Session 62

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Chapter 8

BethE: RN will be in in a little bit. He's killing paladins. especially ones that laugh at his corpse.

  • Sara laughs.

Sara: Damn skippy!

  • lazarus is delighting in the hand massager ^_^

lazarus: aaahhhh.... my neck and upper back aren't killing me quite as much anymore ^_^

      • Random_Nerd has joined #nobilis.

Random_Nerd: Hey.

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BethE: Hey love!
lazarus: hey
Sara: Hey, RN :)
BethE: My poor troll is stuck among the pretty-elves. Bah.
Sara: Heeeeere Knooooock...
Sara: I wish I could afford WoW... :( And the expansion.

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lazarus: hey kwd.

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Sara: Hey Knock!
Knockwood: HI all, sorry I'm late
lazarus: hey guys, is it possible to move the game earlier? I've been mandated by my doctor to get to bed sometime between 10 and 11 PM, so I can't play as late as I used to (this is the reason that I've been heading out early the past couple weeks). I don't think I'll be able to continue playing at this time of night, at least for a few months.
BethE: Hi Knock!
Random_Nerd: Hmm. What do you guys think?
BethE: I'm free earlier Wednesday nights.
Knockwood: I just got off work...
Sara: Works better for me, being in the same time zone. But otherwise, whatever.
Sara: Doesn't work for Knock, then.
Random_Nerd: Hmm.
Sara: Let's start playing, before Laz has to leave, and think on it later.
Random_Nerd: Well, I guess that doesn't work. We could try to get going faster so we have more to do before you have to sleep, though,.
lazarus: can y'all quickly bring me up to speed from the last part of last session?
BethE: Theresa was getting a new shirt and watching the body of the Warmain burn.
Knockwood: we should be doing a nettle rite first, tho
Random_Nerd: Hmm. You could do a little one, I guess. But destroying something doesn't tend to work well for nettle rites.
Sara: Snow had transformed the Whim into something stronger and able to "infect" other whims with happy healthy capriciousness.
Knockwood: ah, but ... his plans probably involved making the locals afraid. Considering they're about to torch his ass those plans are probably gone as well. :)

      • lazarus is now known as Brian.
      • Sara is now known as Snow.
      • You are now known as Theresa.

Random_Nerd: Well, if you're nettling the destruction of his plan... that'd actually be tricky, for a somewhat complicated reason that I'll get into later.

      • Knockwood is now known as DanteE.

Random_Nerd: But at any rate it'd have to be done when the plan was fully stopped.
Snow: I've kinda stop-gapped it right now.
Random_Nerd: That's entirely possible!

  • Snow smirks.

DanteE: OK.
Snow: What he means is, I've made it worse. And the world is gonna end.
Random_Nerd: Not /yet/.
Snow: Shall we?
Random_Nerd: Fine by me. Ready, everyone?
DanteE: IIRC, I'm giving Snow an impromptu piggyback ride...
Theresa: (I'm ready. Can I have my shirt now?  :) )
Brian: (*blinkblinkblinkblink*)
Random_Nerd: (Sure.)
Snow: (I don't think so. She'd just finished her Change...?)
Brian: (RN, why is Beth asking for her shirt?)
Random_Nerd: _____________________START_________________
Snow: (Theresa's shirt got damaged.)
DanteE: (when Theresa did.)
Random_Nerd: (Let's not get into that. But her character's shirt got a hole.)
Snow: (That too.)
Theresa: (Theresa got a hand through the middle of her chest. She asked a local for a new shirt.)
DanteE: describe the scene?
Random_Nerd: (And didn't the mother of the girl who Snow fixed the whim of go to get it?)

  • Theresa will get into the shirt without showing anything indecent in that manner through which women are taught in secret school sessions.

Random_Nerd: You're outdoors, outside of a rather shabby farmhouse.
Random_Nerd: There's a fair amount of blood around, from three sources.
Theresa: (No, it was one of the burninating farmers who said he'd get one from his wife.)

  • Snow paces in human form.

Random_Nerd: Several of the locals are around, a bit closer to the house.

  • Brian comforts Snow "Ssh, hon. It'll be alright. Your Changed Whim will fix things"

Random_Nerd: (Yeah, and his wife was the aforementioned mother.)

  • Snow 's brow is deeply furrowed.
  • DanteE checks the area with the Sight.
  • Snow continues pacing despite Brian's comforts. "No no no. Bad things'll still happen. Winter doesn't go away 'coz you make a fire. Still there."
  • DanteE grabs some nettles...

Brian: "Sssh, sweetie. The Excrucian is dead, he can't hurt any more, and the problems he's caused are going to be fixed."

  • Theresa will sigh and head back toward the others. They should get out of here. The Warmain probably had friends or at least team-mates.

Random_Nerd: (Okay, several things show up to the Sight.)

  • Snow shakes her head vigorously, and goes to Theresa.

Snow: "You good now?"
Random_Nerd: (The corpse of the Excrucian. You guys. The odd greyness of everything. And the two guys walking towards you.)
DanteE: "Incoming..."

  • Theresa shrugs. "I'm not dead yet. I'm not _unhurt_ though, but I'm still moving around. How about you? Your Estate still...oh bother..."
  • Snow looks up and around, unsure of what she should be looking at.
  • Snow tugs on Theresa's sleeve.

Brian: (those people visible to not-Sight, as well?)
Random_Nerd: Two figures, in the background. One looks like an ordinary farmer, leading a horse, and the other one seems to have a weird silvery sheen to his body, and jagged angles of his arms.
Snow: "Need me to be a bear?"
DanteE: "Not yet..."
Random_Nerd: (Visible, but kinda far off. Hard to spot as unusual without the Sight or high-aspect vision, and attention.)
Brian: *nod*
Theresa: "Let's wait and see what they do. If these are friends of the one we just killed, we will need the bear. And probably other things too."
Brian: ( ()'s, sorry)
Random_Nerd: The guy leading the horse mounts it, lifts a pitchfork with something on it, and starts to ride up.
Random_Nerd: The silvery one on foot follows, and keeps up with the horse.
Snow: "Is he seeing? He's seeing, isn't he?" Snow will look around with the Sight, to spot what the others already see.
Theresa: (Can I see what's on the pitchfork?)
Random_Nerd: (Yes. It's the whimsy.)
DanteE: "Hey, Snow... let's do a quick lesson in how to change without spooking people.
Snow: (Oh no you di'in!)
Snow: (Can Snow see that it's her whimsy?)
Random_Nerd: (What's your Aspect?)
Brian: (ah crap)
Random_Nerd: (Well, he's a Warmain. He killed something. It's kind of what they do.)
Random_Nerd: (There's a reason they aren't called Knitmains or Custardmains.)
Snow: (0)
Snow: ( 0 )
DanteE: "What you do, go somewhere where no one's looking, _then_ change.
Theresa: (Would Theresa recognize that it's a whimsy?)
DanteE: "Into, say, a war strider."
Random_Nerd: (She saw it, earlier, when Snow was working on it.)
Snow: "What's a war strider?"
DanteE: "Big strong horse that a knight can ride."
Theresa: "Oh no, the whimsy...that's on the it..dead?"
Brian: "Alternately, a big stompy robot."
Brian: "Um, what? Ah, crap."

  • Snow looks doubtful. "I think the night's too big for a horse..."

Theresa: "I don't think Snow can turn into an inorganic thing."

  • Snow blinks.

Snow: "He killed my whimsy?!"
Brian: "... Here comes halfling death!" (sorry)
Random_Nerd: Knight-Excrucian: "It's what we do."
Random_Nerd: Silvery Excrucian: "Still, that was clever."
Theresa: "Which part?"
Random_Nerd: *excrucianshrug*
Brian: "Nothing's ever simple with you guys, is it?"

  • Snow will use a lesser creation to cause all regular humans in the area to blink at the same time.

DanteE: (did I ever heal the priest?)
Random_Nerd: (You did.)

  • Snow flicks into polar bear form in that moment.

Random_Nerd: Knight-Excrucian: "Well, now we're going to kill you. Again, keeping with the whole violence theme."
Brian: (ah crap) Brian flings a Lesser Creation of a 4 or something (something incarnate) at the knight
Brian: (yes, I know it'll have no effect without Pen)

  • DanteE tells the locals: "Those guys are his (the ex's) friends.

Random_Nerd: The knight looks oddly at Brian, but rides through it, and as he moves, he seems to shed scraps of fabric.
Random_Nerd: Likewise, his horse sheds its hair, leaving it shiny, white, and hairless.
DanteE: "You could fight, and we'll help. It may be better to run, though."
Snow: "I will make them run!"
Theresa: "Would you like to introduce yourselves?"
Random_Nerd: Both look like featureless, smooth, and slightly translucent white figures.
Random_Nerd: Silvery, crouching to leap. "Well, I'm a man of distinction and taste... wait, that's your guy."

  • Snow creates whimsy in the people nearby...and preserves it when it hits the idea, "Run like a little girl."

Snow: (Temporary preservation. Mea culpa. A few minutes.)
Brian: "Um, Dante, I think this would be your area of expertise..."
Random_Nerd: The people run, indeed, like little girls.
DanteE: (OK, have we established that the Cult is NOT involved in this storyline? I know Theresa was making flowers periodically to check...)
Random_Nerd: (You've seen no sign of them so far.)
Theresa: (The Excrucians know pop culture. Entirely no fair.)
Random_Nerd: The silvery excrucian spits in the air.

  • DanteE draws a couple of the swords he had concealed...

Brian: (They know pop culture from the 60s. They're old guys. Like Giles. Erm, bad...)
Random_Nerd: (People who aren't Snow or Brian, your miracles please?)
DanteE: (gonna wait on their move...)
Random_Nerd: (Silvery guy is making his move.)
DanteE: (Spitting? I levy a $50 fine and community service. :)
Random_Nerd: Horse-Guy waves his spear, and all the humans on-scene cease to exist.
Theresa: (*blink*)
Snow: (Dang.)
DanteE: (weren't they gone already?)
Brian: (ah crap)
Random_Nerd: (Now, do you have any miracles to do before the silvery guy's one gets resolved?)
Brian: (now I just have to figure out how to fenagle Numbers into destroying one of those guys)
Random_Nerd: (Well, they were running away already.)
Random_Nerd: (Now they just... stopped being there at all.)
Theresa: "Oh, thanks, that's helpful. Callous, but helpful." *Lesser Destruction of the roots for about 20 feet under the Excr, dropping them down into the ground.*
Random_Nerd: (Clothes and everything.)
DanteE: (how would you feel about a conjunctive miracle?)
Random_Nerd: (That would depend on the miracle!)

  • DanteE pulls out about a bunch of knives...

Theresa: (With which of us?)
Random_Nerd: (Oh, and the silvery guy is using Winds of Hate, of course, with the spitting.)
DanteE: "Dodge these."  ::throws the knives!::
Random_Nerd: (Thrown at which one?)
DanteE: (Silver.)
DanteE: (And I'll make 'em Pen 2... Brian, wanna make 'em a lot harder to avoid? :)
Random_Nerd: (What's the Aspect on those knives?)
Brian: (How's that work?)
DanteE: (Base aspect, 2.
Random_Nerd: (Brian already did a miracle.)
Random_Nerd: (His 4.)
Brian: (sad, I'd love to do a Cascade of Cutting Terror for you)
Random_Nerd: (So, spending two MPs, Dante?)
DanteE: (Yeah, 2 SMPs, probably DPs)
Random_Nerd: (Ooh, that would be an interesting trick to pull some time, and you could indeed do that with a LC.)
Random_Nerd: (Well, they have to be AMPs unless you're using Last Trump.)
DanteE: (You could also do a shitload of ironwood spears, hint, hint)
DanteE: (In fact, have you seen Hero?)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, so...)
Random_Nerd: The air hits everyone with great force. "Like a quarterback dragon," to quote the book. (Who has Spirit 3 or less?)
DanteE: (2)
Snow: (I have 0. Hooray.)
Brian: (2)
Random_Nerd: The silvery guy is hit with Dante's knives, but they do only superficial damage. But on the other hand, they hit, so you know he has Spirit 2 or less.
Theresa: (I have 1.)
Random_Nerd: The ground collapses under the two, unhorsing the rider.
Brian: (and then we go flying?)
Random_Nerd: (Everyone who doesn't have Sancrosanct or above takes a deadly wound.)
Theresa: ( I'm at 2 Deadly Wounds?)
DanteE: (uhoh....)
Brian: (that would be me, I believe - Immutable is only the Domain, not the form, right?)
Random_Nerd: (Immutable doesn't protect you from direct physical trauma. It just makes you not need food and air and stuff, I believe.)
Theresa: (Thank you for the spear thing, Dante. And I have a better idea now for the Pen.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, Beth, from here on out, all miracles that use MPs cost one extra.)

  • Snow tumbles head over paws backwards, yelping even in bear form.

DanteE: (Screw that... RN, can we do a 3-way conjunctive effect?)
Random_Nerd: (As long as you can work out a miracle that works with all three domains, somehow.)
Random_Nerd: The horseman crawls out of the dirt, and helps his horse back up.
DanteE: (Easy. Blades+Wood+NUmbers=execution scene in Hero.)
Brian: "Snow, are you ok?"
Random_Nerd: Silvery, to rider: "The one with the blades. Get him with the big gun."

  • Snow growls fiercely at Brian, then directs it at the Excrucians.

Random_Nerd: (Hmm. Yes, a miracle done with a bunch of sharp pieces of wood would work as a conjunctive miracle.)
Random_Nerd: (Clever.)
DanteE: "Time we went all out."
Random_Nerd: The white rider poses, and points at Dante, his hand held like a gun. "Bang."

  • Theresa is looking pale and drained and is perhaps bleeding again. "Completely."

Random_Nerd: (Okay, that'll be resolved once you all work out your miracles.)
Brian: "Ever play Exalted? They've got this neat thing ... a Cascade of Cutting Terror. I'll show you how it works, if you provide me with a thrown weapon..."
Brian: (yay for playing a geek character!)
Random_Nerd: (Brian /so/ would play Exalted.)

  • DanteE ghosts an extra-sharp arrowhead over his head as a guide for the others...
  • Snow lumbers forward, hurling her beary self in front of Dante.

Theresa: (I'm in on the conjunctive, if we can pull it off. Take a whole forest if need be.)
DanteE: "Cutting right there...
Random_Nerd: (I'm looking up the rules for a Conjunctive. Anyone recall where the yare?)
DanteE: (and the ghost isn't a whole miracle, just a guide for when we actually throw it.
Brian: (and, even though Amyra doesn't have 2e yet, they definitely had 1e. Someone at White Wolf may be looking at the sales numbers and stuff, and wondering how it all makes sense)
Random_Nerd: (Found it.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, so, all of you doing it need to do a miracle of the same level, and the resulting miracle is at that level plus the number of powers past the first, which here would be two.)
DanteE: (LCs?)
Random_Nerd: (So, if all of you did Lesser Creations, the resulting miracle would be level 6.)
Snow: (Snow looked at these two guys with the Sight before the fight. What's the horse look like?)
DanteE: (Let's add Pen, just in case...)
Random_Nerd: (The horse is miraculous, but dimmer than the guy, and the same color as him. It's probably part of the rider in some odd way.)
Brian: (2 Pen is apparently enough for one of them, at least)
Theresa: (So we each add penetration to our miracles or does just one of us do so?)
DanteE: (4 points for my LC, plus 1 SMP to bump it to Pen 2.)
Random_Nerd: (You do penetration based on the level of the miracle.)
Random_Nerd: (Dante, you can't do that.)
Random_Nerd: (So, with a level 6, it could be Lesser Creation 2 Penetration, Lesser Div 4 Pen, or whatever.)
DanteE: (Oh...
Theresa: (Spirit MP ar efor doing miracles through your anchors.)
Random_Nerd: (You cannot spend spirit MPs to add to penetration, save through last-trumping them into another sort and spending them on the miracle, or casting a miracle through an anchor and spending spirit MPs there.)
Random_Nerd: Silvery Excrucian spits in the air again, and his drop of saliva seems to hang in the air..
DanteE: (Ah... can I immediately spend a character point to bump up Blades?)

  • Snow will seek any faults or weak spots in the ground below the pair, and encourage them to do what they do best: give way, or release, or shift in some way.

Brian: (shall we CCT? Or do we need Dante in on that?)
Random_Nerd: (I really would rather you not change your character sheet in the middle of resolving an action.)
Random_Nerd: (Oh, and Sara, since you have Aspect 0, you're out of Deadly Wounds too, and have the same penalty as Beth.)
Random_Nerd: (So... miracles?)
Snow: (*nods* *refigures*)
Brian: (erm, I suppose I'm out of Deadlies too? It's Asp + 1?)
Random_Nerd: (Oh. Then yes.)
Random_Nerd: (Dante, of course, is unharmed.)
DanteE: (Not for long...)
Random_Nerd: (There is that.)
Random_Nerd: (I have Sara's miracle. But are the rest of you doing a conjunctive or not?)
Snow: (I can make my miracle cost less, by simply preserving any give-way-ish-ness that Theresa's previous miracle made?)
Theresa: (I'm good for the conjunctive.)
Brian: (waiting on the others. My intention is to do so)
Random_Nerd: (Well, that won't make it cost less, but it'll make the results more dramatic.)
Snow: (Woo, drama!)
DanteE: (OOH... how about, instead of Blades, the arrows are infused with raw COurage? Cuz I can do Courage 6 easily)
Brian: (I think we only need to hit 4... right?)
DanteE: (I've got Blades 1, unfirtunately.)
Random_Nerd: (Depends what you want to do.)
DanteE: (Not if we want to be sure to hit)
Brian: (LC with 2 Pen, with 3 people?)
Theresa: (What effect would the COurage have?)
Random_Nerd: (Well, with a Lesser Change of Courage you could give courage to spears.)
DanteE: (Burn 'em straight to their souls, I hope)
DanteE: (Out of range.)
DanteE: (Wait... three L5 miracles would be a L7, right?)
Random_Nerd: (Correct.)

  • Snow sounds bewildered. "Why are we fighting?! Why did they kill my whimsy?!"

DanteE: (So, if we each throw L4+1Pen, the result could be l5+2pen?)
Brian: "Because they want to unravel Creation. They're the antithesis of being"
Theresa: *pants* "These...are the people who are hurting you, Snow. They want to make sure you...Capriciousness, don't exist."
Random_Nerd: (The miracles you throw are not with penetration, or at least, adding it would be wasting points.)
Random_Nerd: (Penetration is done based on the final miracle, the one that's actually resolved.)
Brian: "It's our job to stop them. And stop them we will"
DanteE: (Well, if we use L5s...?)
Brian: (if we each throw a Lesser Creation, it would be a 6th level Miracle, right?)
Brian: (i.e. LC + 2Pen?)
Random_Nerd: (If you each use level 5s, you can do a level 5 miracle with 2 penetration.)
DanteE: (Let's do it...)
Brian: (5s? Lesser Change? Sure)

  • DanteE forms the ultra-dsharp arrowhead...

Theresa: (Okay. Isn't Level 5 a Lesser Destruction, though?)
DanteE: (4 DMPs)
Brian: (err, Dest, yes. Forgot that one)
Brian: (we want Creation, don't we?)
DanteE: (we mainly want to kill these fucks)
Theresa: (*listens to explanation that you can do a lower miracle with a higher level.*)
Brian: (you can?!)
Random_Nerd: (Let's not get into that now.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, so, Theresa and Brian both have Domain 4 and no deadly wounds, right?)
Brian: (I just want to know how many points to spend ... I guess 2)
Theresa: (Okay, really big storm of ironwood spears, imbued with Courage and multiplied by Numbers, in a way as to make Hero look like a toddler crayon drawing.)
Random_Nerd: (If so, spend two each.)
DanteE: (L5, 3-way conjunctive, do it! And play some giant-robot-anime theme music. :)
Random_Nerd: (And what's Dante's Domain of Courage?)
DanteE: (2)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, four DMPs for Dante.)
DanteE: (Can you guys pull off L6 miracles?)
Random_Nerd: (Because of the Powers of Two law.)
Theresa: (I can at the moment, but it'll wipe me pretty out.)
Random_Nerd: (They can, at 3 DMPs each. (2 for hard miracle, +1 for no more deadly wounds))
Brian: (yes, but it would be ... 3 DMPs?) "THIS, this is a Cascade of Cutting Terror. Area of Effect, Undodgeable, hard to block, so many incoming spears you can't see the sky ... good luck crawling out of this one alive."
Random_Nerd: (And Dante can do a level 6 for 4 DMPs.)
DanteE: (Do it. Waste these guys before they hit you again.)
Brian: (fine by me)
Theresa: (Okay. I agree to it.)
Random_Nerd: (And you're doing it at the whole area with both of them?)
Theresa: (Yes. Both of them.)

  • DanteE forms a spearhead of pure courage as a guide...

Brian: (Yes)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, so, the end miracle will be Domain 6, Pen 2?)
Theresa: (Uh...we know the Pen of the second guy, right?)
Brian: (yep)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, action resolution time.)
Brian: (one is greater than 0. The other, less than or equal to 2)
DanteE: (And if it doesn't stop these guys we're going to be mighty pissed)
Brian: (I've still got lots of MPs... almost the whole compliment)
Random_Nerd: When the guy does his "Bang" at Dante, Dante feels suddenly weakened.
Random_Nerd: (How many points does your Sacrosanct cost?)
DanteE: (3)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, for the rest of the fight, Dante has no particular miraculous protection.)
Random_Nerd: (Negative Gift.)
Theresa: (Urk.)
DanteE: (uhoh)
Brian: (we're screwed, aren't we?)
Theresa: (So..he's like Snow now?)
Random_Nerd: The Winds of Hate strike everyone, again, now costing Dante a Deadly and everyone else a Serious wound.
DanteE: (Probably. Nice playing with you guys.)
Random_Nerd: The Excrucians get hit by like a million screaming wooden shafts of death.

  • Snow yelps again.

Theresa: (We love you too, but lets at least see how the Excrucians like the taste of our wood...)
Brian: (...)
Random_Nerd: Neither, it seems, has either the auctoritas or the protection to prevent this.
Random_Nerd: The sound that they make is not to be described.
Random_Nerd: Also, the ground under them collapses, leaving them buried, and you're pretty sure that the rider's horse fell on him.
Snow: (*little flag wave*)
Random_Nerd: That's the most likely explanation of the combined equine-human "URGKH!" noise.
Random_Nerd: (Next round!)
Brian: "Snow, are you ok?"
Random_Nerd: (Oh, and they both took a Deadly Wound, and horse-guy in particular seems to be as bad-off as you guys.)
DanteE: "Urgh... so that's how it feels..."
Theresa: "We...have to check on them... The first guy could move through dirt...might get away...and we still have to save Snow..."

  • Snow is making fierce animal noises that are not condusive to replying.

Snow: (Can Snow see any part of them?)
Brian: (Last Trump is ... 2 to 1? 3 to 1?)
DanteE: (Depends on Spirit)
Random_Nerd: (Oh, and incidentially, the horse guy took a serious wound on top of his deadly wound, from the whole "horse falling on him when he's got about a dozen spears through his body" thing.)
Brian: (3 to 1 for me, apparently)
Theresa: (Yay Snow! Did some _damage_!)
Snow: (*sheepish*)
Brian: (I'm planning on dropping a L6+2Pen brick-of-1000-tons on them both)
Random_Nerd: (Snow, they're pretty much buried. Perhaps bits are sticking through. You can see where they are, but can't see them clearly.)
DanteE: (Can we tell if they're dead, almost dead, or what?
Theresa: (We can probably hear them breathing with Aspect 2.)
Random_Nerd: (You can tell that they're alive but somewhat hurt, and that the rider in particular is badly hurt.)
DanteE: "I think it's overwhelming-force time. How hurt are you guys?"
Brian: (can I Last Trump 3AMP + 3 RMP + 3 SMP into 3 DMP?)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. Let me check.)
Theresa: "If I had the brain power to do so, I would die. As it is, I'm still here. Can we get any info out of them or are we going to try to fix Snow's problem on our own?"
Random_Nerd: (Yes, although it can't leave you with more than your max DMPs.)
Random_Nerd: Voices from the dirt: "Tell Lord Kudzu that our progenitor's debt to him is paid in full."
Brian: (it'll cost me 5 DMP, I believe, to drop a L6 + 2 Pen on the guys' heads, and 5 is what it'll get me)
Random_Nerd: Other voice: "And that he's a dick."

  • Snow whines.

DanteE: "Son of a... (to others) HOLD IT."
Snow: "Can we stop hurting now?"

  • DanteE goes over to the hole.

Random_Nerd: (And yes, from what we've worked out earlier, you can multiply some speck of sand or something into a huge weight.)
Theresa: "Well, we already knew _that_ part."
Brian: (done)
DanteE: "What the HELL are you talking about?!?"
Theresa: (Oh no...I think I...)
Theresa: (What do you think that this is a with the Lesson stuff?)
Random_Nerd: Horseman's Voice: "What, he didn't even tell you?"
Random_Nerd: Silvery guy's voice: "See? Told you so."

  • Brian picks up a hefty rock, Miracles it into a 1000-ton L6+2Pen Domain miracle, as he drops it on their heads, completely ignoring their talking

DanteE: "He doesn't tell us SHIT. Explain yourselves.":
Brian: "Don't you DARE harm Snow, or Theresa again."

  • Snow whimpers. "Stop! They're not bad!"

Brian: (Brian even Limit Breaks o_o;)
Random_Nerd: (Is anyone else doing a miracle?)
Snow: (So this rock is still the same size, but crazy heavy?)
Snow: (I might.)
Brian: (yep)
Snow: (*GRIN*)
DanteE: (Lesser Creation of Not Blowing a Blood Vessel)
Random_Nerd: (Well, if you want to do one at the same time as Brian, you have to do it now.)

  • Snow grunts in pain, but leaps after the rock, jaws wide.

Random_Nerd: (Aiming for which one?
Random_Nerd: )
Theresa: "So you're saying that our boss had your boss test all of us...and we're supposed to believe you?"
Snow: (Hm. May I spent AMPs to get both, in a line?)
Random_Nerd: (No, not with the current version of it.)
Random_Nerd: Silvery: "No, I'm just saying he's a dick."
Snow: (Dang. The...knight's one, then.)
Theresa: "Tell us something _new_! I mean, fetching giants and so forth. I think it's part of the Wildlord Code or something. Maybe just Imperator Code."
Random_Nerd: (One moment, miracle resolution.()
Theresa: (Aha! We have found out why humans and Dionyls aren't Imperators. We haven't reached this level of superdickery.)
Random_Nerd: You see movement from the dirt for a moment, and then Brian drops a big rock on the two. The dirt is now turning to mud with silvery-red blood.
Random_Nerd: And then Snow leaps into the pit, her jaw opening far wider than seems possible, and seems to swallow about half of the horseman.
Snow: (What?)
Snow: (No!)
Theresa: (She ate the horse?)
Random_Nerd: (Wait, what?)
Snow: (*laugh* The rock!)
Snow: (I'm sorry!)
Random_Nerd: (Oh, the rock!)
Snow: (I wondered. I was like, "Two rocks? Whatever...")
Random_Nerd: (Okay, that makes sense. Let's step in the wayback machine!)
Snow: (*dies laughing*)
Brian: (and through the magic of logs, that little bit can never have actually happened!)
Random_Nerd: Okay, Brian drops a big rock in the chasm... and Snow leaps in and swallows it whole, in a display of a mixture of panache and body-horror.
Theresa: (Indeedy.  :) )
Theresa: (Everyone needs minerals in their diet...)
DanteE: (Lesser Creation of Noble Pepto)
Brian: (erm... does Snow get harmed by the rock? 'cause that would totally cause Brian to angst)
Random_Nerd: (Nope. She's fine.)
Brian: (ah, good)

  • Theresa watches Snow, dumbfounded. "That's...that's wow..."

Random_Nerd: Horseman, moaning: "The hell?"

  • Snow 's legs drop a bit, then she shakes her head, and licks her lips.

Brian: "Snow, why did you do that?"
Snow: "Tastes like rock."

  • Snow walks over to Brian and swats at him with one fur-covered paw.
  • DanteE checks out the 'bad guys' with the Sight again...

Brian: "Of course, it WAS a rock. I'm not in control of how it TASTES, only how much it HURTS when I drop it on some Excrucian wannabe's head!"
Snow: "No more trying to kill people! People killing stopped, then you try to drop a rock!"
Theresa: *yells at the horseman* "See! She could swallow you whole and _then_ where would you be? Digested, that's right! Want to be the first Excrucian to go down a Noble's digestive tract?"
Random_Nerd: (The horseman looks about the same, except for with the spears through him.)
Random_Nerd: (The silvery guy is completely underground, and can't be seen.)
Theresa: (So...are these guys Excrucians?)
Brian: "Snow, their job is to try to kill us. Our job is to kill them first."
Random_Nerd: (Well, they're clearly of the noble/shard scale. And they used typical Excrucian gifts, including one that can only be used by Excrucians and people with abhorrent weapons.)

  • Snow shakes her head.

Theresa: (Okay, was just checking.)
Snow: "Kudzu's big crazy crow. He does what he wants. Tries to peck your eyes out, then gives you a feather 'coz you like it. (more)
DanteE: to them: "All right, last chance. Who are you, and what are you doing?"
Random_Nerd: (Either they're Shards, or somebody made an Abhorrent Pitchfork.()

      • Redo has joined #nobilis.

Snow: "He makes these guys do stuff to us. Then you fill them with wood. Then they stop. So we stop. Time to stop."

      • Redo has left #nobilis.

Theresa: (Yes, Redo?)
Random_Nerd: Horseman: "We are, in the vulgar parlance, in ur Creation destroying ur estates."
Random_Nerd: Silvery doesn't respond.
Theresa: (Love, i adore you and share my life with you. That was bad.)
Random_Nerd: (It was supposed to be.)
Theresa: (I dare you to post it to Rebecca. <G>)
Snow: (*facepalm*)
DanteE: "All right, so how is Kudzu involved?
Theresa: "And the deal with Kudzu was?"
Random_Nerd: Horseman: "He asked us to."
Theresa: "He has contact and deals with the Excrucians?"
Random_Nerd: Horseman: "Well, our Progenitor was tempered through the death of someone Kudzu knew, as I understand it."
Theresa: (Tempered? Does this make sense to a Noble-mind?)
DanteE: "Tempered?"
Random_Nerd: (It's a Warmain thing.)

  • Snow snorts at Brian, then goes back to the rest of the group. She leans down to lick at the knight's hand with a big black bear tongue.

Theresa: (Bathed in blood and so forth?)
Random_Nerd: (Page 200, for those with White Books.)
DanteE: "Who died?"
Random_Nerd: (When a Warmain kills an Imperator for the first time, he takes on his shape and something of his personality.)
Random_Nerd: (It can happen again, if the Warmain kills someone he particularly respects.)
Random_Nerd: (In theory, other Excrucians, and possibly even Nobles, could pull it off. But Warmains are the only ones who regularly do it.)
Theresa: (RN, what was the list of the Nobles Luc was anchored to?)
Random_Nerd: (I don't recall the whole list offhand, but, uh... the ocean, silver, the arts, the arts, bone, and some other stuff?)

  • Snow reaches into the ground, and attempts to gently remove the knight from his, uh, grave.

Random_Nerd: (Is Snow still a bear?)
Theresa: (So, Silver guy in the dirt there...could have been the one to kill Silver, but not take his estate?)
Snow: (Yes.)
DanteE: "Hold it, Snow."

  • Snow looks over at Dante.

Random_Nerd: The guy clutches at Snow's paw and is pulled out, and then starts to dig his horse out.
Random_Nerd: (From his digging, he's probably about Aspect 1 or 2.)
Theresa: (Yeah, but any Aspect miracles are just going to make his hurts worse.)

  • Snow looks back at the knight. "Don't hurt us anymore, 'kay? I hurt lots."
  • DanteE checks out silver-guy

Random_Nerd: (Silver guy is nowhere to be seen.)
DanteE: (Does the area still look grey to the Sight?)
Random_Nerd: (Yes.)
Random_Nerd: (Also, since you have the other Shard, the absence of Silver from sight means something.)
Random_Nerd: White Horseman: "You do understand what's going to have to happen now, right?"
Theresa: (... that Silver isn't a warmain because you don't let your buddies stay behind.)
Snow: "Nuh uh."
Random_Nerd: (Not exactly...)
Theresa: (The knight's going to have to kill himself. Warmain Code.)
Random_Nerd: Okay, freezeframe, nobody talk for a moment.
Random_Nerd: A spear, one of the ones you guys created, is in midair flying at the back of Brian's neck.
Random_Nerd: It's being propelled with the force of an Aspect 4 miracle.
Random_Nerd: What Do You Do?
Snow: (...dang.)
Snow: (Do we /see/ it?)
Brian: (die a horrible, horrible death?)
Theresa: (Any of us or just Brian?)
Random_Nerd: (You see it.)
Random_Nerd: (Now, since in the game your characters have maybe a hundreth of a second to react, I'm going to give you guys three minutes to decide on your actions.)
Snow: (Can you do anything about the wood, Beth?)
Brian: (I'm going to have Brian be oblivious. Fits his currently Limit Broken condition. Sigh. Stupid wanna-be Exalted ...)
DanteE: (OK... what did the Warmain mean by 'what has to happen now'?)
Theresa: (Yes. A Lesser Creation level miracle.)
Random_Nerd: (Well... the context does suggest at least one possible interpretation.)
Brian: ("No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE!")
Theresa: (Well, one interpretation is that all of us have to die. Because we've witnessed their shame.)
Random_Nerd: (Or, rather, that they have to fight to the death if the alternative is shame.)
Theresa: (I can change the direction of the spear or Lesser Destroy it.)

  • Snow 's head snaps around to look at Brian, in that hundredth-of-a-second.

DanteE: borrow some DPs to do an Asp 4 Pen 2 attenpt to cut the warmain;s head off.
Random_Nerd: (Which one?)
Theresa: (Silver's the one that threw the spear, I think. He moved through the dirt like the other Warmain, the first one.)
Brian: (I'm basically tapped out of Miracle Points. I have one Last Trumpable thing. A L3 Dodge wouldn't help, would it?)
Random_Nerd: (One minute left.)
DanteE: (the 'knight'.)
Theresa: (Theresa will control the spear, LC, and redirect it back the way it came. Can she add anything to it?)
Random_Nerd: (If you haven't said "I'm doing this" by then, you don't do anything until next round.)
Random_Nerd: (Not with a lesser creation.)
Random_Nerd: (Time's up.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay.)
Theresa: (Then just the redirecting. That's what Theresa does.)
Random_Nerd: The Knight raises his pitchfork in a last-ditch parry, just barely blocking Dante's sword (And spending plenty of MPs to do it.)
Random_Nerd: The spear is deflected, but glances off the auctoritas of the silvery shard.
Random_Nerd: (Okay, what do you do now?)
Random_Nerd: (Probably not time to talk out loud unless you use Aspect miracles to talk /very quickly/.)
Brian: (I can't use a L2 to hurt someone, can I?)
Snow: (Why are we killing knight guy? I'm sorry.)
Random_Nerd: (Not unless they're already very, very hurt.)
Random_Nerd: (And even horseman isn't that hurt.)
DanteE: (Because, being a Warmain, he can't just walk away.(
Random_Nerd: (Well, it'd be enough to hurt him if he wasn't Durant, but both are.)
DanteE: (Snow, do us a favor and eat him. :)
Random_Nerd: (Well, they can surrender...)
Random_Nerd: (But only if they can do so without shaming themselves.)
Brian: (No way to do Spirit Miracles to harm?)

  • Snow eats the knight's head. Or at least tries to.

Random_Nerd: (There are no miracles of Spirit.)
Theresa: (Knowing us, we would laugh at them.)
Brian: (didn't think so. Well, I'm tapped out. Doesn't mean Brian won't do anything).
Theresa: (*calculating*)

  • Brian turns and glares at the Silver one, with the fire of Superman's eyes. He takes a stick, and tosses it at him, altering its weight en-route (L4, no Pen, but combinable)

Random_Nerd: (Basically, you guys and those guys are all very hurt, running very low on MPs, and generally feeling crummy.)
Brian: (Last Trumping from 3 SMPs)
Brian: "You hurt Snow. You hurt Theresa. You get smacked around. And then you try for some more. Well, that's the last mistake you'll make."
Brian: (damn PCs, thinking they're better than they are...)
Theresa: (Last Trump Aspect & Realm into Domain. Use the points to do a Level 6 Miracle (1 last Domain covers Deadly Woundness, +2 from Trump)
Random_Nerd: SIlver: "It's what we do. It's who we are. If you can work out a way that we can stop here, without dishonoring ourselves, what is it?"

  • DanteE helps Snow take Knight down

Brian: "Your mission is complete, as I understand it. You've no further business here. Leave now."
Random_Nerd: Horseman calculates: "WIll you accept a truce, to last for two hours, void if you attack us, or we attack you or your estates?"
Snow: (No head eating?)
Random_Nerd: And then he gets his head et.
Theresa: (That would be a 'no'.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, he's not quite dead, but he's halfway down a bear.)
Snow: (Just his head. Snapped it clean off.)
Random_Nerd: (And doesn't look too hot.)
DanteE: (now THAT sounds bizarre...)
Random_Nerd: (You don't have /quite/ enough to bite his head off. Just chew most of the way through his neck.)

  • Theresa lets loose another storm of spears into Silver. (Said Level 6 miracle.) "Die with your honor."

DanteE: (Hey, I helped her!)

  • Snow gnaws, looking at the others like, "What?"

Random_Nerd: (Now. please stop miracles, resolving now.)|
Snow: "Ehn...rearry...srry...h'rse...guy..."
Random_Nerd: Silver sees the spears flying at him, winces, says "Then die." and spits in the air once more.
Random_Nerd: The explosion of air hits all of you at the same time as the amplified miracle impales him and pins him through the ground.
Random_Nerd: (Okay, now, another wound of the highest level to everyone. That leaves Snow and Brian down to surface wounds, I believe.)
DanteE: (I've got 1D left, right?)
Brian: (yep. Ouch.)

  • Snow quivers, then collapses, even her adrenaline spent.

Theresa: (I'm down to...I'm not sure?)
Random_Nerd: (You just took your second deadly, Dante, but you still have all your Severe ones left.)
Random_Nerd: (Theresa, I believe, has one Severe wound left.)
Theresa: (Whoot! Sign me up for being the Black Knight at the next Holy Grail reinactment...)
Random_Nerd: (Oh, and Horse guy is down to one surface.)
Random_Nerd: (Silver is down to one Severe and two Surface.)
Snow: RH: "I hurt..."
Random_Nerd: Horseman says something, and anyone with Aspect 1 or better can make out "Do you accept my offer?" through the bear throat.
Random_Nerd: (Nobilis is a strange game.)
Theresa: (Indeed.)
Snow: RH: "He hurts us a lot. He won't stop. I want him to die now."
Brian: RH, to Snow: "Well, I tried earlier. I no longer have the power."
Random_Nerd: (Well, if you want to kill him, Snow, you can do it with an Aspect 0 miracle of Head-Swallowing.)
Brian: RH, tS: "I tried to protect you. I'm sorry."
Theresa: (Can I break the Silver guy's neck with Aspect 2?)
Random_Nerd: (Normally swallowing someone's head is more than Aspect 0, but these are special circumstances.)

  • Brian will toss L1 +2Pen Miracles at the Silver guy for the time being, though it won't do anything at all. (look at my shiny 4!)

Random_Nerd: (Well, you need penetration still, Beth.)
Snow: RH: "Protect me from bad people hurting me. Not from people in ground. I am going to eat him."

  • DanteE grabs a spear.

Brian: RHtS: "Go ahead. Have a feast."

  • Snow chomps.

Random_Nerd: Silver: "We have discharged our debt in full."
DanteE: "Accept this." (Asp2 fling at Silver... Theresa, mess with it!)
Random_Nerd: (Aspect doesn't go in Conjunctives.)
Theresa: (Even if we both work on breaking his neck?)
DanteE: (No, but it is a hunk of wood)
Random_Nerd: (But I mean, you doing an Aspect 2 miracle, and her doing something with wood, would be two separate miracles.)
DanteE: (Quick question: what would happen if I took another Deadly?)
Random_Nerd: (You'd be down to one Severe and two Surface.)
Random_Nerd: (It's... a lot prettier than what happens if Brian or Snow takes one deadly.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, now, the spear. Aspect 2 Pen 0?)
DanteE: (OK, one question to the group: are we at all entertaining the possibility of accepting their offer?)
Theresa: (Haven't. What with Snow eating the other guy and not trusting them.)
Brian: (no)
Snow: (Sorry. *sheepish*)
Brian: (in fact, Brian will probably fight until he's dead, or they are, or they withdraw)
Brian: (even though it'll be completely ineffectual.)
DanteE: (OK... I think I'm damn near out of all MPs, so I'll grab 4 DPs and do a Asp 4 Pen 2 throw.)
Random_Nerd: (Okay, I'm assuming the spearthrow is Aspect 2 Pen 0, unless told otherwise.)
Brian: (and I'll ask that if he survive, that I can redistribute my Bonds some)
Random_Nerd: (ah, okay.)
DanteE: (Theresa... you go after, and make it grow. :)
Theresa: (So that the roots tear his skull apart or what?  :) )
DanteE: (Your choice)
Theresa: (Okay. If he's dead, I won't need penetration. How many DP do we have, anyway?)
Random_Nerd: (Beats me. Didn't Etheric track those?)
Theresa: (Go for it, Dante. If it doesn't finish him off, I'll use some more. We have, I believe more than 12. RN - yep.)
Snow: (This will get me to 0 AMPs left, btw. In case it matters.)
DanteE: "GrrrrAAAARGH!" (fling!)

  • Snow grunts as she bites down.

Random_Nerd: Snow swallows the head of the horseman.
Brian: (any Crane in sight?)
Brian: (or is it Crayne? I can never remember)
Random_Nerd: (Crane, I think.)
Theresa: Once the spear connects with Silver, Theresa will pour all of her heart (and 4 DP for a level...hmm..with four that's a 7 miracle. Since I'll be spending the DP for the power of 2 anyhow...)

  • Snow sighs and slumps to the ground.

Theresa: into Creating roots that penetrate him and tear him limb from limb from limb...
Random_Nerd: The spear hits the Exrcrucian shard, and sprouts roots.
Random_Nerd: (He's down to 1 surface wound, and it's his miracle.)
Random_Nerd: "I think... I think that I have just enough power to kill two of you, before you kill me."
DanteE: (Brian hasn't gone...)
Random_Nerd: "But you seem as ill-used here as I am. And my comrade is dead."
Theresa: (He made a shiny 4, I thought.)
Random_Nerd: (He did.)
Brian: (Brian tossed a L1 + 2Pen at the guy. No way that's actually going to /hurt/ him)
Random_Nerd: The Excrucian braces himself, and you can almost see the miraculous power rearranging itself around his body as he makes a great leap southward, carrying him perhaps a hundred yards.
Random_Nerd: (He is /so/ last-trumping here.)

  • Brian yells after him "Coward. I'll get you back for harming Snow and Theresa, some day..." (L1 Aspect, for 2AMPs)

Brian: (Brian's an idiot, it seems)
Random_Nerd: (You do know that he could have killed you, just then, right?)
Brian: (yes)
Snow: (May I do a Miracle?)
Theresa: "I just...want to help Snow's Estate...and then...go home."
Brian: (Like I said, Brian's an idiot, it seems. Wait, do I have any more penalties for being out of Serious wounds? If so, I wouldn't be able to do the Aspect yelling)
Random_Nerd: (Sure, Snow, but it'll be the round after he jumped, as your miracle that round was to eat the other one's head.)
Snow: (Of course.)
Random_Nerd: (Eh, it's dramatic, you can do it.)
Brian: (... and down to 1 SMP left ...)
Theresa: (Dante must feel left out from not being on Brian's Vengence list...)

  • Snow will NOW attempt to create caprice in the ground beneath where the Silver one landed, finding faults, air spaces, unstable rocks, and sending them wherever they most feel like moving.

Brian: (Dante hasn't actually /hurt/ Theresa, or Snow, at least, not that I can remember)
DanteE: (May have hurt their feelings at some point... :)

  • Snow will "feel" as deep in the ground as she can, growling as she does so.

Theresa: (I meant having people be on the list for hurting Dante.)
Random_Nerd: (Hmm. He landed on pretty solid ground, and such a lesser creation would make it weaker, but wouldn't swallow him whole, since it hasn't been weakened by the destruction of roots.)
Random_Nerd: (Snow would know this.)
Random_Nerd: (Do you still do it?)
Snow: (Hm. *checks points*)
Brian: (T: ah)
DanteE: (what about a Greater Creation?)
Random_Nerd: (That'd do it.)
Snow: (That's what I'm thinking. She has Domain 4. 2 DMPs?)
DanteE: (+2 for Pen 2)
Random_Nerd: (And remember the penalty from wounds.)
Snow: (Drat. That's -2 by now? Or more?)
DanteE: (DId you use any DMPs?)
Random_Nerd: (-2.)
Theresa: (So a total of 6 DMPs?)
Random_Nerd: (Snow is down to one surface wound.)
Random_Nerd: (If a squirrel coughs on her, she's in trouble.)
Random_Nerd: (Well, a Greater Creation is Domain 7.)
Snow: (May I use one Dynasty point?)
Brian: (go ahead)
Random_Nerd: (Doing one now, with 2 pen, would take Snow eight DMPs. Also, she would die.)
Theresa: (Hmm...I think you may need more than that, but it's okay with me.  :) )
Brian: (don't die)
Brian: (dying is bad)
Random_Nerd: (That'd be a Word of Command. Those suckers take a Deadly Would level even if you're perfectly fine.)

  • Snow Last Trumps 4 of her SMPs into 1 DMP, and uses 1 Dynasty point, AND her 2 leftover make the ground consume him.

DanteE: (Could risk just using 1 pen)
Random_Nerd: (So, doing it as just a Lesser Creation?)
Snow: (She already has 4 Domain Points. Wouldn't this all make it a Greater?)
Random_Nerd: (A Greater Miracle, at Pen 2 is a Miracle Level 9.)
Random_Nerd: (With the extra penalty for wounds, that raises it to eleven.)
Random_Nerd: (She has Domain 4.)
Snow: (Sorry! She has 4 Domain. Plus 1 from Last Trump, plus 2 from her existing DMPs, plus 1 Dynasty point...yeah. Can I use 2 Dynasty points?)
DanteE: (I think we'll have to let him go)
Random_Nerd: (Because of the Powers of Two rule, she can only do that with a Word of Command.)
Random_Nerd: (That would, I'm really not kidding, kill your character right now.)
Snow: (I'm sorry. I'll leave it then.)
Random_Nerd: (You can do it... but I don't advise it.)
Theresa: (With that thought, I vote we let him go. I don't want Snow to die and I can stand him getting away since Snow ate the other one and we killed one.)
Snow: (*nodnod*)
Brian: (I've already caused him to Recur at some point in the future :-P)
Brian: (we'll have a chance to kill him eventually)
DanteE: (Then again, he is down to Surface, right?)
Random_Nerd: (As is Snow.)
Snow: (Which is why I was trying, but he's right.)
Random_Nerd: (And Brian. Both are down to one surface wound each.)
Theresa: (We've come out ahead...none of us has died yet but two of them have.)
Random_Nerd: (This is the exact worst possible time ever for a Word of Command.)
Random_Nerd: (I've calculated that with SCIENCE!)
Snow: (Unless Snow can do a Lesser Creation of Whimsy in the animals around her, and send them attacking him.)
Snow: (But that wouldn't be any Pen.)
Theresa: (Might want to save that to fix your Estate.)
DanteE: (Hm...
Brian: (agree)
Random_Nerd: (He's still Aspect 2. Animals probably wouldn't be enough.)
Snow: (Fair enough. I give. Uncle. ;) )
DanteE: (Is the grey still around?)
Random_Nerd: (Yes.)
DanteE: (Would swatting him make the grey go away?)
Snow: (That's what I was thinking.)
Random_Nerd: (I don't believe it would.)
Random_Nerd: (Let me check.)
Brian: (I vote for session ending time)
DanteE: (Well, quick vote: try something, or let him get away?)
Brian: (let him get away)
Snow: (I'm out of ideas...?)
Brian: (it'll be good for us to have a recurring type villain. Even if he only comes back to be killed by us.)
DanteE: "He'll be back."
Theresa: (Get away.)
Random_Nerd: (Thats exactly what recurring villians are for!)
DanteE: "... We should be ready for it."

  • Snow sighs unhappily, and curls up in a ball in human form.
  • Theresa slumps to the ground. *holding at her chest wound, which is probably bleeding again. She looks around them... "Those people..we can't even bring them back..."

Random_Nerd: _________STOP_______________________

      • Brian is now known as Lazarus.
      • Snow is now known as Sara.

Theresa: *HUG*
Random_Nerd: Thoughts?

      • DanteE is now known as Knockwood.

Sara: Later Laz!
Lazarus: combat!
Random_Nerd: That was... that was interesting.
Lazarus: g'night guys.
Knockwood: g'night Laz
Theresa: Night Laz
Sara: Interesting good or interesting bad?
Knockwood: so... can we throw down or what?
Random_Nerd: Good, I think.

      • You are now known as BethE.

Lazarus: I'm kinda glad to be able to Cascade of Cutting Terror :-P
BethE: Chinese curse interesting.  :)
Random_Nerd: That you guys and they were so perfectly matched.
BethE: So, the four of us are a match for two or so Warmains...
Sara: I was kind of disappointed about that, actually. 4 on 2, you think we'd bea ble to beat them easy.
Random_Nerd: Perhaps a slight edge on you guys' part because of Dante's Sancrosanct, but pretty close.
Knockwood: well, if we'd unleashed some Words of Command they'd be worse off. :)
Random_Nerd: Warmains are the warriors of the Excrucians.
Random_Nerd: They're all at least as combat-focused as Dante is.
BethE: If we had unleashed some WoC, we'd be stuck healing for months.
Knockwood: I thought about it... a WoC would be a GC Blades +2 pen for me.
Random_Nerd: These were built on the same number of points as you guys, but they were built almost entirely to fight.
Knockwood: That would HURT, damn it.
Random_Nerd: Indeed.

      • Lazarus has signed off IRC (Disintegrated: Leaving.).

Random_Nerd: Words of Command are the Big Mojo of the setting.
Knockwood: Or, a L10 Courage miracle....
Knockwood: Which I thought about.
Sara: I'm very disappointed that Snow seems so...useless. Her 3 Realm is useless, and so I'm stuck eating things. And now I can't even do that.
BethE: If we had done WoC, Brian and Snow would be dead and Theresa would be in danger of death by squirrel-cough and Dante would be running the place.
Random_Nerd: Useless?
BethE: You _ate_ a guy!
Random_Nerd: The way I see it, if Snow wasn't here, the Shards would have won.
BethE: And you did the horse!
Sara: Lucky bite. I had to eat the guy.
Knockwood: It's useless on Earth, by definition. You can, however, kick considerable butt in Amyra.
Sara: ;)
BethE: Err, let me rephrase that...

  • Sara laughs.

Random_Nerd: If nothing else, you killed the one, which made it possible for the other to retreat without breaking his Code.
Sara: We do fight and stuff in Amyra, right? Eventually? *fret*
Knockwood: You think we should have taken them up on their offer?
BethE: More than in Chancel.
Knockwood: (Don't give him ideas! Rule Zero! :)
BethE: Sorry, brain tired. Meant more than out of Chancel.
Sara: Thank goodness.
Knockwood: Plus... we get +3 Chancel POints, right?
Sara: Heh. Unless I got 7 Domain. In which case I could destroy entire planets with a sniff.
Random_Nerd: For Snow's Realm, you mean?
Knockwood: yep
Random_Nerd: Yep.

  • Sara nods.

Random_Nerd: Did you guys have fun?
BethE: I don't think that we could have taken them up on it. We wouldn't have healed up that much and they know what's going on more than we do.
Sara: I did!
BethE: (Hmm..Can we get our Borderguard?)
Sara: That's what I was afraid of. They'd go away and get the drop on us.
Sara: (Can Snow define what the Borderguard looks like?)
BethE: I had fun. I'm a bit stunned at the moment and Theresa's hurt more now than from the bunny, but I had fun.
Random_Nerd: (She can!)
Sara: A bad-thing eating glacier please.
Knockwood: I doubt Dante had fun, but I liked it. :)
Sara: Snow didn't have much fun. I had tons of fun showing off her mad eating skizzles.
Knockwood: Of course, now we have a choice...
Random_Nerd: This is the most fightyness we've had so far, definitely.
Knockwood: should we gear our characters up for war?
Random_Nerd: And I'm glad to see that Nobilis works well for drag-down miracle fights to the death.
Random_Nerd: Oh, and by the way, now you guys have dealt with three of the four kinds of Excrucian. Which do you like best, and why?
BethE: I think we're at a point where we go talk to our Imperator.
Knockwood: talk to, or yell at?
BethE: (We may be working for the fourth type...)
Sara: I liked the thing with the bees...that was bad ass.
Knockwood: (Oh... we should do 'traces' on silver's miracles so we can be prepped for his return)
Knockwood: BTW, what's the word on Etheric?
Sara: (I'm still pissed that he killed my whimsy!)
Random_Nerd: Probably coming back soon.
Knockwood: (Make more. :)
BethE: That was probably the point of them killing your whimsy. And because they're bastards.
Sara: (Still, he killed that one girl's whims. That's not good.)
Random_Nerd: Oh, and incidentially, you found out the answer to the enigmatic question of a few sessions back.
BethE: It's easier to think of Excrucians as more powerful Nelsons...
Knockwood: he left because he was burnt out on RPGs, right?
Random_Nerd: More of a time issue.
Random_Nerd: And wanting to avoid getting to the burnout stage.
Knockwood: what question?
Random_Nerd: Why did Kudzu know that Snow's estate was going to be attacked before it happened?
Sara: Oh yeah, even I got that, and I'm slow about stuff like that. :) Kudzu sent 'em.
Sara: And it's past midnight here. I should go to bed. *yawn*
Knockwood: oyasumi-nasai. And watch for indigestion. :)
Sara: BTW, in case it matters, John Fiala, who lives in the Mountain time zone, is making a tentative return to online RPGs-ville.
BethE: This was a draining session.  :)
BethE: *perks* oooo...

  • Sara pats her belly!

Knockwood: who?
BethE: (I miss the oldGreg...)
Sara: Nothing for sure, but I think he'd do well here. A thought. *shrug*
BethE: He's from Dan Davenport's Buffy game.
Sara: And Armageddon. In which he rocked.
BethE: He was having time issues as well.

  • Sara poofs. Thanks all!

Random_Nerd: Before you go, was there anything about the session you guys particularly disliked?
Sara: Oh!
BethE: I felt helpless but I figured that was part of the situation.
Sara: Well, one thing I liked was the time limit on actions. Makes things move faster.
Knockwood: we really need to get the rules down
Sara: Meant to mention that at the time.
Knockwood: reread the miracle and combat chapters...
Knockwood: we were bumbling around like FEMA workers.
Sara: Also--and this is a personal thing--I don't think that we should be allowed to move character points around after going through a session. Add to them, with character points, whatever. But not just change them depending on what we want.

  • Sara hehs at Knock.

Knockwood: well, that goes with new characters & new game
Random_Nerd: Well, the thing I've done is that, since it's tricky to build characters, you can change things after your first storyline with the character, unless it requires a retcon.
Sara: Oh, new characters is one thing. :)
Random_Nerd: But from then on it's settled.
Knockwood: I mean, don't tell me you wouldn't have traded in some Realm for Aspect, Snow. :)

Chapter 8