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Chapter 37

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<Knockwood> Hiya Angelo

<Random_Nerd> Hey, Angelo.

<Angelo> Ciao guys!

<BethE> Hi Angelo!

<BethE> We're going to tell them what?

<Etheric> So we want to find out more about Shirk... That's what I was thinking.

<BethE> And I too would like to see more on Carrie's research.

<Random_Nerd> So, should we do the current one about Carrie's thing, and then move on to the two I'd planned?

<Angelo> sure, why not?

<Verithe> Yes

<Verithe> (hi Angelo!)

<Etheric> I'd be fine with that, or we could do like a split thing where half the group is prepping and half is investigative questing.

<Random_Nerd> That could work.

<Etheric> But if you guys all want to tag along with my research I'm AOK with that.  :D

<Random_Nerd> How much of an idea do you have of what Carrie's been doing during this time?

<Knockwood> depends... RN, does it all tie together? :)

<Etheric> Well, let me divide it up by time.

<Etheric> Between when Carrie disappeared and when she came back the first time... which constitutes, I think, like two thirds of the downtime?

<Etheric> Something like that.

<Etheric> Or, let me clarify...

<Random_Nerd> Oh?

<Etheric> After Barakiel's, when Eve was revealed as Carrie's Miss Hyde, I sort of dropped out of the game. But what happened then was that Carrie had fallen into depression, and the Eve persona more or less took over.

<Random_Nerd> Okay. What would you say she was doing at the time?

<Etheric> Eve does various things at that point, intended to answer questions about the Light and Dark, ultimately leading into the humanity thing.

<Etheric> (This was an idea I had a while ago, so I'm not just ad libbing it.)

<Random_Nerd> Yeah, you've mentioned that before to me.

<Random_Nerd> When you came back, I think.

<Etheric> For the most part, this involved experimenting with other forms of life.

<Random_Nerd> Any in particular?

<Verithe> ducks?

<Angelo> (afk)

<Random_Nerd> Very small rocks?

<Etheric> Plant life that thinks but doesn't move around? Semi-aware pollen? And monstrous humanlike forms, to fulfill the Dark tenet about ugliness to human eyes.

<Random_Nerd> Hmm.

<Random_Nerd> Would she have spent any time on Dionyl?

<Knockwood> That's where Slender Man came from!

<Etheric> Ultimately, this was supposed to reveal the meaning of the Dark to her, which would (she imagined) answer the question of what the Dark WAS, and that would have answered the question of what Humanity DID to itself and what it had been originally. In theory.

<Etheric> And that's a "no," on Dionyl, because at the point Eve split off, there were only a couple hints that way.

<Random_Nerd> Okay.

<Random_Nerd> So, let's see. Going over related stuff that's currently in the game.

<Etheric> So, at some point in all of this Carrie's persona regains consciousness, and notices, "Hey, I'm not human anymore, I'm some sort of giant plant... Could we fix this?"

<Knockwood> if she prays to Theresa...

<Random_Nerd> The Giant. Part pre-dilution human, part angel. Cain, the only pure human left. Dionyl stuff, Splintering and Domination, for comparison. Martyrs is our main Power of the Dark that's friendly with the PCs.

<Random_Nerd> Well... friendly/ish/.

<Etheric> And Eve, who I imagine has a separate character sheet by then with at least a 4 in Realm, says, "Sure, knock yourself out," and makes a human body for Carrie that's identical to the original one, and that's when she showed back up at the Clock Tower with her various crackpot theories about the Light and Lord Entropy.

<BethE> (I mean come on, I know plant life that doesn't move around and semi-aware pollen, hay-fever sufferers just _think_ it exists...)

<BethE> (And we know that Matyrs could boink King John is she wanted to.)

<Etheric> Since then, Carrie's been hitting the books to some extent. I'm willing to assume that most of this was stuff that won't come up in-game, because research has a lot of false starts.

<Knockwood> (resisting the urge to make a bad joke about sloppy firsts...)

<Random_Nerd> Anything you'd like for her to have discovered?

<Etheric> She's been researching what Lightlords and Darklords exist, reading things they have written about themselves and each other, and basically trying to grok the Light and Dark thing. Which may be a false trail, or not! Not passing judgment.

<Random_Nerd> That's relatively well-trodden soil, really.

<Random_Nerd> Light and Dark have been around for a while, and their origins are fairly well understood.

<Random_Nerd> Much more so than, say, the Wild.

<Random_Nerd> So, taking this into account, should we start with Carrie talking to the PCs about this in-character?

<Knockwood> Oh!

<Etheric> And I'm assuming that that's more or less as the books say they are. But the underlying question is, "What was it about original humans that allowed them to create Light and Dark?"

<Knockwood> That's another way to go... investigating the Wild, and Wildlords, and through that the Outside

<Etheric> And asking that in character sounds like an excellent way to start.  :)

=-= Etheric is now known as Carrie

<Verithe> Works for me.

<BethE> I demand a PowerPoint presentation! I will provide popcorn!

=-= Verithe is now known as Kite

=-= BethE is now known as Theresa

=-= Knockwood is now known as DanteE

<Carrie> (Sorry Beth, I'm terrible at PowerPoint.)

<Random_Nerd> The Power of PowerPoint is disappointed!

<DanteE> so, conference room? Which may or may not have a lingering smoky smell?

<Theresa> (Ah, but Carrie and Eve might not be!  :) )

<Random_Nerd> ___________________START_________________________

<Theresa> (And I know I had asked for before The End, for more info on Kudzu. That might give more about the Wild.)

<Random_Nerd> The renovations on the ground floor of the Clocktower are nearly complete.

<Theresa> (It wouldn't have a smokey smell. Will and Sam are professional enough to have everything fixed before we get home.)

<Theresa> (Ah, I'm wrong.)

<Random_Nerd> Apparently there was some lingering damage from when Monty sprayed demon blood and iron around or something.

  • Kite uses Assembly to speed up renovations.

<Random_Nerd> But William has assured you that all is under control.

<Theresa> (*side eyes* William fibbed at us! )

<Random_Nerd> ("Or something" covers many things.)

<Theresa> (Indeed.)

<Random_Nerd> Kite, presumably you got that report from Gil on what Vulcan told him.

  • Theresa will have finished the creation of the Giant's new clothes and sent them by courier to him.

<Kite> (I completely forgot what that was!)

  • DanteE is still mulling over what exactly we can bring to the summit

  • Carrie is at first quite concerned about what happened. When she realizes that no one was seriously heart except the ones that were erased from existence, she is simultaneously relieved and horrified.

<Random_Nerd> It had to do with the bubble-universe that Vulcan is completing for the summit.

<Carrie> (Assuming that we can get that much offscreen.)

<Random_Nerd> Basically, it needs to have a failsafe... but it needs to be decided in which direction it opens.

<Kite> (Oh, right!)

<Random_Nerd> If something goes wrong... does it shunt everyone inside into Creation, or the Outside?

<Random_Nerd> Vulcan wants Kite to decide, and to handle the deadman switch.

<Carrie> (OOC question about miracles... Would a Greater Creation of Hope be able to, in theory, reach back in time to before the people who were WBHed out of existence were WBHed, and save then?)

<Random_Nerd> Also, since then, he wants to know where Baalhermon's box should be installed.

<Random_Nerd> (Hmm.)

<Theresa> (So...Kite is going to hold the deadman switch. Dante and Theresa are going to have control over Baehlermon. And Ftisk.)

<Random_Nerd> (Maybe? I'd have to look at your estate properties for Hope.)

<Random_Nerd> (But it's in-principle possible.)

<DanteE> (Speaking of which... Angelo? You with us?)

<Carrie> (Alright, sure. There are at least two that might be relevant.)

<Random_Nerd> (WBH is no more absolute than any other miracle.)

<Kite> (Kite much prefers the deadman switch to Baelhermon)

<Random_Nerd> (Kite can discuss the matter with the other PCs, or decide unilaterally. As of right now, only he, GIl, and Vulcan know.)

<Carrie> Hope empowers. (2)

<Carrie> Hope draws harmony from confusion. (2)

<Carrie> Hope makes wonders of the ordinary. (1)

<Carrie> Hope sustains by connecting. (1)

<Carrie> Hope is within reach to those who need. (1)

<Random_Nerd> (Hmm.)

<Carrie> (The last two are definitely relevant, the first arguably.)

<Angelo> (Back, my wife waited for me to awake (3.30AM) to do some e-Purchase with my assistance)

=-= YOU are now known as Ftisk

<Carrie> (But a WBH is pretty powerful miraclewise as well.)

<Theresa> (*waves to Mrs. Angelo!* )

<Random_Nerd> (Yeah, I could see it work. Find the spirits of people destroyed by WBH, and draw them back to the world.)

<DanteE> (You can get into physics and make #2 work as well. :) )

<Random_Nerd> (In some ways, it'd almost be like a form of summoning.)

<DanteE> (Would that show us anything about Summoning?)

<Carrie> (Alright, thanks.)

<DanteE> (I forget, who had/wanted Summoning skill?)

<Random_Nerd> (Speaking of summoning, in light of what you now know, do you want to bring Shadows to the meeting?)

<Random_Nerd> (Consequences is coming either way, as part of a deal you made a while back, but Shadows is an open question.)

<Carrie> "Give me a moment." To William, after he has answered her frantic questions about the people erased in the incident.

<Ftisk> (yeah, more Shadows!)

<Theresa> (Brian had wanted the Summoning stuff. Which ...where is Laz?)

<Random_Nerd> (That would be Brian.)

<Random_Nerd> (Didn't Laz say last time that he might have a thing?)

<Random_Nerd> William: "Yes, Domina?"

<Theresa> (I forget. I have slept since then. And if we bring a Summoner to this thing with Warmains, won't they just nuke the dimension from Orbit?)

<Random_Nerd> (Well, they don't hate it unconditionally... but it's a touchy point.)

  • Carrie gestures dismissively at William.

<Random_Nerd> (But on the other hand, he's also one of your two experts on the Outside.)

<Random_Nerd> (And the other is Ftisk.)

<Carrie> (Sorry, assuming that he's just briefed me, but that evidently wasn't clear.)

<Random_Nerd> William stops mattering right now.

<Ftisk> (Ftisk know little, sadly)

<Random_Nerd> Presumably he's still here, if he matters again.

<Random_Nerd> (More than most!)

<DanteE> (Hey, everyone matters to someone!)

<Theresa> (What does William think about while he's just standing, waiting to matter?)

  • Carrie walks downstairs and wanders about the exact place where one of the people disappeared. Then she reaches out, into space, and grasps for a person's hand.

<Theresa> (Ftisk knows what it's like to temper someone! Very few in Creation know that!)

<Random_Nerd> (About all the crazy shit that happens here when you guys are busy that he and Sam handle without telling you.)

<DanteE> ("Damn, that smoke smell is still there...")

<Carrie> (Going to type up exactly what the miracle is, give me a bit...)

<Random_Nerd> (And Ftisk has some memories from Conrad.)

<Theresa> (Does he have memoirs that he's going to write someday?)

<Random_Nerd> (Given what you know about state-dependant memory, he'd have more if he crossed over.)

<Random_Nerd> (But less Ftisk memories.)

<Ftisk> (Well, would be more a memory dump with some slander added)

<DanteE> "We should determine what we can tell them. It can't be the truth..."

<Random_Nerd> (Shall we say that Carrie knows about the horse-related trouble, but not why there was a fire, and the rest know less?)

<DanteE> (Considering both are because there was a demon here...)

<Random_Nerd> (That happens all the time.)

<Random_Nerd> (There's a demon who lives here full time! He shines everyone's shoes!)

<Kite> "Why can't it be the truth?"

<Theresa> (And makes a good old-fashioned.)

<Theresa> "It's easier to keep track of the truth, Mr. Honest."

<DanteE> "Because the Truth is, Entropy is screwing over Shirk in order to win the war."

<DanteE> "Telling them that would be somewhat problematic."

<Carrie> (Okay, it's a series of two miracles. First, a hard miracle of Persona for a Greater Emulation, to apply "within reach of those who need" to myself. This might not strictly be necessary, but given that she isn't sure herself if this is possible, Carrie's doing it as a failsafe.)

<Random_Nerd> (It'll make the whole thing make more sense.)

<Random_Nerd> (So, good idea.)

<Carrie> (Second, a Greater Creation of Hope as a deep miracle to actually call the people back. And sustained, since she's pulling each of them back individually over a period of several minutes. Which, again, might not strictly be necessary, but I'm doing it. This time for drama reasons.  :) )

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "Do we know who'll be coming on Their side, and how they feel about Shirk?"

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "Because, I gotta say, if some Excrucian revealed that they were screwing over Entropy, a lot of you guys would cheer."

<Random_Nerd> Okay. Subjectively, from Carrie's perspective, this is what happens.

<DanteE> "You know that saying about 'the devil you know', Sam?"

<Theresa> "...depends on how they phrased it."

  • Carrie smiles in relief as the first person fades into existence, a golden flicker that quickly resolves into a person she holds by the hand. "You're safe," she tells the somewhat confused firefighter.

<Random_Nerd> Carrie, you're in a huge, dark, room. Machines above move huge crates around constantly.

<Kite> "One of their questions was what on Earth Shirk was doing, right?"

<Random_Nerd> In a dark part of the room, there are a group of things waiting to be stored.

<Carrie> (I'm not where I started out? Interesting.)

<Random_Nerd> They're... not human, exactly. They're what's left of a human if you take away body, and mind, and spirit.

<Kite> "Or, 'What in Creation,' rather."

<Random_Nerd> But there is something left. Something that is none of those things. It doesn't know what it is... but it's there.

<Theresa> "And Sam, the Warmains that we have talked to definitely didn't like Shirk. But I don't think they're inviting others. William, do you have the guest list?"

<Random_Nerd> Oh, and everyone else, Carrie vanishes.

<Random_Nerd> William: "I do not. But you have not yet given me your version of it, either."

<Theresa> "...I do hope she comes back. Oh, heh."

<Ftisk> "Carrie!?!"

<DanteE> (I think we're in a different room anyway)

<Kite> "Does she do that, usually?"

<Carrie> Alright, since I'm sustaining the miracle, can I include a Lesser Divination to identify the specific person I'm aiming for?

<Random_Nerd> Carrie, you can tell because of the miracle that that these are the people you're waiting for.

<Carrie> All of them. Excellent, that saves time.

<Random_Nerd> Not a lot of people get WBHed. These are the recent ones that haven't been filed, yet.

<Random_Nerd> Somewhere, in the distance, you hear a dog barking orders at someone.

<Theresa> (Hey! Our doggie!)

<Random_Nerd> But that isn't important to your miracle! It's just a thing that is happening.

<Carrie> (If I weren't Carrie, I would be starting to become aware that I actually am probably in a bit of danger myself, right now. Being Carrie, that doesn't register.)

<Random_Nerd> So, Carrie. You can do your second miracle to, one at a time, reconnect these people with soul and mind and matter and so on.

<Random_Nerd> Do you want them to appear where they vanished, or in the conference room?

<Carrie> (Where they vanished.)

<Random_Nerd> Okay. You, through the estate of Hope, re-establish the ties that were severed by the miracle enacted through the Horse.

  • Carrie will touch each in turn, connecting a golden thread to the lost form. And this thread touches other threads, and gradually, time and place as well as matter and mind and soul resolve around them.

<DanteE> (Maybe we should ride that horse into the summit...)

<Random_Nerd> From your point of view, it's a really slow, painstaking process. From the Amyran point of view, people just start appearing, relatively shortly after each other.

<Random_Nerd> (According to Warmain customs, you guys are entitled to it.)

<Random_Nerd> (You are allowed to take the mount and weapons of a defeated enemy.)

<Theresa> (Plus, it only kills humans.)

<DanteE> (Remind me who's coming?)

<Random_Nerd> (Warmain customs about combat are relatively well-known, as they never shut up about them.)

<Carrie> (LOL)

<Random_Nerd> (You'll work that out next storyline! Or this one!)

<DanteE> (Who's confirmed, then?)

<Random_Nerd> (Entropy is /not/ coming. Consequences is. Caesar has asked to. Ophaniel at least gets to send a representative.)

<Random_Nerd> (Surolam is coming.)

<Random_Nerd> (And Entropy really wants you to have Baalhermon on hand, but has not insisted.)

<Random_Nerd> (Am I forgetting anyone? I'm not on my usual PC with logs and notes and stuff.)

<Theresa> (A Dark Imperator, I think. Kudzu is coming too.)

<Random_Nerd> (Oh, right, Jaris.)

  • Carrie will, when the final person appears, resolve out of golden light herself, a bit breathless, holding his hand as she leads him back into world and sound.

<Random_Nerd> (Thanks.)

<Theresa> (I think we were trying to have One of Each Kind at least. Oh, Jerrhyn?)

<Random_Nerd> (Oh, and of course Kudzu.)

<DanteE> (That's right, we were collecting all the factions and had one left...)

<Random_Nerd> (Jerren isn't a definite. But he wants to come.)

<Random_Nerd> (You needed political support from all the factions. Not all insisted that they be on the list.)

<Random_Nerd> (But you should pick someone from each group.)

<Random_Nerd> (And ideally not all should be from Earth.)

<DanteE> (I wonder if we should have an older serpent. Jerren's a baby.)

<Random_Nerd> (How could bringing the God of Inevitable Doom possibly be a bad idea?)

<Carrie> (Shall we count the ways?)

<Random_Nerd> (At least then the doom would be adorable and on your side.)

<Random_Nerd> (Carrie, do you want to appear in the Horseroom, or with a fireman in the conference room?)

<Carrie> (Horse room. Speaking of which, is that horse still here?)

<Kite> (Were we getting the one Dionyl true god?)

<Theresa> (Argh. Catering this shindig is going to be such a paaaaain...)

<Random_Nerd> (Drift, you mean?)

<Kite> (Drift! Yes. I was thinking Blue, Flow and Voice....)

<Random_Nerd> (Oh, and you don't currently have a Fallen on the list. Barakiel provided your leverage in Hell, and he's... AWOL.)

<Random_Nerd> (Nor, I believe, do you have a Magister of the Light.)

<Kite> (We're also probably better off if Barakiel doesn't come.)

<Theresa> (Which means he may very well shove his way in with a metaphysical cattle prod and a Hunter S. Thompson hat.)

<Theresa> (Hmm. I thought we had maybe tried to get a Light. The Power of Orchard's imperator, maybe?)

<Random_Nerd> (Barakiel will be represented by Consequences... but Consequences is just representing Barakiel personally, not Hell collectively.)

<Random_Nerd> (You were planning on getting a Lightlord, but then Entropy decided to side with you, and everyone just decided that it was going to happen.)

<DanteE> (Hey, we could just go to hell and recruit somebody.

<Kite> (Did we ever visit with the Power of Orchards?)

<DanteE> (They teach basic demonology in the colleges here, right? :p )

<Random_Nerd> William is drawing a list on the whiteboard.

<Random_Nerd> You met her, her aide, and Cain.

<Random_Nerd> About two weeks ago in-character.

<Kite> (Right!)

<Random_Nerd> (They actually do. But as a theological thing.)

<Random_Nerd> (Technically, King John is probably the top demonologist in the kingdom.)

<Random_Nerd> (Especially with his recent practical experience!)

<Theresa> (But I haven't been able to have my talk with Orchards yet.)

<Theresa> (*shifty look* Would Lesson also count?)

<Random_Nerd> (Yeah, because that was when the Shit Hit The Fan, flower-rite wise.)

<Random_Nerd> (Hell would view that as an insult.)

<Random_Nerd> (Hell is super incredibly interested in hierarchy.)

<Random_Nerd> (As much as the Angels.)

<Random_Nerd> (Which is saying something.)

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "So, that weird new Wildlord, Caesar. You bringing him?"

<Theresa> (Which would Hell view as an insult? I was suggesting that Lesson could be an expert on demonology, not that he represent Hell.)

<Random_Nerd> (Ah. I thought you meant as a representative.)

<Random_Nerd> (Oh, and Aaron knows more about demons than John. Much more.)

<DanteE> "Hm. Good question.

<Ftisk> (I don't trust AAron)

<DanteE> (Come to think of it, has Kudzu met Caesar?)

<Kite> (Did we neglect to invite Caesar?)

<Theresa> (No, I remember inviting Caesar.)

<Kite> "We invited Caesar, yes."

<DanteE> "Let's break it down by faction. Caesar and Kudzu representing the Wild...

<Theresa> "Caesar and Flow representing the Dionyl."

<DanteE> "Though I wonder what will happen when they get close to the Wall, especially when the others come through."

<Kite> "Caesar, I'm sure, will prefer to not represent the Wild."

<DanteE> "Consequences representing Barakiel."

<Kite> "Just himself."

<Random_Nerd> William writes down the names.

<Theresa> "Jaris of the Dark. She's bringing popcorn."

<Random_Nerd> Kudzu of the Wild. Drift, of the Gods of Dionyl. Jaris of the Dark. Caesar, representing himself. Ha'Quadosh Berakha, of the Wild but representing himself.

<Random_Nerd> (And I don't know why I said Surolam earlier, it was HQB who was your supporter.)

<DanteE> Surolam, representing Creation?

<DanteE> ah.

<Random_Nerd> Well, all of you are theoretically representing Creation.

<Random_Nerd> But HQB can be a representative of the Earth collectively, since he's on the Council.

<Theresa> "Jerrhyn of the Serpents."

<DanteE> Not appearing in this picture: Entropy, Barakiel...

<DanteE> "We still need to ask him about that."

<Random_Nerd> Baalhermon, In A Box.

<Kite> "Ophaniel, maybe."

<Random_Nerd> William; "Do you know if she wishes to come herself, or send another?"

<Ftisk> (Ophy? You want Ftisk crazy like a barking dog drooling all around her?)

<Kite> "I'm not sure."

<Random_Nerd> William: "A maybe, then."

<Theresa> (There, Ftisk, you can explain to us the problems with having her there herself. ^^ )

<Kite> ("Ftisk, wear this blind-fold for a second.")

<Random_Nerd> William: "Should you pick a God of Earth?"

<Random_Nerd> W: "Because Vulcan isn't coming himself, right?"

<Ftisk> (guys, Ftisk literally lose his mind around her)

<Ftisk> (right Vulcan will not came to the meeting)

<DanteE> (and that's different from the usual how? :p )

<Kite> "Right..."

<Ftisk> (lol Dante, well Ftisk will be *more* crazy, if possible)

<Random_Nerd> W: "Can either of you suggest a reasonable replacement?"

<Theresa> "Hmm, do we know any personally? I mean, we met that one guy that might have been Odin? And didn't we have something to do with the Power of Roads?"

<Kite> (Was Jeremiah a True God?)

<Random_Nerd> (He was a Lightlord.)

<Kite> (Ymir?)

<Random_Nerd> (You mean the dog-guy's father, right?)

<Kite> (Yeah. That was Jeremiah, right?)

<Random_Nerd> (Yeah.)

<Random_Nerd> (Did I have Ymir in this game? I thought Jan ben Jan took his mythic role.)

<DanteE> (Alternatively, we can try the number that guy called in Ah Megumi-sama... :p )

<Random_Nerd> (Yeah, Jeremiah was of the Light.)

<Kite> (Was Ymir the imperator of the Sky?)

<Random_Nerd> (Oh, that sounds right.)

<Random_Nerd> (In the Jerren episode, yes?)

<Kite> (yeah)

<Ftisk> (and Pattern imperator? How about asking him?)

<Random_Nerd> (Let me think.)

<Random_Nerd> (Pattern's imperator is Fallen. But you don't really have any relations to him.)

<Random_Nerd> (Only to Patterns. And you have good reasons to believe that Patterns is plotting to kill his imperator.)

<Ftisk> (but we want a fallen, right?)

<DanteE> (So, we need a God and a Devil.)

<Theresa> "How many of the people that we are inviting are people that we have annoyed or ticked off?"

  • Carrie rushes in from downstairs, with a stern look on her face. "That *horse* is going out of this city."

<Kite> (Papa Legba owes us a favor, right?)

<DanteE> "Pretty much all of them."

<Random_Nerd> (He's a Noble, though.)

<Random_Nerd> (Crossroads.)

<Ftisk> "Cool!"

<DanteE> to Carrie: "What happened?"

<Kite> (But who's his imperator?)

<Theresa> "And the horse is fine whenever no one enters his domain..."

<Random_Nerd> (Ymera Not Yet Appearing In This Game.)

<Theresa> "Or sits on him and points him at humans..."

<Carrie> "William said it obliterated several of our citizens. I managed to restore all five of them. That is five too many."

<Random_Nerd> (I mean, he /has/ one. Presumably. But he's not yet shown up.)

<Theresa> "Oh good job, Carrie!"

<DanteE> "And the fact that you know about those five is because that horse is _here_."

<Ftisk> "But, but, was cool!"

<Theresa> "And it's Snow's horse. We shouldn't get rid of it without her notice."

<Kite> "Huh."

<DanteE> "It's contained. For the most part.

  • Carrie sighs. "Snow's horse, is it?"

<DanteE> "If it's out of the city you can't say that."

<Carrie> "Alright, new plan. Make it impossible for humans to enter the room, and set up a warning if the horse ever leaves."

<Theresa> "She's the one that claimed it."

<Carrie> "Very well, carry on."

<Theresa> (Poor William and Sam. Part of the problem was that a demon entered the room, not just because of humans.)

<DanteE> (How much did our Aides reveal about what happened?)

<Random_Nerd> (They told Carrie that the horse had destroyed some people, because Hope seemed the best way to get them back.)

<Random_Nerd> (The rest of you just know that there was some minor fire damage and they're doing renovations on the lower levels of the clock tower.)

<Random_Nerd> (Oh, and Theresa was asked to make clothes for the Giant.)

<Theresa> (And John suggested offhand that I make him a nice horse.)

<Random_Nerd> William: "So, we want a Magister of the Light, a God of Earth, and a Fallen. And we need to ask Ophaniel who she'll send."

<Kite> (Kite wants to know how shiny the clothes and horse will be.)

<Kite> "Right..."

<Random_Nerd> (Hmm. A thought, given Carrie's thing. Since you're picking imperator types... do you want to send a representative of Humanity?)

<Ftisk> "Ophanienl! Oh my!!!"

  • Ftisk drool a bit

<Kite> "Down, Ftisk."

<DanteE> "Isn't that us?"

<Random_Nerd> William: "Kite, Ftisk, did Vulcan suggest a god?"

  • Ftisk giggle silly-ish

<Theresa> "Since Consequences is coming on behalf of Barakiel, will asking a Fallen to come as well look bad?"

<Kite> "No."

<Theresa> (Aren't we already bringing John?)

<Kite> (Unless he did, in which case Kite says "Yes")

<Random_Nerd> William: "Well, if a human is there to represent Hell, that might make things a bit... touchy. But you can probably swing it if you want to."

<Random_Nerd> W: "And it's not as though bringing a Fallen would be a cakewalk either."

<DanteE> "William, we haven't done a 'cakewalk' since....

<Theresa> "Well, if Ophanienl sends a human, Consequences could work."

<DanteE> "... damn, I've never done a cakewalk. I just buy cakes."

<Kite> "Is that a dance?"

<Theresa> "I have. I have done many school fundraisers. I have supplied far more cakes than I have walked away with them. Large families with toddlers should be banned from the chairs! ... Sorry, touchy subject."

<DanteE> "Anyway. William. Any Fallen that are on good terms with the Aides?"

<Theresa> "You have a circle of chairs and many cakes. Music plays and when it stops, the people all find a seat. A number is drawn from a hat and each seat has a number. If your number is called, you can pick any cake that they have."

<Theresa> (*cough Lucifer cough*)

<Kite> "Huh."

<Random_Nerd> (By the way, V, I just paged past it as I was l was looking something else up, and your chibi-serpent remains adorable.)

<Random_Nerd> William: "Hmm. 'good' terms."

<Kite> (Yay!)

<Random_Nerd> W: "Could you define what you mean by that?"

<Kite> "Heavy emphasis on the quotation marks."

<Random_Nerd> William has a sudden horrified expression.

<Random_Nerd> W:" I have an answer. But you're not going to like it."

<Random_Nerd> W: "You've met one of their nobles. The Power of Horrible Things."

<DanteE> "... who's her Imperator?"

<Random_Nerd> W: "Belphegor. Lord of Horrible Things, Lust, and Discoveries."

<Random_Nerd> W: "And... well, you probably know this, but different types of Imperators tend to pick their Nobles in different ways."

<Kite> "How's Belphegor do it?"

<Random_Nerd> W: "Wildlords do it largely at random... ah... no offense intended. But Angels, of either kind, are very picky. They choose someone they think is exactly the right person for a very specific job."

<Random_Nerd> W:" So, you've met the Power of Horrible Things. Belphegor is someone who took weeks thinking about it, and decided that the best person he could choose to give the power of a god was her."

<Random_Nerd> W: "But... Luc lives in his chancel. Personally. So he is definitely the Fallen with whom we have the most pull."

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "Dammit, now I was Luc /was/ secretly Lucifer. That would be so much easier."

<Kite> "Well, we can try for that one."

<DanteE> "Hm. We might also want to talk to Discoveries, considering what we're doing."

<Theresa> "If we invited Lucifer to this meeting but in as a 'regular human'...I think that he'd either be insulted or fall over laughing."

<Theresa> (Belphegor...he's the producer of the American Horror Story tv series, isn't he?  :) )

<Random_Nerd> (No. That's Besaliel, Lord of Creepiness, Evil Pregnancies, and Jessica Lange.)

<Random_Nerd> William writes "Belphegor" and a question mark. And a frowny face.

<Random_Nerd> W: "Ah, that just slipped out."

<Random_Nerd> He erases it.

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "Would it be a worse idea to try to find Barakiel, and bring him?"

<Kite> (Jessica Lange is an Estate.)

<Random_Nerd> William has the expression of a man asked which eye he's least fond of.

<Ftisk> (a pretty focused estate)

<Kite> "I would rather Barakiel not come."

<DanteE> "That's probably a good idea.

<Kite> "Which he is never to find out."

<DanteE> "OK, then, William, who's in second place?"

<Random_Nerd> William: "I don't know. We don't do a lot of business with Hell."

<Random_Nerd> W: "Most people who hire Aides do it largely because they aren't comfortable working with the Camorra. That... isn't a problem, in Hell."

<Theresa> "He's probably going to come. We helped to turn him into a nigh-all-powerful being who doesn't have to follow any rules what do ever. So he will show up. So Lawbreakers function the same way on the Outside side of the Wall?"

<Kite> "Who has Glimmering?"

<Kite> "Glisting?"

<Kite> "Whichever that one was."

<Random_Nerd> (Hmm?)

<Random_Nerd> William, to Theresa: "I have no idea."

<Carrie> So, what Carrie does... First, Realm Lesser Destruction on the Horse Room. As far as any humans who fall under "Things of Amyra" are concerned, it doesn't exist. They can't see it, enter it, or interact with it. Likewise, it can't affect them. I'm assuming that this falls within the limits of a Lesser Destruction.

<Kite> (Some Fallen Angel mentioned a little before the mortals arc.)

<Random_Nerd> (Hmm. Sure. Especially since "has paths to lots of places" is a property of Amyra.)

<Random_Nerd> (Hmm. Trying to recall who you mean. Do you remember an estate?)

<Kite> (Glimmering/Glistening is the only Estate I remember)

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "Well, there's the Angel of War... wait, doesn't he hate you guys?"

<Carrie> (Evil Pregnancies is its own estate? Eve probably knows the Power.)

<DanteE> "We're _not_ on good terms with Azazel..."

<Kite> (Or some other G word that is shiny)

<DanteE> "We should be, but we're not."

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "I think the problem is that all the Fallen Angels we've had much contact with either are real pieces of work, or hate you guys, or both."

<Theresa> "We have the support of HQB...but I don't think we should force a Fallen to come to our tea party with it."

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "I think we need to think really good and hard about just taking a statue of an angel, painting it red, and writing 'definitely a real Fallen' on the front."

<Random_Nerd> William fails to suppress a giggle.

<DanteE> "It's an opportunity for power and to get 'dirt' on powerful Ymera. We shouldn't need to bribe or coerce."

<Kite> "William, are you okay? You don't seem yourself, today."

<Theresa> (Oh, quick question. What was the reactions of the Aides to the spiderJack?)

<Random_Nerd> William: "The wedding's nearly ready. I have to work on wedding programs and so on."

<Ftisk> (yeah, that is interesting to know)

<Random_Nerd> William: "Catering. For /humans/."

<Ftisk> "Can I attend on spiderJack?"

<Random_Nerd> (William's reaction was to show no facial expression and then remember that he had some paperwork to do somewhere that was not there.)

<Kite> "Ah."

<Random_Nerd> (Sam wanted to play with it.)

<DanteE> "Ftisk, we've talked about not freaking people out."

<Ftisk> "But but! SpiderJack is well behaved!"

<Ftisk> "Look here I have even the tool to dispose his poooop!"

<Random_Nerd> William: "Yes. He is the best-behaved nimblejack-turned-spider I have ever met."

<Random_Nerd> (And what /is/ it with you guys and spiders, anyway?)

  • Ftisk nod nod to William

<DanteE> (Not sure... didn't it start with Leo?)

<Ftisk> (I like them, they are sturdy dependable mount! Also spiderwebsssssss!)

<Kite> "Ftisk, SpiderJack doesn't know the proper dances for weddings."

<Random_Nerd> William: "So, for a Fallen, all the options are bad ones. Leave them out, and snub a major faction. Or pick one of the options at hand. Belphegor, Barakiel, Azazel."

<Ftisk> "can learn! Wanna help me train it?"

<DanteE> (spiders live in dirty places and quietly create elaborate and dangerous things. They're very Leo-esque.)

<Random_Nerd> William: "I am delighted to inform all of you that this decision is well above my pay grade."

<Kite> "No. I don't want it to learn. Ever."

<DanteE> "Azazel's Fallen?"

<Random_Nerd> (You could have Puck teach it to mix drinks!)

<Ftisk> "pity"

<Random_Nerd> William: "Technically, a Watcher. But he maintains his Chancel in Hell. Full-time, not halfway like Barakiel."

<Ftisk> (RN, that is an AWESOME idea! Speeed spiderJack drinks mixing! What could ever go wrong?)

<Random_Nerd> William: "But your only contact with him is through his son, who he doesn't care about, and who at best vaguely likes you."

<Ftisk> "SpiderJack can do the bartender with Puck! Yes Will? Yes?"

<DanteE> "Considering I'm _Blades_..."

<Random_Nerd> William: "That would be the other problem."

<Random_Nerd> William: "He really hates Kudzu. You know why."

<Theresa> "Perhaps we should invite Belphegor. And make sure that Luc also attends? For Humanity, along with John?"

<Carrie> After the Horse Room miracle, Lesser Incarnation of Hope to make the hope of keeping humans away from the horse part of me, so that if this hope is endangered, I'll be notified similarly to my Estate being endangered, though less painfully. Subject to this actually working as a Lesser Incarnation, but it seems to fit.

<DanteE> "Yes I do. But I don't know the backstory."

<Carrie> (If this seems like a stretch, I can modify it.)

<Random_Nerd> W: "Kudzu was not, formerly, the Imperator of Blades. Azazel was once the Imperator of Weaponry. Things went really badly between them, and Kudzu ended up partially eating Azazel, and stealing one of his Estates."

<Kite> "If Luc attends, does that mean Horrible Things has to attend?"

<Random_Nerd> Hmm. Well, when you incarnate into things, they start to care about what you care about. It won't be guaranteed, but it would have a decent chance of working.

<Carrie> (Correction, Greater Incarnation is the one that allows you to divide your consciousness rather than trancing and being the thing for a while.)

<Random_Nerd> W: "Luc has successfully persuaded her to not attend."

<DanteE> "partially _eating_? That part I hadn't heard."

<Kite> "Delightful!"

<Random_Nerd> W: "How did you think he stole it? Imperators sometimes prey on each other."

<DanteE> "It does fit Kudzu, though."

<Carrie> (So I assume indefinitely putting a shard of myself there as an alarm-bell would fall under Greater.)

<Random_Nerd> W: "The Old Gods did it all the time, but they got overthrown. Now, it's pretty rare."

<Kite> (Stay away from Cthulu and Chronus.)

<Random_Nerd> W: "But... yes. To Azazel, if you went to him asking for help, this would be like if you had your leg chopped off, and then someone took the leg and raised it to hate you, and then the leg came to you and said... this metaphor doesn't really work."

<Ftisk> "Pity, seem like a fun way, I eat you a bit you eat me a bit... "

<Random_Nerd> (You guys do know one Old God. Jan ben Jan.)

<Random_Nerd> (He only eats pieces of people after getting permission!)

<Carrie> (Hey, I think the metaphor works.)

<DanteE> (And didn't the prophecy he uncovered talk about him leaving Creation?)

<Random_Nerd> (Not exactly...)

<Random_Nerd> (I don't have my logs right now because they're on my desktop, or I'd post it.)

<Random_Nerd> (Man, we need to put Jan's prophecies on the wiki.)

<DanteE> (Having him there and having your safeguard open to the outside would be a BAD idea.)

<Random_Nerd> (Plus, the last you heard, JbJ was in a fit of self-fullfilling-prophecy depression.)

<Ftisk> (afk)

<DanteE> (OK, maybe this could be a story tangent. Dante has a Bond to bringing Nobles together and a background in psych. He'll want to talk to all these "people".)

<Random_Nerd> William: "So... which Fallen do we go with? Or none?"

<Theresa> "I think Bel. We are already inviting Impending Doom."

<Random_Nerd> William looks at the rest of you. "Acceptable? Or does someone have a competing suggestion?"

<Kite> "Yeah. Belphegor."

<Carrie> (That goes in the quotes. We are still doing a quote page of each session, right?)

<Theresa> (Whenever one of us thinks of it.  :) )

<Random_Nerd> (Not always, but when... yeah.)

<Carrie> (Very well, I will make sure it does get quoted.)

<Random_Nerd> William: "Dante? Carrie? Ftisk?"

  • DanteE is still thinking about Kudzu and Azazel, and how he's in the middle...

  • Carrie is, as it happens, standing at the back of the room, looking bored. "Who is Belphegor again?"

<Ftisk> (a chocolate ice cream with whipped cream + chocolate sauce and bits of nuts later... back!)

<Kite> "The Fallen Angel of Horrible Things, Discovery and Lust."

<Random_Nerd> W: "The one Luc has the most pull with. Horrible Things, Lust, Discovery. Not... stupid, exactly, but a short attention span."

<Carrie> "Discovery. Was Discovery a Dark Power, or am I thinking of someone else?"

<Random_Nerd> W: "And not very nice if you're in his power."

<Random_Nerd> W: "I misspoke. Discovery. The process of discovery."

<Random_Nerd> W: "Not the things that are discovered."

<Random_Nerd> W: "He... tends to lose interest by that point."

<Carrie> "Understood. Who is the Power of Discovery, and what is his Code?"

<Random_Nerd> (You tell me!)

<Random_Nerd> (Oh, wait, Discovery.)

<Random_Nerd> William: "Imagine the worst traits of Kite and Ftisk, combined."

<Random_Nerd> W: "Add a total lack of social or moral restrictions."

<Kite> "What?"

<Ftisk> "Hey! I have NO worst traits"

<Random_Nerd> W: "Oh! And Sam's worst traits, too."

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "Hey!"

<DanteE> (So, he's Chaotic Neutral?)

<Theresa> "He's a kender?"

  • Ftisk pout at T.

<Random_Nerd> W: "Oh, and I interviewed that woman you told me about. She terrifies me, and would be a good candidate for the Aides."

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "I think it's like... okay, Kite sometimes randomly steals shiny things, right?"

<Kite> "Theresa, may I please force William to make a scale replica of the Taj Mahal out of dried lentils?"

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "But he wouldn't cut someone open if he heard a rumor that they had shiny things in them."

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "...right?"

<Random_Nerd> He sounds a little uncertain.

<Kite> "Who has shiny things in them?"

<Theresa> (Diamond smugglers! Go get 'm! )

<Random_Nerd> William: "It might be best to imagine him as the Power of OOH! WHAT'S THAT? WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I POKE THAT WITH THIS THING HERE? From Hell."

<Kite> ("Eat featherblades, diamond smugglers!")

<Theresa> "I don't think so, Kite. I think William is just trying to give the best description that he can, given who we already know."

<Random_Nerd> William: "I know Horrible Things is a little like that too, but... more so."

<Kite> "I don't like it."

<Random_Nerd> William: "Like, not as a hobby, but full time."

<Carrie> "So there's no sign Discovery follows any Code but Hell's? Or is it known?"

<Theresa> "So.. He’s the power of what does this button do? Oh dear. I take it that Ritalin was a flower rite?"

<DanteE> "Well, the alternative is to talk with Azazel.

<Random_Nerd> William: "I understand that, a long time ago, it used to be more the Discovery of sagely scientists and doctors performing careful experiments. But now... Hell changes everyone, even Angels."

<Kite> "Azazel might try to eat you, Dante."

<DanteE> "Or go to Hell."

<Theresa> "Let's go with an Imperator who does not, as far as we know, hate _our_ Imperator's gut-like parts?"

<Carrie> (Maybe I should do a Lesser Preservation on William just to enhance his ability to follow seventeen different questions at once. Because if I were him, I would appreciate it.)

<Carrie> (Apologies, RN.)

<Random_Nerd> (Heh.)

<Random_Nerd> William: "There are other Powers /related/ to Discovery. I believe that three out of five Powers of Physics tend that way."

<Kite> "We aren't necessarily inviting Balphegor's Nobles if we invite him, right?"

<Theresa> (Is there a Power of Science!  ? )

<Carrie> "Physics, still Jack, correct?"

<Random_Nerd> William: "Correct. Luc can finesse that."

<Random_Nerd> William: "No, Jack died. Didn't you meet his immediate successor?"

<Random_Nerd> W: "Oh, you weren't there."

<Random_Nerd> W: "Power of Physics is... something of a revolving door."

<Carrie> "I did not. I was somewhat occupied at the time."

<Carrie> (Being taken over by an alternate personality and turned into a tree and... nevermind that.)

<Kite> "Jack's girlfriend is now Physics."

<Random_Nerd> William: "She was last month, at least. I would... have to check if she still is."

<Carrie> "I shall have to meet her. Brian, are you still on good terms?"

<Random_Nerd> Sam: "Physics gets attacked a /lot/. New powers of Physics are best advised not to start any long books."

<Theresa> "Ah, yes, Miriam. I wonder if she finished her TARDIS."

<Random_Nerd> William touches the silver sphere in his ear.

<Random_Nerd> W: "As of last week, Miriam was still Power of Physics."

<Theresa> "Good for her!"

<DanteE> "Hold on, who else is missing from our roster?"

<Carrie> (Since I only now notice Laz isn't here, assume that Brian is present but not paying attention. Carrie might ask again next week. >.> )

<Random_Nerd> W: "That is, actually, impressive. Maybe it was a /good/ idea to pick a Power of Physics who was a liberal arts major."

<Random_Nerd> W: "Hmm?"

<Random_Nerd> (That, to Dante.)

<DanteE> "Besides a Power of Hell. Who are we missing?"

<Theresa> "True God."

<DanteE> "Shifting focus back to the Summit."

<Random_Nerd> W: "In some ways, that is less necessary"

<Kite> "I thought discussing which Fallen Angel to invite was about the Summit."

<DanteE> "All right, who's a good candidate there?"

<Random_Nerd> W: "True Gods are less of a monolithic group."

<Random_Nerd> W: "But we have one of their... species, I suppose, though not of Earth."

<Random_Nerd> W: "That might actually be best, rather than pick one of Earth that some love and some hate."

<Kite> "I like Drift."

<DanteE> (Who's representing Earth, besides us?)

<Theresa> (John. HQB.)

<Random_Nerd> (Probably Ha Qadosh Berakha. He's on the Council of Four, and was your first big supporter.)

<Random_Nerd> (And... I guess, in a sense, Baalhermon.)

<Carrie> "Would inviting a True God of Earth as well make them more likely to accept any agreement we are able to reach?"

<Random_Nerd> (Since if anyone's the Ruler of Earth, it's Entropy, and Baalhermon is his Noble.)

<Random_Nerd> W: "Mmmm.... no."

<Random_Nerd> W: "No matter who you pick or what agreement you reach, half of them will hate it."

  • DanteE keeps thinking of the term "fireball formation" for some reason.

<Carrie> "Then the Dionyl True God is probably sufficient."

<Carrie> (And less likely to turn the other half against us.)

<Kite> "/Yes!/"

<Random_Nerd> W: "Yeah. Dionyl's Gods are less... fractious."

<Random_Nerd> :W: "And you're already obliged to him for helping you."

<Random_Nerd> W: "Besides, he's reasonable. Reasonable is good."

<Kite> "So we don't need more True Gods."

<Random_Nerd> (Hmm. Mind if we stop here? )

<Random_Nerd> (It's getting late.)

<Kite> (Let's)

<Random_Nerd> W: "In my opinion, you do not."

<Ftisk> (sure, we can stop here)

<Carrie> (Works for me.)

<DanteE> (OK)

<Kite> "Good. Let's not talk about it again."

<Random_Nerd> ________________________STOP____________________

<Random_Nerd> Wow, it's something to think that the summit you've been working on so long is nearly here.

=-= Carrie is now known as Etheric

=-= Kite is now known as Verithe

<Ftisk> Yay!

<Etheric> If this storyline becomes mostly prep rather than the research, I wouldn't really mind.

=-= Theresa is now known as BethE

=-= YOU are now known as Angelo

<Etheric> That said, I still do intend to at least start doing it on camera.

<DanteE> Anyone else thinking having several big names on our side in one place with some Excrucians just maaaaaaay be a bad idea?

<DanteE> Depending on how devious RN is?

<DanteE> :p

<Angelo> I demand Will marriage BEFORE the meeting!

=-= DanteE is now known as Knockwood

<Etheric> Was this ever in doubt in anyone's mind?

<Random_Nerd> William’s marriage is the next storyline after this.

<BethE> Will _will_ get married before the meeting. RN promised me.

<Etheric> You involve one Imperator, it's already probably a bad idea.

<Etheric> Two makes it exponentially more likely.

<Random_Nerd> I wanted to do it that way for sort of thematic reasons, he's prepping the ceremony and reception as you're prepping the peace summit.

<BethE> No matter what we do, it will be the End of the Age and the start of the new one.

<Verithe> The purpose for having all these big names is to give our meeting diplomatic weight with the other imperators.

<Verithe> Right?

<BethE> Oh and with all of those Imperators around, _NO ONE SNEEZE!_

<Random_Nerd> Yeah.

<Etheric> Naturally.

<Random_Nerd> So that, if you and the faction of Excucians you're meeting with come up with an agreement, so you can sell it to the others.

  • Angelo innocent voice on: why?

<Angelo> (related to sneeze)

<Random_Nerd> Since, really, there's nobody who's empowered to negotiate for Creation as a whole.

<Random_Nerd> (It's a Nobilis 2nd Edition reference.)

<Random_Nerd> (On dealing with Imperators.)

<Random_Nerd> (Wait, did that get kept in 3e?)

<Etheric> I would ask, "Do you want to find out," except, see above, Bad Idea.

<BethE> (Imperators don't understand sneezing. It confuses them, so one section stated that if you can't answer your Imperator, sneeze and run in the confusion.)

<Etheric> (Yeah, that.)

<Angelo> (no mention in 3ed but our setting is transplanted from 2ed were the reference existed)

<BethE> (I think it got kept in the 3rd edition. I have a vague memory of being happy that it was kept.)

<Knockwood> There's always the possibility of talking with Azazel.

<Random_Nerd> Ha! It is still there!

<Knockwood> Cuz, y'know, doing risky crazy things is totally a PC thing.

<Random_Nerd> For this, I believe I am a causal factor. Jenna said she was gonna dump it, and I spent half an hour telling her that my players loved that sidebar in 2e.

<BethE> :)

<Etheric> Wow, it actually is.

<Etheric> On page 2^8, even.

<Angelo> WOW

<Random_Nerd> I probably had no other influence in 3e, but I guess that's something!

<Etheric> Hehee.

<Random_Nerd> Oh, and what did you think of the Fallen Problem, this session.

<Etheric> Problem as in who to invite?

<Random_Nerd> I just found it interesting that I didn't need to make up any obstacles, it was all either in the past, or implied by things already said.

<Etheric> From my perspective, it gave me some interesting info on Kudzu's backstory..

<Random_Nerd> Yeah, having no good Fallen candidate.

<Random_Nerd> I thought I'd told you guys that stuff five years ago!

<Random_Nerd> When James came back or so.

<Random_Nerd> Did I not?

<Verithe> I remember most of the Azazel stuff.

<Etheric> See above, re being a tree at the time.

<Verithe> I don't know if I was there or just back-read it, but I remember it.

<Random_Nerd> So, we're getting to a point when a lot of longstanding mysteries will get answered.

<Knockwood> Good!

<Random_Nerd> I'm doing my best not to pull a Lost here, but we'll see.

<Verithe> Yay!

<Knockwood> BTW, I might ask Kudzu about the story of what happened with Azazel. Mainly why.

<Etheric> I probably should put on my weekly schedule two or three rounds of "catch up on Amyra backstory."

<Knockwood> should that be IC or background, tho?

<Etheric> At that rate, I might know half of these mysteries by the time they're revealed.

<Random_Nerd> Oh, spoiler warning: The questions "Why did the Excrucians go to war with Creation", "What are the Wildlords, really?" and "Why are Warmains forbidden to practice High Summoning?" They all have the same answer.

<Verithe> *gasp!*

<Angelo> Ü_Ü

<Etheric> Why must you make it so obvious?  :P

<Verithe> The Wildlords exist because the Warmains dabbled in High Summoning!

<BethE> *mutter you guys don't have to live with him mutter*

<Random_Nerd> And maybe the answer isn't "It's magic, a wizard did it!"

<Angelo> Ä_Ä

<Random_Nerd> Maybe.

<Etheric> No, clearly not. The Wildlords exist because Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

<Etheric> That trumps all other reasons.

<Knockwood> that might actually work

<Verithe> Which is what the Warmains were trying to High Summon.

<Verithe> And when that didn't work. War.

<BethE> We have a plant in our town that at least packages Kraft Mac and Cheese. There is a giant noodle sculpture on their property.

<Random_Nerd> Nope.

<Knockwood> (Seriously, RN, should I ask Kudzu about Azazel during a session or just say I asked during downtime?)

<Verithe> We just need to export Kraft Mac and Cheese to Outside and the War ends!

<Random_Nerd> (Feel free to during a session.)

<BethE> (http://wac. 450f. edgecastcdn. net/80450F/

<Knockwood> (Someone remind me next Amyra session, then.)

<Random_Nerd> Bear in mind, Kudzu doesn't tend to spend a lot of time on Storytime.

<Random_Nerd> Well, occasionally when you catch him in a weird mood.

<BethE> (He should hire Rinley!)

<Random_Nerd> Oh, yes. That's what this summit needs.

<Random_Nerd> Rinley.

<Verithe> (That would be something in the library, right?)

<Random_Nerd> Yes, it would.

<Random_Nerd> You just know Rinley would steal the failsafe remote and feed it to Baalhermon.

<Random_Nerd> "Because."

<Knockwood> (... you're right, it would. Except maybe "Why".)

<Random_Nerd> Kudzu: "Because he was a dick and he had it coming."

<Random_Nerd> Azazel: "Because Kudzu's a big poop-head."

<Verithe> That sounds about right.

<Knockwood> so, Nobilis works like Congress? :p

<Etheric> No, worse.

<Verithe> And pretty much the rest of the world.

<Random_Nerd> Barakiel is Ted Cruz!


<Etheric> L O L...

<Random_Nerd> I mean, doesn't he act exactly like he's fused with a sanity-eating creature that places him outside the reach of all law, custom, and morality?

<Knockwood> the Tea Party are Excrucian?

<Knockwood> now _that_ makes sense

<Random_Nerd> Barakiel isn't Excrucian. He hates them more than you do!

<Angelo> Guys, I go, see you in 2 weeks :-)

<Knockwood> and we're completely confusing Angelo.

<Random_Nerd> Eh, he gets to gripe about Italian politics sometimes.

<Knockwood> cya Angelo

<Random_Nerd> Fair's fair!

<Random_Nerd> I gotta go too.

<Verithe> Take care, Angelo!

<Random_Nerd> It's half till midnight here.

<Random_Nerd> And I have petitions for dissolution to write tomorrow.

<Random_Nerd> G'night, guys.

<Verithe> Take care!

<Knockwood> good luck

<Knockwood> and see you next week.

<Random_Nerd> Good session, guys. I had fun.

|<-- Random_Nerd has left (Disintegrated: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( ))

<Knockwood> do we have current logs anywhere?

<BethE> Night, all! *HUGS*

|<-- BethE has left (Disintegrated: All shall love me and despair?)

<Verithe> Not to my knowledge. I've just been keeping my own records.

|<-- Knockwood has left (Disintegrated: Knockwood)

|<-- Verithe has left (Disintegrated: ChatZilla [Firefox 24.0/20130910160258])

<--| Etheric has left #Nobilis

<--| YOU (Angelo) have left #Nobilis

Chapter 37