Session 6 of Pine Falls

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Fu> So. When we last left off, it was friday night, October 10th, if I remember right.
<Khayin> Yes
<Khayin> And there was an... incident
<Fu> A lovely one.
<Mala> I got glass in my branches. DX
<Fu> I slept with fate and got my Clarity bitten off. ^_^
<Mala> (This is why we use protection)
<Khayin> That's a... good way of putting it. XD
<Khayin> In any case, it's been three weeks since the night at Pine Falls City Hospital. No murders, mysterious attacks, or otherwise strange violent incidents have occurred since then (that you know of, anyway) and things have mostly been business as usual. Anything in particular you guys intended to do in the meantime?
<Mala> How far away is the hospital from the school? >.>
<Fu> Fu would be trying to do a weekly movie night.
<Khayin> The hospital is probably about five miles from the campus heart.
<DrakeNero> Work work work.
<Khayin> Anything you guys might have been looking into, or have you been content to retain a little sanity in your lives?
<Fu> Fu: Schoolwork, socializing, painting (A LOT), and well, flirting/arguing.
<Mala> That's not so far. Mala's made it her business to have gone to see Patricia, assuming she's still there.
<Fu> And if Mala asks, Fu sometimes gives Mala a lift to the hostipal.
<Mala> And took her a little bonsai. To keep her company. >.>
<Khayin> Very kind of her. :) It's very likely that Mala would have met Patricia's parents.
<Mala> Oh dear. They probably wonder what sort their daughter has been associating with. X3
<Khayin> Drake made quick work of the university's finances. The dean thanked him for his excellent work and paid him handsomely with a little extra on top because he's quite sure that Drake is an honorable chap who will keep the school's info confidential.
<DrakeNero> Of course. He won't share that information with anyone who isn't a Changeling.
<DrakeNero> and sometimes not even then!
<Khayin> In fact, soon after he was finished, he was contacted by Isaac Franklin -- one of the town's oldest families and wealthiest individuals. Apparently, his connections with the dean led him to seek Drake's services.
<Khayin> Mr. Franklin lives in a very, very large house at the northern-western edge of the town.
<Khayin> Mala, on the other hand, discovered that Patricia's agitated parents were so very happy to see that their daughter had actually managed to make a friend already and welcomed her warmly, encouraging her to visit whenever she could.
<DrakeNero> Drake does not do housecalls.
<Mala> Aww. :3 Mala's gettin' to know people :D
<DrakeNero> He will, however, call.
<Khayin> That fact saddens Mr. Franklin no small bit, but he makes the trip out to meet you anyway. He is a cordial and actually rather... positive individual. He seems easily delighted by just about anything and he has a really big sense of humor.
<Khayin> He's made a number of investments over the last couple years and his usual accountant -- another town resident -- is finding it difficult to keep up.
<Khayin> How often would you say Mala gets out to see the comatose girl?
<Khayin> Fu, as Ryan, has kept a rather hectic schedule.
<Fu> Because the damn boy is nucking futs.
<Mala>'s not like she does much else or knows anyone else in town. >_> So, unless Fu or Drake drag her somewhere... almost every day. ^^
<Khayin> Work, studies, art... and socializing is starting to take a chunk, too.
<DrakeNero> Drake will than happily take a look at these large investments.
<Fu> People are being more interesting now! :D They talk to him more for some odd reason.
<Khayin> Patricia's parents would definitely love her, then. They'd ask a lot of questions. May I get a general Wits + Socialize roll to see how well she manages to keep up?
<Mala> Oh dear. o.o
<Mala> !roll_ww 1 8 10
<The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 1, 10
<The_Lady> rolled 1d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Mala> ....!
<Khayin> Good enough
<Khayin> They find her a little... ditzy, perhaps, but they otherwise do not think anything is actually wrong with her.
<Khayin> In fact, they invite her to a Halloween party.
<Khayin> Among the folks Fu has been talking to a lot, that bitchy girl, Theresa, has been running into him a lot.
<Fu> And he often probably invites her to lunch, just to continue the arguments they keep having.
<Mala> Ooo. Party. Mala makes a note to ask Fu about those next time she seems him. >.>
<Fu> Fu would be very much delighted to explain. :D
<Khayin> It's odd how Theresa manages to keep entering these arguments with Fu without punching him in the face, but stuff just seems to happen. In any case, she also ends up... subtlely inviting him to a Halloween party as well. She says it's nothing fantastic, but if he shows up, it'll at least keep her from being bored.
<Fu> And Fu just goes "*slight jaw drop* ... :D"
<Khayin> Patricia's parents explain to Mala that most of the town residents who hail from the founding familes attend the party and, while they wish they could take poor Patricia along, they'd be delighted to take her good friend.
<Mala> Aww.
<Khayin> Drake finds that Mr. Franklin's finances are no joke. The man is loaded and he makes some very smart investments on an international level.
<Khayin> In fact, he can see that one of his credit cards seems to travel the world a LOT.
<DrakeNero> How very interesting!
<Khayin> The chance that Drake will do poorly with the work is non-existent, but please roll Intelligence + Politics for a Finance roll.
<Khayin> I just want to see HOW well he does it.
<Khayin> Was that expression from Fu one of acceptance? :P
<Fu> Yes.
<Fu> And surprise.
<Fu> Just his luck, after all.
<Khayin> Quite :D
<DrakeNero> !roll_ww 6 8 10
<The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 1, 2, 2, 6, 8, 9
<The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 2 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> Smashing. Drake completes his work over the course of a week and a half by rote procedure. Nothing difficult -- there was just a lot of it. Mr. Franklin is sufficiently impressed.
<Khayin> Once his fee is paid, Mr. Franklin actually invites Drake to his annual Halloween party. He always invites those who have worked well for him over the year and he'd certainly like to introduce you to his associates.
<DrakeNero> That's techinically not a housecall, so what the hell. He'll go.
<Fu> After about two seconds after the comment about the party, Fu adjusts his glasses and smiles with a cat getting his first mouse's grin, "So, Miss Theresa, does this mean I am your 'date' for All Hallows Eve?"
<Khayin> "It most certainly does NOT, Mr. Ryan," she responds curtly. "All the old town families have to attend, so I have to go by default. I hate going, so I'm going to vent on you."
<Khayin> And was Mala accepting the invitation?
<Mala> Sure :D
<Fu> "So, a victim? So, you /are/ a sadist." Fu looks aghast. "And please, if you must do 'Mister' with my name, it's /Smith./"
<Khayin> They happily offer to pick her up after classes (they just assumed she was a student) Friday evening and take her to the party. They recommend "nice clothes."
<Mala> "Okay. o.o" Nice clothes. Definitely need to ask Fu about that. >__>;
<Khayin> "Just show up," she says, exasperated. She gives Fu the address of the venue (somewhere in the northern part of town) and leaves in her usual huff.
* Fu laughs in a half-creepy way, heading for whatever he needs to do next. Just with a much bigger grin.
<Mala> !roll 1d10
<The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 6
<The_Lady> Rolled 6 on 1d10
<Fu> !roll 1d10
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 1
<The_Lady> Rolled 1 on 1d10
<DrakeNero> !roll 1d10
<The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 5
<The_Lady> Rolled 5 on 1d10
<Fu> !roll 1d10
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 2
<The_Lady> Rolled 2 on 1d10
<Khayin> All right, I shall skip ahead, then.
<Khayin> By the time Friday evening rolls around, half the campus is buzzing with excitement. Mala sees that, for some reason, everyone is dressed up like something strange today.
<Mala> o.o
<Mala> Mala wonders if people are going to stop ignoring the fact that she's a tree. D:
<Khayin> Actually, a lot of people come up to her and praise her appearance. "Oh, I love Snow White!" they would say. "You look so cute in that!"
<Khayin> How about the rest of y'all? How are you dressing?
* DrakeNero is dressed as the knight in shining armor.
<DrakeNero> Just for the irony. Hah!
<Fu> I'm looking for a picutre!
<Khayin> XD
<Khayin> Exquisite
<Fu> Ichigo, that outfit because it has long sleeves.
<Fu> What can he say? He babysits an otaku girl.
<Mala> o.o
<Khayin> Heh heh heh. Appropriate.
<Khayin> All right.
<Khayin> Mr. and Mrs. Harris arrive to pick Mala up at the front of the campus, praising her choice of dress just like everyone else and ushering her into a car almost as nice as Drake's.
<Fu> Fu probably makes sure he can find Theresa first.
<Mala> Mala tries not to leave leaves in it. >.>
<DrakeNero> Drake's black car has since had its window fixed.
<Khayin> On campus?
<Khayin> Indeed
<Fu> Probably on campus since he would think it improper to go unannounced.
<Khayin> Drake is looking mighty fetching and rolls up to the Franklin Estate appearing as regal as most of the wealthier fellows who didn't drive themselves. He looks so important, in fact, the valet automatically rushes up to take his keys on sight.
<Khayin> Theresa, unfortunately, is nowhere to be found on campus today.
<Fu> Then Fu would sigh and drive there. If he has any problems, he can just charm his way in anyways.
<Fu> Oh yeah, after getting his costume. =_=
<DrakeNero> Drake drops his keys into the valet's hands. "Thanks."
<Khayin> The estate was quite a drive out into the woods, following a single path that didn't really appear on any maps (though the mailbox hinted the direction). While Drake expected the sight before he arrived, Fu and Mala likely were not quite expecting their destination to be the opulent mansion that they drove up to.
<DrakeNero> He really DOES look like the handsome prince in his Mask.
<Mala> o.o
<Fu> Fu actually looks a little worried, honestly.
<Fu> Something reminding him of the Gallery.
<Khayin> The palatial estate has a Southern touch and its rustic design is off-set by the clearly magnificent materials used in its construction.
<Khayin> Roll Wits + Academics if you want to take away any more information from its appearance beyond simply that it is awesome.
<DrakeNero> !roll_ww 5 8 10
<The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 4, 4, 5, 8, 8
<The_Lady> rolled 5d10. Got 2 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Fu> !roll_ww 5 8 10
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 3, 4, 5, 5, 9, 10, 10, 10
<The_Lady> rolled 5d10. Got 4 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Mala> !roll_ww 3 8 10
<The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 4, 4, 6
<The_Lady> rolled 3d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> Drake and Fu can tell that the mansion's southern style is no accident. This estate was clearly designed by settlers from the eastern parts of the country during the gold rush era.
<DrakeNero> Fancy.
<Khayin> Fu is also able to tell that many parts appear to have been replaced or rebuilt as there are too many materials here that simply could not have been used back then -- they come from all over the world.
<Fu> The facts sort of calm Fu down.
<Fu> But the closer details make him a bit more worried again. He had a mishmash of cultures on his very skin.
<Khayin> The Harrises drive up and offer their keys to a man who takes them and drives off with their car while they happily escort Mala to the front entrance -- a gilded double-door entry way with men on either side whose sole purpose seems to be to bow to those entering.
<Mala> o.o
<Mala> The Harrises aren't bowing...sooooo, Mala's probably not supposed to either. >.> So she just follows them in.
<Khayin> "A pleasure to see you again, Mr. and Mrs. Harris." They all say. Most seem to want to address Mala, too, but then they don't for some reason.
<Khayin> "It's all right," Mrs. Harris says, putting her arm around Mala's shoulder. "Our dear Patricia couldn't be with us tonight, so we've invited her very good friend, Mala along. We'd be happy if she was treated as our guest."
<Khayin> That seems to make everyone treat Mala a LOT nicer afterwards.
* Mala waves. o.o
<Khayin> Drake also receives the royal treatment, though you're starting to guess -- quite humorously -- that it is simply because he looks like he ought to.
<DrakeNero> And he's not even using Vainglory.
<DrakeNero> Awesome.
<DrakeNero> He hams it up.
<Khayin> Roll Presence + Socialize with a +2 equipment bonus. Again, I'm sure he can do it -- I'm just curious. :D
<DrakeNero> !roll_ww 6 8 10
<The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 2, 7, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10
<The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 3 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> Lovely. They eat it up.
<Khayin> He is offered very expensive wine and all sorts of funny-looking exotic finger-foods.
<Khayin> Fu, on the other hand, rolls up in his not-as-impressive car and is immediately waved to a lot off to the side. People from this lot are then herded throught he side entrance.
<DrakeNero> He takes a glass of the wine and walks around with it, but doesn't drink it.
* Fu shrugs, not minding.
<Fu> This is going to be an amusing night. And oh, can I hunts glamour?
<Khayin> When you all enter, you are led to the main dining hall which resembles the high-class banquet hall of a political building more than anything else.
<Fu> !roll_ww 6 8 10
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 1, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7
<The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Fu> Fu relaxes somewhat and quietly wanders. It's just interesting being in a vaguely sterile, much less creepy version of his durance.
<Khayin> Fortunately, the feeling is lessened by the fact that no one seems to want to pay attention to Fu at all.
<Fu> it is a mixture of annoyance at that, and sheer relief. People /not/ looking at him is... really quite nice. >_>
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<Fu> There is also the whole 'I am an art geek, damn you' thing too.
<Fu> So he is actually distracted by all of the neat artwork.
<Khayin> As seen from outside, the art here blends together almost seemlessly, but is obviously multi-cultural.
<Fu> !roll_ww 7 8 10 (willpower!)
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 9, 9
<The_Lady> rolled 7d10. Got 2 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> It takes a bit, but Fu manages to track Theresa down. It was made difficult by the fact that she looks almost nothing like her normal self.
<Fu> And what, praytell, is she?
<Khayin> She looks incredibly fetching -- her hair done up elegantly, her make-up applied conservatively and almost invisibly outlining the prettiness of her face, her gorgeous dress giving her an almost impossibly regal air. The only thing that really gives her away is her tell-tale look of annoyance.
<Khayin> As far as Fu can tell, she appears to be dressed as a princess. :D
<Fu> Biiiiiig surprise.
<Fu> Fu suddenly gets a broad grin and gently taps Theresa's shoulder. "Excuse me, /princess./"
<Khayin> Mala is introduced around by Mrs. Harris as Mr. Harris begs off to socialize with the men. "This is Mala," she says almost proudly. "She is my daughter's good friend and an enviable one at that. She visits her every day at the hospital."
* Mala waves and is starting to get used to this. Kinda. Sorta. ^^;
<Khayin> Make a Presence + Socialize roll with a +1 bonus for having Mrs. Harris back Mala up.
<Mala> Gotta focus. o.o
<Mala> !roll_ww 5 8 10 (Burning Willpower!)
<The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 1, 1, 5, 6, 9
<The_Lady> rolled 5d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> Whew!
<Fu> Fu has his damnable "^_^" expression as Theresa turns to look at him, no matter what.
<Khayin> No problems. She does quite well and Mrs. Harris commends her ability to blend in with the upper-crust. "Are you related to any of our founding families, dear?" she asks.
<Khayin> Theresa turns, a look of barely restrained disgust on her face before she recognizes Fu. "Oh," she says, slightly relived. "Ryan. About time you showed up. I need someone to growl at."
* Fu grins. "Pardon me, but I did try finding you at school first. I thought it would be rude to walk right in."
* Fu gives something of a half-bow, in recognition of her costume.
<Fu> "that and I was distracted."
<Khayin> "I had to prepare for this all damn day," she replies, gesturing to her dress and hair with rolled eyes. "I just want to leave, but my parents will have a fit. They like to keep up appearances when these things are held."
<Mala> "Uhm... I'm not sure. >.> We've been around for a while though, I think..." Mala somehow still hasn't looked up the timeline of the Orchard. Maybe she should...
<Fu> "This is your house?" He blinks. After a moment, he smiles. "It looks like you just got spared me having a moment of my true colors then."
<Khayin> "Oh, you blend in so well I'd be willing to bet you have your roots in this town!" Mrs. Harris says to Mala with a lovely smile. "Now, how would you like to try some wine?"
<Mala> "Wine? Uhm. Okay. :D " Gotta find out what it is sooner or later...
=-= Seras|Shower is now known as DrakeNero
<Khayin> "Bah," Theresa replies. "This is all just for show. They do it every year on Halloween. I have no idea why." She starts off toward the back. "Come on -- I don't see my folks anywhere, so I might be able to escape for a bit."
<Khayin> Mala, please roll Perception with a +2 bonus.
<Mala> (+1 after her penalty... hmmm... so 6)
<Mala> !roll_ww 6 8 10
<The_Lady> Mala invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 3, 3, 6, 8, 9, 9, 10
<The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 4 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Fu> "No, I mean the architecture, not anything else." He follows. "I recognize details of it from different cultures."
<Khayin> "Great," the surly princess says, gliding through the dining hall. "I'm sure you'll have a blast talking to my mother."
<Fu> "I *am* an art geek, Mis.... /Princess/ Theresa."
<Fu> He says princess with enough malicious teasing that it could make someone blush.
<Khayin> Mala takes the glass offered by Mrs. Harris and, lifting it up like everyone else does and taking a slight whiff of the liquid contents, she notices the distinct aroma of apples.
<Mala> o.o
<Fu> "A place like this..."
<Fu> He walks just a little faster so he can step in front of her, "Is like candy to me. ^_^'
<Mala> Well.... her apples got harvested and some of them probably ended up like this... so... It's a little weird for her, but she drinks the wine anyway.
<Khayin> Drake manages to blend in seemlessly and even attracts a bit of attention from the upper crust. He can almost smell the money around here. Before too long he is spotted by Mr. Franklin himself who marches over and greets him with a beatific smile and an eager handshake. "Welcome, welcome! I'm so glad you came! And I see you wasted no time in meeting the rest of the town's old goats, eh? Ha!"
<DrakeNero> "They're certainly friendly."
<Khayin> "Glad to hear it, my friend. I'd, um... introduce you to my wife, but she seems to have run off again. Let's see... ah! I'll introduce you to my daughter."
<DrakeNero> "I'd be delighted."
<Khayin> Theresa stops cold when she hears her name almost yelled from across the dining hall. Fu can see a very slight shudder before she turns around wielding a gracious smile that even he can't seem to tell is fake.
* Fu makes a low whistle.
<Fu> And in full seriousness, "Nicely done, putting that mask up. Shall I leave you be, or would you like me have me there for immediate head-biting afterwards?"
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<Khayin> "Don't you dare go!" she hisses out of the corner of her smile as her father walks up with... Drake in tow.
<Fu> "Wouldn't, for the world." He grins, nodding to Drake.
<Fu> (Out of the corner of his mouth as well)
<Khayin> "Mr. Nero, this is my lovely daughter, Theresa. Darling, please meet Mr. Drake Nero -- he has helped us and the university with a great deal of heavy lifting in the financial department."
<DrakeNero> "A pleasure." Drake nods politely to her.
<DrakeNero> he's ignoring Fu.
* Fu takes out a handkerchief to cough, and hiding a very big grin.
<Fu> The whole constant ^_^ sort of helps.
<Khayin> "The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Nero. I'm very happy that you could attend our party." She seems a nice girl, but Drake can sense the familiar mask of the elite to hide their real faces.
<Khayin> "Good?" Mrs. Harris asks, smiling almost proudly. "I don't know if Patricia ever told you, but our family owns the orchards outside town and we produce this wine out our distillery from the apples we grow! Harris's apple wine is fairly famous in the northwest, you know."
<Mala> "Oh. o.o I didn't know that..."
<Khayin> "Thank you, dearest," Mr. Franklin says to Theresa. "Now, Mr. Nero, please let me introduce you to some people that I think you would very much like to be acquainted with."
<DrakeNero> He winks at Fu as they walk past.
<Khayin> "Most of the old families of the town are responsible for some part of the town's culture or well-being. Ours just happens to be the winery! Oh, but I hope you don't think it makes us stuck-up... we like to think we're like most people. We aren't as rich and important as, say, Mr. Franklin."
<Fu> Once Mr. Franklin leaves, Fu smirks right back at Drake with a hint of a nod before returning his attention to Theresa. "Well, Princess," Again with that tone, "I guess this is where I gloat about living a few states away from home?"
<Khayin> Drake, please roll Presence + Socialize with a +3 bonus, please.
<DrakeNero> !roll_ww 7 8 10
<The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, 7, 8
<The_Lady> rolled 7d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> (... without the redundant "please")
<Khayin> Mr. Franklin introduces Drake to a number of men, each of them apparently the current heads of the old families in Pine Falls. In turn he meets Mr. Harris, who owns the winery; Mr. Godwin, whose family owns the titles to much of the town's real estate; Mr. Keeler, who oversees the forest land around the town and negotiates the use of natural resources; and Mr. Vargas, who is introduced without a resume of duties.
<DrakeNero> He mentally catalogues the names.
<Khayin> Each greets him in turn, Mr. Vargas being the oldest, yet offers the firmest handshake, uttering more of a grunt than a real greeting. The rest seem to overlook that.
<Khayin> All right -- now I speed things up a bit.
<Fu> for now?
<Khayin> Fu, please roll Presence + Socialize.
<Fu> Bonus with Striking Looks?
<Khayin> Yes, most certainly. Thank you for reminding me.
<Fu> !roll_ww 11 8 10 Glamour (4) + Willpower (3) + Striking Looks (1)
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 1, 1, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 10, 10, 10, 10
<The_Lady> rolled 11d10. Got 9 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Mala> (....fuck me. o___o )
<Khayin> So, that's where all your successes went! O_o
<Fu> ( WOW )
<Fu> (Yeah, Fu just burned luck, willpower and his looks. O_O )
<Khayin> That's...
<Khayin> Okay, I'll go over the results of that later. Suffice to say, Fu made a tremendous impression on the party-goers and managed to "level up" to upper-class in their eyes.
<Fu> Being a very polite young man who, though in an anime costume, happily keeps up with everyone and seems to keep up with current events....
<Fu> !roll_ww 6 8 10
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 2, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8
<The_Lady> rolled 6d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> Mala manages to maneuver her way through high society admirably, glad that everyone seems content to ask the same questions over and over again. Thankfully, no one brought up her treeness, and they didn't seem to mind either.
<Mala> Mala has found that people are very accepting of it!
<Mala> Though offering her apple wine was a bit of a faux pas, she thinks... but was nice enough not to call attention to it. >.>
<Fu> Oh, and the whole 'exotic pretty boy' probably helps.
<Khayin> Socializing with the big boys of Pine Falls, Drake has the opportunity to make the right connections and possibly secure work with the big money. Most seem impressed by what Mr. Franklin says, though Mr. Vargas appears unmoved.
<DrakeNero> Odd, but he's not going to act proud or push his luck, here.
<Khayin> Impressed and a bit taken aback by Fu's ability to mingle several stations above him, Theresa excuses herself politely and steers the two of them outside so she can get a breath of fresh air.
<Fu> "^_^"
<Khayin> "... don't look so cocky. You just fake it well." she says, folding her arms over her chest as they walk into the chilly night air. The fog is thick as always, but the moon is bright and cuts through like a big, white halo in the sky
<Khayin> As conversations start to dwindle, Drake feels his phone go off quietly.
<Fu> "Of course. Everyone plays a mask."
<DrakeNero> He politely steps away to glance at the number.
<Khayin> Unknown
<DrakeNero> he sends it to voicemail.
<Fu> "And I should be cocky, it is your fault that I was in such a situation." He gives a chilling smile.
<Fu> "Yet as luck, I seemed to have passed."
<Khayin> Fu and Drake, roll Perception, please.
<Fu> !roll_ww 5 8 10
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 5, 6, 7, 7, 7
<The_Lady> rolled 5d10. Got 0 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<DrakeNero> !roll_ww 4 8 10
<The_Lady> DrakeNero invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 5, 5, 7, 8, 10, 10
<The_Lady> rolled 4d10. Got 3 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Fu> Fu is too distracted by pretty.
<Khayin> Mala enjoys the attention throughout the evening, but eventually Mr. Harris comes back with a slightly frantic expression and whispers something into his wife's ear, which seems to infect her with the same sentiment. Hurriedly, they make their goodbyes and lead Mala quickly out of the mansion.
<Mala> "Is the party over? o.o"
<Khayin> "No, but something more important has come up, dear," Mrs. Harris says. They rush to the valet, who takes a few minutes to bring their car around and Mr. Harris takes the wheel.
<Mala> "Okay... o.o "
<Khayin> Drake dismisses the call and turns just as Mr. Harris runs off, leaving the other wealthy men conversing with themselves. With a moment to himself, Drake notices out of the corner of his eye that someone was watching him.
<DrakeNero> Hm. Can he see who?
<Khayin> It takes a bit, but glancing upward he notices a woman on the balcony of the third floor, staring down over the banister into the dining hall. It's hard to discern her exact features, but she does appear to belong her. The only strange thing is that you get the feeling she has been staring directly at you.
<Fu> "Either way, thank you." He bows again. "I had a wonderful time, even if it was in cosplay, and not a fitting costume."
<Khayin> Details are lost, but she does appear Asian, Drake thinks.
<DrakeNero> *are you the one calling me, hmm?*
<DrakeNero> *or were you just checking out my butt?*
<DrakeNero> Curious. Curious indeed.
<Khayin> (XD)
<DrakeNero> she still up there?
<Khayin> Yes.
<DrakeNero> He pulls his palm pilot out the whole way and pretends to be fiddling with it but he's really taking a photo of her.
<DrakeNero> It'll be a little fuzzy, cell pic after all.
<DrakeNero> but still. Pics or it didn't happen.
<Khayin> Theresa blushes a bit. "Don't bow, god damn it. I hate that." She elbows him in the side a bit, leaning over the banister over looking the gardens below. "I hate all that fake high-society stuff. Halloween has always been like this."
<Fu> "But," He leans in somewhat, "I am being sincere. I *am* Chinese, even if I was raised American."
<Khayin> The cell phone blinks and the picture is captured. Actually, it's clearere than you'd expected and you can actually make out a bit better detail now. Odd thing is, though, that she's holding up three fingers on her left hand.
<Khayin> When the Harrises get in the car, and close the doors behind them, making sure Mala is seated, they turn around with excited smiles. "We didn't want to mention it around everyone else, but I know you'd want to hear about it."
<DrakeNero> Wait, *posing* in my "candid" picture?
<Khayin> "Patricia is awake!"
<Mala> !
<DrakeNero> or just that's what she was doing in the coversation?
<Mala> "That's great! :D "
<Fu> "I bow at work, I bow my head in respect when I know someone... I am just being more obvious right now."
<Khayin> There is no conversation. She is alone on that third floor. She just appears to be holding up three fingers in the image now.
<DrakeNero> *Thanks for the clue* He pockets his phone.
<Khayin> "Well, knock it off. I can't st..."
<Fu> He leans in just a little more, smiling brightly. "There's always a way to find some reality in all of the glamour."
<Khayin> Theresa halts in the middle of her sentence.
* Fu stops.
* Fu looks behind him out of curiosity.
<Khayin> "... do you... ?"
<Khayin> Staring out into the foggy night, a look of horror overcomes Theresa and after a moment of gradual build-up, she screams loudly in a manner that makes your blood run cold.
<Fu> Fu spills around and if needed, catches her.
<Khayin> Even from the dining hall, Drake can hear the scream as can most of the people there.
<DrakeNero> Shit.
<Fu> Fu also cries out, in Chinese.
<Fu> Well, it sounds like someone Chinese.
<DrakeNero> He looks back up to the balcony.
<Khayin> "It's funny, though," Mr. Harris says as he drives off the property. "When the doctor called me, he said she kept saying something about a tree."
<Khayin> The woman is gone.
<Khayin> Theresa backs away from the balcony, but continues to stare in rapt terror into the gardens. Fu, please roll Perception with a -1 penalty.
<DrakeNero> *that's what I thought*
<Mala> "A tree? o.o "
<Fu> !roll_ww 7 8 10 (WILLPOWER)
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 9
<The_Lady> rolled 7d10. Got 2 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> "Yes," Mr. Harris says. "She keeps saying that she needs to tell something to a tree."
<Khayin> "Oh, I hope her mind hasn't been damaged." Mrs. Harris says, worriedly.
<Mala> "I think she'll be okay..." >.>
<Khayin> Just before people start coming out to see what's wrong, Fu notices something out of the corner of his eye.
<Khayin> A massive shape, moving in the fog. Like a large silhouette of a... thing, turning and bounding away into the night.
<Fu> Fu blinks. In Chinese: ("What the fuck was that?!"_
<Khayin> A moment later, he notices a woman lying on the ground.
<Fu> ("FUCK!") He dashes and jumps OVER the balcony if needed to get to the woman.
<Khayin> "Theresa?! Darling what's going on?!" Drake hears Mr. Franklin rush off to the balcony outside.
<Khayin> (It's about a twenty foot drop. Not impossible, but it might hurt. Still want to?)
<Fu> (Yes. Charity, for the PAIN)
<Fu> he does say as he jumps to Mr. Franklin, "Something's out there!"
<Fu> (What should I roll?)
<Mala> (tuck and roll D: )
<Khayin> Roll Stamina + Athletics with a -2 penalty for unfavorable terrain and poor visibility. You have virtually no idea what you're dropping into
<Fu> !roll_ww 4 8 10 (Willpower again)
<The_Lady> Fu invokes the Lady...
<The_Lady> 1, 2, 4, 9
<The_Lady> rolled 4d10. Got 1 Successes against a TN of 8, rerolling on 10 or better
<Khayin> Nice
<Khayin> Fu lands in some bushes, but manages to maintain his footing. He'll feel it tomorrow, though. But at the moment, he manages to pick himself up and rush to the woman's side. As he approaches, she sputters and coughs. Fu can see blood from this distance.
<Fu> He shouts, "SOMEONE CALL 9-1-1! Someone's hurt here!"
<Khayin> You can hear her trying to say something through the gasps and gurgles, her hand reaching out weakly for something.
<Fu> In a softer voice, he asks as he helps the woman, "What happened?"
<Fu> He burns glamour to help her fight for her life if needed.
<Khayin> "... from no... *Choke* ... where..."
<Khayin> "... not human..."
<Fu> "Something attacked you from nowhere, yes?"
<Khayin> "A b- *Cough*... beast... oh, God... "
<Fu> He helps her up still, not caring about the blood. "A beast? Listen, we are close to a house, I'm sure there's someone with first aid, just calm down."
<Khayin> Up where Drake is, people are frantic and frightened, but everyone seems almost frozen in place.
<DrakeNero> ...strange.
<Khayin> "... too soon... " he hears someone muttering behind him.
<Fu> Fu would be helping the woman to the house, making sure that no one is following them.
<Khayin> (Drake hears, I mena)
<DrakeNero> He tries to see who's talking, without being too overt about it
<Khayin> As the Harris family rolls down the driveway, Mala is comforted by the sound of classical music played on the radio. The comfort ends, however, when Mr. Harris slams on the breaks and Mrs. Harris screams bloody murder.
<Mala> O.O "What happened?" Mala peeks between the front seats.
<Khayin> In the headlights, very briefly, Mala sees something look at them. At first she thought it was a horse, but then it stood up and ran.
<Mala> "Oh. o.o "
<Khayin> Drake notes a pale man with messy hair and odd, sunken eyes. "Time, time. Saints believe," he mutters in a slight accent. "Dark, and devil on Hallow's Eve."