a seat down next to one of the recliners and groans.
[2009-05-15 21:10:34] <Alexa> "Here I was just going to pester her since we got stuck in another class together."
[2009-05-15 21:10:50] <StorytellerHelmet> "Sure you were," she teases.
[2009-05-15 21:11:29] <StorytellerHelmet> Alyssa proves to be far more charming than her sister and quite pleasant to talk to. Fu can imagine she must be very popular. As they chat, Alyssa explains how she had been studying abroad at the behest of her father. Having been the first time away from home not on a vacation, she jumped at the opportunity.
[2009-05-15 21:12:35] <StorytellerHelmet> But then, a few weeks ago, she was called back to her hometown. Her father had mentioned something about helping to take care of some family business that he had not elaborated on at the time.
[2009-05-15 21:12:53] <Alexa> "..."
[2009-05-15 21:13:02] <Alexa> "Huh."
[2009-05-15 21:14:35] =-= Kaen|GetsCleanandSparkly is now known as Kaen
[2009-05-15 21:15:26] <StorytellerHelmet> Meanwhile, Mala was facing a similar oddity. As Spring break approached, Patricia invited Mala to lunch so that she could introduce her older brother -- Aiden -- who was back home from his work overseas.
[2009-05-15 21:15:52] =-= DrakeNero is now known as DrakeNaked
[2009-05-15 21:18:04] <StorytellerHelmet> "I heard there were some difficulties around here lately," the clean-cut and attractive Aiden said in-between sibling pestering. "Figured it was a good time to lend a hand where ever I could."
[2009-05-15 21:18:58] <Katharina> "Difficulties." Mala nods. "I suppose you could call it that."
[2009-05-15 21:21:17] =-= Katharina is now known as Mala
[2009-05-15 21:22:17] <StorytellerHelmet> "That's more or less how everyone's been saying it, actually," he says, scratching his head with a shrug. "But, Patty seems okay, I guess." He ignores the slap on the back of his head for using Patricia's hated nickname. "And it sounds like I have you to thank for it, Mala. Seems you may be the reason that my little sister is alive and well today." Patricia continues to kick him under...
[2009-05-15 21:22:19] <StorytellerHelmet> ...the table, hiding her blushing.
[2009-05-15 21:24:31] <Mala> Mala nods. "I'm useful to have around. People have been telling me that."
[2009-05-15 21:26:41] <StorytellerHelmet> "I think 'useful' is probably not the word..." Aiden trails off a bit when he notes Patricia's pleading stare. "... but, I guess that's not really my conversation to have. Anyway, I'm happy I finally met you, Mala. I'd better get back to the house and see what dad needs -- you two have fun."
[2009-05-15 21:27:48] <Mala> "I think we can manage that. It was nice to meet you too."
[2009-05-15 21:29:47] <StorytellerHelmet> "I didn't tell him about anything," Patricia says when her brother leaves. "He just thinks that you miraculously woke me from my coma."
[2009-05-15 21:30:34] <Mala> "Ah. Yeah. Most people find the sorts of things I do to be pretty hard to believe."
[2009-05-15 21:34:26] <StorytellerHelmet> "Yeah..." Patricia mutters, toying with her food a bit as she seems to ponder if she has anything more to say.
[2009-05-15 21:35:13] <Mala> "Are you okay?"
[2009-05-15 21:37:05] <StorytellerHelmet> "Yeah... " she responds again, non-commitally. "I just... forgot how he can embarrass me sometimes."
[2009-05-15 21:40:03] <StorytellerHelmet> As the week passes, it becomes clear that the Harrises and the Franklins are the not the only ones with visitors. All the founding families apparently are having a homecoming of some sort -- the children that had left town for school or work now returned.
[2009-05-15 21:40:22] <Alexa> And Fu looks more and more worried and evasive.
[2009-05-15 21:43:19] <StorytellerHelmet> With Theresa needing time to herself, Fu doesn't get the opportunity to ask her about what is going on much. As always, however, she wears her heart on her sleeve and he can tell that she is also worried.
[2009-05-15 21:46:40] <StorytellerHelmet> Patricia doesn't seem worried, but is nevertheless surprised by her brother's return. Lately she has been far more interested in helping Mala become more used to society and the general customs. As the others start to arrive, though, she relates to Mala that something strange is indeed going on.
[2009-05-15 21:48:02] <StorytellerHelmet> Drake, however, sees things from the other end when Abigail requests his company in private one evening.
[2009-05-15 21:49:00] <DrakeNaked> He tries not to act too eager
[2009-05-15 21:49:21] <DrakeNaked> this (likely) ultimately results in an endearing sort of earnestness.
[2009-05-15 21:50:13] <StorytellerHelmet> She doesn't mention a meeting place, instead simply arriving at his home that evening, her expression as downcast in a way that only Drake seemed to notice these days.
[2009-05-15 21:51:12] <DrakeNaked> He wants to remain sort of aloof but the first thing out of his mouth is "What's the matter?"
[2009-05-15 21:52:04] =-= DrakeNaked is now known as DrakeNero
[2009-05-15 21:52:54] <StorytellerHelmet> "They're calling all of them home," she says, wringing her hands a bit as she settles nervously into his lair. "All the marked children... including Alyssa. Isaac called her when I wasn't home..."
[2009-05-15 21:53:41] <DrakeNero> :/
[2009-05-15 21:53:46] <DrakeNero> "What does this mean for us?"
[2009-05-15 21:54:53] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail is silent for several moments. Drake can actually hear her breath quaking. "... it means... they mean for us to survive."
[2009-05-15 21:56:24] <DrakeNero> "...what?"
[2009-05-15 21:57:47] <StorytellerHelmet> "The plan didn't work. They couldn't trick it into leaving us alone.." Abigail buries her face in her hands. "... so they believe that the only option left is to follow the agreement before we all go extinct."
[2009-05-15 21:59:05] <DrakeNero> "So... what do we do?"
[2009-05-15 22:03:12] <DrakeNero> "we couldn't seem to unbind the contract. What now?"
[2009-05-15 22:04:07] <StorytellerHelmet> "I don't know," she whispers. "For the first time, I feel like I don't know what is going to happen. I don't think there are any more clues that I've left myself..." She tries to remain calm but her composure is beginning to crumble. "I'm afraid that... I really will lose my daughter."
[2009-05-15 22:04:30] * DrakeNero hugs her, really without thinking.
[2009-05-15 22:05:40] <StorytellerHelmet> She sobs quietly, wrapping her arms around him tightly. "... I've never been a good mother and now..."
[2009-05-15 22:07:09] <DrakeNero> He's at a loss for what to say
[2009-05-15 22:07:21] <DrakeNero> "There.. we HAVE to be able to do *something* "
[2009-05-15 22:10:34] <StorytellerHelmet> "I just don't know..." she says. "I've already used all the clues I left for myself. Unless I miscalculated, then... I may have just missed a step..."
[2009-05-15 22:12:17] <DrakeNero> "I don't know either."
[2009-05-15 22:13:41] <DrakeNero> "We've met before, you know."
[2009-05-15 22:13:52] <StorytellerHelmet> "... what?"
[2009-05-15 22:14:27] <DrakeNero> "You and I. We've met."
[2009-05-15 22:14:46] <DrakeNero> "You told me to remind you."
[2009-05-15 22:14:49] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail is silent for a few moments, staring into Drake's eyes.
[2009-05-15 22:15:00] <StorytellerHelmet> "... what did I do?"
[2009-05-15 22:15:36] <DrakeNero> "you held up three fingers."
[2009-05-15 22:15:40] <DrakeNero> "I even have a picture."
[2009-05-15 22:16:42] * DrakeNero pulls out his phone and shows her.
[2009-05-15 22:17:27] <StorytellerHelmet> Abigail peers at the image quizzically. "But, why would I hold up three..."
[2009-05-15 22:18:21] <DrakeNero> "I'm not sure you've ever told me the answer to that."
[2009-05-15 22:18:41] <DrakeNero> "This.. IS the third time we've talked about this?"
[2009-05-15 22:18:58] <StorytellerHelmet> "Three... three... three..." she mulls the clue over in her head.
[2009-05-15 22:19:03] <DrakeNero> "Does it have to do with us? The motley? There are three of us."
[2009-05-15 22:19:59] <StorytellerHelmet> "True... but..."
[2009-05-15 22:20:48] <StorytellerHelmet> "Maybe the third of something... ?"
[2009-05-15 22:21:36] <DrakeNero> "I... I don't know."
[2009-05-15 22:22:13] <StorytellerHelmet> "... maybe we need your friends for this."
[2009-05-15 22:22:36] <StorytellerHelmet> Suddenly, the fire lights up in her eyes once again.
[2009-05-15 22:22:38] <StorytellerHelmet> A chance.
[2009-05-15 22:23:03] <DrakeNero> "What?"
[2009-05-15 22:23:12] <DrakeNero> "I'll call them! What should I say?"
[2009-05-15 22:24:10] <StorytellerHelmet> "The three of you have fought it -- the three of you together have a better chance of figuring it out than me."
[2009-05-15 22:24:44] * DrakeNero calls the other two
[2009-05-15 22:24:58] <Alexa> ... Please tell me he doesn't call while he is with Theresa.
[2009-05-15 22:25:07] =-= YOU are now known as Fu
[2009-05-15 22:25:28] <StorytellerHelmet> Theresa has been curiously absent the last couple days, so no.
[2009-05-15 22:25:40] <Fu> ... That just makes him even more worried when he answers.
[2009-05-15 22:25:44] <Fu> "Yes?"
[2009-05-15 22:25:54] <DrakeNero> "Come over to my place it's important bye" click
[2009-05-15 22:26:35] <StorytellerHelmet> With as much time as she has spent around Mala, calling Patricia is a fair bet. One that pans out this time.
[2009-05-15 22:27:01] <StorytellerHelmet> "Drake says he wants to meet at his place...?" she says to Mala curiously.
[2009-05-15 22:27:16] * Mala nods. "I should probably go, then."
[2009-05-15 22:27:24] <Fu> Fu would get going, definitely.
[2009-05-15 22:27:53] <StorytellerHelmet> "I'll take you there," Patricia says, sensing something urgent.
[2009-05-15 22:28:55] <Mala> "Ok."
[2009-05-15 22:33:16] <StorytellerHelmet> Before long, the three are gathered in the dragon's lair. Abigail explains what she suspects is the families' plan in regards to the returning children.
[2009-05-15 22:33:46] <Fu> Fu looks unsurprised.
[2009-05-15 22:33:59] <Fu> "I was afraid of that..." .__.
[2009-05-15 22:35:13] <DrakeNero> "we have to do *something* "
[2009-05-15 22:35:31] <StorytellerHelmet> Patricia is horrified, but manages to retain her composure. "... Aiden..."
[2009-05-15 22:36:42] <StorytellerHelmet> "I think I've seen further than this," Abigail continues. "But there is only one clue remaining that I left myself and I can't figure out what it means."
[2009-05-15 22:37:05] <Fu> "What is it?"
[2009-05-15 22:37:37] <Fu> He is kneeling at the table working with a pen, just drawing and being half of a space cadet.
[2009-05-15 22:37:59] <StorytellerHelmet> She gestures to Drake's phone. "I held up three fingers and told Drake to remind me."
[2009-05-15 22:38:19] * DrakeNero shows everyone
[2009-05-15 22:44:49] <StorytellerHelmet> Three, Fu thinks. Something that comes in threes? No three-patterns stand out, so maybe it actually is the third of something. What has numbers?
[2009-05-15 22:45:12] <Fu> "What has numbers, rolling of dice, cards, bets, counting..."
[2009-05-15 22:45:19] <StorytellerHelmet> (This is going to require a group effort. Everyone can make one roll and I'll tally the successes)
[2009-05-15 22:45:34] <Fu> He begins drawing.
[2009-05-15 22:45:58] <DrakeNero> "Accounting? Auditing?"
[2009-05-15 22:50:13] <StorytellerHelmet> "Numbers..." Abigail mutters. "The year they made the bargain was 1888... we use three 8s in the phone numbers of the families, but that doesn't sound right..."
[2009-05-15 22:50:41] <Fu> "How many families made the pact?"
[2009-05-15 22:51:29] <StorytellerHelmet> "All thirteen, according to the stories," Patricia says.
[2009-05-15 22:52:51] <StorytellerHelmet> "But there are nine now," Abigial points out.
[2009-05-15 22:52:58] <Fu> 3 x 3
[2009-05-15 22:53:08] <Fu> He writes that down.
[2009-05-15 22:53:16] <Fu> "How many children are not marked?"
[2009-05-15 22:55:24] <StorytellerHelmet> "One child from each family was sent away," Abigail says. "I can't say for sure, but that's probably them."
[2009-05-15 22:56:16] <Fu> "And how many stayed?"
[2009-05-15 22:56:47] <StorytellerHelmet> "Twelve, I think," PAtricia says. "I grew up with most of them."
[2009-05-15 22:57:34] <Fu> 9 + 12 = 21, 3 missing
[2009-05-15 23:00:59] =-= YOU are now known as Astra
[2009-05-15 23:01:03] =-= DrakeNero is now known as Seras
[2009-05-15 23:01:08] <--| YOU (Astra) have left #PineFalls